【Translation】 Yokujou shita Kare ni ×× sarechau Oshioki CD 「Onii-chan no Shinyuu no Kageki na Dokusenyoku」


Thank You to Blaire for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

欲情したカレに××されちゃうお仕置CD 「お兄ちゃんの親友の過激な独占欲」

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: Date – “Even if you don’t concern yourself with him…”


Haa…we’ve bought quite a lot, haven’t we?

Now that I think of it, it’s been a long time since we last went on a shopping trip style of date. I think we only went on one when we just started dating.

It’s unusual for our day-off to overlap on a weekday, isn’t it?

I mean, we don’t often go out on Saturdays and just hole up inside the house so it’s fun spending an entire day together on a date.

But well, thanks to that, we bought all sorts of useless things like this scented candle.

Normally, we don’t have any use for the aroma. Also, there are these colorful slippers and I would never wear slippers inside my house.

That said, having some anxieties is nice. Does it not seem becoming of lovers?



Oh, it’ll probably be fine. Your brother doesn’t often visit my house, plus it’s not something we bring up outside, so he won’t find out.

Hmm…? No, it’s nothing.

But don’t you think it’s okay to not concern yourself with him to that extent?

Ah. You’re right, of course you’d be worried about that.

That reminds me, what should we do about dinner? Since we finally have the time, how about we dine out?


Okay, then it’s decided!

Are you fine with the restaurant from the other day? The desserts there are delicious after all. Let’s go.

Speaking of which, how’s university been? If I remember correctly, the exams are coming up soon, aren’t they? The studying must be tough, right?

Oh, it’s already time to start job hunting. Certainly, that’s more difficult compared to exams. So have you decided on what career to pursue?

I see, then you ought to work hard, there’s plenty of tiring aspects to it, you see.

I’ll cheer you on, and I’ll try to support you in as many ways as I can.


We first met when I was in my 4th year of university, so I was in the midst of my job hunt during those days.

Of course, your older brother was at the same stage as me, so I would constantly visit your house. And naturally, the opportunities for me to talk with you increased.

And in doing so, I slowly began to like you, and then we finally started dating a little before this year’s Valentine’s Day.

The first chocolates I ever received from you were really delicious, I look forward to next year’s Valentine’s.

Mhm, I’m in your care.


Oh, it looks like we arrived just when others left, we might be able to enter right away. Lucky!

Now, what should we have today?


Ah, we’ve already arrived at your house. It really does pass by in the blink of an eye when we chat along as we walk.

It’s fine, I wouldn’t agree to it unless I escorted you home.

Well then, I’ll stop here. It was fun going on a shopping trip and eating at a restaurant after such a long time. I get to be in touch with you again-

Come on, let go of my hand, I won’t be able to leave like this, you know?

Good grief, don’t do something that cute.

But I wanted to stay with you for a little longer too. 8 o’clock, we’ve still got time.


Hmm? It’s about your family’s curfew, or more precisely, the curfew that your brother set. If I’m not mistaken, it’s 10 o’clock, right?

There’s still 2 hours to go, so how about we stay together for a while longer? Is that okay with you?

Thank you.

Now, what should we do? Should we visit the nearby park? …Though it might be a bit too cold for that.


Eh? Your house? But isn’t he about to return soon…?

He’s been coming home late recently?

I see. I understand, then, please allow me to stop by for a bit.


Track 2: Your Room – “I’d like to speak to your brother…”


Sorry for the intrusion.

It feels like it’s been kind of a long time since I last came here. Err, this is his room, right? And I assume your room’s over there.

As always, there are tiny articles scattered everywhere. Even so, it feels like there’s more compared to last time.

Hmm, it’s true that you can’t just throw them away, they’re all favorites to you aren’t they?


Ah, I knew it, those German dolls are still adorning your room. Every time I come here, I find the pair placed together. Do you really like them that much?

Hmm? Don’t worry about me, I bought a plastic bottle earlier, so I’ll drink from there.

Come on, come here.

Outside, holding hands is the limit, but here we don’t have to worry about being seen by anyone.

