【Translation】 Personal Prince ~Rick・Estrum Hen~


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Personal Prince ~リク・エストラム編~

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: Encounters between You, and Me Until Now


A major country ruled by a Militaristic King, such is the Kingdom of Estrum.

The belief that “Strength is Justice” is the edict behind its powerful army and most of its citizens are passionate about said belief. And that includes even the ruffians.

Sudden brawls in the middle of the town were a common occurrence, however, since King has absolute control, the crime rate was not high, to be more precise, things were lively.

And I, who was born as the 7th Prince of Estrum, am Rick Estrum.

Left aside by the King of Estrum, my father, and unable to proficiently wield a sword nor utilize magic, I had no value in society. Not only that, I was a child of a mistress, and whilst getting along with my siblings, the royal servants would snarl and verbally abuse me.

And so, I grew to fear the looks of the people.


Thus I snuck out alone in the middle of the night to escape that environment.

Concealed by the darkness, I left the Fanaria Commonwealth and took refugee in the Republic of Donelia who has long-standing hostile relations with the Kingdom of Estrum. 

I considered migrating to the Fanaria Commonwealth as they do not refuse entry nor pursue those that leave but there’s a possibility that I might be discovered by a purser from the Kingdom of Estrum.

While helping in the general store of the elderly couple that saved me after I collapsed in the Republic of Donelia, I hid my status and lived a quiet life.


Oh, welcome.

You seem to be having a lot of fun……

Eh? Umm, are you referring to this?

These are wood crafted building blocks, if you press here, it’ll unlock.


The total?


Thank you for your purchase.

Here’s your change, would you like it packaged?

You don’t? …Is that so.

Thank you.


That’s a person who lives in a different world from me……


Track 2: Confusion and Joy


Welcome. I apologize for being late in my realization.

Huh? How is it used…?

It seems to be cream that helps you relax when you apply it to your body after soaking in the bathtub.

Would you like to take a sniff? This one’s vanilla scented.

If you place some onto your skin and rub it in, the scent will be stronger. And if you like it, there’s a perfume with the same scent.

It’s this way. This section of the store holds perfumes.

There’s also a citrus scent so try taking a whiff of that as well.


You’re fine now?

A scent that suits you…? The opinion from someone like me is…

You want me to choose for you?

I understand.

This would be to a tee.


My preference?

Err, I like this type of thing but are you okay with that?

You like this the most…?

Could you wait just a moment?


Sorry to make you wait, but what do you think of this?

I’d be happy if you take a liking to it, these are my personal effects so I’ll open it for you.

In that case…

What is it?

Eh? Me? Please don’t mind me.

You want to play with me?


Err, I’m busy so…I’ll pass, but thank you for your offer.



Eh, you’re yesterday’s-

You want to play with me all the same?

But even if you say that…

You want to go somewhere so you want me to follow along?

Even if it wasn’t me…


Okay, I understand, you went as far as to say that after all. Are you okay with it being in 3 day’s time?

Got it.

In front of the public square’s clock tower in 3 day’s time at 1 p.m.


What an odd person.


Track 3: Feelings for the First Time


Considering our arranged time, I’m still early I guess. What exactly was she thinking when she invited someone like me out to play?

Oh, hello.

Ah, no, I just arrived too.

It’s great that we’ve got nice weather today. The prediction of rain made me anxious but it’s so cloudless that there’s no fear of that.

I went through the trouble of bringing a folding umbrella but there’s no use for it now.

On that note, what do you want me to do today?

Huh? Just being together is enough…? Is that really there is?


If you say that’s fine then I don’t mind. And so, where do we plan on going?

Looking around the town?


In that case, I’ll follow you and you can visit whichever place you’d like.

Eh? I can’t be doing that?

I’m not familiar with this type of thing…

Hand? I just have to stretch out my hand?

Uh, ah, s-sorry, I was surprised that you suddenly grasped my hand, that’s all. Err, are we holding hands?

It’s not like I hate it…

Ah, I’m sorry, I’m not used to the act of holding hands. Just that…


I see, so people’s hands had been this warm.

Eh, no, please don’t mind me. In any case, let’s head off.


Wow, so the town was this bustling. I’m honestly shocked that there are this many people, I don’t often visit the towns so I’ve never witnessed this.

Huh? What might that be? Is that…a street stall?

They seem to be selling accessories. Shall we go take a glimpse?

Eh? I-It’s not like I want anything, it’s just brand new to me……

Err, then let’s go take a look.


