【Translation】 Tentai no Ongaku -Spharenklange- Aldebaran Animate Tokuten


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CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋)

Track 1: Even if I can’t become Perseus


What an amazing nightscape.

What do you think? Are you delighted?

Wow, it’s true, the Tokyo Skytree is pretty close.

Mhm, I’m overwhelmed with emotion.

A jewel box huh. To me, it looks like a toy box, it’s pretty fun even though it’s what causes the star in the sky to vanish in the suburbs.

That’s progress for me?

I know right? Please praise me.


Your hands are small. It’s probably better if I’m responsible for grasping the gems, right?

Eh? Why? I’m not tired.

We met up, we watched a movie, we ate dinner, and things were normal the whole time-

Oh, you’ve got the wrong idea. I couldn’t get used to the enactment of that movie. I wasn’t trying to be inattention, but I ended up being all iffy about it. Sorry.

Whenever you adhere to me, I just stop caring.

No, not at all. Though I don’t think I’ll be interested unless it’s coming from a professional physicist.



Err, the female protagonist steals the enemies’ pod, and quicker than the speed of light, she escapes the crisis faster-than-light.

And then at the same time, she signaled the mothership, no? Not only that, if she had been late with her timing, the mothership would’ve self-destructed.

However, that is impossible. If you’re traveling past the speed of light then the transmission could not have been received simultaneously.

That is true, but within the movie, it would’ve been physically impossible during that scene with the enemy pods. Although it’s already going outside of current theories to a degree since it’s set at a period where there’s faster-than-light travel, there still has to be a level of convincingness.



Hmm…it was frustratingly enjoyable. I cried a little at the end, the act of crossing across planets is overflowing with romanticism.

Is that so? I guess it’s better to think of it as a romance movie with a touch of science fiction.

Haa, it’s because I’m like this that it’s no good being a nerd.

What about you? Did you find it interesting?

Then it can’t be helped, I’ll forget the plot holes.


Hahaha. Then, in that case, let’s watch a slice-of-life movie where I can’t go off geeking about astronomy next time.

If I remember correctly, a movie starring your favorite actor starts running in theaters next month right? Let’s check which day it starts.

Hmm? You’re busy?

It’s been playing for several months so we should be able to get into one of the late shows before the weekends no? And even if we aren’t on a date the entire day, I’ll still come here.

I understand that it’s the busy season but do you not have any breaks?

I’m not trying to force you, we can just buy the blu-ray of the movie instead. Except, if you really have no breaks, I’m concerned.


Oh, you also have the professional exam you spoke of earlier.

Ah. It’s fine, don’t worry.

On that note, was it alright for you to be here, today? Sorry for inviting you so suddenly.

I’m happy you say that.

To be honest, I ought to be preparing for the photo exhibition so our timing is aligned. Let’s charge ourselves fully and look forward to the next time we meet.


Would it not be annoying if I were to message you during the times we can’t meet?

M-m, I just don’t want to get in your way so I’ll refrain from making phone calls. Just give me a sign when you want to talk, okay?


Sorry, I was a bit too greedy. Let’s head over to the bed.


It’s fine, you can take one later. Please let me devour you as is.


Kiss me more.

Not enough.


I’m the one who should be apologizing, I felt a bit uneasy merely from you saying that you were busy. Did you really have no breaks? …Or was I the only one who wanted to meet?

I trust that that wasn’t the case, but I made you even more anxious during our student days didn’t I?

Mhm, I think I caused you much sorrow and hurt you deeply.

I truly was the worst and I’m sorr-


Is that so? You’ve told me not to apologize anymore. Sorry.

Ah, I apologized again. I’m such an idiot.

I love you.

Even if I’m pathetic and selfish…this time, I’ll never let you go for as long as I live.


I wonder about that. If that’s what you think I might’ve grown a little, it makes me happy when you praise.


It’s soft. It’s warm and it’s got a sweet scent to it.

Even if you don’t have anything on, you’re sweet, you know?

Is it okay if I leave a mark?

I want to cover your chest, your neck, and your legs with my marks. It might even feel like we’re together even when we can’t meet.

Do you find that odd…?

Mhm, it’ll only be on places that can’t be readily seen.


Does it hurt?

Then, here too…

Eh? You too?

Sure, leave your marks on me.


Hehe, that’s ticklish.


Oh, it’s true, would a softer spot be better? You can leave one on my neck.

Go ahead, I don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing it so do as you like.


Did you get it on there?

I’m happy.

I’ll check it using the mirror later. If it fades then you gotta do it again, you know?


Aah…it’s soaking wet.

Show it to me.

Nope, do it with the lights on. I said everything, didn’t I?

Here too.

It’s red now. And all of this belongs to me.


Your insides are hot.

This place is sweet too, and it has started overflowing. Does it feel good?

I’m putting it in now okay?

When I think about how you’re mine, I get so excited that it’s turned into quite the amazing sight. …Even though this isn’t our first time.


Hold still until it’s all in.


I’ll start moving.


When I move slowly, it’s almost like I’m being swallowed up.

It feels good but it’s vexing.

Is it alright if I move?


It feels really good.


Let’s climax as we kiss.


I’m cumming so together with you…


Ah, don’t leave just yet, let’s adhere to each other.

Your hair has grown, hasn’t it?

It’s got a nice scent. Both suit you, but when it’s this long, I’ll want to call you Andromeda again.

Andromeda and Perseus, they were a famous best couple even within mythology.


After I rejected the offer to head overseas, I went job hunting in Tokyo so I could test myself.

Ah, you don’t have to be so shocked.

If you were my Andromeda then I wanted to be as strong as Perseus. Anything is fine, I just wanted to give you some good news as soon as possible.

In the end, things went as predicted, but when I think back on it now, it’s a good thing.

Who knows what would have happened if I proceeded to the capital, surrounded myself with people I didn’t know and worked there with you alone as the goal.

M-m, I understand myself the best.

Despite knowing that, I was so panicked, scared, and confused that I was close to jumping out recklessly.


I’m just saying that it was settled without you having to see me self-destruct in Tokyo.

Because I have the present, I don’t regret it.

When I reunited with you, I thought destiny really did exist. Even if I could never become Perseus, I want to be with you for the rest of my life.


Ah, no, that’s not what I mean-

No, that’s not it, that’s the pretense, but to say something that formal in this outfit without making any preparations is…

Don’t laugh.

Actually, I’d prefer you laughed more and take this as a joke.

When the time comes for me to say it, I’ll choose my words carefully and then say it. And that includes the place and the stage of it as well.


That’s right, everyone who’s into astronomy are romanticists. Enough to ignore the plot devices and cry over a science fiction movie that is.

And that’s why I want you to wait with a romantic vision in mind.

Is that okay?

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