【Translation】 Shiny rain


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Shiny rain

CV: Kumagai Kentarou (熊谷健太郎)

Track 1: Heartbreak


Watch out!!!


Are you okay?

It’s dangerous here so head over to the bench.


I apologize, my hand was brushing up against you.

I saw you staggering and the train arrived the moment that I realized your condition seemed poor so I’m glad I was able to make it in time.

Oh, my name’s Mizukami Yuusei and I’m studying psychology at the graduate school near this station.


You were returning home from the office…?

So that’s what it was. Since it’s still in the middle of the day, did you leave early because you were in bad shape?

If so, I’d recommend that you rest for a little bit longer before returning home because your complexion is still really poor.

I got it, I’ll go buy something to drink. You can sit here and wait for me.


Sorry to keep you waiting, here you go.

Don’t worry about me, I was on my way home as well so I’ll stay with you until you feel better. We should help each other in times of need after all.


It looks like you’ve settled down a little and your complexion has gotten better.

Is it okay if I ask you a question? I don’t mind if you don’t wish to talk about it, but it doesn’t seem like your poor condition is the result of illness. Could it be that something terrible has happened?

Do you wish not to discuss it? But I want to be able to support you in some way.

I see, although you were dating a guy from your workplace, he suddenly decided to dump you.


That must’ve been difficult.

Ah, I’m sorry, when I see you cry, I somehow…

It’s strange, isn’t it? Why do I feel sad and lonely over it?

Yes, your heart surely must’ve reached me. When you’re in this much sorrow, I think it’s best if you don’t hold back. Letting your tears flow will help relieve it.


He treated you warmly when you felt uneasy reporting in for work for the very first time so it’s only natural that your heart was drawn to such a person.

And yet, to bid farewell so one-sidedly like that, that’s way too outrageous.

Did you not speak about the fact that you two were dating with other people at the company?

I see. Because he felt embarrassed over it, he wanted to keep it under wraps.

If so, then you couldn’t consult your co-workers nor anyone else about it. In that case, although it’s a passerby like me who you spoke with, that’s probably what’s most ideal for you.


For you to think of me as warm and friendly, I’ve never felt this happy before.

So how are you now? Are you feeling a little better?

That’s a relief. Although all I could do is listen to you speak, whenever you’re in a tough spot again, could you please rely on me?

Hehe, you smiled.


With this, I’m registered in your contacts, please contact me whenever you’re having a hard time.

Oh, the rain has completely stopped, I’m sure you can return home safely now.

It’s fitting when you smile, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to show it to me again.


Track 2: It’s Frustrating not to Touch


Is that so? So there’re plans to change placements, although he does have a more powerful position, it seems somewhat helpless. That said, I’m glad that you’re slowly able to continue on with your life.

I haven’t done anything, all I did was listen to you talk.

Since we haven’t met since then, I can’t tell if you’ve been doing well at work.

Look, you’d immediately act in a way as to not worry me, so could you please tell me something to prove that you’ve been well in order to put me at ease?


Oh? The intra-company mail​ from your co-worker had typos on it again? So what was it this time?

That’s pretty terrible, but it just makes me wanna laugh. That coworker is truly one interesting fellow. They’re the one you’re most close with, right?

You always go out to eat with them during the day?

That is true, certainly, your feelings will change when you have something different every day. But it’s nice not to have a bland cafeteria, the school cafeteria at my university is massively portioned and cheap.

I can somewhat imagine what your school days were like, you probably studied extremely diligently, didn’t you?

But it’s hard to evaluate yourself, isn’t it? We’re the same age so it wouldn’t be strange for us to be sitting side-by-side at the desks. Had we attended the same school, we’d probably known each other soon.

Not at all, if we attended the same school, surely we would’ve commuted-


Oh, it’s already this late. You’re working tomorrow right? So don’t you think it’s best if you sleep soon?

I knew it, are you still feeling anxious when you sleep?

You’re crying, aren’t you? …Because it feels like you’ve become all alone in the world.

I know that feeling of yours really well and that’s why it’s frustrating that I can’t be by your side even though you’re crying.


I got it, how about we leave the phone on as we sleep? That way, we can both know that we aren’t alone by ourselves.


Turn off the lights, and lie down.


What should I do? Is there anything I could do for you?

Of course, as long as you wish for it.

I guess so. Should I try counting sheep?

I’ll get started then.

