【Translation】 Koibito vs. Nijigen vol.2 Otaku Kareshi no Baai


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恋人vs二次元 第2巻 オタク彼氏の場合

CV: Suzuki Yuuto (鈴木裕斗)

Track 1: Missing the Last Train


Oi. Oh, it’s you? Please wait a sec.


What? Did you miss the last train again?

In any case, come on in.


I think you already know, but it’s messy here.

I don’t particularly care. You’re rather drunk again today, aren’t you? I can tell because you’re foolishly laughing like an idiot.

Here you go. Sit down over there, and I’ll go grab some water.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Wait. Hey, why did you get inside the futon? You still haven’t taken a shower, nor have you removed your make-up, right?

Haa…it’s no use, you’re completely drunk.

Was today also a company drinking party? You aren’t aware, are you? How many times have you come and stayed over at my house like this?

No, staying over is fine, I’m just saying that you should be more careful. I don’t have that leisure okay?

Idiot, there’s no way I would have things to take care of this late into the day you know? There was an anime that I wanted to watch today so I thought that I’d do it in real time.


You don’t have to understand. That aside, come on, quickly wipe your face.

Here, a make-up wipe.

It’s what you forgot last time.

Is it off? Then, give me the waste.

Nope. Ah, please drink that water. You can take a shower tomorrow, and after that is…a change of clothes.

Please wait for a minute.


Are you fine with the usual hoodie?

Here you go.

Should I help you change? You seem to be drunk, and if you do it sluggishly, you might catch a cold.

Okay, raise both your arms. You can lift your arms even if you’re drunk right?

Come on, hurry up.

What should we do about your undergarments? Are you going to sleep with your bra on? If you’re planning to take it off later, then it’s the same as taking it off now.

Look, I’ll go remove the hook.


Annoying, stay quiet you drunkard.

What…? Please don’t let a weird voice simply from me touching your back.

I won’t touch any strange places. Like I said, if I hear that type of voice, I’ll be the one feeling weird.

I don’t hate it, but I don’t want to do it with someone who’s drunk.

With the same atmosphere as earlier, who was the one that fell asleep snoring in the middle of it?

That’s right, it’s you.


Yeah yeah, I can’t trust the words of a drunkard, because either way, it’s going to be a repeat of the same events.

If that’s what you believe, then how about you stop drinking to the point that you miss the last train? Isn’t that where you should start off first?

What? Is there a guy who can persistently keep you in check?

So there is one.

No, you were making the expression that there is one just now. You’re easy to read so I can at least tell that that was a lie.


It came out, it’s that again.

What? After becoming a member of society, are you gonna die if you don’t drink week after week after week? You say that that’s how adults socialize but how much of that is true? Are you mocking me thinking that I know nothing just because I’m a student?

I’m sorry, I know. You’re weak to pressure and are easily talked into things. And if someone pleads with you, you have a personality that doesn’t allow you to refuse.

You’re kind but in your case, it puts you into a disadvantage.

You’re far too kind.

If you don’t say it more clearly, you’ll be wasting your efforts and you’ll always regret it you know?


Don’t make that face, I’m just worried. You can’t have your younger boyfriend accompany you to your company get-togethers right? So I’ll be troubled if you can’t protect yourself.

Case in point isーーjust how drunk you are.

That’s what I intended, but I’ve changed my mind.

When I think about how you’re constantly talking to other guys while I’m not around, somehow, I feel irritated. I actually want you to immediately return to my place, you see.

It’s fine, in exchange, let’s do it now.


Like I thought, I was right to remove your bra earlier, it makes it easy to touch.

Hehe, the tips have already come to a point. Even though everything else is this soft, this is the one place that is stiff and hard.

Look, this place…

It’s become even harder than before, you really are weak to your breasts, aren’t you?

This place is this pointed so what are you saying? You love having them pinched, no? If I press hard like this-



Oh, would you prefer my mouth over the tips of my fingers? You enjoy having them bitten didn’t you?

I wonder about that…? You’re already showing that expression even though I’m merely sucking on them.

I knew it, you were anticipating it, weren’t you?

Now, what should I do? Because it seems like you’d cum even from just your breasts.


Hmm? In that case, I’ll check this place as well.

Okay, please lift your hips a little.

I knew it, you’re wet even though I’ve only touched your breasts. Look, can you hear? It’s like this even though I’m merely touching it slightly.

At this rate, aren’t you going to cum if I just insert the tips of my fingers?

But rest assured, I won’t put it in just yet. Because I still want to touch your breasts, and so in that situation, neither of my hands are free.


Hehe, you’re shaking your hips.

