【Translation】 Tentai no Ongaku -Spharenklange- Aldebaran


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天体の音楽 -Spharenklange- Aldebaran

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋)

Track 1: Coincidental Reunion



Oh, there they are.

Whoa, ah, aah, ah!

It hurts. Oh, thank god they weren’t crushed.


Ah, I apologize for standing in your way.

Huh? No way, why are you-

Wow, it’s been so long. Have you been well?

I, uh-huh, I’m the same as usual.

Ah, no, err, just now.

M-m, it’s nothing. Oh this? I went out shopping and was just on my way back.


Hehe, I, uh, ended up buying a little bit too much.

Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ll go sort things out on the bench.


Oh, you saw me from the train?

Yup, I visited the enormous shopping center that I go to occasionally. The clothes are cheap and the 100 yen store has just about anything in stock, but vegetables alone are fresher and cheaper at the roadside station.

That aside, what were you doing today?

Girls’ night out? In this town? …What do you mean by that?

Oh, there seems to be a restaurant managed by a famous chef.

M-m, it’s too expensive for me, but it is certainly popular.


Oh I see, it’s French cuisine that makes the best of spring water and the local produce.

Mhm, that sounds delicious.

That said, to return all the way to the capital even though everyone’s considering discussing a class union…

Is that so? That teacher’s retiring next year.

In that case, it’ll be difficult to hold it this year, wouldn’t it?

Ah, what about you? I’ve more or less sorted things out on my side.


Hmm? Did you think I’d go?

Yup, I’m still bad with group events even now though my drinking buddies are a different story.

Thank you, you’re the only one who’d say that.

Hmm? But you’re the only one who’d-

M-m, it’s unusual for someone to care about such a dense guy both now and then. And ever since you moved to Tokyo, we kind of stopped seeing each other.

Many things have changed but deep down I haven’t changed at all. The self-confidence that I can live without altering myself is even worse of a trait than it was before.

What about you? What are you doing now?


That place? That was the number#1 company you wanted to enter during your job hunting, wasn’t it?

So what’s your occupation?

Oh, so hardworking, how cool. As expected, you’re completely different from before.

Hmm, I wonder why? Whether it’s your atmosphere or whatever else, no matter how I look at it, there’s this city girl vibe about you.

Of course, I mean this is a good sense.

That reminds me, those are souvenirs, right? If you’d like, you can bring some Amanatsu with you as well.

One that hadn’t dropped earlier…would be this.


Okay, here are some wonderful and sweet looking ones.

If it’s this much, you’ll be able to take them with you right?

You loved them, didn’t you?

It’s fine, I found them off-season and bought them. But since I live alone, there’s too many for me to handle.


Oh, I see, you were living at your parent’s home during that time.

Do you remember my grandfather’s private astronomical observatory on top of the mountains?

Yup, a one-room mountain hut that was still under construction at that time. And he lived there alone with the exception of the winter months, didn’t he?


No, he’s alive, he’s alive!!! Just that, because he fractured his leg, he could no longer live in the mountain hut and is now staying with my parents.

Not at all. I would occasionally take him stargazing, and he tells me that he has a peace of mind if I’m the one operating the astronomical observatory. Considering I don’t find my job boring, I’m lucky.

Oh, mhm, more or less.

I’m sort of a freelance writer for an astronomy magazine and a professional cameraman.

Certainly not, I’m not cool at all.

This is the result of using various excuses to avoid a multitude of choices so it’s kind of pathetic.

As a result, I’m looking forward to the day where I can live quietly in retirement without a care for the world.


Eh? Please don’t, please don’t look it up.

It’s been published but it’s really embarrassing.

Ah, please don’t! Jeez.

Wait a sec, if it’s just the publisher’s site…

This is a book that summarizes magazine columns.

This? This is a picture book for children that I supervised the production of.

M-m, writing is the biggest job I’ve received so far. I am mainly in charge of the Greek mythology section, and I carter the commentary on stars for a child audience. That there is a sample page.

Do you recognize this illustrator?

A famous picture book artist is part of the project as well, and they were pretty frank with me when I became unable to speak because of my nerves.


Mhm, we had a preparatory meeting in Tokyo together with the editor and scholar.

Hmm? That’s…

I did sort of consider it but I couldn’t afford a day trip and I thought that I would be a nuisance if I were to contact you now.

You don’t know that. What life you’re living or whether you have gotten a new boyfriend…

M-m, I didn’t go see you because I thought it’s expected that you would have one. And so, naturally, I refrained.