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4 sheep, 5 sheep, 6 sheep, 7 sheep, 8 sheep, 9 sheep, 10 sheep…


How’s that? Have you gotten sleepy?

Not yet?

In that case, 11 sheep, 12 sheep,  13 sheep, 14 sheep, 15 sheep, 16 sheep, 17 sheep, 18 sheep……


Track 3: Unexpected Reunion


The weather’s been nice all day. It was a bit hot so I was confined inside a heated seminar room.

Your workplace turned on the A.C. immediately?

How nice, but on that other hand, you ought to be careful so that you don’t get too cold.

You drank something warm during your break? Somehow I imagine you holding a large mug inside your tiny hands.

I don’t know, that’s just what came to mind.

It’s strange, isn’t it? My body feels like it’s burning up a little, but it’s a cheerful feeling. Seeing you happy makes me happy as well.


Oh, it’s already this late. You ought to sleep soon since tomorrow’s close to the end of the month so you’re busy right?

If so, how about I count sheep again so that you can fall asleep faster?

Get inside your futon and relax, okay?

Here I go.

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4 sheep, 5 sheep…


Hmm? Count them differently? Err, like how?

In a cool way…?

Would that suit me? Shall we try?

5 sheep, 6 sheep, 7 sheep, 8 sheep, 9 sheep, 10-

This is embarrassing, at this rate, you won’t be able to sleep. But if that’s what you say then…


Making it sound sexy is difficult.

10 sheep, 11 sheep, 12 sheep, 13 sheep, 14 sheep, 15 sheep.

Say, will you be able to sleep now?

Then would you stay up late together with me as is?

Just kidding, you seriously got to sleep soon.


Is something the matter?

A message…? I don’t mind, but still, you’re able to check your messages even when you’re on a call with me?

……Her voice is far away and sounds a little pained somehow.

Was that an urgent message? Something must’ve happened, right? If you’d like, you can try talking it out with me.

A mixer? Are you hesitating as to whether you should go?

I see. I guess so, it might be more important to forget about the bygone days even a little.


Huh? Why are you here?

I wasn’t able to refuse my friend’s invitation, but I’m really shocked that the mixer you spoke about on the phone was today, I never imagined that I’d meet you again like this.

Mhm, they’re someone I know, we’ve been in touch lately.

I guess so, we haven’t decided on our seats yet so would you like to sit next to me?

A nice scent? You think so?

Is that what it was? You weren’t composed during our first meeting, and yet, you remembered my scent?


So you’d immediately blush whenever you’re embarrassed huh, I wonder if you were like that during our phone calls as well.

Sorry, sorry, it’s been a long time since we last met, so I couldn’t help it.

And so, should you give them a self-introduction first?

Eh? Me?

Got it. I’m Mizukami Yuusei and I attend the nearby graduate school, nice to meet you all.


Mhm. Even though I should be used to standing in front of a group of people from my seminars and research reports, it’s still nerve-wracking when I’m at a place like this.

But I’m happy that I’m able to speak with you directly once more.

So we both had the same thoughts.

Stories about me? Umm, I don’t really have anything interesting to say, I’ve been researching almost every day ever since I entered graduate school.

Yes, I’m studying in order to become a psychologist in the future.

And it’s precisely because a person’s heart is complex that I wish to unravel it.


Thank you, I’ll work hard.

Oh, the juice came.

Am I wrong? Is it alcoholic?

Ho? Liqueur with fruits added to it? Does it taste good? Do you drink alcohol during company get-togethers as well?


Oh, so you drink along with them? How should I say it, it’s wonderful how that makes you seem more mature.

Mhm, I’m saying you’re admirable so drink plenty of the things you enjoy today, okay?

I guess so. I think I’ll try drinking the same thing as you next.

As I watched you drink, I thought it looked delicious.


Your face is red, is it okay if the two of us leave?

Today was fun, somehow, talking with you makes me extremely happy.

Really? For us to feel the exact same way, what a coincidence. Speaking of which, how was the follow-up to the mistake that your junior made?

I see. That’s a relief.

The work-life is tough, huh. When it comes to research I can complete it alone, but I can’t do that at a company, can I?

Really? It’s fun listening to you talk, there’s a lot I don’t know about the workplace environment so I’m really curious about it.


I haven’t actually done much, and I have nothing interesting to say.

Sorry for making you worry.


Is something the matter? You’ve been silent since then even though you were smiling the whole time at the cafe.

