【Translation】 Mukuro no Kochou wo Yume Ni Miyu


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Mansion Under the Moonlight


M: Oh it appears that you’ve awoken. Good morning.

M: Hmm? Me…? I’m Mugen, your master.

M: You look like you don’t understand what I’m saying.

M: Hmm, I suppose so, it’s not unreasonable. Can you remember anything about yourself?

M: You can’t remember? Well well, you collapsed in front of this mansion, that’s why I’ve taken you into my custody. Try touching your own head, there’s a bandage wrapped around it, right?

M: You were bleeding from the head. You poor thing, you must’ve lost your memories because of the injury suffered to your cranium.


M: Hmm? It hurts…?

M: Of course it does. Because you suffered quite the deep wound, hmm…drink this. No need to worry, it’s simply pain medication. If you drink this, you’d be more comfortable, no?

M: No, it’s fine, stay where you are.

M: I’ll feed it to you, so don’t move from there is what I mean. Have you grasped that?

M: That’s good, don’t move. Now open your mouth.


M: What? Are you embarrassed? You’ll be spending every day from now on together with me, so you’ll get used to it.

M: Okay, you drank it.

M: What do you mean by what is the meaning of this?

M: Oh are you referring to how we’ll be spending every day together? There isn’t particularly any deeper meaning to it, it means exactly what it means.

M: I told you earlier, did I not? …I’m now your master, and so I won’t listen to your objections. You’re my property, after all.

M: Rest assured, it’s like not I’ll do anything particularly horrible to you.

M: I love you, that’s all there is to it.


M: Well then, let’s have a tour of this mansion that you’ll be living in. Are you able to get up? If it seems impossible, how about I princess-carry you and guide you around that way?

M: Oh? So you can get up?

M: Now take my hand. Yes, good girl. Though I call it a tour, the rooms you’ll primarily be using aren’t numerous. It’s pretty much just this room I’ve prepared for you, the dining room where we eat together and my room, no?


M: Hmm? It’s spacious, isn’t it?

M: Certainly, from the perspective of you humans, it is vast. Ah that’s right, there are many numbers of rooms but most are hardly ever used.

M: Huh? The curtains on the windows? What are you trying to do by opening them?

M: You can open them if you want but outside this mansion is a large forest. With nothing besides sky and trees, it’s not an interesting view, right? But well…the stars are rather beautiful though, that’s probably the one fascinating thing about it.


M: Now then, there’s an entrance hall if you descend down those stairs. Though, you’ll more or less never use the front door.

M: Why that is? …You won’t be going outside that’s why.

M: Hmm? Did I say something strange? You belong to me so there’s no need for you to go outside, right?


M: Then if you turn left from here, the beyond door that leads to the dining room.

M: You’ll be taking your meals from here. Deeper inside is the kitchen, it’s dangerous so please don’t enter. The adjacent room is the reception hall, but you’d probably never use it because that’s a place only visitors use.

M: The bathroom and toilet are there, go ahead and remember that.

M: Next up is my room, it’s on the right-hand side down this corridor but I don’t mind if you come to me if you have any inquiries.


M: Hmm? What’s the matter?

M: There are no people…? Of course there aren’t, I’m not one to like people. Aah, there’s the cook and gardener but they don’t normally show themselves so you’d probably never meet them.

M: Well then, let’s return to your room.

M: What is it? You’re making a face like you don’t quite understand the situation. Don’t worry, you’ll be used to it before long. Now let’s return to your room.

M: Hmm? What’s wrong? You’re staggering and your eyes are watery.

M: Oh, you must be sleepy because you’re exhausted. I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll carry you back to your room. Go ahead and sleep soundly.

M: Now, good night.


Track 2: Love in a mist


U: Hey, hey! Ah, you’re finally awake.

U: Hehehe. You sleepyhead, it’s already morning. Look, it’s already 9 a.m. you can’t be all sluggish just because it’s a day off.

U: Come on, get up from the futon.

U: Why are you flabbergasted? That’s right, it’s Utsutsu. Your beloved boy・friend.

U: What’s up with you…?

U: Oh, this place? This place is my room but good grief…what happened to you? You’re acting all strange, we made it our bedroom since last time, no?


U: Eh? A weird dream? What kind of dream?

U: You don’t remember? But well, that’s how dreams are, so it can’t be helped, can it? Now, get up, get up. Since we’ve finally got a day off, how about we go out together?

U: What would you like to do? Have a delicious cafe lunch? Watch a movie? Or would you prefer to go on a bit of a trip?

U: Hmm? Of course, I’d be lively and cheerful because it doesn’t often happen that my day off matches yours. That’s why, there, stop constantly lying around and get up!

U: Now then, I’ll finish my own preparations and you can go get yourself all dressed up. OH, if you fall asleep again when I’m not looking, I’ll get angry, alright?


U: Okay, I’m done! How about you?

U: Looks like you’re good. The Western-styled clothing you have on today really suits you. It’s cute!!!

U: Now let’s go, take my hand.

U: Hmm? What’s wrong? …It’s nothing?

U: That’s a relief. Okay, let’s go!


U: Aah…it’s really nice out, isn’t it? The feeling of clear weather is exciting. Take a look, it’s a blue sky without a single cloud in sight.

U: Oh where should we go today? Have you decided?

U: That face…it gives me the impression that you haven’t thought about it at all. Jeez, it can’t be helped. Then today, let’s go watch a movie, eat a delicious parfait at a cafe, go shopping, and have dinner.

