【Translation】 Shitsuren Oujo to Kaeru no Ouji-sama


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: I met a very ugly monster by the side of a pond


Hey, this ball’s yours, no?

Haha! You’re quite shocked, aren’t you? But well, it is what it is, of course you’d be surprised if you were talked to by a guy with the head of a frog.

W-What are you doing? Don’t come near my face so suddenly.

To stare at a person’s face like that, I know that it’s unusual but it’s rude you know? Besides, is that how a lady as such you should behave?


Hmm, you’re a strange one, aren’t you? You were staring at me with those odd sparkly eyes since earlier-

O-ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!! My head is gonna get torn off. S-S-Stop, don’t yank on somebody else’s head!!!

What’s with you all of a sudden!?

Hah? Like hell, I could remove it. You see this head…

Hey, s-stop pinching my cheeks, like I said, this isn’t a mask. You know… This head is real. See?


Look, it’s undoubtedly connected to my neck, no? This frog face is in every sense of the word, my face. Understood?

O-oi, what’s with that happy expression?

Haa…that’s true, you’ve never had the chance to converse with a frog before but what’s so delightful about that?

Normally, one would be more…

Of course it happens. Screaming, bolting, or being on guard, otherwise, you might get swallowed alive by this huge mouth, you know?

Come on, be at least a little bit scared.


Hah!? Obviously, that was a lie, who in the world would eat a human???

Speaking of which, if you think that then it’s all the more important that you escape no? So why aren’t you running away?

Eh? Even if I eat people, you thought that you’d be able to change my heart if we’d just talk?

Haa…what an optimistic princess you are, somehow I feel exhausted just talking to you. Pfft, why are you apologizing? So you’re good-natured on top of being optimistic, aren’t you?

No, I’m not particularly saying that it’s a bad thing, on the contrary, I’d like to give you my thanks.


That’s right, I was never able to speak with a person properly ever since my face ended up like this.

Hah? Of course I wasn’t born with this face, I was just a normal human at the start. Not to mention, I’m more or less the prince of a country.

But well…it’s not like you’d believe it though.


I knew it, you really are a strange fellow. Are you actually gonna believe this story?

Hmm? The reason I became a frog?

Uh, umm, about that…I had a curse cast upon me by a witch.

One day a witch suddenly paid me a visit and without any warning, she gave me a confession of love. And when I rejected her, I ended up like this.

That’s not it, it doesn’t matter if the witch was ugly or beautiful, right? To court a person you’ve never spoken to is nothing but a nuisance.

To be frank, I don’t understand people who dance around over the illusion of love and romance. Or at least, that’s what I used to think, I can’t really say that now, though.


Oh, that witch said this.

“The only way to lift this curse is love.”

No, not love of the pond, it’s the love that makes your heart race, it’s that type of love.

Good grief, it’s strange to say it, but even though I don’t believe in love at all, for the sake of returning back to my original form, I’m supposed to help with someone’s romantic life and help fulfill their love it seems.

Haha, you were pitying me just now, weren’t you? You were, right?

In that case, please cooperate with me. Naturally, I’ll lend you my strength as well, that’s what I mean by cooperation.

So first, let’s find a solution to your troubles.


Not having any worries is a blatant lie. As you stared into the pond, you were mumbling about having a broken heart whatnot, no? And so, I’ll be personally rehauling your love life.

I mean, that’s true that I’ve never loved a woman but…I have experience in terms of that, I still could teach you how to coax a man into falling for you, no?

Hahaha! No need to be modest, if you accept this service from the great me, you’ll forget the pain of a broken heart before you know it. The prince that dumped you will quickly turn right back.


Yes, of course, I mean, it’s definite.

Say, it’s a good idea, right? You’ll be able to reconcile with the man who rejected you, and I’ll have my curse lifted and return to my original appearance.

It’s not a bad deal for either one of us, no?


Okay, then this contract is set!

I’ll teach you a man’s natural instincts. And since that’s decided, let’s head off to your castle and start with your lessons immediately.

Hey, come on, stop dilly-daddling and hurry up. I’ll leave you behind, you know?


Track 2: The frog’s lessons were very strange


First off, please tell me about the guy on your mind. What kind of man was he?

Oh? So he was a fiance decided upon by your parents and the prince of a neighboring country.

By the way, why did he reject you? To break off an engagement that was already set, I don’t think that often happens.

Huh? Nothing comes to mind?

Then what were you doing with him before you got dumped?

Oh, I see, as you two were taking a stroll in the forest, he suddenly turned around and drew in close.

That makes him quite the demanding guy.

