【Translation】 Kankinkon Series 1st Anniversary Mini-Tracks


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CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀), Ootani Yuki (大谷祐貴)

Track 1


K: Hikaru, the 1st year anniversary celebration has finally begun.

H: Haa…I suppose so.

K: What’s the matter? Somehow, you seem pretty lukewarm about it. 

H: As a presenter for this 1st-year anniversary celebration, I was asked various questions in regards to my father’s umm, that.

H: ……And so I ended up learning an unexpected side of him.

K: An unexpected side of a perfect person like him huh, was he in actuality a rascal?


H: Rascal? I guess you can call him a rascal in some regards.

K: I don’t quite understand but although I know surprisingly little about your family, don’t you think that might be a good thing?

H: It’ll ruin the mood if you know too much, but well, I can’t speak for others. In any case, let’s celebrate this 1st year anniversary.

K: Well then, ready set…

Both: Congratulations on the Kankinkon series 1st anniversary!


Track 2


H: Haa……

K: Huh? You seem even more dismayed than before.

H: When I think about the fact that I was already inside my mother’s belly during the time of this wedding ceremony, there’s this indescribable feeling about it. As expected, not even I would rape a pregnant woman​.

K: Haha, as if that could happen. …It’s a joke, right?

H: Kazuma, remember my birthday.

K: There are things in the world that aren’t meant to be remembered~


Track 3


H: When it comes to this work, how should I say it, we both have umm…recollections of it.

K: I guess so, but well, if you hadn’t run wild during that time then the current us probably wouldn’t exist. Surely you’ve been unable to endure your 3rd surgery and died, besides, the one who went out of line first was me.

H: Kazuma……


H: Speaking of which, the juice I drank earlier was extremely spicy, do you have any idea as to why?

K: I don’t.

H: Huh? There’s chili pepper on the edge of your mouth, you know?

K: No way, where?

H: Checkmate. Kazuma, knowing you, you’d probably test it out yourself before having me drink it.


K: It seems like I can’t win against you, Hikaru.

H: Not at all, I lost against your kindness since the day we first met.


Track 4


K: Ah, how nostalgic. During this period, I don’t know whether to say it’s all thanks to you or that it’s all your fault but times were difficult.

H: I’m remorseful about that now, nevertheless, you united with your person of fate because of that so perhaps it was a good thing? Your dearest wish from way back during the Meiji era has been granted, no?

K: Eh? What do you mean?

H: I’m saying that you were spiteful before you were even born.


Track 5


K: I wonder why Mr. Yamada and Mr. Touji get along so well.

H: You can refer to them as friends of sorts, they were zealously discussing naked aprons the other day.

K: Uwah. I ended up learning about an aspect of my seniors that I didn’t wish to know about.

H: Haha! Doesn’t seem like Kazuma has any interest in that type of abnormal play.

K: M-m, besides I think naked with a collar is considerably better. Oh, though I say collars, I’m referring to the cute ones.

H: ……And now I ended up learning about an aspect of my best friend that I wish I didn’t learn.


Track 6


H: During this time, Mr. Kaga got done in with a wine bottle it seems.

K: Well that’s an expression I’ve never heard of.

H: Kazuma, you are too slow to pick on it. It’s an exceedingly emotional notion that your close teaching colleague brought forth.

K: Toasting with wine?

H: No, he had his head split with a wine bottle and became an honest person.


K: Oh, is that so? In any case, let’s not give Mr. Touji any wine starting next year.


Track 7


H: Thinking back on it now, the chance of Kazuma stumbling upon people in the middle of doing it is rather high don’t you think?

K: It’s not like I come across them because I want to. Speaking of which, Mr. Yamada has way too much sex at school.

H: That’s rude you know Kazuma. It’s not like Mr. Yamada purposefully chose to have sex while at school, his workplace, he simply can’t suppress his desires neither at home nor at school.

K: Don’t you think that’s even more rude?


Track 8


K: That reminds me, did you intentionally lose that match?

H: W-well, yeah, in truth, I could’ve easily won.

K: Hehe, is that so? I see, I see.

H: Hey Kazuma, you interpreted that as something entirely different didn’t you?

K: Well then, let’s move onto the next venue.


H: W-wait, are you hearing me Kazuma? Please l-listen to what I have to say.


Track 9


H: I’m so sorry.

K: Eh? Why are you suddenly apologizing?

H: My ancestor was in various ways, like that, in terms of those things.

K: But your ancestor has nothing to do with me though?

H: In any case, could I please ask you to forgive them? I can’t set off fireworks when I think about how your ‘that’ is buried under.

K: What’s buried? A time capsule?

H: In one sense it is……


Track 10


H: Good grief, it ended without anyone finding out because I was keeping guard you know?

K: Eh? Is that so? Thank you. And on that note, since you were keeping guard, did you catch a glance of her nude.

H: I didn’t look, and I’d have no interest even if I did see.


K: It’s RUDE, to say that you aren’t interested…!!! Take a GOOD LOOK, she’s CHARMING enough to draw in looks from everyone is she not!?

H: Putting attractiveness aside, she has a characteristic mole under her breasts.

K: Hikaru, how about we play the watermelon splitting game together?

H: It reeks of danger so I’ll pass.


Track 11


H: So the day that you’re referred to as a Teacher as well has finally come, it’s deeply moving. Speaking of which, how did things go for those two?

K: Hmm, in the short while following that, she ended up going straight to the infirmary at school​. It seemed like her morning sickness was extreme so it was quite tough for her all the way until commencement.

H: How unfortunate, did it not go well?

K: No, it was the result of a good outcome.

H: I see, so they’re one of us.


Track 12


H: The celebration’s about to end soon. I don’t know whether I’m happy or sad at the thought that with this, our world too would become peaceful.

K: Huh? Did you forget Hikaru? There’s something amazing awaiting us next year.

H: Oh, speaking of which, that is true. Good grief, the crimes never cease in this world.

K: In other words, this 1st-year anniversary celebration has come to an end.

H: Our time will continue to flow in the minds of those who listen to our tales. For celebrating the 1st year anniversary with us…

Both: Thank you.

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