U: Umm, hey, are you listening…?

U: Really? Then that’s fine. You seemed somewhat out of it, so I thought that you weren’t listening. So what happened to you today?

U: …You’re acting strange, are you feeling unwell?


U: Hmm, it’s fine that it’s nothing. Then let’s go watch a movie first!

U: I discovered it because of an interesting CM I saw this morning. Speaking of which, it happened last Wednesday, but a weird customer came to the store and I just couldn’t deal with them……


U: Haa…we’re home!!! Today was fun, wasn’t it?

U: But it was a bit tiring, we’ve bought a bunch of things, haven’t we? We might’ve even bought a little too much. Hehe.

U: There we go. I’m exhausted.

U: Hmm? What’s wrong? Oh if it’s about that, you don’t have to mind it at all. I bought it because I wanted to, after all, that necklace really suits you. A butterfly pendant is extremely cute and I was thinking that it would fit.

U: Uh, the price…? Well…it was a bit high, but it suits you, so it’s fine.


U: It’s pretty, isn’t it? The azure wing ornaments are sparking.

U: You really resemble a butterfly, in other words, I was thinking that you, yourself, are akin to a butterfly; it was what made me fall in love with you. You’re my butterfly, you know?

U: Romanticist? I wonder if it’s because I’m a florist.

U: You’re the butterfly and I’m the flower, it’s mutual love, isn’t it?


U: Oh, you’re definitely a Morpho butterfly, a jewel-like butterfly. An azure, the world’s most beautiful butterfly. It’s the butterfly that I love most.

U: Today’s dress is a light blue, it’s really cute and fits the image.

U: Me? I wonder what I’d be…? If it’s a flower, I guess I’d be a love-in-a-mist.

U: Do you know what love-in-a-mists are? Japan calls them Nigellas, they’re cute, they can also be used as herbs. That’s right, I’m happy that you’ve noticed, the flowers adorned there are love-in-a-mists.

U: In flower language, it means deep love.

U: My love is the deepest in the world. See? I’ll always love you forever.


U: The one who loves you the most in this world is me. How about you? Do you love me the most in this world?

U: Mhm, that makes me happy.

U: Say, I wound up wanting to kiss you, is it okay if I do?


U: Somehow it’s embarrassing for me to say that I wish to kiss you once more. It’s okay for me to kiss you one more time, right?

U: More. Come on, open your mouth. Let’s have a more pleasure kiss.

U: I feel like if we go any further, I won’t be able to stop myself. I’ll end up wanting you more and more. I ought to suppress my affection so that you don’t go off somewhere.

U: I have too little self-control, don’t I? …Sorry.


U: I know there’s work tomorrow, so I should end it already, but can we kiss one more time?


U: Mhm, I’ll control myself now. Let’s make lots of love during our next day off.

U: Hmm? What’s wrong? Have you gotten sleepy?

U: I’d like to say it’s fine but you ought to take a bath and change into pajamas first. Huh…? She fell asleep? But well, your sleeping face is cute too so I’ll allow it.

U: Ah, I fawn on her too much.


Track 3: Azure Caterpillar


M: Oh you’re awake. It appears that you slept rather deeply, you were sleeping quite comfortably you know?

M: Why are you surveying the area like that?

M: Utsutsu…? Who’s that? There’s no such person within this mansion.


M: Dream? I see, I know nothing of your dreams. Now then, it changes the topic but I’d like to try some clothes on you.

M: What do you think? I suppose you can call it a mermaid dress, it’s lovely, right?

M: This widely spread back is sexy and I think it fits you perfectly. Since the color is a vivid blue, and the fabric is satin, it’s refreshing, no?

M: How should I say it, the clothes you have on now are plain.

M: It’s not an insult, I’m saying it as it is. You’re better matched for this type of elegant color.


M: The clothing’s coverage is lacking?

M: Well, that said, certainly, the upper half is a bit revealing. The back is wide open and there’s little fabric around the chest, however, look, the lower half runs all the way down to your ankles does it not?

M: I’ll put it on you, now please take off those clothes.

M: What’s wrong? Are you not going to listen to what I say?

M: Why are you against it? I’ll go ahead and say it but I’ve stripped you once when I had these clothes tailored. I’ve already seen everything so don’t worry.


M: I should’ve woken you up?

M: Oh, I called out to you numerous times, however, you continued to sleep like a rock. And so I gave up and measured your sizes on my own accord.

M: Come on, hurry up and strip. Or are you expecting that I would prefer to strip you myself instead?

M: That’s fine too, isn’t it? Now then, I’ll remove them for you.


M: Why are you resisting? Good grief, you really are a troublesome child.

M: Have you relaxed now?

M: That was unavoidable was it not? I have some slight knowledge of sorcery, so this much is easy for me. Now then, I’ll take off your clothes. It’s a bother so stay quiet and don’t try to defy me.


M: Underwear is unneeded for that dress.

M: Panties? You don’t need that either, right? Good grief, to make a racket over some panties is annoying. There isn’t much difference whether there is or isn’t a thin piece of fabric here is there?

M: Well then, let’s put this on you.


M: That’s good. Now then…okay.

M: As expected, it suits you well. There’s no mistake with the sizing either.

M: What’s the matter? You’re moving around awkwardly. You should be able to move normally now, no?

M: Hmm? It’s hard to move?

