【Translation】 4-Shoku no Shihai-sha to Hangyaku no Gouka vol.1 Ao no Ou


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第一章 青の王

CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部敦)

Track 1: Contact


Stop the carriage.


Girl over there, why do you not fear me?

There’s no way you aren’t aware that I’m the Blue King and of the reason why I came to survey the towns today.

Whether you’re glaring at me or have your eyes fixated on me, it’s amusing.

This month’s girl will be her.


Girl, you’ll be coming over to my side.

Why did you have such an intense gaze? And yet despite that, why are your eyes pointed downwards now that you’re beside me?

Look at me.


These beautiful eyes that appear to suck you in, I wonder where exactly they were made…


Start the carriage, we’re returning to the castle.


Track 2: King’s True Motives


I recognize that you’re one of the remaining survivors of the colorless people that we annihilated.

And in knowing that, I invited you in.

Knowing that the flames of revenge burn brightly inside you, it’s precisely because I’m aware, and precisely because I witnessed those emotions well up in your eyes that I ushered you inside my castle.



Such a thing exists inside no one, what does exist inside the body is the heart (organ). There’s no way I’d believe in a thing that has no physical form and there’s no need to do so, much less of the love that you speak of.

It is something the foolish fabricated, it is nothing more than an illusion.

Now open your eyes to that fact. And now close your eyes, because I’ll be making you into a pitiful mannequin as well.


Track 3: Service and Eternal Life


You haven’t spoken a single word on the way to the castle. However, it wasn’t due to fear so I have no idea what you’re thinking or what you’re feeling.

I really love the frightening expression on the faces of those girls who are still young you see. And yet…

Don’t tell me that you intend to say that your mouth can’t speak?

Is that so? If your ears can clearly hear me then if your mouth can speak then speak, I wish to hear exactly what kind of sound would spill out of those cute lips of yours.


Oh well, considering what you’ll become, your voice isn’t of great importance.

Starting now, just like those in this room’s collection, you’ll also be made into a mannequin whilst you’re still alive. And so, the need for your voice will vanish soon enough.

Once you become a mannequin, you can’t utter a sound nor move nor close your eyes, you’ll become unable to do anything.

However, in exchange, as a mannequin, you’ll obtain what is equivalent to an eternal life.

You won’t age and remain forever young and beautiful. You’ll obtain a perfect body, you know?


I love only beautiful things, I only love this beautiful flesh.

And that’s why, the voice, the “heart” that’s held inside, they’re all unnecessary. The flesh that makes up your form, hereafter, I’ll love it the same way I do the girls in my collection here.


Now then, in this room, are the mannequins of the girls I requested from the villages each month. And in the neighboring room, the collection is adorned with the mannequins of the colorless people whom we annihilated.

Do you know of the colorless people?

There’s no way you aren’t aware right? After all, you’re…

What’s wrong? Your face looks rather pale.

If you’re shocked, if you’re frightened, feel free to scream and attempt an escape like the other girls have until now. Because you see, I love it when people are in that state.

I love that look of them clinging onto me while sobbing and throwing around words of flattery.


I see. This is the first time I’ve met such an uncute girl, then without delay, we’ll prep you into a mannequin.



Take off your clothes.

You’ll strip away your clothing and cleanse your body in that hot bath. Unless your body is pure, you can’t be made into a mannequin.

Hurry up.


Now that you’ve removed your clothing, purify every nook and cranny of your body in the bath that’s been prepared.

Wash more cleanly.

More, more, more.

Okay, now wipe your body with this.


The color of your skin is strange.

Come here.

All the girls I’ve seen until now were more fair and pathological. In the frozen Blue Kingdom of ice where the warm sun does not shine, everyone here maintains almost an unhealthy paleness.

It is an odd skin tone that would appear to blend slightly with you.

When I slide my finger across it, there’s an unusual sensation as though it’s trying to suck me in. It is fine skin that lacks even the tiniest hairs.

