【Translation】 Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshita no ka ~Kouya no Baai~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

誰が私を殺したのか ~紅也の場合~

CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Track 1: Even if I had to Commit Sins


Hurry up and get out of the way Kiichi, the one using her next is me.

Hah? Why must I explain the situation all over again?

Yeah yeah, I get it, I get it. I just have to do it right?


Haa…it’s finally my turn.

Well then, right off the bat, let me give you an explanation. You’ve been raped by Seiji and Kiichi over there, and then next up, you’ll be raped by me.

Following that, it’ll be your adoptive younger brother, Masayuki.

Huh? Yeah, I guess so, us four were merely childhood friends.

ーーUp until yesterday that is.

That’s right, you’ve now become bride to all four of us.


The reason? ….It’s because you betrayed us and was planning to marry some rich middle-aged man no?

I don’t care about your excuses. It doesn’t matter if it was for the sake of your family or whatever else, but to us, the fact you were to going to leave us behind without caring to notice our feelings is an undeniable truth.

By the way, I made arrangements so that no one would dare approach these premises so calling for help is pointless.


What is it now Kiichi?

Huh? It wasn’t supposed to be an explanation meant to scare her? Tch. Your turn’s already over, it’s my turn now so step away.

You’re resisting quite a lot when it comes to me aren’t ya? Even though you didn’t care when it was Seiji nor Kiichi…!!!

Is a kind man like Kiichi more to your taste? Do you think the same of that middle-age fiance of yours? Or could it be that out of all your childhood friends, I’m the only one you hate?

Hah, even if you try to deny it now, like hell I’d believe you.

Being confined by us is in the same lane as us being distrustful of you, and so I won’t place any more hopes in your feelings.


Huh? Since you’ve already been cumshotted by both Seiji and Kiichi, there’s no need for foreplay is there? …So shut up, and let yourself be rape by me.

Haha, it feels really good. This is far better than what I had imagined.


Does it hurt? Ah, is the effect of that drug fading?

This aphrodisiac that Masayuki prepared, I too will be using it.

So you’ve swallowed it.

I heard that there were side-effects, but I couldn’t care less about that right now. Surely with this, even despair will fully vanish as well.


Seems like you’re feeling the effects of the drug. Because you’ve had this drug used on you by Seiji as well, it’s even more unbearable with me, isn’t it?

Even if you deny it, I can tell, your insides are twitching.

So much is flowing out, Seiji’s and Kiichi’s cum should all just get washed away.


Why are you crying? The one who first severed our bonds and betrayed us was you no? Even though the reason that we were all people taken in was for your sake…!!!

Hey, is that not so? Or did you forget that as well because of the aphrodisiac?

An accident occurred at the primary school that the young sons and daughters of prestigious families attend, and all other kids beside you had died. And because the hearts of both you and the bereaved families were plunged into complete darkness, we were adopted.

They say it was so that your world, as the sole person left alive, could be painted with color, so they went as far as to carefully select names that were associated with color for us.

Don’t you think our parents were stupids? It’s impossible for some brats that were assembled under that pretense to create a gentle world.


Ah, I can’t understand why you would continue to deny it. After all, right now, this world isn’t kind to you.

Say, did you know? Blue, yellow, red, white, if you mix our colors, it’ll result in a far darker color. And after being violated by all of us, you can never again return to being pure white.

…So the gentle world that you speak of has long since been gone.

Hah, after saying all that, you still believe that we can return to how things once were? How naive, I’ll taint you thoroughly so you can never say that again!!!


Look at them, even though their own turns are over, they’re here watching me raping you.

Your nipples have gotten harder than they were earlier haven’t they? Did you get turned on from being seen? It has started to feel good, hasn’t it?

I feel incredibly good too, to point that I’m about to cum.

It really is like a dream, I thought of my wish of embracing you would never be granted because you would always slip away from my arms.

I was the only one who loved you since we were young.


I’m cumming, and you should cum with me. Come on.

Ah…I came so much.

Seems like you came too as well, because your insides clenched down on me really tightly. And even if it was due to the aphrodisiac, I’m happy that I made you cum.


I love you.

Even if I had to commit grave sins, that’s just how far I’m willing to go to have you.


Hey, why are you losing consciousness now? You didn’t manage to hear my confession, did you?

