【Translation】 4-Shoku no Shihai-sha to Hangyaku no Gouka vol.4 Kuro no Ou


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第四章 黒の王

CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki (興津和幸)

Track 1: Contact


Hey, hey answer me, you scoundrels.


“Why? why?”, heh, would you like to know the reason why I kill? And would you like to know the reason you’re being killed?

Are you bastards, robbers?

So you steal from others, huh.


So you desire valuables? Then be clear about whether you’re trafficking humans, or do you want to switch places with this caged woman?

Either way, it’s an eyesore.

To come across bastards like you at night gives me unnecessary aches.

There need be no reason for you to die, I DON’T NEED A REASON TO KILL A SCOUNDREL!!!

To die is part of the course, it’s only natural for you to be killed by me.


What is it, Woman?

Don’t speak to me, I have no business with you.


I don’t need your thanks so don’t speak to me, or do you want to be killed as well?


Stop crying, STOP CRYING!!! If you cry, this body, this arm, this heart, WILL ACHE EVEN MORE!!!

What!? What did you just say? You can cure my illness?

You…know of my illness?




Track 2: King’s Illness


This is my room, as long as we’re here, no one else can listen in.

No, why do you know of my illness? Where did you learn of this information?

What’s the matter? Are you afraid of me despite proclaiming that you’d cure me of my disease?

Are you frightened of this mask? Does this greatsword scare you?


The mask is something I consistently have on so I’ll never remove it, no one is allowed to know of my true face. More importantly, answer my question.

If you won’t tell me the source of your information then first tell me what exactly you do know.

Tell me what you know.


I never imagined you’d know that much.

Indeed, the greatsword that was swung around in front of you is an heirloom inherited by the King of this country. And as for my illness, like you’ve said, all Kings will fall to the same disease and die.

That said, where did you learn of that? Where did you obtain such information?

This is a secret that only the royals are aware of, however, you’re clearly not of royalty. And the color of your hair and the color of your eyes are a color I’ve never once seen before.

And your garments are obviously not that of royalty or nobility, you have a rather peasantly appearance.


Regardless, you…

Have I ever met you before?

No, there’s no way that’s possible. It’s impossible for me to have been acquainted with a young girl like you.

Now hurry up and tell me, where exactly did you learn of that information?

Say it. I told you to SAY IT…!!!


Killing you is simple, however, you won’t tell me the source of your information. And you claim to be able to cure me of my disease, what exactly do you mean by that?

What is the meaning behind it?

I’ll lock you up until you’re in the mood to talk.



Starting today, you’ll be confined to the depth of this hidden chamber.

The door to this room has 20 solid locks, plus I’ll be on the other side of that door. There’s no chance of you escaping from here so keep that in consideration.

I’ve said this time and time again but killing you is easy.

Now hurry up and make up your mind.


Track 3: Chalice


Are you in the mood to talk?

Did you think I’d let that pass if you say that to me now? You appeared in front of me with the knowledge of a great secret and boast of a cure that no one else was able to achieve.

Did you think I’d entrust my body to a person I can’t trust?

Don’t look at me with those eyes.

It’s beyond belief so I won’t believe you. There’s no way I’d trust an ordinary woman who only knows to waver her eyes.

Quickly tell me everything, it’s almost as if your eyes are advancing my disease. My body throbs as it draws out the savageness in my heart, and I feel a vivid intense heat.


Hurry up and put me at peace. Tell me that cure that you claim to know.

That’s right, we’ll first start at the method to cure my disease, and along the way, I’ll have you expose everything about you.

Now quickly. QUICKLY!!!


What? Wait for the right time…?

What’s with that cup? Am I supposed to pour water into that?

Must I be forced to visit you every day for 10 days and fill that cup with water? And so you’ll be able to cure me of my illness when that cup’s entirely filled and 10 days have passed?

Can you swear that you aren’t lying?


It’s water.

Well then, today will be the 1st day.


Why are you thanking me? I’m doing this for the sake of my own sickness and not for you.

You’re a strange woman to call this an honor.

Seriously, you say nothing but unusual things. You claim to have the cure to my disease and are aware of my cursed sword, and on top of that, the cure to my disease lies in filling a cup with water.

What purpose does this cup serve?

