【Translation】 Kankinkon ~1st Anniversary CD~


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監禁婚 ~1st Anniversary CD~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Selfish Fear


Aah…it feels good.

Your sleeping expression is cute as well today. 365 days a year, to make me this excited just by sleeping, you’re a genius at alluring me.

When I think about how we’re joined at a genetic level inside this huge belly, I couldn’t help myself. I want to hurry up and have sex but there’s also a part of me that wants you to be pregnant forever.


I’m cumming, I’m about to cum.

Huh? Did I wake you?

Sorry, but it’ll only be for a bit. I’m cumming so could you please wait just a bit longer? And please let me shoot it onto your thighs.


Wait, don’t go. It’ll really only be for a bit, just, just a bit.

Haha! There’s no way I’d be satisfied with just masturbation?

If you’re that against it then could you lend me your thighs? Just sandwich it between them for a bit.

You don’t want to?


Ah, that is true, since this is the last month of pregnancy that position would be hard on you.

Then your armpits’ fine, you just have to sit there.

Huh? What do I plan to do with your armpits?

You see, I’ll stick it in-between your armpits and then move my hips back and forth like this.


Your armpits feel so good!!!

If you clamp down on me out of hate, won’t it just feel even better for me?

So good…

I’m cumming, I’ll cum this time around, okay? I’ll make a mess out of your armpits with my semen.


Your armpits that are now covered in my sperm are wet as if I violated your insides.

I feel like I can shake my hips forever like this, but I’ll endure it because I mustn’t tire you out in your last month of pregnancy.


Err, tissue. Oh, there is it.

Sorry to keep you waiting, I’ll wipe it off so please lift up your arm.

Ah your armpit’s all slippery from my cum. How lewd, it makes me want to be a little more mischievous.

I’m joking, it’ll be bad for you if it’s only a good experience for me. This time, it’s your turn to feel good.

Don’t be modest. Come on, lie down.

As gratitude for pleasuring me, I’ll suck on these nipples.


Because you’re pregnant, it has become so much more sensitive. Simply licking and sucking on it a little, it’ll stiffen immediately.

I liked the tiny nipples you had earlier but I love these big nipples that have developed because of me too.


The nipple on this side seemed lonely so I’ll lick it for the same amount, okay?

Hmm? Huh? Did a little bit of breast milk come out? The taste is different compared to usual.

That reminds me, the doctors said that something resembling breast milk would be produced prior to childbirth.


Sorry for tasting it before the baby. But you know, they said that if you massage your nipples a lot before you give birth, you’d produce more milk, did they not?

So regardless, this was necessary.

For the sake of the fruit of our love, I ought to massage them more.

Though if I think about it closely, your nipples will be monopolized by the child inside you for the next while. And when I think of it that way, I’m jealous of my own child, and it makes me want to just drink it all before they’re born.


Hmm? Eh, I can’t suck on them anymore?

Then in exchange, please let me suck on this clitoris instead.


You felt good from having me lick your nipples, didn’t you? Because this place’s wet before I even licked it.


Are you about to cum?

I see, then…

I ought to stop, don’t I?

Say, don’t you think I’ve grown? I actually wanted to see you squirt but I restrained myself for the sake of our child.

Yes, that’s right, I held back.

Because if you cum during the last month of pregnancy, your womb would contract and the risk of miscarriage would increase no? And if that happens, it’ll be bad for both you and the child.


I’m looking forward to the baby.

Whether it be a boy or girl, they’ll surely be a cute child that resembles you.

Hmm? Oh, I never asked. I didn’t ask on purpose so that I could look forward to knowing when they’re born.

Haha, what are you saying? Even if they’re a girl, they won’t be a replacement for you.

No matter how much of a pervert I am, I draw my line there because the only person I’m interested in in the entire world is you. I treasure our child precisely because you gave birth to them.

So don’t worry, even after this, the only person I’ll fuck is you alone for all of eternity.


