【Translation】 Otona no Meruhen Series Haikaburi-hime ~Shuuchakushin no Tsuyoi Kare~


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大人のメルヘンシリーズ 「灰かぶり姫 ~執着心の強い彼~」

CV: Takeuchi Ken (武内健)

Track 1: Ball


Haa…I’ve escaped. Hmm? What?

What a beautiful person.

Oh, please excuse me. Would you be willing to have a dance with me?


That was impolite of me earlier, I simply wasn’t able to avert my eyes from you because you’re just far too beautiful.

Are you being humble? You truly are beautiful, though.

Don’t tell me that you think that this too is a lie?

I apologize, I wasn’t trying to trouble you but I guess I might’ve been a little mean-spirited. In all honesty, I truly think that…

Ah, are you okay?

That’s a relief. Are you, by any chance, poor at dancing?


Is that so? I’m relieved about that as well. To tell you the truth, I’m not very good at dancing either.

Say, how about we go outside for a bit? I’d like to speak to you alone, in umm…a place where no one else could interfere. Besides, if we go out to the courtyard, we don’t have to worry about dancing.

Come on, let’s go.


There’s a small step here so be careful with your footing.

We’re finally alone together now. Is it alright if I ask you a bunch of questions? Your name? Where do you live? What do you enjoy?

Oh sorry, first, I ought to introduce myself beforehand.

My name is Christopher Rupert Windermere Vladimir Carl Alexander Francois Richard Lancelot Hammond Gregory, the prince of this country. So what’s your name?


It’s not just your outer appearance, your name’s beautiful as well. I’ve never met such a beautiful person until now.

I’m truly glad that I hosted a ball today.

I believe you’re already aware but today’s ball is so that I can decide upon a marriage partner.

The truth is that I’m being pestered by my father to hurry and get married. Quickly get married and give him a peace of mind, is what he said.

That’s why I was really depressed today, to be honest.

To select my marriage partner out from one of the people who came to the ball……


You see, I wish to meet, fall in love, enjoy the passion, and marry the person that I love from the bottom of my heart.

My father got angry because this isn’t the time for me to be selfish. But even so, I don’t wish to halfheartedly choose someone to get married to. And that’s why, I’m incredibly happy right now.

Tonight, I’ve had a fated encounter.

You are the woman of my destiny, please marry me.


It’s not a joke, I’m earnestly…

What is it?

Oh, I guess so. Since we’ve just met, we still don’t know much about each other. Suddenly requesting your hand in marriage would only trouble you, wouldn’t it? Sorry.

In that case, how about you tell me various things about yourself? And then, I’d like you to know various things about me.

Thank god, then first off-

Time? That is probably the chime of midnight, so right now it’s…


You’re leaving…? Wait, wait!!! We still haven’t talked about anything at all yet, hey!

Your shoe fell off. Hey, please wait…!!!


Where exactly did sheーー

I got it! I simply need to track her down based on the ball’s guest list.


This is…the glass slipper she dropped?

The person who fits this shoe perfectly should be somewhere within this kingdom. I’ll find you without fail, now I ought to hurry up and begin searching.

Hmm? Is there someone there? What’s this? So it was just mice?

……I wonder where on earth did she go?


Track 2: Won’t Let You Escape


Haa…to be unable to find her location despite all this searching. Where exactly are you right now?

Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you living with? …I ought to quickly find her before she’s taken by someone else.

The glass slipper she dropped, eh.

It’s alright, I’ll deliver to you before long. I’ll come meet you. I definitely won’t let you escape.


You’re…? I’ll head over there right now, okay?


We finally meet again. Wait! Why are you trying to run away?

Not clean? Oh, are you referring to your clothing…?

Speaking of which, the people living inside this house called you their servant.

Why are you apologizing? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a servant or whatever else, you are my fiancee.

Now then, bring out your feet.

Look, as expected, it’s perfect. My fated person is unmistakably you. I’ve come to retrieve you, sorry for being late.


I’ve finally found you, I won’t let go of you ever again.

Hehe, you aren’t dirty.

