【Translation】 Otona no Meruhen Series 「Oyayubi-hime ~Monogusa na Kare~」


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

大人のメルヘンシリーズ 「おやゆび姫 ~ものぐさな彼~」

CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Thumb Size


Yawn, I’m so sleepy.

Oh that reminds me, I planted the seed I received from that suspicious granny yesterday. I guess I have to water it, what a pain.

Hmm? What is this? Why’s it suddenly this big in the span of a single night?

This is a bud right…?

How exactly does this work???


Eh?!! It bloomed!?

What is the meaning of this? A person? A human? Not only that, it’s a…girl?

This is strange, I’m probably still half-asleep. Okay, I’ll pretend that I never saw that and head back to sleep again.

Oh my god, it talked…!!!

Eh? Really?

I mean, regardless of how odd it is, it’s impossible for there to be a person the size of a thumb, isn’t it?


Are you actually speaking? Despite such a small body?

No, I can’t do this, I can only think of this as being bothersome. This is weird, I was told that this was a magical seed that would bring upon fortune…

But it’ll definitely be a hassle!

When it comes such a tiny human, h-how exactly am I supposed to care for it?

Doesn’t matter?



Don’t be all “Safe”, if I wasn’t there, you would’ve fallen onto the floor.

I’ve obtained something quite troublesome…


Haa…ah, the size doesn’t quite match, I’ll have to redo it.

Huh? What?

Your clothes got stuck on something? Ah, did you tear them again?

Even if it wasn’t on purpose, couldn’t you be more quiet? Just how many times do you want me to work on the same thing again?

It’s fine because I create small articles as part of my job but needlework isn’t my strong point.

If you think it’s bad then stop darting around would you?

Look, I’ll fix the part that’s torn so take off your clothes.


Eh? Isn’t that obvious? If you take it off, I won’t accidentally stab you with the needle.

Wait, are you going out of your way to change? It’s not like there would be any issues if you were to strip here and now.

Hah!? Who the hell would lust after your naked body?

No one would be interested in the tiny boobs you’ve got on your tiny body-

Woah, that was close, that was close, how many times have I told you that pencils aren’t things you should be hurdling around?!!

Oh? So you had that type of attitude.

Do you understand what position you’re in?

Like I’ve said, right now, I’m busy preparing my entry piece for this years autumn festival contest. And then for there to be more annoying tasks during that period, I don’t mind just tossing you straight out the window. That way, I’ll have lots more time to spare.

Well, either way, soon enough, you’ll be caught be by a frog again and probably be made their bride this time around.


The answer isn’t “I don’t wanna”, where’s your apology?

Where’s that “I’m sorry”?

I get it so hurry up and grab your clothes. In exchange, you mustn’t get in the way after I’m finished sewing.


Good grief, I’ve already said that I’m busy as it is. Will I be able to meet the schedule like this?

I still have to work on the fine details on the leg sections after this…

Ah, I have to run errands too. Wait, will I even have time tomorrow?


Oh, are you done changing?

Just leave it there and I’ll go through it later.

Eh? Oh, it’s an exhibit for the town’s festival. I told you earlier no? They chose the theme of convenience and you’re allowed to create anything by hand.

I, uh, can’t you tell by just looking?

My desk.

I mean, I’m still in the midst of it so I guess it can’t be helped that you can’t tell.

Like I said, the theme was convenience.

This is a desk that can be arranged into different shapes, you can change the way it’s placed and you can lower the height for when children are using it. And if you fold the legs inside and set it up by the wall, it can serve as a shelf.


Err, ah, could it be that it’s weird?

Oh is that so? Thank god that’s the case.

No, it’s fine, if someone like you were to help, I’ll never finish it in my entire lifetime.

Who’s the one who tinkered with the bed and broke it?

You don’t have to mimic me, idiot.

I get it, once the festival’s over, I’ll grant your wish and create anything you’d like. But since it’s pain, it’ll only be a single item.