Ah like I said, you mustn’t tell me the sex just yet.

Ssh…close your mouth.

I ought to put a lid on this naughty mouth, don’t I?


Say, could you please initiate the kiss every so often?

Eh? You don’t want to no matter what?

Haa…if you refuse so vehemently, I’ll feel so saddened that I’ll be driven to connect with you from the inside without waiting for you to give birth.

No matter how much you say no, your lower half is rather honest.


Whoa, you’re going to give me a kiss for the sake of this crucial stage?

Thank you, I’m deeply moved that you think of a kiss with me as being that special.

Ah this is bad, I was so moved that I got hard again.

Yes I know, I won’t push you any more than this. In exchange, once we reach the stage where we can have sex, let’s do it lots, okay?

I’ll pour in so much that you’ll immediately get pregnant with a second child.


Hmm? Why are you trembling? You said it was a bit painful whenever you’d have your period, no?

And that’s why I’ll put an end to it.

A second, a third, and so forth, I’ll impregnate you without pause.


W-What’s the matter? Why are you that limp?

This blood……


Hey, is there anyone here!?

Prepare a doctor ASAP and call for an ambulance.


It’ll be alright, the doctor will arrive before long.

And so, I’m begging you, please don’t die.


Track 2: Purification of the Saijou House


I said it doesn’t matter so stop having me re-affirm it.

Oh? This is the first time I’ve seen you check things like that, Old Gramps.

No, it’s not a joke, I’m serious. On the off-chance that something happens, the child will unquestionably take priority because that’s been her hope since that point.


If she dies, I’ll follow after her.


No, it’s not like I decided on that now.

I’ve prepared for the what-if scenarios prior to this and I’ve made the promise that the child’s guardian will be the Kuse family head.

He’s far more capable than the idiots with relations to the Saijou house. And regardless of whether I like or dislike them, there’s no one less two-faced than that man.


Well, I guess so, it’s something I would’ve never normally considered. However, right now I’m not how I normally am or rather I can’t be normal when it comes to her.


So, Old Gramps, you realize what I did to her, don’t you, Old Gramps?

Although there was a reason for it to be inevitable, she gave me something as precious as time and that’s why I want to offer something that matches it. Other than rejecting me, I want to grant all her wishes.

Haha, I became kind? Have you already gone senile, Old Gramps?

……A kind man wouldn’t forcibly impregnate someone.


Deep down I know that I’ll never be loved, but it hurts to acknowledge that, so I lie to myself that one day I will be loved. Because I feel that if I continue to say that, it’ll come true.


Touji’s Father: Oh my, we have an interesting guest here today.

Touji’s Father: Miss, you’re Touji’s bride, aren’t you? You poor thing, you received considerable psychological trauma from that child, didn’t you?

Touji’s Father: No, this isn’t the Saijou garden, it just closely resembles it.

Touji’s Father: Haha! Do I look that similar to Touji?

Touji’s Father: If so, I’m happy because that shitty old man never mentioned it.


Touji’s Father: Ah hey, hey, you mustn’t be too captivated by the cherry blossom because you won’t be able to return to that other side.

Touji’s Father: Me?

Touji’s Father: I am the father of Touji who committed suicide under that cherry blossom tree.

Touji’s Father: Though I say “father”, I’ve never once taken on that responsibility.

Touji’s Father: What an irony, to think I’d be more helpful to him now that I’m dead.

Touji’s Father: Oh, that reminds me, I’ve sent your child back to the other world earlier Miss because it’s way too early for him to come to this world. But it’s worrying, his heart is extremely frail and it seems like he’ll step foot onto this side again in the near future.


Touji’s Father: No, the fragility of his heart is the result of my error. Sorry.

Touji’s Father: Don’t worry, even if he comes here again, I can send him back one more time. But a third time will be difficult so be careful.

Touji’s Father: You’re such a good girl, aren’t you? I can understand why Touji fell in love with you.

Touji’s Father: I see, do you hate Touji?