Gardening? Surely you jest. Gardening isn’t work a girl like you should be doing. To say such mean-spirited things, do you intend not to be touched by me?

It’s alright, even if you don’t concern yourself with it, you’re pretty.


Huh? Could you allow me to see your hand for a minute?

This isn’t because you grazed it, right? Did you cut your fingers on branches and leaves? Plus, they’re frostbitten. …It looks painful.

I see, so the people living inside this house push various work onto you. Unforgivable.

Let’s quickly leave, you aren’t a person who belongs in a place like this.


In truth, there’s the matter about your luggage.

I was planning to let everything settle down, but there’s no way I could leave you alone at this house. I don’t want you to suffer any more than you already have.

Come on, let’s return together.

To the castle of course. Once we get back, let’s immediately arrange for our wedding ceremony, okay?


Track 3: Allow Me to Hear it Some More


Thank you for your hard work.

Today was one long day, wasn’t it? You must be tired as well from having to greet a whole bunch of people at the reception following the wedding ceremony.

It’s only natural that you still aren’t able to memorize all the names. The royal family has a lot of blood relatives, plus everyone’s names are long so you don’t have to worry in regards to that.

Oh that’s right, do you remember your meeting with my cousin? Did he not tell you anything unnecessary?

Ah, no, it’s good that there’s nothing. It’s just that we didn’t really get along in the past, so I was worried that he might’ve said something strange to you.


I see. I’m relieved.

What is it? Oh about that? Both my mother and father have taken quite the liking to you. Your sparkling smile is wonderful and lovely, and more than anything, you’re the person that I choose.

Being royalty or nobility doesn’t matter. I’ve said it countless times but you’re my fated person.

Are you not going to drink any more wine?

I’ve already had enough, to the point that I’m a bit drunk.

You too? Then let’s end it here.


Your face is red. Is it because of the wine?

You’re already married to me now you know? And so please stop with the formal speech.

Please, I don’t want to sense the slightest distance between you and me. I want to become closer to you, both in heart and body.

…And that’s why you should come closer to me.


What do you think of me? It’s a bit late to ask that now but I’d like to hear it coming from your own mouth.

I forcibly proceeded with the marriage, so do you not regret marrying me?

I see. That’s a relief. Thank you.


Is something the matter? There’s no need to constantly halt your breathing as we kiss you know?

It’s only natural right? Otherwise, we’d suffocate.

That isn’t quite how it is yet. Come on, relax.

Hmm? What’s wrong?

First time…? What is?

Oh, sorry I made assumptions. I see. So this is your first time…


Don’t worry, I’ll properly tell you what you should do.

That’s quite the anxious expression, in that case, let’s have a symbol of good luck. I’ll hold your left hand like this the whole time. Wherever you feel uneasy, grasp it tightly and I’ll grasp you back in the same way.

I’m happy, I can finally become one with you.

I really like you-no, I love you.


As I thought, you’re extremely beautiful and your skin is transparent.

I’m the first one to touch this place like this too, right?

Is that so? …I’m glad. I’m extremely happy, I’m truly honored to be your first time. I’ll treasure it, okay?


That’s right, relax. I wish to properly make love to every last nook and cranny of your body.

This fair nape, these soft breasts, these nipples…

What do you think? Does it feel good when I do this?

Your voice is trembling, how cute. So it felt that good, in that case, how about I try sucking them harder?


To be shaking your hips to that extent, that figure of yours is extremely touching.

Even though I’d like to really cherish you, I feel like I’m about to accidentally bite you to make you mine. …I want to leave my mark throughout your entire body.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be scared, I’ll touch you as gently as possible.

If I suddenly touch this place, it hurts, right? It seems best if I were to caress it with my tongue first.


Does it feel good? Your hips bounced off the top of the bed.

How cute, to react this much to my tongue, I wonder what would happen if I were to insert my fingers inside?

I’ll move my fingers right now, okay?


Amazing, to have this response even though it’s your first time. So much is flowing out that my fingers are about to get sodden.

Does it really feel that good? I’m happy.