Like I said, be quiet and wait like a good girl until then.


Track 2: Helper


I’m home. I’ll cook food so you should get yourself as well-


Hey, where are you? Ooiiii…

Where did she go? Don’t tell me she got dragged off somewhere again?

Hey, are you there?


Oh so there you were-

You’re dirty, why do you have so much mud on your clothes?

Don’t “Hehe” me, what’s with that? How many is it now that you’ve returned covered in mud? Do you love mud? Are you stupid?

Though with such a tiny head, I guess it can’t be helped.

Nope, you’re the one who’s cruel, the number of troublesome tasks have increased again because of you.


Haa…once you get bigger you’ll repay me? Any growth when it comes to your size hardly makes a difference compared to now you know?

Yeah, yeah, when you’re the same size as me.

Stop saying things that are only possible in dreams and quickly change.

Eh? I called out to you before I left no?

I bought tools need for work like new brushes and paints, a lithograph, and a small mount for that section.

Don’t tell me that you wanted to help with my work?

Nope, I’m fine, if you were to help out I’ll end up with even more excess work.



Since I was rather particular about the wood, I don’t want to apply too much of it.

Uh…oh, I got it.

That’s it, I think I’ve gotten a good idea.

Could you get on my hand for a bit? Now step off here.


Could you try drawing an image here?

I don’t have a brush that would fit the size of your hands so uh I want you to draw it directly with your fingers. Anything’s fine, like your favorite flower or butterfly.

I mean, anything’s fine so just draw, you wanted to help me didn’t you?

I planned not to apply any colors but I was thinking that having it on one point would be nice.

Mhm, go ahead.


Fufu, so it made you that happy.

Your face’s red. Oh, umm, take this.

No, it’s not like…

I-In that case, I, err, I will go change my clothes and prepare us food. And during that time, conjure up something that would be suitable, I’ll leave the general sense to you.

Yes, that’s right, it’s an important task. If you fail…

Haha, I’ll leave it to you then.


Track 3: Secretly


What are you doing, Miss? Could it be that you were planning to head off somewhere? Not only that, what’s with that massive baggage?

That’s strange, did you forget what I said earlier?

I told you to stop going outside because it’ll increase the amount of unnecessary work I’ll have to do.

Idiot, why would you need to secretly leave the house in order to go out for a stroll?

Enough, hurry up and pass me that luggage.

It’ll be a pain if you head out again with this on you so I’ll confiscate this luggage.

Don’t “Eeh?” me.


If I place it here you won’t be able to reach it right?

Hey, hey, hey, don’t struggle, you’ll fall from the palm of my hand.

Look, I went through the trouble of preparing it so make sure to eat it.

Hmm? Are you still sulking?

Haa…how many times is it now? You’ve been going out a lot lately, haven’t you? If there’s a place you’d like to visit, I would’ve just brought you there though.

Naturally, only when I have spare time work in my schedule.


What’s that? Something you want?

In that case, I’d go buy it for you, so what is it that you wanted?

Why can’t you say it?

I get it, then regardless of what you’re doing, make sure to stay by my side.

Bathing, sleeping, you’ll be doing everything next to me.

I feel uneasy, every time I take my eyes off you, you’d immediately disappear off somewhere and then I’m here wondering whether you got attacked by some animal again.

Earlier, you were close to becoming fodder you know?

No, like I said, don’t make me care for you any more needlessly than this. I don’t have time to deal with every last issue that comes up with you.

More importantly, I can’t calm down because of my concerns and then I’m unable to work.


No, it’s nothing.

Now then, let’s quickly eat, take a bath, and then sleep.


I made quite a lot of progress today, I wonder how far I make it tomorrow.

What is it?

Eh? Why? Do you not like the walnut bed I created for you? Or did you destroy it again?

I don’t particularly mind, I’m sorry if I crushed it.

Why are you sitting down on a place like that? Are you unable to fall asleep?

