【Translation】 Kinki no Toge Official Rendou Tokuten


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二人を選んだあなた (bitter)

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋), Iguchi Yuuichi (井口祐一)

Track 1: You who choose both (bitter)


R: Sis, are you awake?

F: Are you okay?

R: Looks like she’s in a daze.

F: That’s because you gave her too high of a dosage, no?

R: I didn’t think it’d be that effective, though.

F: Do you feel hot?

R: Poor big sister, you were made to swallow this drug by the siblings you trusted.

F: But you see…

R: Yes, but it’s Sis’ fault.


F: You said you loved Rihito too, did you not?

R: Even though I thought you belonged only to me, to Sis, I was the same as Brother, wasn’t I?

F: Rather than being the same, I can understand why she never thought of us as separate though.

R: I guess so. Ever since we were young, Brother and I shared singular items between the two of us after all.

F: Yup, I’m a petty older brother who isn’t willing to hand you over to my little brother.

R: Sis, did you think we’d share you too?

F: But well…if that’s what you want, I’m fine with it. If that isn’t it, and you deceived us by saying that you loved us, but only as family, then I believe punishment is necessary.

R: Sis, the ‘love’ that you spoke of to us, in what sense is it?


R: Your body feels hot? It’s probably because of the drug I made you drink, however, in this situation, it’ll be easier for you to say your honest feelings, no?

R: Think about it carefully, what kind of relationship did you want with us?

R: Really? And not as family? …I’m happy.

F: But you couldn’t choose between us. If so, that I guess there’s no choice but to share you between the both of us.

R: To not have been able to choose, either way, it would’ve meant punishment.

F: The drug is taking effect. I’ll be doing some pleasurable things, okay?


R: Sis, I’ve always wanted you.

F: You’re mine.

R: I love you.

F: I’m in love with you.


R: Sis’ lips are really sweet.

F: You’re monopolizing her too much. Let’s switch.

R: Then I’ll play with her breasts.

F: Come on, focus this way properly.


R: Sis, you’re moving your hips. Does it feel good?

F: I’ll caress your insides.

R: Me too.

F: Hey, don’t get in the way.

R: I want to make Sis feel good too, you know?

F: I know. I’ll tease her insides with my fingers and you can take care of the front, okay?

R: Here? Ah, you gave a jolt didn’t you? Sis, does this place feel good?

F: Stroke the clitoris gently.


R: Amazing, even though I’m merely caressing it, it’s steadily getting wetter.

F: When I spread your insides, it happily squeezes back down again. Does having 2 spots attacked at the same time feel that good?

R: Incredible, Sis, you’re incredibly cute. I want to hurry up and enter inside you.

F: Nope, I’m going first.

R: No fair.

F: Then you can have her mouth first.


F: Lick it, okay?

R: Don’t say it like that, if I imagine it then I’ll end up cumming right away. Hey Sis, could you lick me?

F: You’re really clenching down, let me spread it even wider.

R: I can’t take it anymore, I’m gonna cum.


F: Your insides are twitching, could it be that you came from your little brother ejaculating into your mouth?

R: It’s because Brother made a mess out of her inside, no? The place down below was making quite the noise.

F: It’s become soft. I guess it’s about time to put it in, try lifting your legs.

F: Hehe, your lewd place is in full view.

R: Sis your face is bright red. Are you embarrassed?

F: Even though we’re going to be doing even more shameful things from now on. Relax. Can you tell? It’s gradually swallowing me up.

R: Wow, something this thick entered inside.


F: It’s in all the way. I’ll start moving then.

R: Sis, what a wonderful voice.

F: Feels really good.

R: This is bad, if I hear Sis’ moans, I’ll want to enter inside you again.

F: How youthful.

R: Hey, I want to put it in too. Can I?


F: You…even though I’m already inside you, to say okay to Rihito, do you understand what that implies? Think carefully about the words you’ve said.

F: Give me your arms, I’m punishing you.

F: Come on, come here and place your weight on top of me just like this.

F: Does having it inserted from under you feel that good? You’re quivering, this place is soft and oh so very lewd. Look, even though it’s swallowing me up, I can fit my fingers inside.

F: Hmm? You don’t want me to stretch it? But it’s gonna be stretched out so it can’t be helped, right?

F: Come on, Rihito.


R: It’s true. Can I insert my fingers too?

R: Even though you have something this thick inside, fingers can still fit.

F: You might be able to fit inside too. So, what do you plan to do?

R: I want to put it in but…what about you Sis? Are you okay with it?

F: What do you think would happen if you swallow both me and Rihito? The drug is in effect, right? So you want to swallow something even thicker, no?

F: Imagine it, it’ll feel extremely good, you know?

R: Stop it, I’m gonna start imagining it too.


F: Your insides twitched and nectar’s spilling out. Your body wants more, you see.

R: Saying it like that is unfair.

F: Haha. Look, it’ll be okay so relax.

R: I’m putting it in then.


F: You’re squeezing really tightly.

R: I feel like I’m at my limit, I’m gonna cum.

F: Pfft, enjoy it some more. Pulling out from this packed place and then being thrusted deep feels good right?

R: Sis it feels really good.


F: Amazing, this is the feeling of us.

R: I’m extremely happy.


R: We did something incredible, haven’t we?

F: It’s fine, isn’t it?

R: I feel like I’ll become addicted to it. Come on, let’s do it some more.

F: Good grief, what a selfish little brother, but I approve.

R: Let’s do more, okay?

F: I’ll make you feel even better.

R: Let’s remain together forever as the 3 of us.

F: I suppose so.

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