Touji’s Father: There’s no need for you to apologize, he did something that would make it only natural for you to hate him, rather, I want to apologize to you. Because I ran away from reality, that crazy man ended up raising him instead.

Touji’s Father: For having thrown everything into disorder, I am the criminal here. And I am truly sorry.


Touji’s Father: Is that so? Are you planning to forgive me?

Touji’s Father: I have mixed feelings but I’ll accept those words with gratitude.

Touji’s Father: Oh, it’s already time. If you stay here any longer, you won’t be able to return to the other side.

Touji’s Father: Hmm? What you should do from now on?

Touji’s Father: I think you should act as you wish. Even if you did run away with your child after you gave birth, you probably won’t meet misfortune, in fact, you’d be happy. But you, yourself, don’t wish to accept that.

Touji’s Father: Even after the cruel things he’s done, you’d be concerned about what’ll happen to him once you’ve separated.


Touji’s Father: Haha, unfortunately, I know of the true feelings that you wish to deny.

Touji’s Father: Despite hating him to that extent, you pity him. So even if you don’t love him, you two will likely remain married for the rest of your lives.

Touji’s Father: You’re a surprisingly kind child, aren’t you? And completely different from me.

Touji’s Father: And that’s why, regardless if you’re with Touji, you’d choose an ending that you would accept. And since you saved Touji, the Saijou Family curse has been dispelled.

Touji’s Father: Oh, I guess it’ll be more correct to say that you’ll eventually dispel it. You see, when you’re in here, the flow of time is distorted.


Touji’s Father: In any case, that’s the way things are, and this will be the first and last time you’ll meet me, Miss.

Touji’s Father: To save you like this, that is.

Touji’s Father: Well then, stay healthy. You’ll forget everything once you return to that side but I’ll always be watching over you from this side.

Touji’s Father: And thank you for remaining by Touji’s side until the very end.


!? You’re awake, right?

Ah…it’s alright now, you were hemorrhaging so it was a bit dangerous, but they transfused my blood into you so we averted the crisis. Thank god I’m the same blood-type as you.

Why are you making that odd expression?

Oh, this name tag? I thought that I’d hang this around my neck in case you don’t open your eyes.

More importantly, you’re worried about the wellbeing of our child right? My subordinates will go take a video right now so you can remain quietly like this. You mustn’t move okay?


You truly persevered, didn’t you?

Thank you for overcoming this.

Oh, no need to worry about our child, he’s a super energetic kid-I mean, I can’t quite say that but he’s more lively than you are now.

As you had hoped, I’m sure he’ll become the light for the Saijou Family…because that’s what I felt when I saw him.


Track 3: The Worst kind of Surprise



Hehe, I’ve always wanted to try this at least once.

Now then, quickly come over this way and let’s eat. I invited the best chef in the world for your sake.

Eh? You don’t have an appetite.

Haa…it can’t be helped then. Although I had prepared the highest grade ingredients for you, let’s discard that all.

Oh, I summoned that orchestra from overseas as well, but let’s have the fact that they couldn’t even move a single person written into the next critical article of them.


Eh!? You’ll eat?

I’m happy that you’re pleased.

Now then, please take a seat, my princess.


It’s a bit late but I’m truly glad that we reached our 1st-year anniversary without a hitch.

Huh? What is it that I’m referring to?

The other day marked the passing of one full year since you were first entered into my family registry.

M-m, a lot of major events have occurred to you so it’s not unusual for you to forget.

Don’t worry, in truth, my head was filled with the thoughts of an entirely different arrangement.

Yes, there’s another matter I wished to celebrate tonight.


You don’t know?

I’ll tell you after we eat, okay?

First and foremost, cheers to our 1st-year anniversary.


Well then, we’re done eating so it’s about time we celebrate that one other thing.

You still don’t know?

You see, today is the day where the doctors finally sayーーwe can have sex.


