【Translation】 Do-S Ouji to Ningyo no Namida


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CV: Koen Itoman (糸満公園)

Track 1


Haha, does it really feel that good? Well?

You whore, don’t try and escape.

You never will cry, will you? Despite how sensitive your body is, what a bore. Come on, show me a more corrupted, and erotic face at least, I went the great trouble of loosening it up, you know?

You ought to satisfy me and repay the favor you owe me.


When I look at it this way, your skin really is fair, ain’t it? Were you actually the daughter of some noble?

But, oh well, that’s that, that’s all it is.

I’m about to cum soon, so make sure to accept it inside you.


Ah…I can’t get enough of this.

Oh? It’s spilling out from inside you. It appears that you lack control, do you need some punishment?

Hahaha! I picked up something real nice.


Sister: It’s quite noisy above the sea, isn’t it? The ship that’s being attacked right now has the prince of a human nation on board, it seems.

Sister: Huh? You’re curious, so you’re going to go take a look?

Sister: Wait, don’t do anything too dangerous.


Ha! Take that!

What’s this? You’re already done?

You pompous barbarians, you’ve got quite the nerves to bare your fangs at me. Hahaha! I’ll slaughter you all.


Sea Witch: You desire legs? …So you fell in love with the prince who lives out in the open air, haven’t you?

Sea Witch: You poor mermaid, I can’t just grant them to you, I ought to take something in return. Let’s think, considered to be the most beautiful inside this ocean, how about the voice of which you own?

Sea Witch: Okay, that works.


Sea Witch: Oh one more thing, if you enter the ocean having not obtained the prince’s genuine love, you’ll turn into seafoam. You’ll never be able to return to the oceans again, you know? So you are still willing regardless?

Sea Witch: I see, the deal is made.


Ah, the castle grounds are noisy.

Yes, I know Elder Brother. Are you still angry about the matter regarding the ship? Without a doubt, a portion of the jewels were stolen but…

Hah? No, it’s not like I particularly have a deep attachment to the ocean-

Hmm…? What’s this?

A person is…

A woman?

Are you turning back, Elder Brother? I’ll go check on their state then.

Hehe, to call me kind heart, I’m simply a royal that has eyes for things inferior to me, that’s all.

Yes, please leave this to me. Until next time.


Yes Grandfather, I know, they’re most likely not alive. But it’s fine if I play around a little before they’re engulfed by the ocean, no?

It’s nothing.

Hey you, bring along this woman and let’s return back to the castle. It doesn’t matter if they’re breathing or not.

Take a look, this fair and captivating body that’s seemingly designed to tempt me, with this, I sense that things will become interesting. Hahaha!


Track 2


Hmm? What? Did you finally wake up?

Despite being that shameless, don’t tell me that you’re a virgin?

You don’t know…?

Like I said, I’m asking you whether this is the first time you’ve been penetrated by a man’s member like this?!!

Hahaha! Dumbass, did you think you could escape with such skinny arms?

I ain’t gonna remove it until I’m satisfied. Come on, service me properly, okay?

It seems like it’ll be worth breaking you in. Though, since this is your first time, I’ll be gentle.


Stick out your tongue, I’ll bite down lightly on it.

What’s this? To make an intoxicated expression right away, what an innocent girl you are. I guess I ought to make love to this place as well.

Look, it has swelled up, do you enjoy having your nipples played with?

You’ll get used to the pain eventually.

Hehe, they became erect immediately. They’re glistening from my saliva as though they’re ripe fruits bathed in morning dew, it feels almost like a waste to pluck them.

Come on, fondle them yourself.

Use your fingers, hurry up.


Good girl. And since you’re a good girl, let’s give you a reward. Right?

Can you see it? Well? Can you see the place where I’m entering and pulling out from?

Hey hey, no turning your face away from it. You feel it, don’t you? …The way I’m moving, and the way you’re swallowing me up.

When I saw you on the sandbanks, I thought you were a prostitute, since you were fully nude after all. And my brother was laughing about how you had a good body too.

He said that after, if you just show them a little humility, they might gladly do it with pleasure.

And that, this level of looks is enough, and if you prefer, you can rape them in front of those aristocratic lot.


Ah, you’re making that expression which stirs up men again.