You did it instinctively? Oh? I didn’t know you could do such a lewd thing instinctively. If you’re that indecent, you’re capable of begging me right?

It’s no use even if you make that face, I won’t know unless you put it into words.

What is it? I can’t hear. Your voice is too quiet, do it again.

Where? Your breasts? Or perhaps, someplace lower? Or are you by any chance unable to choose?


The tips of your breasts have become this stiff, and the place below is extremely wet and wishes to quickly swallow up something.

How about I choose for you? Since you won’t say anything, I can do as I like, right?

But well…what I prefer is both.


What an amazing voice, does having both teased really feel that good?

Hmm? You’re already at your limit?

It’s fine, go ahead and cum.


Did you cum?

You let out an unusually loud voice didn’t you? Have you become more sensitive because you’re drunk?

You’re tearing up.

Then next is my turn-


Uh. Wait. Hey, no way, don’t tell you’re sleeping right? Ah, hey!

I can’t believe it, it ended this way again.


Track 2: Collab Cafe?


What…? You’re already awake?

Ah, you don’t particularly need to tidy up. That’s true, but I still want to sleep…because I was gaming just earlier.

Go ahead and take a shower whenever you feel like.

Yeah, yeah.


Good morning, so you tidy up my room.

No, I’m not that great at cleaning my room so you’re of great help. And is that breakfast?

Mhm, I’ll eat it.

Is there anything I can help with? Because it seemed like you drank a lot last night, I was thinking that you might be having a hangover.

Heh…? You’ve become more resistant compared to before eh. But well, if you participate in company drinking parties, I guess it’s only natural that your body has become accustomed to it.

However, please actually be careful next time, so that you can return home on the last train. My house isn’t a free hotel after all okay?


It’s good that you understand.

Oh that’s right, I’ll be going out this afternoon.

Mhm, I’ll be going to a collab cafe for a bit. Ah well…it is a cafe I guess. No, it’s probably not the type of place you imagine it to be.

What? Are you curious about it?

Hmm, is that so? Then how about we try going there together?


I-It’s fine, but I think you’d find it boring.

I’m well…

I get it, in exchange, you aren’t allowed to complain later, okay?


Wow, crap, the panel set up over there is bigger than I imagined. I ought to ask the staff whether it’s okay for me to take a photo of it later, or rather if possible, I’d like to bring it home with me.

Ah! What’s on that poster over there? A signature? Is this Collab Cafe limited? Ah…this is bad.

Eh? Aah oh, it’s because it’s popular. You couldn’t enter today either without a reservation. Well…I was planning on coming here alone, but turning 1 to 2 is pretty much alright.


Oh, speaking of which, I guess it’s true. It’s more or less an anime deprived from an original shounen manga, but there certainly are a lot more female characters.

That aside, what shall we eat?

Here, this is the menu. I’ve already finished deciding.

Yup, I’ve been looking forward to this the whole time so I’ve seen the official site countless times.


I will have, err…this this. The one called “The Crystals of Blood, Sweat, and Tears in Starting a Fight”

It’s the name of the dish. This is pretty much curry rice​, the thing on top that looks like blood is probably kimchi sauce, the blue sauce is probably to represent tears, then I guess this sauce is sweat.

Ah, as expected, do you not want to eat there anymore?

Well…the appearance is fancy, but it’s not like it’s especially delicious.

Heh? Is that so? Then I’m relieved.

In that case, what will you be having? I’m getting curry but timewise, wouldn’t a dessert be nice?


Have you decided? Well then, I’ll be calling the waiter then.

Excuse me!

Can we place our order? Err, I’ll like one “The Crystals of Blood, Sweat, and Tears in Starting a Fight” and how about you?

What’s wrong…?

Why are you blushing? Hurry up and order, otherwise, you’d cause them trouble, no?



Pfft! Oh, that’s the name of a juice. That reminds me, there was one like that, that really startled me.

Ahem, then we’ll take 2 of that for the time being.


But I was wondering what you were saying all of sudden whilst your face was bright red.

Like I said, that part was funny. The character that was the image for this drink would often say that line and that’s probably why they named it as such.

I mean, to give the name “I can’t bear it anymore, it’s gonna overflow” to mango juice was the aim though. But well…your embarrassed look when ordering it was really funny, I feel like I’ll start laughing by just remembering it.

Nope, it was funny after all so go ahead and call me mean-spirited.


It’s gotten completely dark, hasn’t it? Are you okay? Are you not cold?

Thank you for doing things with me today.

Eh? Really? They were all hobbies, you know?

Hmm, with that expression, it doesn’t appear that you’re lying. You really did have fun, didn’t you? What a relief.

Umm…after this, I know you have work tomorrow but if you’re willing-

Ah, go ahead.


