【Translation】 Kanojo ga Kouryaku Dekimasen!


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: Always a Warm Welcome


Would you like a drink of water? I’ll bring it over to you right now so take a rest and wait for me.


Okay, here you go.

It’s going to spill, let me wipe it up for you. How about we do something pleasurable until you sober up?


Bitter? I wonder if it’s because I smoke cigarettes? 

What I’m doing? …’That’ obviously.

It’s hard keeping your clothes on, isn’t it? I’ll take them off for you.

Come on, stop, I won’t be able to take them off that way you know?


What beautiful skin, it’s so silky.

Nope, keep it down, I’ll make you feel good right now.

You don’t have to pretend that you hate it, you’re actually turned on, aren’t you?

Hmm? Even if you lie, I’ll find out before long because all I need to do is ask your body. Look, you’re already this wet-

Eh? Huh? You’re not…wet? Could it be that you’re frigid?



“You baldie”? But I’m not bald though…? I’m not balding, right???

Wait, wait, are you angry?

I’m sorry, please don’t go-


No, no, please think nothing of it, I warmly welcome any requests from you.

Mhm, by all means, let’s go grab something to eat again together.

Well then, I’ll talk to you later.


Based on this pace, I should be able to leave soon. Good, good.

Now then, let me go have a smoke for the time being.

Oh, thank you for your hard work. No, it’s fine, I was just planning to take a short break from it.

No, no, I’ll finish it later so don’t worry.

That aside, the manner you have at hand is more important. So what’s the matter? If it’s an invitation to go out drinking afterwards, I gladly welcome it.

Is that so? That’s a shame.

Ah no, it’s fine, it’s my bad for mentioning it. And so, what exactly is the issue?


A part you don’t understand? So which part is it?

I’ll head over there, let’s discuss it once I have looked at your screen. And by the way, do you have anything planned for today?

In that case, if you’d like, afterwards you and I can-

I see, then I’ll invite you another time. Since you always reject me, it makes me sad.

I haven’t made advances on other girls, just you.

It’s not a joke though. You’re quite the difficult one, aren’t you?


In any case, which is the part that you don’t understand?

Let me take a look.

Oh, this? It’s easy once you’ve committed it to memory.

Pull up last year’s data, and then do this. That’s right, and as long as you press this after…

There, it’s done. See? It’s simple, right?


Oh, not at all, I was captivated in the same sense as to how you’d react to finding a small animal cute. They can’t hold a candle to your face though.

I’m not saying this as flattery.

And so, are there any other parts that you don’t understand?

Hmm? Which?

Mhm, how you should deal with it now, how about you try it for yourself?


Yup. Don’t worry, you’re doing it right.

Were you that anxious?

Is that so? I don’t mind you asking me.

M-m, rather, I’m happier if you ask me because teaching you is also practice for myself.

You’re welcome. If you ever get a junior, please teach it to them that way.

No, hmm, I think everything else is alright.

That’s a relief.


Huh? Oh, thank you.

I don’t often buy chocolate for myself so it’s been a long time since I’ve last had any.

M-m, I don’t dislike them. How about you? Do you enjoy sweets?

I see. It’s cute how you’re girly.

Well then, I’ll take my leave here, thank you for the chocolates.


Here, have this. It seemed like you were working hard so I brought you some snacks, though it’s partially because I was buying one for myself.

It’s best to have something sweet when you’re tired after all.

I didn’t know what you like, so I bought all sorts of things. Oh, if it’s too much, go ahead and share it with everyone.

I’m glad, don’t stuff yourself with too many, okay?

But even so, there’s quite the mountain of documents, is it going to take a long time to finish?

I’ll help out with the remaining work so could you go out for drinks with me afterwards? I was thinking that it’d be nice to have a nice meal every so often.

Oh of course, or rather, I’ve been wanting to have a drink with you that’s why I’m happy.


Ah no, I was planning for it to be just the two of us, or is that a no go? There aren’t that many fans of me, and no one will mind us drinking together so it’ll be fine.