I get it, I get it, as you wish, I’ll start moving.


You’re a complete mess, aren’t you a bit too quick to be panting? Life must’ve been hard with such a sensitive body. Hahaha!

Does it feel good when I tease you as I slowly show you this lewd spot? Or do you prefer it when I go hard and it starts making these wet noises?

You like it this way eh. So your body’s that of a normal woman.

Come on, this place, I told you to play with your nipples did I not? If you don’t, I’ll do this.

It hurts right? Now touch yourself so you don’t have it done to you, that said you might come to enjoy the act of being bitten, though.


Huh? Haha! What is it? I won’t stop if you’re making that face, you know?

Damn it, come on, are you close to cumming? Cum, come on!


Your body’s grazing against me far too much, you’re twitching down to the tips of your toes. What was so pleasurable about that?

Hah? Oh, you’re still cumming. Come on, continue on trembling.

Shit, I can’t stop my hips.

I’m cumming.

Lift your face. Do it.


What a wonderful sight, your face is all sticky from my semen. How did it feel to experience a bukkake? Hahaha!

Come on, open your mouth, lick the whole thing.

That’s right, use that red tongue.

Since you’re supposed to be teasing that place, could you not use your hands?

Come on, I’ll train you so lick it.


Hey, your head isn’t in the cloud again right? Oi.

The real event starts now.

As a nameless peasant of low birth, you should be grateful that I’m having sex with you.

You’re mine, I won’t hand you over to anyone. I’ll confine you forever to this room, and I’ll be the only one to make love to you.

You belong only to me. Got it?

If you understand then let yourself be fucked without a fuss.


Uh huh. Yeah, yeah, I know.

What? You’re already awake?

Continue sleeping, I have official duties to attend to.

Well then, I’ll see you again tonight.


Track 3


It’s great to see that you’re going well since I was pretty rough last night.

Why I called you out? You can tell by just looking, no? It’s a bit of a tea party, a simple matter of killing time.

Ah, did you not hear me say it?

Oh well, just sit down.


They’re splendid roses, don’t you think? They’ve been around since my great-grandfather’s era it seems.

In being so close to the ocean, they just bloom wherever. They’re tenacious bastards.

Hmm? Ah, I guess I dislike them.

These ones have thorns, and thorns will prick me, and I hate anything that dares to harm me.

You definitely won’t oppose me, right? If you do strike back…

Let me think. I’ll do this!


I’ll choke you like this and stop you from breathing.

Hahaha! Is it painful? It hurts, doesn’t it?

So that expression of yours is inviting too. Speaking of which, it appears that if I constrict your neck lightly, you would reach the base of heaven; how about we test that out?

…On top the bed.

Hahaha! Don’t worry, I don’t kill you that readily.

The only people I would lay hands are vassals that bare fangs towards me, and that nuisance of a brother.

My brother really is stupid, he tried to steal the woman I finally obtained, so that those other nobles could copulate with you.

And that’s why I repaid him with the poison I was given.


As a common folk, you can’t come to grasp it, can you? We readily kill our own family, so are you now scared of me?

But well, it won’t be interesting if you’re frightened over every last one of these things. Because I hate troublesome women you see.

If I don’t take a liking to them after having sex with them once, I discard them right away.

There’s a whole bunch of annoying bastards that constantly pester me about getting married, but until I find a woman I acknowledge to be truly suitable, like I hell I’d get married.


Huh? Why are you looking sad?

Come on, the tea will get cold.

Wet your throat. Though, since your voice doesn’t come out either way, I’ll go rough again today.

This break is over, I’ll go call over a servant. Also, you should hurry up and return to your room too, and don’t let anyone see you, okay?

Even when you’re inside the room, you mustn’t come out unless I’m the one calling for you. That’s absolute, you know?

Well then, I’ll see again in the eveningーーon top the bed.


Track 4


I’m coming in.

Are you that happy I came? You really are like my bitch.

Too bad, but I’ve been called upon by my brother, so I’m postponing the pleasurable acts. Drink this and wait, it’s fruit wine from a foreign country.

Your master’s orders are absolute. Got it?


I’ve made you wait.

What’s wrong? Your face’s bright red, and your body’s shaking uncontrollably. Are you cold? In that case, I ought to warm you up with my body heat, don’t I?