Huh? It’s funny looking at my sleeping face?

What a strange fellow.


Speaking of which, when are you going to finish that drawing? You’ve spent quite a lot of time on it, haven’t you?

Ah no, I was the one who requested it, so it’s not an issue. Plus you seem to be taking it more seriously than I initially thought.

I see, I’m glad you’re having fun.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s village festival, I’m sure the judge and town mayor will be surprised and wonder how exactly was such a tiny image drawn.


Well of course, I’ve worked hard all this time for the sake of taking first place.


Somehow, hearing your voice made me feel sleepy……


Huh? Did you do something?

It’s ticklish…

Really? You should hurry up and sleep too.

Oh, I see. Goodnight.


Track 4: Totally Fine…?


Hmm? Huh? Where did you go?

It is bad, I didn’t squash her right?

I’m sorry but where are you?

This is odd, she isn’t here. Did she head over to the kitchen before me?

Hey, if you woke up first, couldn’t you at least have given me a heads up? Otherwise, I’ll startle myself thinking that I accidentally pushing you off-

Huh? She isn’t there. Oi!


Where did she go?

Hey, where are you? Hey, come on.

Don’t tell me-

Her baggage is gone too……

After all I’ve said, for her to leave without uttering a word, why?

Her drawing’s finished? Since when did she…?


This isn’t the time to be worrying about her, the village festival is tomorrow, I ought to quickly get myself ready.

That’s right, it’s not like there’re any problems with not having her around. Rather, it’s easier without her and I don’t have to do extra unnecessary work.

I’m totally…fine.


To go that far, does this mean she wanted to get out of here?

What’s with that? …She even kissed me yesterday.


Well then, I’ll be in your care today.

Haa…even though it’s the very day of the festival, because of her, the tension just won’t leave me. Even though both me and her had looked forward to today, why did it turn like this?

Huh? Is she over there!?

Of course not, she always wanted to set out elsewhere so there’s no way she’d return to my side now.

Where did exactly she go?


Huh? That bird just now…!!!

She’s riding on its back, no way.

It has already begun? No, but, kuh, I apologize, I-I shall withdraw.


Track 5: Right Here.


I’m home!

Huh? This is strange, I saw her head towards the house so I thought she returned.

Hey, are you there?


Heh? Umm, err, who must you be?

No, I mean, our girl is smaller.

Of course I can’t tell, how did you get that big?

Give me a sec, there’re too many things for my head to wrap its mind around. A magic-wielding granny and an acquainted swallow, a method to grow bigger, what exactly is that supposed to be?

So uh, you swallowed a seed and you turned big?

Is the Granny you’re referring perhaps a short granny with a hunched back cloaked in all black?

She’s pretty cute when she laughs?


That’s someone I’ve met before. Probably.

That granny was pulling along a small wagon which broke down along the way and I happened to have passed by and fixed it.

Afterwards, they told me that they’ll reward me.

But although I called it a repair, all I did was simple work and said that wasn’t necessary.

They asked about my address because they’ll send an item as thanks next time, but it was a pain explaining where my house is.

And so a fishy magical seed that’ll bring fortune was forced onto me, but I declined, saying that I didn’t need it.

No but, once you return home, you’ll have to plant it in a pot and rear it no? And that’s annoying.


That said, they were genuinely laughing joyfully, so in the end, I accepted it. And so I attempted to cultivate it and then you popped out from the flower it grew.

What about you? Did you know about that granny?

Oh, is that so?

No, rather than finding it frustrating, the talks of forest animals and a magic-wielding granny, there’re way too many strange things about it that I probably can’t comprehend it all so it’s fine.

And in the first place, I couldn’t even believe the fact that you emerged from a flower either for a period and I was constantly thinking that I was stuck in a long long dream.

Yup, you’re right here.

Thank god you came home. Welcome back.


S-Sorry, how should I say it, I was so happy that I did it without thinking.