And then?


So you were worried that his health was poor and so you threw him hastily onto your back?

Aren’t you way too muscular considering the fact that you’re a princess?

Ah, no, that reminds me, you had quite a lot of strength when you were trying to yank off my head earlier.

If we were to think of you as a sweet little princess, the feelings of wanting to escape from you; it’s not like I don’t understand them. But even so, his caliber is low, are you really okay with such a man?

Because he’s the person that your parents have decided for you…?

Understood. In any case, it’s just a question, but you’ve at least kissed, right?


Hehe, why are you all shaken?

Hah!? There’s no way you’d do something so shameful before marriage…!? If a kiss’ shameful then what are you planning to do about everything that comes after?

O-oi, no way. You…do you not know what happens after?

So you were brought up as a princess. Such a sheltered upbringing is nice but if that love fails then it all comes to nothing.


It can’t be helped. Since you don’t know, I’ll teach it to you right now. The things that come after a kiss, I’ll teach you about something even more amazing.

Now then, lie down on that bed over there.

It’s not a nap!!! Enough, shut up, and leave it to me.


Close your eyes, that way it’ll be easier for you to concentrate. No need to be so nervous, I won’t do anything bad. Relax and just entrust your body to me.

To start, how about we teach your body how it feels to be touched by a man?

First off, your cheek. …Then the nape of your neck-

Hey, don’t laugh, concentrate on it properly. This is important when you’re exchanging emotions.

Mhm, that’s right, you ought to work towards having the right atmosphere. And even when you’re squeezing my hand, you don’t simply just squeeze it.

You ought to entwine each one of your fingers one by one with mine like this.

And it’ll be even more effective if you trace along his body suggestively every so often.


See? In one way or another, it gives off a different feeling compared to before.

And since he’s concentrating his senses on your fingertips, when you want to raise his excitement, make use of this place.

Hmm? Well, what do you think? Is your heart racing a little?

Ah, it’s true. If I touch you like this, I can feel the heavy pounding of your heart even with your dress on.

What are you saying? Of course it wouldn’t end with just touching.

Most men, if they touch the soft breasts of a woman, they’ll want to rub and pinch the tips of them like this.


What a nice response, make sure to remember this sensation, okay?

That’s right, good girl.

Well then, next up, I’ll do something even more heart pounding.


Hey, don’t open up your eyes, keep them closed.

Starting now, I’ll carefully touch the place under your underwear. I know that it’s embarrassing but I can’t just end it having only touched your breasts you know?

For your former fiance’s sake, make sure to diligently study the interactions between men and women.

Hehe, you’re cute when you’re honest. It makes me want to treat you gently regardless of our agreement.

……I’ll be spreading your legs, okay?

Hmm? It’s not dirty, or rather, it’s so incredibly beautiful to the point that I just instinctively want to kiss it.


Hey, stop flailing around, licking and being licked is normal you know?

Yup, yup, and so please concentrate so you can quickly get used to it.

Hmm? Ah no, it’s not like one has to lick it every time, I can also caress it with my fingers, but since you’re not used to it right now, it’ll be hard for you to get wet, no? It’ll hurt if you force it, you know?

Idiot, don’t say it’s okay to push you. If I don’t get you fully accustomed to it, in accordance with that, it won’t feel good.


Hmm? What kind of feeling did you get just now?

Feeling good isn’t a shameful thing, or rather a man will be more excited if you honestly convey your pleasure.

And that’s why I’ll continue to lick it like this because I want to hear your cute voice.

Huh? Your body’s gotten hot? …That’s good.

Oh, here?

It seems like you enjoy this place. The volume of your love juices immediately increased.


You…that expression is sly,, you know?

Ah enough, just close your eyes, if you don’t, things will turn bad on my end.

Hmm? What’s wrong?

Eh? Something’s coming? …Oh, so you’re about to cum?

No need to be scared, there’s nothing strange about that sensation. So quietly entrust your body to me. Okay?


Looks like you properly came.

Hmm? Hey, are you okay? Huh..? The inside of your head is all fluffy?

I see, so you were feeling it that much eh.

You don’t have to thank me, this was our agreement after all. Besides, umm…I was happy that you were honestly enjoying it too.

This might be the first time I’ve felt this way from being intimate with a woman.

I-I-In any case, this is the type of thing that comes after a kiss. In truth, there’s even more to it but today’s just an introduction.

Now then, in other words, the lessons will continue.


Nope, we’ll continue until you become used to the sensations just now.

To what extent…?

Hmm, I guess so, how about we have you cum another 2 or 3 times?

