【Translation】 Masquerade vol.3 Shuuen


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Masquerade 三章 終焉

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: Imprisonment


Thank god, you’ve opened your eyes. Does it not hurt or ache anywhere?

I see. That’s a relief.

You clearly remember what happened before you lost consciousness, right?

Uh-huh. Sad to say this, but that wasn’t a bad dream, exactly as you’ve witnessed with those eyes, the Aldonato Dukedom was overrun by rioters and our father was then killed.


Ah wait, if you’re going to get up, don’t force yourself and allow your big brother to prop you up.

Hmm? Oh, the tax increase prior was likely the cause.

We did as much as we could but it would be tough on the livelihoods of our citizens regardless. And I guess they finally couldn’t take it.

The anger was directed at the Aldonato family who ruled the dukedom, and just as he was about to be granted the duke rank, our young brother Yuuri was murdered in this revolt as well.

The reason why I as the legitimate heir wasn’t killed and instead placed under with you who is set to marry for the sake of the Laurus kingdom is likely that I have a body that doesn’t allow me to succeed as Duke.


I don’t wish to say who the culprit was, but anyone would think that after witnessing that situation.

Until you unlocked the door and entered inside in order to take refuge from the uprising, the room was still locked as Father was still in the process of discussing political affairs with Leo.

Father breathed his last breath as he was stabbed right in the chest, and the person who held the blood-soaked dagger was Leo, no?


He’s always hanging around downtown, so he must’ve chosen to conspire with the population for the sake of overthrowing the Duke.

That boy was taken in as a replacement for the sickly me and was forced to endure crushingly harsh schooling. Although he was a bit violent, he was an honest and good child.

Despite being held in contempt by everyone for his lowly birth as the child of a mistress, he’s our younger brother whom we share half our blood with regardless. And yet, I never realized the sentiments he held towards the dukedom.


You know, the ones who’ve betrayed us aren’t just Leo, the training for the order of chivalry led by the Marquis’ house should’ve been flawless, so why do you think the rioters were able to invade the residence so easily?

That’s right, they released the castle gates that they were supposed to protect, and it was Clovis, the head of the Royal Imperial Knights who allowed the boats inside.

It’s unbelievable, right? I too wanted to believe that it was a lie as well.

Even though he was always by our side as our best knight and as our childhood friend, and yet why…? Could it be that Clovis too had held hatred towards the dukedom and wished for its destruction?

But right now we can neither meet him or ask him for the truth.

Yes, both Leo and Clovis are dead.


Whether the two were hostile towards one another or there was internal strife, I don’t have a clear idea of what happened.

Aah, everyone has disappeared from my side, is there really no one I can trust in this world? It’s saddening.

Mhm, that’s true, I have you.

Thank you. I won’t cry anymore so you should wipe your tears as well, we are the sole remaining members from the direct line of the Aldonato Dukedom, we must not display an unsightly appearance and remain dignified until the very end.


Mhm, good girl. You’re the little sister who’s my point of pride.

Now then, let’s discuss what we should do now.

Oh but before that, I ought to give you a reward for being a good girl. Although we’re under house arrest, they’ll bring what is necessary if we so wish for it.

I’ll have them prepare tea and desserts so let’s have some tea time.


Track 2: Courtship


There’s no one here to reprimand the eldest son of a duke for the odd act of brewing tea for his little sister.

Now then, come here, please take a seat, my dear princess.

Hmm? You want Thilia’s king to help us?

That’s going to be difficult, for our country, your marriage was the crucial point for restoring diplomatic relations between Thilia and Laurus so normally they should at least have emergency forces on the move.

However, we’re pretty much being held hostage so I think their hands are tied, they would most likely execute me tomorrow because there’s no reason to keep me alive.


Rest assured, I definitely won’t let them kill you so don’t worry. I’m the only one who should be burdened with the Aldonato name.

It’s fine, I’m not in the slightest way afraid of death, in having been born into the family of a Duke, I’ve long since resolved myself for a situation like this.

Noblesse Oblige, with our status as high ranking nobles, it’s unforgivable for us to live nor die for our own sake. In being born an aristocrat, everything brought forth with our lives is offered to the country and its people.

That is the duty of the privileged, and you should be well aware of that as well, no?


