【Translation】 Otona no Meruhen Series Wa 「Tsuru-san no Ongaeshi ~Ai ga Fukai Kare~」


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

大人のメルヘンシリーズ和 「鶴さんの恩返し~愛が深い彼~」

CV: Shingaki Tarusuke (新垣樽助)

Track 1: Visitor in the Dead of Night


Good evening, sorry for disturbing you late at night, but I have business with you.

Yes, could you please listen to what I have to say? Please allow me to clearly explain why I’ve intruded upon your house this dead into the night.


Oh, is this a sunken hearth? It’s warm.

Yes, this is the first time I’ve seen one, and although this is the first time I’ve ever drank tea, it’s delicious.

To tell you the truth, I am the crane you saved during the day today.

My name’s Shizuru and I am deeply grateful for what you did at that time.


Yes, uh-huh, when I say crane, I do mean crane, do you not remember what happened during daytime?

As I was attempting to catch fish by the river, I was accidentally caught in a trap set by a hunter and became unable to move, and while I was in a panic, you came and saved men.

You really saved me there. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Not at all, it’s not a joke nor an exaggeration, I’m speaking the truth.

Look, by seeing my eyes, do you not remember me?


I clearly remember how your eyes were beautiful. You looked back at me firmly with those eyes, gave me a smile, and proceeded to free me from the trap.

Yes, do you finally believe me?

I was surprised as well, to think I’d become a human,

I don’t quite understand it but the Gods might’ve heard my wish of wanting to repay you.


Yes, I wish to repay you for saving me.

Anything’s fine, as long as it would make you happy, anything’s fine so please tell me.

Do you have anything in mind? Anything’s fine, I’m fine with any request.

Yes, what is it?


Oh, uh, I guess so. I apologize, I was unable to contain myself so I didn’t give much thought to it.

You’re sleepy, right?

Ah, no, it’s alright, you should rest, I’ll come visit you at another time.

No, no, you should quickly lay down on the futon, I’ll take care of the blaze here and put it out.


Yes, good night.


Track 2: Unable to Return


Oh my, what a massive yawn.

Good morning.

Oh, I apologize, when I thought about it carefully, my leg’s been injured so I couldn’t quite return back to my flock. I’m sorry for reporting this after the fact but could you please allow me to sleep over for the time being?

Yes, I’m alright, I think it’ll heal itself in a couple of days.

That’s right. Because it’ll take several days, is it possible for you to shelter me here for that period?


No, please allow me to show my gratitude, I’m indebted to you for saving me.

Yes, same here, I’ll be in your care.


Ah, yes, I roasted something thinking that you’d be having breakfast since it’s just around mealtime.

I’m happy that you say that. Now then, go ahead, dig in.

No, my leg shouldn’t be an issue in a couple of days so until it heals, I’d like to help you out while I’m in your care. Please allow me to do so.

That’s a relief, thank you.

Yes, I’m alright, there’s little pain as long as I don’t overdo myself.


Eh? But we’re in the middle of eating, so to show something unseemly is…

You’re quite daring aren’t you? Rather than a girl, I guess you could say you’re more like a guy.

Understood. Look, this is the extent of it, it’s wide but it’s generally a shallow wound so it has already stopped bleeding.

Huh? Tend to it?

I don’t quite understand but when I’m injured, I just leave it and never touch it.

Eh? I wasn’t supposed to do that?

Umm, how should I say it, I apologize that I have to rely on you again.


That said, even though I came here to repay your favor, I guess it was no good.

Yes? Is there something on my face?


Is that so? I thought they were rather thin though, I wanted a more sturdy body that’s more being of a man but…

Eh? Were you under the assumption that I was a woman?


Somehow I feel like I need to say sorry, I gave you the wrong idea.

Yes, I really am a man, would you like both of us to confirm it?


Oh, I see.

I was surprised too that you had a misunderstanding the whole time.

If you put it that way, aren’t you beautiful and lovely as well? As you have saved me, you’re a kind girl with a beautiful heart.

Are you feeling shy? You’re quite the adorable person, aren’t you?

Yes, I’m sorry.


Track 3: Marriage Proposal


Oh, welcome home.

How did things go at the shop? Did you sell a lot of dangos?

With such a cute vendor, I’m sure everyone can’t help but keep buying.

No, I’m sure that’s how it is because I think I’d buy it just for that. Oh right, I’ll go brew some tea right now.

It’s fine, I can’t do much else besides this so allow me to do it, you ought to take a break.


Okay, here you go.

Really? Because I’ve practiced.

No, it’s still far from your tea. Oh, that reminds me, I put a lot of effort into dinner and tried cooking a variety of things so I’d be happy if you could taste them later.

Huh? Umm, is something the matter? Do you have something on your mind?

Ah, no, it’s fine. Did something happen today by any chance?