Then that means it’s alright for me to call on you if I ever get the chance to visit?

If you’re that tense, I’ll be anxious about what kind of expression I should have.

It’s fine, I don’t have any current plans for my next trip to the capital and even if I do contact you, it doesn’t mean that we have to meet. Isn’t that right?

Yup, you’re busy and I don’t necessarily have the time. It means that we can casually go out for dinner if it’s convenient for both of us.

And I’m relieved when you say that that isn’t a bother.


Ah. Don’t mind me and pick it up, I was happy to see you so see you late-

Eh? Oh, I get it, I’ll wait for you so go ahead and take the call.

……You mustn’t be stopping me you know?

Huh? No, it’s nothing, I was talking to myself. That aside, is someone coming to pick you up?

Oh, that’s the girl you got along with the most right?

Have fun at your girls’ night out.


The astronomical observatory?

Oh, got it, if you ever visit here again, sure.

Eh? Isn’t tonight a bit much?

No, it’s not like I particularly mind. The weather condition is, well…

But are you serious?

Ah, I mean, I did promise you I’d bring out there once it’s completed but…uh, no, please let me confirm.


What time is your girls’ night out until?

Also, that luggage, and inn for tonight, are you not lodging at a friend’s house?

You’ll be checking in after this?

Then it’s fine.

No, it’s nothing. To you, it’s probably unimportant, I’m just worried about what other people might think.


I understand. I’ll pick you up around the time it ends. Except, I don’t intend to invite anyone besides you so please don’t talk about this to anyone. Got it?

It’ll be cumbersome if they banter so give me the signal once you part ways from everyone.

It hasn’t changed.

Hmm? Of course I won’t do that, it’ll be sloppy to do it via mail. Besides, well, look, I only have a flip-phone.

I’ll be on standby but if you’re excited and talk to me a second and a third time, I’ll head over there okay? I don’t mind as long as you contact me.

Well then, I’ll be going now.

Mhm, I’ll be waiting.


Track 2: His Celestial Navigation


Thank you for your hard work.

Oh, you’re shivering, it was cold outside, right?

Come here.

I’m glad I brought this. What about the jacket you had earlier?

What? You forgot it at the hotel?

The air temperature isn’t that low, but when you drink and leave the store, you end up feeling cold. How about we turn on the heater until you warm up?

It was just a toast? But you guys went through all that trouble to gather together though?


Is that so?

That reminds me, you’ve never once drank so I don’t know how much you can drink.

Hmm? You seem like someone who looks like they can’t drink is actually a heavy drinker.

Hehe, it’s true.

Me? As for me, what kind of impression do I give?

Oh, so I gave off that kind of image.

You’re not quite on point, but you’re not far off. I don’t drink much, I become sleepy before I get drunk.

There’re other gatherings, no? There should be a trendy bar that was open a few years ago so is there an afterparty?

What? In the end, you’re joining up with the guys.

Well, in that case, it’s good that you left.


Huh? But it’s dangerous, no? It makes me worried.

No way?

Nostalgia and fun at the sake table, seeing how everyone has grown up since then, can you definitively say that won’t happen?

You’ve become far more beautiful compared to how you were in high school and the last time we met in Tokyo. To the point, you’re sparklingly radiant.


Eh? A green light?

Ah, and so, umm, I just wanted to tell you to be careful. Sorry for the unnecessary concern.

Oh that? That’s the rumored shopping center. It’s of help to me so I won’t complain but because there’s a cinema complex, the business hours are longer than usual.

The lights in the parking lot are amazing, no? But when those types of stores increase, it doesn’t spell well for astronomy.

Of course, stars don’t disappear in a glimpse, if I were to point out which it is, the problem lies with your eyes. Don’t look at too many bright lights okay?

Oh, that’s right, if you don’t have any important business, try not to bring out your smartphone.



M-m, I’m in high spirits, this is a rare chance so we ought to enjoy the stars. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure I don’t go into tiresome explanations.

Ah, you were thinking that I’ve grown a little, weren’t you?

Of course that happens.

Girls love stars but, majority of the time, that doesn’t tie into an actual interest in astronomy. I’m reflecting on the time where I went off about dark matter.


During those days absorbing information was so fun that I was lost in it. How embarrassing.


I know. You happily listened to my somewhat bothersome talks about astronomy.

I still remember it vividly, on the way back during winter, it turned completely dark as I sent you home…

Yup, yup, I had unappealing snow boots on.


I had lots of fun. I felt like we shared the world simply by you remembering the constellation of Orion.


