【Translation】 Kare-ra to 24-Jikan Ikinuku CD 「CRIMINALE! DUELLO」 Vol.1 Gerardo & Chiave


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

カレらと24時間生き抜くCD 「クリミナーレ!DUELLO」 Vol.1 ジェラルド&キアーヴェ

CV: Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川光), Toriumi Kousuke (鳥海浩輔)

Track 1: 00 : Segno


G: One year has since Amphibasena’s previous Father passed, despite it being a test of endurance, the matter was settled without issue.

C: And then, in a magnificent display, you were chosen as the new Father. …Ain’t that right Gerardo?

G: Hey Chiave, what are you trying to imply?

C: I was just glad the one who was chosen was you, because of that, I was chosen as the advisor and I get to have fun every day. As a bonus, the previous Father’s daughter often comes to place.

C: That said, I’m a bit worried for her. On top of it being filled with men, this place’s a Mafia stronghold. If on the off-chance she becomes involved in some dangerous incident…

G: We simply have to protect her when that happens no? Amphisbaena​ will do so gladly.


4 p.m. Command Room, Amphisbaena Headquarters

G: Go ahead, come in.

C: Oh Miss, so you brewed some coffee? Thank you, as always, you’re thinking of us.

G: Sorry but although I’d usually let my subordinates do it, I’m taking the time to examine a particular matter myself.

C: Isn’t it better if you speak to her about it as well?

G: That’s certainly true…

G: Hey you, come sit there too.


C: To tell you the truth, lately there seem to be organizations trying to probe into Amphisbaena. We’ve currently narrowed it in down to several locations and are having Lucia and others investigate.

G: There shouldn’t be the need to worry since we’re entrusting the task to them, but at any rate, the search area’s too vast.

G: Right now the only people remaining at headquarters is me and Chiave so tell me immediately if you spot anyone suspicious. Also, make sure you have an escort when you come and go from this place for the time being.

C: You’re welcome. In other words, isn’t it about time you returned home? If you stay too long you’ll worry your mother no?


C: Oh? So she went off on an overseas trip. But it’s even more dangerous when the sun sets you know, so I’ll be the one escorting you home today.

G: What is it?

C: I guess they’re reporting in from patrol. Well then Gerardo, we’ll be leaving before you.

C: You need me to come as well? Did something bad happen?

C: Ah so you’re the messenger, therefore the patrols must be standing by at the conference room. It’s a pain but I guess I have no choice but to go.

G: However if that happens, what will become of her escort?

C: Eh? Are you going with them?

G: What do you plan on doing? If you’d prefer, you can wait for a bit until we’re finished with the report, and Chiave can…

C: Are you fine with that Miss?

G: Sorry, in that case, I’ll leave her to you.


G: Patrol report? Until now, the person came directly themselves. No wait, I can’t remember their face.

C: Nope, we don’t.


Track 2: 01 : Tezoro


5 p.m. Backalley near Roma Termini Station

G: Don’t move, if you make any strange movements, a red flower will bloom on your body.

C: Now then, how about you let go of her? And how about you tell us everything well you’re at it.


C: Miss…!!!

G: Don’t you dare escape!

C: Are you okay?

C: If so, that’s fine. But good grief, although he was trying to run away, to thrust you away like that is a bit much.

C: Gerardo, is that guy still breathing? There’s a whole bunch of things we ought to ask him after.

G: Yeah, I missed on purpose, he’s in shock after collapsing from the force of it.

G: But jeez, I never thought they’d act as predicted.


G: It’s not unreasonable for you to be confused. I’ll get straight to the point, you were attacked by one of Amphisbaena’s men.

C: I apologize, had we analyzed the information more carefully then we wouldn’t have held you up, but it appears that there were hostile forces inside while we were speaking.

G: In other words, in Amphisbaena, besides allies like us, you also have enemies.

C: Anyhow, we ought to have him spit out the reason why he targeted you.

C: You can travel with Gerardo to a place where you can hide, and I’ll follow soon after once I’m finished with the interrogation.

G: I’ll bring her to the safe house. There shouldn’t be any concern of being discovered in that aforementioned location.

G: Let’s go, follow me.

C: I’ll see later then, Miss.


7 p.m. A certain safe house in the city of Rome

G: Are you not thirsty? There’s a bit of food so don’t refrain from telling me.

G: There’s no need to be that anxious, this is a seldom used safe house, only me and Chiave know of its location. Also, Chiave is fine, interrogations are his field of expertise so he should be finished with it soon.

G: Oh just as we speak, Chiave is back. That sound just now is him.