Oh…although they’re accessories, there’s a variety of them.


Don’t you think this necklace would suit you?

Ah, I’m sorry, I went out of line.

Eh? You want to try it on?

Understood. Could you turn around then?

Turn back.


If I just adjust this…

It’s done.

What…do you think?

Eh? My face’s red?

This is, umm, because you had a nice smell when I put the necklace on you. Is this by any chance the scent of the perfume I gave you?

I’m really happy that you wore something I gave.


Huh? Because it had a wonderful scent?

That makes me happy.

Err, that necklace…suits you.

Eh!? Y-You’re buying it?!!

Because that’s what I chose? You don’t have to buy it for a reason like that.

Eh? Why that is?

I feel like there’re things that would suit you better, and just because someone like me chose it-

Ah, wait…!!!


She went and bought it……

Hehe, what a rash person, but for her to say that-

Oh, welcome back.

Jeez, please finish listening to what I have to say. Even if it’s not a conspicuous necklace, it’ll still suit you.

T-That aside, let’s go visit another store.

Huh? But you’re exhausted from walking?

In that case, a coffee lounge would be better. Is there any in this area?

Oh, there’s a coffee lounge over there, let’s go.


There’s so much on the menu, and is this what you call a terrace seat?

What a fashionable shop this is.

Hmm…what should I have?

What are you having?

That photo? Oh, that looks delicious.

Hmm, I can’t decide. Ah, there’s a stranger approaching.

D-Did I do something?

Questioning the couples in town? Umm, did we seem like a couple?

T-That’s not how it is…right?


Eh? You’ve taken an interest in me?

Ah, uh…e-err, umm, t-that’s, I’m honored that that’s how you feel. I too, umm, ah, uh…

I apologize, Reporter, could you please let us be alone for a bit?

I considered entering the coffee lounge, but is it okay if we go for a short walk? There’s a place that I recommend.


Aah…salty sea breeze feels good, doesn’t it? This is my favorite spot that I’ve never told anyone else, this is a secret from everyone.

I’m sure I’ve fallen in love with you, but I’m not a match for someone who’s bright and shining like you.

Ah, no, the thought of being in that type of relationship with you is…

Uwah! Why are you squeezing my hand all of a sudden!?

Eh? Y-You l-like me…? B-But the things I just said-

Uh, ah, uh, I-I get it, I get it so please settle down a little.


Even if you suddenly say something like that, a-and, if you don’t let go of my hand, I won’t be able to calm my nerves.

Ah, thank you.

U-Umm, are you really fine with me?

I’m sure, no, I’m certain that there’re plenty of people better than me out there. There’s barely anything I can do better than others.

But even so, are you fine with me despite that?


Even after all I’ve said, your feelings still won’t change huh.

I’m sorry for trying to reaffirm it.

If you’re okay with having m-me, I’d be happy to go out with you.

Eh? You want me to say that I l-like you…?

Uh, umm, err, u-understood.

I-I l-l-like you.


Is that…okay?

Eh? Say it again directly to your ear?

Uh, uh, I l-like, I like you.

This is pretty embarrassing…isn’t it?

Ow, ow, that’s not it, rather than being embarrassed, I’m nervous, this is the first time I’ve ever been this close to someone.

There’s a bunch of things I don’t know when I’m with you.

I’ll be in your care from now on.


And with that, I began dating you.

Those days were incredibly sweet and delightful. A new feeling began to flourish inside me and you became the most important thing to me.

Leaving my work untouched, the illusion that times without you would continue on forever was painful. I was horribly depressed when I couldn’t meet you during my job.

Was it because I was that way that I couldn’t meet with you?


Track 4: You’re Mine…


Ah, you came…

This? This is the photo we took during our first date.

I wanted to see you, but I, but someone like me…

Please don’t comfort me, I don’t have the right to be comforted by you.



I’m a waste of your time so please leave me alone.

Huh? Why are you hugging me?

If you do that, I’ll get the wrong idea again.

Are you really fine with someone like me…?


Is it okay if I touch your body?

Thank you.

Your body’s soft and feels good, I wish I could touch it forever.


Is it alright if I take off your clothes? I want to feel your warmth more directly.

It’s cute, I wish I could look at you in your undergarments forever.

It feels like a shame, but I’ll be removing your bra as well.


Wow, it’s beautiful. Your lovely breasts are incredibly wonderful.

Even if you tell me not to stare at them too much, it’s impossible.

Umm…is it okay if I kiss you?