You mustn’t say such heartbreaking things like wanting to die with me.

My beloved sister, you’re more beautiful and stronger than anyone so please become happier than anyone.

Mhm. Thank you, I love you too.

But you see, my love isn’t merely the love between siblings. You’re my most precious sister in the world, but at the same time, I love you as a woman.

I’m sorry, does that seem unpleasant?


It’s fine, as actual siblings, I understand that you’d refuse such things.

Ever since the tragic events that occurred because of the queen consort 400 years ago, consanguineous marriage​s became a strictly prohibited taboo in this country. And the fact that it is a taboo that we must not violate was heavily drilled into our minds as well.

I planned to hide it for the rest of my life so as to not frighten you, but it’s no use. I know you’ll hate me for it, but when I think about how this night is the last, I could no longer hold myself back.


I love you, I want to touch you.

I won’t ask you to forgive me, please go ahead and condemn me for not being able to remain a good brother.

If you’re truly against it, please shake me off because I don’t wish to force you.

However, if you even carry the slightest shard of affection that’s the same as mine, then I wish for you to accept it.


I’m so happy, thank you.

I’m truly happy that you would take this hand.


Track 3: End


Don’t be ashamed, Big Brother has helped you change countless times like this since you were little, haven’t I?

Sorry for scolding you harshly and tying the strings of your dress too tightly during those days. Since you’re the beautiful princess in the world, that’s something you ought to do.

Stop hiding, you were going to show Big Brother everything, right?


Even if I’m seeing it with my own eyes, and touching you with my hands, I never imagined the day of my dreams would come.


Don’t worry, how love is exchanged via kisses, and how men and women bond, Big Brother will teach it all to you.

I alone will accept the punishment for disobeying god’s teaching. All you have to do is trust in your brother, there’s nothing to fear, just feel the joy of being loved.

I’ll leave the mark of my love everywhere on your body.


I left so much.

I’m sure it’ll be more pronounced and become a more vivid red.

Open your mouth. Say, could you give me a kiss?

Good girl.

Now then, could you do exactly what Big Brother taught you just now? You can, right?


Good job, as expected, you’re Big Brother’s pride and joy.

Don’t be scared, look, the one who’s touching you right now isn’t some man you’ve never met, it’s the big brother who’s been with you all your life and loves you more than anyone.

I’ve always watched over you and the one towards whom you had felt feelings closest to love is Big Brother, no?

Inside this body runs the same blood and the only ones who share this in this entire world is only us two.


What’s the matter? Are you having some strange sensations? …Are you feeling good?

Even if you have knowledge about sexual intercourse, you were never taught the basics, were you? But don’t worry, it’ll be fine.

You’re really wet and that makes me happy.

For this much hot nectar to be trickling down even though this is your first time, it must be proof that you accept me.

This place feels good right? Are you about to cum?

No, don’t close your legs, please get a better feel of Big Brother’s fingers.



Since you would suddenly twist your body whenever you’re embarrassed… Even though I was merely stroking you, it entered inside.

Look, the tips of Big Brother’s fingers are inside you.

What should I do? It’s okay for me to go further, right? It’s not frightening nor does it hurt, right?

I love you, Big Brother will make you an adult, okay?


It’ll be hard on Big Brother if you close your legs and hold me so tightly between them like that.

As expected, you’re a good girl, aren’t you?

That’s right, please trust me, this isn’t forbidden play, this is a vow of love.


Hey, look, it’s amazing.

Each time as your body melts as you feel good and cum countless times, this place gradually becomes softer, and now it has completely swallowed up my fingers.

Say, can you tell that my fingers are moving around inside you?

I’m so happy, you haven’t rejected me, because you would never feel this good being embraced by a man whom you hate, would you?

What’s with that cute voice? Are your insides lonely now that I’ve pulled out my fingers?

Don’t worry because I’ll give you something even better.


So, are you scared?

Since this is the first time you’re experiencing relations between a man and a woman so of course you are.

It’s fine, I’ll wait until your fear dissipates.

Look, if I rub against you like this, can you tell how hot and stiff I’ve gotten?

You’re so wet that it’s gotten slippery and feels like it’s about to be soaked like my fingers were earlier.

What should I do? It might accidentally enter inside, you know?