M: I suppose so, those clothes weren’t made for the purpose of moving around. Think about it carefully, it’s made so that the lower half of that dress fits perfectly when both legs are placed together. I was flawless in taking the measurements, was I not?

M: In other words, those clothes aren’t designed to be moved in in the first place.


M: Why? Isn’t it obvious? …It’s because you’re decoration.

M: Even if you say that you don’t understand the meaning of what I’m saying. It’s because your existence is akin to that of my ornament, nothing more, nothing less.

M: To be squirming around, what’s wrong?

M: Hah? Remove it? Why are you saying such stupid things?

M: Those are your clothes, and from today onwards, forever. But well, there are ones that are a bit easier to move in……


M: You’re acting desperation, do you hate that dress that much?

M: You don’t have to shake your head to that extent, though, you’ll get used to it in time, so endure it. Oh as for the thing that was easier to move in, the approximate form doesn’t change, it’s simply a story about the skirt section being shorter.

M: It’s the same design, but the skirt only goes down to your knees, I’ll bring it for you next time.

M: Now then, since your body is clad with beautiful garments, let’s embellish everything else.


M: First off, your hair. Let’s curl it into a mixcurl, and let’s apply some make-up as well.

M: Ah…you don’t have to worry about that, it won’t take that much time. Like I said, I have knowledge of sorcery, if you wrap your hair around my fingers like this. Look, with just that, it’ll pop into a curl.

M: It’s amazing, right? And now I’ll repeat this.

M: If I pass my finger through your hair, look, this place has given in too. After curling the back, how about we polish off the bangs too?

M: What do you think? It was quick, wasn’t it?

M: As for make-up, close your eyes for 3 seconds and it’ll be over, now please quietly close your eyes.

M: Well then, let’s countdown. 3, 2, 1.


M: Now open your eyes, I’ve brought out a mirror in front of you.

M: Come on, what do you think? The face that was beautiful to begin with has become even more brilliant.

M: Aah…it’s incredibly beautiful. With this, you’re much more pretty compared to when you awaken from your slumber earlier.

M: What do I plan on doing by dressing you up?

M: I guess so, let’s do this then.


M: Your eyes are wide open. If one sees a beautiful woman they’d want to embrace them, no? And without exception, I too am like that.

M: Whoa there. What adorable resistance. However, if you aren’t able to use your legs, you won’t be able to run away, you know? You belong to me, and so I won’t allow you to escape.

M: Don’t worry, I won’t suddenly go all the way. That’s amusement for when you become an even more wonderful existence.

M: For now, I’ll kiss you like this.


M: As I pat your drowsy head, I’ll lick your ears with my tongue in this manner.

M: It feels good to have your ears licked, no? If I kiss it like this, bite it and then lick the rim of your ear. Suck on your earlobe and then finally, violate the inside of your ear.


M: What a nice expression, did it really feel that good? …I’m honored.

M: I’ll do the exact same thing to the left side.

M: No, you seem to feel best when I shoved my tongue inside your ear so how about we shove it in abruptly?


M: Hehe, your voice is leaking out. At this rate, how about we drag my tongue along the nape of your neck?

M: Like this……

M: Creeping my tongue along the hollows of your clavicles and sucking on it. Right too.


M: How about it? It feels good, so good that you’re in a daze, doesn’t it?

M: If we continue on for too long, it feels like you’re about to lose your mind. Let’s bring it down this one time. Now turn a little upwards.

M: That’s right, you’re a good girl for being obedient.


M: You can take a short break. Despite going through great lengths to bring you into my grasp, it’d be a kill-joy if you were to break right away.

M: ……Good night.


Track 4: Mean look on one’s eyes


U: Hey, hey!

U: Ah you woke up. What’s the matter? Were you that exhausted? …To fall asleep in the middle of sex is cruel.

U: Argh! That hurts.

U: Why did you jump up all of a sudden? Huh…? Dream? Wait, were you actually asleep? You weren’t dozing off? Jeez!

U: What? A dream of having the nape of your neck licked?

U: That wasn’t a dream, I was licking the nape of your neck just now. Look, I left marks too, red marks, can you tell?

U: I guess it’s hard to see from your perspective?


U: But, falling asleep is cruel! Even though we were finally able to have sex after such a long time, was I the only one who was happy?

U: I’m a bit angry, I’ll punish you now.

U: This, I bought this earlier but you didn’t seem to enjoy this type of thing so I never used it. But it seemed like the stimulation was lacking…so I’ll stick these on your boobs.

U: Nope, I won’t forgive. We’ll have sex as I make your boobs jiggle, you hate that kind of embarrassment, right?

U: But nope, I won’t forgive you.


U: Do your nipples feel good? They’re sticking up, you know?

U: Nope, I won’t remove them. I’ll have this constantly stimulating your boobs and I’ll stimulate that place with my fingers and tongue. I’ll lick this sensitive place lots okay?

U: To reaction like that simply from being licked a little, you truly have quite the lewd body.

U: Come on, it’s no use even if you try to close your legs and a girl who does such things needs punishment.


U: Does it really feel that good?

U: Mmm, what a sweet voice. I’ll insert my fingers too as I lick here. Look, I’m putting them in.

U: Oh you trembled just now. Nice, it’s cute.


U: Huh? You want me to pull out my fingers?

U: Nope. Come on, feel it more.

U: Hmm? Huh? Your insides tightened just now, did you cum?