It seems like you’re different from the other girls in every way imaginable.

That intense gaze, this body…

Not bad.


Eh? Touching me one day was like a dream?

To think the first time you’ve allowed me to hear your voice, you’d be saying those types of words. Despite everyone fearing me, you really are a strange girl aren’t you?

Go ahead, touch me as many times and however you wish. Go ahead and touch me the way you dreamed and the way you imagined every day.


For a girl of tender age to pull out my thing like that, what exactly do you plan to do with it? You don’t know how to make use of it either, right?

Has it become routine to service the penis of the men by shoving it inside your mouth down at the village lately?

Where did you learn to swallow it up so completely and to suck on it?

This isn’t some flattery to make me overlook you, right?

Then you really, truly did want to touch me?


You’re extremely good, to the point that it’d be regrettable to make you into a mannequin.

I can’t, I’m going to cum.


Don’t you think you should let go of it now? After being serviced by me, I ejaculated plenty inside your mouth you know?

This is what you wanted, no?

In spite of me telling you several times earlier to get clean just a moment ago, your mouth is dirtied again so you’ll be cleansing your mouth and hands once more.

This is an order, you have no right to refuse, now hurry up and get clean.


Yes, be a good girl. That way, I won’t do anything painful.


Track 4: Ice and Wax


Hmm? Is it cold?

I suppose so, I’m sure it’d be cold when you’re naked since it is a frozen country of ice. However, rest assured, starting now you’ll be resting inside this melted wax and it’ll warm your whole body.

And in doing so, your skin will become incredibly beautiful. It’ll be soft and shine with luster.

That said, the heat of the wax might make your skin bloom with red flowers.


What are you trying to escape from?

I thought I told you that if you followed precisely what I say then I wouldn’t do anything painful.

Oh, that said, it might be a bit hot though.

It’s so warm that it might just feel good but depending on the person, it might just be extremely hot.

Now then, I wonder which you’d fall under.


Is it warm? Is it hot?

It must feel really really nice to be inside the melted wax, right?

Come on, take your hand off my clothes. The bath of melt wax feels extremely good, doesn’t it?

Good girl.

Now, please cleanse your body more.

That’s right.


Hmm? So how is it? Is it hot? Is it warm?

If all you do is stare at me with such moist eyes then I can’t tell which it is. You really are an untalkative one.

You truly are hatefully untalkative, almost as if, there’s nothing that you can’t let slip from your mouth.

What’s the matter? Is there reason to make such a grim face?

Right now, you simply need to allow yourself to be carried away by the heat of this wax.


Apply the wax onto your thin clavicles and neck, let it melt onto your small bosom, and transfer the heat deep inside the tiny bush below too.

All the girls captured here go through this, you know?

The Blue Kingdom is a cold frozen country of ice so everyone was grateful for this warmth.

You should show more gratitude towards me; for choosing you and for bringing you into the castle. You should think of it as an honor to be turned into a mannequin using my power.

Becoming a mannequin is happiness.


I have no faith in anyone’s “heart” and I trust no human. In other words, I believe in nothing you say either.

However, if you become a mannequin, I can trust you unconditionally.

Unlike the other foolish humans, you can’t backstab me and utilize me for your own selfish desire. After all, a mannequin can never betray me.

……I no longer desire anything besides those that are unable to betray me.

Regardless of what happens, without my patronage, you’re unable to exist. You’d have no “heart” nor sense of justice as I have no desire for such things.

And based on what I’ve said, I wish to bury this country one day.


It’s hot isn’t it? Your breathing is looking labored.

You can stand up now, it’s enough.

Aah…it’s beautiful. Your nude body that’s covered in white wax is incredibly, incredibly beautiful.

As the white wax quickly hardens, your body’s embossed in obscenity.

Don’t move! You mustn’t move, you’ll break the wax that has finally adhered onto you, just stay in that spot for the time being.


It’s about time I peel off that wax.