In hearing your cute voice, I’m no longer able to endure any longer. Is it okay if I do it now?

Please tell me if it hurts okay? I’m putting it in.


It’s tight. Are you okay? Does it hurt?

Even though you don’t have to force yourself to bear it…I’ll stop anytime if it hurts, so make sure to tell me, okay?

How cute, if you say something like that, I won’t be able to stop myself in the middle of it, you know? Are you fine with that?


Your insides are really hot, it feels good.

What a cute voice, please allow me to do it some more.

They belong only to me, that voice, your heart, your body, and this place. I won’t hand them over to anyone else, because you are mine.

Love you, I love you.


Thank you for accepting me. I’m truly happy.

I love you, the two of us will forever be together. Let’s become more, even happier together okay?


Track 4: Do you really not understand?


Oh, are you already awake? You can continue sleeping for a bit longer, you know?

There’s no need to get up in a rush. Since you’re my princess, no one will get angry at you for sleeping in late.

Then let’s grab breakfast. I’ll carry it here, that way it’s easier and we’ll be able to be alone together, no?

Please wait for just a moment.


Haa…I ate too much in the morning. You were eating so deliciously that I got all caught up in it.

Is that so? I’m glad it made you happy, let’s eat together like this every day from now on. And outside of meals, I’d like to be together with you whenever possible.

Ah that’s right, there’s a dinner party tonight and my cousins will be visiting. They say it’s because there was too much hustle and bustle at the wedding ceremony and they weren’t able to spend proper time with us.

But well, either way, they’re just coming to meet you though.


M-m. Oh, could you spend the entire day inside this room? You don’t have to participate in the dinner party.

You’re exhausted both from today and tomorrow, that’s why-

You can’t, stay inside this room.

M-m, sorry. Some discussions are between us fellow family members, so I’d like you to wait here if possible.

I’m sorry, once you get accustomed to this life I’ll properly invite you, okay?


Now then, I’ll be leaving for a bit.

There’s a chapel within the castle grounds, I’m going there for today’s prayers.

Eh? You too…? I understand. I’ll make preparations so wait here for a bit. I’ll be back before long so don’t leave this room, okay?


What are you doing here? I told you to stay inside the room and wait, did I not?

Where are you planning on going?

Sound…? Oh, sorry, the corridors were noisy, weren’t they? It’s nothing, I was simply shutting the doors and windows. I thought that, without a doubt, you were trying to escape.

Ah, no, it’s nothing. I’m sorry for getting the wrong idea.

It’ll still take some time before I finish preparations, so let’s return back to the room, okay? I’m making arrangements so that you could visit the chapel. But well…it’s not something you should worry about.


Eh? Oh, I ordered people to leave that’s why there’s no one down this hallway.

Because you told me you wanted to visit the chapel did you not? I’d like to avoid anyone seeing you when you travel from the room to the chapel, and so I shut all the doors and windows in the corridors so that you can’t be seen from the outside.

Okay, we’ve reached your room.


The reason why? Do you really not understand?

I don’t want you to be seen by anyone else’s eyes. During yesterday’s wedding ceremony, everybody stared at you scrutinizingly. I tried desperately to remain calm, but internally I was extremely irritated.

My cousins viewed you with such dirty eyes…

It’s not my imagination, you don’t recognize your own charm. You aren’t just beautiful, both your voice and mannerisms draw in those around you as well.

I had my heart stolen by you the moment I laid eyes on you, to the point that I couldn’t care less about anything else.

For your smile to be witnessed by someone else isーーunforgivable.

I definitely won’t allow that to happen.


As expected, I’m uneasy. There’s no way I could let you outside of this room, I don’t want you to be seen in the slightest.

……Because you’re my precious princess, after all.

That’s why, please, promise me. Please don’t leave this room today.

Thank you.


Track 5: It’s Not Over Yet…


I’m back, sorry for being late.

When I thought about how you were waiting for me all alone, I couldn’t stay for very long and so I slipped out in the middle. Were you lonely?

