【Translation】 Kimi e no Koi no Shikake Kata ~Enokida Masaru~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

君への恋の仕掛け方 ~榎田将~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Host Club


Sorry to keep you waiting, my princess.

Just kidding.

You finally came. Since Miss is the one who’d request me every round, I’ve been waiting all day for you.

Now, now, let’s drink away happily today.



Eh? Lately?

Hmm, lately, lately……

Oh, I’ve had some business. You see, I’ve been receiving messages from 2 guests who had come for their very first time.

Huh? Why are you looking so down? …I worked hard to get here though.

Ugh, right where it hurts.

I did want to turn that down but…I’m always told to work hard on my trade.

Did you research that on the internet?

How diligent of you.

Yes, I know. “Strive to become a top-selling host,” I shall carve that into my chest.


No, I was thinking that we’d always have this conversation at the start, Miss.

Oh but I enjoy it though.

That said, since this is a host club after all, I’d like to hear what you have to say. From my perspective, being able to work normally during the day is unknown territory to me.

No matter what you talk about, it’ll be interesting. Prob!

Eh? Me?

During the day I…

It’s a secret.

Look, look, the conversation’s about me again. So how’s it been recently? Does it seem like you’ll be able to get a new boyfriend?


Haha, that’s right. I’m a host at a host club so of course I’d ask that.

Much like me…? Is that a compliment?

Yes, I’ve been praised!!!

I wish for you to have a wonderful love life, because when we first met, you said that you just had your heart broken, didn’t you?

It’s already been a year since then.

After picking up the wallet that had all that I own, I invited you out for a meal as a show of gratitude. And then we’d get in touch every now and then, didn’t we?

As we got closer, I thought “This is a really great person!”

I brought out my courage and told you, “I’ll treat you the first time so please come see the shop this one time.”

You were surprised, weren’t you? …That someone like me is working as a host.

Dear God, thank you for allowing me to meet this Miss!


Eh? That’s cruel…

Though I mean, if you had declined that day, then you probably wouldn’t be frequenting the host club like you are now.

Rather, if you hadn’t just experienced a heartbreak then you would’ve never visited the shop, right?

I knew it!!! In other words, we’re fated, aren’t we?

You became my client and you’re using your utmost effort to think of ways to make me popular.

I’m really glad that the one who picked up my wallet was you.


Oh, I got it! How about we go on a date next time?

That’s not it, I’m referring to a normal ordinary date. Also, you don’t have to think of it as me accompanying you to the restaurant.

Is that a no?

I get it, I’ll use that time for business with other girls.

I’m happy that you visit me regularly but once you get a boyfriend, we won’t be seeing each other again, right?

I know right~

Although I’m delighted to see you, I don’t want you to force yourself to do so. Whether it be timewise, financial wise, or any other sense.


I’ve been brushed off again with just a ‘Yeah, yeah.’ Despite being genuinely concerned about her, is me being a host the reason I can’t convey that to her at all?

I don’t wish for her to push herself at work, and I don’t want her to force herself to laugh whenever she remembers her ex-boyfriend.

Even if I try to communicate that to her now, it’d probably fly right past her like before. And even if I attempt to tell her that I loved her now, surely, she’d think of it as being part of my job.

When I invited her out of a date, she thought of it as me merely offering to accompany her. And I had been asked to accompany the girls who play around in front of the store before it opens tomorrow.

Haa…what should I do to make her think of me as special?


Track 2: Masaru’s Trade


That hat really suits you! It’s so cute that I’d profess you to be an angel.

No, no, I’m forcing myself at all, that’s what I really think. I’m always sort of like this aren’t I?

Yup yup, I’m that type of guy.

Huh? Miss?

M-m, it’s nothing. Err, umm, I just thought there was a person who resembled one of my relatives.

Mhm, so let’s head that way.


Hello, it’s me, Masaru.

I knew it, the person I saw during the day was you. I’ll go ahead and say this but I wasn’t cheating, it was entirely business.

Eh? Yes, you can tell by just looking I guess.

Accompanying that girl?