That again? I’m not saying it as flattery, you know?

Well then, I’ll see you late,r okay?


Oh hello, I’d like to make a reservation, do you happen to have any openings?

I see, then, please.

Err, let’s see, I’ll just reserve the seats for now.

Yes, thank you very much. I’m looking forward to it.


Track 2: You’re Not…Wet?


It’s a bit noisy but the food here is delicious.

Are you okay over there? Is the seat not too tight?

That’s a relief.

Hmm? Oh, that is true, a girl wouldn’t often come to these types of establishments.

I see. In any case, let’s request some drinks. What would you like?

Here, here’s the menu.


Eh? You’re going to have a soft drink?

Oh sorry, was alcohol off-limits? I should’ve asked, shouldn’t I?

So that’s what it was, it’s cute how you don’t have much alcohol tolerance. This here, how about a cassis cocktail? Have you ever tried it?

If you take a sip of it and it’s too much for you, I’ll drink it instead so it’ll be fine.

Mhm, let’s go with that.

Excuse me, I’d like to order one Cassis and Orange.



Aah…I knew it, the beer after a long day of work is delicious.

So how is it? Would you be able to drink it?

M-m, that’s a good thing.

Hmm? Is something the matter?

Unexpected…? Me?

Hahaha! Was that the image I had? That’s not how I am at all so go ahead and order whatever you like.



Hmm, it’s bitter, but I guess that’s what makes it good tasting. But to tell you the truth, I wasn’t able to drink much at all at the start.

Yup yup, but as the number of times I drank increased, I got accustomed to it.

Mhm, my body probably became tolerant over time. Conversely, I feel like I become weaker to it the longer I go without drinking.

That’s right, you might just develop a high tolerance.


Oh, we forgot to order food.

What should we have, hmm……

Hmm? Okay, a salad.

Is there anything that you can’t eat? How about a side of eggplants?

That’s a relief. Also, the karaage here is delicious, you see. Let’s order some of that, alright?

Ah excuse me, I’d like to order today’s salad, a side of eggplants, and some karaage, please.


How’s work been for you lately?

Aah…that is true. Since technical knowledge is required, it’ll still be a bit difficult until you get used to it. If there’s something you don’t understand, please go ahead and ask me like you did today.

Mhm, of course.

It would’ve been better if you confided in me earlier though…

Ah no, it’s my fault for not noticing despite it being one of my duties as your senior. I’m sorry.

From now on, consult me immediately instead of burdening yourself with everything. Because you’re a hardworking girl, you’d just shoulder it.


Oh, the food’s arrived.

Thank you very much.

I’m glad, go ahead and eat lots and drink lots.


A little more.

There we go, are you okay? You seem pretty drunk, your jacket will get crumpled, so why don’t you take it off?

You can’t remove it yourself? …Then I’ll take it off for you.

Okay, done.

I think it’s best if you lie down.

Would you like a drink of water? I’ll bring it over to you right now so take a rest and wait for me.


Okay, here you go.

It’s going to spill, let me wipe it up for you. How about we do something pleasurable until you sober up?


Bitter? I wonder if it’s because I smoke cigarettes?

What I’m doing? …’That’ obviously.

It’s hard keeping your clothes on, isn’t it? I’ll take them off for you.

Come on, stop, I won’t be able to take them off that way, you know?


What beautiful skin, it’s so silky.

Nope, keep it down, I’ll make you feel good right now.

You don’t have to pretend that you hate it, you’re actually turned on, aren’t you?

Hmm? Even if you lie, I’ll find out before long because all I need to do is ask your body. Look, you’re already this wet-

Eh? Huh? You’re not…wet? Could it be that you’re frigid?



“You baldie”? But I’m not bald though…? I’m not balding, right???

Wait, wait, are you angry?

I’m sorry, please don’t go-

Eh!? I reek of cigarettes? I see. So that’s what it was……

Umm, w-w-wait a second, are you leaving? Wait, I’m sorry so saying something so horrible, I’ll try my best to make you feel good this time around.

Eh? Wait, hey, hey, w-wait!!!