So, come on, turn your face this way.


Please allow me to love you like this when we’re alone together.

As expected, it would’ve been better if I called you over to my house. Because you see, even if I kiss you here, you’re always looking restless.

That reminds me, I haven’t seen your brother lately, but has he been well?

Oh? That’s great to hear.

Huh? You’re saying that he often goes out drinking with people from his company, but since when was he that good at handling alcohol?


Is that so? It’d be nice if he ain’t off drinking in some weird way.

Look, he’d be driven because he’s drinking with his superiors, but well, that’s just how adults socialize though. Please tell him not to overdo it, okay?

We often went out drinking when we were students, you see, and he’d immediately start talking about you the moment he’s drunk.

He went on about how this aspect of his little sister is cute or about how she’d worry him in one way or another.

At that time, I didn’t pay much attention to it, but now that I’m together with you like this, I fully understand both the feelings of wanting to boast about you and the anxiety that comes with it as well.

Before I knew it, I cherished you more than anything.


And when you decided to attend the university here, I was told to look after your care in your parent’s stead, no? There aren’t many brothers who’d say that, you know?


That’s true, he might just be a little over-protective. You’re already an adult after all.

I think he should at least get rid of the curfew, because even I have thoughts of wanting to stay out late together with you.

Right now, at this rate…


Say, there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you. Would you be willing to listen?

To tell you the truth, I’d like to tell your brother about the fact that we’re dating.

You told me that you wanted to wait until you’ve become a member of society and fully independent before letting him know, right?

But you see, like I thought, as his best friend, it’s hard to keep quiet about the fact I’m dating you. Also, it’s not something we can keep hidden forever.

I fully understand how you don’t want him to know, but in that case, we’re deceiving him in regards to us and I don’t believe that’s good.

Of course, he isn’t going to allow it within a day or two. If you look at his perspective, it’s equivalent to me, his best friend, stealing you from him.


But you know, I don’t want to give up neither you nor him. I realized that it’s selfish of me, but I wish to treasure both of you.

I’ll explain everything in detail. I know better than anyone that he cherishes you most so he might get angry at me, but even so, I wish to convey it to him properly.

And then, I’d like to show him our bond.

And so, what do you think?


Track 3: Past the Jealousy – “As you wish, I’ll treat you roughly”


Hey, please say something.

Eh? Don’t tell him just yet…? But why? You realize it, don’t you? This isn’t something that we can continue hiding.

Do you plan on secretly dating like this for one more year?

That’s…I think he’ll be angry, but I’m prepared to get hit because that’s how seriously I’m considering my relationship with you.


I see. I guess so, he must surely be in a busy stage of his life so I understand how you feel. But you know, the fact that you’re worried is ultimately because the other person is me isn’t it?

Say, what am I to you?

Somehow I would occasionally feel that it’s all in vain and wonder whether you actually need me.

I know, he’s always been with you ever since you were born, and the person who protected you all this time was no other than him.


You remember right?

It was about half a year ago. I was talking with him inside this house when during the evening, you returned home crying from your part-time job.

When we asked you why, you told us that a strange man had been tailing you all the way from the station and you were scared. And I could no longer sit still the moment you did, I wanted to immediately run out and catch that man.

…But I couldn’t, because he was there.

When he rushed outside the room, all I could do was watch. I was really frustrated, you know? Why wasn’t I allowed to protect you?

Do you realize how envious I was of him at that time?


No, you don’t understand, at this rate, nothing will change.

But I want to be able to protect you, to be unable to rush to your side right away when something happens to you is far too frustrating don’t you think?

Hey, is us dating that wrong of an act?


He’s back……

Is he there?

So he drank together with those from his company again. To flop onto his bed immediately after entering his room, as expected, he must’ve drunk quite a lot.

Because he got wasted faster than usual, he was made to leave earlier today I assume.

Since he’s here, are you alright?

Is that so?


Huh? That reminds me, my shoes were left by the doorstep, could it be that he’s noticed?

What? So you hid them when I entered the house?

That’s a relief, we still have him fooled.