Yes, I did! It’s my first time accompanying anyone so I was really happy, not only that, the girl’s rich and a kind and gentle girl, and she ordered loads of bottles. I’m absolutely terrible at talking but she said that was fine.

Yes, it went well.

Oh, but, as expected, I have more fun talking with you.

Umm…can we go someplace for dinner next time? I’ll treat you.


I’ll tell you beforehand, I’m not during this as part of my job and I’m not merely offering to accompany you; it’ll be during one of my days off.

You aren’t believing me…it truly, truly isn’t business-related.

I think our relationship is a little bit different from your average host and customer. And we didn’t first meet at the shop either.

To me, you aren’t simply a client, you’re a more precious existence……

Aah!!! What am I saying??? In any case, I want to have dinner with you, please.


I did it…!!!

I’ll message you the time and date later then. Good night.


Track 3: Dinner Date


Hey, hey, Miss, what’s your name?

Huh? I got ignored.

Are you returning home from work right now? Or are you waiting for someone?

You’re waiting for some host, aren’t you?


You finally looked at me. I tried my hardest to call out to you, so don’t you think it’s a bit cruel to ignore me?

Uh, it’s my first time trying to hit on someone so it can’t be helped that I’m terrible at it. It really can’t be helped…

Eh? What’s the matter? Is there something on my face?

My face looks better than usual…?

It’s been a really long time since I last had a day off so I hadn’t had any hair or makeup done. …Is this more to your preference?

Miss, you like my face don’t you? Please go ahead and stare at it all you want.

Just kidding.

Now then, let’s go. As a general thanks, I’ll treat you to some delicious dinner.


Oh, it’s here. It’s this place.

If I remembered correctly, you loved barbequed meat, don’t you?

Hmm? I’m treating you so there’s no need to worry about the price.

Come on, let go inside.


Is the meat tasty? Please go ahead and eat however much you’d like.

When you happily say that it’s delicious, it makes me happy as well.

Ahem, umm…there’s something I’d like to report to you. You see, my number of clients has increased!!!

Thank you!

Because I only ever get requested the first time, the number of people I’m responsible for has never really grown.

I was pitied by you, I mean, umm…I received a lot of advice from you.

This is the result of me desperately working on my trade.


Yup yup, the girl you saw on the date became one of my clients.


Of course she’s in touch with me. See?

Oh, you have no interest in the contents. ……Damn, she’s not getting jealous over it at all.

Yes, I’ll continue working hard like I have now!!! Look, this meat has been grilled nicely so please help yourself.


Ugh, at a timing like this…

Err, umm, it seems like it was from the customer I was talking about just now.

Reply? I’ll do that later.

No, right now I don’t wanna.

It’ll be fine even if I don’t respond immediately, it’s not a phone call. This time is meant for you Miss so I can’t allow myself to be distracted by other girls.

Even if you’re fine with it, I refuse.

Please hurry up and recognize that you’re the only one whom I give preferential treatment to.


Could you please take what I’m about to say seriously?

I’m in love with you and this is sincere.

Why are you so surprised? Although I’m a host, I’m still a normal man, of course I can fall in love with a girl.

Each time you’d visit the shop, you’d ask me what I did during the day, no? And why I don’t use it to focus on my trade.

Day time is reserved for day shifts. During the day, I’m studying so that I can eventually work a day job.

It’s embarrassing but I failed with my job hunting and ended up becoming a host.

No one except the shop I’m working at now was willing to take me in.


I was an idiot during my school days, but in spite of me not having the brightest head on my shoulders, I thought that I should still find proper employment.

And that’s why, once I’ve found a set daytime job and return to being a regular guy, please go out with me.

You don’t have to give me a reply now, I’m satisfied with just you knowing how I feel about you.


As expected, I wound up troubling her. Despite brushing it off as a joke, she did indeed acknowledge it. Since she’s a kind person, I’m sure she’ll give it some earnest thought and give me a response then.

If she turns me down, I’ll give up. I wonder if that’ll happen?


Track 4: Visiting the Host Club the First Time in a Long Time


Since then, the days without any contact from her continued. And so, I began to regret my confession. But one day…


It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

This is the first time we’ve seen each other ever since we went out to eat some barbequed meat the other day, isn’t it?