Eh? Not wanting to speak with you…? That’s, I’ve never once said that!

I’m not that good at controlling my emotions so I’m scared that I might hurt someone because of that.

And that’s why I try my best to avoid speaking about myself. I never once intended to imply that I had no intention of telling you, or that I have someone else that I like, much less, having no interest in you.

This is like my secret of success in life​ so…

But to make you this anxious over my personal issues, I’m really sorry.


Are you surprised by how cowardly I am?

When you hug me like this, I feel like your gentle feelings have been conveyed to me.

Say, would you like to know about my heart?

I’m not very good at verbalizing my own emotions so I apologize if I say something strange.

When I first met you, you seemed extremely lonely and pained, and so sad to the point that it made me cry as well. But as we exchanged contacts, messaged each other, called each other, your voice slowly became cheerful and I was soothed by that innocent laugh of yours.

And since you became lively, I thought that maybe, I was able to become your strength at least a little.

Although I was a bit shaken today because I never imagined that I’d meet you at a mixer, as your expression gradually became softer as you drank, my heart pounded uncontrollably as you called my name with a cute voice.


I’ve been completely taken in by you.

When I think about how I wanted to talk with you more after we left the shop and how you were thinking the same thing as me again, it made me so happy that, umm…

I like you, I really like you.


Really…? If you cry, I’ll end up wanting to cry as well regardless of whether it’s out of sadness or joy.

Say, is it okay if I kiss you?

Lift your face.

Wow, my heart’s racing.

Oh, it’s true. I’m sorry for kissing you on the roadside.


You’re right, my face is flushed as well. But this still isn’t…

Say, would you like to go over to a hotel?


Track 4: Emotional Courtship


Is it okay if I kiss you once more? Because I love you.

Ah! Your lips are a little cold, I wish I could warm them.


Mhm, with this, they’ve gotten warm. But your eyes are moist as though you’re trying to seduce me.

That’s not it? So was that a misunderstanding of mine?

If so, is it okay if I kiss you more?

I won’t refrain then.


I was so absorbed in it that I forgot to breathe.

Next, I’d like to touch your body.

First I’ll stroke your hair, neck, shoulder, hips, and then the place down there, all of it, is that okay?

I’m just checking because I don’t wish to do anything you dislike.

Hey, is it okay? Please say that it’s okay.

I’m happy.


I can tell that your body’s hot even through clothing so were you expecting this?

I want to feel you and touch you to the point that there isn’t a place on your body that I haven’t touched.

First, I’ll start with this soft looking spot.

Doesn’t seem like that’ll be enough at this rate, I want to look at them directly.

I’ll undo your buttons then.


Okay, I’m done with all the buttons so could you lift your arms up a little?

Is it okay if I take your bra off as well?

Me too?

Of course, though it takes more time when it comes to you.

Are you feeling embarrassed? …Sorry.

In that case, since we took that off based on my request, next up would be that. Please show it to me.


Don’t worry, I won’t look the moment it’s off. If we embrace each other like this, it won’t be reflected in my eyes.

Ah, your wonderful scent.

You’re complimenting my scent again, do you like it?

That makes me happy. Now then, it’s about time I remove your bra.


When I touch your warm and soft breast it’s really, how should I say it, arousing…?

This place where I’m touching is continually transmitting your heartbeat, were you anticipating something like you were earlier?

How nice.


Your body gave a little jolt, did that feel ticklish? …I thought that it’d feel good though.

Then, how about when I lick it?

What do you think?

I guess I ought to spend more time on this spot, but don’t worry, we just have to proceed with it slowly. So could you please tell me the place where you feel it most?

I see, then I have no choice but to search for it.


First, I’ll start with your breasts.

Huh? I can see that this place is trembling a little.

Nope, stay still.

It feels like they’ll spill out of my hands, they’re soft and warm, and I wish I could touch them forever.

I’ll start licking them okay?


I’m sorry, I just-umm, I left a mark.

I think you probably conceal with clothes but the mark I left on your skin somehow makes my heart flutter.

I want to leave more. Is that a no?

Really? Then I’ll leave on your shoulders.

It’ll be fine if it’s here right?


It’s on there.

Now, where should I touch next? Shall I go with this cute belly?

Lie on your back upon the bedsheets and relax.


And this hollow here, as expected, it’s cute. And deeper here…

It’s a secret.

Now, what should we do next?

How about hands? If I kiss the back of your hands, would I become your knight?