Ah umm, no, i-it’s kind of like hugging your own child and that the hoyden has finally returned home. There’s like this sense of relief.

That’s right, we still haven’t had dinner right? What would you like to eat?

In that case, I’ll casually cook it right now-

What? Eh? You?

Uh…did you know how?

You want to give it a try? Will things be alright?

Well I guess it’s fine, I’ll leave it to you then.


Aah, I thought I was gonna die, it was awful.

No, I’m serious, you were close to dying too. Have you mistaken cooking with experimentation or something?

You don’t have to “try to your best”, I’ll do it next time.

Your umm, could you not get rid of your habit of being intrigued by everything? Although it might be a good thing to be brimming with curiosity, in your case, there’re too many dangerous aspects that come along with it.

I want to you act more carefully but I guess it’s not a big deal.


What? Did you want me to be angry?

Oh, thanks to you my boiling point might’ve risen.

It’s a pain but it’s not like I hate it. That aside, I was thinking about what we should do about our sleeping arrangements, so uh, you can wear my pajamas for the time being but umm, the bed…….

I’m referring to you, you can’t use your walnut bed anymore right?

The only other thing is my bed, does that mean you intend to sleep in the same bed as me!?


That’s true but you umm, do you understand the meaning of that?

Of course you don’t know.

Ah no, it’s fine, I can endure everything as long as you sleep here.

But it can’t be helped right?

It’s fine to sleep on the same bed, but umm, don’t you dare touch me. You definitely can’t use me as a body pillow.

Like hell I would, why in the world would I use you as a body pillow?

Huh? H-H-Hey!

So you wanted to hug me.

Yeah, yeah, do whatever you’d like.


Heh? Oh, ah, the festival? It was today.

No, I didn’t enter the contest.

Why that is?

It’s not a big deal, there’s still next year.

Yes, I worked hard all this time for today, however, beyond that, I believed that if I missed that one chance, we’d never again meet.

And I pretty much chose this subconsciously.

This is this.

It’s not like it matters, it’s bothersome to explain.

Quiet, enough, just hurry up and sleep.


You really are…

You’ve finally settled down, now sleep as is. If you make a fuss, we’ll have a continuation of that.

I’m referring to the kiss. You gave me one while I was sleeping the other day no?

Hah!? Don’t say dumb things and go to-

Seriously, could you not do anything about your inquisitiveness​?

Jeez, if you want to do it then just do it.


Track 6: Stay by My Side


You know, when will you be satisfied?

I’m awake, there’s no way I could sleep. If I didn’t stay still I would’ve acted so I put up with it.

And yet you were all, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch earlier, and had no regards for how other people feel. Just how torturous can you be?

Umm, it sounds a bit late, but what do you think of me?

That “like” isn’t romantic love, right?


It’s more embarrassing when I hear it time and time again.

No, like I said, that type of thing is-

You…stuck in your tongue just now, didn’t you? Where exactly did you learn that type of thing?

Got it now, I’ve had enough, I won’t hold back anymore. If you like to me as well then it’s not like it matters.

Your kisses are half-baked and tepid.


You’re naive and overly horny.

Ah, it’s strange, why am I like this? Why must my heart race over you?

I thought that these clothes would be too big for you to wear but it’s surprisingly nice. Even if I don’t undo each buttons one-by-one, I can stick my hands inside both from the top and bottom.


Hmm? I’m referring to the collar.

This part’s wide so if I stretch it down close to your chest, you can clearly see them. This way, I can thrust my hand inside.

What’s with your face? It’s beet red. Plus your eyes are moist and the colors of your iris have become more vivid.

As expected, have you begun to hate it?


It’s because you’re happy?

The only time you can still afford to say that is now, I’ll make you cry soon enough.

I mean, I never imagined that I’d see you nude after you obtained a larger figure so I thought I’d get a better look.

I knew it, your chest’s still small.

It’s not like it’s mean to say, I’m just saying the truth and it’s just a mere observation. I’ll do plenty of mean things starting now so don’t worry.