Track 3: Enough with Calling Me Unfair


Oh, err, good morning.

Ahem, about the other day, uh…

Do you have a hangover? I drank a little too much so I was wondering whether you’re alright. Ahaha…


Yes. Yes, I suppose so, I shall proceed in that manner and I’ll leave the continuation of that to you.


You almost gave me a heart attack, you should’ve given me a heads-up that you were there.

W-what is it…?

Oh, it’s been processed. Thank you.

On that note-eh? Ah, w-wait!!!  ……That’s way too frank about it


It’s me but-


At least listen to what a person has to say!!!

Even if you don’t point it out, I know, I was the one who called you after all. Because if I didn’t do this, you wouldn’t speak with me would you? But I wish to talk.

Even if you have nothing to say, I do so please listen.


For your information, you’re the first people I’ve ever personally invited out, the other girls would approach me without me uttering a word.


You hung up on me…again!!!

If you keep doing this, I’ll seriously get irritated.

It’s nothing, in any case, I wish to speak with you for a moment. I’ll be waiting for you by the entrance, and if you don’t come, I’ll go retrieve you instead.

Well then, that’s all I have to say.


Thank you for your hard work, I was certain that you went ahead and ran away though. Is it overtime?

Do you hear me?

To ignore discussions regarding business matters, is that what a working member of society should be doing?

Enough with calling me unfair, I’m happy that you’re finally listening to what I have to say. So, are you working overtime?

Trouble…? What kind?

The goods delivered were defective? Did you contact the subcontractor?


Ah starting tomorrow morning, that’s pretty sudden. Is it perhaps the guy who had been rejected by the section manager?

I knew it.

There’s no need for you to deal with this, I’ll go speak with them instead. If you do this alone, at this rate, you’ll never be able to head home.

……Not to the point where you’d be willing to be with me.

I guess I’m hated, but I guess it’s only natural.

After having done what I did, you might not believe me but I’ll never do anything you hate again.


That’s quite the level of suspicion……

So where’s the other data?

Wow, it’s wrong. Urgh, and here too. To get it this wrong is a talent in its own way.

Eh? Fix it? Now?

It’s going to take till dawn to fix it, you know?

Eh, you being serious?

“Much appreciated”? Haa…why am I being manipulated like this?


I’m not leaving.

Here, a coffee and sandwich, this way you’ll be able to eat with one hand, right?

I was thinking that you might be hungry, and also, I’ll help out as well. If my junior’s here working hard, as your senior, I can’t just go ahead and leave first.

Oh, also…

Here, chocolate, it’s one of those seasonally limited ones.

Now then, I’ll deal with the top half so could you handle the bottom?



No, I was skimming it just now, but the name of the last person who updated it was you, right?

Here, and here. Why is that?

Eh!? They were all fixed by you? Even though no one told you so?

I see. I was thinking that the number of deficiencies here had decreased so it was because you’ve been fixing them.

Is that so? So that’s what it was.


Ah no, it’s nothing.

Now then, let’s try our best and tidy this all up.


I just need to hold for one more.

Huh? Was there a place you didn’t understand?

Oh, I’m returning to my post right now.

Mhm, it’s fine, thank you for worrying about me. Thank you, I’ll take that.


Track 4: Means to Confirm


Haa…we somehow managed to finish.

I apologize.

No, I should be apologizing, it’s my fault for not realizing that the absurd work given by our section chief had been turned down and that you were fixing all the defects yourself. It’s pathetic how I placed so much burden onto you and I’m sorry.

That said, it’s not good to be working too much overtime so please confide in me when it comes to these types of things.

And if it’s difficult to confide in me, you can consult the section manager instead.

But that was a great save, thanks to you, the number of inadequacy had decreased. It’s amazing, thank you.


Aah…doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to make the last train.

Umm, I’m sorry…

Ah no, it isn’t about work. About the other day, I’m really sorry. I realize that it isn’t something that would be forgiven with a simple apology, but I’m sorry.