Work eh. It’s fine, who was the call from?

Oh? To contact you on your day off, did you perhaps make a mistake? Go, don’t worry about me, they called you because they’re troubled by the lack of your presence, no?

It’s fine, you don’t have to force yourself.

If so, then it’s all the more important that you return home early. You’ll be heading for the company first thing in the morning so it’s best if you quickly go home and rest.


Besides, I have things to take care of as well.

There’s an anime that I wanted to watch in real time no matter what today, and I can’t have you with me.

To try and appreciate anime together, I don’t feel like it. I’m part of the group that enjoys concentrating and watching them alone.

See you, I’m going home.


Track 3: The Sullened Him


Yes, is something the matter? I don’t particularly care but can you still make the last train at this time?

Hmm…? Well, come in then.


It’s messy like usual.

I’m sorry, but I can’t separate myself from the T.V. right now. If you want a drink of water, can you pour one yourself? And feel free to use the showers.

Hmm? What is it?

Oh, you’d like to immediately sleep? Go ahead, you can use the bed at your own convenience too.

Mhm, I’ll still be awake for a while.


No way, are you serious!? That pattern?!! Aah…is this god? This is amazing.

Oh, good night.


You’re cleaning again.

No, you’re of great help. I find vacuuming a pain so it’s been a long time since I’ve heard that noise.

Are you already done? Hmm, then I guess I’ll go back to sleep.


Wait…HEY, HEY!!! What are you doing?!! AAHH!!!

I-I’m alright, more importantly, that book-where did you get that doujinshi from? Don’t tell me it’s from the paper bag that’s under the shelve, right?

Yes, that’s right, I’d like you to put it back neatly, but did you not read it just now? No, you read it, didn’t you?

That face…

You definitely read it. I’ll go ahead and say this, but these aren’t mine, my friends stayed over and left them there.


Are you actually listening? Your face is bright red, but what did you read?

No, you don’t have to purposefully open the page and show it to me. If you’re embarrassed by it, stop looking at it.

Eh? Hah!?

What’s wrong? What are you turning a blind eye to? Don’t tell me-it’s not about the page earlier, right?

What is it? Why are you getting all teary…?

Huh? What are you saying!? I’ve never once felt you weren’t enough for me-


That’s something akin to a fantasy, I’ve never thought about actually wanting to do it in reality.

It’s true.

Like I said, you don’t have to look at them.

I mean, I did think about whether it would be okay to have you give me fellatio before though……

But you don’t have much experience, right? And probably in regards to that too, and that’s why I didn’t want to ask that of you.


I couldn’t say it. You’re always blushing and you’ve never had a real serious look at me naked. Just touching me is okay, but to give me a blowjob, that’s definitely impossible for you.

What’s this? You’re rather persistent today.

Haa…if you’re gonna go as far as to say that, I understand. I get it.

In that case, how about we try doing it? You can do it, right? That’s right, right now, let’s try and see if you can actually do it.

You’re gonna be taking my clothes too, okay? You’re capable of anything, right?


Oh? You’re seriously doing it.

M-m, it’s nothing. Go ahead and continue.

No, I predicted you’d only remove the clothes on top. Hmm? Eh? Oh, I see. Here.

Whoa, that surprised me. I didn’t you think you’d pull it down along with my underwear, that’s pretty bold, isn’t it?

Hmm? What do you mean by “that”?

Well of course, we still haven’t done anything yet. That aside, aren’t you supposed to get it bigger? Also, rather than feeling excited right now, my feelings of shame are winning.


That’s right, think about it carefully, removing my clothes is fine but I’m completely naked down to my socks. It’s a very pathetic appearance, but doesn’t this simply make me a pervert?

No, it’s fine. That much I can take off myself. More importantly, take yours off too, being the only one who’s naked is way too humiliating.


So now that we’re fully nude, what are you going to do?

Finally eh. Do it quickly, since my mind is calm, this situation is pretty embarrassing. Somehow, I might be strangely more nervous than I was during our first time.

It’s fine. Or rather, there’s no need for you to ask me about every last thing.


Track 4: 2-D and 3-D


Uh huh, it doesn’t hurt. It’ll be fine even if you go a little harder.

That’s…of course, it’ll get big. This is the first time that I’m receiving this from you after all.

Eh? Hey, wait-

You idiot. Does it not hurt to swallow it that deep? If you hate it we can stop, you know?


Wait, that’s bad. Please wait.

No that’s not it, I stopped you because it felt too good. I’m less able to endure this than I thought.

It’s nothing. I’ll take over after this.

It’s fine.

Let’s leave till next time, in any case, right now, please allow me to do it.