Is it merely a form of measurement? Or are you perhaps deceiving me?

What exactly do you see with those eyes?


What are you saying? There’s no way my eyes are beautiful.

You realize it too don’t you? I’ve simply murdered others the same way I did last night. Although it’s easy to blame it on my disease, the aching inside my heart and body doesn’t subside unless I kill, I have no choice but to kill.

I’ve robbed life away from countless souls and my eyes have witnessed innumerable corpses.

That’s right, they aren’t things that can be called beautiful.


What are you doing? DON’T TOUCH MY MASK!!!

You must not touch me.

It’s not like it hurts, even with my disease, my skin doesn’t particularly hurt when touched.

I hate humans. Human tepidness, encompassingness, weakness, foulness, I hate all of it, and you’re no different. No matter how far your eyes see through me, you’re a filthy human.


What? Me, touch you?

Hahaha! What are you saying, of course I don’t want to, I hate human warmth.

Just that, I’m a little curious about your blushing cheeks.


Your cheeks are soft and warm. They’re so soft that my fingers feel like they’ll melt into them. Like they’ll melt, wrap around my fingers, and combo with me.

No, what are you doing!? Don’t put my fingers into your mouth.

Stop, the inside of your mouth is even hotter.


More, your lips, your tongue…


What’s the matter with me?

I’ll leave for a bit.


What? It’s only natural for me to head out at this time.

Are you by any chance, a foreigner?

Hmph, it’s not like you being a foreigner would change anything as long as you mean no harm to me or this nation.

However, just know this, the Black Kingdom is entrenched in darkness.

The light of the sun is called wicked and no citizen would bathe in it as to not expose their true face in a place well-lit enough.

And so, this Kingdom only begins its functionings after the sunsets.


I’ll go now.

Why are you stopping me? You’ll only be frightened of the possibility of being killed at any time if you’re with me no?

You have no need for me.


Track 4: Like my Father, the King, who murdered my Beloved Mother


Here’s the water for the 2nd day.


Are you wishing for me to kill more people?

If you don’t wish for it then cure this disease even a day sooner. My symptoms have particularly worse lately, the throbbing is akin to something disgusting crawling down your skin and up your spine, and the ache feels like someone’s singing a horrid opera.

I have no choice but to kill, I have no choice but to kill, once again, I have no choice but to kill.

I’ll go insane if I don’t kill either today or tomorrow.

As my body exhausts itself, I sense that my mind will be completely consumed. The urge to kill, kill, kill, kill is struggling around inside me and trying to devour me.

The darkness is trying to engulf me.


Hey, what is it that you desire?

What do you wish for? I’ll grant anything. I’m the King of the Black Kingdom, I can grant any of your requests.

And so please, right now, PLEASE CURE THIS ILLNESS RIGHT NOW!!!!



What should I do? What should I do? What should I do about this urge inside me?


I have to rely on you, I have to rely on someone like you.

You’re merely a young girl and what can a young girl even do? That’s right, a young girl can’t do anything.

You can’t even thrust away me, a man, as I straddle over you.


Why, why did you try to curry favor with me?

You weren’t simply trying to plead for your life, right? So for what purpose were you trying to curry favor with me?

Why did you try to curry favor with the KING OF THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS?!!

Why won’t you say anything?

After what I’ve said, and committing the terrible act tearing off your clothes, why, why won’t you say anything?

How about you say SOMETHING!?


I’m doing horrible things to you, and yet…

Dammit, your body’s so soft that I’m, I’m losing my mind.

Lose yourself, and just say something to me. Say that you’ll relieve this pain and p-put me at peace.

It’s hot, the humans I despise, the body of a human-no, I want to touch this place more. Your soft bulge, your steamy genitals, and deep inside this bush…

No, don’t close your legs.


You’re wet, you’re slightly wet.

No, no, I want to touch it more. I want to churn it up and make a mess out of you, and with something even hotter…


Are you…crying?

No, you’re crying. Please don’t cry, I won’t go any further.

In what way are you, okay? I hurt you and made you shed tears, and that reality can’t be changed.

No, you’re wrong. It wasn’t an act to distract myself from my agony, I was venting it out on you, and ultimately, I made you suffer.

ーーAnd I regret it.