Try your best, only by working hard can you approach a future with the prince. Or do you plan on giving up here?

Good good, I like girls who persevere, as a reward, I’ll give you the pleasure that we agree upon.


Track 3: The lessons in the garden were very lewd


Why are you all dazed?

You really are carefree a princess. Although you’re in the castle garden, if your head’s in the clouds without any guards around, you’re gonna get attacked by some random guy, you know?

You know…I’m warning you because there’s always the possibility, both your parents have diplomatic matters to attend to so they’re away, no?

Since they allowed the stay of a frogman like me with just a single word from you, the security must be quite lax here.

It’s fine. It’s nice that your kingdom’s tranquil, but it seems like if something were to happen, it’d be invaded immediately. And so it might be a blessing that your country’s located in a remote region.

In any case, please be more careful from now on.


You’re not that attractive…? Are you seriously saying that?

You idiot, that former fiance of yours is a dumbass-I mean, he’s just an eccentric, you’re plenty attractive as you are now.

It’s not a lie, even though only a few weeks have passed since we first met, but regardless, I fully understand your charms.

You’re cute, especially recently, your whole body has become sensitive from being licked and caressed by me after all.

Huh? Your face’s bright red. Do you not have a fever?


Hmm, your body temperature is the same as usual. It’s good that it’s not the flu, but first, let’s put an end to today’s lesson.

Hmm? Oh, I get it, it’s not that your health is poor, but rather that you react merely from being held by me.

I see, I see, looks like the result of your studies are showing.

Then without any delay, let’s begin today’s lesson. Come on, come this way.


From this angle, we won’t be seen by anyone. But well, I can’t make any guarantees, though.

This type of provocative play is another piece of knowledge so it’s not a bad idea to remember it.  Now then, pull up your dress yourself and show me the place that you want me to touch.

Good girl, you didn’t put on any underwear like I told you to.

Well then, please spread open your legs a little.

Say, could it be that you’re already wet…? For this place to become like this before you’re even touched, your body has truly become quite sensitive.


It’s my fault?

I guess so, this is the result of my coaching. Now then, how about we move up one more stage with your studies?

That’s right, you’ll learn what makes you feel good for the parts inside you.


Doesn’t seem like it hurts, that’s a relief.

Hmm? It’s hard to stand…?

In that case, lean against that wall over there and I’ll support you so that you won’t fall.

How is it? It feels good to have places that can’t be reached with my tongue stimulated, right?

I guess there’s no need to ask, your place here is overflowing again. Were you turned on by the possibility of being discovered?

……What a naughty princess.


Eh? You want to kiss?

No, t-that we can’t, that’ll be doing a disservice to your fiance. No, I mean, w-well…it’s a bit late considering all the things we’ve done, but even so, you ought to at least give your lips to him.

Speak of which, are you seriously wanting to kiss this face? If so, you have rather terrible tastes.

To say that I’m wonderful, you might’ve been cursed as well.

Idiot, just tell me that’s the case. If you don’t, I……


Ah no, it’s nothing. At any rate, right now you should be calling to mind the face of your former fiance.

These fingers aren’t mine, they’re the fingers of your beloved prince.

That’s enough, stop thinking about unnecessary things because I’ll let you cum again today.

Whoa there! As expected, you can’t stand up anymore, can you?

Come on hold on tight, I’ll carry you over to your room.


You’re completely exhausted, aren’t you? Both your body and face are like melted mush, it really is adorable.

Ahem, with this, you’ll certainly be able to seduce that prince.

How about you make a request to the cabinet minister about now and arrange plans so that you can meet with the prince?

Hah!? You’re anxious so you want to learn more from me?

Hahaha! Is that so? Ah, then it can’t be helped, we made a promise to fulfill your love after all.

I’ll look over your care until the very end so that it goes well this time around.


Say, it’s until the very end, right…?


Track 4: Those sentiments led to a very cruel end


Hmm? What’s with that grave face? Did something happen?

A letter…? From your former fiance?

Oh? As an apology for what happened the other day, it’s an invitation to his castle.

Is-Isn’t that great? For him to turn around and call out to you again, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Make sure to capture the prince’s heart this time around okay?

I mean, hey, why are you feeling down?

Ah, are you anxious that you might get rejected again? If it’s about that, there’s no need to worry, you’re plenty knowledgeable of the many ways to delight a man already so have more confidence in yourself.

It’ll definitely turn it well, I’ll give you my guarantee.


Why are you crying?

You can’t, you mustn’t say that. Considering that I’ve been using you to lift my curse, I don’t have the right to hear that.