U: I don’t like you calling me mean. Ah! Nope, you can’t take off the things making your boobs bounce.

U: Hmm, what’s wrong? Even though you just came, you’re making an expression like that wasn’t enough. Good grief, what a lewd body.

U: Well then, how about you tell what you want with that cute mouth?


U: What part of me do you want? Say it properly.

U: Cute. Okay, as you wish, I’ll put it in.

U: Oh I guess so. Since today’s punishment, I’ll be a bit more mean-spirited and pushy. Come on, turn to your back and sprawl out and keep your legs tightly together, okay?

U: Yup yup, good girl.

U: I’ll fuck you from the back a little forcibly, okay?


U: Do you enjoy being penetrated from the back? Or do you perhaps enjoy the situation?

U: Hehe, I like either one.

U: That muffled voice is great, it excites me.


U: You clenched down really hard just now, do you like this spot?

U: It seems like that’s the case. I feel really good too, I feel like you’re squeezing me more than usual.


U: You were twitching just now, you came, didn’t you? Jeez, because you’re indecent, punishment ends up feeling that good.

U: Well then, I’ll make you feel even better, okay?


U: It’s no use, I’m gonna cum. Are you about cum again too?

U: Then, how about we cum together?

U: You squeezed really tightly… I’m cumming. I really am gonna cum.


U: So you want it that badly? Then, as you wish, I’ll cum inside.

U: C-cumming!


U: Sorry being mean, but you see, somehow you’re often in a daze lately and it made me uneasy. But it felt good, right? This type of thing is good every so often, right?

U: Your body was the best, I can no longer be satisfied if it ain’t you.

U: Say, can I hold you more tightly? Let’s fall asleep together as we hug.

U: Hmm? Right now it’s about 3 o’clock. Oh, are you thirsty? Sorry sorry, you’ve sweated a lot, haven’t you? Let’s drink some water before we sleep.


U: Ah, the water dispenser is next to the refrigerator. Should I go grab some?

U: Eh? Are you sure about that? You aren’t tired?

U: Apology…? Hehe, in that case, I’ll leave my glass of water to you.


U: Hey, are you okay!?

U: The glass doesn’t matter, are you not hurt anywhere?

U: Your legs have been cut haven’t they? You must’ve been hit by the scattered shards. Ah…it’s bleeding. You’re pretty calm, does it not hurt? You’re bleeding a lot, though?

U: Huh? Err, umm…even if it doesn’t hurt now, it might start hurting later.

U: We ought to wipe away the blood, disinfect it, and bandage it. Ah, I’ll grab the first aid kit right now so don’t move.

U: Don’t worry about the glass, I’ll tidy it up later. And injured people shouldn’t move. Got it?

U: Good girl, good girl.


U: Sorry for the wait, I’ll wipe it clean now, okay?

U: Crap, it’s pretty deep. Luckily it doesn’t seem like the glass shard was large, but it might hurt when I disinfect it so bear with it for a moment.

U: Is it alright? Okay, is this okay?

U: Are you perhaps strong against pain? Somehow you act like it’s nothing but, ah, I feel like I’m the one who’s gonna be in a panic.

U: Haa…but I guess it’s fine. Now let’s slap on a large band-aid and wrap bandages around it.


U: Okay, round and round we go. Ah, is this fine? I’m worried.

U: There we go, I guess this will work.

U: Haa…your beautiful legs have been injured, as expected, I should’ve been the one to grab the water.

U: No, it’s like I’m blaming you, if anything, I’m blaming myself. I should’ve been the one to do it.

U: Mhm, sorry. Thank you.


U: Can you walk? Ah no, I’ll carry you over to the bed. Oh, but should we drink some water first?

U: Hmm? You don’t need it anymore?

U: I see, if so I understand. Now, here we go.


U: Not at all, you’re really light.

U: Yup, tomorrow’s a day off so let’s take our time and rest. It would be nice if your feet could heal up as soon as possible.

U: Okay. Mhm, now go to sleep for today.


Track 5: Chrysalis’ Singing Paradise


M: Hey!

M: What a relief, you’re awake. No, you were in a deep sleep so I was hesitant as to whether I should wake you up. So how’s your state of health?

M: What’s wrong, you’re in a daze?

M: Dreamworld? Are you saying that this is a dream?

M: It’s fine for you to think that but, you’re constantly absentminded lately. Even if I speak to you, you don’t reply with much of a response.


M: Hmm? Is something the matter…?

M: Your legs are difficult to move?

M: No, you aren’t wearing that dress today. Come on, take a close look. Today you’re wearing the normal western clothing that you wished for. Since you hated that dress so much, I had something else tailored.

M: It’s an airy skirt so it’s not tight around your legs.

M: Though because you haven’t been moving around much, your muscles might’ve atrophied.


M: No, I don’t particularly mind. I’ll carry you.

M: You’ve been hurt? You occasionally say some things I don’t comprehend. You aren’t injured anywhere, they’re fair and lovely legs. Come on, I’ll lift them up for you, so take a look. There are no wounds.

M: You’ve been cut by glass? Your legs…?

M: Hmm…well, if you say so then that’s what it is. Ah no, it’s fine, it’s nothing.


M: Hmm? What’s wrong?

M: Oh you don’t remember? You went into a tantrum about wanting to go outside no matter what and so we’re drinking tea together in the garden. Look, inside that teacup is partially drunken tea, no?