I’ve gone crazy precisely because it’s you, you’re SOMETHING that INFRINGES on MY ABILITY TO FUNCTION!!!

It’s no use, here I am venting my anger out on you again.

Why have I become this weak and unsightly in the face of you…?

Why are you holding me?

What are you saying? I’m not saddened by it, so please don’t hug after the horrible things I’ve done to you, it’s wrong.


That’s…impossible, you’re not capable of accepting all my pain, there’s no way you could.

Then, are you willing to die countless times to relieve me of my suffering? Can you put up with being treated absolutely heartlessly by me?

You can’t do it so don’t say it so calmly.

I don’t intend to kill you like the others. Quickly, quickly cure me so that I don’t kill you.

I never had anyone by my side, I never had anyone I cherished by my sideーーbecause I’ll end up murdering them.

I’ll kill them without any concern of my own will. Unable to bear the urge within me, I’ll end up murdering those precious to me and then they’ll only be another person I’ve killed.


After killing the number of people that I have, I probably don’t even have the right to be happy. Is continuing to suffer quietly alone, only to die my only choice?

Ah that’s right, I have you, I’m not alone.

However, you’ll be killed someday. If I ever do love you, I’ll surely end up killing you.

If I ever love you, if I ever do love you, regardless if it’s the life of the one most precious to me, I’ll end up robbing it from them, just like my father, the King, who murdered my beloved mother.


Track 5: Blood-Stained Hands


Here’s the water for the 3rd day.


What are you doing? Don’t grab onto my arm.

Ah yes, yes that’s right, I cut down someone just now. So what about it? So what about it?!! Should I have let that impulse win and killed you instead…!?

If I return to something living every day, I’ll be driven to madness from the desire to kill. Should I have DIRECTED THAT URGE ONTO YOU?!!

So what if my hands are stained with blood?

It’s impossible to wash off these blood-stained hands with water. My hands are soaked through and through with the blood of the many lives I’ve taken, you’re essentially telling me to chop off my hands.


I had no choice but to stain my hands with the blood of one more so that I don’t end up accidentally murdering you.


Track 6: Hope of Demise


Here’s the water for the 4th day.


5th day.


6th day.

I’ll come again.


7th day.


8th day.


Will the time still not arrive?

What am I supposed to do about the pain that’s attacking me? And how are you planning to even cure the illness that no one else was able to cure to begin with?

Is it not enough? Please cure me of my disease first thing tomorrow.


That’s…was that the cause of my illness all along?

Then this disease isn’t hereditary nor part of our physical constitution, it’s a curse that stems from possessing the cursed sword?

Not only that, the disease progresses further the more I use it.

Then, then, what if I relinquished this sword? Isn’t that simple?


What, what are you saying? The disease has already embedded itself in me….?

No, I can, no matter how hard my illness has progressed, I’m capable of letting go of this sword.

I, Iーー


Please squeeze my hand tighter.

I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die. I’ll get this disease cured, be freed from my suffering and live a proper life.

I want to bathe in the sunlight they call wicked and expose my face, my real face.

I want to…have a taste of happiness.


Track 7: Light


Here’s water for the 9th day.


What’s with that odd expression? What’s wrong with visiting you during the day? Isn’t that the norm in foreign countries?

Come, follow me to my room.


I’ll show my true face to you alone, I’ll show you the repulsive face of mine that’s been encroached upon by illness.

In the light of day, I shall expose it to you.

Why…are you shedding tears? Is my face that frightening? That unsightly? Is my true nature that grotesque?

Then, then you’re pitying me, you’re feeling sorry for me.


Yes, it was indeed painful, so painful that I wanted to pierce through this body and heart.

Do you realize that? Do you understand that?

Tighter, even tighter.

Hold me tightly. More, more tightly.


Why are you apologizing? What are you sayin-


No, no, wait, you’re a survivor of the Colorless? Is that…is that true? Are you really of the Colorless that I massacred?

Then did you come here for the sake of taking revenge on me?


So you researched my disease for that purpose and appeared in front of me with a curse etched into your body.

You prepared, you prepared, you prepared for this.


If you’re simply planning to kill me then you should’ve just had me swallow some powerful drug in the end after all the trouble you’ve gone through by taking advantage of the fact that I trusted you to cure my disease.