It may sound prideful of me but I’ve never been unsuccessful in approaching a girl. And I was never in lack of girls, to begin with.

No, no, like I said, I’m not boasting, so please don’t slap me in the face.


I’m diverting the conversation a bit, but I’ve always thought of you as cute.

However, you weren’t swayed by me in the slightest, so I began paying attention to you. Your earnest side, your serious work attitude, what you asked me the day before. And before I knew it, I was crazy about you.

And so I was under the belief that if I were to corner you and force those types of relations on you then you might just become my girlfriend.

……Not that that’ll work, though.

You’re right, it’s awful. I’m sorry.

M-m, it’s not unreasonable for you to think that.


Eh? Oh, it’s a taxi.

I’m glad we were able to catch one right away.

Hey, wait, wait.

Driver, please drive this girl home. Thanks.

It’s fine. Well then, we’ll see each other at the company tomorrow, thank you for all your hard work.

Driver, can you shut the door and set out in the car?


Oh, good morning.

I knew it, I’m being ignored again. Eh, huh? Oh, that’s true, I’m not being ignored.

No, no, no, I don’t want to be ignored.

So you bought some coffee too. Aah as expected, I’m sleepy.

It’s not your fault, or rather, you’re the goddess who took on the duty of preventing mistakes.

You’re yawning, you’re pretty exhausted, aren’t you?

I guess so, it’s sure hard to be sleep-deprived. I’m here yawning too.

You seem extremely sleepy, if you’d like, how about we head off to a place where we can get some quiet rest?


Just kidding. If I say such things, I’ll get slapped in the face and ignored again. I’m sorry, please forgive me for that due to my sleepiness.

Hehe…I know right? Sorry.

Hmm? M-m.

Oh, no but, you just said it was okay…?

Eh? No way, were you perhaps thinking of me? And that you were considering my circumstances?

Eh!? I thought I was hated to the point that it was impossible to restore our relationship though. This seems almost untrue, it’s the level of unbelievable where I think I’m dreaming due to my sleep deprivation.

No, I’ll pass, I’d surely get slapped in the face.


That’s what you were planning!? I was half-joking.

Hey, wait.

I’m sorry, I’m just so happy.

I know, but just for a bit.

You really aren’t joking, are you? Forget about that, that was my fault. More importantly, what I said earlier, the thing about heading off to a place where we can quietly rest…

Then, is it okay if I bring you home with me?

I won’t know if I don’t ask, so what do you think? Please tell me.


What is it? I couldn’t hear it.

Sorry, sorry, I actually heard it. I’m not playing around but you’ll be all the more lacking in sleep.

The drowsiness is gone. Then, it’s a promise.



Oh, you were there. Ah, no, I thought you left while I was taking a shower.

I see, you willingly came here after all. I’m truly sorry about what I did earlier, I’ll never be forceful again.



Say, how’s today’s kiss?

“It feels good”? No, I mean, that makes me really happy but because of what you mention about taste, I quit smoking. So is it not bitter today?

That’s right, it’s due to you saying that my kiss is bitter.

Of course, it’s for your sake obviously.

I’m happy to be able to kiss you again so please allow me to kiss you lots.


Hmm? That’s hardly enough.

Is it okay if I strip you?

Thank you. I’m happy to be able to see your beautiful body again.

Hehe, it’s the same scent as the orange body shampoo. It’s like a dream for you to be here at my house.

I’ll be taking off your bra, okay?


Aah…it’s beautiful. Also, as expected, it feels nice to the touch.

Say, how about you try touching me? …Though it’s not as wonderful as you are, and I’m sure my skin doesn’t feel that nice to the touch.

Eh? Really?

Your hands are smooth and they feel good.

Oh, your nipples are erect. But I guess you don’t enjoy it when your nipples are fiddled around with too much.

Say, is it okay if I lick them.

I’ll help myself then.


What’s with that cute voice? Could it be that you’re feeling it?


But I’m just so happy. Sorry, sorry.

Does it feel good?

The expression you have when you’re turned on is even cuter than usual.