C-Come on, stop taking your time, and just go for it. It’ll be bad if you make your fiance you know?

Now hurry up and go.


Oh, it seems like it’s gonna rain today so be careful.

Well then, stay well.

……The days with you were fairly happy days.


Hey, where are you? PLEASE RESPOND…!!! I’m begging you, please respond to me!!!

Dammit, I never imagined that the road would collapse and the carriage would fall, had I stopped her then, then…

Are you over there?!!

Thank god, you were caught by a branch on your way down, I’ll pull you up right now.

Ah, don’t make any sudden movements, the branch will snap. Now slowly reach your arm out to me.


I can’t reach.

Can you stretch your hand out a little further?

It’ll be alright, I’ll definitely grab a hold of you. Regardless of what happens, I won’t allow you to die, so please stretch your hand a little further.

Come on, just a little bit more.

Okay, with this, you’re safe-


Are you okay? Are you unhurt?

That’s a relief, it’s fine as long as you’re alive.

Don’t go! Even if you call for help, I can’t last for much longer.

No, I can tell, so please stay by my side. As expected, being alone during my final moments is really lonely like I thought.


In the end, I never returned to my original appearance, but this is more than enough. Thanks to you, I’ve finally learned what love is.

Terrible things have happened but with this, it’s all even.

Rather than meeting an end without loving anyone, this was a far more wonderful life.

Don’t cry, you’re simply returning to the life you once had, that’s all, so forget about this monster. And so please be happy-


You…what are you doing?

You mustn’t, you ought to save your kisses for the man you love.

And that’s what makes you a fool, you must be an idiot to love a man like this.


Huh? My body’s no longer hurting…? Am I still alive?

My wounds are all healed!?

Did you heal them? Just how exactly-

Hey, hey, hey, despite what has happened, aren’t you way too excited?

Eh? Returned? What are you talking about?

My face is…human?


I-I see. I’ve finally turned back and it’s all thanks to you. It’s because you taught me what love is that I was able to return to being human.

But somehow it’s a bit strange, to lift my curse I need to fulfill someone’s love.

I get it, if the person you like is me, then your love has certainly been realized.

Thank you, and my love has been realized as well.


Track 5: And then the world was overflowing to the brim with happiness


Have you been well?

Things have been well, good on my side of things.

It’s been 3 months since I’ve returned to my original form and left for my own country. The festive merrymaking over my return has finally quieted down so right now I’m processing through all the work that was left undone.

The arrangements for me to inherit this country’s throne and the plans for taking you as my queen have been proceeding favorably.

It seems like I’ll be able to come and retrieve you soon so please wait a little longer for me.

Also, in regards to the aforementioned witch, I properly apologized to her like you suggested me to.

She was pretty shocked over this, it appears that she didn’t expect me to apologize. However, right now, I do genuinely believe that I was in the wrong. Plus I’m also grateful to her, it was because of that curse that we were able to meet after all.

Say, I want to see you right now. I wish to hurry up and be by your side and hold you in these arms.

I’ll be happy if you think the same.

I love you.


Why are you crying, my beloved princess?

Hahaha! Were you surprised?

Ah that face, it makes me remember the day we first met.

My bad, I wasn’t trying to poke fun at you, in truth, I sent out the letter under the belief that it was gonna take about a month. But once I sent it out, I could no longer suppress my desire of wanting to see you.

And so I finished up my work while sparing no time for sleep.

I wanted to see you, and I could never take you off my mind.


I can’t endure it anymore either.

Huh? Why are you all surprised?

I get it. Since you were the only one who ever stripped until now, you never had the chance to see my body.

Don’t get all shy over just the top half, because…I’ll be showing you something even more amazing.

I’ll use this to please you, that’s what real sex is.


If you stare at it so intensely, as expected, it makes me embarrassed all the same.

Umm, is it unpleasant?

Y-You don’t touch so suddenly, it’ll startle me, you know?

Eh? You want to try licking it? You…even though you’re easily embarrassed, you become surprisingly bold occasionally don’t you?

No, I don’t particularly mind but why did the thought of wanting to lick it occur to you?

I see, so it’s a reciprocate of the usual.

Certainly, I’ve licked you a lot, haven’t I?


Hmm? There’s no way that I’d be against it.

Rather the way it swells and stiffs each time I lick it was unbearably cute. To tell you the truth, I wish to lick you even now after such a long time.

Oh, that’s right, if you’d like to be licked too, then how about I lick you today?


There are ways to do it, you know? I’ll lay down like this and you can straddle on top of my face.