I’m sorry, but you properly remained inside your room without getting out into the hallways didn’t you? I heard it from the maid who was standing guard in front of the door. Good on you for listening to what I said.

Hmm? What is it? You want to go outside?


What do you intend on doing by returning home? Did you forget something there?

If it’s regarding your sisters, I’ve met them, but they might not be recognizable, though. Now then, why that is, would you like to know?

You seem concerned. It’s alright, they’re perfectly alive.

Hmm? Why do you look so sad? They’re people who treated you horribly, you know? This is the punishment they deserve, no?


Wait, where are you trying to go? If you were to return to your house now, there’s nothing there for you. Besides, this place is your home now.

The place where you belong is this castle-no, is just this room.

It’s pointless even if you try to escape from me. …Because you can no longer leave me.


Strange…? Me?

What’s so off about me? I’m simply cherishing you, that’s all. All I’m doing is loving you, aren’t I?!!

Come on, I taught you how to kiss last time, no? Entwine your tongue around mine properly.

There’s no way I would let go of you right? Ever since the night of the ball, there hasn’t been a single moment where I wasn’t thinking of you. My head was constantly filled with thoughts about you.

When I let go of you that one time, I felt so anxious that it was unbearable. I felt like I was almost going mad.


I don’t want to feel that ever again, that’s why I’ve decided to lock you up in here so that you will never again disappear off somewhere.

To say that despite being frightened of me…

Aren’t you resisting even now? …Even though I love you this much.


Your body’s gotten hotter. Are you getting turned on despite being treated roughly by me? Could it be that this place too…?

Like I thought, you felt it.

Even though it appears as though you’re against it, you love me all the same, don’t you? I’m happy, very much so.


Track 6: From Now On, Forever…


Can you hear this sound?

You mustn’t close your legs, nothing is embarrassing about it. Show it all to me.

You’re beautiful, very much so.


Come on, put your mouth around it. That reminds me, I was thinking I’ve never had you lick me. I won’t be able to calm down until I take all your firsts.

Carefully show me what kind of face you make as you swallow me up. I wish to learn everything about you.

Now come on, open that cute tiny mouth nice and wide.

That’s no good, you can’t look down, turn this way properly.


Aah…the face when you look up is cute as well.

Is it painful? You’re making a pained expression. But that’s also really arousing too, it’s cute.

Go ahead, move your head slowly. It’s fine if you go slow, okay?

The inside of your mouth is hot, I feel like I’m about to melt. That’s right, you’re doing good. It’s nice, it feels great.


For you to lick me, that tongue work, where did you learn it from? Don’t tell me someone else taught it to you?

You, who belongs only to me… I would never permit such a thing.

That’s a relief.

I suppose so, there’s no way you’d do these types of things with a person other than me, right? I’m glad, I really am.

Had that been the case, I would’ve gone insane from jealousy and I’d have no idea what I might do to you.


Your cute lips are wrapped around me, it truly is a wonderful sight.


Thank you, you can let go of it from your mouth now.

This time, I’ll make you feel good as well.

Your place here is also extremely hot too. I feel like my fingers are about to get soaked. Say, can you hear the sounds?

Even though I’m only slightly moving my fingers…

How cute, your body’s quivering. Does it really feel that good? I wonder what would happen if I were to move them faster?


That expression is truly cute, I definitely don’t want anyone else to see it. And I don’t want anyone else to hear this sweet voice because it belongs only to me.

You are mine.

I’m putting it now, okay?


I’ve entered all the way. Is it painful?

I’ll start moving.

Say, what is it that you want? Children? You see, I want lots. After all, they’re evidence that we’ve joined, no? They’ll become the proof of our love.

I desire something concrete as that. And in doing so, my bond with you will become eternal, no?

Surely this uneasy feeling of mine might disappear then.


Oh but, if possible, I’d prefer a girl. If it’s a boy I might get jealous, but first, in order to achieve that, we ought to do it lots.


I might be at my limit already.

I love you, I love you. I love you the most in this world.


Wait, don’t move. If you move, it’ll spill out from inside you.