And yet, why won’t you do it? Why did you purposefully prepare A CURSE to KILL ME?!!

No, that’s unbelievable, there’s no way I could believe that.

That’s right, that’s right, if you truly say that you love me then that’s a complete betrayal towards your people and that would make you a traitor.

However, you might just be saying that to fool me, you might just be telling me that I should love you back because you love me.


You want to kill me in order to free me from my suffering? Rather than for revenge, you wish to kill me as a way of liberating me?

Heh, that’s laughable.

Don’t touch me, DON’T TOUCH ME!!!

I fully understand your side of the story, you’re a survivor of the Colorless, and for the sake of revenge, you investigated me and then proceeded to arrive here.

And I already realize that the only outcome of my illness is death and that the only way to part from the cursed sword is to die together with you via the curse stored within your body.


What kind of unfortunate chain of events is this supposed to be?

Successive generations of kings have protected this country with the cursed sword. Sacrifice is inevitable, so for the sake of the kingdom, the king shall die.

It is the price paid to protect this nation.

How is this country ever going to prosper without the cursed sword? How can a swordless king protect his people?


Do you, do you truly love me? Do you love me, a person whom you should hate?

Please hold me.

I love you, I love you, I love you so much. I love you so much that it brings pain and is on the verge of breaking my heart.

Once more, please say that you love me once more.

Please tell me that you love me with all your strength. Say that love won over hate, and that, you love me.


Track 8: Love and Death


I’ve brought the water for the 10th day.

The time we’ve agreed upon has come and your cup has been filled.

I’ve filled this cup with water…and my love.


If I swear my love for you with this heart and body, we’ll die, and the power of this cursed sword will vanish.

No, don’t touch my mask.

No, stop, no is no, my body’s at its limits!!!

Stop, don’t remove my mask. Hey-


That’s right, I never imagined that I’d become like this in the span of a single night. For my face to be completely disfigured by illness in a single night…

It’s unsightly, right?

How’s that? It’s repulsive, isn’t it? It’s frightful, isn’t it? You’re regretting that fact that you LOVED ME FOR EVEN A SINGLE MOMENT, AREN’T YOU?!!


I…love you, so please don’t say such kind words to me.

I’ll continue to falter and I’ll weaken to the point of being dependent on you, so please don’t say such kind words to me.

I love you. If I am to die together with you, if I am to be engulfed by your curse then…

More, more, please tell me that you love me many more times.

More, more, more. More.

I want to touch you more, I want to touch this soft and silky skin.


I, I’m glad you appeared.

I’m no longer alone, I’m no longer alone. I have you, and I’ll grow old with you, and this suffering will end.

While touching your hot, hot body, and to mingle with you…

I like touching you, I like touching your hot body.

Let’s bring our tongues together.


The bulge on your chest, these hard pointed ends, all of it, all of it belongs to me. Your everything, even this damp moist place belongs to me.

Inside, inside you…

I love you, please let me drown you in more pleasure.

Your precious body, out of all my life, the final and most beloved you……


Hot, it’s so hot inside your body, and when I insert my fingers inside you, it’s even more meltingly hot.

Tell me that you love me more.

Cling onto me, and swear your love to me.

More, more.

I’ll churn your insides like this so more, more, until my fingers melt, and until your body melts.

More. More. More, more, more, more.


I can’t, it’s no use, I want to enter inside you.


It feels good. It feels good.

Yes, you can, you can cry now. It’s okay for you to shed your tears as you cling onto me as we head towards our final moments.


I wonder where I’d go after I die, I guess I can’t go to the same place as you.

I’ve murdered mass amounts of people, so I can’t, I can’t go with you…

Certainly, certainly you’ll be killing me, it’s true that following this, you’ll have killed me.


In that case, the place we’ll be heading to is hell.

We’ll be burning to near death in the hellfires of hell, huh.

Just that, just that, I’m incredibly, incredibly happy right now. I have you by my side, and I’m loved by you.

With that, with just that I…

More than anything, more than anything, I’ve finally been freed. I’ve been severed from it.


I’m at my limit, I can’t, I’m dying.

If I finish inside you like this, in doing so, in doing so, this will be the end.


Thank you. My, my…

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