C: Sorry to keep you waiting Gerardo, and you as well Miss. I brought that man to another safe house, I made sure that he can’t escape so no worries about that.

C: I know it’s a bit rushed, but please allow me to speak on what I know.

G: Yes, go ahead.


C: It appears that that man has a leader, although he wouldn’t spill the name, its one of Amphisbaena’s upper echelons. The reason Miss was targeted was because there’s a rumor of hidden treasure spread amongst a portion of Amphisbaena right now, and so they’re guessing that either Miss or her mother possesses it.

G: Hidden treasure…? What exactly?

C: I don’t know the full details, but it seems like Father gave it to the sole person he acknowledged.

G: I see, so by owning it, it would be the same as receiving a direct nomination by Father, in other words, they can redo said contest and become Father themselves, that’s probably what they thought no? However, I’ve never once heard of such things.

G: You, do you not have anything in mind? Then what about your mother?

G: I see, if your mother was here I would’ve asked her immediately but she’s on an overseas trip isn’t she?


C: Though this time it’s the cloud’s silver lining. When I stopped by Miss’ house along the way, it had been broken into. Had your mother not been on a trip, she would’ve been attacked.

G: Broken into? What do you mean?

C: Since there’s a possibility that the hidden treasure’s at her house, I stopped by before coming there; and then I found it in that state.

G: If so, those guys might’ve already obtained the hidden treasure.

C: Nope, I don’t think that’s the case. If they did obtain it, they would’ve announced it one way or any other by now. Seeing that they aren’t making any moves, it implies that they couldn’t find it despite searching the house.

C: That said, we aren’t safe, they probably investigated your mother’s trip schedule.


G: I see, they’re aiming for the moment your mother returns to Italy, and attack her then. Rather than searching the wide expanses outside the country, it’s more reliable to lay in wait for ambush and assassinate her at the airport.

G: Go contact your mother and tell her not to return to Italy for the time being.

G: Why’s it impossible?

C: Hah!? I know there are certainly people who don’t carry around smartphones with them but she should at least bring one when traveling overseas.

G: Though, do you know when her flight will arrive?

G: 7:35 p.m. tomorrow? That’s a period of about 24 hours.

C: It would be settled if we were the quickest one to find the target but frankly it’s a bit difficult to do so in 24 hours with just 2 people.

G: Those guys were probably anticipating this and aimed for the moment where Lucia and the others aren’t around. No, the information that there’s a spy amongst us might’ve fake so that the personals at the headquarters would be reduced.


C: The possibility is high. Moreover, if you make contact with the outside carelessly, it’ll get intercepted and the situation will become even more dangerous.

C: Now then, what shall we do Gerardo? We can’t return to headquarter not knowing how many personals are under their influence, on top of that, we can’t rely on Lucia or the others.

C: First off, shall we meet up with her mother and wait for everyone else to return? Or shall we-

G: Ain’t that obvious? If we just sit here, the possibility of them finding us is high. In that case, we just gotta do things before them. Moreover, as Amphisbaena’s Father, I have the responsibility of setting that fight.

G: When it comes to revolts, it can be easily dealt with just you and me.

C: I thought you’d say that.

G: You heard us, we’ll settle everything before your mother return.


C: Are you okay Miss? If you’re anxious, I can prepare you a shelter.

G: That tone, that’s what I expected out of you.

C: I mean, if something were to happen, it’s safest to be around us. We’ll definitely see to it that we protect both you and your mother.

G: Leave everything to us. Got it?

G: Good answer, so without delay, let’s begin.


G: First, we gotta pinpoint the target.

C: No worries, this is my field of expertise. Gerardo, I’ll be borrowing this P.C., allow me to identify the leader of the revolt using this man’s smartphone.

G: How is it? Is it progressing along?

C: Hmm, this might be a bit difficult, there seems to be someone skilled on their side. The security is robust and there’s quite a number of traps, if I make the slightest mistake, it’ll reveal our whereabouts, however, it’s not something I can’t do.

C: If I turn off the security measures temporarily and fiddle around with this management system…

C: Tch. Password huh, I guess things couldn’t be that easy.

G: Moreover, you have to enter it within 30 seconds.

C: It’s make or break eh. This is it.


C: Haa…what a relief, it was a success.

G: You were getting me all nervous, but well that’s expected of Chiave.

C: Oh, the password was simple. When it comes to something that many people within a group will see, rather than something complicated, they’d choose something that’s easy to memorize.

C: T, E, Z, O, R, O

C: When I tried inputting their goal, it came out as correct.

