【Translation】 Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshita no ka ~Kiichi no Baai~


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誰が私を殺したのか ~黄一の場合~

CV: Sakurai Tooru (櫻井トオル)

Track 1: Useful Threat


Thank god! Since you suddenly lost consciousness, I was worried thinking that you might not wake up again.

Could it be that your consciousness is still faint?

I guess it can’t be helped, the drug Seiji used earlier seemed pretty awful after all.

Ah, calm down…!!! If you breathe like that, you’ll start hyperventilating.


Relax. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Mhm, just like that. Right now you’re in a daze and can’t think at all so you must be confused, but your ability to think will return again soon enough and your absent memories are just temporary.

Oh uh umm, that is true. You’re naked, and your hands are tied. The sense of discomfort deep inside your body is the aftermath of being raped by Seiji, the man who’s sitting there on the sofa right now.

Well…I guess so. If I was given such an explanation, I would be confused as to what they were saying too. But unfortunately, this is all real.


If I were to explain it briefly, that man earlier was Ichimatsu Seiji. The evil guy who’s standing there alongside that wall is Housen Kouya, and the one standing in front of the door is your adoptive younger brother, Kouenji Masayuki.

The 5 of us are childhood friends. And you’ve been embraced by all those childhood friends.

On that note, I’ve said it earlier but Seiji has already had sex with you.

Mhm, the blood on sheets is the blood of being deflowered. And what’s been poured into you, is Seiji’s.


That’s right, I understand how cruel of an explanation this is. In that case, it might’ve better for me to have sex with you when you didn’t have much awareness.

But to only be left with fear once you think back upon it, I thought this was preferable instead.


Don’t shout out every last thing Kouya, she’s becoming increasingly more frightened, you know? Why do you think I’m going second in the first place? It’s because you scared her by behaving recklessly and caused her to faint, no?

Enough with the excuses, since it’s my turn right now, I get to decide whether an explanation is necessary. It doesn’t matter if it was supposed to be your turn originally.

Yeah yeah, I know, she’s everyone’s bride. However, this and that are two entirely separate matters.

In any case, could you please shut up for a bit Kouya? If she’s currently anxious, then I’d like to explain it to her right now.

Or were you looking forward to having sex with her willy-nilly while she no recollection of her actions​, Kouya? She’s everyone’s bride and not some toy that you can break, you know?


If you get it then stay out of it until your turn comes around.


Oh, ah, your mind is slowly becoming clearer, isn’t it?

That’s right, very soon you were supposed to be married off in a marriage of convenience. But since we couldn’t allow that, we brought you here as everyone’s bride.

Eh? I’m kind, unlike Seiji?

Hehe, I’m not kind. If I truly was kind, my body wouldn’t have reacted like this at the sight of you being violated.

I realize that this is unforgivable, but even so, I became aroused.


Yup, after all, we’re birds of a feather. While being trusted by you as a close friend, in a deep corner of my heart, I’ve always wanted to have sex with you…I’m the worst type of man.

What is it this time Kouya? Could you get a grip and stop interfering?

Just hurry up and put it in? What are you, an idiot? In that case, that’s no different from rape.

Well…to her it’s still rape regardless, but at any rate, I don’t want to have sex with her in that manner. Besides, if I were to do something violent like pinning her down and shoving in it, I’ll wither in the middle of it.

Yeah yeah, say whatever you like. I don’t care if you call me weak and a coward.


Haa…I apologize for his annoying grumbling.

No, I should apologize for the rape and kidnapping, but since I’m also involved in regards to that, I won’t apologize now.

……I won’t apologize just yet.


If we lie down sideways like this, is it not hard on your body? You were placed into a forced position by Seiji earlier so your back hurts, right?

You don’t know…?

I wonder if this is also an effect of the aphrodisiac? If it gets difficult, please tell me, okay?

Ah I guess so, it’s not unreasonable for you to be bewildered. Even saying it myself, I feel strange. Even though I’ve always wished to embrace you, but I never imagined that the first time we join our bodies would be through rape.

Us, we all are idiots.


I’m kissing you. It’s almost like a continuation of a dream.

Yes, the continuation of a dream. You see, I’ve already kissed you countless times in my dreams, and in hearing that we’re to be married, I saw an even more amazing dream.

