【Translation】 4-Shoku no Shihai-sha to Hangyaku no Gouka vol.2 Aka no Ou


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第二章 赤の王

CV: Narita Ken (成田剣)

Track 1: Contact


What business do you have with me?

My meal? Then enter.


Hmm? Hey woman, I’ve never seen your face before.

Oh, despite being a newcomer, you’ve got quite the nerves to carry the food all the way to me, the king. Not only that, you’ve done so alone.

Did that bastard head chef order you to do so? That a rookie girl from who knows where is to deliver the food? Or…did you perhaps request that yourself?

I won’t let you say that you weren’t aware of just how many women have died in this room.

What’s the matter? In coming here from the kitchen, are you incapable of some idle chat after preparing the poison?

Answer me, Woman.

If you want to leave this room alive, if you have any other acceptable explanation, spit it out right here and now.


With that cute face and those slender arms that seem incapable of executing anything, if you infiltrated for the sake of assassinating me, it’s hopeless foolish, are you perhaps an idiot?

Oi, oi, someone get in here, a rat has snuck in.

The woman who’s in charge of food who delivered my meal is a female newcomer I’ve never seen before. Summon the person who gave those instructions and I shall dispose of them so that they can never again be irresponsible.

What the hell are you saying? I don’t want to hear excuses, I only cut down those who are useless so all that remain here should be serviceable.


You’re worthless. When it comes to people who wish to work in a castle, there’re mountains of them so why did you choose this?


Hmph, I don’t need a woman who’s only redeeming trait is their face.

Whether or not you’ve thoroughly investigated their background, although we’re lacking personnel, don’t you dare say that you’ve only got an unsophisticated little girl left to be a caretaker.

You chose them precisely because you’ve investigated their background…?

You fool, so you’ve realized that first.


I understand, you can all scram.

I told you to scram!!!

You, stay here, I shall examine you directly.

Now take off your clothes.


Track 2: Frisking and Serving


What are you doing? I told you to take off your clothes.

I shall be the one to examine you, if you don’t have anything to hide then you should be able to get naked immediately.

Hurry up and strip.

It makes me want to cut them down when women are slow.

What are you doing? Blouse, skirt, undergarments, remove them all. And your shoes too.

If you want to prove yourself innocent then toss everything out so that you’re wearing nothing on your body.


Hmph, you have such a meager body. Your chest’s small and your butts too firm.

How dull.

However, your skin’s awfully white. But rather than calling it white, it’s transparent.

You…where were you born?

Oh well, it doesn’t matter where you were born because it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve got murderous intentions inside of you.

Did you think that I wouldn’t have noticed?

Just how many scenes of carnage do you think I’ve ridden through? There’s no way I wouldn’t have noticed your bloodlust.

What’s the matter? Are you not going to press me to overlook it?

Are you not going to sob and beg me to spare you?


You’ve got quite the nerves to remain calm.

If so then open your mouth, let me check if you’re hiding anything in your mouth.

You, are you not frightened by how you’re naked and I’m here grabbing a tight hold on your teeth?

Then what about if I were to do this? How about when I jostle your chest to the point that it feels like it’ll get torn off?

Huh? Who told you that you could shut your mouth?

Say something while keeping your mouth open.

It hurts, it’s painful, it’s frightening, are you not going to SAY ANYTHING?!!


Open your legs and expose your genitals and show it to me.

More, spread your legs wider.

Next, you’re going to spread it open with your fingers so that I can see all the way inside. You’re going to show me everything inside your body, otherwise, I will not accept this situation.

Spread your meat folds so that I can see every last nook and cranny.

Hmph, your legs are trembling.

What? Are you afraid now? What a pathetic woman you are.


That’s enough, a mere woman like you isn’t capable of anything.

More importantly, I’m hungry.

Because of you, my meal has gone completely cold. That said, feed it to me, as you can see, I’m missing one of my arms, so I have someone to help me during mealtimes.

