【Translation】 Bloody Endings Aka no Kariudo Hen Official Rendou Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: For the Sake of Living Together


Let’s rest here for tonight.

No, it’s alright, you can’t be seen clearly during the night. The situation is uncertain so we’ll continue again once day breaks.

I’m sorry. Because I don’t know where to run to, we can’t afford to return.

You’re hungry, right?


Haha, it’s a lie.

You’re so kind. Sorry for being so unreliable, I was only thinking of escaping with you that I was short-sighted.

I’ve never gone this deep into the wood but we should be able to leave if we continue down this path. Though in leaving, I don’t know if I can survive in a place beyond the forest.

However, you’re different, you’re human.

Like I promised you, you’ll definitely be able to survive alone.


Don’t make that expression, now lift your face.

It’s no use, even during a time like this, I feel the urge to embrace you. I wonder if it’s because I’ve weakened…or is it because I’m starved?

Even though you should be saving your strength-


Come on top of my coat.

It brings me a peace of mind when I’m inside you. I’m sorry, I’ll definitely protect you with my life without fail so…

Is your back okay?

I love you so much that I just can’t help myself.


It’s not cold when we do it this way, it doesn’t feel cold at all. And the anxiety from before seems almost like a lie.

Stand up and get on top of my lap, and I’ll penetrate you from below.


Truly, when we’re like this, I can forget about everything……

Forever, I want to stay like this with you forever, forever, as long as we’d like.

Why did I have to be born in that village?

But if that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have met you, I would’ve never had met a princess and nor would we have loved each other like this.

If only time could stop. I had that thought, countless, countless times, “if only time could stop.”

If that was possible right now, then…


I’m not crying.

This is strange, even though I should’ve been the gentle old brother protecting you, I’m being comforted by you like this.

Just for this one moment, let’s forget about everything, okay?

Being with you like this is everything.


Come here, let’s cum together.


Let’s remain this way for a little longer…

I feel happy when I hold you.

Sorry, I’m sorry, I should have escaped with you to some other place earlier, have you taken in by someone and thenーー

I guess so…I became weak-minded.

Mhm, we’ll surely be okay, we’ll escape because we should still have time to spare.


That’s right, planning is important for hunting. Even when cornering a single rabbit, if you don’t use precaution, it’ll escape before long.

This is no different from that, right?

We have no choice but to take countermeasures and take it day by day, isn’t that so?


The night’s cold so let’s adhere to each other like this and cover yourself with my jacket.

It’s fine, I feel warm as long as I hold you.


How about we talk about something interesting?

A fun story that we could lose our minds in. What would work?

Then how about I retell the one summer where you failed at baking cookies and burnt them instead.

That day you dozed off by the window so the cookies were completely charred. And when father and I just so happened to have returned from hunting, you were startled and went into a panic right?

You were desperately trying to destroy the evidence of your mistake but there was smoke rising up so you couldn’t hide it.

And Father’s expression changed as he became angered at the fire.


I wonder how Father’s doing…

No, it’s nothing, either way, I wanted to leave that village, I no longer wished to live under such laws. That said, you’ve lived your life thinking that he was your real father so there’s a sense of loneliness isn’t there?

You don’t have to force yourself.

But you know, don’t you think Father would understand?

He’s probably still angry, but in the end, he’ll understand and wish for our happiness.


You were indeed loved by Father, you know?

However, as long as we were in the village, we couldn’t defy those rules no matter what.


Let’s sleep for a bit.

Enough, just sleep, rest your body together with our child’s. Okay?

Good night.

A good idea should come to mind at the light of dawn.

ーーAn idea for the sake of living together.

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