Nope, I won’t let you escape now. No matter how conscious you are about the sin we’re committing, I won’t stop.

……Because you belong to me.


It’s in.

I’m so happy, I’ve finally become one with you.

I love you, I love you.

Hey, you must feel the same, right? You see I, I alone can mess you up all the way.


I love you.

Is it okay? Is it okay if I go further? Hey, I’ll release it all inside you so please get impregnated with Big Brother’s child okay?

Stop, no, don’t run, I told you that I wouldn’t stop, did I not?

I love you. I love you…


Thank you, and I love you.

I’m so happy right now that I’m all giddy, with this, I have no remaining regrets.

Don’t grieve, worry not, there’re beginnings because there’re ends. And henceforth is a new beginning.


Hmm? Are you sleepy? You worked hard, so you’re tired, right?

Now close your eyes.

Say, if we’re ever reborn, would you become my wife?

Thank you, then that’s a promise. Big Brother will hug you all night so please sleep soundly.


Track 4: Daybreak


Yes, come on in.

Oh the call of death has come quite early, are you inviting me over to the gallows right at dawn?

Shh, quiet.

I just drank my morning medicine and my sister is still in her deep slumber so I’d like you to not wake her with such uncivilized noise.

Although I’m going to die either way, this is our pre-set routine, besides, if you consider yourself a gentleman you should at least allow time for the lady to get dressed.

Thank you very much.


Oh, out of honor, there’s something I must give you.

How’s wine?

This is something that only members of our family are allowed to drink, it’s wine with Aldonato’s crest etched into it.

Yes, it’s what my father drank during the day of celebrations yesterday night, it’s something rather special. You folks who are escorting I, who bears the noblest blood, to be executed would leave behind a mark in the afterlife the same way as those who abide by god’s words.


My name is Noel Aldonato, and this is a reward from me, so please help yourselves.

Oh, I hate annoying sounds so hold onto the glasses, so that they won’t drop. I’ll say this one last time, I’ll be teaching you some alms.

Good, now follow my instructions.

You’re prohibited from uttering a single word about this. Now please secretly prepare a carriage and take us from here.


Oh, you’re awake.

Good morning my beloved princess, get prepared and let’s leave.


Track 5: Introduction​


We’ve finally arrived.

It’s alright now, so come over here. It’s a beautiful forest, isn’t it? This will become our paradise.

I’ll go settle things so please wait a moment.


Good work, now then, I’ll give you your next orders.

Please return to the Aldonato estate and tidy things up nicely so that there’s nothing left. After accomplishing that, I, Noel Aldonato will allow you to have an honorable death.


With this, we’ve got a peace of mind. We ought to erase all that’s unsightly, don’t we?

It’s been years since we last walked while holding hands.

You mustn’t separate from me, okay? Because you see, this forest branches out all over so it’s like a maze, you can’t get out if you get lost.

This is a witch’s forest that only I can enter so there’s no longer anyone who can get between us.


What’s wrong? Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Good girl, I’ll never ever let go of you.


Track 6: Wedding Song


Come here, it’s warm inside.

It’s a splendid greenhouse, isn’t it? This forest facility is something I inherit in another noble’s stead.

There’re a lot of plants you’ve seen before…?

Well of course, everything grown here is almost all valuable medicinal herbs. This is, in essence, a secret laboratory that was in communication with the Aldonato family. It’s the fruits of 400 years worth of knowledge and is a place where all the poisons from around the world are gathered.

Poisons can become, namely, medicine. And thanks to the medicines produced here, the illness that placed me at the doors of death was completely cured.

Even if my body’s frail, as long as I don’t push myself, I can live life like an ordinary person.


There’re many bothersome things in relation to that so I put on a short act at the beginning but this is a secret from everyone except you.

I can create all types of drugs here, one that saves, ones that kill, and ones that manipulate.

Hmm? Even if you ask me what I mean by that…

Well, even if something did happen, you’re better off not knowing, no?


You’ve always been a curious child ever since you were young. You would pester me cutely countless times, going “Please teach me, Big Brother.”

Although it’s unbecoming of a daughter of nobility, begging me with that desperate expression makes me so happy that I’ll expressly teach you.

Stop, you wish to hear everything, right? That’s what you’ve chosen after all right?