What are you doing? Who said you could put your clothes back on?

Don’t do something suspicious, look after me while remaining naked.


First off, pour the wine. You’ll poison test each and every last bite of food and sip of wine, only then will you serve it to me.

This arm…?

Hmph, you truly have some gut to just sit down like that, are you planning to start a conversation with me in a situation like this?


I don’t mind telling you since it is a rather old tale.

During those days, this nation was divided. It is a story from when you were still young, do you have any recollections of it?

I see, though it’s only natural that you don’t remember.

My father commanded the eldest son to split the territory equally amongst us siblings.

In the beginning, we protected the land as its respective lord, but despite that…tiny skirmishes soon become frequent. Though in the first place, it’s the fault of my old man for treating us equality in spite of our difference in strength.

Battles are thrilling, my muscles get excited at the sight of blood, though it’s dull unless you win.


In my eyes, I was the most skilled, however, what I received from my elder brother was barren dry land. No money, no army, no material to manufacture weapons either, it was designed to be a trap but…

The brother who had never taken an interest in me in the past set me up.

Hmph, the reason he was unable to stomach my presence is obvious, everything aside, I was most proficient.

The previous king split things equally in order to prevent dispute amongst us siblings though, by nature, it was a desperate measure so that I could preferably come out on top.

My father, the previous king, had always lamented over the fact that I wasn’t the eldest son but always cherished me the most.

I had to strike through the pack, of course, that’s only if I had the strength to do so.


Ultimately, despite losing one of my arms in the dispute, I beheaded all my siblings and became the King of the Red Kingdom.

I had obtained this entire nation.

I was meant to be feared from the start, I just had to go for a little detour because of some mischief.


Now then, what kind of grudge do you have against me?

More than anything, this pale…

I’ve told my story so it’s your turn to tell yours, no?

Are you a girl from the Blue Kingdom? Women from that kingdom are very meticulous with their skin so it’s beautiful, so there’s plenty of women out there with skin like yours.

What are you saying? There’s only one pasty girl like you?

Though, in having slipped into the Red Kingdom, there’s no dispute about that.



Could it be that you’re one of the colorless people?

Hahaha! To let that slip from your mouth, you’re quite ill-prepared, aren’t you? Having the colorless eradicated was something the citizen all asked for.

It’s true that us colored kingdoms decided to invade the colorless kingdom, but if they advanced elsewhere, the system would collapse. …That was the saying regarding the colorless.

However, the citizens that knew of nothing besides war…

That’s right, they looked tasty in the eyes of a blood-soaked beast.


The colorless possessed weaponry, and us kings took that occurrence to make that choice to massacre them all.

However, I never imagined that there would be survivors from the colorless kingdom. And for it to be a beautiful, gutsy woman…

This is amusing, you can go ahead and rage about in this castle.

You’re free to act for the sake of killing me, for the sake of taking revenge on me, however, everything will all end in vain.

You aren’t capable of killing me, and I won’t allow you to kill me, so it’s entirely meaningless.

But, it’ll be a slight time killer for me as well though.


Track 3: A King’s Vanity


Haha! Hahaha!

Hmm? What’s that? Haha!


Hey Woman. Woman, I’m referring to you, get over here.



I’m telling you to sit on top of my lap!!!

I’m presenting you at this party, you’re a girl that can’t be seen here after all. Isn’t that right, everyone?

Look at this girl’s face.

She’s in charge of food, but I think it’s a waste to use such a woman for just food. And the outline of her body is particularly beautiful.

I ought to show this place, don’t I?

If I expose your breasts like this…

Don’t hide them, Woman. I’m putting your beautiful breasts on display so there’s no need to conceal them.


Well, whatcha all think?

She may be a kitchen maid, but she’s a fair unmarried woman.

She’s a feast for the eyes, ain’t she? Anyone who wants to have sex with her, come speak to me, there will be room for discussion.