It’s too late to be embarrassed now, I’ve already seen it countless times in well-lit places so I remember your shape completely.

Come on, hurry up.


Oh, what’s this? Are you already wet? Were you turned from being touched by me?

I never said it was a bad thing. I too am really aroused at the thought of being touched by you after all this time.

The way it’s twitching is cute.

Even though I’d never think of doing this with other women, I wonder why it’s only you that I want to lick?


Come on, you’re supposed to lick me too, no? That’s right, kiss it lightly at the beginning and then gradually lick the underside.

Becoming excited from being teased is the same for both men and women.

Though I said that, you’re teasing me way too much. This feeling of inexperience is nice, but could you lick a little lower?

Yes, just like that.

And I ought to reciprocate it too, don’t I?


Ah, w-wait, even if you don’t force it into your mouth-

You…even though it’s your first time, why are you this good? Don’t tell me that you’ve been cheating on me while I was away?

Pfft. I see, so you’re just recalling the things I usually do to you.

But I can’t feel completely safe about it, how about we check and see whether you’ve really cheated or not?


As expected I can’t tell simply by licking you, I ought to check with this instead.

Hmm? That’s right, I’ll be putting this inside you right now so please lie down.

It’ll be fine, there’s no need to be scared, I’ll make sure that it hurts as little as possible so relax and entrust yourself to me.


I’m putting it in, okay?


It’s tight. Are you able to relax a little more?

I guess so, you don’t know how to relax it properly. In that case, let’s kiss for the time being.


It’s slowly loosening up.

Are you okay with me continuing on a little further?

Well then, this time I’ll do it all in one go so that I don’t prolong the pain.


It’s all in, your insides are filled with me.

Do you realize how many times I’ve experienced this moment in my dreams? Even when we’re apart, I constantly wanted to embrace you like this.

Seeing that it was impossible either way when I was a frog, my head was filled with thoughts of wanting to enter inside you.

I gave the impression of being a nice guy, but in reality, I was about to go crazy from jealousy over your former fiance.

But with this, my dream has finally been granted.


For my next dream, I guess it’d be to create a happy family together with you.

By finishing inside you time and time again, I want to make this place overflow with my cum. …So is it okay if I do that?

You’ve spoken, there’s no going back on your words, okay?


This is bad, even though I want to be more gentle, it feels so good that I can’t stop my hips.

Are you okay? Is it not hard on you?

Don’t say such cute things, I won’t be able to restrain myself, you know?

Why are you embarrassed even though we’re joined this deeply…? Oh? You’re referring to that?

It’s fine to become lewder, or rather, I wish to see the expression you make when you’re drowning in pleasure, so show it to me more clearly.


Aah…you’re making a really wonderful expression, it’s cuter than what I imagined it to be.

Do you like it when I rub against this deep spot here as I kiss you?

When you become embarrassed like this, it makes me want to rub against it more so that I can tease you.


I’m about to cum too, I’ll be cumming inside you like this, okay?

Come on, let’s cum together as we kiss.


I’m sorry, I might’ve been too rough at the end. Are you okay?

Good grief, if you say something cute like that again, it’ll make me want to continue on for longer you know?

Idiot, don’t spoil me too much, I’ll get carried away.

Besides, we have plenty of time after this, so you can take your time getting accustomed to it.


I guess so, I’m resuming my role as your teacher.

However, compared to me, you were the more superior teacher. You granted me the heart to love the things most precious.

The cutest in the world, my dear Teacher, please continue to forever teach me for the many years to come.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for the translation. I am so happy to see a r18 drama cd without any dark theme xD
    This has to be one of the weirdest drama cd i have ever listened to


  2. Zefanna

    I’m just… Confused how hus giant head fits between the heroine’s legs and uh stick and use his tongue.. In my head, I was 95% confused (and seriously trying to map it out) while 5% amused


  3. luxicity

    Awwww this was actually pretty good with the happy ending and without any of the dark themes Tachibana is usually attached to…

    Except for the fact that the MC was getting it on with a frog (a frog face, but still a frog) for the first 2 ecchi scenes… Hahahahahaha that was a bit awkward as hell. Good thing they did it again as both humans cuz lololololololol I’mma cry if they didn’t hahaahah


    1. Criy

      I couldn’t stop myself from laughing while doing this because I was imagining everything with that frog head and trying to figure out how it all works LOLLL


      1. luxicity

        I bet. I don’t even wanna imagine it but it still keeps on appearing in my head. How much more you who translated it haahha

        It doesn’t even help whenever I remember frogs have long tongues HAHAAHAHAHAHAH


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