【Translation】 Masquerade vol.3 Shuuen Stellaworth Tokuten


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CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 6.5: Training


My adorable, adorable little sister, I love you. Big Brother will always, always be by your side. I’ll devote my entire life to making you love me, okay?

Huh? Even though you’ve become like this, you’re still capable of saying “no”?

Aah, you’re as magnificent as I predicted, you’re a very strong child.

But you know, you should stop with your pointless actions.

Look, the drug’s already taking effect and you’re no longer able to hold yourself back. It feels good to be fiddled around by Big Brother’s fingers, doesn’t it?


Hmm? Are you about to cum with just this?

What a nice voice. Although you felt it when you were embraced by me yesterday night, the voice you have now is completely different.

It’s such an amazing cry, it isn’t like some tiny cute moans, rather, it’s more akin to an animal in heat. And each time your body writhes indecently, you crush the blooming flowers and release a wonderful scent.


Say, how about we go further?

It isn’t pitiful, this is in order to adorn and paint you who’s beautiful in the first place with color. For a flower, there’s no joy that could surpass this.

Hmm? Your stomach feels hot?

Well, of course, Big Brother’s been stroking your insides a lot with his fingers after all.

Just a bit more.

Hmm? What are you afraid of? Say it.

Something’s coming? What is?


So what’s coming?

What an incredibly wet sound, so you were a lewd child who’d get this wet eh.

Did you just water the flowers?

Good girl, good girl.

What should we do? It seems like these flowers yearn for your water as well. And since you’re kind, you can still release more, right?


Nope, you can squirt one more time no? Since Big Brother’s the one doing it, don’t say that you can’t.

Hey, if I rub this part here on top intensely and press down on it…

What do you think? Would you be able to cum again?

Big Brother’s drenched all the way down to his palms, so feel it lots, okay?


To stick out your breast that much, is something the matter? Is being gently licked not enough? Would you like me to tease them?

But you see, I can’t tell.

Would you please tell Big Brother what is it that you want?

Come on, try pinching this nipple yourself and Big Brother will do the same. Show me what feels good.

Since you’re a good girl, you’re capable of doing it, right?


Hmm, does it feel good when you do that? You’re putting in quite the strength, you know?

Is it about this much?

Oh, it hurts? But you like it when I dig my nails in too don’t you? Because your insides are reacting.

No stopping your hands, it feels good when you do it yourself, no?

Big Brother will do it plenty, so make sure to water them properly, okay?


Well done. Look, the flowers are delighted.

Are you embarrassed? Or are you feeling it from doing the shameful acts that Big Brother asked you to do?

Although it felt good, this isn’t enough, right? You’re no longer a virgin, you’ve learned the pleasure of mixing with me after all. You want me to penetrate you with my hot member all the way to a place where my fingers can’t reach and pour plenty of my cum inside you, don’t you?

Look, see? Big Brother can see through you completely.


I’ll make you feel even more pleasure so that you can’t think of anything besides Big Brother.

Don’t worry, you see, this is a drug to allow you to feel Big Brother much more.

Is your mind hazy?

You’re no longer embarrassed, right? Now spread your legs and show me the place that’s dripping with obscene nectar and seduce Big Brother.

I can’t tell with just that. Please tell me what you want with words.

I still haven’t used the drug that would push you to the point where you can’t speak, my little sister should be a girl who properly abides by her big brother’s instruction.


Nope, more. More.

Use shameful words that would make even yourself aroused. So would you be able to say them?

It’s still not quite enough but I guess I’ve taken a liking to the “please impregnate me” part. Oh well, since it’s the first day, it doesn’t have to be completely flawless.

Good girl, starting now, Big Brother will teach it to you every day.

Are you happy? And where’s my thank you?


Okay, good job.

Look, can you see it? I’ll give you a reward for being a good girl.

Oh wow, even though I merely pressed against it, it’s moving as through to quickly invite me inside.

Hurry up…?

Sure, since this is a reward, I won’t lead you around, I’ll just give it to you.


What is this? It’s so wet that it went in all the way all in one go.

Even though I just put it in, you’re still cumming.

You really are a lewd girl, despite being a virgin last night, you’re having sex outside with your big brother and became such a sensitive girl.

It’s wonderful.


Open your mouth.

Yes, bring out your tongue.

Come on, lick your brother’s tongue more indecently.

That’s good, it feels good.

Amazing, since you keep on cumming, your insides feel hot.


Nope, no matter how many times you say it, I won’t stop just yet.

Do you enjoy sex? Does it feel good?

Do you love Big Brother’s thing?