Oh, that’s right, if anyone comes out wanting to have sex with you, it’ll a bit difficult since they’ve only been shown your face and breasts…

Remove everything like you did last night.


What’s the matter? Are you embarrassed? Is it vexing?

If so, hmph, I don’t mind being killed at any time but, do you want your identity to be revealed right here and now and conversely be murdered by those guys?

Your choice.



For you to follow my orders so obediently to that extent, how boring.

I feel dampened today. Woman, you can step down, you’ve served your purpose. I’m telling you to scam.

Haa, what am I doing…

Everyone, we’ll continue on with the feast!!!


Track 4: Irritation


State your business.

If it’s my meal, just leave it right there.

Enough, I told you to leave it there.


If it’s food, I don’t need it.

I said, I don’t need it!!!


Track 5: Now’s the Time


Who is it…!?

So it’s you, you bastard.

Because of what I’ve done, I mustn’t show signs of injury, because, in this state, it wouldn’t be strange if I were killed.

When that time comes, do I regret allowing you to live within the castle?

Hmph, a wound of this size isn’t something you should be concerned over, it’s but a scratch.


That said, if you came to kill me at the ideal opportunity then now’s certainly the time, I’m unable to move my body the way I want.

How are you gonna kill me? How are you gonna kill me with those skinny arms?

Those arms of yours are truly pale and slender, you can’t even twist a baby’s neck with those.

In that case, are you planning to use seduction to kill me? You can go ahead and wet your lips with poison once again and kill me with a kiss.

That’s right, apply some poison and halt my breath. Try stopping my heart with those bewitching lips stained with scarlet of yours.

The beautiful scarlet that blooms upon your fair skin drives me to touch them.


Despite telling you to poison them, you just won’t listen to my orders during times like these.


Track 6: The King’s Recovery is the Girl’s Misery


Hey Woman, why are you looking as though you’ve seen a ghost?

I’m fully on my feet but…

Is my wound healed? How funny, I told you that it was a mere scratch, no?

That said, since you weren’t willing to even apply poison onto an open wound, it healed completely. And so, what are you complaining about?


What’s with that face? You’re making a face as if you would’ve preferred that I never recovered.

I’ll be leaving for now, but come to my room tonight.

I’ll make you regret showing me that expression.


Track 7: Evening Talk with a Hated Individual




You’re quite brazen, were you preparing for what’s about to happen?

Take off your clothes and come this way.

You’re a shameless woman who’s able to get naked anywhere. Oh I get it, are all colorless women like that?

What’s the matter? If that frustrates you, go ahead and refute me.

Not as if your words would have the slightest effect on me though.


To start stripping without uttering a single word, you’re a rather stubborn woman.

Good, I’ll have you cry out today.


The way you circle around me… You’re like an irritating rat. And yet, you’re blessed with a beautiful face and body and snuck into my inner quarters.

How does it feel? How does it feel to have crawled up right next to me?

However, right now, you have no choice to overlap your body with me whom you hate. In the face of my power, you have no choice but to go along with it.

You aren’t thinking that I’d get absorbed in it, right? Because that’s impossible.

You’re the one who’ll lose yourself and become unable to think, because right now, I’ll mess you up.


Spread your legs, spread your legs so that I can ram it inside you.

What’s this? It’s tight as though you were a virgin, the hair’s fine and your flesh’s light.

What’s the matter? Does it hurt?

If it hurts then just say it hurts. That said, did you think I’d be gentle? I have no duty to be gentle with a rat that has entered into my midst.

However, you’ve gotten a little wet.

Does this spot feel good? It became moist after I stroked this place.

You’re reacting genuinely like a virgin……


If it hurts when I shove my fingers then as long as I stimulate this swollen part, you’ll get wet.

If it’s you, you could’ve easily woo-ed a man so why did you head here? Even if you weren’t a colorless survivor, you would’ve enticed any country you washed up upon.