It’s cute how your body’s quivering and trembling.

Does this place feel good?

Does it feel good when I touch them both?

It feels good, doesn’t it?

Your nipples are erect. Would it feel good if I were to lick your nipples?


It feels good when I roll it around with my tongue as I lick it?

Like this?

I like it when you react by trembling.

I’ll continue then.


Please don’t hide your face, please show me more of your expression.

Come on, move your hands aside.

I love your shy expression, it’s cute.

Oh, your precious place is already this wet. I’ll be removing your panties too, okay?


Amazing, so this is what it becomes. Your…

Look, it’s already this drenched. Please, please desire me more.


The kisses are too intense.

Please show me a more indecent expression, show me a face that you wouldn’t show anyone else.

I’ll be licking your precious place, okay?



Your voice is incredibly erotic.

What would happen if I tease your nipples as well?

It seems like you’re really convulsing, does this feel good?

I see. I’m happy that you felt good from my tongue and fingers.


I don’t think I can hold on for much longer, is it okay if I put it in?

Thank you.

I’m putting in okay?


Wow, it’s tight.

Incredible, it’s like it’s sucking me in.

A bit more and it’ll be all in.


Everything’s in.

Huh? This is strange, why are tears…?

M-m, it’s because I’m really, really, happy that I’ve become one with you like this.

Oh, a kiss?

Umm, is it alright if I start moving slowly?

Thank you. I’ll start moving then.


Your insides feel too good, I’ll cum right away.

It’s squeezing around me like it’s hugging me.

This is bad, let’s change our position a little, okay?

I thought that if I were to embrace you in this type of situation, I’d be able to feel your entire body.

Am I heavy?

Thank god. Umm, is it alright if I make one more request?


Thank you.

Could you please hold me like this? I want to feel more of you.

Your insides are moving like it doesn’t want to let go of me.


Amazing, it feels like it’s clenching down more tightly than before. Are you already about to cum?

Show me your appearance when you cum.

I’m about to cum too.


Is it okay if I cum inside as-is?

I’m cumming!


It’s releasing into you…

Your insides felt really good. And that face of yours that I’ve seen for the first time was incredibly wonderful.

Don’t be embarrassed, that expression makes me happy.

Huh? You want me to stop with formalities?

I-I understand. I’ll try my best.


You know, now that I think about it, I followed you with my eyes every time you came to the store. Just that, hearing your beautiful voice reminds me of it a little.

But today, please let me take you at your word just for today.

Please, I want you to hold me and pat my head.


Thank you.

It’s warm…

I love you.


Track 5: Ecstatic Feelings



Oh, you came today.

There were customers here earlier, but right now, there’s no one.

I’m happy you came to see me, would we be able to take our time today?

I see, you’re busy too, aren’t you?

Umm, could you come after store-closing in 3 day’s time?

Thank you, I look forward to seeing you.


Welcome, I’ve been waiting for you.

I wanted to gift this to you, I thought that it’d suit you. It would be nice if it matched the size of your finger though.

Thank god, it fits perfectly on your left ring finger.


Eh? This?

I persevered for a bit and made this. I thought it’d be great if I could always be with you so I made my half as well.

Does it suit me?

That’s a relief. With this, it’d be nice if we could be together forever.


Mhm, I love you.


I want to be with you forever. When will be the next time I see you, I wonder?

Say, is it possible for us to return to the same home?

Uh-huh, yup, I was wondering if we could live together in my house. I want to be with you every day!

I’m so happy, next time, you can move in with me.

You’re gonna move in tomorrow?

Then this type of phrase will only be used till today. I’ll see you tomorrow.


Track 6: Passion and a Fruitless Void


Welco-no, that’s not it. Welcome home.

As expected, it’s a joyous thing to say “welcome home.”

Hey, I love you.


It’s painful simply by not seeing your figure lately so I couldn’t help it.

I love you.

Sorry, it’s still bright outside but I don’t think I can endure it. Is it okay if we do it?

I’ll undress you then.


Even when looking at you in a well-lit place, you’re beautiful all the same.

Ah, don’t be embarrassed, I want to see everything.

I really love the scent coming from your hair.

I’ll be removing your underwear too, okay?


Yup, like I thought, it’s beautiful.

How cute.

Please don’t hide it, there’s no part on your body that’s dirty.

Mhm, it’s beautiful all the same.

I’ll be licking it okay?


I’m really happy when you tremble. Do you want me to do more of this?