M: I returned to the mansion in order to bring a second helping of tea, but when I came back you were fast asleep. Were the sun rays that pleasant?

M: Hmm? Oh it’s pretty, isn’t it? Since my one gardener is quite skilled, multi-colored flowers bloom here all year round.

M: Not many flowers bloom in the winter, but when spring comes, cherry blossoms will bloom.

M: See? Those trees around that area are cherry blossom trees.

M: Transvaal daisies, lilies, and anemones bloom in that flower bed. Even now there’s something in bloom, I don’t really know what it is though.


M: Butterflies? …Oh, there are some flying around.

M: Because there are a lot of flowers and vegetation here, birds and insects often come to visit. I may hate humans, but I like birds and insects, so I welcome them every day.

M: Ah, the tea’s cold now, isn’t it? Shall I pour a new cup?

M: Yes, I’ve also brought a new cup. The flavor this time is berry-mix, I don’t know if it suits your tastes, but I’ve taken a relative liking to it.


M: Is it tasty?

M: I’m glad and how’s the tea blend? The madeleines are what I had the cook bake earlier, you haven’t put any in your mouth yet, but do you not like them?

M: Hmm, so they’re delicious. That’s a relief, I’m sure the cook would be delighted as well.


M: Say, can we continue off from where we left off last time?

M: Did you forget? There’s no way you could, right? …Because you made such an intoxicated and pleasurable expression.

M: Today I’ll pleasure your breasts and this precious place here plenty.

M: Does it feel good when I massage them like this? And your nipples are already erect, almost as if they’re saying that they want to be touched. If I pinch them tightly, your voice would leak out.


M: What a nice voice, it’s sweeter than the call of any bird. You can go ahead and pant even more, okay?

M: Certainly we’re outside, but no person would dare approach this place.

M: They really are stiff, what erotic breasts. Were you turned on from being touched from the back? It’s amusing how you quiver when I play with them.


M: You don’t want it? There’s no way you hate it, right? Look, I’ll play them lots more and tighten my grip, and crush them with a little bit of force.

M: Do you prefer it when it hurts a little? …You’re a masochist, aren’t you?


M: If I pinch your nipples harder as I bit the nape of your neck-

M: It hurts…? You’re mistaking it with pleasure, no? Allow me to bite you once more.

M: What a nice voice, I like a high-pitched scream.

M: I’m more of a sadist than you think, you know? Now then, I wonder what has happened to this place?


M: Oh, you’re wet. Your damp underwear has become soaked. I’ll touch this place a lot too, okay?

M: You can recognize the shape of your clitoris even through the underwear, it’s stiff, and if I rub against it, you’d begin trembling.

M: It has gotten even wetter again. There’s no meaning in having underwear, is there? Look, if I trace my finger around the crevices of your underwear, you can hear that you’re wet.

M: You felt it from having your neck bitten and your nipples hurt ,didn’t you?

M: Your clitoris has gotten bigger than it was earlier, hasn’t it? Did you get turned on from my words? You really are a naughty hopefully perverted girl.

M: As punishment, cum once from your clitoris.


M: With my fingers grinding up against it, pinching it and having you convulse like that, come on, cum.

M: You came with a rather wonderful voice.

M: As a reward, I’ll give you the ear teasing that you love.


M: Looks like you enjoy having your ears attacked most. You’re lewd from feeling it from your ears, you really are.

M: I think that part of you is cute, you know?

M: Now then, how about I touch your insides this time? Place your legs on top of the chair’s armrest.

M: Oh, you can’t move? In that case, I’ll lift them for you.


M: Aah, what beautiful legs. They’re smooth and velvety……and delicious. They’re truly so beautiful that I love them.

M: You’re spreading your legs out wide in a splendid M, are you embarrassed?

M: But if I don’t do this, I won’t be able to lick your insides, right? I’ll insert my tongue inside as I slowly stroke your clitoris with my fingers.

M: Hmm? What’s the matter?

M: About how you can’t move your legs?

M: Don’t worry about it. That’s not it, rest assured it’s not an illness. Simply leave everything to me.


M: Your body, your mind, entrust everything to me and to this pleasure.

M: Come on, allow me to insert my tongue.


M: Does it feel good?

M: Fufu, your insides are squeezing down. Look, my tongue and the entrance to your vagina is connected with a thread.

M: You realize it, don’t you? It is the liquid made from the mix of your nectar and my saliva.

M: As I continue to drink and swallow, more flows out.

M: It’s incredibly delicious. How about we have you cum again from having your insides licked with my tongue?


M: Come on, cum.


M: You came as you convulse, didn’t you? What a great response.

M: Hmm? Oh, do you feel faint? I wonder if I made a slight mistake with the drug dosage. Whatever, next time you’re surely……

M: Don’t worry, there’s nothing scary about it. All of you will belong to me, that’s all.


Track 6: False Image


U: Hmm? Good morning.

U: Ah, what’s wrong? It’s still the middle of the night.

U: What? Did you see another odd dream? You’ve been plagued with nightmares a lot lately, are you alright? It makes me worried.

U: What are you doing all of a sudden!? It’s cold, you know?

U: Bandage? Oh, mhm, we wound it before going to bed, no? Look, it’s right here. Go ahead and feel it to make sure.


U: Huh? What’s the matter? Have your arms gone numb?

U: Oh, see? It’s because you slept on your side. Haa…are you unable to fall back to sleep?

U: You don’t want to? Because you’ll see another frightening dream?

