【Translation】 Oyasumi Kareshi 5 ~Kahogo na Kareshi to Sugosu Yoru~ Seagull Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Misheld Belief over the Viewfinder


Hmm? I thought that taking these types of in-door photos would be a nice change of pace. Hmm, could you please turn a little more this way?

Mhm, that’s got a nice feel to it.

Say, if you got time, please go along with what I’m doing for a little bit longer, there’s a whole bunch of photos that I want to take with you as the model.

All you have to do is sit on the bed okay?

It’s only for a bit. Come on, sit, sit.


Well then, first off, how about we remove your shirt?

Why are you looking so surprised? It’s preparation for the photos. I’ve always wanted to capture it at least once, your nude photos that is.

Is that so? But I haven’t lied have I? All you have to do is sit, and I’ll do the rest.

Come on, if you squirm around too much I’ll have to tie up your arms, you know?

Good girl.


Could you look towards the window a little just like that?

That’s right, now stay still.

The appearance that you have when you’re hanging your head low in embarrassment is extremely wonderful.

This is in the way, how about we get rid of it?

Are you nervous? Your shoulders are trembling a little.


It’s more erotic this way, you can tell at a glance that you’re mine.

Good, very good but it’s a little bit lacking. Hmm, as expected your charms can’t be conveyed unless we take off the bottom.

Show? Who said that I was gonna show them to anyone?

I have no intention of letting anyone else catch even a glimpse of such a cute look of embarrassment, I simply wish to lock you up a little. Right now you belong only to me, no?

Hmm, I knew it, we should strip everything.

You can lift your legs onto the bed.


With this, everything that’s been covering you is gone.

How does it feel to have your full body on display?

Well, of course, your cheeks are burning red, I can tell even through the viewfinder. Your youthful skin, your soft breasts, your cute belly, and your smooth thighs, I can see all of it.

Nope, don’t move. I told you that you just had to stay still, no?

I wonder why you aren’t listening to what I say, oh, were you perhaps peevish because I was so absorbed with photography that I haven’t touched you?



You were rubbing your thighs together so I thought that you might be hiding something but…there’s nothing I don’t know about you. So could you show me the depths of this place? And of course, I won’t photograph any of it.

……Because it’s a secret that only I know.

Well done, I’ll touch you plenty, okay?


This place here has become incredibly sensitive, even though you’re ashamed, it seems like your body’s delighted.

Nope, don’t avert your eyes, look at me properly so that you can clearly see what I’m doing to you.

Hmm? Deeper?

Haha, so much is spilling out to the point that I can’t lick it all up.

That’s fine, are you about to cum?


Your orgasm face just now was really cute.

I’ll put in it right now okay?

I want to hurry up and pour plenty of my cum deep inside here and make you entirely mine.

Why are you looking so frightened? It’ll be fine, there’s nothing painful about it, there’s no way I’d hurt you, would I?

Come on, I’ll insert it slowly so you mustn’t look away until it’s all in, okay?


It’s hotter than usual, I feel like I’m on fire.

Oh, are you crying? You’re extremely, extremely cute when your face is all soggy with tears too.

I’ll cum inside so please accept everything, okay?


I’ve finally left my mark inside you. Hey, are you happy?

Oh, I get it, it’s hardly enough right? You’ll show me an even more shameful expression, won’t you?

Nope, I won’t let you escape becauseーーthis is the dream you desired.


Ah, what’s wrong!?

Are you okay? You don’t seem fully awake yet but you’ll catch a cold if you sleep on the sofa, you know?

Huh? Eh? The camera?

Why do I have it…? But I’m always carrying around a camera, no? It’s not like I took a picture of your sleeping face or anything.

That aside, why did you start yelling all of a sudden?

Mhm, eh? Took nude photos of you in your dream? I did?


I’d like to take some if you were okay with it but…

Ah, that said, I won’t take them forcibly if you don’t want to so don’t worry.

But if you allowed it in your dream, then I guess the day that you’d allow me to take them is near.

When that time comes I won’t hold back so be prepared, okay?

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