Haa…I guess you were like that since before.

I knew it, regardless of the situation, I could never become an object of romantic interest for you.


Track 2: Discarded Heart


Oh, so you were awake?

That’s right, it’s my turn today. It was quite difficult to patiently wait for those 3 days y’know? And it has already been a month since your life of confinement begin, have you gotten used to it a little?

Well I guess so, you still haven’t given up yet have you?

However, once this life continues on for longer and becomes your new norm, when your senses grow numb, you might just come to like me.

I don’t need your half-hearted sympathies, it doesn’t make me happy right now that you’re treasuring me as your childhood friend.

More importantly, do you remember this?


Yes yes, I think it was during elementary school, you said that you wanted to join us in playing catch but our parents wouldn’t allow such a hard ball to be thrown at you, and so I brought this rubber ball.

Hmm? Why I brought it with me today?

It’s because you said that your body has grown weak the other day no? I thought that if you were to use this to do some light exercise, your mood would lighten up a little.

Look, at this distance, it won’t get dropped.

Good good, now it’s your turn.


How nostalgic, during those days, I still hadn’t become aware of my feelings for you. I don’t quite understand it but somehow, my heart would start racing whenever I stared at you.

But one day while we were playing catch, you said something interesting. …That when we throw and receive the ball like this, it’s like our hearts were slowly more connected.

And for you to say that, it made me happy, but at the same time questions arose.

Have your feelings and my feelings truly been joined? Aren’t we passing something entirely different from one another?

That was the first day I was cognizant of my own emotions.


Are you not gonna continue? Or have you grown troubled from hearing my thoughts?

No, my bad, that was something unnecessary for you to hear since you think nothing of me after all.

You’ve only ever thrown the ball to me once, both then…and now.

Even though I already knew that I-


Look, it’s that aphrodisiac, I’ll be using it again today. And if you’re gonna resist, I’ll feed it to you mouth-to-mouth today as well.

Today, let’s apply plenty of it on the place below too.

What’s this? You immediately fall victim to this drug eh. Don’t try to deny it, I’ll wet your insides so let me hear your cute voice tonight.


This is bad, I became like this merely by seeing that expression of yours.

It’s been 3 days already since I last had sex with you so I’m already at my limits, I’m putting it in.

Don’t put it in just yet? You always shake your hips whenever I shove insides so you’ll get used to it right away, leave the foreplay to the other 3.

……All I’m useful for is being terrible to you and being hated and that’s the best choice for me.

It’s nothing, I’m putting it in now.


You’re really tight today.

Don’t make such a confused face, HATE ME MORE!!! Or could it be that you aren’t even willing to spare me some hatred…?

Do I want to be hated? Yes, that’s right, if I ain’t gonna be loved either way then I want to be deeply hated. Whether it be hatred or bloodlust, I want you to reciprocate feelings as intense as mine.

Haha…you won’t hate me? That’s very cruel of you.

As expected, as always, I’m the only one who’s going nowhere.


SHUT UP!!! If you won’t even hate me than I want to hear nothing from you.

If I can just embrace you like this, then…

This is the best, I don’t need anything else if I can see that lewd expression of yours.

Are you already about to cum? But still, the effects of that drug’s amazing. Go ahead cum because of me like usual.

Look, you like this place right? Let me hear more of your voice. More!


Haha! Looks like you came, so much is spilling out, and it’s become even more of a mess. I’ll release all of it deep inside you okay?

Also, do you know of the promise with everyone?


It feels good, your insides are sucking me up.

You’re about to cum again, aren’t you? …I’m cumming too.


Haha! I can’t help but laugh, this joy is unbearable y’know?

Do you still not understand? In the one month after being cumshotted by everyone that first night, there hasn’t been any changes to your body.

Sparing that first night, in accordance with our rules, we used birth control. Everyone followed it faithfully and I kept by it as well.

In other words, if you get pregnant, that’ll be my child.

If you’re going to resist now then-


Huh? Could it be that your hand…?

Sorry, I must’ve injured it when I pushed you down earlier. Please wait, I’ll go bring the first-aid kit.

Oh, hah? Why’s there no need for treatment? It hurts, doesn’t it?