From here we’ll be entering a private road, it’ll be rocky for a just couple of minutes so please bear with it.

Really? I’m used to it, but there are no street lights.

What’s scarier than ghosts is tires falling off and animals.

No, it’s a driveway shared with my neighbor’s pension.

Do you remember how there’s a campsite? It’s located on the other side of that and during the summer you could hear bustling voices coming from there.

Ah, in truth, it’s being used specifically for guests staying at the pension.

What? You don’t believe that I’d commentate for a stranger? It’s not like I wanted to do it, but my grandfather told the pension’s owner to go ahead.


Yup, he simply wanted to boast about his astronomical observatory.

When I took over, I declined, but they said it’s fine even if they have to pay a fee so I couldn’t avoid it.

It’s 500 yen with a drink.

It’s high no? But money aside, it’ll be a waste of time if I did it for free and there would be too many people.

Hmm, I guess so. It’s somewhat fun.

It’s not particularly a business so if I’m busy I can just refuse, and if I really don’t want to I’d ask for 1000 yen. Things are pretty easy-going if I say so myself.


We’ve arrived.

Wait, don’t get off just yet.


It’s pitch black, no? I’ll illuminate your foot, it might be a bit muddy from last night’s rain.

Are you okay?

As expected, it’s dangerous with heels.

The faint light you see over there is the back door to the mountain hut, and the grey you see next to it is the actual astronomical observatory.


Okay, hang on tight.

It’s easier to hold onto you, no?

I’m not having any strange thoughts, I bring my grandfather up here like this too.

Yup, I’m supporting you like I would the elderly.

It would be unbearable if I touched you with ulterior motives by taking advantage of the pitch darkness.

We’re going up to the second floor okay?


Take off your shoes there.

Here’re some slippers. I’ll turn on the lights right away.

Sit down on the mat, and here’s a blanket as well.

It’s unexpectedly spacious is it not?

But I mean, you can’t tell when you’re up close. On the rooftop of this house is a dome that can seat one person.

As you can see this is my grandfather’s hobbies on full display. It’s an astronomical observatory meant so that he can view the stars as he relaxes by the fireplace while eating and drinking with someone else.


I know right?

It’s too spacious for me but I can confirm that it’s comfortable.

Go take a peek through the telescope. Also, would you like some coffee?

What do you think? Don’t you think it’s beautiful after yesterday’s rain washed things through?


Then pass it over to me for a bit.


Here you go.


At the very top, what you’re seeing in the middle is the Big Dipper.

Yup, that’s the northern star.

In mythology, Ursa Major is the mother of Ursa Minor. Although they’re now bears, they were originally nymphs, Ursa Major had been a peerless beauty named Callisto.


That’s right, or at least that’s how the tale goes.

Here is the general gist of it.


Zeus raped and watched over Callisto who had sworn a virgin oath.

Callisto then gave birth to a son named Arcas. And having discovered that, Hera, Zeus’ wife, turned Callisto into a bear out of jealousy.

And Arcas who had then become a young man encountered the bear Callisto, and not knowing that it was his mother, he attempted to kill her.

In seeing that, Zeus turned Arcas into a bear as well and turned the two of them into constellations.


It’s a pretty cruel story, and there’s plenty of them in Greek mythology.

The lustful Zeus, the deeply jealous Hera, and a beauty who met a horrid fate, my editor and I were racking our brains as to how exactly we were supposed to publish that in a children’s picture book.

Ah, you can’t be talking about that!

It’s a dark past that I want to forget more than that time with the dark matter.

Please no.

No, I mean, that’s Andromeda, no?

When you got a fluffy hairstyle for an image change, you were so cute and close to that image that I inadvertently blurted it out. So please forget it okay?

Come on, what are you gonna do? If you bring it up again I’ll close the dome and end it.


Ahem, next one.

Well then, next up, move to the lower left of the line extending from the Big Dipper.

Do you recognize that particularly bright orange star?

That’s Arcturus. It forms one of the vertices of the Spring Triangle and is part of the Boötes constellation.

There’s a theory that rather than Ursa Minor, that is Arcaus instead.


Err, are you okay? Is it not too long-winded?

Then I’ll go on for a bit longer.

From there, go a little further down like this. The gentle white star is Spica from the constellation of Virgo.

This constellation is the God of Harvest, Demeter. Good harvests and bad harvests were thought to be the whims of hers.

Now move slightly to the upper right away from Spica.

Do you see it?

