【Translation】 Biidoro Shinjuu ~Futayo no Yume Nakamura Kanetsugu no Baai~


Thank You to Berri for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

びいどろ心中 ~二夜の夢 仲邑兼継の場合~

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Sound of Rain


Are you done with cleaning?

Haven’t you made the blunder because you neglected your health?

I’m only imposed with light work so it’s not an issue. Rather than worrying about others, please worry about yourself first.

By forcing yourself to work hesitantly, more needless time is spent and it’s a vicious cycle, no? Now focus and quickly finish up your job.


If this rain continues you won’t be able to properly dry the laundry.

Oh I apologize, I didn’t think you’d be that startled simply by me speaking. What’s distracting you so much? On the other side is…ah, Hydrangea​s.

Ahem, on that note, are you aware of a place with headache medication?

It’s common for one’s health to be poor during days of such weather, but unfortunately, I’ve forgotten my medicine at home.

Got it, thank you very much.


I appreciate your concerns but if your hair’s wet like that, you’ll catch a cold like you did the other day. I’ll wipe away the dripping water so please stay still.

Because of their preferences, the number of servants that the Ougi family employs is few, if one person rests then someone else will have to pick up the burden, no?

Ah no, I’m not in any way good with my words, so it’s not like I’m particularly scolding you-

No it’s nothing, tempers probably went sour where that pesky son is again, no? …Jeez, that younger brother of Ougi’s.

You’re making a gloomy face, does something worry you?


I see, certainly, it hasn’t been long since you’ve started working for the Ougi family. It may be difficult considering your position, but I recommend that from now on, regardless of what that son says, please respond firmly.

If you’re too conscious of it, it’ll have the opposite effect-

Ah, we shouldn’t be discussing someone lazy in this scenario, let’s both go back to work.

It’s not something I should be saying. You should relax your shoulders a little. If you work with zeal, both the Master and Madam will speak praise of you.

Now then, please excuse me.


Track 2: Pity



S-sorry, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’ll stop, I’m sorry. I’m sorr-

I-I-I’m begging you, please don’t say that you don’t need me.


Why are you crying?


Thank you for your hard work. The appearance of roses drenched from the rainy season’s nice isn’t it?

What are you all shocked about? Is that surprising that I love flowers?

I apologize, I said something teasingly, haven’t I?

That’s right, I’m not running errands for Sir today, I have business with you. The butler has already given his approval so there’s no need to be concerned. I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance, so please get yourself ready.


It’s a bit sudden, but I’d like to apologize for the other day.

It’s in regards to the matter that happened in the kitchen, I broke down and caused you trouble.

Although it may seem immature, I’ve been bad at handling loud voices since I was a child. So could you please keep quiet about this issue from the other people at this estate? I don’t want it to be widely known.

What is it?

The reason I can’t handle them? Hmm……


Ah, no, I don’t mind. I’m just thinking of the best way to explain it.

You’re not wrong. I was adopted out before I turned 7, but my adoptive parents were rather harsh with me. I guess you could say that I’m unable to forget and am still traumatized by it.

It’s pathetic but…ah umm, I ended up remembering the times where I was reprimanded.

And so, err, there’s something I’d like to ask you regarding that night, is that okay with you?


That night, you held me and comforted me while I was having a panic attack, but why were you crying as well?

I don’t know why I’m asking either, just that it was constantly on my mind.

I’m aware of the reason as to why you were taken in by the Ougi family. Both your parents passed away, and you were brought into the Ougi’s custody is what I’ve heard.

Your mother became depressed over your father’s death and stopped seeing you. And even eventually your mother passed away as well as due to the grief over the loss of your father, no?

I don’t think it was because you were useless, but…


I apologize, I’m talking like I understand. Encouragement, worry, it must’ve surely been painful when your deep-hearted words can’t reach someone.

……I guess you could say that fellow sufferers will pity one another.

Nope, I was speaking to myself.


Would you like to have some cake?

The one who invited you to come is me. Don’t be hesitant, they’re going to get angry at me if you have that expression when we return.

I’ve heard that girls like sweets-

It’s not good to treat everyone in the same way? Pfft, it’s as you’ve said, now then, do you enjoy cakes?

…That’s a relief.


What is it?

Ahem, I haven’t done anything to be thanked for.


Track 3: Secrecy


Well then, one volume please. It’s meant to kill time so I don’t care which one it is.

Hah? Good grief, it’s that of all things. I simply went out because there was something I wanted to ask her.

It’ll be troublesome if people on these premises found out that I invited her, no? And so, it wasn’t out of bounds.

Now then, let’s end it here.


What business do you have with me today?