G: I see. Tesoro, treasure, that’s certainly unexpectedly simple.

C: And then the target is…


C: It’s out, this is the mastermind this time.

G: Ain’t that Simone? Isn’t that old man a veteran from Father’s era?

C: He’s probably dissatisfied by the fact that he was disregarded and that a young man like yourself succeeded him instead.

G: And so, where’s he right now?

C: It appears that he has some business to take care of at 10 o’clock so isn’t he most likely there? Location-wise, it’s a warehouse one hour from here.

G: That’s perfect, we’ll head there right now; we might be able to obtain some intel.

G: You should come with us as well, currently it’s more dangerous for us to be separated.

C: I suppose so, it’s easier to protect you when you’re by our side. So are you okay with that Miss?

G: Then let’s go, if I remember correctly there should be a car in the garage; we’ll be using that.


Track 3: 03 : Accordo


9:30 p.m. A warehouse within the city of Rome, 2 hours and 30 minutes have elapsed

G: Is the location where the transaction’s taking place? Somehow it’s all furniture.

C: Most likely it’s an interior design shop’s warehouse, there’s plenty of places to hide so ain’t that great?


C: There are another 30 minutes until the transaction is made. At any rate, let’s conceal ourselves in that cover over in that area.

G: Did they arrive?

G: I’ll go watch their movements, and Chiave, you can stay here with her.

G: Don’t worry, I’m just scouting so wait for me like a good girl.

C: There’s someone coming this way right now, let’s get inside that closet and have them past by us.


C: Miss, come closer this way. It might be a bit cramped but bear with it.

C: Did they pass?

C: Stay still, not yet, it’s best if we remain here until Gerardo returns.

C: Gunshots…? Don’t tell me he-

C: No, I don’t think he made the blunder of being discovered, he probably set out seeing that there aren’t a large number of people.

C: Ah, sorry! Did I startle you?


C: If so, that’s fine. Your body’s quite tense so you must be rather nervous. But I guess it can’t be helped since enemies might be close by, but should you really be focusing so much on the outside? You never know what I might do you know?

C: What a nice reaction, show it to me properly.

C: I guess so, we’re close enough to the point that I can probably kiss you a little more. Shall I actually do that right now?

C: Just kidding. Good grief, being glad that it’s me, it’s not good to be so defenseless Miss; don’t you think you ought to fight back a little more?

C: Ah…I never imagined you’d trust me to that extent, I can never betray you if things are like this. But in that case, you were alright with being kissed so shall we try that again?

C: I won’t hear otherwise, it’s your fault for saying something so cute.

G: Stop, Chiave your act end here.

C: Oh, you’re back Father.

G: Jeez, who are you saying is back.


C: So how was it on your side?

G: Yeah, they were underlings. They weren’t great in numbers so I thought I could catch them myself and squeeze information out of them, but they went off dying on their own before I could ask them.

C: Hmm, is that so? If we can’t question the person in question then we have no choice but to use that smartphone.

G: I brought it with that thought in mind.

C: As expected of you, now quickly give it to me and let me analysis it.


11:30 p.m. A certain safe house in the city of Rome, 4 hours have elapsed.

C: Hmm, I can’t find any relevant intel.

G: Is there not any information on that treasure?

C: It seems like they don’t know anything besides the fact that it’s a treasure, just that…

C: It’s nothing, if I examine at it closely, the information’s trivial. At this rate, I’ll be staying up all night, if you’d prefer, you can go ahead and rest first.

G: I guess so, I too think it’s best if you go sleep before us. You’re tired, aren’t you?

G: I understand the feeling of wanting to do something but if you collapse from that, it’ll all be for naught, so listen obediently to what we tell you. If telling you with my mouth isn’t enough, I can force you to sleep.

G: Hey don’t struggle, I’m just carrying you over the bed.

C: If that’s what it is then how about I help out? I want to you take your take and rest even in a situation like this after all.


G: Well then, I’ll be here watching you until you fall asleep, if I left you be, you intend on remaining awake no?

C: If that happens, there’s no meaning to this. Come on Miss, close your eyes.

G: If you so wish, I can sleep together with you tonight so what do you plan to do?

C: If sleeping together’s no good then how about I pat your head like this? If I do this it’s soothing and you’ll be able to sleep soundly, won’t you?

G: If Chiave is taking hold of your head then I’ll be clasping your hand.


G: How small, it fits entirely in mine. You’re tired from running around all day no? And not just you, you’re surely anxious about the fact that your mother is in a dangerous position.