I won’t wait.


You don’t have to hold back your voice.

Idiot, if you do that, it’ll only fire me up.

I’m saying that I’m rather passionate so give up.

I thought you were simply a tomboy but since when did you turn out like this? To show such a lewd expression…

Eh? It’s not weird, you’re making quite a cute face right now.

This is the first time I’ve seen this expression of yours.


Hmm? What are you all surprised for?

What’s this? Don’t tell me you thought that it’ll end with just kisses right?

I’m a bully?

I still haven’t done anything yet, but I plan to do so afterwards. Would you like to know about how I would tease you or what I would do?

If you asked beforehand, you could’ve at least mentally prepared yourself to some extent but anyhow, take a good look.

After getting it fully accustomed with my tongue and fingers like I did earlier, I’ll insert my member in here.


It’ll hurt quite a bit in the beginning it seems so don’t you think it’s best if you listen to what I say?

Oh, did that hurt? I thought it would’ve been fine though?

Is that so?

If it hurts then you can go ahead and say so, that said, who knows whether or not I’ll stop.


Hmm? Has it started to feel a little bit good?

Since you felt it that much from this spot…

I’m putting it in now but it’ll probably be okay. Even on the off-chance that it hurts, you wouldn’t be able to mind it either way.

……It means that pleasure will override the pain.


This isn’t good, it hurts, your arm’s been tensing up since earlier.

You’ll…strangle me…so…loosen up a little……

Go ahead, you’re the one who’s having it rougher. Do you want to stop now?

I’m relieved, but it’s bad, your crying expression was oddly arousing.

I know, I’ll make sure to wait until you say that it’s okay, I’ll stay still and remain like this.

Well, I was a little pissed at the start so I might’ve gotten a little too ill-tempered. It’s your first time so I wanted to be more gentle, but when I see your reaction, I find it too cute.

And so in this type of situation, don’t say too many adorable things.

If I were to start moving as a result…


No, like I said, don’t say such things at a time like this.

That’s…of course I like you, otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing things like this.

During that period, although there were differences, there was no way I could’ve chosen you.

Like I said, I like you too.



Jeez, I can’t do it, is it okay if I move?


Hey, look this way.

I wish to see more of your face because I’ve never seen this expression before.

Come on, turn this way.

Even though you can’t afford to be resisting like that…


I’m about to cum too.


Are you okay? As expected, it must’ve hurt right?

What’s the matter?

You look like you’re about to cry…


Hah…!? No, I mean, it’s your first time so there isn’t anything you could’ve done right?

In that case, your body’s okay for now?


By any chance, were you doing all sorts of things because you wanted to do something for me? Was that the reason you came?

No, umm, you were causing me so much trouble that I had never noticed. All I thought about was how I had more bothersome tasks to deal with.

Was that how it was?

If I think back on it now, that’s certainly the case.


Being stuck, buried until my work tools, nearly drowning in the kitchen sink, was that all because you wanted to help me?

Leaving the house, and thinking that being larger would make it easier to help…

Why didn’t you tell me sooner?

Things were fine, you didn’t have to concern yourself with that, I was looking forward to the end of every day as long as you were there.

No, I mean, you did cause me a lot of trouble, but well, it might be a good thing that you’re big now.

That way, I don’t have to worry about you disappearing. Plus, if you didn’t have this figure, we couldn’t have done what we just have.

Besides, I understand your feelings; the feelings of wanting to do something for the person you love.


I’m lazy to the point that I pretty much don’t want to move outside of work.

Taking care of you, dealing with your troubles, I’ve been thinking that it wasn’t all that bad lately. It was unexpectedly soothing being together with you, otherwise, I would’ve tossed you straight into the garden.

I’m joking. Besides, I no longer have any intentions of letting go of you.

I won’t let you go anywhere and I won’t allow you to run off somewhere. Please remain by my side forever.