Look, the solid wax plastering your skin that’s designed to make it beautiful is gradually being peeled off.

I told you that you mustn’t move, did I not?

Oh, is it ticklish?

At a distance where I may or may not touch, are the tips of my fingers as I peel off the wax from you ticklish?

That’s splendid, and also, your skin’s silky and flushed red.

I wonder what this means……


What’s the matter? Is it more ticklish when I touch you? Or did you end up being turned on by it?

In that case, I’ll make firm contact with your skin as I tear the wax off. The nape of your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your hands, your chest…

Hmm? More? Do you want me to touch you more?

Where do you want me to touch more of?

Is it here?


Track 5: Purity and Defilement


For a girl that’s about to be turned into a mannequin, your genitals shouldn’t be wet like this don’t you think?

While making a face as though you’ve never known disgrace, this place is already hot as if its known by countless men and dripping nectar.

Look, even if I shove my fingers inside this drenched place, you breathe out in ecstasy without the slightest complaint of pain.

ーーYou aren’t a virgin, are you?


Is this good?

With such a young face, does it really feel that good when I churn up your insides like this?

Your insides are wrapping around my fingers…

It’s hot.


What are you doing!? Who said you were allowed to touch my penis again?!!


Stop, if you stroke it like that…


That hurts, because of you I fell over. I’m now on the floor-

Haha! Just how brazen are you? Did you come here wanting this? Yearning for me to insert it inside your body?


It’s hot, it’s tight, and it feels like it’s trying to suck me up when you move. And when I rub against your insides, it feels like it’ll wring everything from me.

At this rate, I don’t think I can last for much longer…

Don’t move so fast, don’t m-move. My mind, I’ll lose my mind, I feel like I’m about to lose my mind when you like that.

No, stop, stop moving.

I, why do I, towards someone like you, towards a mere girl…


No, no, no, no, no, just stop it already!!!

It ends now, I won’t release you for doing this. There’s no way I’d allow myself to be moved by you.


Track 6: Marionette


It’s a blanket.

Although it colds down considerably at night, since you’re to be turned into a mannequin, you no longer have the need for clothes. Moreover, I will not grant you anything to eat so put up with the cold and hunger.

Also, the purification you went through today will be repeated every day starting tomorrow.

And that’s the end of it.


Track 7: Trifling with Pleasure and the King’s Terror


That’s enough. Day after day, you’d blow me with that tiny mouth, is it really, is it really that delicious?

Is my penis, my semen, always tasty to you?

Time and time and time again, you’d stare at my lower regions like that. In which case, you should just bite it off then.


You don’t have to lick me anymore so show me your face.

Look, your lips are all sticky with saliva. …You truly are filthy.

The colorless people would ultimately clip away at your character and I knew you were a colorless survivor since the very start.

And in knowing that, I choose you.

And yet the delightful tragic revenge plot that I had imagined as you become immediately angered never quite happened. You’re so obedient towards me to the point that you’re overly submissive.

Aah…this truly is boring.


Say, just when exactly do you plan to exact revenge on me?

You despise me, don’t you? You hold extreme hatred towards me who massacred all your countrymen no?

Come on, hurry up and kill me.

Wrap your hands around my neck like this and strangle it hard.

Go on, go ahead and choke me.

Do it.


Oh? You’re saying some rather interesting things. The revenge tragedy​ has already begun you say?

Fufu, hahaha!

Merely cleansing day after day after day after day after day and servicing my penis afterwards, is this what you call your revenge?

If so, how lame of an outcome that is for you to embark this far just to do this.


Hmph, those eyes.

That’s right, that gaze shone brightly like it was the sole thing it glistened amidst that village, I thought of it as profoundly beautiful.

I thought of those intense, deeply transparent eyes that lacked hesitation as beautiful.

That said, I know, I’m aware that you’re here keeping an eye out for an opportunity to strike for revenge.

So now, for that reason, go ahead and kill me.

Try murdering me in a manner that would delight me.


