【Translation】 Bungo-tachi no Cafune vol.3 Katouno Doppo


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

文豪達のカフネ 第三巻 上東野独歩

CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Dangerous Reverence


No, I was thinking that you’re quick to improve.

You were cute back when you were awkwardly entwining your tongue around mine, but this is also very…exciting. Come on, more.

Hehe, were you surprised?

It’s not unfair, right? It’s your fault for being sensitive.


Besides, this much is only natural when you’re lovers.

The sizes of your breasts are also to my liking, they’re soft and suck my hands in. Plus your beautiful pink nipples are sticking up stiffly and tempting me.

It’s not like you hate it right?

If you let out such an embarrassing voice, it might get heard by someone. If we’re found, we’d surely be forcibly pulled apart.

Naturally, I’m against that, and so how about you learn some self-control?


Yes yes, you’re cute when you’re desperately trying to suppress your voice as well.

Hmm? You’re already at your limit?

Huh? Mean? Teacher is? I’m not being mean.

What this is…? These are important lessons in order to become an adult. Like I said earlier, these are things your parents won’t teach you.

The aspect regarding your peculiar naivete is obvious so Teacher is worried for you.

Thus, I end up wanting to teach you various things.


Oh that’s right, I think you know already but you must never tell anyone what you’re studying inside my room okay?

Yes, because these are very special lessons after all.

Teacher loves a good girl who protects their promises.


Ah look, I’ll fix up your clothes. That reminds me, how about we go have fun in Tokyo together next time?


I didn’t think you’d be that overjoyed. Any parent with a daughter around your age would be overprotective so you’re not often brought outside right?

It’s not like your parents have ill will, it just means that they cherish you.

You may feel a bit constrained but all in all, it’s a very happy thing.


Haha, you’re making a face like you still can’t comprehend it. You’ll understand when you leave your parents’ side in the near future.

I’ve lived a couple more years than you, so that’s all it is, there’s nothing incredible about it.

Has it already been that long since I first met you here?

Aah…time passes in the blink of an eye.

A bother? I’m not simply resting my body quietly, besides, I’m grateful to you.


Yes, although it’s a city you adore, ever since I arrived here, to me, Tokyo was hell. My reputation as a writer was good, but no one could understand my works.

Despite freely utilizing never before seen techniques and expressions, in the eyes of the great teachers, they aren’t deemed reading material and will remain forever unappreciated.

Heh…the only who’d say that is you.

I was immersed in writing both day and night without rest for the sake of my honor, somehow I ought to create a work that would be acknowledged by the world.


But the end result of repeatedly pushing myself with all my heartーーis this state.

I came to this house with both my mind and body in tatters. And I find that sight of me, pathetic.


Hehe, don’t make that face.

However, in finding my way to this place and coming in contact with you, the wounds in my heart have been healed. And even if they aren’t accepted by the world, I’ll continue to write what only I can write, that’s what I now think.

It is all thanks to you. Thank you.

It’s not an exaggeration, I’ve truly been saved by you. It’s precisely because you’re here that I was able to think optimistically.

These past 2 months that I’ve spent with you has changed my life.


Rather, I’m instead the one who’s restless anxiety about whether I’m a burden upon you.

Despite having friends the same age, you’re always together with me and it makes me wonder if I’m actually taking advantage of you.

Is that so? Hearing that gives me a peace of mind.

I too am now able to let out my feeble complaints in front of someone.


Ah…similarly to your parents, I’m honestly kind of uneasy about bringing you to Tokyo, but you wanted to see the outside world right? They said that seeing is believing no?

Not just by facing a desk in a confined room like this, checking what Tokyo’s like with your own two eyes is also an important form of studying.

Pfft, just kidding.

To tell you the truth, I simply wanted to go have fun with you.

This is your hometown so going on rendezvous is difficult. I thought that if we’re gonna go through the trouble of it all, then visiting Tokyo with you would be a nice idea.


Woah! You really are cute.

This is the reward for always studying. Is there a particular place you’d like to visit?

Oh, we did talk about that earlier. Then let’s go there and eat ice cream together. And if there’s any other place you’d like to go, I’ll bring you there.