Oh, and also, never go outside without permission.


I love you.


Secret Track


You know why I’m angry right?

I know that you’re a dumb idiot and completely hopeless so I’m willing to patch up whatever I can patch up. And that’s why when you mistaken used salt for sugar during cooking, turned my clothes inside out and made a ruckus before an important job, I could still smile and forgive you.

I’ve given up on a hundred things, however, I think this is the one thing I mustn’t overlook.

This, can you tell that this is medicine? No matter how you look at it, this isn’t candy.

You know…I’m the one who’s emotionally drained. How the hell do you swallow medicine thinking that it was candy? Are you seriously stupid?

For the sake of the stupid you, I even went out of my way to hide them in them a place you won’t figure out so that you wouldn’t swallow them by accident.

What reason do I have to hog the candy?

No ‘but’s, I’m glad that this was just stomach medicine, had it been any other medicine, it could’ve been extremely dangerous you know?


Why won’t you apologize honestly with this mouth?

It’s supposed to hurt isn’t that obvious? More importantly, there’re other lines you ought to say.

Where’s my “I’m sorry”?

What? I can’t hear.

If you say it with such a discontent expression, I don’t see that as you reflecting on it.

In what way?

I guess you need to be punished, you don’t realize just how worried I am about you do you? I’m angry because you’re precious to me.


What’s with that reaction? Don’t tell me that you think I don’t cherish you?

Aah, is that so?

I get it.

Shut up, it’s annoying.


I thought I’d make you understand just how much I treasure you.

For your information, this is love so I’ll make you understand to that point that you can’t take no more.


Huh? What could you learn from just this? It would be the same as doing nothing.

I still haven’t touched this place up top.


Could you not relax your legs? I won’t be able to lick it at this rate.

It’s not like this is your first time being licked so what are you all up in arms about?

Afraid? Of me?

Even if I am angry, regardless, I won’t bite.

Oh, but if you enjoy pain, I don’t mind doing it though.

That’s right.


Despite normally being an idiot and child-like, why are your reactions during times like these that of a grown woman?

You’re making a really nice expression right now, so nice that my heart’s starting to annoyingly race.

Your voice is extremely cute and I’m getting irritated in more sense than one.

You don’t have to know.


Are you already about to cum?

Huh? Could it be that you just came?

You know, could you not say “I’m cumming”, when you cum? You’d always remain silent and have your body tremble so I can never tell. At very least let out a large moan at that point.

It’s not particularly embarrassing, no one besides me will hear it.

And so, make sure to say it properly next time, else, I won’t stop.


Your insides are twitching, is it because you just came?

How nice, your insides are squeezing really tightly.

Did you cum again?

Huh? What? You want me to stop?


Nope, I won’t stop, because look, you still haven’t said “I’m cumming” properly yet.

You seem to be having a rough time, but it’s your fault since you just won’t say it. At this pace, I wonder how many more times could you cum?

If you refuse to say it properly, with the way things are, I’ll keep doing it repeatedly. I’ll continue staring at your face until you say it in a loud voice.

Come on, turn this way.

In that case, you’ll make sure to say it right? This time, say “I’m cumming” in a loud voice so that I’m able to hear it as well.


I’m cumming too…


I heard it in its entirety just now. Good job.

Eh? Huh?


She fainted?

Uh…I guess I went a little overboard. But well, with this, you’ll understand that you’re important to me.

Don’t make me worry too much okay?

Because of my love for you, if something were to happen, my heart will stop.


Normally I’m too embarrassed so I can’t say it but…

I love you.

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  1. Viki


    “You’re naive and OVERLY HORNY.”
    Me? Dead
    My lungs? Lost
    My wig? Flying
    Hotel? Trivago.


  2. Lucy

    Thank you for the translation!!! This guy is so cute!!! a little bit tsundere but kind of a teaser in bed❤️❤️❤️ I think this is one of my favourite cd drama from Meruhen series


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