【Translation】 4-Shoku no Shihai-sha to Hangyaku no Gouka vol.3 Shiro no Ou Animate Rendou Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

復讐失敗 ~白の王~

CV: Suzuki Chihiro (鈴木千尋)

Alternative Track 8: Failed Vengeance ~White King~


Tomorrow’s your execution.

Even until the bitter end, you’ve said nothing, you truly are a foolish woman.

Say, could you please say something? Please tell me that you haven’t sinned and that you aren’t a witch nor demon.

Innocence, if we can prove you’re innocent then…

That’s right, I’d free you right now. There wouldn’t be any reason to keep you captured here so I can release you immediately and you’ll become a free woman.

A free woman far separated from me.


Eh? What are you saying…? In that case, you’ve sinned? I don’t understand the meaning of that.

I don’t understand the meaning of that, I can’t understand the meaning of that at all.

Are you planning to become a sinner in order to remain by my side? Do you intend to be judged upon false accusations?

Please, please don’t say that, please don’t say something so sad.

No matter how much you love me and how much I love you, I can’t bring you happiness. As a clergyman, I can’t take on a wife, I can only love you in ways that are considered holy.

Regardless of my love for you, I’ve never once heard of a King who’d abandon the populace and escape with a woman.


You…do you plan to just die tomorrow!? Is dying like this your wish?!!

Why, why are you looking at me with such sorrowful eyes…?

Why aren’t they more tainted by a demon’s influence? Why aren’t they muddy with the unsightliness of criminals?

You, do you realize that your eyes are beautifully transparent?

They can see through me right away, and because that’s how it always is……


Why? Why must you die for loving me?

It isn’t a sin to love someone, it’s only a sin when it’s marred by lust.

Hey, wait, what did you just-

You’re a survivor of the Colorless…?

That’s, such a thing is, then does that mean you approached me for the sake of revenge? And that you pretended to commit a crime so that you can get this far in order to bring down retribution?

That’s, that’s beyond belief. For the purpose of killing, of killing me……


Don’t cry, you’ve done nothing wrong, the fault’s all on me.

It’s on me, it’s my fault having murdered all your people. To have fallen in with me whom you should hate, you truly are a foolish woman.

To desire this ending despite your efforts to kill me, you really are…

Please don’t cry.

No, stop, you mustn’t blame yourself, I’m the one at fault, you’ve done nothing wrong.


Why are you a sinner? Why must you be a sinner simply for loving me? And why did I fall in love with you like this…?


I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I still see the events of that day in my dreams.

I was still young and lacked proper judgment, I accepted what the close aides of the previous Pope and the kings of other nations had told me without question and committed a grave sin.

Despite being innocent, I was led to believe that the people of the Colorless Kingdom were traitors and that it was a dreadful nation that cursed and looked down upon our God.

I regret it every day, constantly. I see the events of that day in my dreams every night.

The nonresistance Colorless citizens were slaughtered in front of my eyes, we murdered mothers and even massacred infant children as they wailed.


Regardless of the reason, that’s unforgivable, there’s no way such deeds could be forgiven. It’s only natural that I’m haunted by nightmares, and it’s only natural that God has abandoned us.

If only you hadn’t been such a pure person and had been an actual demon……

And in doing so, I would’ve punished the handiwork of the devil and judged that grave sin.

Ah…no, I mustn’t think this way right? It’s almost as if a grave sinner like me is wishing for salvation, but such a thing would never be allowed.

The people that truly suffered are the Colorless, there’s no way some simple punishment would be enough for me. I’ve committed a sin that can’t be atone in my lifetime.


Please, please forgive me for the crime I’ve accumulated once more.

Not God, I want to be forgiven by you.

Please, please forgive me for kissing you because of the love and desire welling up in my heart.


You know, it’s okay for you to kill me.

The flames of vengeance that have been burning inside you all these years, you can vent it all on me, it’s okay to just kill me right now.

That way, both you and me will be at peace.

And so, please don’t cry like that, it’s not a sin to have fallen in love with me, the burden you carry on your tiny slender back is far too great for anyone so please throw all that onto me.

Before you break, kill me while cursing this fate.

Before you is the hated White King, the reason for you to murder me is plain as day. In your kingdom, I slaughtered fathers, mothers, siblings. I murdered them under the name of God.


Please despise me more, please hate me even more. Please hate this cruel inexperienced King that brought ruin to your country without refrain.

Why, why are you weeping so sorrowfully?

Don’t cry, please don’t cry. Please don’t love me.


Our fates can’t be entwined no matter how far we go, if so, just a little longer, please let me hold you in my arms for just a little longer.

I’ll delay your execution by one more week.

And so, during that time, please realize that long-standing desire.


……I wonder why we just had to pursue this love.

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