【Translation】 Sadistic na Ano Hito


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1


Welcome. Is this the first time you’re patronaging our shop?

Well then, I’ll briefly give you a run-down about this establishment. This establishment is a shop that fulfills your desire. As you have made a reservation, I believe that you’re aware of the general details, but this is an S&M themed store for women.

Not being able to discuss it with one’s boyfriend despite having intense masochistic desires, this is a place that settles such problems.

Your partner will be me, I will be serving you for tonight.

If you have any complaints or concerns, please consult me regarding them.


Is there not any? Well then, first, I’ll start off with the questions.

What kind of play would you like today?

You wish to be dominated by me? How exactly would you like to be dominated? If you don’t say it clearly, I won’t be able to know.

Bondage? Do you have experience with bondage?

Hmm, so today will be your first time. Then, let’s keep it light.


Is there any other play you would like besides that?

There is, isn’t there? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have purposefully paid the high fees and come to this shop.

So what would you like me to do?

Torture your clitoris, and utilize toys on you. Understood.

As reference, what kinds of adult toys have you been using until now?


An egg vibrator? Incidentally, do you have a boyfriend right now?

So you don’t have one.

That’s unexpected, for a beautiful woman like you to not have a boyfriend. No, no, this isn’t flattery, this is what I truly think from the bottom of my heart.

So much so that I’d steal you from your boyfriend as long as you are willing.

Haha, whether this is a joke, I’ll leave that to your imagination.


Now then, let’s prepare for the play. So what kind of underwear are you wearing today? Take off your clothes and show your panties to me.

I’ll take care of the clothes you just took off.

Please place your valuables inside the locker over there.


Oh, white laced bra and matching panties. It’s very cute and suits you quite well.

Now please come here. I don’t mind if you remain in your underwear, so please walk over.


Track 2


Do you see the camera over there? Sit down on the floor and spread your legs towards it.

That camera? Naturally, it’ll be filming you.

There’s no chance of it being leaked elsewhere, once the play is finished, a copy of the data will be handed over to you and then the original will be entirely erased afterwards.

The reason for giving you a copy is of course so that you can masturbate to it when you’re alone.

Hehe, your cheeks are red.

If you’re like that, you won’t be able to endure tonight’s play, you know? Now hurry up, sit down on the floor and spread open your legs. This is an order.


You’re a good girl for being obedient.

Well then, how about we have you masturbate? I’ll lend you this vibrator so please masturbate the same way you always do.

There’s no meaning if you get embarrassed now. Now then…

So you masturbate like that normally. As you have wished, your clitoris is being tortured, but you prefer playing with your clitoris, don’t you?

There’s now a stain around the crotch area of your panties. I’ll help you out a little with your masturbation.


Come on, press down on the vibrator more strongly. Let it dig deeper into your crotch area.

Your eyes are teary, if it feels good then let out your moans, holding back in unnecessary.

I don’t mind if you cum if you’re about to cum.

Oh do you desire more stimulation? You really are a hopeless person. Then, let’s turn up the intensity of the vibrator.


Your thighs are trembling too.

You truly are adorable, aren’t you? I’ll now remove your bra, okay? …And please continue masturbating as is.

A bust that fits just right in the palm and soft like marshmallows when massaged. Plus your nipples are red and erect. Do you not normally touch your nipples when you’re masturbating?

In that case, I’ll develop it for you. First off, I’ll start off with this nipple.


Licking it with my tongue, pressing down on it, flattening it……

Hmm? What’s the matter? Your hips are moving.

In that case, I’ll do it some more.


Next up, is this side.


The hand that was masturbating has stopped you know? Did you feel that good from your nipples?

If so, please touch your nipples yourself and I will tease your clitoris as you have desired.

Is this a good spot for the vibrator?

Seems like I was correct, now please spread your legs wider.

Your hips give a jolt each time you stroke your nipples. Did you take that much of a liking to your nipples?

Then I’m glad.


Now then, how about we begin with the bondage you wished you next?

Today I’ve prepared red cotton rope, it’s relatively soft and suitable for beginners. Now please place both your hands behind your back and I’ll tie both your hands behind you.