……I’m happy.


If I give you such a lewd kiss, as a princess you might swoon. But you seem to be fine and you’re giving me the look like you want more.

In that case, where would you like me to touch? I’d prefer it if you tell me quickly.

I see, then is it alright if I expose what’s under the skirt?


Somehow it feels like all the heat was released just now. Since your legs were fidgeting around the whole time, you must’ve felt it from my foreplay.

I guess you aren’t able to answer. I’ll check it directly then.


This place here is extremely hot and I can tell that you’re wet even with your underwear on.

No need to be ashamed, I’m so turned on right now that it’s become quite the spectacle. This place is so hot that I feel like my brain is about to melt.

Did you just praise me…?

Or are you perhaps shocked by how hard it is?


You’re quite bold during times like these, but nope, please leave everything regarding our first night together to me.


Open your mouth a little more.

It’s about time we expose everything so please loosen up your body.

Hot. This place is trembling as I stroke it.

Since the underwear is boorish, let’s remove it. Please lift your hips.

That’s fine. When I see you being honest, it makes me want to be straight about my affection for you.

I’m happy when you smile, and if you cry, we’d cry together. And just like that, we slowly grew closer, and then today, we’ll become one.

I love you, and I wish to feel you more.


Your nectar’s overflowing,

What a nice voice, I’m aroused just from hearing it.

At this rate, if I caress you all the way down to the tips of your toes, would that be considered upfront?

Wait, I want to touch you for a little longer. I want to unravel you more.


I guess we’re both at our limits, both you and I.

Mhm, I’m ready.

Then here I go.

Are you scared? In that case, how about we hold hands?


Amazing, it’s in all the way.

Your insides are taking me in and bewitching me, it feels so good that I don’t think I’ll be able to last.

Although a part of me wants to continue feeling your warmth like this, is it okay if I move?


This is nice, I feel like I’m about to melt at this rate.

So your insides would become like this. I feel like I know everything, everything about your body.

But I wish to learn more, even more.


Is it painful?

I’m sorry, I was so engrossed that I couldn’t help myself and I can’t stop my hips either. Not only that… I want to move faster.

I’m really sorry.

If you forgive me like that…

Each time I strike up against you, it just feels way too good.


Are you feeling pleasure from me as well?

Somehow, your insides are twisting as though to answer me.

Hey, let’s cum together, and I’ll pinch that for you.


I’m gonna cum. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.


Could it be that you’re still cumming?

Please don’t squeeze down on me.

I don’t mind, I’ll lend you a hand, I’ll let you climax as many times as you’d like. Since I’m still inside, the whole length feels almost painfully good.

Sure, more one.


Have you settled down a little?

Not at all, are you sleepy?

Go ahead, sleep soundly.


Track 5: Complications of Happiness


I’m sorry, but I’ve got some plans afterwards.

How troubling, I really do have business to attend to, though. I apologize, but I’ll have to get going.


Good morning, I’m right on time, aren’t I?

Oh, although they’re from the same university, I’m a graduate student, so I’ve never met those kids before.

I couldn’t make a reservation at the restaurant for lunch today, so we might be forced to wait in line.

Mhm, let’s go.


Yes? Err, is that a business card?

Scouting for models…?

No, I’m not particularly interested. I apologize, but I have pre-arranged plans, so please leave that for next time.


I’m sorry, we were in the middle of our conversation, right?

Somehow the weather’s gotten worse so let’s hurry to the store.

Eh? M-m, I’m not model material. They had something to discuss so it’d be impolite to not listen so I’ll just make a phone call.

What’s wrong? Are you feeling anxious?

If there’s something on your mind, please make sure to tell me.

I suppose so, then let’s go.


Eh? Yes? A photo…?

Oh, a commemorative photo. Should I help take one?

With me? No, err, I’m not in the entertainment industry nor am I handsome.

This is troubling. I’m stumped, what should I do…?

Sorry, but I’m in a hurry.


Why are you crying?

So you’re feeling a deep sadness. Could it be that in trying not to hurt you, I ended up hurting you instead?

I see. I should’ve just refused by saying that I’m on a date.

During times like these, I never know what I should do to turn people down, so to make you cry, I’m sorry.

Please let me apologize.

So what should I do? Should we leave this place? Or should we go to a place where we can be alone together?

Mhm, I suppose so. Let’s go then.


Sorry for the intrusion.