This nipple too…


I’m playing with your nipples too much? My mouth might be lonely now that I’ve quit smoking though.

Just kidding, I just want to lick them, that’s all.

So you don’t hate it, what a relief.

Is it okay if I touch the place below? You see, I don’t want to be hated because of me touching it at my own accords.

In terms of my public stance-no, I mean, I do have some thoughts of wanting to see you beg to be touched. So is that okay?

How cute.


Thank god, you’re wet.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t confident so I’m happy that you’re turned on.

I’m really sorry about what I did earlier, there’s no way you’d be wet if I did it against your will is there? More importantly, you were scared, weren’t you?

And is it okay if I lick this soaking wet place as well?

No…? But why?

Are you simply embarrassed?

In that case, I want to lick it. I’ll make you feel good, okay?

I’ll be spreading your legs then.


It’s become incredibly erotic, and it’s irresistible.

Shall I stick my tongue inside?

So much is spilling out. Are you about to cum?

Then I’ll lick this place with my tongue.


Did it feel good?

I’m glad, but I’ll make you feel even better, so look forward to it.

I’m putting it in, okay?


It’s all nice and slippery, and it feels good.

It’s all in. Does it not hurt?

What a relief.

This is bad, your insides feel way too good. I’ll start moving then, okay?


Hey, how’s this spot?

Not much? Then, how about here?

You’re squeezing me so tightly, did it feel that good?

I’m glad, I’ll grind up against this place lots then.

Come on, let’s kiss.


Huh? More here?

Sure, I’ll rub this spot plenty more.

How’s that? Does it feel good?

Is that so?


Are you about to cum?

I’m so happy that I’m making you cum.

You’re clenching down so tightly…

You came, didn’t you? I’m about to cum soon too. Is it okay if I cum?

Eh? I can’t?

Come on, please?

Thank you.


How cute.


Uh-huh, I came. I’ll be pulling out then.


Please allow me to embrace you.

I shot out almost a surprising amount.

Mhm, it felt good. How about you?

Of course I’d want to ask, it’s fine is it not? Come on, please tell me.

Is that so?

I love you.


This is the first time I’ve verbalized my pleasure like this. On that note, this might be the first time I’ve actually fallen in love with someone.

Oh, that’s true, I should’ve said it at the start.

You’re the first girl I’ve ever desperately approached.

Hehe, I love you.

Say, could you stay over today?


I’m glad. As expected, I’m tired, I guess we should go to sleep soon.

Oh, there’s one thing I really wanted to ask you but…umm, am I balding? I don’t notice it myself so I was wondering if that might be the case.

Thank god.

I thought I’d be eternally unlucky and would have to start buying hair growth formula in a bind.

Eh? It’s not something to laugh at.

Mhm, I’ll be in your care when that time comes.


Ah! Could you please teach me how to sugarcoat things?

In that case, let’s actually sleep this time.

Oh, I’ll like to be your arm pillow. Don’t worry, I won’t get pins and needles from just that.

Thank you. Please go ahead then.

M-m, you aren’t heavy at all. Well then, good night.


Ah, it’s gotten a bit numb.

No, it’s a lie, it’s a lie, I want to remain like this. Sorry, sorry.

Good night.

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  1. luxicity

    Hello 👋
    Um I’m just starting to read the first track, but, I dunno if I’m right, but I think you missed a few lines in the first part of the track? It doesn’t sync when I listen to my copy.

    Okay, let me continue reading first because this is one of my fave Nakazawa cds cuz it was so funny.


    1. Criy

      I don’t own an actual copy of it, so it might be an issue with the files that I have…
      That said, the first track was a bit weird in that it’s an exact repeat of the end section of track 2.

      If you’re willing, you can send your version to my e-mail.
      That way, I can fix up the lines and timestamps for track 1 :))


      1. luxicity

        Ohhh! I see. That’s why. But yeah let me try to send it to you. Though it doesn’t matter that much because I think it really is the exact copy of the last part of track 2.

        But then again, hahha I really love this cd. Thank you so much for translating! ❤️


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