No matter how much you want to cover your ears, I won’t let you escape.

Everything is for your sake, I’ve created a beautiful world so that the beautiful you could live happily. So all that I’ve done is to achieve that.

What I’ve done is annihilate, by eradicating all that is unsightly, I tested to see if there was the possibility that it would create a beautiful world; our utopia. All those who remain would be those that overcame the ordeal.

Poor things, they died before they could pass the test, though.


Hmm? M-m, I didn’t kill Father, I simply allowed it to happen.

I knew that the timing for our father’s toast with Leo with that special wine last night and the timing for the unusually enraged population to burst through the castle gates were both at 8 o’clock.

ーーBecause they were all events I personally orchestrated.


Hosting a masquerade for everyone to celebrate your marriage? I ought to make such a horrible night a terrible memory for everyone then, don’t I?

Since I had only about 30 minutes of time because the order of chivalry was occupied at the castle gates, with a simple bribe, I told them I wished to rest for a bit and secretly switched places with my attendant and left the assembly hall.

If their figure and hair color are the same then no one would notice as long as the mask’s on.

I estimated the amount of the time it would take for the drug within the wine to take effect and then proceeded to unlock the door and enter the waiting room.

This drug truly is effective, it’s a powerful hypnotic that makes you obey any orders, and both Father and Leo were completely intoxicated by it.

And then I told Father to commit suicide by stabbing himself in the chest.


I could’ve had Leo kill him, but same as Father and us, he’s a member of the prized Aldonato family. So rather than staining the hand of the one who has lowborn blood mixed in him, I had Father end his life with his own hands.

Aah…I’m truly merciful aren’t I?

Mhm, though they say that this marriage will bring peace, that’s an outright lie.

They planned to utilize you as a tool for war. Thus, the Father who decided to place you into a marriage of convenience with such a disgusting plot in mind deserves to die, and that’s something that can’t be overruled.

Don’t you think it’s messed up for him to sacrifice my precious little sister for his own desires?


I ordered Leo to forget that he’s seen me and had him sleep.

Since he possesses an extremely sound mind, I turned the hands on his watch back 10 minutes so that he would think it was all a dream and wouldn’t catch a hint of it.

That’s what I acknowledge about Leo, he gave me the opportunity to perform my trials.

If I wanted to kill them both I could’ve simply laced it with poison, no?

I had to test out whether Leo had the right to remain in this beautiful world, but Leo died without completing the trial.

Faced with false accusations of our Father’s murder, and with no allies, the burden might’ve been too heavy for him to carry alone. Even though he was a child who had the potential to become a true champion of justice, a man of valor, a hero, it truly is a shame.

And you were kind to him in the past as though taking pity on a stray dog that has been withering away, no?

I genuinely feel sorry for him.


All sorts of seasonal flowers ended up blooming here in this garden.

Come on, take a look.

It’s an unbelievably beautiful field of flowers, no? But you see, they all contain deadly poisons that would kill you with the slightest ingestion. And the soil around them is tainted with poison as well.

Even the water that flows through the flower bed to keep them alive can kill a person.

And not just the flesh, one’s mind can be destroyed or altered at any time. More than anything, I can do as I please.


Inside blooms the flowers from the Duke’s garden. And I remember how you would often make flower garlands with them for Clovis when you were little.

He was a childhood friend you’ve always known and also our knight, it’s unfortunate but I didn’t get to grant him the trial to join us in this beautiful world.

Oh, but before that, you’re wondering what I did to fan the people’s uprising, aren’t you?

Look, there was a strain of influenza that was widely spread in the neighboring territory, no? So do you remember the time when the Aldonato family went to hand out the prophylactic medicine​?


Eh? Not at all, it was proper prophylactic medicine​ and because of Aldonato’s involvement, the number of affected individuals dramatically decreased.

The citizens are like livestock, they’re precious property to us, so there’s no way I’d purposefully have them drink poison, is there?

That said, though I say that, since is it a drug, there are side effects.

If usage is continued, one would grow more paranoid, see hallucinations, and lose their functional reasoning. Thus the masks one would normally have on will fall and one’s messy true feelings and desires will be all that’s left.

All those I’ve given it to, although they felt disgruntlement towards the dukedom, they wouldn’t have gone as far as to start a revolt.