C: But don’t worry, we’ll definitely protect you two until the very end. So if you wish to do something no matter what then I’d like you to brew us some coffee again after all this is settled.

G: It’s exactly like what Chiave said, I’m plenty grateful for just your sentiments so don’t let it concern you too much.

G: It looks like you’ve gotten sleepy, then I shall sing you a lullaby as the finishing touch.

C: If you do that, I sense that it’ll have the opposite effect and make her open her eyes.


C: I guess it should be fine now.

C: Say, could I go breath in some outside air? I’m a bit tired from staring at the monitor for too long.

G: Yeah, I know, no need to worry about her.

C: I’ll leave her to you.

C: Well then, good night Miss.


C: Now then, how long do you plan on hiding? You have business with me do you not?

C: Amidst the hacking, there was the indication of a GPS, but I imagine there wouldn’t be such an easily detectable signature. Despite knowing that we’re on the move, to purposefully visit us in this manner, I’d imagine you have something to speak to us about.

C: I see, so you want to make a deal with me. Then how about you tell me the conditions that I’d have to accept.

C: A matter regarding Amphisbaena eh, seems like someone’s lullaby’s effective.

C: Fine then, let me hear the full details.


Track 4: 14 : Tradimento


8:30 a.m. Rome Autostrada A24, 14 hours have elapsed

G: For the enemy’s hide-out to be in this building, it’s a location where you won’t think a rebellion group would be residing.

C: That’s right.

G: Hey, did you seriously stay up all night?

C: Well yeah, it’s for the sake of the organization so it’s not a problem.

C: Hmm? I’m fine Miss, I won’t keel over for not sleeping for a single night, I can’t be sleeping at a crucial time like this after all.


9 a.m. Enemy estate in Trevi, Rome, 15 hours have elapsed

G: So this is Simone’s mansion, as per Chiave’s intel, there aren’t any guards here at all. Speaking of which, where’s the target?

C: Oh, he’s surely…

G: Hey, what’s the meaning of this…!? Aren’t there supposed to be barely any enemies?!!

G: Chiave, are you listening???


G: Tch, it can’t be helped. Chiave, take her and run, and I’ll figure out something on my end.

C: That’s a discussion I can’t have.

G: Hah? What are you saying…? If you don’t hurry-

C: It’s not something to be flustered over, because the future of the two of you has already been decided.

G: What are you implying? Why did you handcuff both me and her?

C: Do you still not understand? You’re no longer my boss, I’m now on Simone’s side you see.

G: Stop with this strange joke, enough, remove these handcuffs right now.

C: Like I said, I’m no longer your subordinate so I have no reason to listen to your orders.

C: Bring those two to the dungeon and I’ll head to where the boss is.

G: Chiave!!!


12 p.m. Enemy dungeon, Trevi, Rome, 17 hours and 30 minutes have elapsed

G: Tch, it’s no use. I thought that I could force through the parts that have rusted but if I’m gonna go through that effort either way, I ought to deal with your end first.

G: That machine gun is intended to shoot us to death if we make any strange movements. What terrible taste they have.

G: Shit! This isn’t the time to be going on about that.

G: No, I’m fine.

G: I’m sorry, this is hard on you isn’t it? You don’t have to pretend to be brave, come on, come here.


G: I know you’re concerned about keeping your will steady but don’t saddle yourself with everything when things become tough, just tell it to me straight; it’s more painful for me when I see you forcing yourself to smile.

G: I don’t need your gratitude, it’s pretty lame that I can’t even comfort a single woman.

G: I’ll say this once but I trust my vow to protect both you and my comrades so could you have faith in me as well?

G: Thank you.


G: There’s no need to be so surprised over it, it’s just a little thanks.

G: Well then, I outta think of a way to escape. The most troublesome things are these handcuffs but hmm…

G: No, it’s nothing. That aside, please come a little closer this way.

G: It can’t be helped right? They’ll hear our voices from the other side, so if we’re gonna think of a plan, we gotta at least be this close.

G: Aren’t you tired from keeping your emotions held up this whole time? It’s okay for you to lean on me you know? I’d led my shoulder anytime to a good woman like you.

G: Now then, please tell me if you think of a plan and I’ll try to think of one as well.


Track 5: Finale


5:30 p.m. Enemy dungeon, Trevi, Rome, 22 hours have elapsed

G: The boss has finally appeared.

G: Yo Simone, I never thought I’d meet you in a place like this. Halt, I won’t show you any mercy if you lay hands on this woman.