I see, so you’re worried about whether I’d be punished by the other guys? I already knew it but you really are hopelessly good-natured aren’t you?

You really are an idiot, please don’t make me lose myself any further.

Enough, just wait for me.

I’ll go bring the first-aid kit and tend to you. And thank you for being concerned about me.


Are you sleeping? You…did something happen to you? Your face is completely pale y’know? Is it anemia?

Haa…so you’re worried about me again?

Certainly, there’s a penalty to be had if I don’t have sex with you when my turn comes around but when it comes to that, it can easily be settled as long as you match my story.

If Seiji comes to check, just tell him that I’ve made a mess out of you again today.


Are you still worried? It’s not like there’s security cameras or anything.

They haven’t realized at all about the fact that I came inside you the other day. So once you cheer up, please let me cum inside you again okay?

Like I said, I told you not to about today’s penalty did I not? As always, you’re a worrywart, aren’t you?

Okay, I get it. Then how about we do this instead?

I’ll use a condom and jack myself off, if I do that, there’s proof no?


After, I just need to apply some lube.

Somehow, even though I’ve masturbated before, this is really embarrassing.

Huh? Why is it that I won’t have sex with you? I told you earlier no? I won’t have sex with you if I know your health is poor.

Kind…? Are you stupid? You realize how horrible of a man I am don’t you?

That’s enough, please let me concentrate. If I don’t, I won’t be able to cum right?


What is it now? Like I said, please don’t talk.

My breathing is more labored usually? Well of course, the insides of the woman you love feels the best obviously.

But even so, I don’t want to push you anymore, otherwise, I’d become violent and accidentally injure you like I did the other day.

Is it that strange for me to regret it?

Although I’ve thoroughly violated you, it’s not like I intentionally wanted to hurt you. And that’s why I used the aphrodisiac.


Like I said, be quiet else I won’t be able to cum-

You…why did you kiss me?

You really are a fool. You had extremely terrible things done to you, so you’re under the illusion of being treated particularly kindly.

What was it called again? I think it was Stockholm Syndrome or something.

But, the stupidest idiot of all is me who’s happy about that.


Ah this is bad, when I think about how I received a kiss from you, my hips can’t stop.

Please kiss me one more time.


I love you, I love you. You’re the one I love.


Aah…this really is unsalvageable.

Idiot, that’s not it, I’m referring to myself. Even though I decided to allow your feeling to fall on deaf ears, receiving a mere kiss from you made me so happy that it has brought me to tears.

This is incredibly lame of me.

I love you, and even though I know you won’t ever love me back, I couldn’t stop myself. I thought that rather being left behind, being hated is far easier.


You won’t leave me any more?

Keep your good-nature in check, you’ll get killed by me, y’know? That’s right, you’ll get killed me who loves you far too greatly.


I love you.

If only I could just take you away like this, but…if I bring you outside, once you return to your senses, you’d probably hate me won’t you?

Just kidding. It’s strange of me to say that isn’t it? Because I’ve told you that I don’t mind being hated until now.

I can’t stand myself anymore.

Even though I don’t want to become greedier than this, I really am hopeless.


I’ll be leaving already for today. Make sure to hate me properly next time okay?

If you don’t then I……

It’s nothing. Goodnight then.


Track 3: Choice


I came to say farewell today.

Today the police came to search my house, they still haven’t discovered this place but it’s only a matter of time. Ain’t that great? Soon rescue will come.

That’s why, that’s why I’ve decided to turn myself in.

Why that is? …Because in actuality, I understood that this is wrong. But because I didn’t want to be separated from you, I pretended to be blind to the right path.

However, you were kind to me despite all the horrible things I’ve done to you, so eventually, I could no longer ignore my own feelings.


In truth, I loved your smile. Even if we can’t pass around the same emotions, I thought it’d be enough if I could just see you smile.

And yet I…

When I thought of the possibility of you leaving, my world went completely dark and I lost to my own unsightly feelings.

I think there was the thought of not wanting you to be taken by the other 3 if I wasn’t on board with the plan. But regardless, I’m ending this.

Please become happy together with your kind fiance.


I’m sorry for calling him an old geezer.

He saved your parents when they were on the brink of death during an overseas trip so he must be a kind person right?

He has plenty of assets too and I hear that you two are bound by fate. If you’re with him, you’ll surely be happy.

