【Translation】 Shinai naru Thanatos vol.2 Shinshoku Animate Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Boundary Line​ between Worlds


It’s warm. Say, would you be willing to take a bath together tomorrow?


Like I’ve said before, each and every one of these wounds are proof of my love. Worry not, you’re far, far more beautiful than you were previously.

But regardless of whether you’ve become beautiful, I no longer have interest in anyone besides you, I have no need for anything else.

Speaking of which, is the pain in this area gone now?

Thank god, your personality reverted back to being calmer too.


You never know unless you try it, I’ve never really used an ice pick before so-

Haa…who is it?

Oh, it’s from my father. Sorry, I’ll have to head out for a bit.

I’ll be back before long.


That subject again? I told you did I not? Though I’m on break, I should’ve already informed you that I will be working from home for the time being.

You’ve never done anything befitting of a parent up until now so at the very least, you’ll go along with your son’s selfishness this time, right?

Even with her involved, I promised you that I’d handle it properly, didn’t I?

Yes. Yes.

Ah is that so? Understood, proceed as is.

Until next time.


I apologize, I’ve kept you waiting, haven’t I?

You get anxious if we get separated for even an instant, don’t you?

I’m the same, the thought of you disappearing off somewhere makes me want to confine you again.

I know, you’ve given me both your body and soul.

Since you’re a sympathetic good girl, I had faith that if I just took that time, you’d come to understand. And so, is today okay as well?

Thank you.


Are you still not accustomed to it yet?

You truly are kind, you’ve accepted everything about me…you’re a unique existence.

For your legs to be fidgeting around, is something the matter?

Sorry, I thought that needy expression looked cute and unintentionally teased you about it.


What a wonderful sound, you’re already drenched. Since when did you become a girl who gets turned on from being bitten?

So it’s my fault, isn’t it?

No way, I love it, rather, I’m too fond of your devotion.

Even after I’ve embraced you time and time again, I still haven’t held you enough times.


Come on, touch it. You can tell that I’m already this aroused right?

Say, could you please touch it like that?

You’ve gotten good at it, it feels good. Of course, I loved it when you were clumsy but it’s also really cute when you’re honest towards your desires.


That’s enough…

Let’s do it while holding onto each other today.

Come here.

Look, the two of us are joined. My member is in your place here, see?

Are you still not used to it yet?


Come on, look this way.

Show me a cuter expression

Hey, open your eyes.

Yes, just like that.


Were you surprised? Every last part of your body is delicious you know?


Let’s hold hands.

Squeeze it.

Why? You’re not losing your mind, you’re simply losing a tiny bit of your reason. Stop worrying about trivial things and live amidst desire.

That’s what you’ve promised me, right?

Huh? You’ve already forgotten?

How troubling.


You’re close to cumming, aren’t you?

I’m aware of everything about you.

I’m about to cum too, let’s cum together.


So what would you like to do tomorrow?

That’s right, you’re on break tomorrow too. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, you can continue to rest forever.

I’ll be the one doing the shopping. If there’s anything you want, please tell me, I can head outside to buy it or I can purchase it online.

I told you this the other day did I not? A good girl like you mustn’t go out into the world because the outside world filled with wrong

Yes, that insane lot will surely attempt to tear you from me.

I wonder why though.


Oh, they might be envious of how we love each other so deeply.

Well, that’s what I think, their hearts must certainly be lacking. You see, I was one of those types of human beings in the past.

M-m, that said, you’ve changed me, you’ve taught me the splendidness of love. Loving another person was the first time I felt alive.

To not know of love, they truly are such pitiful people.

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  1. Deltata

    Well, yeah, lobotomy patients usually become more passive and obedient after the treatment (of course there are the side effects, but I’m talking more personality-wise) this ending is also supposed to be Banri’s success in brainwashing the heroine so


    1. Criy

      The comment was in reference to reverting to how she was in the past.
      Passiveness and seemly obedient behavior is one part, but they also kinda lose most of their personality too lol
      That said, her anixety from him leaving is a bit unusual.
      But this is a drama CD so no need to think so deeply over the details xDD


      1. Deltata

        Lul I guess but it’s fun to think about it and yeah like I said this is supposed to be Banri’s success in brainwash so she is completely attached to him…. Compared to being eaten that is a “better ending” ( ̄~ ̄;)


      2. Criy

        What I find funny though is that the original description for the animate tokuten ended up best describing the stellaworth tokuten instead, while the original stellaworth better described animate (minus the letter opener, but it’s the one that had mentioned his desperate attempts to brainwash her)

        Honestly kind of confused me when I first listened but does open up room for speculation in regards to what they originally intended LMAO


  2. Nia Valeria

    Just to be clear because I’m so in denial lol……… Does the heroine in this series are victim of both yandere and cannabalism? My nope vibe is going strong lmao how do you get used to translate these kind of scenarios and I’m literally your age 😂


    1. Criy

      While it is a yandere series, only the 2nd vol. features cannabalism.
      In terms of how I can translate these things, I kinda lack any form of strong visceral reaction in general so I don’t get bothered when these types of scenarios pop up in CDs (;・∀・)


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