Hahaha. Calm down, it’s not like we’re departing right now.

I’m happy that you’re looking forward to it, but make sure to absolutely keep this a secret. From your father, from your mother, from the inn people and from your friends.


I’m looking forward to it.


Track 2: Deceit


Ah, this way, this way.

I’m glad you made it safely, did you not get lost? But well, it can’t be helped. This is also the first time you came to the train station by yourself, isn’t it?

That aside, you arrived here without anyone finding you right?

In that case, I’m relieved.

Oh it’s already time. Come on, let’s hurry.


Hehe, are you that intrigued by the outside scenery? You really don’t know anything about the outside world do you?

Hmm? Luggage?

Oh this? Of course, it’d be large becauseーーwe’ll no longer return to Chigasaki.


Hmm? Did you not hear me? We won’t return to Chigasaki, naturally, that includes you too.

When did anyone say that this was just a day trip?

Starting today, you’ll be living together with me in Tokyo.

Huh? That’s strange, I thought you’d be overjoyed, you’ll be living the Tokyo you always adored you know? Moreover, the parents who’ve confined you aren’t there.

The one who desire freedom more than anything, was you was it not?


Is that so? Then…

If you’re against it, you can jump out of here right now and escape. I won’t stop you.

Not even 10 minutes have passed since we departed, if you jump now you’d be able to return by yourself no?

You can’t stand, much less jump?

In that state, I guess it’s impossible for you to raise your voice and call for help. You really can’t do anything yourself, can you?


Look, you’d immediately start cry. It’s your bad habit.

If you’re going to resent someone, then resent yourself for shamelessly following along like an idiot.


Hmm? What’s with the change of expression? Are you feeling motion sick?

It’s alright, if you sit quietly then you’ll be relieved of your motion sickness before long. Once we arrive in Tokyo, how about we first go eat the ice cream that you were looking forward to?

In Ginza, there’s chocolate, oh that’s right, let’s buy caramel too. You love sweet things after all right?

I’m looking forward to it. From now on, you and I will be alone together and no one will come between us.


Now, you have no one but me.


Track 3: Splendid Place of Falsehood


I’m home, have you been a good girl?

As always, you’re in a bad mood.

Haa…just when I thought you were opening your mouth, it’s just that. It’s not anything you should be concerned about, besides, now that you can’t refer to me as Teacher, what else could you call me by?

……It’s about time you call me by my name.


That aside, even though I told you to endure it until I returned, ain’t the tatami mat completely drenched?

Wait just a moment, I’ll clean it up for you right now.

Come on, let’s clean it.

Bring out your legs.

I’ll only be able to wipe below the knees that way you know? Pull up the hem properly and show me everything.

That’s right, good girl.


Your body’s always beautiful each time I see it. It’s white like porcelain, and the texture of your skin is fine.

So you let out that type of voice simply by me tracing alongst it eh.

I guess this is proof that my teachings were thorough.

Don’t just close your legs, I won’t be able to wipe it properly. Stay still until it’s over.


More leaks out each time I lick it, at this rate it won’t end no matter how long has passed.

I taught you to let out your voice did I not? Well?

This is no longer the inn, even if you’re forced to let it out, it won’t reach anyone. Come on, let it out.

Looks like you can do it if you’re told, don’t make harder than it has to be okay?


It’s troubling when you can’t do the things that you were taught, but pretending you can’t is even worse. Don’t tell me you were gonna say that you forget what I taught you earlier right?

Come on, wrap your mouth around.

What’s this? Do you want me to put handcuffs on you this time?

Yes, swallow it all the way, after all, you’re a girl who can do it when they try. Don’t pretend you can’t a second time, I taught you to use your hands as well did I not?


During the first time, it hit your teeth and didn’t feel good at all, but you’re getting better and better at it aren’t you?


Is this first time that I’ve entered all the way to your throat? If you remove your mouth, I’ll punish you, got it?

As tears rise up to your eyes, your tiny mouth is holding onto me for dear life. That’s pretty loveable no? Regardless of what’s done, you made sure to think about whether it’d please me, haven’t you?