Hahaha! You’re trembling simply from being touched.

Hmm? Are you feeling it that much? From a mere brush against your sides, I never imagined it’d progress to this extent. It’s so extreme that your body’s almost comically innocent, it reacted so fast.

It’s due to what I had you drink earlier but that was an aphrodisiac brought in by a foreign merchant. I’m glad that you reacted well to it.


Your breathing’s labored and this place is already this wet.

I still haven’t done anything you know? Don’t tell me that you’re imagining the act of me violating you, you slut.

You really aren’t one who can be fixed with discipline.

Lift your arms.


What do you think?

With how powerless you are, you’re completely helpless against them, aren’t you? They’re made to be sturdy after all.

I’ve taken a liking to that as well. Look, I’m already like this.

I want to put it inside you and break you so badly that I can’t help myself. You can tell that’s gotten stiff and hot, no? I’ll shove it in right now.

You don’t have to rub your thighs together so much, I already know that it’s wet.


Look, just by rubbing against this place, it’s already wet with your juices.

You’re shaking your hips you know? Does that place also feel good?

It’s not just your breasts, this place has swelled up as well just like a man. Rubbing it like this or pinching it hard like this, which do you prefer?

To already be taken aback, you really are frivolous.

Come on, I’ll rub against you, so cum before me.


Are you about to cum? Listen, squeeze my hand when you cum, got it?

Is it close?

Haha! Too bad, as if I’d let you cum by yourself so easily. What do you think? How does it feel to be taunted by the fact that you can’t even touch yourself and all you can do is wiggle your hips?

Your mouth’s all loose, it’s opening and closing like a fish, and there’s saliva everywhere.

Look, this is the reward for properly shaking your hips and begging for it. Make sure to accept it with gratitude, okay?


So you came simply from being penetrated eh, you whore.

Come on, the real event starts now.

How does it feel to be fucked while you’re cumming?

Hahaha! It’s completely drenched. Stop swaying your hips so loosely, tighten up properly and pleasure me.

I’m cumming!


Is it still not enough? Your hips are still bouncing around, you know? You really are my bitch, aren’t you?

Then how about we do as you wish?

A dog ought to have a collar on, right? See? With this, you’re now my dog.

Let’s give this red ripen place plenty of service, shall we?


Ah, it’s a body that I can’t get tired of no matter how many times I’ve entered inside it. I’ll start going rough right now so wait for me.

It’s shameful how you shake your hips regardless. See?

This is good, it seems like you just might lose your mind right now. Do you enjoy being pinned down by a man that much?

That’s right, I’ll make you feel even better.

I’ll gently squeeze your neck like this…


Hey! You’re clamping down way too hard.

Did you get a full-on orgasm from that this time?

You really are a slut, both your legs and hips are twitching, and this place that has taken me in, the hole is spread open all sloppily.

Women truly are simple-minded idiots, and you are especially so.


Come on, it’s time for a stroll. We’re going out onto the terrace, so come.

What’s this? Are your hips throbbing so badly that you can’t move? Don’t worry I’ll fuck you until you cum till you’re satisfied. If I do that, it’ll get fixed.


Tonight’s evening wind is warm, stick out your ass here.

You don’t want to? But your place here wants me so badly that it’s unbearable, no? Look, your legs are trembling simply from me teasing it with my fingers, I wonder what’ll happen if I press down on this bud during a good point?

Hehe, the ground’s wet with your juices and my cum, so we ought to put a lid on it, don’t we?



Stick out your hips yourself, regardless of the fact you’re an inexperienced maiden, I’ve already said it countless times.

Oh that’s right, this is the servants’ side entrance so someone might come. Best if they come when you’re shaking your hips indecently as you cum.

What do you think? How does it feel to be fucked while bathing in the outside wind fully nude?

To be drowning pleasure under the possibility of being seen by someone in this area, as a slut you must be delighted, right?


I can tell, because your insides feel irresistibly good.

Come on, go ahead, go shake your hips like the bitch you are.

That ain’t bad. Show me your face.

What a nice expression, intoxicated and drowning in pleasure. Indulge in pleasure as you lust for me, and think only of pleasurable things. Forget about everything else and respond only to pleasure, and don’t you dare think of anything else besides me.