The yellowish planet is Jupiter. And once it enters the area, you can see the moon, Io beside it as well.

Both the timing and conditions are perfect, having you come today is-


M-m, the coffee was close to overflowing. I’m just saying that it was lucky that you came today.

With Jupiter as the goal, the navigation’s now over.

Here, coffee.


How’s the taste?

What a relief. To tell you the truth, I roasted these.

Mhm, I did it based on taste. To me it was successful but I’m nervous when serving it to others.

You’re complimenting me too much if you call it cafe-level.

But it makes me happy, it’s a small pastime I’ve discovered recently.

Oh, m-m, even I find it a good life. I chipped away at the many choices and chose the most comfortable path after all. And even if it is hard, I didn’t run from it at the start.

Why that is?

Why are you asking that now?


I’m not exactly angry but let’s end this. I’ll escort you back once you finish your drink.

You noticed that keychain…?

M-m, I haven’t thrown it away, I simply removed my car keys from it temporarily. I thought I shouldn’t be showing you it.

Eh? But it’s weird to keep on me for who knows how many years even though we’ve broken off our relationship is it not?


You too? You had it on you the whole time?


It isn’t because it’s cold.

Whether I like you or hate you, those aren’t the reason for it. I’m a coward, that’s all.

If we returned to those days right now…


I don’t regret it.

I thought a lot about it myself, even if it’s painful, even if it hurts, this is fine. I forced myself to accept it.

……Until I met you today, that is.


The right to do these things, that Iーー


Track 3: Conveying Past Feelings


Why are you always able to put it into words? …Never for a moment did I ever have such courage.

That’s right I love you. I still and always have loved you.

It was selfish.

I know, thinking back on it now, you were lenient on me until the very end.

If it’s you, you would allow it. But at any rate, you would be meeting new people once you find employment in the city and you should’ve found a man better than me.


Is there any meaning in asking me that?

At first, I thought that it was high-handed. I believed that I would one day forget you and that as time passes, the pain will slowly heal, and the desire to see you would fade.

But things weren’t that simple.

I really was…an idiot.


The next time we kiss, I won’t be able to stop. Is that okay?

That expression…is unfair.


Are you not cold? The fire is close to burning out.


Are you embarrassed?

But I still want to see it. Besides, it’ll be dangerous if we shut off the lantern, you won’t be able to move amidst the darkness.

…And the fact that your back’s a weak spot hasn’t changed from before, huh.

How beautiful.


I love you.


Err, wait just a sec.

I’m putting it in, okay?


Wow, it’s warm.

It’s molding and wrapping around me.

Say it too, say that you love me, time and time again.


I love you. I love you.

Call my name more.


It feels good.

You’re making an expression like you’re drowning in pleasure too.

Turn this way.



Your neck is beautiful.

Every time we kiss, your insides tell me that it feels good.


Is the stimulation intense?

Your moans are super cute. I can’t endure it…


As expected, I want to see your face.


I’m about to…

Amazing, let’s cum like this, okay? Together.

I love you, I love you.


Mhm, cover yourself with this for the time being.

Hmm…today you can see things clearly even with the naked eye.

You’re scared? But why?

Pfft, you were used to seeing it in the past. But I guess so, I also have a sense of restlessness as though the stars are watching me.

Even though they’re beautiful, it’s strange, isn’t it?

I’m sure the sound and smell of each city are different.


It’s comfortable?

You can’t stay like this till morning, you’ll catch a cold.

After we rest for a bit I’ll escort you to the hotel.

I feel the same, but…

You aren’t against it? After being rejected like that and ending it without saying a word, isn’t it a bit too late at this point?



M-m, it might be better to be hated after everything’s been said.

This keychain was given the spring where I moved onto to graduate school and you started your 3rd year of university, right?

It was a commemorative good from the collaboration between a star motif-ed casual fashion brand and the planetarium.

Yup, the actual accessory was out of reach for students.


It’s already been 4 years since then…

During those days, like an idiot, I was seriously considering a future with you.

I was thinking of one day gifting you that brand’s ring, and how I would live you. Basically, I had a lot of dreams.

M-m, that makes me happy but I don’t think it’s the same.

For me, it was ultimately for my own self-satisfaction. Half a year later in fall, while I was weighing whether to find a job or continue my research, I was given an offer by my professor to transfer over to an overseas research facility.


The graduate thesis…

Err, even though it was a minor thesis even within the realm of astronomy, it caught the eyes of a specialized organization.

Naturally, I was ecstatic.