Excellent, excellent.


You’re gonna drink it properly today.

Just who do you think spit it out without swallowing it yesterday? This time, you’ll drink it.

I’m cumming okay?


Open your mouth.

Hmm? So you properly drank it. Let’s give you a reward for doing a good job, lie down and turn your butt towards me.

I couldn’t do it in Chigasaki because there were other people around but…hmm, this place has widened enough as well. To get wet from giving me a blowjob, as a carefully reared daughter, your parents would certainly be surprised.

For your legs to be convulsing, you aren’t satisfied with just fingers anymore right?


I guess it’ll be fine if you’re this wet.

Hmm? What exactly? You don’t have to be so frightened, or do you want me to insert that thing from earlier?

I’ll preserve your virginity until we get officially married.

In exchange, I’ll do it here.


As expected, it’s still tight.

Don’t struggle, we had countless lessons to stretch out this place no? Even though you were satisfying yourself off my fingers, as expected, the way it squeezes is nice. It feels like it’ll squeeze me dry.

Despite saying protests, you’re twitching pleasurable no?


Let me hear your cute voice.

Hot. To think this place would feel this good, I’m even more eager for the day I actually take your virginity.

Until that day comes, I’ll train you plenty like this.

Let’s feel even better together. Just like kisses, I’m sure you’ll improve in no time.


I’ll pour lots inside here, accept everything like you did with your mouth earlier.


Let’s properly review everything so that you’ll feel even more pleasure tomorrow okay? You love studying after all right?

Your beautiful hair, these transparent eyes, porcelain-like fair skin, everything, all of it belong to me.

Track 4: Affection


Okay, it’s done.

Come on, take a look in the mirror. It’s lovely right? It’s a white lily floral hairpiece, you love floral hairpieces more than ribbons after all don’t you? Plus it really matches the white dress you have on today.

Have you still not taken a liking to it?

Enough, I won’t know unless you put it into words you know? What is it that you want?


Hey, why do you say that? What is it that you’re dissatisfied with…?

The times you talk has decreased considerably since you arrived here. I order plenty of western-clothing that would suit you, I bought chocolate from Ginza again today but neither are you delighted nor will you eat them, I’ve also brought you this many books you’d like, yet you show interest in none of them.

Every day I’d bath you, carefully wash your body, neatly comb out your hair, I treasure you in way that it’s impossible to surpass. And yet, why is it that you can’t understand my love? Why is it that you won’t accept it?

You said that you loved me did you not? Even though I love you this much……

And yet, yet, yet why? Can you please smile like you did in those days?


Heh, that again?

I wanted to see your happy face, so I bought and bought. I even borrowed loans in order to give you everything that you’d desire and yet you want to return? DON’T FUCK WITH ME!!!

First off, what are you capable of when you leave outside? Even though you can’t do anything on your own…!?

That’s the case right? Even now, look, your legs are trembling. You’ve been enduring it ever since I went to take care of business earlier right? As you tell me to stop, you’re letting out a rather sweet voice you know?


In truth, you’re anticipating it no? Shamefully urinating in front me like usual and be licked clean.

It’s fine, even if you wet yourself here, I’ll clean it up the same way as always.

Come on, take a look at your own face.

How exactly are you against it? You have a bad habit of wetting yourself, and your body can no longer resist the urge to urinate. In the corner of your heart, more than anything you crave for my treatment no?

You should’ve already realized it yourself, the fact that your body can’t live without me.


I find that miserable state of yours, horribly arousing.


Look, we still haven’t had our lesson for the day right? What would you like to do? Where do you want me to touch?

If it’s time, we have all the time in the world.

Let’s study a lot again today.


Track 5: Bygone Days


What’s this? Aren’t your nail chipped…? It’s bleeding too. Why did this?

I see, who’s that apology for?

Whatever, come on, give me your hand. I’m telling you to give me your hand so I can treat it. It might sting a little so hold on.

If you move I won’t be able to move my hands properly.

Look, it’s done.


Hmm? You’re making quite the surprised face.

I hate for there to be a wound on your body. But even so, your body’s beautiful, there’s not even the tiniest scar, let alone a mark. You really were carefully raised, weren’t you?