U: It’s alright, at the end of the day, a dream’s a dream. Once you open your eyes, it’ll all end at that. Besides, do you even remember the contents of those dreams?

U: See? You don’t remember, right?


U: Hazed and foggy, and unable to grasp the situation, isn’t that how dreams are? But well, there are ones you can remember vividly, though.

U: If you can’t remember, that means the dream itself wasn’t a big deal.

U: Hmph. Nope, you’ll be falling back to sleep. After all, both you and I have work tomorrow. If you stay up late, you’ll fall asleep in the middle of work, you know? Besides, a lack of sleep is an enemy of beauty.

U: Okay, I’ll be putting the futon back on now.


U: Was it that frightening? What are you scared of?

U: Hmm, so you don’t know? I see, I see. It was scary, wasn’t it? Then I’ll pat your back, and say you a lullaby.

U: Hushabye, Hushabye~

U: Hmm? Hehe, what is it?

U: That is true, you aren’t a child anymore. Good girl, good girl.


U: Are you asleep? My beloved butterfly, go ahead and rest soundly for a just brief moment.


U: It’s morning, we both ought to get up now. If I say it’s about time for the alarm to ring, would you understand it then?

U: That’s right. Have you slept well?

U: I’m glad, what about nightmares? You didn’t have one, right?

U: I wonder if it’s thanks to my lullaby. Now then, let’s work hard throughout the entire day. I’ll go change and brush your teeth.

U: And you should hurry up and rouse from your sleep.


U: I’m home!

U: Ah…I’m exhausted. Oh, you return home before me. Thanks for doing your best at work.

U: Eh? Mhm, it’s already that time of day.

U: What happened? Eh? What? You don’t have memories of work? Wait, are you alright? Did something bad happen and you erased it from your consciousness?

U: Eh!? Joke? Goodness gracious, it’d be nice if that were the case.


U: Oh that’s right, you haven’t made dinner yet, right?

U: I see, then let’s cook it together. I was thinking of wanting to eat some omurice today, an omurice with fluffy egg! Also, we can have some corn soup.

U: Let’s prepare them together, okay?

U: What’s wrong? You’re shaking your head.


U: Your arms and legs feel numb. It’s not that bad, right?

U: Eh, no way!? To the point where we should visit a hospital? …You don’t know? Uh, what should we do? Are you able to stand or walk?

U: Try standing.

U: Huh? You stood up properly.

U: That’s dangerous! Are you unhurt?


U: Eh? A bang? I heard no such thing though.

U: Are you perhaps anemic? If you can’t stand then I’ll make dinner and you can go ahead and rest.

U: Huh? You can stand…? Oh you stood up, that’s a relief.

U: Hmm? Your body became light? Hehe, it might be the power of my love.

U: Well then, let’s cook dinner together and eat. And oh, if you think it’s still impossible then take a rest right away. Rely on me, okay?


U: Now, first off is the omurice with fluffy egg. Oh that’s right, apron. I bought a new one the other day but it’s in the bedroom closet.

U: Ah are you going to bring it to me? Thanks!!!

U: Then I’ll make preparations and wait for you, okay? Mhm, please do.


U: Wait, hey, hey, are you okay!? I heard the sound of you collapsing but-

U: You aren’t fine are you…? As expected, it seems like you’re anemic. It’s fine, it’s fine, I’ve more or less finished cooking.

U: As for you, I guess so, if you lie down on the bed you’ll genuinely fall asleep so lie down on the sofa instead.

U: Mhm, wait just a moment.


U: Is your condition alright? I’m pretty much finished with dinner, so do you think that you’ll be able to eat?

U: Thank god, your complexion has gotten a bit better. Your face was really pale just a moment earlier. Eat dinner and get better, okay?

U: Well then, today we have fluffy and bouncy omurice, cream corn soup and a salad of white radish and tuna. It’s a menu entirely filled with things you enjoy.

U: Now let’s dig in.


U: Hmm? Are you not going to eat? Dream…? Another conversation about a dream? Do you remember it this time?

U: Is that so? Go on, tell me, you might feel a weight off your shoulder if you talk about it.

U: Hmm…a mansion you don’t recognize, a man you don’t know who vaguely resembles me, before the flowers bloom, and the sensation of having lost something.

U: That’s interesting.


U: Haha, sorry sorry. Come on, it’ll get cold, even though I went through the great trouble of making it.

U: Hmm? What’s wrong?

U: There’s no flavor? Well of course, because this is the inside of a dream…!!!


M: Were you surprised? That’s right, this is the inside of your dream. No, I suppose it’s more accurate to call it the space between dream and reality.

M: There’s no need to be frightened. ーーUtsutsu and I share the exact same face.

M: Say, would you prefer I speak like Utsutsu?

M: Or would you prefer I speak as Mugen? I’ll leave it up to you to decide.


M: No, this is a dream. Utsutsu is an idealized person that dwells inside your dreams. To you, Utsutsu’s a dream-like ideal boyfriend. An attractive boyfriend who’s a kind florist, but in reality what you have is me, Mugen.

M: Did you not feel that something was out of place?

M: Time and memories that jump around, a hazy consciousness, and a body that can’t feel pain.

M: Plus can you even remember? What is your job? What is the name of this city? What is the address of this house? What about information besides the fact that your boyfriend’s name is Utsutsu?

M: You can’t recall anything can you?

M: That’s because this is an illusion, the inside of a dream.