Haha! What’s with you? Were you playing with your own nipples?

Come on, I’ll massage them like this, so focus on shaking your hips you pervert.

Ah…this is hard to do. It’s not enough, right?

Look, lift up one of your legs like this.


It feels good.

Your legs are trembling, stand properly.

Did you cum again, disregarding me?

Despite being my bitch, next time, if you cum before me, how about I punish you? …Like this!!!

Having used the aphrodisiac on you and forced you to cum countless times, it seems like you’re about to lose your reasoning; your expression looks stupid, you know? Do you desire me even more?

Losing your bearings and swaying your hips, so that’s your answer.

I’m about to cum soon too.


Tonight, I’ll show you heaven.

No, at this point, I guess it’d be the depths of hell. Look forward to it.


Track 5


Have you been well?

It’s been a while, I think it’s been about half a month since then.

Hmm? What’s with that long face? Did you want me so bad that it was unbearable?

I’m relieved that you properly abided by my orders. When we walked outside, you waited for me like a dog, so I’d like to give you a reward for that.

How about I bring you onto a ship on a voyage through the sea that’s the pride of my nation?

We’ll head there right now.


What? Are you dissatisfied?

Don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty of love onboard the boat, I won’t allow you to escape from the bed for even a moment.

On this trip, besides me and you, there are only the servants of the people in charge.

I won’t speak of it during this wondrous journey, but I’ll satisfy you in all sorts of ways. Understood?

Oh, that’s right, I forgot about something important; I’ll be taking a wife.


Have you got any complaints? It’s still not official yet but the preparations for the ceremony have been proceeding secretly. The weariness of the formalities will come after this cruise trip.

It’ll be a grand ceremony.

Come on, if you get it then let’s go.

Hmm? You don’t want to go? My hopeless possession, come on, look upwards and stick out your tongue.


Come on, hurry up, no one can deny you. The one who picked you is me, any idiot would understand that, no?

If you’re a good girl, I’ll give you the usual excitingly sweet reward. Sweet like smooth honey, and will intoxicate you.

How about we enjoy a voyage that will satisfy our carnal desires, my cute, cute mermaid princess?


You really are lewd, on your hands and feet like a dog; do you enjoy this position?

Your insides are wrapping around me messily.

I’m cumming! I’ll make sure to cum inside you again today.

It’s not bad mating like animals, but it’s boring not being able to see your lewd expressions, next time, I’ll fuck you right up front.

That reminds me, doing it on the deck, facing the ocean would be nice. I’ve got lots more to teach you about this new world and about pleasure.

How nice, that innocent reaction is really inviting.


That’s right, there’ll be a ceremony when we return so we ought to get a dress tailored for you.

Hmm, what would work? How about something that daringly exposes your legs? Though, I won’t allow that since you belong to me.

Your body has completely adapted itself to me, and right now it’s become so indecent that you covet me all on your own. After the ceremony, I ought to give you some love, don’t I?


Hey, where are you going?!! The ocean’s dangerous, at least bring an attendant with you. Oi!!!

Sister: I thought of you as a foolish sister. For you to be making that expression, there’s no way it could’ve gone well with the prince.

Sister: Please use this knife to stab the prince, in doing so, you’ll return to being a mermaid.

Sister: Listen, make sure you do it.


What are you doing in a place like this?

What? What are you trying to hide right now?

But well, it doesn’t matter, the stars are beautiful aren’t they? How about we pay respects to the morning sun tomorrow?

Hurry up and go to bed.

Hey, come here, I’ll sleep together with you. I’ll show you a good dream.


Track 6


Hah? Shut up, this has already been decided upon. I don’t want to hear opposition from the likes of you folks.

Necessities? I pretty much have no chance of succeeding the throne, you know? So who cares about what kind of lineage my wife has, if that’s the only issue, then consider her the daughter of some aristocrat some place, somewhere.

Ulterior motives? As if she’s capable of such underhanded tactics, she truly is an innocent girl, you know?

I have no intention of taking anyone besides her as my wife, if you understand that, don’t bring it up with me again. Got it?


What? So you were awake? Or rather, did I wake you?

