【Translation】 Kinki no Toge Stellaworth Rendou Tokuten


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

二人を選んだあなた (sweet)

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋), Iguchi Yuuichi (井口祐一)

Track 1: You who choose both (sweet)


F: Yo, what are you doing?

R: Oh, I’m having Sis help me with studying.

F: Again? Stop using studying as an excuse because you want her to give you some attention.

R: It has nothing to do with you Brother.

F: It does, because she’s mine.

R: Hah? What’s with that? Too bad, but Sis loves me.

F: Right back at you, what’s that supposed to be?


R: I confessed to Sis the other day.

F: So did I.

R: And Sis said that to me too.

F: That’s right.

R: What’s the meaning of this Sis?

F: Well I’m making a generalized guess but basically you’re saying that you love us both the same no?

R: I guess so, even when we’re kids, whenever we’d say I love you, Sis would always reply with “Me too.”

F: Is it as family?

R: What we desire isn’t that, though.


F: Good grief, I treasured you too much.

R: It’s true, we ought to make Sis understand it accurately.

F: Hey, if it were the same feeling we had as kids, did you think we’d kiss you?

R: My kiss isn’t that of a child’s, hurry up and see me as a man.

F: Come here.


R: Brother that’s unfair. Turn this way Sis.

R: Who was better? Though, I guess you can’t tell with just a kiss.

F: You were weak to this place right?

R: If I lick and caress this place where your skin’s thin like this, you enjoy it, right?

F: What’s with that face? I’ll make you feel even better.


R: Painfully sucking on it and leaving behind a kiss mark feels better than that, right?

F: Hey, don’t move.

R: Move your hands aside, if you don’t, I won’t be able to take off your clothes.

F: That bra is cute, it feels like a waste to remove it.

R: No brother, I’m the one removing it.

F: Yeah yeah, then I’ll make love to various other places.


R: So you felt good from being touched by Brother. This place’s erect.

F: Hmm? Does it feel good to have your nipples licked?

F: Lick the other one.

R: Oh? So Sis likes it being done in this way.

F: What a cute reaction.

R: We’ve left plenty of our kiss marks on you, haven’t we?

F: With this, you can’t remove your clothes in front of anyone that isn’t us for the time being.

R: Even if they disappear, we’ll leave them on you again.


R: What’s the matter? You were closing your legs so firmly since earlier.

F: Just the top isn’t enough right? We’ll tease the place down below as well so spread open your legs.

R: Is it okay if I touch it?

R: It’s incredibly wet.

F: Go fiddle with the insides.

R: It’s really soft, it feels like it’d feel really good if I were to put it in.

F: What a wonderful voice. Bring out your, I’ll make you feel even more pleasure.


R: Focusing so much on Brother is unfair. Sis, feel this place as well.

R: Does it feel good? I’ll lick it more then.

F: You’re shaking your hips, did you get aroused from having that embarrassing place of yours licked by your little brother?

R: It’s a mess. Hey Sis, which one of us do you want inside you first?

F: It’s me, right?

R: It’s me of course, right?


F: Come on, hurry up and decide.

R: If you don’t decide, we’ll be staying like this forever.


R: Is it that hard to decide?

F: If you beg us to put it in like that…

R: Is it okay if I go first? Well?

F: Jeez, you’re good at being indulgent.

R: It’s fine is it not? Please?

F: Yeah, it’s okay. Good grief, I’m way too lenient on my siblings.

R: Thank you. Brother and Sis, I love you both.


F: In that case, I’ll take this place’s first time.

F: Open your mouth. Could you lick this? That’s right, use your tongue, and lick and suck on it.

F: Yes, that’s good.

R: Sis I’m not responsible for anything that happens if all your attention is focused that way. I’m putting it in, okay?

R: Does it hurt? Does it feel good?

R: What is this…? Sis your insides are amazing, it’s really clenching down me. Is it okay if I move?


F: You two are making such pleasurable expressions, does being thrusted from under you feel good? It’ll feel even better if the back of your throat is ravaged at the same time right?

F: Come on, do your best and try swallowing it up again.

F: Yes, you’re good.


R: I’m gonna cum!

F: This is bad, the vibrations of you swaying is making its way here and it feels good.

R: Sis, sis!

F: Heh, you two are all sticky. Did it feel good?

R: It felt extremely good. Sis more…


F: Nope, it’s my turn next. Can you get up? Please sit on top of me.

F: Yup, now slowly lower your hips.

F: It’s hitting a different place compared to before? Having it enter all the way feels good, no? How does it feel to have it inserted from the back? The place where we’re joined is in full view of Rihito.

F: Is it embarrassing? Because your insides are twitching.

F: I’ll churn up your insides lots, okay?

R: It’s unfair for you to take all the fun Brother. Sis, let’s kiss.

F: Hey, if all your attention is focused in that direction, I don’t care what happens, alright?


R: Sis, so that’s the face you make when your insides are grinded up against.

R: Say, could you touch me with your hands? …And I’ll make you feel even better.

F: Does being vigorously thrusted from under you, and having your breast teased and kissed from the front feel that good?

F: ……Because I’m extremely aroused too.

F: Is it okay if I go for it?


R: What should I do? It’s hardly enough.

F: Same.

R: Having a threesome felt really good.

F: That is true, your choice of choosing both of us might not have been a mistake.

R: Regardless of who makes a move on you, it surely won’t be enough.


R: Hey, I want to do more.

F: I suppose so, the two of us will love you even more.

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