M: Oh, it appears that your mind will awaken soon. How about I continue this as Utsutsu?

M: Well then, until later.


Track 7: A Butterfly’s Dream


M: So you’ve opened your eyes. Good morning.

M: You can’t move? Well of course, because your arms and legs aren’t that of a human anymore.

M: Like I said, I told you before, right? I am a magician, so entering inside a person’s mind is simple. The person known as Utsutsu does not exist in this world.

M: Even if you struggle it’s all but pointless. As I’ve told you, I’ve more or less amputated your arms and legs and replaced them with something new.

M: ……With the limbs of a doll that is.

M: You heard the sound of a strike and your nerves being cut, did you not?


M: Cruel? Well, I suppose from the perspective of you humans I might be cruel.

M: What is it?

M: Oh what, you still believe that I’m human? That’s obviously a talk that’s outside of reality, no? A human can’t use sorcery, nor can they enter one’s mind nor dreams.

M: Say, what exactly do you think I am?


M: You see, I’m a demon. Moreover, I’m a really nasty demon sorcerer. You’ve caught the eyes of the worst type of guy.

M: Try to remember. Did you really collapse in front of this mansion?

M: That’s strange don’t you think? Because what surrounds this mansion is a forest. Also, even if you look far far away, there are no city lights to be seen anywhere. And despite that, you were told that you collapsed in front of this place.

M: Come on, even if you don’t think too closely, it’s odd, right? In truth, I kidnapped you because I just felt like having you.


M: At first glance, I thought…ah, this girl would be perfect as the vessel of a doll and so I  waited constantly for the right chance.

M: Come on, try to remember. Returning home from your usual job, stepping off the crowded train, and as you walked your way back, the ingredients you bought for dinner at the neighborhood supermarket hung off one hand. Inside the bag were eggs, ketchup, a can of tuna, and white radish.

M: In completing a major project, you bought yourself expensive ice cream as a reward for working hard.


M: Hehe, I wonder if you’ve remembered now? Your tears are overflowing, how cute.

M: And then, that’s right, you saw a person crouched by the wayside didn’t you? It’s a road with a fair amount of pedestrian traffic and yet on that day, there was no one else around you.

M: And because you’re incredibly good-natured, you approached that person and asked them with a gentle voice whether they’re okay.

M: From there, your memories cut off.


M: You’ve remembered now, haven’t you?

M: What is it? You want me to stop talking with the voice of Utsutsu…? I don’t feel like it, you prefer Utsutsu over Mugen after all, no?

M: I’ll make love to you as Utsutsu.

M: But well, in that situation, you won’t be able to distinguish between neither Mugen nor Utsutsu so either one might work though.

M: Because you made such a happy expression when I had sex with you as Utsutsu, drunk on the sensation of being loved, you accepted me. And so I’m curious as to how you would react now.


M: Sorry, I was careless and reverted to Mugen.

M: Oh that? That’s right, I hate humans, but I like them as vessels of completion. For the sake of my preferences, I copy humans, that’s how much I enjoy their appearance.

M: And that’s whyーーI’m going to make you a living doll.

M: Your arms and legs are that of a doll and so next up, I’ll reshape your mind.

M: I’ll eat away your heart and you’ll become a husk, and with sorcery, you’ll continue to live on eternally as a prized decorative doll. A beauty that’s elevated beyond any normal doll…an immortal plaything.


M: Your body will remain as is, I won’t remove any more than this. It’s not like a human’s limb are particularly no good…

M: Don’t cry, don’t cry. Good girl, good girl.

M: And so it’s not like they’re no good, it’s just that the limbs I made are easier to manage.

M: What do I mean? …Like this, your arms and legs will move in no relation to your own will. Those limbs are an intermediary​ for keeping you alive and are almost like a part of me. If I give the prompt, they’ll move accordingly.


M: Hahaha! Nope, now?

M: I guess so, you’ve already outside the definition of human. Your heart is still human, but your body is different; it can no longer return to that of a human’s.

M: Jeez, stop if you cry like that I’ll get excited.


M: So our sobbing has stopped.

M: Well then, let’s feel plenty of pleasure as though we’re inside a dream.


Track 8: Emergence at the End of a Cycle of Death and Rebirth


M: Enjoy both having your breasts fondled and your insides teased, right? With the face and voice of Utsutsu, I’ll embrace you with the body of Mugen.

M: Now first off, I’ll caress these cute breasts.

M: Stroking them and massaging them like this. Tease the tips of your boobs and then squeeze.

M: Hehe, did that hurt? I’m sorry, but you enjoy pain, right? It feels really good when I pinch them hard, crush them flat and twist them, right? There’s no I’m wrong, right? You’ll be punished for lying, you know?

M: Come on, I’ll twist them with all my strength.


M: What a wonderful shriek. Did that genuinely hurt just now? I’m sorry, I still don’t know the exact degree yet. Are your nipples stinging in pain?

M: You poor thing, I’ll lick them for you then, like this…

M: Such a nice voice, it feels good when I lick the areas that are throbbing, right?

M: I can tell. I’ll lick this side too.


M: It feels good doesn’t it? Then I’ll lick it lots more, as I massage it and pinch the other nipple with my fingers.

M: I’m happy you feel it to this extent. Haha!

M: Oh that was impolite. Mhm, sorry sorry. So what should I do next?