See ya, until the police come, please remain here quietly because if you move around carelessly, you never know what Seiji might do.


Don’t stop me, if you grab me like that, it’ll make my determination falter.

Huh? Please don’t make the child inside you the child of a criminal…? Don’t tell me it’s from that time!?

My child…

In truth, you want to abort it, don’t you? But since you’re kind you won’t ever say that right?

I, my, if I were to say my desires honestly, I’d like you to birth to them. I know I’m a piece of shit who has no right to be a parent but the sins of the parents have nothing to do with the child is what I think.


You see, my birth mother was actually planning to abort me. But due to various things occurring, she missed the timing and it was discovered. However, ultimately she was against my birth so she abandoned me at an institution.

Because that’s what I’ve experienced, if possible, I wish for you to cherish the child.

I know that from your perspective it’s an extremely selfish request but I don’t want a repeat of what happened to me.

And if they realize that you’ve chosen me in a situation like this, there’s no way of knowing what they might do to you.


Are you saying that we should run away together?

Why? Do you wish to protect them together with me since it’s my child? Or is it because you genuinely wish to keep your own child?


Happy End: The Strength to Forgive


……Because you don’t want to leave me?

Are those words spoken from the bottom of your heart? Even though all I’ve done is hurt you, you really are way too good-natured.


I’ve made up my mind too, let’s run away together. And thank you for making this choice.

To the point that I don’t mind making the world my enemy, that’s how much I love you.

That said, I ought to control myself right now, don’t I? I want to stay like this forever, but this isn’t the time for that.

No, what’s more dangerous than the police is Seiji and the others.

If you insist that you left the house on your own volition then the police will understand. However, that doesn’t work with Seiji and the others, surely they’ll come chase you down to the point that they spew blood.

But even so, I swear that I’ll definitely protect both you and the child inside you.


Yes, let’s hurry. The others should be marked by the police and are unable to move freely so right now’s our chance.

Please wait just a moment for me. I’ll take a look at the movement outside just to be sure, and I’ll also determine an escape route while I’m at it.

Don’t look so anxious, I retrieve you without fail.

We’ll elope and the 3 of us will live happily as a family in a faraway town where no one knows us.

Well then, I’ll get going. Make it so you can leave as soon as possible.



It’s me Kouya. Do recognize me?

That’s a relief, you kept sleeping for days on end.

You mustn’t get up yet! That’s right, inside you, the child with me is…I’m sorry even though I swore to protect both you and the child, I take responsibility for taking my eyes off you.

More than anything, it’s my fault.


Please don’t hug me like that. You’re the one who’s closer to tears no?

I’m truly sorry. I’ve rape you, I’ve allowed a miscarriage and caused you sorrow.

No, it’s not for you to forgive, I’ll continue to atone for these sins for the rest of my life. But before that, I’d like to ask you one important question.

How far do your memories go?


Until we parted?

No, I don’t know either. There was no one inside the room when I returned, and the next time I found you, you were collapsed on the sandbanks.

I performed CPR on you countless times while you were in cardiac arrest and carried you over to this hospital.


Calm down, Seiji and the others still haven’t found out that we’re here. This is a hospital ran by an acquaintance of mine so there are various arrangements in place.

However, there’s no peace of mind as long as the identity of the culprit remains a mystery.

That mansion sits on top a cliff, and the room you were confined in faced the ocean. Without a doubt, someone must’ve pushed you off.

Hey, out of those 3, which one of them tried to kill you?


I see, due to the shock from falling, you forgot.

If you can’t remember then that’s fine. Let’s run away to a place no one can reach, and this time, I’ll make sure I protect you.


I’m home.

Hehe, I’m always telling you that you don’t have to come greet me in such a rush no? Even though 3 years have passed, surprisingly, you haven’t changed.

Not at all, I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. I meant it in the sense that it’ll make me so happy that I’ll want to embrace you right away.

So what’s tonight’s dinner?

I see, so my favorite foods.


Each time I come home, I just think about how happy I am. Even though I don’t have the hope to be happy after what I’ve done……

Hey, what are you trying to do by sitting on top my lap all of a sudden?

I get it, I won’t say it anymore.

But in exchange, please allow me to atone in ways beyond words.