Haa…if you consider how you’ve been following behind me lately like a baby bird, people will think you’re eavesdropping.

I’m joking.

What’s with that expression? I can make jokes sometimes, you know?

But if I really think about it, you must think that I’m a person who blindly follows orders. In any case, please stop trailing me.

Please return back to work. Oh my bad, was it your break? Thank you for your hard work.


Meal? With me?

It’s dull to eat together with someone like me, no? So it’s commendable that you purposefully searched me out just for that.

Gaining the trust of another person through mere talks is-

What are you…?


I’m fine so please remove your hands from my ears. Besides, it doesn’t block it out at all anyways.

So you remembered our conversation from that day, didn’t you? Thank you for being mindful of me.

Now then, how about we leave?

I’m referring to our meals, we’re going to have them together, no?


Oh, that’s the Master’s French-born school friend who visited the other day. Is there something about him that concerns you?

Pfft. Of course, they’d give a kiss on the cheek.

For westerners, that’s one form of greeting and it appears that a kiss can have all sorts of meanings. It can symbolize friendship or deep affection, and a kiss on the lips can seal a vow. Without any knowledge of this, it’s not unreasonable for you to be surprised by it.

Yes, my grandfather himself was subsequently invited as an architectural engineer and that he went on to become a foreign government advisor is what I’ve heard.

However, my grandfather died before I was born, so I’ve never met him. I heard all those aforementioned stories from my mother.


What’s the matter? Why are you staring at someone’s eyes?

Yes, it appears that they’re the same color as my grandfather’s. I guess it’s hereditary.

Glass toy? Are you referring to my eyes?

Haha! I’m sorry, I’ve never been praised like that upfront so I couldn’t help myself. They do resemble a glass toy, don’t they?

In being distinct from the Japanese, this hair and these eyes were the targets of scornーyou’re the first one to ever compliment them. Because you see, I love the eyes that I received from my grandfather.


Eh? Did I say that myself just now? …I’m stumped.

Oh that’s right, I’ll give you this caramel so please keep quiet about what happened just now. The impression of slacking off in the middle of work isn’t desirable after all.

Yes, it’s hush money, is that a bad thing?

Now please return back to work. That way you won’t behave like something has happened.


Track 4: Mutual Love


Don’t hide in a place like that, hurry up and come out.

I waited for you to raise your voice, but you simply weren’t calling for me. I told you to not leave traces but I didn’t say it was okay to peep.

Look, come here.

This book belongs to the driver. Surprisingly, he’s a bookworm as well, so he lent me this to use as a distraction.

I especially enjoy these short stories. I’m drawn to the emotions of children who’ve lost their parents, and of parents’ who’ve lost their child.

Leaving, or being left behind. Which one do you think is more painful?


It’s not good to respond to a question with another question, you know?

That said, my question was a bit abrupt, wasn’t it? But I believe being left behind is more difficult because those that remain have no choice but to live, whether it’s sad or painful. There is such a thing as a living hell after all.

You’re still young, so it can’t be helped, but eventually, you’ll come to understand it.

Not at all, there are many things I don’t know.

For example…

I won’t tell you. Hehe, I guess so. Adults are sly creatures, so please remember that.


Haa…however, the rainy season really is a nuisance, isn’t it? Not only does it rain, it’s also scorching hot, and it’s particularly humid today.

And you too, has there been any change to your health?

If so, I’m relieved.


Ice cream…? Yes, I haven’t had any yet.

That’s right, I told you that there were many things I don’t know, didn’t I?

Such a triumphant looking face, good grief, it’s precisely that aspect of you. It goes beyond youthful, it’s child-like, you know?

……It would’ve been great if only you truly were just a child.

Hmm? What’s the matter? To teach me the taste of ice cream, how exactly are you supposed to do that?


T-that’s generally what you’d consider a secret date, is it not?

Ah. No, that’s right, it’s for the sake of teaching me the taste of ice cream. Now then, go ahead Teacher, please be lenient with me.


Track 5: Secret Date


Yes, it was cold and very delicious, it was exactly like you described.

Are you satisfied now?

Then I’m glad, because a particular someone has been restless since several days ago.

If you say in that manner, it’ll sound like you were restless from the anticipation of going on an outing with me rather than the ice cream.

Although that’s fine, I’m honored by it. In any case, I’m relieved that your health has recovered. There were plenty of things you concealed prior to our day off so I was worried.

Hmm, you don’t know the cause?

However, thinking too hard is harmful to your health as well, more than likely, it’s seasonal and a result of the accumulated fatigue.


You’ll wear yourself out if you concern yourself with the looks from passersby.