Is it something that you can’t say to me?


Marriage proposal…?

What age is that frequenter? Are they young?

I see, there’s that slight bit of uncertainty seeing that you don’t know much about the other person. That said, you’re a girl of marriageable age so it’s not strange for you to get marriage proposals.

Eh? You refused it already?

I apologize, it was so surprising that I can’t help but to laugh. Sorry for laughing but you’re rather courageous for you, the girl, to be the one giving the refusal. And it’s all the more difficult when it’s a regular of your shop.


I guess so, but I think it’s a good thing because if you leave this place, the house that your deceased parents left behind would have no one to protect it.

Besides, I’m happy that you turned it down.

Ah, it’s about time we have dinner, I’ll get it set up right away.


I’m finished with the washing, is there anything else I can help with?

What are you doing!? Put that brazier down immediately.

Don’t go “Eh?”, to be lifting something that heavy is…

Why are you trying to carry something this heavy by yourself? When it comes to these things, you should leave it to a man like me.

Ah, hey, stop! It’ll be dangerous if you drop it-

Once again, you’d try to do it all yourself.

I guess so. Have you been alone in this house for a long time?

I see, in that case, it can’t be helped. That said, you’re a woman and I’m a man so could you please rely on me more?


Yes, I know that you’re a strong woman. Of course that isn’t a negative, but I want you to let me spoil you more.

It’s because I want to pamper you.

Why that is? Obviously, that’s because I…

I apologize, as expected, it feels weird. That was nothing, please don’t mind what I said just now.

Oh, thank you in regards to the brazier, you moved it so that it’d be easier for me to sleep, right?

It was of great help.

Yes, good night.


It’ll be bad at this rate, it might be better if I left as soon as possible.


Track 4: Sense of Discomfort


Oh, welcome home.

You’re pretty late today, are you okay? Are you tired?

I’ll go cook our meals right away then.

You don’t have to do anything, just sit and wait.


Here you go, thank you for all your hard work.

Not at all so how was it today? You were later than usual, but did anything happen?

Frequenter…? Is it perhaps about that?

By chance, you two met on your way home and had talked the whole time?

Is that so? But was that really a coincidence?

Because yesterday too-


Could it be that he hasn’t given up on you yet?

Really? Nevertheless, I’m worried.

You’re saying that again. Listen, you’re a girl, no matter how confident you are about your strength, you can’t win against a man.

Those actions of yours make me so concerned that I can’t just leave this place.

Yes, as you can see, my leg has more or less recovered so I can return back to my flock soon, I can’t keep imposing on you forever like this, after all.

Oh, no worries, like I’ve said in the beginning, I definitely plan on returning your favor. So what would work?

My forte is weaving, but is there a design that you’d prefer?


I sense that anything would suit you but, hmm, wouldn’t a pale light purple be nice?

Oh, is something the matter? Your complexion doesn’t look so great, as expected, you must be exhausted, right?

Just leave things here and quickly get some rest, the management of the fire, and the locking of the doors, leave that all to me.

You mustn’t, now hurry.

Good grief, how stubborn, did you forget about how I wanted to spoil you?


Please don’t move, okay? It’ll be bad for when I try to open the sliding doors while holding you.

But if I don’t do this you won’t rest, right?

There we go, we’ve arrived.


You’re welcome.

Now then, please sleep tight tonight.

Good night.


Track 5: Crane’s Voice of Authority


Is something the matter-whoa, are you okay?

Sorry for startling you, I noticed that you were peeking into the room. Were the sounds so noisy that it woke you up?

I apologize for that then, I wanted to present it to you first thing in the morning so I ended up working all through the night.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve only finished half of it.

Oh, you mustn’t look, I’ll show you first thing once I’m finished.


Now, now, don’t mind me, you should hurry up and sleep.

Nope, it’s something for you to look forward to tomorrow.

Listen, from tonight till next morning, you mustn’t enter the room I’m in, no matter what noises you hear, do not peek.

It’s because I want to show it to you in its fully completed state.

Good girl. Well then, good night.


Take your leave from here immediately.

Don’t argue and just get out of here. Also, I won’t allow you to approach her any further than this, and if you say that you can’t handle that, I shall be your opponent.

However, it may end with your corpse floating down the river streams.

Don’t yell, she does not need to know who the culprit is.

If you understand then leave at once!!!


I’m sorry, did I wake you?

You were startled, right? It was simply a threat but I’m glad that I got through to them. Naturally, this is due to being a voice of authority.

Just kidding.

Sorry, this isn’t the time to be fooling around, is it? I’m okay, I’m unscathed, rather I’m more concerned about you.

I’m sorry, this left you with a scary thought, didn’t it?

I apologize, but is it okay if I have a moment?


Thank god you’re safe, I really am relieved.