Thank god, it seems like you were waiting for me to do this too.

Idiot, I won’t put it in right away. I want to make love to you properly so please let me lick these cute nipples some more.

Your nipples have gotten sensitive, haven’t they? The place below is reacting you know?

It’s already wet, how cute.

I’m saying cute because it’s cute, so why are you turning your head away?


Come on, turn this way, I want to kiss you as I touch this place.

It’s gotten really wet.

Do you want me to rub this engorged part more? Or do you perhaps want me to tease the spots inside you?

Understood my dear princess.

In that case, I’ll slowly churn up your insides. You like it when I rub this spot inside you as I tease your nipples, don’t you? The entrance is twitching you know?


Nope, not yet, once I get it thoroughly accustomed…

Hey, hey, wait.

I don’t mind putting it in, but first, let me put on a condom. Eh? It’s fine doing it without? But-


As always you’re more courageous than me, and you’ve got the strength to forgive as well. I truly am no match for you.

Now then, please lift your hips.

I’m putting it in okay?


This is bad, it feels so good that I feel like I won’t be able to restrain myself.

I love you and only you, forever and always.


I’m sorry, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt your inside directly so I’m already at my limits.

I see, so you too.

Then let’s cum together.


I’m cumming, I’m cumming inside okay?


It’s still coming out.


I love you.

For staying by my side-no, for saving me, thank you.


Bad End: Misunderstanding


You don’t want to end a life eh…

Thank you, regardless of the reason, I’m happy.

First off, let’s escape from this place, what’s more dangerous than the police is Seiji and the others. If you insist that you left the house on your own volition then the police will understand. However, that doesn’t work with Seiji and the others, surely they’ll come chase you down to the point that they spew blood.

Ah sorry, I wasn’t trying to scare you. It’s alright, the others should be marked by the police and are unable to move freely so right now’s our chance.

Well then, I’ll take a look at the movement outside just to be sure, and I’ll also determine an escape route while I’m at it. So please wait for me for just a moment.


You’ve finally regained consciousness, it’s me Kouya. Do you realize me?

I see, so how far do you remember?

Oh? Until we parted eh.

You’ve conveniently forgotten the most important parts, haven’t you? Ah, if it’s about the child with me, it got washed away from the shock of falling into the ocean.

Being sadden by that is just an act no? It seems like you consulted with the others about the fact that I impregnated you.

IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU SAID TO ME!!! As you spoke those words to me, in truth, you hated it, HATED IT SO BADLY THAT IT WAS UNBEARABLE WASN’T IT?!!!


I will no longer believe in your words.

Don’t worry, I’ll apply plenty of the aphrodisiac that you love today.

Haha! So now you’re resisting. But too bad, I’ll impregnate you time and time again no matter how much you’re against it.

Look, can you tell? By merely touching you, I’m already this ready.

With this, I can impregnate you right away.


HAHAHAhahaha!!! The drug is taking effect, you’re moving your hips too.

Who cares about the side-effects, if it’ll break you more, then die already.

It’s bad, this is bad, it feels so good that I feel like I’m about to die from it. This sensation from your insides, you’re about to cum too, aren’t you?

You want to cum so badly from the member of the man whom you hate to death that it’s unbearable right?

Come on, cum. And I’ll cum inside you as well.


I’m cumming, so accept all of it deep inside you.


Let’s continue living on like this.

I won’t let go of you ever again, you’ll forever be captive to me.

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  1. Laura

    Why does Kyoua think the baby is his? If they all have been using protection except that first night and all have been abiding faithfully, then isn’t it an even chance between all four?

    Is there a typo or miswording here?

    “Do you still not understand? In the one month after being cumshotted by everyone that first night, there hasn’t been any changes to your body.

    Sparing that first night, in accordance with our rules, we used birth control. Everyone followed it faithfully and I kept by it as well.

    In other words, if you get pregnant, that’ll be my child.”


    1. Criy

      It’s because he didn’t use birth control that night in track 2, therefore if she gets pregnant, assuming everyone else abided by the rules and she didn’t get pregnant from that first night, it would be his.
      Within the same track:
      “They haven’t realized at all about the fact that I came inside you the other day.”
      And that’s why mc was concerned about him receiving punishment for it (since he did broke the rules)


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