Let out your voice, by moaning, more will spill out in due course.


I’ll insert my finger again.

Not yet, I haven’t even inserted two yet.

Third one…

Dammit, if it hurts then just cry so stop clinging onto me.

Why are you apologizing? In what way are you okay?

That’s enough, I’m no longer in the mood today, Imma sleep.


What are you doing? Come lay beside me.

Of course it’s fine, do you not realize that I’m ordering you to do so?

It’s not a bad feeling to sleep the night embracing a woman who might just kill me.

I’ve drawn on way too much hatred, either way, there will never be a night where I can sleep soundly with peace of mind. In which case, it’s far better to fall asleep holding onto a beautiful girl.

Your body’s thin and small and hopelessly unreliable.

Do you hate me? You must resent me right?

Tell me just how much you hate me. Just how much do you hate me?


So you won’t answer me……

I’ve been placed into a thankless role since long ago, it’s been like that since I was born obviously.

Even without doing a thing, I was hated and despised by all my old brothers.

In the end, even my father feared and hated me.

I have no one but enemies, the only one I can trust is myself. Therefore, for that reason, you’re an enemy too.


It feels really comfortable to hold your body.

I’ll just relax and sleep, if I get killed as a result of that, personally, I don’t find it too bad of an end.

This way, I’ll end up carelessly forgetting my fixation on living……


Track 8: Love and Death


Hey, Woman, where are you?!!

You’re still in the kitchen? I’m summoning you so hurry up and come.

Let’s go.

Annoying, shut up until we reach my room.


I’ve decided on your future. I shall execute you.

Although I was almost moved by you, I’m this nation’s King, as such, I must remain to govern the Red Kingdom. It’s forgivable for my life to be snatched by the likes of you.

It’s useless to cling onto me now, I won’t allow it even if you cry.

What? You love me?

Hmph, what would you love me? Power? Influence? Or are you pleading for your life?

What kind of joke are you playing at?

It’s true that the furious passion that the citizens of red possess doesn’t exist within the colorless but I think that’s just lust and entirely different from love.

If you truly love me then you’d wish to be immediately killed, it is a privilege to die for the prosperity of my country.


Are you truly saying that you love me? And that’s why you want to have sex just one time before you die?

Come, I’ll fuck you mindless.


You seriously…it’s almost as if you were born to die.

A figure unafraid of death is conversely frightening to me.

Why did you offer your body and opened your heart up to me? Did you not appear in front of me for the sake of vengeance?

Why? Why do you stir up my heart?

Colorless skin that can be dyed any color and a colorless heart……


Strike any nails and crush any threats.

In being able to take on any color, the Colorless Kingdom had to be destroyed. And despite everything, you alone had survived.


You’re wet, so wet that my finger can enter immediately.

What’s wrong? I made sure to stroke this place that you love so let out more of your voice.

I can’t tell if all you do is squeeze down on my fingers, please let me hear more of your moans.

That’s right, more, let me hear more of your voice.

Right now, I’ll insert something even better so that you’d cry.

I’m putting in.


Tight. Please relax.

If it’s painful, cling onto me like you’ve done before.

I told you to loosen up, it’s hard to move.

Yes, your insides have gotten soft and it’s painfully hot. It’s overflowing so readily like you’re melting.

When I move inside you, it feels as if it’ll suck everything out of me, like it’ll take everything from me.


What? Curse? What’s that supposed to mean?

Shut up, silence, bring out your tongue.

I’ll pour it inside your as-is. And then, from there, from there I’ll kill you.


What are you saying?

Why must I die together with you? What’s this curse? Well?

It’s a curse that brings upon death if you join your body with someone whom you love?

You can save the jokes for later, afterwards…


What…is this? Don’t tell me that that curse was real?

Haha, if so, why are you smiling? Why did Iーーend up falling in love with you too?


I lovーー

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