Is it okay if Big Brother cums too? It’s okay for me to cum buckets inside you again, right?

Say that you want Big Brother with a lewd voice.


I’m about to…

It’s coming out, I released so much inside you.


Incredible, your insides are trying to squeeze me dry like it still wants more.

Have you taken a liking to the drug?

Hmm? That’s right, the drugs that Big Brother makes can make you feel even more unimaginably good.

I’ll love you lots so don’t leave Big Brother’s side, okay?


I’m home, have you been a good girl?

Even though Big Brother’s back, to continue laying in bed and to not greet me, is something the matter?

That’s strange, Big Brother told you to watch the house, no? You even promised that you’d drink the new drug and wait quietly for Big Brother’s return.

No matter how good it feels, I never told you that you can pleasure yourself.

Ah, don’t be scared, Big Brother isn’t angry, I’m just sad that you didn’t keep our promise.


No more, please don’t cry.

It’s alright, it’s alright. Okay?

Now then, let’s go over to the bed, I’ll love you plenty again today.


Why are you staring at me so intently? Do you enjoy watching Big Brother take off his own clothes?

I feel sorry that you’re always the only one naked so I said that I’d be naked as much as possible while we’re inside the house, no?

What? Are you worried that I’ll catch a cold because of my weak body?

What a kind child you are.

It’s warm when I embrace you like this, so don’t worry.

Besides, I’m not pushing myself. When I’m tired and can’t be your partner, I have you play with a toy that’s the same shape as me, don’t I?

Your place here doesn’t know anything other than me and is completely broken in with my thing.


Well then, what shall we use today?

Aphrodisiacs are in high demand in every country so I have many customers and there’s a rather wide selection so it makes me waver.

Huh? You wish to talk…? But why?

No, that’s not it, like I’ve always said, I don’t care about the contents of your discussions.

What I’m bothered by is how you can still afford to ask to speak with me. If you did swallow that drug and waited for me then you should’ve been begging me for sex.

Oh, I got it, since you did naughty things to yourself because you couldn’t wait, the effects of the drug have worn out a little.


You truly are a naughty girl, how many times did you cum whilst thinking of Big Brother?

Come on, you wanted this, didn’t you?

I’ll let you give me oral so give me a proper blowjob. And Big Brother will lick clean this soaking wet place here.


What a lewd taste.

As I lick and lick, it continues to spill out from inside you.

Are you not going to give your mouth some rest? Big Brother’s delicious too, right?

Oh sorry, was that cold? I’m glad that I placed it on the palms of my hands to warm it up, but don’t worry, once I’ve applied this, it’ll become hot before long.


Your stomach, your breast, and that one place, it feels nice how they’re all slippery, doesn’t it?

This is a top-quality balm that I custom ordered from the desert nation’s king.

It’s sweet, oriental, and a little bit spicy, it’s a sensual scent, is it not?

Look, if we rub together our bodies like this, our body heat will bring out more of the smell.

You’re moaning so much that your mouth’s gaping wide open, does the slipperiness really feel that good?

I’ll lather plenty of it inside too, okay?


How does it feel to smell like a princess from a faraway kingdom? Are you feeling so good that you can’t tell what’s what?

You’re tense and hot from head to toe, right? Particularly your insides, it must itch so much that it’s unbearable, right?

Your nipples are sticking up so indecently, you can’t of anything except lewd acts, can you?

Now come here, I’ll fill up your empty hole. You want this, don’t you?

That’s right, straddle on top of me and put it in yourself.


Incredible, there’s definitely some truth to it being called a drug necessary to a harem. Swallowing it up deeply and shaking your hips cutely, you’re a complete mess.

Look, now you can’t say anything except that it feels good.

You end up becoming a naughty child that loves sex with your big brother.

Huh? Oh? Despite being that intoxicated and disarrayed by such a strong drug, you’re still trying to persuade me?

Then, in that case, I can’t be holding back either.


Hey, do you love Big Brother? Do you love it when I do this?

You love it don’t you?

Now say that you love pleasurable things.


Hmm? Did you fall asleep?

Because I was too rough, you lost consciousness, didn’t you?


How strange, even though your body’s completely fallen, why won’t you yourself fall?

Even though you’re drowned in pleasure and have accepted me, why do you continue to insist that this is wrong?

Why do you always cry so sadly when looking at me directly?

I love you.

Joy, happiness, anger, hatred, sorrow, all of you belong to me.

That’s what I desired and that’s what I’ve obtained. And yet, why does my chest ache? And why is it that I’m close to tears?


I love you. I love you…

I’m begging you, please don’t cry, so please quickly say that you love me.

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