【Translation】 Otona no Meruhen Series Oyayubi-hime ~Monogusa na Kare~ Stellaworth Tokuten


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: If you want me to be jealous then…


Oh, welcome home.

You’re a bit late from shopping, aren’t you?

Oh, I see. It’s good that you’ve made friends but since I’ll be worried if you return too late, tell me beforehand okay?

Mhm, sure.


Hmm? What is it?

You look like you have something to say but…

Why? I’m curious though?

Hmm, yes? Is it about your friends? Ah…are your friends, boys?

It’s good to have both is it not? Right?

Seriously, why are you staring at me silently?

Then don’t interfere with my work. Come on, head over there, you’re distracting me.


Err, where was I again?

Oh, right, it was here.

Eh!? What?

Heh? Erm, hair ornament? You bought it?

You received it? From whom?

Oh, ain’t that wonderful, your male friend has some pretty nice tastes, don’t you think? It suits you.

Hmm? Why are you making that gloomy expression? I complimented you, didn’t I? By saying that it suits you.


Come here for a moment.

Enough, hurry up.

Okay, now sit down over there.

You realize that I hate it when you dance around the subject, right? You aren’t explaining your thoughts or what you want me to do.

You’re scheming something, aren’t you?

You’re definitely scheming something so spill it all out to me right now.

Come on, hurry up.


Huh? What is it that you want me to do?


Oh, you want me to feel jealous.

That’s dumb, that’s dumb, you know? Such stupidity, what are you trying to achieve by making me jealous?

Don’t you dare tell me that you were trying to test my love.

That’s strange, I was sure that I give you so much love that you fainted the other day. Was that not enough I wonder?

If that wasn’t your intention then what were you trying to do then?

You wanted to confirm my love for you, did you not? If so, after reaffirming all you like, I’ll make you thoroughly learn that fact to the point that you want no more.


What? This is why you wanted to make me jealous, is it not? You wanted to anger me, didn’t you?

In making me jealous, did you think it can be settled without getting me angry?

Your realization came too late, idiot.


You’re more or less used to me doing this to you. …Because you’re able to release a louder moan than before, you see.

Oh, you’re closing your mouth after I said that.

If you do that, I’ll end up teasing you more so that I can force you into moaning.

I see, you want me to tease you more then.


Hey, why don’t you strip off your underwear yourself so that I can touch you directly?

You don’t want to? …Ah, is that so?

Liar, you actually enjoy being teased.

If you won’t remove your underwear then I’ll touch you with it on.

Huh? Did I hear something just now?

Come on, be quiet.


Do you hear it as well? It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s wet even though I haven’t even touched it yet.

Since when? When I licked your chest?

The sound has gotten louder. Come on, do you hear it?

At this rate, your underwear will get dirtied so I’ll take it off now.


Hmm? You thought I would’ve inserted my fingers already, didn’t you?

Too bad, I’m still garnishing you.


Do you want it inside here?

I can’t tell if all you do is nod. Say it clearly with your mouth.

Are you fine with fingers? Wait, no, are fingers enough?

Come on, say it properly.

You’ve become quite honest, I’m proud of you.


Which place feels good?

You like this spot don’t you?

Look, as expected, it’s this spot ain’t it?

What can’t you take? What’s wrong with teasing the spots you love? It feels good, doesn’t it?

Go crazy then. Be more fixated with me.


Huh? No more?

Wait for me, let’s cum together. Don’t cum on your own, got it? Hold on for a little bit longer.

I guess it can’t be helped.


Oh, sorry, I might have accidentally pushed you a tad too far. Is your back not in pain?

Are you alright?

But even so, you even prepared a hair ornament to try and make me jealous; you seriously do come up with some rather stupid plans.

Eh? Then who?

Oh, then that means you confided in those males friends in regards to me. And then you were told to elicit jealousy to test my love? Because that way you can know you’re truly treasured or not?


I get it now. But it would’ve been more effective if you said you confided in others about me in the beginning rather than preparing such means.

I’m pretty pissed right now. You won’t be able to stand for an entire day tomorrow so be prepared.

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