Track 3


With your crotch completely soaked, you really are a shameful person.

Please lift your hips, I’ll remove your panties.

Your embarrassing hole is in plain sight and all of it is being captured by the camera. Your place here, what would you like me to do with your clitoris?

First, let’s peel back the hood. The way to peel it is to…move your finger a bit upwards and draw it back. Look, it’s off.


It’s very cute how your naughty clitoris is now in full view. And your pussy is drenched too.

If I rub your pussy that’s overflowing with juices together with your hood-less clitoris……

Please don’t struggle, even if you move around like that, you’re bound so you can’t escape. Does it really feel that good for these places to be touched?

In that case, next, I’ll lick it.


Does it feel good?


Your hips are moving simply from having the hood removed from your clitoris. I wonder what would happen if I were to lick it whilst it’s hood-less?


Rolling your clitoris around with my tongue, biting lightly into it, and sucking on it, that’s what you want right?

…Then I shall do it for you.


Please don’t move, if you move, it’ll be difficult for me to lick you. Spread your legs as wide as possible, and try to endure it.

Here I go.


You’re about to cum, aren’t you?

Go ahead, please cum.

Does it really feel that good? If I pin down your bouncing hips and suck on your clitoris with full forceーーyou’d cum right away.


It’s nothing to be ashamed about, orgasming is a human’s physiological response. So does the pussy that was dripping with naughty juices since earlier want fingers inside it?

Yes, understood.

Well then, please excuse my index finger.


When I insert my fingers inside it, the pussy that was feeling good from your clitoris and nipples would squeeze tightly around me.

How does it feel when I chur up this place?

With my finger still inside, I’ll lick your clitoris.


It feels good, doesn’t it? Wonderful, I want the pussy that clenches down each time you feel pleasure to feel it even more.

I want to tease it to the point that you scream out, “Please, I can’t take it anymore!”


You enjoy it don’t you? You’re moving because you’re feeling good, aren’t you? …Well then, I’ll lick it some more.

If I roll your clitoris around with the tip of my tongue, you’d have such a nice reaction.


To enjoy having your insides churned as your receive cunnilingus, you’re quite the pervert.

There’s no need to be embarrassed about it because everyone’s simply hiding it, after all, the world is overflowing with people with all sorts of fetishes.


Track 4


It’s not over yet. The play that you wished for involving adult toys still isn’t over yet.

It took in a single finger, but this place is about to swallow it up. You’ve never used the large-sized vibrators, right? Then how about we try using one?

I’ll insert it slowly, please tell me if it hurts.


Look, a vibrator the same size as a penis is gradually entering inside your pussy.

Well then, let’s flip on the switch.

What a great response, looks like you’re enjoying the first time use of this type of vibrator. Now let’s press an electric massager down on the clitoris that I was fiddling with earlier.

How cute, your body’s quivering. I’ll move the vibrator for you, okay?


How is it? To be tortured with both a vibrator and an electric massager at the same time is unbearable, right?

So, please cum.



Good girl, you came like I ordered you to. As a reward, I’ll allow you to lick my penis.


Track 5


Leave the vibrator inside, close your legs and hold the electric massager in place with your thighs.

Is it touching your clitoris?

It’s fun, isn’t it? Now open your mouth. That’s right, put your mouth around it. Wrap it with your saliva, lick from the balls to the head and also frenulum.

Just like that, it feels really good.

You’re good with blowjobs, aren’t you? Now can you take it deeper into your throat?


I’ll be moving a little. Make sure not to bite it, okay?


Your cute face is now a mess with your tears, there’s nothing more blissful than this.

It’s okay to move the vibrator and electric massager you know? Please masturbate while you lick my penis.


The look of you shaking your hips as you lick my penis, is quite the wonderful sight.


T-That’s enough now, please let go of your mouth.

Wai-wait, if you go any further I’ll cum.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Cumming!


Track 6


Haa…I’ve been completely done in by you.

What I ejaculated just now, you mustn’t drink it just yet. Open your mouth so I can see the insides.

Hehe, your red cheeks have been thoroughly tainted.

It’s okay to swallow it now.


Have you swallowed it all? …Open your mouth and show it to me.

