【Translation】 Bungo-tachi no Cafune vol.2 Sonohara Touson


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

文豪達のカフネ 第二巻 園原藤村

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: Reunion


Who do you think it is? Whoa! I startled you there, didn’t I? Sorry, sorry.

Can you stand?

Have you forgotten about me? But well, it’s been about 12 years since we last met so it’s not unreasonable.

Correct. I’m happy to be reunited with you as well. You’ve grown into such a wonderful young woman, I was surprised.

It’s not flattery, that’s what I actually think.

Now then, pass me those luggage.


They’re heavy, right? It’s still a bit of a walk from here, so I’ll carry them.

Say, how about we hold hands?

Do you not like it if it’s me…? Just that-?

Oh, you’re referring to that. It’s alright, nobody’s looking at us, besides, it’ll be troublesome if you wander off into the sea of people.

When you were small? Somehow it’s a bit nostalgic because during those days, wherever we go, you wouldn’t let go of my hands.


It’s not something to apologize for, if anything, I was extremely happy. I was thinking that I’d protect this girl for the rest of my life.

Though we can’t take our time here, let’s go over to my house.

Look, the beef sukiyaki there is superb, I was always thinking of having dinner there if you were to by any chance visit this place.

Yup, yup, it’s really delicious. Look forward to it.


Is that so? I’m glad that everyone seems well.

No, I’m still far from being a writer, but I’m happy that you’d say that. Your father…I haven’t heard anything from my elder brother yet.

I see, though that’s not something I should speak on.

Nope, it’s nothing.


Hmm? Oh right, I still haven’t explained what your job was.

Don’t worry, I won’t ask for any difficult work of a girl. Frankly, when I’m concentrating on my work, I completely lose track of other things.

Until now I had a housekeeper that comes and goes, but they suddenly returned back to the countryside. And right now I’m busy with self-publishing, so I don’t have the time to find a new housekeeper.

So,I consulted with my brother and had you come here as a live-in helper.


Can I really ask anything of you?

Aah…I guess so, you’re the helper for that. That aside, you’re tired from the long trip, right? It’s fine if you start assisting me tomorrow, so rest for today.


Hmm? No, when we talk together like this, I remember the times when you were a kid. When you were born, I thought that angels truly exist in this world.

I only had male siblings, and before then there were neither nieces or nephews.

Even now I still remember the time I first held you. Tiny, warm and cute. Your appearance as you rush desperately back to my side each time you were about to fall always tightened my chest.

Whenever we went you went big brother, big brother and followed around behind me.

Your tiny hands would squeeze my finger with your strength like this and that was incredibly cute. And if I were to talk with the house’s maids, you would tell them not to take your big brother away and your cheek would turn bright red as you pout.


Hehe, I guess so. Let’s end it here for today, we have plenty of time together after this.

Were the memories that embarrassing? Your face is red.

In the past? That is true, I’ve made you wait for far too long. I’ve always, always been waiting for this day. I can finally fulfill the promise of that day.


That’s right, 12 years ago we promised to marry, didn’t we? Therefore, I’m so happy about the fact you’re within my arms that it feels almost like a dream.

Eh? What exactly? Same to you, what exactly are you saying? This is a joke, right?

You don’t have to hide your embarrassment like that, you came to this house to fulfill the promise of that time, didn’t you?


Wait, are you perhaps testing me? Don’t worry I remember it properly, you who said that you’d become big brother’s bride, there’s no way I’d forget such an important promise, right?

Because this promise exists I…

Sorry, was I in too much of a rush? Surely, if we talk about the past as the flowers bloom, you’ll remember.


Hah? Who’s that? Hey, who’s that!?

Enough with the avoidance, I’ve waited the past 12 years believing in those words. You said, “I love big brother, I only need big brother,” didn’t you?

The fact that I had someone who loved me pushed me to live to this day, so there’s no way you’d like a man other than me, right?


Stop with this terrible joke.

It has nothing to do with age, does it!? You’re…are you even going as far as to deny the feelings from those days?

Please stop, that is the one thing I’m begging you not to do


Why are you stepping back? Come on, come to big brother’s side, let’s make up for the 12 years that we were apart.


There’s no way I’d send you back, you know?

Even if you do remember, I never had any intention of letting you return to that house from the start.

Sorry, I’m not such a good adult who’d stop simply from being told so.

Quiet down, okay? Surely you’ve been brainwashed by my elder brother. Aah…that is unmistakably the case, he hates me from the bottom of his heart, after all.


Don’t worry, big brother will recover your true feelings for you.


Track 2: Lies and Indiscretions


Hahaha! Have you understood the current situation? No matter how much you scream, help won’t come.