But you see, a human who’s lost their reason is more foolish than a beast. If you throw in the slightest trigger, they would simply erupt.


I think Leo passed his dose over to some inhabitant, so I had no choice but to control him using that wine since he never ingested that prophylactic medicine​.

It wouldn’t go as smoothly with an outstanding knight, but thanks to that drug, it likely caused a ripple in his mind of steel.

Although he was pretty hesitant and was tormented over the gap between the true feelings he desperately tried to suppress and his loyalty, to invite in a boat to fulfill his desire for disorder, he did something he would never normally do.

Excellent, devoted, a knight among knights, because Clovis is like that, he would never have such thoughts.

He’s probably unable to bear the guilt of having betrayed the dukedom and threw his own life away as punishment despite the fact that he went as far as to prepare a horse so that you could escape your frustrating arranged marriage.

Though the trials I’ve given, we can perform a process of elimination. Only the strong, righteous, and beautiful are allowed to remain in the beautiful world where we reside.


Huh? My my, that manner of speaking, it’s almost as if you’re trying to say that I’m like a king reveling in my atrocities. How cruel.

That’s not it. During the trials, what imperial orders to follow, what future to secure, the right to decide ultimately falls upon the person in question.

Then, in that case, I’ll tell you a valued secret.

You see, Big Brother’sーa witch.

I can’t use weird magic like the witches from fairy tales, however, this herb garden was something the Blood-ridden Queen who married the King of Thilia possessed.

She was deeply knowledgeable about the nature of these herbals and was thought of as a genius. It was said that by using dubious drugs, she butchered humans for her own pleasure and bathed in their blood, but in truth, that wasn’t the case.

She was merely trying to save those who were afflicted by illness but no one was able to comprehend said act.


Even now, it goes beyond what medical science has to offer.

In searching for the cure, her knowledge advanced too far and was named a heretic. As a result of that, she was named the Blood-ridden Queen and burned at the stake as a witch who disobeyed god. And she died with a profound attachment to the world.

A member of the Aldonato family who knew part of the truth took on this forest and carefully protected the herbal garden that was left behind.

All records of her were erased from history, and the legend took on a life of its own.

So why do you think I know all this in such full detail?


It’s simple, it wasn’t you, it was me. It’s because I’m the reincarnation of the Blood-ridden Queen.

You were feared and told you were the reincarnation of that queen consort due to your beautiful face, but the reality is, it ended up being the last person they would think of. It’s comical, isn’t it?

There’s no mistaking it, when I was lying in bed at the edge of death, some strange memories resurfaced.

Frightened by the amount of suffering that would make one go mad, I read mountains of books and began my research. And when unraveling the records and my memories, I came to realize that I was the reincarnation of the Blood-ridden Queen who was denounced as a witch.


It’s lovely, I wonder why you seem so beautiful when you’re surrounded by poisonous flowers.

I told you, didn’t I? I’m no king.

A witch will not dominate a world for themselves, a witch uses that power to grant the king of the world, a better world.

The moment I met you when you were born, I received a shock as though I was hit by lightning. Those were the joys and sorrows​ as one with the soul of a witch, and I began to shed tears of happiness.

This child was the queen regnant I ought to give my everything to.


My dear sister who’s cuter than anyone, I love you.

Why are you against it? Weren’t you going to accept Big Brother?

Do you still believe that it’s out of line because we’re siblings? …In spite of the fact that both our Mother and Father were biological siblings connected by blood.

No matter how forbidden it is, Aldonato alone continued with its consanguineous marriage​s in order to maintain it’s precious bloodline.

That’s right, it would only be natural for us to be joined in marriage.

Father said it was an unsightly tradition and planned to end it in his generation but that would be foolish, wouldn’t it?


God won’t allow it…? What are you saying?

The fact that you’ll receive punishment for disobeying god’s teachings is a complete lie. As proof of that, neither our mother nor father were punished, right?

You see, god’s teachings are rules decided upon at the convenience of the people of that era.

If you kill a pregnant woman, they say you’ll go to hell since you’re robbing two lives at once. That was a taboo that was heavily drilled into our minds, but it was created so that the number of children would increase when the population dropped sharply due to the world war.