You’re a girl so please be more self-aware of that. Please don’t think that you’re capable of everything.

Then, if someone stalks you again, what do you plan to do?

It was fine because I was around today, but if something like what happened earlier were to occur when you were alone, a man’s strength wouldn’t be as little as you think it is.

Look, right now, you can’t even pull yourself away from my arms.


You told me this before no? That you’re confident that you’ll be able to retaliate when a man’s close to doing something to you.

In that case, why don’t you try?

Look, what do you plan to do if I were to do this? You won’t be able to stop me simply by calling my name you know?

So what is it that you planned to do if this were done to you?

I won’t stop until you stop me fully.


Come on, hurry up, and stop me. Please struggle and resist, because if you don’t, I won’t be able to stop.

Jeez, why aren’t you doing something in response to this? At this rate, are you going to just let the man do as he pleases?

Quickly, push me away or something.


I apologize, I took the joke too far.

Now then, please quickly get some rest, otherwise, the night will pass.

Come on, make sure to put the futon over your head.

I’ll return to weaving but don’t mind me and get some proper sleep okay? Now then, good night.


Track 6: Returning the Favor


“Thank you for taking care of me up until now, it may have only been for a short period but I was extremely in the days where I lived together with you in this house.”

“Just a little longer, I wanted to remain at this house and fawn on you for just a little longer, but I’d become overly greedy if that were to happen and that would be no good, right? ”

“This Damask fabric is made from my fallen feathers so if you bring it into the town, I’m sure you’ll be able to sell it for a high price. Please consider this a repayment of your favor.”

“I shall return back to my flock. Thank you, I was truly grateful for everything you’ve done up until now and I’m happy to have ever met you.”


Eh? Why? Ah!

What’s wrong? For you to be breathing so heavily…

Your kimono is this much of a mess too, jeez.

Did you not read the letter? I made sure to write everything within it, in which case, everything is what is written.

That’s because I thought my resolve would waver if I were to see your face and say unnecessary things.

It is unnecessary, simply put, it would be selfish of me.


By saying that to me, what exactly are you planning?

Stop, you shouldn’t be saying that of me…because I’m unsightly. You say that I’m beautiful but in reality, I’m not like that at all.

The inside of my heart is an ugly mess and I very much don’t want you to see it.

In the beginning, I was happy just being with you. I should’ve been satisfied with merely seeing your smile and simply being able to talk with you but eventually, that became no longer enough.

I wanted to be closer to you, to touch you, to hold you, and so, I became jealous of anyone who spoke to you.


See? This is strange, is it not? In obtaining a human form, I might’ve lost a bit of my mind.

This is the first time I’ve ever experienced such emotions, it was extremely painful and I didn’t know what to do about it.

It was hard hearing you call my name with your cute voice and having you direct your smile at me.

And so, please let me go. If you’re here any longer, I don’t know what I might do.


Why? I fully repaid my favor to you-

Not enough…?

You’re quite a piece of work aren’t you? In that case, what is it that you want me to do?

Are you sure you should be saying that? I’m certain it won’t end with just us being together.

You are truly fine with this, huh.


I’ve always wanted to do this.

I love you.


Track 7: At Your Side


I never knew that kissing would feel this good.

What should I do, I’m scared that at this rate, I’ll mess you up.

Right now, in knowing that you love me back, my feelings are pouring out excessively. Is there not anything you’d like me to do?

You’re saying that again, are words that bring me, joy, the only things that come out of your mouth at this point?

My heart’s been pounding the whole time since earlier. I’ll really just do whatever it is that I want, you know?


So this place had been that soft.

I’m sorry, to be honest, I wanted time to fully remove your kimono so please allow me to continue as is.


Is this spot fine as well?

No, it’s not dirty at all, rather it’s incredibly lovely.

Here too. And here and here as well.

Plus here also.

Every part of you is beautiful and I love it so much that I can’t stop myself. I love you so much that it hurts.


Is it okay if I insert my fingers all the way inside? I want to hear more of your voice.

So you’re capable of making that type of voice huh, it’s really cute. Please let me hear all the many voices you could make and see all the many sides of you.

Don’t worry, I’m right here. I don’t plan on going anywhere, I’ll stay by your side forever.


It’s soft. I want to hurry up and become one with you, I can’t hold back anymore.

Could you relax your legs? Take slow breaths, okay?

There’s still half of it I think.

Does it hurt?



How’s that? Did that hurt?

Then I’ll start moving slowly.


Are you okay? Does it not hurt?

I feel really good. Right now, I’m desperately trying to stop myself from moving faster without thinking.

I wanted to wait until you’re accustomed to it.

It’s already sliding in and out so is it okay now?


Why is it this…

Your insides are warm and soft and it feels good, I don’t want to ever part from it. I’ll never leave you ever again.

