【Translation】 Bloody Endings Aka no Kariudo Hen Animate Rendou Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Sibling Play


The temperature dropped a lot today, how about you stop staring outside and warm up by the fireplace?

See? It’s warm, right?

Father must be cold going out hunting alone, mustn’t he? But you can make more progress with the hunt during these kinds of days since the animals’ movement becomes dull so it can’t be helped.

I’m fine, don’t mind it.

Since father noticed that you had a fever last night, he couldn’t have you remain by yourself, could he?


Is your body okay now?

It looks like your fever has fully subsided, hasn’t it? After all, you’re different from us; your body isn’t that sturdy.

Don’t apologize, I suppose that’s just how women are.

Don’t worry, you won’t transmit it to me with just this. More importantly, it’s impossible for me to endure it when you’re sticking this close to me. Right?


If it’s not hard on your body, is it okay if I were to do it? We’ll be finished before Father returns home, okay?


I never knew you could make such expressions, you really became an adult before I even knew it, haven’t you?

Please lie down on the table.

Lie down, just like this.

Is it difficult? Your legs are shaking even though I haven’t even touched you yet.

…Were you expecting something?


Really? But I can tell right away…if I were to touch you, that is.

You’re already wet, would it have been better if I had teased you for a while longer? Your body’s trembling simply from me brushing against your legs, plus that’s in plain view from the back.

Nope, continue lying down as is.

You’ll listen to what Big Brother says, right?


Did you not hear what I said? It can’t be helped that you’re embarrassed right? …Since I’m spreading your butt so that I can see things clearly.

It’s twitching, do you wish for me to touch it?

I guess so. Since we don’t know when Father will return, he might be shocked if he were to see this.

If you’re concerned about our Father, could you make do with just my fingers?

But well, if you could resist it that is.

But I can’t endure it, it might be impossible even.


It has slowly loosened up, is it saying that it wants me? Do you desire Big Brother?

Not yet. How about I tease this place as well since it has already swelled up and enlarged? Shall I insert it while we play with this part?

Give me your hand.

How do you fiddle with it yourself?

It’ll feel good, after all.

I’ll put it in if you do it yourself. Try it, and I’ll be watching you carefully.


That doesn’t feel good right? I’ll churn you up after so try and pleasure yourself.

Of course I’d be watching, if I don’t observe you, I won’t be able to tell if you did it properly or not. But you’re capable, right?

Good girl.

I’m putting it in then.


Did you just cum?

I’ll start moving. If it becomes hard on your hands then let them off.


It’s no use, I’m close to cumming too.

Turn around, I want to kiss you.


The surface of the table is hard, right? But the fact that we’re doing it on top the place where we normally eat really excites me.


I’m about to cum so…


This is bad, at this rate, Father will find out through just the smell. Hmm, what should I do?

I’ll clean you up then.


Come here, the snow has probably started to pile up. You wanted to see that right?

Of course, I know, you were constantly looking out the window earlier because you were waiting for the snow to fall, weren’t you? Right?

In throwing open the door to watch the snow, even if Father has a good nose, he won’t be able to tell.


Ah…I feel like running around in the snow.

It’d be nice if this happiness could continue on forever.

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