Haha! Why are you trying to run away now? Have you turned shy because we haven’t done it in the past few months?

Worry not, I’m a little embarrassed as well because ever since we started eating……

Look, I became like this because I was looking forward to the moment where I’m connected to you.


Is this a game of tag? It’s cute how you’re so playful.

Sure, I’ll chase you.


Are you in this room?

It’s so dark that I can’t see clearly. Hmm…but using a light would be cheating, it wouldn’t be fair considering how long I’ve lived in this mansion.

Plus, when I search for you within this darkness, it’s wonderful how it reminds me of our first night.

It reminds me of the night where I dragged you into the car and tore your hymen.

Since it’s been a long time, you’d surely moan innocently like you did that night. It’s exciting how it’s like I’m taking your virginity again.


Huh? This is strange, I thought you were definitely in this room but it doesn’t seem like you are.

Maybe you’re in that room?


Found you…

HAHAHA!!! To use such a common tactic, just like your father you’re a simpleto-I mean, pure. There’s no woman more innocent than you.

I knew it, you’re shy because it’s been a long time.

That naivete of yours is tantalizing. Ah, if you cry like that you’ll start hyperventilating, you know?


There, there, settle down, I’ve prepared a wonderful drug to relieve you of your anxiety.

No, no, this isn’t the drug from that day. You see, this is a safe drug that can be used even when you’re breast-feeding. If I inject this, your nervousness and reasoning will fly off and you’ll be able to feel an extreme amount of pleasure.

To be honest, I didn’t want to rely on the effects of the drug but if you’re this bashful then it couldn’t be helped, right?

Mhm, I know, you’re worried that it might hurt because it’s been a long time, right?

That’ll be settled once I inject you with this drug.


Like I said, come on, settle down.

Would this area work?

Okay, it’ll only feel like a pinch.


With this, it’s done.

I think it’ll start to take effect immediately, but first, I’ll slowly massage your breasts.


Aah…so true breast milk had this type of taste. It’s different from what I imagined but everything you produce feels sweet.

Oh, I ought to suck this other breast too else it’ll be unbalanced. Sorry, sorry.


I want to drink more of it but I ought to leave a share for Hikaru tomorrow, don’t I? I’m a good father, so I can endure that much at least.

See, I’ve grown, haven’t I?

Hold back, hold back…I’m holding back but a little more wouldn’t be an issue, right?


Hmm? Looks like the fast-acting drug has taken effect, even though all I’ve licked are your nipples, you’re wet as if you’ve squirted.

What’s this? Did you cum from me stroking the entrance? I didn’t think you’d actually squirt, you know?

Oh? You feel it even when I lick your ears like this.

In that case, I wonder how good a kiss would feel.


Wow, you’re cumming non-stop now. Your little entrance is twitching and when I bring my fingers close, it just swallows them up.

Hey, do you not want something thicker, harder, and longer inside here? You want to be penetrated all the way to your womb, don’t you?

Did you cum simply from imagining it?

It’s cute how you’re a full level lewder tonight.


Aah…what a wonderful expression, you’re intoxicated and can’t think of anything other than being fucked.

I’m not wrong, am I?

Come on, say it, “Please shove it deep inside me.”

You don’t want to?

I get it, I’ll hold back and only stick it up to the shallow parts.


So good, this is the best, your insides feel better than before. Even though I’ve only inserted half of it, I’m already about to cum.

Haha, you too?

You’re cumming again, did having raw sex after such a long time really feel that good?

Hmm? That isn’t good, I’ll rub this part even faster so you become honest.


What was that? I didn’t quite catch that so could you say it one more time?

Mhm, your deep spots are aching, aren’t they? Then, please tell me in more detail about what you want me to do with those deep spots.

Hahaha!!! I know, it’s throbbing so much to the point that it’s unbearable so I’ll make a mess out of your inner bits.


To wrap your legs around my hips like this, you want to be creampie-ed so badly that you can’t help yourself, right? Your insides have been twitching non-stop have they. no?