When we’re like this, my feelings for you just overflow and fill my chest.

I like you, I love you, I truly love you.


Are you okay?

It’s fine, you can remain where you are, I’ll wipe everything clean for you.

Are you still embarrassed over it? …That’s troubling.

I wanted to continue for longer, you see.

I’m joking, I won’t make you do anything unreasonable in the beginning, I’m 100% satisfied with just this today. You were incredibly beautiful, you know?


Is it okay for me to stay by your side from now on?

For crane pairs, the crane would mate for life and remain forever monogamous until one of them passes, such is the type of being we cranes are.

And that’s why there’s nothing to worry about if you were to make me your husband, I’ll love you for the rest of my life and there’s no chance of me falling in love with a person other than you.

So do you love me the way that I am?


I’m happy, I love you too.


Secret Track


I have returned.


There’s no one in the house but I just say it out of habit.

But even so, it was fun to shop around in the town, I was surprised by all the many things I’ve never once seen before.

Yes, thanks to that, we’ve bought so many things.

Don’t worry, I’ll work hard and weave together another wonderful piece of Damask fabric.

That aside, was the person we met at the village an acquaintance of yours?


A frequenter of your shop?

Ah, yes, I know that it’s a different person, I just reacted that way instinctively. Plus, that person I mentioned was a woman.

Is that so? I saw that you were embarrassed along the way so what did the two of you talk about?

Yes, I’m always watching you.



Mandarin duck pair…?

That’s vexing, I never imagined that the town refers to us that way. Why would they start saying such things?

Could it be that I was seen as that imprudent of a man since I suddenly appeared as your husband? I’m pathetic, should I have behaved more like a man so that I could be a better match for you?

Mandarin duck pair is a compliment to say that we’re lovebirds? I didn’t know that.

Yes because Mandarin ducks change their mate every year. In human terms, they would marry, give birth to children, and then divorce. And then the following year, they would marry, give birth to children, and then divorce again.


It’s true, that’s why I said it was vexing. But cranes aren’t like that, okay?

They’ll remain married for life to the partner they bonded with and never forget any hand they’ve been lent.

You’re laughing like that, but do you really grasp it?

I’m referring to whether you actually realize just how deeply I love.


Really? Then what about you? Just how deeply do you love me?

How should I say it, my love feels a little too one-sided.

That aspect is there, hugs, kisses, I’m always the one initiating them, I don’t remember ever being on the receiving end of you.

That’s right, even though I love you this much, I wonder if I’m the only one with such passionate feelings.


Huh? Because it’s embarrassing…? Are you referring to the act of conveying your emotions?

That includes saying it?

That’s troubling, even though I want to communicate my love to you any time, any day…oh, but if I kiss you even once, these feelings would overflow and I wouldn’t be able to stop.

Then, the only choice we have is to get you used to it.

Not at all, I’m sure you’ll get used to it if it’s said every day. And once you’re no longer embarrassed, the day might come where you would say it back every day.

Nope, I’m earnestly waiting for that day to come.


Now then, please excuse me for a bit.

I think it’ll be more strongly conveyed if it’s displayed through my actions.

Ssh, that talk ends now.

I told you, time has nothing to do with the conveying of my feelings.


I’ve already reached your hands it seems.

Could you undo my obi with your hands? Come on, please.

It’s adorable when you try to untie the obi despite your embarrassment.

Yes, I’m sorry.

You, in your plain appearance, are most beautiful. It’s lovely.


You’re saying that again. You’re incredibly beautiful, you know? I’m no match for that beauty.

On that note, there are times where the inside of my heart is swirling with jealousy and is horribly unsightly.

It was like that when we were down in the village, I hated it when anyone looked at you, and I ended up having the thought of wanting to confine you.

See? That’s a horribly unsightly thought to have, isn’t it?

I carry something that messy and unseemly inside me and that’s why it feels like I’m tainting the beautiful you when we’re like this.


Really? Then is it okay if I were to taint you much more than usual?

That makes me happy.

Well then, I won’t hold back.


This place is amazing, it’s soaking wet. Please feel more, even more pleasure, okay?

How about this spot? Or is this better instead?

You’re extremely cute right now, I wish I could see this forever.


Are you close to that point?

No, you mustn’t cum alone before me. Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good again soon enough so please lift your hips a little.


It’s all in.


What should I do, your insides feel so good that…I want to stay like this forever. But as expected, I want to be connected to you more intensely and more deeply.

Yes, I’m at my limit too.


We’ve sweated a lot, haven’t we?

Yes. Yes, I won’t pull out just yet, you said it was okay if I tainted you thoroughly today did you not?

But you nodded, no?

You better be prepared because this isn’t the full extent of my feelings. I love you most, more than anything, and more than anyone.

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