【Translation】 Shinai naru Thanatos vol.2 Shinshoku Stellaworth Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Boundary Line​ of Sentiments


Hey, why won’t you understand!?

Why did you try to escape? There’s no need for you to do such things in order to test me…!!!

How did you end up like this? Did I make a mistake somewhere?

I don’t understand, I don’t understand…

You know, this is odd, you were that concerned about me, right? You said that you’d accept me, right???

I’m wrong?

I knew it, this method was no use, this normal form of love isn’t sufficient enough to satisfy you right? In all honesty, I’m the same so it’s not unreasonable for you to be angry.

I’m sorry, I’ll give you plenty of love this time.


I really loved your kisses…

Your eyes wet with tears, this flawless fair skin, your soft breasts, I craved all of you. I constantly wanted to wound you, bite down on you, but I have always suppressed that desire.

But I guess I was wrong to do so, because of my self-control, I wasn’t able to satisfy you, and it became the cause for everything.


That said, for your place here to be this wet, you indeed desire me and love me.

I’m so happy.

I want to slurp up everything without leaving a single drop behind… Because all of this, all of this belongs to me.


You came, didn’t you? It’s twitching so much right now.

Do you want ‘it’ already?

I want to hurry up and shove it inside you too.


Are you alright?

Your insides are twisting. Look, I’ll ram up against the deep spots that you love plenty okay?

It feels good right?

Hehe, if I strike this place like this, you become unable to contain your voice.

I can tell.


When I view you from this angle, your back is filled with my bite marks, isn’t it?

It’s beautiful!!! It is undeniable the proof of our love.

I’ll leave some more today, okay?


Your hands are shaking. If I overlap our bodies like this, would that bring you some peace of mind?

Don’t worry, we’ve already done this countless times haven’t we? So relax more and let’s feel good together.


Are you trying to stir me up with those moans?

Cute, I ought to etch these ears into my memories.

It’s dripping down onto the sheets. What a beautiful red, you can see it too, right?

It’s so delicious, I’ll taste you thoroughly after this. I’m so happy, I’ve been waiting for this day all this time.


I’m about to cum!


Don’t you think it’s fine to at least smile in the end?


What’s the matter? Oh, are you thirsty?

What would you like to drink? I’ll bring it over-

What kind of farce is this? Is this the first time you’ve ever stabbed a person? You can’t kill someone with a letter opener like this you know?

To think your illness progressed this far…

It was hard, wasn’t it? It was painful, wasn’t it?

Everything will be okay, I’ll cure you. And once your illness is cured, let’s make up, okay?


I can tell that you’re seriously delighted about this.

The days where we cooked here together were nostalgic. Oh, but, I guess I don’t have time to be all nostalgic.

The day you first came over to this kitchen to cook meals for me, the beef stew I ate that day was more delicious than anything I’ve ever had.

Certainly, the sizes of the chopped carrots were a complete mess and they probably weren’t thoroughly cooked so there were parts that were a bit hard. Plus it would’ve been faster if I had cooked it myself and it would’ve been done far better.

In spite of that, it was truly delicious. More likely than not, I’ll never be able to replicate that taste even if I spent my entire life attempting to do so.


If you asked me what my favorite food was right now, I’d answer with your home-cooking.

I may failed to conveyed this to you, though… I wonder why I was never able to get the words out of my mouth?

Hmm…but I guess that doesn’t matter now.

Mmm, what a wonderful smell and the taste is perfect. What a relief.

With this, we’ll be able to make up, right?


Okay, it’s done.

ーーTime to dig in.

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