Although both you and I laughed together happily in that dream, the difference between that and reality is quite a cruel thing.


Eh? You’re asking why I’m doing such things in this type of situation?

If you don’t understand, that’s fine. I’m simply a piece of shit. Because you as my childhood friend was cute, I’ve always looked at you sexually, that’s all there is to it.


So you’re weak to this part of your nape, eh. You seemed tickled by it too when you were violated by Seiji earlier.

Huh? What are you saying? I’m licking it precisely because you’re sensitive to it.

If I touch the place below as I lick the nape of your neck like this. Like I thought, your body would give a jolt.

I was jealous earlier, but it also meant that I knew your pleasurable spots beforehand so reviewing wasn’t a bad idea. I’d like you to feel even better and forget the horrible reality that currently you’re in.


If you don’t want to right now, you’ll be embraced by two other people afterwards.

Whoa! It’s dangerous if you struggle like that, the hands that are tied will start hurting, you know? Although I’m doing such things, if possible, I’d like not to harm your body.

Mhm, and so could you please allow me to lick the place below for a bit?

It’s alright, there’s no place on your body that’s dirty. No matter how tainted you become, you’re still pure.


Huh? Ah I guess so, Seiji’s…it’s spilling out from inside you. It’s pretty bitter.

Hehe, m-m. I mean, it’s not tasty. It would’ve been delicious had it been only your love juices though.

I knew it, because Seiji was too rough earlier, the place around the entrance has become a bit red. Good grief, he must’ve lost his mind over the fact that it was your first time.

Haa…they’re the one who’s weary instead though.

This aphrodisiac might just be rather dangerous.


And somehow my head has felt giddy since earlier too.

This is amazing, I feel like all my reason will fly off the moment I take my mind off of it. If it does fly off, it’ll be bad if I don’t headbutt myself.


Your nipples are really hard. I thought about sucking these forever too, you know?

So you enjoy your nipple that much. It’s overflowing so much to that point that all of Seiji’s cum will get washed out. It’s almost as if it’s begging for more to be poured inside it again.


It’s not a lie. Look, even you realize that you’re squeezing my fingers, no?

Despite not moving much, your insides are squirming about and rubbing against them. It seems like you’ll come again the moment I put it in.

I can tell. Since you came so much earlier, you are scared to cum again, right?

Even though I fully understand that, right now, I can’t grant that wish.


I’ll be ravaging you now.

I’m simply a clown, I can’t become your savior.


Wow, amazing. It clenched down on me so tightly. Even though you’ve been thoroughly violated by Seiji, it’s still tight…or rather, is it precisely because you’ve been violated by Seiji I wonder?

Your insides are twitching just from me inserting it…it’s gotten sensitive.

Even without the aphrodisiac, I’ll lose myself in it.


Huh? No matter what? Like I thought, it does hurt.

You want to kiss more…?

You’ve lost your mind because of the aphrodisiac, haven’t you? Otherwise, there’s no way you’d ask to be kissed by me in a situation like this.

But I’m really happy. Even if you’re mistaking me for someone else, even if your body is under the effects of drugs, I’ll never forget the words you spoke just now.

However, since I licked up Seiji’s cum, bear with the just cheeks for now, okay?


You don’t want that? Good grief, you’ve been completely done in by the drug.

Nope, I don’t want you to experience something bitter. Let’s leave the lips for next time, okay?

If someday you wished to be kissed when you’re sober, at that moment, please allow me to give you a kiss like the one earlier.

While being deeply connected, I want to kiss you to the point that we can’t breathe.


This place, when I grinded up against it at this angle earlier, you clenched down quite a lot. Does it really feel that good?

I see. I love this place too. By rubbing it with the tip, I feel like I’ll cum immediately.

Hmm? So you can’t speak properly anymore.

Mhm, I guess so. This certainly, it might be inevitable that you’d lose your reason.


Come on, can you tell that I’ve gotten harder? Since the head is thicker than Seiji’s, I’ll scrape out everything he let out earlier.

Amazing, it feels so good, my hips are about to melt.

