【Translation】 Kare to 48-Jikan Senpuku suru CD 「CRIMINALE! F」 Vol.7 Dante Animate Tokuten


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Nojima Kenji (野島健児)

Track 1: A normal day with a dangerous boyfriend


Ah, as expected, the atmosphere and air about Italy is different from Spain. The language is similar, but it’s a foreign country all the same.

Hmm, I guess so. I belonged to Amphisbaenas originally, so although I don’t have memories of it, I was probably born in Italy.

During my time at the Macchina facility, we never had the freedom to traverse the town, so the fact that I lived in this Rome doesn’t feel real.


I’m fine with Italian, it resembles Spanish plus I haven’t forgotten the speech I learned as a child.

What I’m concerned about isn’t the language……

Oh sorry, even though you went through the trouble of inviting me shopping.

That’s not it, it’s not that I’m not interested. I’m happy to be able to go out with you, it’s just that I’m not used to this type of thing.

I was picked up by that organization after I left the institution, so I’ve only lived life as a Mafia spy.

To visit the town you reside in like this is a bit perplexing, this is the first time I’ve gone somewhere whilst not affiliated with any organization.


You’re right, it’s just as you’ve said, I’ve finally decided on a place to stay so I ought to be able to live a life here. You brought me out shopping for that purpose, did you not?

You really are too good-natured, I can’t let myself take my eyes off you.

Hah? I’m the one who can’t be left alone? What’s that supposed to mean?

Even if you ask me whether there’s a place I’d like to visit, I don’t really understand what’s needed to live a normal life.

Being normal is quite difficult it seems.


Oh that’s right, if you’re alright with it, could you please show me your house? If I remember correctly, you’re living together with your mother, aren’t you?

I want to see the room you’re living in.

You’re living a regular life, right?

Okay, then let’s go.


Oh? So this is your house.

That’s quite the simple lock, and the door seems weak. Are you really fine with this door lock? If it’s pried open from the outside, that’s the end of you.

What, don’t laugh. Am I worrying too much?

Occupational disease…?

Do you really think so? Speaking of which, how should I greet your mother?


Oh I see, she isn’t here.

Even if you tell me that I shouldn’t be too concerned about it, I’ve never really spoken in a respectable way before.

Is it okay if I enter?

…Thank you.


Living room and kitchen?

The windows are rather large, hmm, is the building beside us close?

No, but…it’s easy to jump straight from that small window and into this room. And by the way, you should take a close look at this window.

Huh? In being a slatted shutter, it’s not bulletproof, you know???

Hey you, replace all your windows installations with glass, and until that happens, don’t you dare approach the windows.

Hah? I seem somewhat uneasy?


Of course I am, I never imagined you were living in such an insecure place. That’s right, you’re careless, far too careless.

You’re far too unaware of your own security, as is, this house has too many openings.

Oi, I told you not to approach the windows, it’s dangerous…!!!

You can be sighted indoors from outside the windows, and that’s really risky. What do you plan to do if you get sniped?

Good grief, and that’s precisely why I can’t take my eyes off you.

Hey, don’t laugh. Listen properly to what other people have to say.


What…? There’s no need to worry?

But you know, it’s only natural that I get anxious from seeing this. Your house is a defenseless target from the eyes of a sniper. If something were to happen, no, even if nothing were to happen, if you sense anything strange call on me as soon as possible.

It doesn’t matter when or where, I’ll rush to you immediately.


There’s no need to go that far…?

This is a normal house!? Eh? But how could have a peace of mind in such a vulnerable house? So those in the respectable lines of work live in these types of houses?

Normal life is impressive, you’ve got nerves of steel.

You’re used to it? Is that what is it?

For the windows to be big so that you can clearly see the outside scenery, I can only see it as a place through which I can shoot at any time though.

It’s a bright and comfortable room with breezes?

But even so……


What? Why are you patting my head? I ain’t a child you know?

Hah!? I seemed cute? What are you saying, you’re the only one who’d say that of me, more importantly, you should go think about yourself more.

Idiot, what you are saying, you overly good-natured person? You’re the one who can’t be left alone.

I genuinely cannot take my eyes off you.


You feel safe because you’re protected by me?

What’s with that? You’re saying things to make me happy, aren’t you? In exchange for protecting you, are you going to teach me about normal life?

That works, because from now on, you’ll be together with me, no? As long as I’m by your side, I’ll be able to protect you.


You see, in truth, I don’t know about life outside of the organization. Plus my head was filled with thoughts of revenge up until now so I don’t fully understand emotions beyond that.

Even if those memories were fabricated and the desire for vengeance was fake, I was able to bid farewell to the past me because I met you.

Right now, you’re everything to me.

I won’t allow you to be killed by anyone besides me. The emotions that I’ve obtained for the first time since the moment I was born outside of revenge, they all stem from meeting you.

Say, it feels really comforting to have you stroke my hair.

Does it feel good when I stroke yours as well?

That’s right, I wanted to give a try too because you did it.


I see, so it feels nice.

This is the first time I’ve done this with another person, I’ve had it done to me though.

Hmm? Are you going to teach me many more things?

Many more normal things. I genuinely know nothing about the world outside of the organization so you really ought to keep me on 24/7 supervision.

It’s not bad seeing you obsess over me.


Hehe, what’s this? You’re bright red.

How cute, you’re so cute that I ended up wanting to kiss you.

Ask? Is that normal?

Come on, don’t be shy and teach it to me properly.

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  1. lullaby

    HE IS SOOO CUUTEE!!! Thank you for your hardwork.
    btw the line ‘could you not show me your house’ a bit weird, just saying.
    Dante is so cute. he is a guard puppy. i want him have a competition fight with chara. not real fighting of course. just a little contest (0w0)


    1. Criy

      Hmm… The line seems pretty normal to me though (maybe it has to do with region?), he did ask to see her house, so what can I say lol.
      “Could you not XYZ?” is a bit weird in that it can have two different meaning depending on the context, the expression itself can be rather an informal way of asking for something (as a variant of “Can’t you/Couldn’t you”.


      1. lullaby

        I guess so. i always hear the informal. Put that aside.
        i can always imagine he wondering the house look here, look there, look at her and go around again. he just stop if she ask him to sit with her.


    2. Criy

      Anyhow, it’s really cute when he starts freaking out over her house because he spent his entire life in the Mafia and has no idea what normal life is like.


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