Oh, I get it, it feels good when I lick your nipples as if I was tracing them. Your reaction each time I do it is so cute and it makes me happy.

The nape of your neck is lovely.

I love you.


Hmm? It sends shivers? But it’s cute when you quiver inside my arms.

I get it, I’m sorry, I’ll touch this place properly.

Your cute tiny bit has already puffed up, and it’s soaking wet too.

Look, it’s already this…

Hehe, don’t be so embarrassed.

Sorry, sorry. I’ll tease this place along with the boobs you love.


And then the other one.


You mustn’t cum just yet, you must cum from that. Okay?

Besides, look, it doesn’t seem like I can last much longer either.

Is it okay if I put it in?

Thank you, I’ll insert it then.


Wow, it’s alway tight, but today, it’s incredible…

It’s in all the way.

Your insides are really warm. Will you be alright if I move?

Mhm, got it, I’ll start moving then.


Your insides feel so good. Each time I move, it sucks me in.

Say, are you happy?

I’m happy to become one with you.


I want to kiss you.

Turn your face this way.

How cute. For such a lovely and adorable person to my girlfriend…


What an amazing kiss.

Your tongue is entwining around my tongue, it’s incredible.

Say, could you scooch this way?

Yup, please grab onto my body. I can adhere my entire body to yours more this way.

Are you able to move your hips?


Wow, it’s a different sensation from before.

Huh? You’re about to cum?

Go ahead, cum, it’s okay to grab tightly onto my body.


Incredible, you’re going so fast. I’m about to cum too.

Together, I want to cum together.

I can’t, I’m gonna cum.

I’m cumming!


Are you alright? Did it feel good for you?

I see, that’s a relief.


Sorry for suddenly…

No, no matter how many times we overlap our bodies, and no matter how many of the same things we see, we can’t be together. And each time this is repeated, that thought grows.

And somehow, that gives me a sense of loneliness and breaks my heart.



Thank you for hugging me.

I want to sleep like this, is that okay?

Thank you.


I love you.


Hmm? Did she fall asleep as is?

She seems so happily asleep.

I love you.


I wonder what you would think when you see this letter.

Thank you…for teaching me what love is.


Track 7: I Wanted to Be with You


“To you whom I love, this is the first time I’ve written a letter to you so I’m very nervous.”

“The reason I’m writing you this letter now is due to my birth and it is something that I always felt like I had to tell you at some point, but to me, my days with you were something nothing could replace.”

“The many times I tried to convey it but never could, I would think, just a little longer, just a little longer, and so, we’ve arrived at today.”

“I’m truly sorry, it seems like I was a weaker, more pathetic, and more unsightly person than I thought I was.”


“However, time would no longer allow it so I don’t think I’ll ever return to this place.”

“I’m very reluctant to leave the place where I first met and spent time with you but I’ll be leaving.”

“Thank you for everything up until now. I love you. – Rick Estrum”


“If you wish to see me, I’ll be waiting at the place where we confessed.”


I’ve been waiting, thank you for coming.


Track 8: Let’s Head Off Together


Ah, you came!

Thank you for coming. I made a wager on whether you’d come, and if you didn’t, this would be where we parted, but you came.

And that’s why I’ll tell you everything about me.


I was a prince of a particular country.

Although I’m the prince who’s seventh-in-line to the throne, an unimportant prince, I ran away to that store since I hated the eyes around and my useless self because unlike the other princes, there was nothing I excelled at.

I didn’t think that that nation would be concerned about someone like me but at some point, they came to know of my escape and are directing their military force towards this country.


Is there anything else you’d like to ask?

Oh, this ring?

Mhm, that ring was given to my mother, my birth mother, by the king.

It is a memento from my mother.

That said, just because I brought that memento, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any subjugation.

More likely than not…I’m certain that I’ll be killed before long. It’s unforgivable for an individual with the right to inherit the throne to live carelessly in a foreign country it seems, even though I don’t have any actual worth.


If you hadn’t come, I would’ve left the country as is. But I could no longer live in a country without you so…

I want you to use this sword and make me yours, that way, we’ll be together in that world.

Mhm, that’s right, or will you die with me? I want you to kill me and make me yours.



Is it no use? But without you I…

But right now you have a wonderful workplace and life so-

Huh? You’ll abandon your current life for me? Money, status, I don’t have any of that you know?!!

Eh…? You can’t imagine a life without me?


Haha, I see, so you felt the same as me.

Mhm, I know, I know.

Thank you, I’ll make you happy so let’s stay together until the day we die.

I love you.

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