That’s true, you’re an extremely kind girl. You thought of me as pitiful when I was at death’s door and offered me your virginity, that I know.

But if you believe that relations between siblings are absolutely prohibited then regardless of what happens, you would reject me.


Am I wrong? I’m not wrong, am I?

Look, it’s exactly as Big Brother said.

That is the trial I gave to myself, and you were the one with the choice. If you rejected me out of hate then I would’ve given up and died quietly at the execution.

But instead, you accepted me.

Regardless if it’s out of compassion, you told me that you loved me. We were joined, became that disarrayed, and felt good together.

You had chosen me.

I love you.

You see, Big Brother doesn’t need anything besides you. I love you, I love you more than anyone.

See? Now, please marry me.


Why do you look so surprised? We made a promise to marry if we were ever reborn, didn’t we?

I’m confident that I’d love you no matter what you’re reincarnated into but I want to love you as me. And so, rather than us, I’m making the world begin anew instead. That way, there’s no issues, right?

I don’t care whether you call it a paradise or a utopia, please become a beautiful queen in the beautiful world I’ve created.

Now then, let’s give blessings to this beautiful world.


Go ahead, please resist until you’re satisfied.

No matter how much you hate it, how much you fear it, Big Brother will pleasure you.

They say that love between a man and a woman begins with the body, no? Don’t worry, here I have a drug that allows you to taste a pleasure you normally wouldn’t be able to experience and I can give that to you at any time.

Come on, open your mouth wide.

Please open your mouth and swallow everything without leaving even a single drop left.

That’s right, good girl.

Rest assured, I won’t give you any drugs that would manipulate your mind, I’m simply having your body fall into a pit of pleasure.


Oh, you’ve already left a huge stain on your underwear, how shameful. Has my little sister always been such a lewd girl?

Don’t cry my beloved child.

If you’re scared because you’re too sensitive, Big Brother will sing for you. You love my singing, don’t you?


White flowers glistening in full bloom, tempted by the bewildering sweet taste of honey, indulge in it and melt away.

Sweet poisonous fruits will ripen and bring death to all……


My adorable, adorable little sister, I love you. Big Brother will always, always be by your side.

I’ll devote my entire life to making you love me, okay?


Track 7: Choice


It feels so good, I’m about to cum again.

Come on, don’t plop down, lift up your body and turn this way. And let’s kiss.

Say, do you love Big Brother’s hot cum?

Does it feel good? Do you want me to shoot more inside you? You wish to be impregnated and give birth to Big Brother’s baby, right?

Although you’re moaning so much that you can’t form together any words, your soaking wet place here is reacting. It’s tightening around me as though it’s trying to quickly squeeze it out of me.


Have you taken a liking to today’s drug? I tested out plenty, but it feels like it’s wringing me out the most indecently today.

Big Brother loves this too, no matter how many times I pour it insides, it doesn’t settle down at all. It’s wonderful.

Don’t worry regardless of how disordered you become, you’re pure.

I love you.


I’m cumming, I’ll cum lots again.


I feel like I’m going to lose my mind, it feels too good.

Huh? Is it still no good?

We constantly did such pleasurable things every day and yet you still won’t love me? You can’t forgive me for sending so many people to their deaths?

How stubborn, but that aspect of you is unbearably cute though.


It’s fine, please don’t forgive me, your anger is righteous, beautiful, and noble…

That felt good, let’s do it time and time again both tomorrow and the day after.

I love you.


I received a report from the outside. Soon enough, both the Laurus and Thilia kingdom will collapse.

Did you not catch the slightest hint of it?

While we were making love and spending our honeymoon here, the world outside was in the midst of a war.

It seems like the drugs I dispatched from here were quite useful. The unsightly beings will clash against each other and thus will be weeded out like this.

Aah…it’s wonderful, with this, we’ve drawn closer to the beautiful world that’s meant for you.


I suppose so, many lives have been lost in order to achieve what I desire, and countless more will die in the future.

But what about that?

People murder animals and eat them, no? To me, all other humans besides you fall into that zone of being the same as livestock. Although there’s a few I favorited, it’s not like I particularly felt anything towards them.

So that I can eliminate everything except the beautiful for your sake, I shall destroy this world.