Is there something to wipe with……

Where are you going? It’s not over yet. Oh, so you want me to enter from the back, eh?

I got it, I don’t mind.


By continuously cumming inside you like this, surely it’ll be easy to conceive a baby.

Amazing, it’s almost as if your insides are twisting. It feels good, really good. Speaking of which, this is the first time we’re doing from the back isn’t it? What do you think?

Does it feel good? Is it hitting a different spot from unusual?

I feel like your voice is slightly different too. I’ll make sure to insert it all the way okay?


Look, it’s reached it. Is it painful? But sorry, I can’t stop.

Because if I don’t enter all the way properly, I won’t be able to reach it right? And so you ought to bear with it okay?

Make sure to accept all of me, okay?


Your figure seen from the back is incredibly beautiful too. Your back and your butt are nice and smooth, what a wonderful sight.

Your body truly is lewd.

I’m about to cum. I’ll cum deep inside, okay?


Track 7: You Mustn’t Make a Sound…


I’ve brought your meal, make sure to eat it properly, okay?

Why are you looking so surprised? Am I that scary?

I know right? I’m relieved. How could I be scary, right? …Considering how much I love you.


You’ve lost a bit of weight, haven’t you? You ought to eat properly.

Are you that keen on making me worry? Could it be that you wanted to seek my attention?

Hehe, how cute. I’ll feed you today then.

Okay, open your mouth.

Did you not hear me? Open your mouth.


Why aren’t you listening to what I say? Hey, why..!?

Oh, uh, I wasn’t trying to scare you. Sorry, did you not get any soup on you?

Are you scared of me after all? …Because I locked up here? But that’s for the sake of protecting you. If I don’t fasten you with chains, you’d run away.


Sorry, I’m sorry for doing such things. I know that you genuinely hate this, but I’m anxious that if I don’t restrain you like this, you’d disappear off somewhere.

Please stay by my side forever. Please, I’m begging you.

No matter how many times I embrace you, the fear won’t disappear. So fearful and anxious, I couldn’t help myself.

So what should I do?


Hand? The good charm for when you’re uneasy? This time, will you be the one to squeeze me back?

You truly are kind, aren’t you? Thank you, I feel extremely happy right now.

I love you, I love you.

From now on and always, I love you.


Secret Track


Mmm, what wonderful weather. Those kids are in such high spirits.

I guess so, having siblings get along with each other is a really happy thing even as a parent.

Those two in resembling you, are really good kids. They’re kind, compassionate, earnest, and the way they tirelessly exert their best effort time and time again is a splitting image of you.

That’s right, they had a planning meeting the other day to find a way to make you happy-crap, this was supposed to be a secret.

Ah, it’s nothing. Just that you’re beautiful today as well.


Eh? That’s unrelated? I wonder about that? Hehe…

Nope, I’m not hiding anything.

Ah! You can’t, if the children were to hear it, they’d think I revealed it and get mad at me. I can’t manage those kids when they’re angry so please I’m begging you.

Jeez, what are you laughing at?

Pfft, haha!


It’s fine even if the kids see it, it’s just a kiss no? It’s only natural considering we’re husband and wife.

I’m happy. Cute wife, cute children, I’m truly happy to be surrounded by those I love.

In the past, I loved you too much and there were many things I was anxious over, but you supported me without running away. And then thanks to the birth of those cute kids, I was able to get my senses under control.

It’s all thanks to you.

Thank you for giving birth to those kids. Thank you for always remaining by my side.


I love you.

Please continue to remain by my side, forever and always.


Hmm? Oh, as expected, going this far was a bad idea. But well, they’re so immersed in their games that they might not notice though.

I guess so. It’s a shame, but I’ll bear with it for now.

In exchange, tonight, let’s do it from night till morning.

When we’re in bed, you belong only to me, you know? I won’t let go of you until morning comes.

I love you.

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    I let it slide for this one. I believe Cinderella chose to stick around with Chris to calm his sanity which pretty worked. Not a common thing in yandere stories, but Chris managed to get his manners back. I bless their family lives.


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