It’s a bit nerve-wracking for me to visit your room, but I never imagined that all the hotels would be full. Though it might’ve been inevitable since it’s Saturday.

It’s nice to have a drink during the day.

More importantly, I’m glad that you’re full of energy again.

I’m really sorry about earlier. Since I was with you, I should’ve been honest and said it. That I’m on a date with my girlfriend, so please don’t interfere.


Hehe, your cheeks are red.

I’m not poking fun at you. Say, is it okay if I bring out the glasses? Please allow me to pour the alcohol.

Oh, you have snacks to go with it too, these are the ones you can buy at the convenience stores, right?

Eh? So you drink with friends here?

That seems fun. A takoyaki party would be nice too, but I guess it’s a girls-only gathering​.

Is that so? But I’m sure it’s florid when you’re drinking with other girls.


Oh, we should start with our drinks soon. Please bring your cup here.

Okay, cheers.

It tastes good, right?

Although this should be the first time that ever I’ve been in this room, it doesn’t feel that way. I think it’s because we were on the phone together every night while you were in the room.


Somehow, there’s this feeling of restlessness. This room is filled with your scent so it feels like I’m being wrapped up in it.

Say, is it okay if I touch you a little?

……I’m happy.


Turn this way.

Bring out your tongue a little more.

That feels good, and it seems like you’re enjoying it as well because you’re making a really intoxicated expression.


The floor’s hard on you, right? Shall I lift you onto the sofa?

This body is small and soft, it’s relaxing to hold you but at the same time, it makes me restless. It’s an odd feeling.

Huh? You feel the same?

If so, just like how I’ve gotten hard, are you turned as well?

Please let me check. Okay?


Wow, this place is hot, and your thighs are a little wet, is it sweat? Or…

It’s salty, so it must be sweat.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to poke fun at you. Well then, I’ll touch deep inside that precious place okay?


I don’t think I’ll be able to tell whether you’re aroused with just this so I’ll switch your panties okay?

So much is spilling out.

Look, my lips have gotten this wet.

I can tell you’re really aroused as well. You’ve gotten successively wetter and it seems like you’re finished with your preparations. So……

I can hold you tight. And I want to do it while we’re in this appearance.

Thank you, that makes me happy.


Stand on your knees and wait for a bit, I need to get ready.

With this, I can enter inside you.

Now, please lower your hips slowly.



Wow, it’s slowly entering. It might be a bit tough but can you move?

Amazing, I can slightly see the place where it’s going in and out.

Do you not want me to look? Then grab onto me, that way, I won’t be able to see.

That’s right.


It’s ticklish when you breathe onto my ears.

Your pleasurable moans have gradually gotten louder.

Don’t squeeze down on purpose, are you angry?

I’m sorry, I might’ve been a little high-handed but I’m so happy that I’m able to embrace you like this inside your room that I feel as though I’m capable of anything.


There’s this uncanny feeling because I’m hitting unexpected places but it feels fresh.

Here, I love this place.

Hey, please remember the spots where I feel good, okay? And I’ll make sure to immediately memorize the places that make you feel good as well.

It’s here right? And also here?


Your body’s all disoriented.

That’s good, lean on me more.


I’m at my limit, let’s cum together, okay?


So you were so into it that you forgot even how to kiss. Say, would you be able to go for one more round?

Next up, let’s do it plenty of times on the bed.


Track 6: Misgivings


Oh, you’re awake. Good morning.

Is your body okay?

I’m glad that you’re fine. And umm, to tell you the truth, I’ve been called upon by my professor so I have to get going now.

I’m sorry that I can’t always be by your side.

Thank you.


I’m reluctant to do so, but I really have to go.

I’ll get in touch with you later, okay?


Track 7: Emptiness


It’s sadly raining today, isn’t it?

We didn’t have much time to talk the other day so I’d like to hear all sorts of things from you.

Something I had forgotten…?

That cologne​ is something I’ve always had on ever since you told me that you liked me.

I’m sorry, but to tell you the truth, sniffing the scent of that cologne has an uplifting effect on one’s mood. That cologne has been something I’ve been grappling with throughout my time at the graduate school, and the details of which is research so that one would be able to manipulate a person’s emotions using said scent.


When we first met, I took advantage of that ability. And also…

This too? What do you mean?

Eh? What’s with that photo? Me…?

What’s this supposed to be? I have no such memory, I’ve never laughed while being surrounded by girls like that.

Those clothes——

Japanese inn? Could this be from the training camp?