I am a witch, and in order to obtain happiness for the two of us, I have no choice but to go down that path.


Would you say that I’m insane?

I see. In that case, what do you plan to do?

Unforgivable sin, huh. Are you planning to tell me to not give up and to repent like you’re a nun?

That’s pointless. If you’re truly against it, then oppose me, go ahead and direct everyone’s fangs towards me.

Considering how frail I am, both Leo and Clovis could’ve defeated me empty-handed.

But with a human heart, the suffering from the true feelings hidden beneath their masks were far too great and so they ended up losing to me.


Each time you were embraced by me, you would cry and say that this is wrong but I simply can’t comprehend that.

Because you see, I am a witch.

My love for you, that’s all there is inside me so I can’t understand a person’s heart. There’s no way I could understand and I have no desire to understand.

If it’s against human morals for biological siblings to love each other then I don’t wish to be human.


Yes, I love you. I yearn for you and I wish to grant you everything.

I love you.

So, what do you plan to do?


Happy End: Hope


I see, are you going to kill me with that knife?

To put an end to my crimes, so that’s the answer you reached.

Ah that’s no good, if you don’t grasp it more tightly, your hands will shake and you won’t hit your target.

You’ve been quite the tomboy ever since you were young, weren’t you? Even when you were playing with Clovis, you would ask to ride an actual horse, and rather than a princess, you wanted to be a prince.

Although you were heavily reprimanded for acting in a way that’s unbecoming of a daughter of a duke, Big Brother knows that you were trying to save me.

If one isn’t enough then let’s try two.

You supported me even though I couldn’t succeed my rank despite being the eldest son.


You won’t let me do it alone, eh.

Even if I were a witch, you’d still say the exact same thing……

Please don’t think of me as a king. It’s nice to lose our lives together to fate because of the same yearning, but that mustn’t happen.

Thank you, I alone should be the only one going to hell.

Now please go.


This is the map of the forest. It’s a complex route but if you follow it, you’ll be able to leave.

When you escape this forest, I’ll set everything inside this mansion’s facility on fire so hurry up and go.

Sorry to say, but the human body’s surprisingly tenacious. Even if an artery’s slit and the blade reaches the vital organs, in any case, I won’t die from being stabbed once in the stomach with such a tiny knife.

That said, it does hurt and I’m feeling sleepy because I’m losing blood.


That’s enough, you’ve killed me properly.

A witch will not dominate a world for themselves, a witch uses that power to grant the king of the world, a better world. And a witch will be judged by the people.

This is the outcome you’ve chosen. You weren’t the king of my world, you were one of the people living within it. And that’s why, as a person, you’ve eradicated the evil witch.

You’ve now become the prince that’ll save the world.


I love you. I love you…

I’m sorry that we couldn’t be normal siblings and that I couldn’t remain a good older brother.


Why are you still here?

Am I dreaming? Or have I mistakenly gone to heaven instead?

These bandages……

Did you carry me all the way over to the bed and treated my wounds? This is…Achillea? But why?

You still remember something from when you were that young?

Yes, in the past, when you fell over and grazed your knees, I fetched the Achillea flowers that were blooming in the garden and treated you with it.

When I told you that this was the medicine that healed the hero Achilles, you became really delighted and told me that you wanted to become stronger so that you could protect your big brother. And laughed happily with a smile that glistened like light.


Save? Me…? As a person?

Her wish to save those suffering from disease is something the current me can take on? Is that what you thought?

When I told you to live, you saw humanity within me.

You’re an idiot, even though you’ve finally vanquished the evil witch and became the prince who’s saved the world, if you save me, it’ll all be for naught.

How can you assert that the witch side of me is dead? The one thought inside me hasn’t changed even now.

I love you.

That’s all there is, I have nothing besides that.


Why do you say that you want to live with me? You don’t even love me.

There’s no need for you to lie, there’s no way you can view me as a man so there’s no need to force yourself.



……This is the first time I’ve ever received a kiss from you.

My sin of leading vast numbers of people to their destruction won’t disappear, and there’s nothing but suffering lying in wait if we love each other in such an unsightly world. Are you truly okay with that?

Human life shines precisely because there’s both happiness and sorrow?

It might be as you’ve said, even if I’m an unredeemable criminal, you’ll bear the sins with me.