Not just an astronomy lover, I could tackle it as an actual astronomer. It was a once in a lifetime miracle.


Mhm, I hesitated.

Rather than being in Japan, I would be overseas. When I last saw you in Tokyo I considered confiding in you about that but you were eagerly job hunting despite being 2 years younger. And so, I wasn’t able to say anything.

And while holding you like I am now at the hotel, I decided to turn it down.


Hmm? Hmm…I guess I was so embarrassed at my cowardly self that I couldn’t take it any longer.

I have lots of deficiencies, but more than anything, what I lack then, was determination. I have a fear of strangers even in Japan, so I couldn’t envision myself living overseas.

Deep down, I probably wanted you to stop me.


Umm…if I had consulted you then, what kind of answer would you have given?

I see, if you were gonna stop me then it was best that I didn’t say anything.

Because if you did that, a part of me would’ve been relieved. It wasn’t that I was scared to refuse, it was because I wanted to be with you.

You hate that, don’t you?

Mhm, I hated it.

It’s embarrassing that I wasn’t trying my hardest like you.

First, I must solidify my own footing, and that the next time I contact you would be over good news. But I was too flustered so things didn’t go well, all the while, time continued to pass.

And so, I eventually gave up.


Uh-huh, after struggling all that time, this was the place of belonging I found. I could work at my own pace and live comfortably.

And that’s why I said that this is the result of creating a bunch of excuses and running away from it all.

It’s painful to always be dragging around the past so I’m trying my best now. Since if my work becomes a hit, I might be able to introduce it to you one day.

……And I made that my goal thinking that’ll be enough.


You, here?

Are you serious? Or is that just an aspiration?

M-m, I’m happy but what about your job in Tokyo?

Are you okay?

Err, if the burden is truly so heavy that you want to quit… Or is there sexual harassment!? Because if it’s that then there’s no need to hesitate, you consider a change in your work environment.

Oh, oh, if it’s that then it gives me a little peace of mind.

You can put your all into a job that you’ve chosen but there are times where you burn out from working so hard so that isn’t an idle complaint.


I get it, so the girls’ night out today was a refresh party for all those that persevered at work or with child-rearing.

In that case, men are even more of a hindrance.

Mhm, I can somewhat understand that.

Even though I chose the mountain hut myself and despite being bad with social interactions, I would still feel unexpectedly lonely.

Of course, it can’t be compared to your stress.


Umm…it may sound selfish of me but since you said that you wanted to come here, is it okay to think that there’s a chance to rekindle our relationship?

I’m so glad I didn’t go to a different store today.

Simply because of that, both mine and your life have changed.

I definitely won’t make you regret it this time.


After this…?

After this, I’ll live here for the time being. I don’t know for how long, but as long as nothing unusual happens, it’ll remain that well.

The same applies to your life, let’s try and meet whenever we can.

I wonder about that. I think the long-distance relationship is different from when we were students.

I’m flexible as a freelancer, plus I own a car.

As long as there’re no deadlines, I can visit you every week. I can pick up you any time you’re finding work to be suffocating.


Mhm, clean air, beautiful stars, and I’ll prepare you with freshly ground coffee.

Oh, uh-huh, this way I’ll get used to the city so bring me along to plenty of places you know of.

We’ll abide by each other’s pace, and once we feel that we’ve overcome the first stages then we can consider the things pertaining to both of us, together.

Thank you.


Track 4: The Warmth Telling You that This isn’t a Dream



Good morning.

I’m glad it wasn’t a dream.

Hmm? Breakfast?

It’s fine, I’ll make it later.


It’s too bright? Then let’s pull the futon over our heads.


Ah, ever since I tried making a birdfeeder as an experiment, they started coming every morning. They make unexpectedly good alarm clocks.

You can look at them but they would probably fly away if you open the curtains.

Birds aside, place your attention on me.


Are you hungry?

What would you like to eat?

Err, what do we have…

Bread, eggs, lettuce, and tomato.


Did you jump on me to wake me up?

I became a nocturnal person as a byproduct of my job. Because I went shopping yesterday and was burnt out, I didn’t sleep well for the past couple of days.

M-m, either way, I have to get up.


You said that you haven’t picked up your bullet train ticket yet, are you in a rush to return?

Then let’s go on a date.

Let’s go on a joyride, have lunch, and I’ll drive you home at the end of it.

It’s fine, rather than saying goodbye at the station, I want to be with you for as long as possible to the point that I want for there to be some traffic jams.

Don’t worry about that.

Hmm…in that case, how about I take your show of gratitude now?