Did you not notice when you came to this house? It’s pretty far from other homes so your voice won’t reach them and thanks to that, I can fully concentrate on my manuscripts.

Besides, if it’s gonna be heard, a cuter voice would be preferred.


You mustn’t lie, it feels unmistakably good, does it not?

What’s wrong? Did you lose all your strength? Come on, it’s no good if you don’t open up your mouth properly, right?

Don’t tell me you kissed the guy you spoke of earlier?

You have, haven’t you? How far did you go with him? …So you went so far that you can’t speak of it with me?

Oh, that’s a relief, hearing those words truly gives me a peace of mind.


I’m more of an adult than you after all, so I’ll forgive a certain degree of indiscretion. But you’ve always belonged to me both now and then and henceforth.

I won’t let anyone else touch you so give me all of your firsts.


What beautiful breasts.

It’s completely different from those days, you’re now an adult woman. Moreover, your nipples are puffed up and swollen and taste very sweet.

It looks easy to leave red marks on your pale skin.

Look, it’s exactly what I predicted. Even if I leave it on a visible spot like this, it’s a bit unfortunate that no one will see it.


Oh, we should call over my stupid elder brother and show him the proof of our love.

My brother won’t come to save you, considering I’ve had no communication with you for years.

Ahh… You poor child, to not know the true nature of my elder brother, your father. You were so close to being sold off, you know? Regardless of whether it’s a lie, his mistress demanded money after becoming pregnant with his child and he needed a large sum of money.

To contact me for the first time in several years over something like this, it’s very much like my brother.


And so, I told him that if you were gonna sell your own daughter to someone else, send her over and have her watch over my affairs, and in exchange, I’ll give you all the money that you require.

If you think it’s a lie, go ahead and call him, he won’t reply with the answer you desire.

He sent you off with a smile because he knew that big money will come his way afterwards.


Ah, since you bite me, there’s a mark on my arm.

Come on, where’s your apology?

Good grief, the rebellious stage is troubling. Even though in the past you were so cute and obedient and would believe anything I say. As expected, you’ve changed.

It’s all my brother’s fault, you’ve been totally brainwashed by him. You poor thing, that’s why you forgot the promise……

I want to have you call him immediately and have you recognize this situation, but first, I’ll punish you from trying to push big brother away.



Ah…it’s bleeding, looks like it was true that you were a virgin. I’m sorry for doubting you, had it been a lie, I would’ve been in a frenzy.

I’m happy, I really truly am your first.

I wonder if you could also love the pain. It’s alright, it’ll feel good before long.


Your insides feel really good, it’s swallowing me up like it doesn’t wanna let me go.

Can you tell? …We’ve finally become one. In truth, I had wanted to be more gentle, but you hurt me with your entirety.

It has started to feel good, hasn’t it? You love me too, right?

Come on, say that you love me. If you do, I’ll forgive everything that happened until now, so, come on, say it.


Say it. You love me, right?

Thank god, like I thought, you think so too. I was extremely anxious, you know?

Let’s become happy together from now on.


What a cute voice, do your ears feel good? …Let me hear more of it.

Your body’s trembling, can you tell? You’re feeling it from me, right? I’m happy, I feel really good too.


It’s no use, even though I want to indulge in you more thoroughly, it feels so good that I’m already about to cum. I can’t stop my hips.

I’m gonna cum, I’ll pour plenty inside you so please accept it all. I won’t forgive you if you spill any of it.



Aah…it overflowed. Come on, lick it.

That’s right, swallow it all the way. Use your tongue, and lick it carefully.

Good girl.


I wonder if it’s about time you remember our promise?

Hmm? Do you still not remember? Is my love still not enough, I wonder?

I see, because you’ve been together with that seedy beggar, that true love has been erased. It’s alright, you don’t need to worry anymore, I’ll remind you for the rest of my life.


Track 3: Fading Memories


Oh you’re awake. Whoa there, your body is still in pain, no?

Yeah, it’s my fault.

It makes me happy, you were so cute when I took your first time. Letting out a sweet voice from those wet lips as though to tempt me, and entwined your tongue time again and time again around mine.


What are you saying? I’m in every sense of the words, your big brother. Oh, I guess I’m wrong.

…From now on, I’ll be your husband.

That’s what you wanted to say right? Sorry.

I’m delighted, are you slowly starting to remember? I bought this as a preparation for that. Look, I’ve even bought us wedding rings.

Give me your hand, I’ll put it on you.


Are you perhaps embarrassed? That must be it, right? Becoming my bride was your dream, after all.

The size was like I imagined, but sorry, is it a bit tight? But look, it’s on, don’t worry, it’ll soon become the right size.