If I too had received love from my parents like you, I might not have turned out this way.


It’s not really a story that would bother me if you heard it.

When I was young, my parents divorced and I was abandoned by my mother. That’s all. Our family background was complicated so I’ve always lived alone together with my mother.

My family was poor, not wanting her son’s future life to be miserable, she was zealous regarding education and was someone who spared no money in that pursuit.

All you have to do is trust in me and study.


When I awoke to the joys of reading, just what kind of book did you think she bought me?

I understood that I was loved by my mother, and I also grasped her expectation with my child mind. Of course, I loved my mother too.

I swore to myself that I’d find success in life for the sake of my mother.

That is until my 7th birthday. In leaving the house to buy some books, that person never returned. Apparently, she eloped with the owner of the used bookstore that she often visited for my sake.


It’s laughable, isn’t it? I was readily betrayed by the mother who told me to trust her.

But you’re different right? You’d never abandon me, right?

I see, then I’ll believe you.


Track 6: Treachery


Well then, I’ll be going to church.

Oh that reminds me, I have some minor business afterwards so it might take me till evening to return.


I don’t need a doctor, I’ve always told you not to worry about it right?

That’s enough, I’m going.


Is anything the matter young lady? Are you troubled by something…?

Oh, are you perhaps searching for the station? It’s a shame but the station’s that way. It’s opposite from where you are now.

I guess I was an idiot for trusting in you. Did you think I’d drop the key without noticing?

……Are you going to abandon me?


House? Your house is down this road no?

Come on, let’s return.

You…if you return now, how do you plan to explain it?

You won’t reveal it? Who do you think would believe that? You’ve lied to me, have you not?

I’m saying that I won’t believe a single word you say now.


Come. Don’t yell.

Let’s go to church and confess there together.


Track 7: Libido


Come on, get over here. This, you really are a disobedient girl who lies.

You’re going to confess here.

Do you still not realize the sins you’ve committed? You’re astounded, so I’ll tell you. Let’s continue.

“Our heavenly father…”

No. If you won’t say it, there’s horrible punishment that awaits you.


That’s right, what should I insert this time?

You have such a pretty mouth attached to you so you’ll be able to say it right? Hehe, so you can say it.

“I am a foolish child, I’ve ignored the affection from my lover and have hurt them deeply. I shall swear never to commit this act again in front of God our father.”


Mhm, well said.

Now then, this is the last vow.

“I, the bride, take you to be my lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, here I swear my love, my affection, and my chastity.”

What’s wrong? Copy what I said like you did earlier.


You can make that oath right?

Right now, I’ve forgiven you so let’s make up okay? I vow to love you for the rest of my life, naturally, you can swear the same right?

At this rate, I’ll bite off your ears you know?

What’s this? Did you forget what’s next? Listen, after that is “in sickness and in health, for better…or for worse, for richer, for poorer, here I swear my love, my affection, and my chastity.”

With this, we’ll always be together. Leaving is unforgivable okay?

…And this is that symbol of that.


Blood is oozing out. This is sufficient as a replacement for the ring right?

Since we have gone through the great trouble of swearing our love in front of God, how about we let them bear witness to our love?

Upon this holy altar, we will finally be united in marriage.


Because you bit me, look, aren’t I bleeding too now?

Oh, that’s right, the bride ought to have make-up. If I use this as a deep crimson lipstick…it’s incredibly beautiful.


While you resist, you’re letting out a rather sweet voice, aren’t you?

It’s always like that, as you say, “No, I don’t want this!”, this place would get this wet. Were you not able to endure it any longer?

To make such shameful noises even in the face of God, you really are hopelessly cute.


Look, the altar has been dirtied by you along the way. At this rate, they’ll get angry. I’ll plug it so that it doesn’t spill out any further.


Hahahaha! Aah…I’ve actually entered inside you. Can you tell? Look, right in here.

Of course, it would hurt, it’s yourーーfirst time after all.


Do you realize how long I’ve been waiting for this day? When it feels this good, did you think I’d end at just putting it in?

Huh? If you clench down on me all of a sudden, I’ll cum immediately you know?