If you ask me whether it’s always like this, then I guess it always is. I more or less tried to cover it with this cap, but it doesn’t seem to be all that effective so I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable.

Contrary to expectations, it’s the way I sit in a kimono.


Aah…we can’t avoid the rain, can’t we?

Take this cap, it won’t completely protect you from the rain but it’s better than nothing right? Let’s run over to a place where we can take shelter from the rain.

Let’s go under the eaves of that building.


Are you alright? Since you just ate something cold, your body’s gotten excessively chilly.

Yup. Ah, looking at it closely, this place’s a buckwheat-noodle shop.

Thank you, in that case, I’ll take 2 please. Huh? 2nd floor?

Though I don’t care what place it is as long as they’d allow us to take shelter from the rain, but are you okay with this?

Understood. Well then, please do.


I’ve received some warm tea, with this, you’ll be able to warm up a little, no?

Don’t mind it. The rain just won’t stop, would it?

Are you not cold? Ah, good grief, if you don’t wipe off properly, you’ll catch a cold again like the other day. With such wet hair, warms things won’t warm you-

P-Please put this on.

I don’t care if the coat gets wet, at any rate, your current appearance is bad for my heart.


P-Please don’t approach me.

Ah no, I’m sorry, err, how should I say it…

Your appearance after being drenched by the rain is umm, compared to how you normally are, unimaginably y-youthful, whatnot.

Aah jeez, please what I said just now. Shit, what I’m saying.

W-what is it?

In any case, the waiter was just joking around as well, so don’t take it so seriously. Besides, you’re still better off not knowing.


Ahem, t-the 2nd floor of a buckwheat noodle shop is umm…a place that’s often used as a location for a man and a woman to make love.

Ah! Like I thought, I’ll be in the regular room. Until the rain stops, take your time here to-

Please let go of my hand.

Look, your nose is running. Are you okay? You’re shivering so much, your lips are pale too. Drink the buckwheat tea, and please take the brazier as well-ACHOO!

Ah jeez, I’m ashamed.


Hmm? What is it?

You, what are you…? To not need a brazier because you have another person’s body, what nonsense are you saying?

If you say something like that, even though I was bent on you being a child, I won’t be able to fool myself anymore.

A child’s no good?

There’s no way that you are a child. I especially won’t see you in that light otherwise.


You don’t have to do anything.

It’s unpleasant to do it in wet clothing, no? Don’t take them off yourself, please allow me to handle all of it.

Experienced with it…? Me?

That’s a big mistake, you know? I confess, this is my first time doing this, so could you not laugh if I were to fail?


Your clothes.

That’s right, pull out your arm. And please lift your hips for just a bit.

I knew it, convincing myself that you were a child was unthinkably prideful of me. Even though you’re such a beautiful young woman…

Like you’ve said, if we hold each other while naked like this, a brazier’s unnecessary, isn’t it?

Hehe, are you nervous?

I see, it’s because this is your first time. Are you fine with having me as your first?


Me too! This the first time for me as well, and I’m happy that it’s you.

I never imagined that having oneself be accepted would bring such happiness……


Your lips, your nose, each and every part of you is so tiny and cute.

To think that a woman’s chest would be this warm and soft, and have such a sweet scent. Or perhaps, is it because it’s you?


That voice just now was incredibly adorable, please let me hear it one more time.

Here, would you mind if I kiss these tiny feet?

Anyhow, since this is the first time for both of us, so that you aren’t left with a painful experience even on an off-chance, I’ll fully lick your entire body.

There isn’t a single part of you that is dirty.


Always running around restlessly with the utmost effort, I love them so much that it’s unbearable.

Is it ticklish? This is the first time you’re having a place like this licked, right?

This place hasn’t been licked before either, right?

I’ll be touching it a little, okay?


Did that hurt…?

Thank god.

Whoa, your hips jolted. Could it be that this felt good? In that case, I’ll do it some more.

Feel it more, so that nectar spills out.


Nope, more.

A place deep inside you is aching? Seems like your body’s ready.

Breathe in slowly.


I’m inside you. This is real.

So being joined with the person would grant you this incredible sense of contentment. It’s as if I’ve been rewarded for everything I’ve done up until now.

If you feel exactly the same way, I’m happy.

Me too, there’s nothing that could surpass this.


It feels good.

I can’t, even though I want to remain inside you for longer, it feels way too good.

Can I?

Of course, we’ll cum together.


Is okay for me to be conceited enough to believe that you’re thinking of me?

I guess so, that wasn’t the case, then you wouldn’t have allowed me to touch you in this manner.

I love you very much too.