That’s not it!

To be honest, when I went on a lab-related excursion, I was made to drink a lot of alcohol by the other guys so I have no memories of what happened after.

Following that, I asked all the nearby professors whether I did anything but they said that there wasn’t anything unusual.

And most importantly, this was an event that happened before I even met you.

These girls were seminar student​s that helped out at the laboratory, and there’s also people whom I’ve never met. I wonder if they’re tourists?


I have indeed been confessed to by the girls from my university, the seminar students, but I never gave them a reply because I had no intention of dating them.

Too ambiguous?

They should’ve given up already, it’s been half a year since then.

Are you not gonna believe me…?


Why did I do it? To say it that way is…

That scent was still in the experimental stages so I never planned to use it on an actual person but you seemed so pained that day, and the instant where it seemed as though you were about to jump in front of the train at any moment, I became convinced I wasn’t capable of lifting you from your despair with my own power.

So I concluded that it couldn’t be helped for the sake of saving you.

That’s, I’m incapable of leaving you alone the way you were that day even now. If I had done that, who knows what would’ve happened.


You weren’t planning to commit suicide…?

So that’s what it was, I had the wrong idea. So you’ve never loved someone to the point that you’d jumped in front of a train over a heartbreak, huh.


Track 8: Passionate Vow


For you to be crouching down at a place like this, is something the matter?

I came to run an errand for my professor, this is the station for the psychiatric hospital that has ties to my university.


Wait!!! It’s dangerous for you to run if you’re staggering so much.

That’s impossible, I’m worried about you, if you’re feeling unwell, please rest.

At a time like this——

Seriously wait, try to at least take shelter from the rain.

No, I won’t go until I’ve ascertained that you’ve returned home, also, I sense that we’d never cross paths ever again if we part here, so, please-


Wait, you’ll catch a cold if you remain wet. I have a towel, so-

Why are you crying? Even though you should never weep in sorrow again as long as you’re with me…

Please come sit over at this bench, calm down, and take a deep breath. At this rate, you might start hyperventilating.

What are you-

It’s dangerous!!!


Ow, ow, ow. Ah, are you okay?

Thank god.

Please, please don’t run away. I’m begging you, please listen to what I have to say.


Seems like you’ve settled down a little.

I’m sorry, but I wanted to convey this to you no matter what.

I’m longer wearing that cologne, and I’ve formally apologized to all the girls that have confessed to me that I have no feelings for them and I’ve deleted all their contact info.

I’ve always regretted controlling your emotion with said scent, and I realize that your acceptance of me might not have been your true feelings.

Although that cologne doesn’t have enough power to freely alter a person’s mind, it makes one anxious.

It’s fine, it’s my fault.


So you’re shedding tears of joy again.

I wonder what we’re doing in a place like this? Say, it’ll be bad if we catch a cold, so if you’d like, how about we head over to my flat?


Track 9: Shiny Raindrops


Why were you crouching down by the roadside earlier?

Eh? Your ex-boyfriend had a wife? ….And even children?

That’s just cruel.


Are you alright?

To date other girls even though they’re married……

But I guess I’m not that different, I’m really sorry.

Me wanting to save you was genuine, but I’m always comparing myself to your ex-boyfriend and it makes me anxious.


Let’s make up…? Eh?

Could it be that what you’re referring to when you say let’s make up is-

If you hug me naked like that, I’ll get turned on, but we can’t go all the way here, so at the very least, if you could…

You’re already wet, this place is wet, you know?

Don’t worry, the way you feel it easily is cute.


Please feel even more pleasure, I’ll put it inside, okay?

It’ll be fine, I’ll make sure to clean it up afterwards so don’t mind it. I’ll start moving my finger then.

Are you close to cumming? Your insides are twitching.

Go on, feel the movement of my fingers and cum.


Looks like it felt good.

It’s really cute, the way to cum from my fingers, your expression, everything. Hey, we can’t do much here so let’s finish taking our bath and go over to the bed.

In that case, how about I carry you?

What a shame, regardless, I don’t wish to hurt you so bear with having only my hand.


Please wait a moment, I’ll make some preparation so that you can relax.

Some bedside aroma, oh, commercial ones of course. It’s a scent that helps you calm both your body and mind, also, the music’s there for the same reason.

Your heart was hurt and you were suffering all this time, weren’t you? I’m sure it still hasn’t healed, so I thought that I should try and comfort you.