What is it? You want me to touch this place too already? Your hips are unsteady though.

I can tell, you’re already wet, right? See?

Then, how about I take a look at it directly and make sure?

I knew it, you’re wet.


Why? Even though you licked me, do you not want it done to you? Don’t you think that’s strange?

Oh, so you’re still able to consider your embarrassment. Then I ought to do it to the point that you can’t think of such things.


I knew it, it’s better when I tease it with my fingers like this. I can clearly see what kind of expression you’re making as you let out that voice.

No, show it to me.

Say, do you like me? …I just felt like asking you right now. Well? What is it?

Not that, say it properly. If you don’t, I won’t go beyond this.

Come on, say it, say that you like me.


Why are you about to cry?

Hah!? Wait a sec, aren’t you misunderstanding something?

I’m the one who’s uneasy though. Staying behind late at the office every day for work, phoned even during your days off, and there are frequent drinking parties too.

That…it makes me consider the possibility that there might be some nice person at the company no?

That’s right, and yet, why are you anxious?


Huh? I’ve never once prioritized anime over you though?

Oh, that was…because I was a bit frustrated. Because you’re always focused on work and wouldn’t pay attention to me, I guess you could say that I was being a bit mean-spirited.

What’s this? So both of us had a misunderstanding and were peevish about it.

That’s why earlier-

No, you were bold all of a sudden so I thought something was up. I see, so you were burning with jealousy.


Stupid, 2-D is 2-D.

I like you as you are, so you don’t have to force yourself to understand this hobby.

I’m sorry because I wouldn’t say much, it made you uneasy right? It’s alright, I love you more than anyone else.

I switch my support for characters pretty casually but 3-D is different.

I’m confident that I’ll always love you, so don’t worry.


It’s a continuation of this but, it’s okay right?

But well, having confirmed our feelings just now, I can’t let it be over at this point though.

It’s okay for me to enter inside you right? …I can’t bear it anymore.


Can I put it in?

Please relax more, if you don’t, it’ll be hard on you.

Good grief. I’ll start moving now, okay?


Hey, does it feel good? Do you like it when I do this?

Because I’d like to hear,  I’d like to properly hear it in your voice. Come on, say it, say that it feels good, say that you like it when I do this.

Then me, say that you like me.


Not really, I enjoy being fawned to begin with. You’re older than me right? So do your best to spoil me.

Me too.

Hmm? I said it properly earlier. I can’t say it cutely like you so I’ll demonstrate it through my actions.

I’ll cherish you lots.


I’m sorry, I forgot to caress this place.

Were you surprised that I suddenly pinched them? But I was thinking that you enjoy it when I touch your breasts.

Look, like this.

How nice, your insides squeeze down when I tease this place. Is it okay if I press harder?

Even though you don’t hate it…


See? Your cute voice leaked out.

I’m not being mean. I love you. It’s because I love you.

Wait, don’t tense up so much. Even though I want to continue on for longer, if you clench down on me like that, I won’t be able to endure it no?

You can’t, hold on for a bit longer. If you cum, then I’ll cum too.


What is it?

Hey, if you squeeze around me that tightly……


Idiot, it’s your fault. Even though I wanted you to hold on for a bit longer.

I what? Eh? Did I say “I love you”?

I see, so I did say it. To the point that I ended up saying it, that’s how happy I was.


Hehe, is that so? I can’t say that calmly, it’s embarrassing.

It’s fine no? I can demonstrate it to you through my actions like this. Don’t worry, I’ll dote on you so much to the point that you don’t have the time to be anxious.

So rest assured, okay?


Track 5: She’s Number #1



What’s the matter today? There’s still enough time for you to make onto the last train though. And you were still in the middle of a get-together no?

Hmm? Me…?

Oh what movie did you rent?

Ah, this?


No, it’s one that I haven’t seen yet. There are various things I fear about live action movie adaptations of anime so I never really felt like watching them.

M-m, it’s frequently discussed so I took a slight interest. Since you went through this trouble, let’s watch it together.

Wait right there, is it just that?

To go as far as to leave the get-together in order to come here, is it just to watch this together?

If you don’t properly tell me, I won’t let you inside my house.


Well said.

I wanted to see you as well, so I’m happy.

As expected, we both ought to be honest, don’t we? Plus I promised you that I’d love you enough so that you won’t feel uneasy too.

And so, please be prepared for tonight.

Well then, let’s go and watch this first. Now come on in.


Oh, my room’s messy again but whatever. It’s fine, right?

Speaking of which, I can’t figure out where the magazines you tidied up the other day went.

That’s not it! It’s not one of those doujinshis from last time, it’s a normal and healthy one. Please just forget about that doujinshi already, okay…?

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