I really wanted to see you. I was quite lonely when you didn’t respond to my messages you know?

You were busy with work…?

That’s what it was? I see. I was super anxious about being hated after saying that you see.

So it was just work, thank god. Thank you for all your hard work.

You enjoy this wine right? Here you go.


Hmm? I think I’m the same as usual though…? Could it be the effect of my confession the other day?

Are you becoming conscious of me?

How should I say it, it’s refreshing for you to be this restless. It makes you seem more helpless than usual and makes me want to protect you.

Despite coming countless times, you’re like a girl who’s visiting for the very first time.

Oh, I got it! How about we pretend that it’s the first time?


Ahem, eh, what do you normally do at work?

Oh? That seems pretty draining.

If you don’t have a lot of money, you don’t need to order any expensive wine or liquor okay? After all, rather than overdoing yourself and having to not meet every once in a while, I’d be happier to see you more often.

Just kidding, how’s that? Have I gotten better at talking?

Eh? Request?

Yes, I’ll head there immediately.


I’m sorry, it seems like one of the girls I’m in charge of came. To make up for that, can we meet after I’m done at the shop?

I’m inviting you out after hours. Does it not seem host-like?

Wait, before you refuse, please listen to what I have to say.

To tell you the truth, she’s really urging me to spend after-hours with her so I’m a little troubled, and that’s why I was hoping you would help me out. Please.

I knew I could rely on you. I love you.

In that case, I’ll head over and speak with that girl. I’ll be right back, okay?

And while you’re waiting, please think of a place you’d like to go after I’m finished at the shop.


Track 5: First After Hours


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Somehow after saying that I had after-hours after, I felt so much more lively, and since this is my first after-hours, I’m super excited.

This is the first time!

Because I’ve decided to only ever spend my after-hours with you, I was troubled over being asked out someday.

Hehe, let’s go then.


Speaking of which, have you considered what I said the other day? Oh, it’s probably better if I ask that again another time, isn’t it?

Where would you like to go? Would you like to grab something to eat?

Ah, sorry for the abruptness, let’s go over to a hotel.

I really want to visit a hotel, I can’t resist it any longer! ……Please play along with me, that girl is following behind us.

Come on, let’s go.


I’m sorry for dragging you here. I never imagined we’d be tailed.

Oh, uh, what should we do? Should we stay the night here?

I’ll use the corner of the room and you can use the rest of the space however you like. Since we went through all this trouble, take a nice bath in the large tub and feel free to spread eagle and sleep on the large bed.

Shall I give you a massage? You said that you’ve been busy with work lately haven’t you?

I’m pretty good at it you know? During times where I seriously had no money, I would massage my seniors, and in exchange, they’d treat me to a meal.

You don’t have to be so modest……

Could it be that you don’t want to because being touched by me would make your heart pound? Am I right?


Then why haven’t you been making eye contact with me since earlier?

Please look at me properly.

Since I know that you’ve got a liking to my face, I’m making practical use of it. I’d like to fall in love with me.

You were the first person to have cheered me on so kindly. When I think about how you’d praise me, I worked hard on a trade that I’m poor at.

But in recognizing that, rather than being loved by a group of girl, I wished to be loved by you alone.

If it’s me, I won’t fool around with you like the man who dumped you.


I have something to report to you right now.

I have found a day job.

Yes, I’ll stop working at the shop in the near future. And you know the reason why I’m reporting this to you, right?

Is it okay if I heard your reply to my confession?


Eh? Are you serious!? Are you fine with not thinking it over more?

I-Is that so? So you pondered about it a lot ever since I confessed to you.

I’m super happy!!!

Is it okay if I hug you?

When I hold you like this, you’re pretty small. You’re put together and dignified so I had a bigger image of you.


Hmm? What is it?

Did you believe that me being kind to you and telling you that I loved you was all part of business?

So that was the case. Since at the end of the day I’m a host, it can’t be helped that you think that I’d say the same things to everyone.

But I never realized that you were worried about whether it was genuine or an act, and since I’m not too bright, it’s probably impossible for me. So from now on, please make sure to tell me okay?