Good girl, as a reward, I’ll give you a kiss.


I’ll remove the toys that have been toying with your pussy and clitoris.

Aah…in taking away the vibrator, your hole is gaping wide open. It’s contracting as though it wants something and pulling back.

What is that you want? Try saying it.

I know what it is that you want, but I hear your desires straight from your own mouth.

Penis? Rather than such elegant speech, sound more greedy like you’re my bitch.

“I want your dick, Master.”


You truly are a capable girl, I’ll give you the prized penis.

I came just a moment ago, but you’re so cute that I’m already erect again.


Track 7


Now then, I’ll be putting it in.

Are you okay? Does it not hurt…?

Your pussy is such a sticky mess, that my penis crammed inside all the way. Can you tell that your insides are completely filled with me?

In that case, I’ll start moving then.


Your pussy is incredibly warm and it feels extremely good. Do you feel good as well?

The embarrassment you had when you first came here has dissipated as though it was a lie.


I wonder what would become of your pussy? It’s squeezing down on me tightly, and despite the cloudiness earlier, are you saying you still want more?

You’re clenching down on my penis too hard, but it feels so good that I don’t mind.


You’re squeezing my penis too tightly. Are you that fond of my penis?

Then I’ll thrust it even deeper inside you.

The deepest of the deep, I’ll strike up against a place where no one else has reached.


Despite being worn-out by me, you’re about to cum again, aren’t you? How cute.

Well then, please cum. Please cum as you feel my penis inside you.

The face when you cum is quite adorable ain’t it? Your flushed cheeks, your moist eyes, they invite my lust.


I’m about to cum too.

I’ll cum inside as is, okay? You won’t mind if I cum inside, right?



Track 8


It’s still not enough yet. Of course it’s not enough, right?

Let’s go for a 2nd round without pulling out.


Good. Your soaked pussy is wrapped tightly around me.

The semen I released earlier plus your pussy’s juices are spilling out. You’re quite the slut to have such obscene things dripping down your thighs.


I ended up cumming a bit quick last time, but this time I have room. I’ll think you’ll enjoy it quite a lot as well.

Moving my hips like this, churning up your insides, thrusting all the way inside you, and kissing your womb. You like it right? …It feels good, right?

Let’s pursue pleasure together.


Your hips are shaking you know? So it must feel good, right?

This first I’ll touch your boobs too.

Your nipples are quite sensitive, aren’t they? Look, if I just suck them a little……the liquid overflowing from inside you increases.


Are your love juices neverending?

I’ll touch your nipples some more and I’ll grind up against your insides as I touch them.


How cute, please moan some more.

Your nipples are nice, but you like your clitoris too, right?

In that case, I’ll free your arms and have you play with your nipples yourself. And as you do so, I’ll stroke your clitoris.

There we go. How is it? If I gently tease this place like this……


While having both your nipples and clitoris played with, you’re squeezing down on my penis far more tightly than before. It’s almost as if you’re trying to squeeze something out of it.

Go ahead, milk it.

Though you can’t hear me anymore, can you?

That’s fine, you’re the best when you’re drowned in pleasure. Your appearance when you’re absorbed in bliss is wonderful. And for all of it to be captured by that camera, your heart must be pounding, ain’t it?


Can you do nothing but cum right now?

I don’t mind, making you cum is my job. But, I might also be reaching my limit soon. You’ve been orgasming and clenching down on me countless times, so I’m close to climaxing too.


Is it okay for me to cum? I’ll cum inside like I did last time, okay?

I release in the deepest parts so that it can reach all the way inside you.



Track 9


Thank you for your hard work, here are your clothes.

Thank you very much for patronaging our shop today. When you leave please take this morning after pill just in case.

I look forward to welcoming you again from the bottom-no, from the very depths of my heart.


That said, my shift ends in another 30 minutes, I’d be very happy if you could wait for me at the station.

And this is the video of you that was recorded with the camera. If you’re willing, could you please give me a copy?

Hehe, thank you.

Tonight was one fun night, wasn’t it? It’s a repeat of what I said just a moment earlier, but I’m very much looking forward to the next opportunity we meet.

Now then, please excuse me.

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