It truly feels good, it’s the worst and the lowest. Even though I realized that it makes me the lowest of the low, but rather than Seiji’s, I want you to become pregnant with my child.

I’m stupid, aren’t I? Even though I don’t have the right to embrace you. Even though I don’t…

Yet in being the one reflected in your eyes, to be so happy that I could die, I must be an idiot.


I’m sorry, I’m about to cum too.


Are you okay? …Of course not.

Although I’d like for you to rest now. What Kouya? Yes, I properly remember that it’s your turn next. I remember.

I won’t forget the depth of my sinfulness, and so, I wish for you to remember it as well.

To you, I’m a usable threat.


Track 2: Final Distraction


Ah. Hey, hey, you seemed to be having quite the bad dream, but are you okay?

Not, there’s no way that you’re alright. You’re being violated by Seiji, Kouya, and Masayuki on a daily rotation so seeing nightmares is only natural.

Eh? It’s not that type of dream…? Then what kind of dream was it?

Oh, the incident at the Mizuki Primary School you attended.

I’m sorry, even though you’ve been through such frightening experiences, I who’s only learned of it via hearsay, can’t empathize with all of the events. …And I’m always extremely frustrated by that fact.


Say…I apologize if it makes you remember unpleasant memories, and I have been trying to avoid asking questions until now but is it okay if I ask you a few questions?

You’re the only one that survived that incident, right?

It was an incident that occurred at a primary school where the prestigious sons and daughters of various families had attended so I heard that it became major news at that time.

At the core of the sufferers’ meeting, was our families who had held clout even within the elementary. The Ichimatsu family, the Tsuji family, the Housen family, and the Kouenji family right?

They got along well even as fellow parents and their bonds had been strong as well. And that’s why they decided to carry out such a stupid plan.


No, it’s stupid, is it not? For the sake of their broken wives, they ushered in a new object of affection for them to devote their love to.

This is well…a bit complicated, but it’s still understandable.

However, for the sake of you who’s been left behind, they went, hey let’s make them all childhood friends again, and oh so that your world’s colorful, let’s preferably give them names associated with colors.

It’s laughable, right? It’s the profligacy​ of those with money, and so the four of us were pulled from institutions. Though, since we obtained nice lives I can’t complain, but when I think of your feelings, I wonder whether that was a good thing.


Eh? Of course, there was. Because to have guys who were intentionally arranged to stick around you is unpleasant no? I’ve always believed that you too thought it was a cause for misfortune.

Even though you survived against all odds, due to the parents’ selfish pity, you were enveloped in crazy colors and were imprisoned inside a warped world.

Ah, that said you’re not the only one I feel sympathy for. If you stretch it, we were all victims…

Though right now, there’s nothing more than some kidnappers and a victim here.


You still think of us as childhood friends, don’t you? You really are good-natured, aren’t you?

That’s not it, I’m not mocking you, I like that part of you.

Why are you all red? I’m just saying that I like your personality.

Oh, could it be that you thought I was confessing? If that’s how you feel, then maybe I should do it for real.

Haha! Sorry, I was just joking a little.

I’m serious, it was merely a joke.


If you put on such a sad expression, I’ll get the wrong idea about whether it’s okay to make genuine passes at you. Or whether you would fall in love with me if I were to hold you like this.

Haha! It’s a lie, it’s a lie, I know that’s not the case. Rest assured, I won’t get any weird misunderstandings-

Like I said, making that face is cheating. Why are your eyes that teary…?

Wait, oh could it be that Kouya made you drink that aphrodisiac last night?

Haa…I knew it, that’s you were unusually erotic today. Damn that Kouya. “If used habitually, the adverse effects will come more severe so stop.”

Even though I went as far as to tell him that-


Why are you making a teary face this time?

Aah, oh, about that again? It’s alright, there’s no need to think of such reactions as embarrassing, it’s my fault for hugging you carelessly. Besides, to feel good from such stimulus is normal, even more so when the effects of the drug still remain.

Mhm, it’s normal. It’s not that you’re lewd, you’re just a cute regular girl.


Whoa there, are you okay?

Like I thought, it’s hard on your body, right? Say, I heard that the effects will be eased a little if you cum once, but…is it true?

I see. In that case, please allow me to touch you for a bit. If I erase the residue side effects, that’ll be enough, no?