I can’t, it feels good. It’s like it’s trying to squeeze me dry.

Like I thought, the compatibility of our bodies is extremely good.


You’re happy right? All the lessons you’ve had until now was for today, it was for the sake of this day.

Once you get used to it before long, you’ll desire this pleasant feeling even more, release your sweet voice and cling onto me for dependence.

Don’t worry, I’ll always remain by your side and cherish you like this.


You came just now didn’t you? Your insides are convulsing. Could it be that you’re happy when I do this?

How cute.

I love you. So that you have no one but me, I too have no one but you.


It’s quivering, I’m already…

Look this way.


Did you think I was gonna release you? Too bad, but it seems as though my body still hasn’t had enough.

Ah, I was trying to plug it up, but it’s now a complete mess with both mine and your juices.

We’ve finally become one so that’s no way it’d subside with just one round. The pain has turned into pleasure too no? Regardless of what I do, it’s good right?

Does it feel so good that you can’t even reply?

Come on, is here? Or it is here instead?


Oh so this deepest spot feels the best eh.

I got it, I’ll grind up against it plenty.

Because you already came twice, it’s squeezing down on me tightly.


Kuh, kuh. Why…are you looking at me with those eyes?

Stop it!

Say, if I do this, it feels even better right? By doing this your brain will be deprived of oxygen, and you’ll be in an almost dream-like state.


What a nice expression, it’s almost as if you’re a retard.

It’s really arousing. Does it feel so good that you’re losing strength? No matter long it’s been, you’re always a troublesome child.

Look, I’ll hold up your legs and pour it deep inside you again.


Get pregnant with my child.

Hahaha, if it’s a girl as cute as you, I might lock them up in a cage so that they won’t be tainted by other men.

At this rate, it’s almost akin to how it was for you ain’t it?


Naturally, you’ll always be together with me.

……Even if death do us part.


From now on, you’ll forever belong only to me.

Trust in only me, love only me.


I’m cumming. More…


If I ejaculated this much, you really might be pregnant.

With this, for an eternity, you’ll belong to me for an eternity.


Track 8: Desolation


You’re almost like a doll. You’ve become an ever more beautiful woman compared to when we first met.

Ah…the bruise on your mark, how about we hide it with a Rosario later?

I’ll change you into a pure white dress, tidy your hair, do your mark-up and hold a ceremony with just the two of us.


God, is this divine punishment?

I…wasn’t wrong about anything. Kuh, argh, kuh kugh.

With this, it’s clear. I simply wanted to be special to this child, I wanted to be loved. So what’s so wrong about that!?

Money, land nor prestige, I don’t need any of it.

I just, by that girl……

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  1. jingucci

    I keep forgetting that this series is supposed to be devastating when I listen to volume 1 (I probably took it too lightheartedly because of the character). This volume in particular was just amazing (bias because I own more than 1 cd voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke) and it had an excellent character to end a series like this. Most definitely did I become attached to this series because of how crazy these guys were and how each one of them, like stated in the synopsis of the series, were dealing with their own set of personal affairs. Katouno Doppo was just letting the heroine play into his hands until he finally had her where he needs her (perhaps he knew he wasn’t going to live long because of his illness) so he had to push her to have her follow him to Tokyo and even in the very end, pampered her (corpse) and refused to admit his actions were wrong because they were done out of pure love like the rest of the guys.


    1. Criy

      Calling it pure love would be a bit of a misnomer, but what they do have is a strong desire for affection.
      What was most interesting to me personally about this series are the real-life inspirations (Arishima Takeo, Shimazaki Touson and Kunikida Doppo for each respective volume), it’s intriguing to see some of the parallels that appear with each story and the way they’re integrated into the story.


      1. jingucci

        Right, it isn’t “pure love”, but a desire for affection. I didn’t catch onto the real-life inspirations until later on because I’m still unfamiliar to Japanese literature. Well, that was until the name “Doppo” came along and I recognized it somewhat and researched the name and found connection to Shimazaki Touson and Arishima Takeo (a little backwards). I’d say I overlooked what makes it significant to Japanese listeners.


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