Track 8: Love and Death


How strange, there’s no way I’d be murdered by someone like you but once I get pierced by those eyes, I sense that I’d be successfully killed.

Your gaze is truly so strong that it’d rip out my heart, and it’s dangerous.


When you’re kissed by a man you despise, you should just shake them off immediately and murder them.

The person you hate from the bottom of your heart is, look, right in front of your eyes.

The artery of the one you detest is here, and their heart is here pulsing.


Right now, are your eyes welling up from pleasure or overwhelming vengeance? Time and time again you would present this body to me defenselessly.


What are you doing!?

That’s enough, I told you that’s enough.

Let go of me.


Come on, come on, look at my face.

Look at me with those strong eyes that perplexed me and then kill me. That’s why you’re here right? You’re here for the sake of killing me right?

Hey, I’m right, right? That’s it right?


Putting it in own your accords like that-

Why are you overlapping our bodies? Why……?

Your insides are really hot. Your warmth is coiling around and I feel like I’m about to melt, and there’s a pain akin to pins and needles as you try to wring everything out of me.


Why? Why are you crying? Why are you crying as you desperately jump up and down on top of me?

Don’t cry, don’t waver.

Your eyes are beautiful precisely because they are strong and firm.

Please don’t cry, please don’t make me lose my mind more than you already have.


Hey, why are you crying?

Why are you hugging me, a person whom you hate?

If this is a tactic to drive me mad with bewilderment then you truly are an awful strategist.

It’s an illusion, even though it should’ve been an illusion…my heart hurts. Even though it should’ve been impossible, my “heart” aches.


Hey, you know that love’s a fantasy too, right?

Such an unstoppable feeling towards anyone is just a fabrication brought on by lust. You must think so too, right?


You’re moving again…

Please don’t cry.

It makes me sad as well so please tell me why. The “heart” that shouldn’t have existed will weep.

It hurts, almost as if my penis is about to be torn apart.

Your insides, your insides, are painful.


Eh…? What? What are you saying?

Such, such strange things……

You’re cursed? So if you entwine your body with a man who loves you then you’ll both die? …And that the two of you will be sent to hell?

That’s, that’s, impossible, that’s impossible. Is that why you continued to seduce me?!!


You’re too rough…

Stop, if that’s the case, end it right now.

Please no, if you move like that I’ll go crazy. Your body feels too good that I’ll lose my mind.


Aah…that’s right, that’s right, I must undoubtedly love you.

I was drawn in by those foreign eyes that I’ve never once seen before and despite shielding my heart till the end, I must’ve surely fallen in love with you.

Is there no longer an escape? No, I have no intention to-


If so, let’s descend to hell together. To hell as is.

If I can die amidst this pleasure together with you then…

That once again is the karma that goes around in this world. The dreadful nature of the colorless people, as expected, the fear towards the colorless kingdom was deserved.


Deeper, all the way deep inside your body, if this is the end then let’s lose our minds, let’s lose our minds amidst the pleasure.

Let me make a big mess of this sloppy, hot place of yours.

You love my cum, don’t you?

You too, you love me too, don’t you?


Look, you don’t have to cry.

Here, there exists a “heart” here, isn’t there? The “heart” that everyone speaks of is right here, isn’t it?

It’s odd, it’s odd, was I wrong?

Was I wrong to have abandoned such a huge “heart”?


It feels good. Your insides feel so good that my consciousness is…floating, farther and farther away.

In our final moments, I wish I could’ve heard your name.

Also, my apology for my sins committed against youーー

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    1. Criy

      She did do it for revenge (she was one of 4 girls who were sent out to kill each one of the 4 kings) but there’s an alternative ending where the revenge plot fails because she wasn’t able to go through with it.


  1. luxicity

    What wait omg that last part kinda made me cry a bit 😢 It looked like he was finally regretting in the end. hlhe wasn’t even able to know her name or tell her “i love you”. It’s so sad. 😢


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