I’ll go through it slowly today so all you have to do is feel good.


Surrender your body to the nice scent and music. And if you aren’t frightened by it, please close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

Hey, did you know that a person can cum even without being touched?

That’s right, I’ll guide you along until you climax.

Say, do you remember when we did it for the first time? Slowly unraveling your heart, touching your body, and bonding together at the hotel.

When I touched your body it was extremely hot and you were also trembling a little, but rather than fear, I felt that you were aroused.

As you let cute moans as you joined with my hand, it was almost as though you were a captive princess.


Has your body become a little hot?

That day, simply by moving my hips a little, your insides would get increasingly wet. It’s hard to convey that extraordinarily good feeling through words but you probably felt more than that, you forgot about your own self and came countless times, after all.

And it was really adorable, I get worked up from simply remembering it.

Your voice and movements, the eyes that were staring at me, they all shook my heart. It felt really good, and I was reminded of how much I liked you, and how much I loved you.


Did it feel a little nice? I’m glad that it went well.

I guess I’ll leave it at that for today. Now slowly open your eyes.

Oh, your eyes are moist, was it good?

I’m really excited simply from seeing you turned on but as expected, in the end, I wish you pleasure you inside.


Shall we take off our clothes?

I’ll do it.

Oh, you’re sweating a little, was it because of what I did earlier?

A secret? …But could you at least give me a hint?

You see, people can feel good even without being touched, don’t you think that’s wonderful? I can bring you to a high with just words.

I’m happy that you feel the same.


I want to touch your body further like I usually do but because of that cute appearance earlier, I don’t think I could endure it.

I’ll take it off then. Although just clothes, I need to get prepped as well, so wait a bit.


It’s a bit embarrassing having you watch me put on a condom. Though it can’t be helped since I’m doing it right in front of you.

That said, I got more even excited because of those deeply intrigued eyes.

Well then, here I go.


Amazing, I feel like your insides are more cramp than usual. That reminds me, I never loosen up your insides using my fingers, so does it not hurt?

I see. That’s a relief.

Let’s wait a bit until you get accustomed to me, okay?


This is seriously hard on me so it’s not like I’m being unreasonable.

In that case, I’ll gradually start moving, okay?

Incredible, it’s so tight and hot. Say, do you feel good as well? Please tell me immediately if it gets tough, okay?

It’s sucking me up, almost as proof that it’s accepted me.


I want to feel you deeper, is that okay?

I can’t get enough of this, swallow me up to this extent…

I love you so much that I just want to say it.

I love you, I love you. I want to hold you tightly and release everything inside you.

Please reach the same point as me, okay?


I’m cumming.


It felt really good, to feel both your body and soul, I was happy.


The tree outside is glistening from the reflection of the raindrops. It’s beautiful, it’s almost as though it’s proof that your heart has cleared up.

Is it ticklish?

It’s cute when you’re fidgeting around.

You’re embarrassed? Really? I’m happy, so I thought that the same applied to you. Because you see, whenever your emotions waver, my heart would shift as well.

I’m sure it wasn’t because I was drawn along by it, but rather, it was because we were sharing the same feelings.


I’m happy and my heart’s really pounding, so you must feel the same, right?

I love you.

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  1. Safira Rosalina

    Ahh, thank you so much for your hard work of translating this CD! I’ve been looking for it and I’m so happy that found it! Kumaniku’s voice is really cute here..

    However, I’m still confused at the part that the MC found his clothes from Japanese inn. I’m sorry, but could you explain at that part? And did he actually ever do it with other girls? I’m sorry I’m confused lol :’)


    1. Criy

      She found an old picture of him with smiling together with other girls (on a school related excursion), and obviously, he did nothing as the professors were there to witness it.
      And he was able to recognize that it was from that particular trip based on the clothes he was wearing inside the photo.


  2. luxicity

    Omg this is a recent release! And you already got someone who requested for this?? Omg cool.

    And lol I thought this would be purely vanilla. But I didn’t quite got the part about the scent. So he was controlling her after all along with other girls? But he liked her instead or something?


    1. Criy

      The scent can lift people’s mood, so although it was experimental and wasn’t yet ready to be used on people, he used it on her because he mistakenly thought she was trying to commit suicide the day they first met and continued to do so until he accidentally left it at her house. Otherwise, he hasn’t used it on anyone else, at least not intentionally (people crowding around them during their date probably has something to do with him having the cologne on)


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