I was close to cumming so many times earlier, but it’d be a waste so I endured it.

Eh? I don’t have to hold back? My semen will be poured deep inside you, you know?

If I cum inside you now, you might get pregnant with a second child. Do you love my dick so much that you don’t mind that?


I can’t get enough of this. Say that again, say that once more.

I’ll videotape this so say that one more time.

So cute, you’re so cute that it’ll stop my heart. With this, I won’t be lacking materials when I’m at work either, I’ll masturbate to this whenever I’m out on overseas business trips.


Then as you wish, I’ll release it deep inside.

But don’t worry, I’ll get hard right away. Tonight, I’ll cum inside you until my balls are empty.


I love you.

Say, you love me too, don’t you?


You still won’t say it even when you’ve lost your reasoning from the drug……

Do you hate me so much that you subconsciously reject me?

Haha, there’s no way that’s true right? Because, look, this place is twitching and swallowing me up so deliciously, this is proof that you like me.


Why, why won’t you say “yes”?

Hey, I’m begging you, you can blame it on the drug so say that you like me, and just give me a kiss. If you do, I’ll make you feel even better so-

I see…even with this, you won’t say it.


I guess it’s fine, we still have plenty of time, surely you’ll say that you like me next year.

That’s how it is right? Because you’re my goddess.

Although I’ve had various things taken from me, broken, and I had completely given up,  you were the only one that seemed to shine. I chased after you as if you were undoubtedly my guiding light.

Such a thing isn’t common, right? The Gods surely allowed us to meet because our fates are linked.

That’s definitely the case, to be unable to obtain the sole thing one desires, I won’t acknowledge such a thing.


No, no, you unmistakably whispered love to me, just that I couldn’t hear your voice over the sound of thunder.


Track 4: Under that Cherry Blossom Tree


Oh, you were under that cherry blossom tree again.

Even though you complained about this garden being too vast in the past, right now you can walk around better than I can.

If you walk around like that, would your knees be okay?

Look, the other day you said that your knees hurt so badly that it was unbearable no?

Hmm? Me?

I’m…look, as you can see, as long as I have a cane, I can follow you wherever you go. I’m still healthy.


Ah, today’s cold too.

Even though it’s almost the season for the cherry blossoms to bloom, my hands have gone numb from the cold. I want spring to quickly come so that I could view the flowers together with you here-achoo!

Oh, isn’t this shawl your favorite? Are you sure about lending it to me?

What do you mean you’ll be troubled if I die now?


Ah speaking of which, that is true, Hikaru told me to live until all of our great-grandchildren reach adulthood.

Good grief, that child says some troublesome things.

Hahaha! They say that the hated child will lord over the world, but at the end of that day, I’m human and I have limits. And that’s why we ought to return inside before my will dies out.

Come on, come here, my princess. Please let me hear your resentful words too today.

No matter how much time has passed, to me, you’re still a beautiful princess.


On that note, when will you give me a kiss I wonder.

When I asked 60 years ago, I was told to wait for the time to come but…

Eh? It’s still a secret?

I keep thinking that it’ll happen the following year, but haa…I’ve already grown this old.

Haha, I guess so. It’ll be less exciting if you told me so it might be nice for things to just remain this way.

You’re good with the suspenseful type of play, aren’t you? I’m starting to feel it regardless of my age.


Hahaha! It’s true. If you’d like, how about you test it this time around?

Don’t refrain, I’ll get my health in order for when the cherry blossoms bloom and come attack you.

Eh? How am I still not tired of it?

After all, you are, you are that one person in my life. I become a person and will die a person because you were there.

Oh but it hurts to be separated from you via death. It would be nice if I could attack you in the next life as well.


Huh? In the next life, you’ll be the one to attack me and make me suffer?

If there was such a wonderful afterlife then I’d like to experience as soon as I can.

It’s a promise okay?

ーーAnd that cherry blossom tree shall bear witness.

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