If you don’t want to tell him, then I have no choice but to follow along, right? However, it’s inevitable that he will find out.


What is it?

I know. If you don’t want him to find out, all you have to do is suppress your voice.

Move your hands aside, come on.


Did you think I’d stop? Too bad, but I won’t stop myself any longer.

These undergarments are in the way.

Even as you tell me to stop, you’re feeling it all the same.

Lights…? If I turn them off, when he sobers up, won’t he find it suspicious? You’re normally still awake at this time, no?

Because he’s over-protective, he might think that you’re staying in bed because you’re feeling unwell and come busting through the door, won’t he? Would you be fine if that happens?

In that case, let’s keep things as is then.


Look, they’ve gotten hard. And here too……

Are you fine not letting out your voice?

Is that so? If you can endure that then it’s okay if I go further,, right?

You have quite the wonderful response even though I’m merely stroking it through your underwear. Could it be that you’re more turned on that usual?


Say, do you want me to touch it directly? Having your panties on is bothersome, right?

You won’t answer, eh. In that case, I guess we can stay like this.

Hmm? Why are you grabbing my arms? …So you do want me to touch you.

You’d say such things even when your brother is sleeping in the room next to us, doesn’t that make you a pervert?

Hey, why are you this wet? You’re so much wetter than usual.

Come on, you realize it too, right?

Oh I see, then try touching it yourself.



Do you not think of yourself as strange? Considering that you’d get wet in a situation like this-

Did you get wet again from the presence of him?

Look, how about you take off your underwear and touch it yourself. It’s already aching, isn’t it?

Don’t you think it’s best if you don’t retort me? Because if you put me into that mood, you’d never know when I might wake him up.

Got it?


This is the first time I’ve seen you masturbate.

Oh? So that’s how you touch yourself? …So do you do it often?

There’s no need to lie, you do it when you’re alone, don’t you? What do you usually think of when you play with yourself? Tell me.

What’s this? Something you can’t say to me?

Then say it. If you don’t, we’ll remain like this forever. Are you okay with that?


About me?

What did you imagine me doing to you? Tell me. Oh? So you had thoughts of me bullying you, doesn’t that make you a Do-M?

Okay, as you wish, I’ll treat you roughly. I just happen to be in the mood for that.

Get up. And lick my fingers as you touch your lower half.

You’re seriously doing it, huh..



What I usually use is my middle finger, no?

Are you fine with just one finger? Isn’t that hardly enough?

Now lick my ring finger as well.

What a wonderful sight, licking my fingers as you touch yourself is really lewd.

Huh? Your hips are shaking, do you want me to insert my fingers already? Hmm, then lie down again and spread open your legs.


This place is completely drenched now isn’t it? Come on, do you hear the sound of my fingers entering inside you?

Tight. Don’t squeeze down so hard, I won’t be able to move them, you know?

Are you fine with leaking your voice? It might just wake up your beloved older brother, you know?

To cover up your mouth…

For me, I get more excited when I can hear your voice.

Come on, it’s fine isn’t it? Now, cum.


Looks like you came while remaining silent.

This place is twitching, mere fingers aren’t enough, right?

……So I’ll do what you desire most.


Track 4: Punishment H – ” Your insides are way too wet. Come on, you hear these sounds right?”


Lick it.

Did you not hear me? I said to lick it. If you don’t hurry up, I won’t put it in.

Don’t bite down, okay?

Suck it harder, because it doesn’t feel good at all that way.

That’s right, just like that.

Don’t just stop, either way, it’s what you wanted, no? Come on, take it into your mouth properly.


You’ve gotten good, haven’t you?

What? Did you practice whilst thinking of me?

Now get go of it.


Get all on fours and turn that way, I’ll be entering from the back.

You wanted this, didn’t you?

Amazing, your insides are just so tight. Your hips are moving, did you want me to rub against you that badly?

No problem, I’ll hit your good spots so moan as you’d like and let your brother hear it.


Your body’s really hot, you’re feeling it more than usual, aren’t you? your insides are way too wet. Come on, you hear these sounds, right?