M: Hmm? Your reaction is dull, don’t tell you’re attempting to close off your own heart and break yourself? Since humans are living beings with frail minds, I’ve heard that this might happen when they’re in a state of too much shock, but that wouldn’t be fun for me would it?

M: Good morning.

M: What’s with that frightened expression? You mustn’t break just yet, the one to break you is me, I won’t allow you to break by yourself.


M: Hmm? I guess so. You’ve done nothing wrong, after all, you have irreproachable conduct.

M: You’re incredibly kind so you’ve lived life doing no evil. You’re equally impartial to everyone, you’re a good gentle girl that would never do anything sinful. And thus, you lived almost like a saint.

M: That much I know, because I’ve always been watching you. That’s why.

M: I thought you were pretty so I wanted to obtain you.

M: It’s so absurd that you won’t be able to comprehend it even if you spend the rest of your life trying to do so. But well, that life is about to end now though.


M: Ah, I’m thrilled. There, there, you’re a good girl, crying is useless. But since this is already the end, go ahead and cry all you want.

M: Oh that’s right, I ought to punish you for trying to break on your own.

M: So let’s spread your legs, okay? Yup, they spread out regardless of your will. Now, spread that place open with your fingers next.

M: How nice, even though your mouth is seriously saying no, your body-no, your arms are moving on their own. Come on, spread it wider. Yup, yup.


M: It’s all sticky, what a truly wonderful sight. Your juices are leaking out as I stare at it, even though I still haven’t touched it yet.

M: Say, what would you like me to do?

M: Forgive you…? Hahaha! What should I forgive you for? What are you asking forgiveness for?

M: I can’t understand the words you speak, but I love that aspect as well.


M: Because it’s already this wet and inviting me, I ought to put it in, don’t I?

M: What? Huh? At the very least, you want me to stop speaking with the voice of Utsutsu?

M: You know, you’re an idiot. Utsutsu doesn’t exist, so why do you want me to stop? Don’t tell me…aah, you poor thing, are you still clinging onto a false love? Was Utsutsu that good of a man? Your ideal?

M: Hahaha! I see, I see. Then I’ll rape you super sweetly as Utsutsu.


M: Ah look, I’ve entered all the way.

M: My dear beloved doll, was it that much of a shock? But your insides are squeezing me this hard, you know?

M: I’m happy as well that you came to love Utsutsu that much. It was worth trying my best to act.

M: Hehe, your teary face is truly to my liking.

M: Hahaha! Are you that against being to my liking? Keeping at it and biting your lips, how loveable.


M: But you know, if you’re doing your utmost to resist, you won’t be able to endure it when things get difficult. Look, you’re back sobbing again, aren’t you?

M: I’ll start moving then.

M: You’re clenching down even though you hate it. If I hit this place, it’ll tighten around me. Because we did it many times inside your dreams, your body remembers it, doesn’t it?


M: Huh? Did you cum just now? It squeezed down, you know?

M: It feels good. Right now, I’ll thrust up as deep as I can.

M: Amazing! You came again, didn’t you?


M: From now on, I’ll fuck you like this every single day. You’ll become a doll with a faint consciousness, inside a cloudy world, whose only purpose is to feel my love and warmth. It’s such a happy event, ain’t it?

M: Huh? Your arm moved?

M: Wow, you’re amazing. To go as far as to move doll arms to oppose me, what, do you hate it that much?

M: In that case, wrap those arms around my neck.

M: Like I said, you can’t defy me, because I’m your master after all. Now then…


M: I can’t, if you squeeze me this tightly…aren’t you actually aroused by this?

M: If you’re gonna be that greedy, I’ll cum lots inside you.


M: It feels good. I’m going to cum soon, okay?

M: No? Who cares about that?


M: It felt really good. Moreover, it excited me. How about you?

M: Huh? Are you listening?

M: You’re barely conscious now. But nope, you want to see the end of you as you know yourself, no? Come on, wake up.

M: Oh that’s a relief, you’re awake.


M: Good morning my cute butterfly. I’ll now consume your mind and kill you.

M: What? It’s of no concern at all, just that all of your memories, emotions, and personality from when you were alive will disappear. Your body won’t die, with my power, it’ll continue to live on for all of eternity.

M: Say, if your spirit is dead even though your body is alive, isn’t that the same as death?

M: If a butterfly’s wings are plucked off, even if it lives, it would no longer be viewed as a butterfly would it? Even if it survives, it’s the same as dead, because its wings are everything to a butterfly.


M: The proof that you live, your memories, your personality, your emotions, in losing all of it, you’ll die.

M: It’s alright, don’t worry. Even if you die, I’ll cherish you for eternity.

M: Now entrust everything to me……


M: I despise humans but why is a person’s soul this delicious? It has an intricate and indescribable flavor, and your heart is particularly delicious, it’s beautiful, it’s pure, it is of the finest quality.

M: The next time you wake, whether what you see is a dream or Utsutsu. Either way, this is a happy paradise of fluttering butterflies with no one but you and me.

M: Butterflies symbolize a cycle of death and rebirth, no?

M: Your next incarnation is an eternal doll that lives in a happy world alongside me. From there, you’d probably never again reincarnate.


M: Oh that’s right, love-in-a-mists have one more meaning in the language of flowers.

M: And that is……love inside a dream.

M: You’ll forever live inside a hazy world, so that flower’s meaning fits us perfectly. Now then, rest a little until you emerge.

M: My dear butterfly, when you awaken, to you this will beーー

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