You’re my girlfriend starting today so don’t refrain.


It makes me happy when you squeeze me.

Umm, I really want to embrace you right now but…it that no go?

Since we came here due to an emergency, there’s hardly any mood to it is there? Aah, had this been the suite of a first-class hotel then it’d work a lot better-

Yes, I’ll cherish you.


Hmm? Huh? W-what is it?

Shower…? But you can take one later, can’t you? I don’t mind it at all, you know?

A girl’s feelings are complex, aren’t they?

I understand, then, how about we take a shower together?


Track 6: The Night We Became Lovers



Hmm? Would a more mature kiss be better?

That’s not it?

We’ll take the shower, but before that, I’d like to have a more mature kiss.


Your jacket’s in the way. You don’t have to worry about my coat, I’ll be sending it in for clean later either way.

Could you remove my necktie?

My heart’s really racing at the situation of you untying my necktie.

It doesn’t make me happy when you call me cute…I want you to say that I’m cool.


I’ll undo the buttons on your shirt so please undo the buttons on mine. Let’s take each other’s clothes off.

Are you nervous? The tips of your fingers are trembling a little.

I’m nervous you see. And so, let’s kiss each other lots so we can distract ourselves from it.


Is it hard to undo the buttons while we’re kissing?

It’s okay to take your time with it you know? And while you’re at it, we’ll be kissing the whole time.


Oh, they’ve all been undone.

I was just wanted to continue kissing for a bit longer that’s all-

We’ve done it countless times, I really can’t win against you.

Hmm? You’ve called me cute again.

Hey, w-wait, not my chest or neck just yet.

Where would be good…? Like maybe my e-ears?


It’s unfair for you to lick that place.

If you’re that aggressive, I’ll lose my composure. I want to pleasure you today so let’s switch positions.


I’m sorry that your clothes got wet because of me so how about we take off these wet clothes? …Along with your bra.

Say, are you trying to tease me?

Come on, move your hands out of the way.

You’re suddenly embarrassed…?

What’s with that? You’re good at seducing me, aren’t you? You clearly know what to do to make a man enamored with you.

If you barely resist, everything will unravel.


Do the kisses feel good?

Your eyes are teary and they look beautiful.

And the tips are already this erect but I won’t touch this place just yet. I’ll tease you because I want to be desired by you.

If I stroke around your nipples like this, do you not feel impatient?

This is payback for provoking me earlier.

You’re starting to pant a little, aren’t you?


Hmm? What is it?

I’m submissive to you so I’ll listen to any request as long as it’s from you. If there’re places you want touched, please tell me, and I’ll touch them all.

Where do you want me to touch?

The tips?

I simply wanted to hear those words, that’s all.

I’ll touch it lots okay?


Are you slightly afraid?

It’ll be fine, please entrust your body to me.

Rather than the tips of my fingers, I wonder if I’d be able to stroke it more gently with this?

Oh, what a cute voice.

Hmm? If you start at me so intently, I’ll get a little nervous.


I guess so, I should shift over to this place soon.

It’s unfair for you to look away because you’re feeling shy. Being able to take a good look at the expression I’ve never seen until now makes me really happy.

Now, how about we remove your bottoms?


This place is soaked, it’s gotten this moist from me touching you. See?

I’ll gently caress this tiny little puffed up bit here, okay?

When I hear the sound of you in pleasure, I get really stirred up. Like before, is it not scary for me to touch this place?

Then, is it okay if I rub it with a bit more strength?

The way you tremble each time I touch you makes me really happy.


It’s overflowing from inside you again.

Are you about to cum? Because it looks like you’re having a hard time standing up straight.

I’ll support you but you’re feeling uneasy, please hold onto that part of the tub.

I’ll stroke it a little more intensely, okay?


You were extremely cute when you came.

What is it?

When I see that appearance of yours of course ‘that’ would end up this way.

E-eh? With your mouth???

But this is the first time we’re doing it…

Let’s stop with that for today. M-m, that’s no way I’d be against it, rather, those feelings make me super happy.

If you’re alright with it, let’s leave that till next time, okay?