Track 6: Taking a Turn for the Worse​


That glass toy is pretty for this time and age, no?

I’ve heard that my deceased grandfather bought this for my mother when she was young. Even when I had business to attend, this was the one thing I swore to protect, I was always careful so that my adoptive parents wouldn’t find it.

Yes, it’s precious, it’s my treasure.

Though the number of treasures has increased by one now.


What is the treasure that’s been added?

If you ask me so calmly, I’ll be the one who’s embarrassed.

ーーIt’s you.

No matter how long has passed, I can never get used to this type of contact.

That was the kind of person I was to begin with, the only time I meet people face-to-face is when I’m in the middle of work. When it comes to my beloved one, I constantly wish to touch them, cherish them, and to love them.


I know, you were bad at dealing with me before, no? Did you not think of me as a cruel cold-blooded person?

I’m not trying to blame you, I myself avoided any deep connections with others after all.

In being asked that again, I’m not sure as to why. I don’t want to say that it’s the butler’s fault, but I might’ve been fearful of the possibility of rejection.

You really are a kind person, aren’t you?

To tell you the truth, in lacking knowledge of the word due to your age, I couldn’t quite grasp whether you were a child or an adult. So, I didn’t know how to handle you.

But you barged in suddenly without any reservations, so before I knew it, I stopped caring about that anymore.


That is true, certainly that makes us both.


Oh, seems like the ceremony is about to begin soon.

Look, we went past the church earlier, no? It seemed like they were preparing for a wedding ceremony, so I was thinking that that must be the church bell. The people themselves seemed happy and of course, their friends and family as well.

I wish happiness upon those two.


Hmm? Oh, that’s a wedding dress.

Do you admire it because they’re like a princess? To have a ceremony at a church as a non-believer…no, I do want you to wear one, though.

Now then, I’ve finished brewing the tea so let’s drink it before it cools.


Is something the matter? Do you feel unwell?

Come on, sit down on this chair-

Are you okay…!? Is your health deteriorating, your complexion is-

Hey, what’s wrong? Hold it together!!!


Is that so? Yes, okay, I understand.

Are you awake?

I haven’t felt alive since the moment you collapse.

This the hospital. After you lost consciousness inside my room, I immediately carried you here.

Why are you apologizing? You’ve done nothing wrong.

Even though your health has been deteriorating frequently, it’s my fault for not mentioning it.


It appears that you’ll be hospitalized for the time being, I’ll handle all the arrangements hereafter so you have nothing to worry about.

You don’t have to be so concerned.

I want to become your strength, so please allow me to do it.

Eh? Ah yes, the talks from the doctors as well. It looks like the fatigue has been piling up a little hasn’t it?

Come on, rest properly, I’ll stay by your side until you fall asleep again.

Don’t look so anxious, okay?


Track 7: Marriage Proposal


Sorry, I was late after going off the path a little.

You’ve gotten good at blowing on the glass toy, haven’t you?

You’re welcome, in entrusting you with that glass toy, I’m sure both my mother and grandfather would be delighted.

……Because you’re a woman that I love from the bottom of my heart.


I apologize for yawning, I’m a little sleep-deprived. Despite telling you to better manage yourself prior, I’m in this sorry state.

Hmm? No, it’s not your fault, I came here because I wanted to.

What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?

I see, then please tell me if it gets difficult. Summer will be in full swing, so it’ll drain your strength even more.

I want to quickly put you at ease, but…


Oh that’s right, Madam Ougi gave me some jelly desserts, it’s still cold right now so please help yourself to them later.

Are you still down?

I guess so. It’s a bit earlier than I had planned but there’s something I’d like to give you.


It’s a ring.

You admire foreign lands don’t you? In truth, I wanted to prepare a dress as well, but I couldn’t make it in time for that. Sorry.

Please allow me to be your partner.


Am I no good? Was I conceited to think that you loved me as well?

If you say that you love me then why?

You’ve noticed your illness…?

Passing away first, please don’t say that, that’s no way that’s possible, right?

That’s not it, I’m not trying to deceive you.

You’re wrong! Surely I, no, I definitely believe you’ll be saved, so I don’t wish for you to lose hope.

At least the thought-

Please don’t say that, please.


You’re tried? Are you feeling-

I see, so you’re exhausted from living in fear of death.

I know how painful it is to live each day with fear. If you so desire, how about we die together?


Epilogue: Eternal Vow


Are you saying that you wish to live together?

Surely, surely it’ll bring painful memories, but even so…

I promise. I will see to it that you’re saved, I promise. So, please, somehow please, live alongside me.


I’m sorry, even though the one who wants to cry is you.