I’ll stroke this place as well.

What a great response, your body’s trembling. Just give up, and let out your voice you stubborn fella.


It seems like he went to the toilet.

Come here, place your hands on the door. Hurry up. If you don’t want him to notice, then don’t move your body or let your voice leak.

Your place here overflows each time I rub up against you all the way. Even though I’m doing it slowly, aren’t you feeling it a little too much?


He came out.

Separated by a single door, the fact that your brother’s heading towards us; we might just get discovered.


Were you glad that he didn’t discover us? Huh? What’s this? Did you cum again? Just how sensitive are you?

Was the sex up until now not nearly enough for you?

Say, which one is it? Are you turned on by the possibility of your brother finding out? Or is me teasing you making it unbearable?

You don’t know…? But well, right now, that works.

Let’s go over to bed, I’m about to reach my limit soon as well.


Lie face up.

Huh? What is it? Eh? You want me to kiss you?

Nope, I won’t do it just yet.

Pressing your lips together tightly and trying your hardest to endure it, that expression of yours ain’t too bad, it’s pretty arousing.

This is bad.

I get it…


Are you about to cum?

You belong only to me, I won’t hand you over to anyone.




Track 5: After the H – “You felt it more than usual no?”


I never knew you enjoyed the type of sex we just had now.

Don’t go off telling me that you don’t know, you were without a doubt, feeling it more than usual.


Hey, as expected, I simply can’t agree to this. Even though I love you this much, why must I be forced to hide it?

That was constantly on my mind when I held you.

I keep shooting and missing… I wonder if I should just drag you over to a place where his eyes can’t reach. By doing that, I’d become the one to protect you instead of him, wouldn’t I?

Does it sound like a joke?

I’ve stopped listening to your opinions. I wonder why I didn’t notice sooner? I should just act however I wish.


Come on, let’s go someplace far. It doesn’t matter where it is as long as it’s a place where he can’t come.

Don’t try to escape, I simply want to go to a place where I can be alone with you-


Hayato…? Why does this doll have my name written on it?

And this other one has your name.

What’s this supposed to be?

Protective charm? Then that means you believed in the legend that we’d be together forever if you wrote our names down and placed the two together?

So you were someone like that, huh. And that’s why you treasured them so much.

…It was because you want to be together with me.


I’m sorry, I was an idiot.

Somehow I had the wrong idea that you were choosing him over me, even though that’s hardly the case.

I flew into a bit of a rage when you told me that you didn’t wish to tell him.

I understand, if that’s what you want, I’ll keep quiet about it with him. Mhm, I said all sorts of things without considering your feelings. I’m really sorry.


It’s fine, don’t mind me.

But I want you to allow me to tell him someday, I don’t care when that day comes, because otherwise, I won’t be able to draw a clear line in my mind.

Thank you.


I love you, and I’ll make sure to cherish you.

However, I might be able to be gentle anymore when it comes to sex.

Of course that’ll happen. Because I came to know the expression you make as you’re drowned in pleasure, the sex we’ve had until now just won’t cut it, plus, I had quite a lot of fun bullying you.

Let’s find the many ways where we could feel good together, okay?


Track 6: On Parting – “I’ll embrace you anytime”


Well then, I’ll leave for today.

It’s fine, it’s about time you wake him up and get him to take a bath. When we saw him earlier, he was still sleeping soundly, no?

Oh, but before that, it might be best if you were to take a shower first.

Also, it might be a bit cold, but open your window a little and burn the scented candle we bought today, because you see, his nose is unusually good on occasions.


Say, do you what I’m most happy about today?

I was really happy about the dolls, I never thought you’d do something so admirable, however, that isn’t it.

What I’m most happy about is that I now know that you masturbate whilst thinking of me.

No point dodging that now, you really do like me, don’t you?

Going at it yourself is fine, but when it’s not enough, contact me, because I’ll embrace you anytime.


I’ll be going home then, I’ll leave him to you.

Make sure to lock the doors, okay? Also, don’t forget to close the windows before you sleep.

Really? In that case, it’s fine.

Good night.

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