【Translation】 Oyasumi Kareshi 5 ~Kahogo na Kareshi to Sugosu Yoru~ Stellaworth Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Unforgettable Smell


Thank you, because today was warmer than usual, I was thirsty.

I’m glad it was out in the open though, we were able to have a nice stroll.

Mhm, I made arrangements so that we can both look at them. Come on, come a little closer and let’s view them together.

Truthfully, this is the first time I’ve witnessed this aspect of flowers. If it has this level of impact in partial bloom, it must be incredible when they’re in full bloom.


Huh? This is…

This is the scent of flowers, isn’t it?

Not at all, it’s faintly sweet, and a really nice aroma. You purposely prepared this flavor, right? Thank you.

But even so, I never imagined that you’d have that much fun.

Mhm, I had a lot of fun too. We never had many opportunities to casually spend time together like this after.

What are you apologizing for? I’ve been occupied too lately due to this busy season so that makes us both no? Even if you don’t force it, as long as we occasionally have time together like this, that’s more than enough.

Oh, that over there is what the Granny that often visited the public office whom I ended up befriending taught me about.


Is that so? But you might be taught various things from the elderly who frequently visit.

The place we went to today was slightly difficult to get to too, it was a little-known good place that only the native residents knew about. It was truly a nice and quiet place wasn’t it?

It felt almost like a waste that only the two of us were able to experience such beautiful scenery.

Hah, what’s with that? Jealousy?

I took photos but it’s not like I particularly neglected you. I’m always in high-spirits whenever I’m with you, but well…you’re also cute when you pout though.

Hehe, was the time you lost your nerves and got ecstatic over the bento supposed to be a secret?


Eh? But it’s cute no? That aspect of you stuffing your cheeks full with onigiri is like a squirrel, and even though you were pouting, the way your face would relax because of how delicious my bento is very fun to tease.

Well of course, there’s no way I wouldn’t notice such ups and downs in your mood.

I’m saying that I have the confidence to tell if I look closely.

Huh? That’s…

I’m sorry, the look you had on when you were jealous of the flowers was too cute so I ended up teasing you a little.


Eh? Do I have to delete it? …It was my favorite one though.

In that case, could you please allow me to take a replacement photo?

Weird photo…? It’s just a two-person shot, you know? Speaking of which, I was thinking that we hadn’t taken one today.

Really!? Then come closer, closer.

Okay, I’m taking it.

3, 2, 1…


This is nice every so often, no?

It’s your fault for showing me such cute expressions earlier. Hehe, I wonder if because you drank the ice tea but your kisses have a floral aroma too.

Are you going to be the one taking my clothes off?

Since I’m always the one doing it, it might be nice to do something fresh. You’re going to be taking this off as well no?


Say, could you do it today?

You don’t have to force yourself to swallow it up so…

That’s right, lick it slowly.

No matter how long has passed, you really can’t get used to doing this, can you? But it’s fine, even if you aren’t used to it, that crude part of you is cute too.


That’s enough now, please let it go from your mouth.


There’s no way that’s the case, right? It felt so good that I was about to cum.

Huh? There’s a souvenir on you.

I wonder if it’s because of the petals, but even your hair smells of flowers

Eh? Me too?

Hehe, it’s true, we match. Somehow, this makes me happy, it gives you the sense that we’re together.


Is it okay for me to touch this place as well?

Thank you.

This place squeezed down just now, does it feel good? …I’ll do it some more then.


Can you hear the sounds? It’s overflowing to the point that it’s dripping down your thighs.

Is it okay now? What do you think?

Hehe, are you so embarrassed that you can’t answer? In that case, if you’d allow it, then please give me a kiss from you.

Thank you.


Amazing, it’s so soft, and it’s clenching down on me.

Please let me hear more of your voice.


It’s no use, I’m close to cumming.


I’m sorry. Your voice’s gotten a little hoarse, did I push you too much…?

Oh, I’ve got just the right thing.


Has it moistened up your throat a little?

Then we ought to buy this flavored drink again. Because whenever you smell this scent, you’ll recollect these events, no?

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