Yeah yeah, there’s no time so hurry up and sit on top of my lap.

There’s no need to be reserved around your kidnapper. I’m not helping you, you’re simply being taken advantage of by me.

That’s right, in wanting to see you moan cutely, this is my selfish demand.


Nope, you’re prohibited from running away. Sit on top of my lap properly and I’ll make sure you cum, okay?

Huh? You’re already wet. Could it be that you got wet simply from being held by me?

Ah sorry, I wasn’t poking fun at you. Although I’m aware that it’s due to the effects of that drug, I thought it was cute.

You like it when I trace from the entrance to this puffed-up part, right? If I tease it like this, it gradually gets wetter.

No? Why? Does it not feel good…?

If it feels good then feel it obediently, holding back isn’t good, you know? And I’m happy to hear your cute voice.


Oh, it has swelled up even more, it’s painful when it becomes like this, no? I’ll caress it lots and make things easier on you.

Your hips are quivering. If I pinch it a little strongly, you’ll get close to cumming right?

Go ahead and cum, and if you’re embarrassed, I’ll shut my eyes too.

Come on.


Looks like you properly came. Since I’m sure you’re tired, how about we lie down for a bit?

Now then, in that case, I guess it’s about time I leave.

Hmm? You could’ve slept in that state though…?

Eh? My that has become like “that”? What’s with the emphasis on “that”, I can’t understand what you’re saying.


Oh, you’re referring to that.

Ah no, it’ll subside by itself even if you don’t pay much mind to it so it’s fine. It’s not something you should be concerned about.

See ya.


Shit, the balls fell.

Crap. Huh? There’s one over there. Ah, thank you, it was great help of you to have picked it up.

This? These are juggling balls, you’ve seen them before no?

Why do I have them…? Because you seemed bored lately, so I thought that I’d showcase it to you after such a long time.

No, it’s true. There’s no way I would openly expose it from the start if I had such an ulterior motive, right? And as proof of that, I’ve practiced properly. See?

Unlike before, I have the leeway for this many.

Hah? Heh, what did you say? This much isn’t cool-ah! Haa…it’s lame of me to be hit in the head by that of all things.


Oh, jeez, is the look of me failing that amusing?

But well, I guess it’s fine. I’m glad to see you laugh after all this time. When you smile, it makes me happy as well.

Why are you doubting that? It’s true though.

It really hasn’t changed since those days. Look, when we were young, we went to see a circus right? Do you remember how a pierrot was juggling at that time?

You were frolicking around so happily when you saw that, and it was extremely cute. And your smile was sparkling too.

……And that’s why I wanted to try these things.

Magic too, because you stared at it with such deep interest, I became interested in it as well.


How nostalgic. If I think back, I felt like it was the turning point. I guess you could say that it was the impetus for a change in my personality.

Mhm, turning point.

You see…compared to those 3, I have no talent, no? I’m average in academics, in athletics, and in arts.

Since I’m naturally compared to those around me, I was quite depressed when I was young. But if I were to master magic or this juggling, you told me that I would have the ability to delight people.

At that moment, I thought, aah…I wasn’t completely useless. You saved me.

Even if it’s minor to you, to me, it was a major turning point. I’ve always firmly believed this since then…

As long as you’re smiling, even if things are tough, even if I’m on the verge of tears, I wish to become a pierrot who could laugh regardless.

That’s still the case even now, I’m a pierrot that exists only for you.


Since it looks like someone’s coming, I’ll be going then.

Good night. Please rest soundly tonight.


Shh…be quiet, this isn’t a sneaking visit.

It’s true, so stay as is.

Since I’ve diverted the lookout’s eyes, I’ll leave immediately once I’ve conveyed the information that needs to be conveyed.

Listen carefully, a chance will come for me to get you out of this place in 2 days. And that’s why I’d like you to avoid swallowing the drug tomorrow if possible.

Mhm, I realize that it’ll be difficult if you’re being forced, but even so, I want you to somehow offset that skillfully. If you couldn’t then at that moment it can’t be helped.


Huh? Why are you putting on such a strange expression? It’s not like you don’t want to escape right?