G: Well of course, she’s a memento of Father’s, our beloved Miss. Besides, I promised her that I’d protect her until the very end.

G: Oh speaking of which, you were searching for Father’s hidden treasure weren’t you? However, this girl doesn’t possess it, isn’t that right?

G: See? If you understand then give up on it already, if you do so now, I’d overlook it-


G: I see, so you have no intention of listening to others.

G: It’s alright, believe in me.

G: Don’t worry, now get down…!!! Listen, don’t move under any circumstance and just bear with it.

G: Okay with this, I’m free.

G: Sorry but I’ll save the explanations for later, please hide behind me.


G: Well I guess I’ll go with this, for now, I need a weapon. Oh, they came at the just right timing, I’ll be borrowing this.

G: Fuck. I knew it, I can’t get into the proper rhythm unless I have two of them, I guess I’ll steal one more.

G: Tch, to run out of bullets at a thing like this. Dammit!!!

C: Even if you don’t steal them, I’ve got guns right here. Sorry to keep you waiting, here you go, here’s your partners.

G: You’re rather late.

C: Sorry about that, I thought you’d clean up everything.

G: You left me with quite the big feat.


C: Hmm? Were you that shocked? But I told you did I not? I’m unable to betray you, this was all part of the plan.


5:40 p.m. Enemy monitor room, Trevi, Rome, 22 hours and 10 minutes has elapsed

C: Good grief, both Gerardo and the Miss are confident in a situation like this despite the fact that we’d be turned into swiss cheese by the machine guns if I make a single mistake.

C: Hmm, but well, with this it turned out exactly the way I predicted.

C: Now then, how about I be a little flashy, we ought to deliver it to Father after all.

C: Yes, if we round-up all the enemies, that’s the best way to get through them. Now stay behind us Miss.


G: Isn’t that obvious? If that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have designated him as my adviser.

C: As expected of the Father that I’ve acknowledged.

C: I’ve finished off all the small fries.

G: Yeah, after thatーーit’s just you Simone. Your plan’s already finished so surrender quietly.


G: Hey, what’s so funny?

C: What? At the airport…?!! I was never told that they were that close.

G: Dammit, let’s hurry and leave, your mother’s in danger.


7:00 p.m. Rome Autostrada A24, 23 hours and 30 minutes have elapsed

C: There’s still about 30 minutes before we reach the airport.

G: This is bad, at this rate, we won’t be able to make in time.

C: The remaining personals at headquarters might be Simone’s allies so they can’t be trusted.

G: Tch, for Lucia and the others to be away at a time like this.

C: There ought to be something, there’s ought to be at least one way to save her.

C: Huh? What’s the matter Miss? Why are you staring intently at my smartphone?

G: The airport phone number…? What do you plan on using that for?

C: I see, understood, please wait just a moment.


8 p.m. Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

G: What are you all panicked for?

C: Sorry but the previous Father’s wife won’t be coming.

G: We contacted the airport before the airplane landed and told them to not let anyone out of the gate for 1 hour.

C: Well, the one who thought of that idea was the Miss though.

G: In any case, your plans have failed so surrender quietly. This is an order from the current Father.


Amphisbaena’s Main Headquarters, several days later

C: Mmm, as always, the coffee Miss brews is delicious.

G: Hmm? Oh, this? It’s a report in regards to the rebellion.

C: We caught all the traitors and scrutinized them all. However, it wasn’t clear what exactly that aforementioned treasure was.

G: Say, did you ask your mother if anything comes to mind for her?

G: Really? Then what is it?


C: Engagement ring…?

G: A diamond ring with Mio Tesoro, my treasure engraved on it? Hehe, as expected of an Italian.

C: Plus diamonds also symbolize forever unchanging​ love, it’s certainly something you’d only give to the one person you love.

G: Jeez, it caused quite the false alarm you know?

C: But it’s fine no? Both the Miss and her mother are safe and sound after all.


G: What are you saying? Us protecting you is a basic fact.

C: Yup yup, because you’re our beloved Miss. Besides, you’re the only one who’d trust me to that extent, I’m unable to betray you precisely because you’re like that.

G: Oi oi, you heard our talks in the monitor room did you not? The one she trusts is me.

G: Had you not taken my words at that time, it wouldn’t have gone well. I’ve taken quite the interest in that aspect of you.

C: Are you feeling shy? …How cute.

G: Hey, could you pass your hand to me for a bit?

C: Then I’ll take the other hand.

G: We’ll be counting on you, our Tesoro.

C: To us, you’re a precious person, and we’ll forever be in your care.

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