【Translation】 Kimi e no Koi no Shikake Kata ~Enokida Masaru~ Stellaworth Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Reward


I’m home.

Hmm? No, how should I say it, the reality of you rushing to greet me in an apron makes me grin.

Huh? Oh, this smell…

Could this be Salisbury steak?


Squeeze. You prepared it and waited for me knowing that I loved Salisbury steak, didn’t you? …This makes all my effort at work worth it.

Thank you for your hard work too.

And once again, I love you.


Just a little more.

Were you eating sweets while you were cooking?

I knew it, there was a sweet taste to you.

Thank you for the meal.


Okay! I’ll go wash my hands and change my clothes.

Now then, let’s go eat our delicious meal.


Okay, here you go, it’s some rosehip tea following our meal.

Is it tasty?

I’m glad, I bought it earlier thinking that you might enjoy it.

What are you saying? In addition to me being the host that was in charge of you, I’m in love with you. It’s only natural for me to remember your tastes.

Could it be that your ex-boyfriend was a guy who didn’t care to remember…?

I see.


Hah!? He’s left you in the dust during a date? And not only that, he never bothered to contact you…?

That man is utter trash, that ain’t normal you know?

It isn’t something that I who had only recently obtained a day job should be saying but that’s unbelievable for a working member of society.

No, you’ve done nothing wrong, please don’t think that you’re the one with faults.

I can’t forgive him for hurting the one person I cherish.


It’s true that, since it happened before we met, it wasn’t a problem that I could’ve done anything about but I’d never do such a thing. Or rather, I’m not capable of doing such things to you whom I treasure.

If you become unable to trust men because of your ex-boyfriend then I do try my best to make it so that you can trust them again.

I won’t disappear so rest assured and allow yourself to love me.

I was attracted to your strength, but even when you have a moment of weakness, you’re cute all the same. I have reasons to love you and never any reason to dislike you, and it makes me wish that I could fawn on you more.


Yes, please let yourself be pampered, I want to repay you for always spoiling me.


Is once enough?

That’s a relief because I wanted to continue. It’s soothing when I kiss you like this and I love it.

As always, you’d stir me up immediately.


Simply by nibbling on your ears a little, you’d shut your eyes tightly.

I really love that expression you see, it’s really fun to tease you when you’re trying to endure the pleasure.

But it irritates me when I think about how that piece of shit has seen this face.


Have you noticed? I’m jealous.

That ex-boyfriend should just vanish from your mind already…

You’ve started panting a little, haven’t you?

Oh, that’s right, please reward me for working hard this week. I want to pamper you lots, I want to see you spoiled by me. And so, please don’t think about pleasuring me today because I know that you’d always tease me in order to hide your embarrassment.

Not “I’ve been exposed.”

Please fully realize that even if you don’t focus on me, you’re still deeply loved by me regardless so let’s head over to the bed.


The tips of your breasts are already erect.

I’ll caress this other breast with my hands okay? It’s nice when I tease them both no?

If I trace my tongue around it like this…I’d hear a cute voice.

Are you embarrassed simply by having this done to you?

Then try your best to endure it.


You’re weak to having it stroked with a little more strength, aren’t you?

Hmm? What is it? You’ve had enough of your breasts?

In that case…


You’re wetter than usual. Did you get turned on from the sense of embarrassment?

Your face is beet red.

Nope, don’t cover it, I want you to show me your expression.

It’s lewd the way your eyes are teary.

Does it feel good?

That manner of speaking is way too cute, I wish to hear more of that voice.


I guess so, I want to shove it inside already too.

Please spread your legs a little wider.

I’m putting it in then.


A hug?

Of course that’s fine, let’s continue whilst grabbing onto each other.

Your insides are wrapping really tightly around me and it feels good.


Your good spot is here, right?

I remember it because every time I grind up against it your voice would immediately become sweeter. I wonder what’ll happen if I only focus on this place.

Then please let your mind turn to mush.

Look at only me, have thoughts of only me, and feel only me.


Are you already about to cum?

Me too, so let’s climax together.

Cumming, I’m cumming.


Was it not hard on your body? Having sex where you’re having things done to you is not too bad every so often, right?

Have you clearly understood that you’re loved by me?

Ah, it’s always been conveyed to you?

Yes! I can sense that I’m loved every single day.


What is it…?

Wait a sec, I definitely want to be the one to say, “Please marry me.”


E-err, despite planning it so that it’d leave various memories, I ended up saying it in the heat of the moment.

Mhm, I’ll propose to you again another time so please tell me your reply then.

I love you.

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