Oh, the reason I’m letting you run away? That’s……

There’s no particular reason for it, just that I’m tired of being involved in this game. I simply wish to be freed from it.

Because when I tried to stop those 3 at the beginning, I was told straightly that there’s nothing I could do beyond hearing the plan. It’s unbelievable, right?

Up until the point it was executed, I tried to do something to stop it, but each time I was told that I’d be killed if it fails.

I followed along until now since having my life targeted is a pain and I’d like to avoid it, but I’m already at my limits.

And so, I thought about having you escape at some point.

If you disappear, the whole thing will be settled.


But well…to me it was a good distraction, more than anything, I was able to embrace the cute you.

That’s fine. You can hit me more when you get outside, so don’t give up the feeling of wanting to escape.

Somehow you’re making a mixed expression, this is exactly what I told you at the very start, no? I’m a menace who violated you, but I’m also a useful threat.

Well then, see you in 2 days.

I look forward to this final distraction.


Track 3: Choice


Our chance has finally come so let’s escape from here.

Yes, we’re running away. The police’s attention is directed towards everyone and Seiji is being pursued accordingly, if we’re going to escape right now’s the only chance.

Kouya? Kouya is the main suspect so he can’t leave the residence, in other words, no one’s keeping guard.

But well, it was actually me who drew suspicion towards them.

In any case, if you escape now, they have no opportunity to cheat their way through it. So let’s hurry up and leave.


Why are you hesitating? There’s no reason for you to remain here, right?

Eh? You’re already tainted so you can’t leave…? I don’t understand what you mean, who’s tainted here?

You’re not dirty, regardless of who you’ve been held by, you’re pure. And so, come on, take my hand. Once we reach a safe place, I’ll release you, okay?

Yes, I’ll definitely free you. From there is an eternal farewell, I won’t appear in front of you ever again.

This is the best option, no? I’ll have put an end to this boring game as well, and take its weight off my shoulders.


But well…although it has grown dull now, it truly was a nice distraction. Thank you.

If you’re frustrated, then go ahead and take everyone to court once you’ve escaped safely. You’ll be exposed to the curiosity of the world, but if we’re arrested, you’ll be able to live with a piece of mind.

Unsurprisingly, it’ll be impossible for us to lay hands on you when we’re in prison where we’re stripped of our influence after all.

Eh? Me? Who cares about me?

You’ll escape and be happy, and I’ll sever this inseparable connection and feel relieved. I’d have a criminal record, but that’s far better than continuing this awful relationship right now with everyone.


I’m not stressed over it.

On that note, I’ve always believed that as an orphan, I’m not suited to be the son and heir of rich people. The baggage is heavy, and besides, I think that rather than continuing this current situation, living amidst the darkness is more fun.

My brain isn’t that good, but I’m fairly clever, so don’t you think I’d succeed better in life that way?

Listen, this is the best conclusion for both of us.

And so, let us go together.


Happy End: The Jester Cries


Thank god, without delay let’s…

Why? Weren’t you going to leave this place with me? Conditions? Why are you worried about conditions if you’re running away?

I understand, if you say that you refuse to budge then I’ll listen to that condition of yours. If it’s money-

Eh? Even if you leave this place, you won’t lay charges on us even if you leave this place?

What are you thinking!? You can’t leave the men who targeted you unchecked?!! What you should be doing is prosecuting us and sending us to prison…!!!


Eh? No, I’m not particularly doing this for atonement.

You’re wrong, I’m not as good of a guy as you think I am. I allowed a girl to be forcibly raped right in front of my eyes, not only that, I too-

I didn’t think I’d be slapped on the cheeks by you, but well, I guess it’s only natural.

……Because I did the worst types of things imaginable.


In that case, please hit me more.

Heh? You slapped me because you came to like me? What do you mean by…? You’re inconceivably good-natured, aren’t you? How I criticize myself has nothing to do with you, right?

No, it has no relation to you. It never had anything to do with you.

If I were to say that I liked you, I wouldn’t be able to laugh anymoreーー


Please don’t hug me, I don’t have the right to be hugged.

Certainly, as you’ve said, I pretended to be in cohorts with everyone for the sake of saving you, because if I was killed for betrayal then there would be no one to save you.