To tell you the truth, I’m already close to my limit, if I get licked by you now, I’ll end up cumming right away……

Since this is the first time we’re doing it, I’d like to cum while inside you properly.

In exchange, could you please take off my pants and underwear?

Please don’t stare at it so intently.

Come on, turn away and grab onto the bathtub again.


I’m putting it in, okay?


Your insides feel really good, it’s warm and it feels like you’re wrapping around me. I had always yearned to be like this with you.

You clenched down on purpose just now, didn’t you?

Messing around with me?

Jeez, you’re quite composed aren’t you? You really are sly, just below are all my key points.


Please turn this way, I want to see your face as you drown in pleasure.


I’m about to cum.

I’m cumming!


I’m so sorry, I got some onto your legs. I’ll go and wash it off for you immediately.

W-why are you crying?

Don’t tell me that you actually hated it……

Eh? Happiness? Does that mean you’re shedding tears of joy?

If you say something like that, I’ll end up wanting to do it a second time you know? My inhibition is sort of at its limit so let’s head over to the bed.


I’m sorry, I don’t think I can be gentle. Are you fine with me not being gentle?

You’re really soft on me, aren’t you?

I’ll be putting it in then.


Are you already about to cum?

I’m already…


Cumming, I’m cumming!!!


Are you okay!?

Uh, truthfully, I lost half my reason so I pushed you too hard didn’t I?

Me too. It felt really good.


Umm…do you like me?


Eh? You were actually jealous when you heard that my number of clienteles had increased?

You should’ve said that earlier.

Oh, I see, you wanted to root for me as my customer but a part of you felt a little iffy about it.

How should I say it, that sounds super adorable. I never knew that you had that side to you, and now, I’ve grown to love you even more.


Please get jealous over me even more hereafter, or rather, I want you to get jealous over me.

Because isn’t nice that it makes you feel loved?

That said, I don’t wish to trouble you though……

Oh, I got it! Although this is just a suggestion, could you please manage my wallet from now on since my sense of money is probably messed up?

Just kidding, I guess that’s a no go.


Yes, someone has requested for me to accompany them.

Are you sure about that?


I’m really looking forward to this new life. I plan to use all my might to earn enough money so that one day, it’ll be fine even if you’re not working, and I’ll work my hardest at my day job.

And so, please be at my side supporting me.


Track 7: A Champagne Call Offered to You


Good evening my dear princess, thank you for arriving as promised.

I’m not that popular so we aren’t hosting a grand event for my last day. Although you cheered me on a lot, I’m sorry that I was never that prominent at the end of the day.

Haha, that is true.

Since it’s my final night, everyone came and gave me a chance to get a taste of what it’s like to be in demand.


Hmm? What is it? Would you like to request a new wine?

Sure, what would you like to order?

Eh? Dom Pérignon…!?

You don’t have to order such an expensive wine, at any rate, I’m not capable of doing a champagne call.


You’ve set your mind on having Dom Pérignon during the final night with me?

You’ve spent such a huge amount of money for me…? You were a customer who greatly treasured ‘Shou’ weren’t you?

So that I’d sell well, you treated me more warmly than anyone and that truly made me happy.

Both ‘Shou’ and Masaru, neither of them would exist without you.

I loved the times where we’d have drinks at the shop. And once today’s over, I’ll belong to you alone.


Well then, I’ll prepare the Dom Pérignon.


I shall help myself to the Dom Pérignon!!!

The first and final champagne call of my host life, I shall offer it to you whom I love.

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  1. luxicity

    Omg it’s not yandereeeee!!! I love it!!! Finally hahaha. I don’t have a copy of this so I don’t know how he sounds like. But I really like it when Makino does normal roles like this. 😭 I need to buy my own copy…

    Thanks for translating!! ❤️


    1. Criy

      Yeah… hehe… It’s been almost 2 years since he last did normal regular vanilla.
      Anyhow, I think you’ll enjoy the actual cd because he sounded cute in it \(^▽^)/


    1. Criy

      You’re welcome.
      Though as a fan, I’d much prefer he gets a variety of roles rather being stuck in one just from a general career prospective. (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)


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