Yup, something you can do right now.

Is it better if I close my eyes?

Okay, go ahead.


Is it okay if I touch you?

What’s the matter?

I’m a bit nervous too. Yesterday I went with the flow so I didn’t have time to feel nervous.


Touch me as well.

Mhm, that’s already this…

I wonder if it’s strange having done just that. I’ll feel like I can go for it several times over at the end before you return to Tokyo.


It’s hard to breathe. I’m sorry if it feels cold, but…

Don’t hide your body.

It’s beautiful. It was beautiful when it was illuminated by the light of the lantern, but when I see everything in the light of day, how should I say it, it’s a particular kind of beautiful.


I have a request, could you put this on me?


There might’ve been a moment where I had the thought of being forgiven.

Thank you.

I’m putting in it, okay?


I wonder if it’s because we did it yesterday but it’s soft and I can go in deep.

It really gets me going.


Let’s kiss some more.


This is the first time I’ve ever felt this good, I can’t stop. And yet, I’m about to…

The inside is amazing.

Are you cumming?

Me too…


Aah, jeez.

Even though I said that we’d remain in Tokyo and Nagoya respectively, I won’t be able to return you at this rate.

I’m kidding, stopping you would be the same as telling me to head over to Tokyo so I won’t say it.

In any case, right now, I’m happy.


I’m alright, I can get up.

I’ll go brew some coffee, okay?


Track 5: Matching Courage


That lunch was delicious.

Oh, speaking of which, the tenants have changed quite a lot. I seldom come here alone so I never noticed.

If you exit from here and get on the expressway, Tokyo’s surprisingly close.

Do you have enough souvenirs?

I’m driving you directly to your house so you’re fine with having more luggage.


No need to refrain, we won’t be expecting any congestion it seems. It doesn’t matter whether I drop you off part-way or at your house.

Eh? But right now you’re at your parent’s house no?

I-I won’t stop by that suddenly.

I’m acquainted with your family but things are completely different now than they were then. I still don’t know exactly how I should greet them.

Ah, no, I too…it’s not because I don’t want to meet them, okay? Just that, I’m not mentally prepared for it today.

Uh-huh, sorry.


Shall we head to one more place before we return to the car?

Mhm, it’s that one store. It’s that of the brand for our keychain. It might be conventional, but I wanted to give you something. Rather than a commemorative good, I want to give you something you can actually wear.

Naturally, it is to celebrate us becoming lovers, with the implication of resolve and vows.

Hmm? Ah, I never considered that, I was only thinking about finding a present for you.

Of course I’m happy, is that okay?

What would be nice, if it’s unisex, we could get a matching pair.


A ring? Then, how’s this?

Huh? Eh? T-this is a wedding ring…?

It’s not like they wrote that it’s exclusively that.

I see. I guess so, we ought to save that for the actual event, it’ll be a waste if we bought that now.

This is bad, I’m in too high of a spirit, I don’t care which anymore.

Hmm? Which one?

A necklace?


Oh, this has an Andromeda motif. It’s so elaborate.

I’m referring to Taurus, but it’s not very character-like so you can’t tell, right?

The first stone constitutes Aldebaran, and it’s bright and beautiful. I’ll show you at the astronomical observatory next time.

It’s a bit feminine.

Really? Then it’ll be fine once I select the chain.

Does this work?



Don’t worry, I’ll request it.

Umm, ah, err, this, thing…pair, a pair of them. For chain, this and this.

Oh yes, I’ll pay right away.

And uh, receipt, please.


That was nerve-wracking, it’s so different from a convenience store. Let’s sit down on a bench.

Ah, you’re thinking that it’s been a while since you’ve seen me at my wit’s end, aren’t you? I’m pretty much fine with normal stores, you know?

Just that, just now, because of what I was buying, I was overly stressed.

Will you wear it?

Lift up your hair.


The metal clasps for girls are so small, it’s difficult.

I did it.

Then, go ahead.

Thank you. It’s cute, it really suits you.

If you shift this part like this…


Umm, as expected, I will greet them today.

If possible I can greet them at the entrance, the hurdle of going into the house is-

M-m, if you think about it carefully, I’m always like that outside. I’ll never be ready no matter how long I spend mentally preparing myself.

In which case, I think it’ll be conversely better to get it over with quickly.


In astrology, Aldebaran signifies a sign of good omen. If I have your support and follow-up, I think I can persevere.

What do you think?

Hehe, I’m looking forward to it.

I know. I’ll be in your care.

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