In truth, I wanted to obstruct them before they carried it out but they wouldn’t listen to my words. Since the rest of the guys were more or less started monitoring my actions, after saving you, I thought that I’d head off to be judged together with everyone else.

No, I’m not wrong. All of us who committed these crimes against you should go to hell, and that’s why you ought to punish me.


Stop, please don’t tell me that you like me any more than that. If you don’t, this situation will come apart.

Even though I planned to never say it until my deathbed, my vow to never tell you that I loved you would be broken.

Yes…I love you. I’ve always loved you since before.


That is true, is it okay to say that we’re mutually in love right now?

This is pretty different from the future plan I pictured in my head. The future plan I sketched out was to have you marry a suitable husband and watch over you.

I’d comfort you with words whenever you’d fight with your husband, and when you wish to leave, I’ll be there smiling by your side.

ーーThat was my modest dream.

No matter what form it was, I wanted to be forever with you. If that could be granted, then I don’t mind if it’s painful.

Even though I thought that, right now, it’s no longer possible. After knowing this happiness, there’s no turning back.


If you return to your original household you might be married off in a marriage of convenience again, and those guys will continue to target you, no?

And so, run away with me and let’s live a quiet life someplace, okay?

Or perhaps that…err, right now, we should prioritize escape for the time being right? I’ll check around one more time to make sure no one else is around, so wait here for a bit, I’ll definitely come to retrieve you.

Yes, I promise.

Now then, please wait just a moment.


Yes, she’s not regaining consciousness. Uh-huh, I know, I’ll wait patiently.

Thank you, I’ll contact you immediately once she regains consciousness.

Haa…it’d be nice if she regains consciousness today. Wait, eh? Could it be…? No, it’s not even a question, her eyes are open.

Thank god!!! I was constantly worried that you’d remain like that and never open your eyes again.

Are you okay? Does it not hurt anywhere?

Uh, is there anything you’d like? Like a drink of water?


Eh um, I’m sorry, I asked too much all at once.

Say, could you please tell me what happened? Why did you disappear from that room?

Eh? You don’t remember?

I see. You must’ve forgotten it from the shock of falling, in that case, how far do your memories go?

Up until the moment I left the room eh.

Following that, when I returned to that room, you weren’t there. And so I searched the approximate area for you.

When I found you next, you were in a state of cardiac arrest on the beach.


That’s right, cardiac arrest.

I desperately gave you CPR, and once I confirmed that you had begun breathing again, I brought you here to a private physician I was acquainted with.

Say, are you completely unable to remember? It’s my suspicion but someone must’ve entered the premises and pushed you off the cliff.

Who exactly tried to kill you? Seiji? Or was it Kouya?

I see, so you can’t remember. Don’t tell me that it’s not one of them…?


There’s one particular thing you can remember? What is it?

The feelings of love towards me…?

I see, if you say it’s fine then I’ll speak no more. As long as I’m loved by you, that’s more than enough.

But well, I’d like to beat the shit out of the guy who pushed you off, but regrettably, I won’t have the chance to sock him.

Because we’ll elope after this, no?


Eh? Huh? The talk we had before we parted, wasn’t meant in this way…?

Ah! How embarrassing, did I get the wrong idea?

It’s not a good idea to move all of a sudden, you know? Besides, if you embrace me like that, I’ll end up with expectations.

Is it okay for me to have hopes? Is it okay for me to think that I’m loved by you?

I was in a panic believing that I was getting all excited on my own.


With this, I can finally say it earnestly.

I’m truly sorry for doing such terrible things. You don’t have to completely forgive me right now, but if you’re willing to live together with me despite that, can you please take my hand?

The crimes I’ve committed won’t disappear, and I’ll continue to atone for them for the rest of my life. But I swear to always make you happy from now on, so could you please become my bride?


Thank you, this is the happiest I’ve been in my entire life.

Let’s live forever together hereafter, I’ll never cause you sorrow ever again.

I love you.


Bad End: The Jester Laughs


What’s the matter? Why are you suddenly laughing like that?

Hey, keep it together!!! After this, you’ll escape and be happy, you know?

HEY, KEEP IT-keep it…

You can’t, can you? I knew it. If you continue using that aphrodisiac of Masayuki’s your mind will break.