Today’s unfortunately cloudy, so you can continue sleeping.

You see, I was thinking that seeing the expression you’d make as you are awakened by me fucking you wouldn’t be bad.

Now then, what shall we do today?

If you want to go outside, do it under blue skies, on a clear day where the face of you drowning in both shame and pleasure could be clearly seen.

I’m looking forward to it, also, you’ll please me again today, right?


Why are you looking restlessly at the food?

You must be genuinely happy, right? Have you never eaten fish?

That’s not right, seafood is this country’s local specialty, if you were a citizen of this country then there’s no way you haven’t eaten this fish.

Though, I guess that doesn’t matter, it seems like you aren’t in the mood to eat meat nor fish. This wine is produced from the fruit known as grapes, it’s not blood so how about you take a sip?


Looks like I’m pretty drunk.

So you came. I ought to convey the greatness of my wife to you guys, don’t I?

She really is a naive girl, she’s graceful but the eyes she has when she looks at me with a little opposition is beautiful as well.

We have liaisons every night so her body has adapted completely to me so no one else but me can please her.

That said, she’s lacking a lot of common sense, but even if you dock her for that, she’s a good woman.

Ah…I wonder where we should go for the honeymoon? A country with hot sand? A country with land covered in greenery?

I bullied her a bunch up till now, so marrying in public would be sweet enough. The joy of being granted this happiness would be overwhelming.

I love her, I love her.


I wonder how beautiful and adorable our children would be.

But I’d prefer they resemble my wife more than me. Boy or girl, I’m sure they’ll be so cute that it just can’t be helped.

Just that, if a son who looks just like me is born, I might get jealous of my son.

I’m seriously drunk, I can’t imagine anything but a happy future. After this trip is over, I……


You over there, hold onto my shoulder, I’ve drank too much so I’ll be returning to my room.

I’ll go sleep first, but you can continue enjoying your meal.

Oh I forgot, you’re my personal dessert.


What’s this? For you to take initiative, that’s pretty aggressive.

Go ahead, come on, just ride on top of me.

You…what’s with the thing you’re grasping inside your hand? And why are you crying? What are you-

Argh! You, why are you…? Hey, hey!!! Where are you going?! Please tell me why!!!

Why…? Damn it.


Bad End


Sea Witch: With true love, you’ll become fully human.


Shit, I can’t move my body.

Why? Ever since the moment I first laid eyes on you, was I too spoiled by your kindness? As someone who’d listen to my selfishness, if they’re an enemy spy, then going along with my demands is inevitable.

Did you not love me?

Hahaha! But of course, that marriage ceremony, I was planning to take her as my wife.


Damn it.

I trust nothing, I can no longer trust anyone, I rather you just killed me.


I get it, I should just die.

That way, it’ll be settled without involving my foolish older brother​ or any of my retainers.

In the next world, I’ll live an honest life. If I could meet you again by chance, it’ll be nice if I could make you happy.


Happy End


Hey, wait, why are you trying to escape!?

The deck’s dangerous, please come this way!!! I don’t know the reason as to why you stabbed me, but you avoided my vitals, not to mention, I saw you cry.

You don’t have a voice, so you have no way to convey it, so I’ll say it first.

I love you!!!

Oi, what’s with that face? Shouldn’t you be crying more tears of joy?

I’m definitely not lying, these are my true feelingsーI love you.


In truth, I was planning to surprise you when we returned from our trip. My wife, the one I’m marrying is you.

This matter’s set in stone, no matter how much you hate it, and even if I have to prepare a confinement room-

You…your voice, so you had such a voice.

No, umm, it’s more beautiful than I imagined-it’s nothing.


I see, so you love me too.

Considering that you went as far as to say that, don’t think that you can ever escape from me again. Until I die, no, I won’t let you go even if I die.

If other men try to look at you indecently, I’ll use this knife that you stabbed me with and sever both their hands.

Seriously, your frightened expression is the most charming.

My beloved caged bird, make sure to properly sing from now on.

ーーFrom on top the bed.

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  1. Zefanna

    *looks at the commisioner’s name*
    “Haha, how funny and sarcastic”-me before reading.

    *reads the whole translation especially all the rated part*
    “HAH how ironic the commisioner is!”-me after reading


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