So you’re saying that we should compensate by keeping a righteous heart for the rest of our lives.


Good grief, my little sister is a hopeless tomboy and has strength unbecoming of a princess. If you present me with such an amazing proposal, even if I know that it’ll cause the person I love most suffering, I can only nod.

I love you. I don’t wish to be merely forgiven, I want to become someone you can be proud of.

Although the crimes I’ve committed with these hands won’t lighten, I’ll continue to live for the sake of saving people’s lives as my atonement, so that one day, I’ll become the good witch of the forest.


Thank you.

I promise to offer you my love until the moment this life is extinguished.


Bad End: Quarrel between Siblings​


I guess so, like you’ve said, there’s no one in the world who’d forgive what I’ve done.

Hah…? And that’s why you’ll forgive me? What do you mean by that?

Are you saying that you’ll forgive me since we’re both tainted and your hands are stained because a member of the Aldonato family, you’ve committed the same sin as me?

Don’t say such foolish things, you must remain beautiful.


No, NO…!!! There’s no way you’d be crazy for being a member of the noble Aldonato family in the first place.

Are you saying the reason I become like this and the reason you’ve accepted me is due to the fate of our crazed bloodline? And that this is the result of the continuous consanguineous marriage​s done to protect our precious bloodline?

You’re wrong!!!

The reason I did this, the reason I can do this, is that I’m a witch.

Precisely because I’m a witch there’s no need to beg for forgiveness for us siblings to be in love.

I don’t need the logic of the human world, in the beautiful world that I’ll create, I’ll be the one to decide what’s right. Just I, alone.

You aren’t mad, you’ve never done anything to label you as mad. You’ll always remain as you are, so why would you say that? Big Brother is saddened by that.


Oh I see, haha, is this what you’d call a quarrel between siblings? Say, did you want to try having a fight with your big brother?

How cute my sweetheart, otherwise, there’s no meaning in angering your big brother, right?

Ah you’re shaking, so are you afraid of me?

Look, you can’t speak of forgiveness now, can you?

There’s no need for you to be strong, you’ve always listened to what Big Brother says, no? Big Brother taught you all that’s necessary and because I’m here, the current you exist.

You require me, you realize that, don’t you?


What a naughty girl you are, if you wish to go that far to defy me then how about you try escaping from me?

Go ahead, if you can run away that is.


Okay, here you go, this is the map of the forest. Although it’s like a labyrinth, if you follow along this route, you can easily escape.

If you escape alone, you win. If Big Brother catches you, you lose.

Since I can’t run, it’ll be a simple getaway.

If you win, I won’t kill any more people. Now try your very best to run away from me.


Run, run, little rabbit, I wonder what lies in front of your little white feet.

A nicely scented field of flowers? Or perhaps a house of sweets? Or maybe, a bubbling witch’s pot?

Now then, I wonder where the cute child is.

Oh, that’s right, you were pretty good at hide-and-seek when you were young. Each time you were about to be scolded for being a tomboy, you would beg me as I laid in bed and the little princess would crawl in under.

Because you secretly hid to escape lectures, you’d always fall asleep next to me. No matter how painful my illness was, Big Brother felt extremely happy when hearing your sleeping breaths.

I’ve always, always, loved you.


Even though loving a person is such a wonderful thing, why is my desire considered repulsive?

Just because we’re siblings, love becomes a sin. If we were born in a different era, if the country’s customs were different, and if the god we believed in were different, it’d be acknowledged.

So why are you obeying such ambiguous rules?

I love you, and yet the one desire I have is unforgivable.

I would never regret offering you my everything, and I don’t mind ridding you of all your enemies.

I love you.

Despite loving you this much, if I can’t obtain you, how about I break you?


I’m lying, who would actually hurt you whom I cherish more than anyone?

As if I’d allow anyone to hurt you.

You see, I love you, if you truly wish to escape from me then I’ll teach you a singular spell.

It’s simple, just say, “I hate you, Big Brother!”


You’re a fool. To not say that even as a lie, why are you that kind?

Like an untainted white flower, you’d forgive everything. Your kindness is like a sweet nectar, and a poison.

In that case, I’ll be the one to forgive you so let’s drown ourselves in poison.


Caught you.

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