Was Masayuki aware of this side effect? No, there’s no way he would’ve known. Regardless of the situation, there’s no way he would’ve done that to the big sister he loved…right?


For not making it in time, I’m sorry.

Say, what is your wish right now?

I see. If you say that you wish to die inside my arms, and that truly is your wish, I’ll grant it.


You seem to be having fun, I can’t breathe if you laugh like that. If you wish to die by my hands, how about you settle down a little?

Look, you love having the nape of your neck licked, right?


When I lick it this way, I can clearly tell that your skin’s been dyed red. Besides, it is also rousing.

Hmm? You’d like to be kissed on the lips?

It’s fine, in truth I wanted to do it when you’re sober but…it doesn’t seem like that wish will come true.


I’ll confess, when I was 10 years old I’ve kissed you before while you were asleep. That was my first kiss.

But once I did it, I immediately regretted doing something so cowardly and decided that the next time I do it will be when we’re adults.

I guess so, both of us are already adults, just our bodies became adults.


I’ll be taking off your underwear, okay?

Did you feel it from just a kiss? This is no different from the other day, isn’t it?

Eh? Because it’s me…?

To say something to charm me, did you lose your mind? No, that’s precisely why isn’t it? I too become like this from simple kisses because the other person is you.


I became like this because you’re cute you know? I’m a pervert, aren’t I?

I am a pervert. To lust after a girl who has no awareness of her own actions, I’m an outrageous savage. I really do think that it’ll be best if I get sent to hell.

Oh haha. Sorry sorry, it was a joke, so don’t make such an anxious expression, okay?

For this one moment, I’ll have a taste of the sensation of the two of us in being heaven.


Wait, if you wiggle your hips like that, my fingers will enter inside all the way, you know? First I ought to get the shallower parts accustomed, okay?

That way it’ll feel even better. Since this is the end, we ought to enjoy it thoroughly, right?

Even though I’ve only inserted a single finger, your insides are squeezing tightly around me. You immediately get wet when I rub this spot inside you, don’t you? It’s so cute, it makes me want to caress it more.


You also enjoy it when I kiss you as I tease your insides, right? If I do this, lots will spill out.

Me? I enjoy it too. But what I love most is to carefully and slowly grind up against this place with my member as I kiss you like this.

You too…?

So that’s why this place is twitching impatiently.


How troubling, even though I wanted to take it more gradually, I want to quickly enter inside you so badly that it’s unbearable.

Is it okay if I do that?

Oh, so you want to have sex that badly? But right now I’m actually in a pretty rough mood so I might be able to control myself, you know?

I see, in that case, I’ll do just that.


Today, you came just from me putting in eh. Both your hips and insides are quivering, it really is cute.

I realize that it’s the effects of the drug, but I’m happy that it seems as though you want me.

Yes, it’s true, you’re cute, and that’s why us idiots couldn’t hold back.


You’re clamping down extremely hard today too. It’s all wonderful, it’s twisting and swallowing me up so deliciously.

Does it hurt? Should I go a little gentler?

……So even pain feels good.

Then I’ll grind against this place that will make you lose your mind even more.


I can’t, if you squeeze me that tightly, I’ll cum deep inside you. Or is that what you prefer?

Is that so? I want to fill up your insides with my cum too. This place has always, always belonged to me after all.


It’s good, it feels really good.

When I think about how you’ll be mine in doing so, even though I want to cry this badly, I’m happy.

Go ahead, cum. And I’ll cum inside you.



You came again, didn’t you? With this, is it about time?

For you to be sent to heaven, with these hands, I’ll strangle you to death right now.

It’s alright, it’s not scary. I’ll follow soon after okay? That’s right, we’ll always be together. Just that we’ll be separated for a brief moment okay?

It’s true. Look, I’m smiling, aren’t I?

From this point onwards, a world of fun and happiness will open up. And there, there will be circuses that you love, open for performance.

Yes, every day. Let’s go there together every day.


I’ll give you a confession, I’ve always loved you since long ago.

I’m sorry, I loved you.

I love you, I love you. I love you.

Even if we’re parted by heaven and hell, I’ll always think of you.

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