For you to hold me and pat my back, it’s almost exactly like that night. During those days, I still thought of you as a child, but surely, the me right now is much more of a child.

Throwing a tantrum because I didn’t want to lose you… I forced things upon you, the person I love.


I’m not the only reason? …That makes me jealous.

Something you wish to fulfill?

Oh I see, you said that you wanted to try wearing that princess-esque dress, didn’t you? The person who took me on as my guardian was a former professor of medical science, and he’ll lend us his strength.

Regardless, I don’t think it’s a peaceful path.

Let’s try and cure your disease. Then, I’ll offer you the ring and dress once more.


For what reason am I going this far…? Why are you asking that now?

ーーIt’s because I can’t live without you.

And in the first place, my mother gave birth to me out of wedlock, you see. It seemed like the man’s family used the blood that flows within her veins as a reason to disapprove of a marriage.

And after my mother passed away, they had me taken in by adoptive parents so that they could avoid taking me in themselves. Whenever I’d fail at something, they’d chastise me for being mixed, and even if I didn’t, they’d punished me for giving them the creeps.

Until an old friend of my grandfather became my guardian, I was told each and every day without fail that I was an unwanted person because I had mixed-race parentage.

While the butler allowed me to never be ashamed of myself, nevertheless, I longed for a happy family.


Meeting you and joining you in marriage. I’ve always believed that if it’s you, we could build a happy family.

It’s pointless if it’s not you……

Hmm? A wager? You’ll continue to live because you have faith in me, so if your illness does get cured, you marry me? Is that what you’re referring to?

Somehow it’s something that only benefits me, is that okay with you?

Okay, I understand.

Let’s make that bet. Once your disease is treated, even if you try to escape because this love’s a burden, I won’t let you go okay? So be prepared.


Give me your hand.

Hah, it’s not a pinky-promise so please bear with this for now.

I’ll take this gamble on your life, and I swear to protect it until the bitter end.


Another Epilogue: Dreamy Mental State


Why are you hiding your chest?

You don’t have to worry about that though. You’re incredibly beautiful regardless if your complexion’s poor, or that you’ve lost weight.


Move your hands aside, I want to give plenty of love to those cute breasts.

That’s right.

Hmm? Is just your breasts not enough?


I’ll make sure to give this place some love as well.

There’s no need to be embarrassed, right? After leaving the hospital, the only people inside this room are us.

Is that not so? If the two of us will go on to die, then it’s as if there’s only us in the world. So there’s absolutely no need for you to be embarrassed.

How about I stroke your insides with my fingers?


It’s hot. Does it not hurt? …Then I’ll insert one more okay?

It entered inside so smoothly, but the moment I put it in, this wet place clamps down tightly so that it doesn’t part from my fingers.

It’s alright, I’ll never leave you alone.

How does it feel when I loosely move my two fingers like this?


This part on top, if I were to press down with the ball of my finger…

Feel me even more.


Looks like you’re feeling good. I really love the expression you have when you cum.

Wrap your arms around my neck just like that.

That’s right. Sit on top of me and accept it that way.


With this position, I can reach deep inside your belly, no?

The deepest parts inside me feel hot as well. It feels good. It’s so warm.

Say, I’ve heard that human eyes are sweet so don’t you think that your eyes would be surely sweeter than any confectionary?

For there to be a place on your body that I don’t know of, it’s unbearable.


It really is sweet!

Thank you for the meal, it was very delicious. This time around, could you please lick my eyes? It’s part that you’ve complimented before after all.

Mhm, it didn’t hurt for you right? That’s right, if you’d like, I won’t mind if you sink your teeth into them as is.

I’m sorry for startling you. It didn’t hurt at all, it felt so good that I had a slight orgasm.

Now then, I’ll start moving again.


That’s right, moan more, satisfy yourself and desire me.

In doing so, we’ll become one.


Please allow me to cling onto you for a bit longer. …Because this truly is the end.

If you swallow this drug, you won’t be able to wake up midway.

Open your mouth. That’s right.

Once you do open your eyes, you’ll put on a princess-esque dress, and we’ll be able to hold our wedding ceremony. Please look forward to it.


Just from imagining you in a white dress, I’m about to cum again.

Have you gotten sleepy?

It’s alright, it’s not scary, I’ll always be by your side. This time let’s cum together, okay?

I love you. I’ll always love you, and only you.


Huh? You can’t get up?

It’s alright, it’s the same with me. Feel at ease and sleep soundly.


My body’s gotten heavy as well.

“If you say my body’s heading towards death, then I am the frost on the field roads. Disappearing one step at a time, pitifulーan entirely unrealizable dream.”

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