Are you so happy that you’ve been brought to tears?

How cute.

Removing it is inexcusable, alright?


Oh that’s right, starting today, this will be your room.

It’s wonderful right? It’s filled with our memories, if you remain here, surely you’ll return to the way you were from that time.

Hmm? Oh, this? That’s right, this is a picture you drew in the past.

It’s my precious treasure, you and me are happily holding hands. It’s wonderful, right? The photo plastered on the side, do you recognize it? It’s us playing house in the garden, during those days, we were mutually in love.

Look here, this was taken during a past family gathering and only all the children were assembled for it. The one there, err…who was it? Was it a cousin? In any case, the one who’s held like that is you.


That innocence was incredibly cute.

The one in the very back is me. Because I was big, I was told to go to the back, don’t you think that’s cruel? I wanted to be the one to hold you.


Hmm? What’s wrong?

Oh, face? During that time, I wasn’t wearing glasses yet, so the impression you get is different from the present, isn’t it?

That’s not it?

Aah…other people’s faces are unnecessary, that’s why I covered them with ink. I did what was only natural, I only need you in my world.

In terms of other items…


This is a flower garland you made, it’s all withered and tattered, but I simply couldn’t let it go.

And this is…when we promised to marry, this is the marble we exchanged as proof of that. I gave you a marble of the exact same color, but you don’t have it on you, right? Did you accidentally leave it at home?

I’ll go retrieve it for you next time, it’s something very important to us after all.

And this here is your umbilical cord​.


In the past, I used to secretly take items from my brother’s place. Thanks to that, I was able to feel a little closer to you, during those 12 years I held it against my skin and never parted from it.

But right now, the real you is here right now. To be together with you from now on is ahh…I can’t get enough of this feeling still.

What’s wrong? Are you tired?

That’s right! How about we take a bath together?

You’ve sweated a lot, plus it’ll relieve the aches in your body. In the past, they’d often get angry when we’d take too long of a bath whenever we go in together.


Since that’s decided, I’ll make preparations. Once I’m done with preps, I’ll call you.


Oh that’s right, I forgot to say one last important thing. I don’t think it’s limited to just you but abandon the foolish act of trying to escape from my side.

ーーAll the more so if you’re concerned for my elder brother.


Track 4: Omen


Look, do you remember this? This is a piece from when we went goldfish scooping during the summer festival.

No matter how many times you tried, you’d break the paper scoop. I tried hard to scoop them for you, I wanted to appear cool in front of you, but in the end, I broke it after just one.


Somehow, you look pale? More importantly, your breathing is labored.

Could be that you’re feeling unwell?

There’s no way it’s nothing!? Hey, HOLD IT TOGETHER!!! I’ll call a doctor right away.


Hello? Yes, it’s Sonohara. Yes, it’s an emergency, come immediately.

Yes, yes, someone precious to me is……


Thank god, I thought you might not open your eyes again.

I heard from my brother as well, you’re starting to have the exact same symptoms as our aunt, and your state of health is poor.

Even though I knew, I was so happy to be reunited, I might’ve subconsciously averted my eyes from your illness.

I know. I was close to losing you early because of me.


It’s not an exaggeration, I have no one but you!

I called a doctor while you were sleeping and had them do an examination. They told me it was best if you rest for the time being.

It’s not something to apologize for, as long as I have you by my side here, that’s more than enough.


Huh? No, I was thinking that this situation isn’t all bad.

I’ll go prepare dinner so you should go take a short nap. Once I’m finished with preparations, I’ll bring it over to you.

Mhm, take your time and rest.


Track 5: Pleasure’s Beckoning


I brought some grapes from the town earlier, how about we eat them togethe-!? Calm down, I’ll bring you water right away.

Are you okay? …I’ve never heard of it progressing this fast.

Ah no, it’s nothing.

More importantly, your cough is gradually worsening. Do you realize just how worried I was when you collapsed from the toil the day before yesterday​?


I guess you’re right, you don’t have long.

Hehe, just kidding. Sorry for saying such a bad joke, it’s alright, big brother will protect you.


I can’t listen to that particular request, regardless of the reason, I have no intention of ever bringing you outside.

If such a cute girl is weakened, pests will immediately start approaching.

Don’t worry, if it’s about the new medicine, it’s here in the house.

Oh, about that? You’ve been continuing your dosage over the past week, but the results are as you have seen. That doctor might’ve been a quack, you know?

It’s alright, I’ve obtained something shown to be much more effective than that medicine.

Can you lay down on your side and wait for a little bit?


Hmm? This is that medicine. They’re like an acquaintance I met, either way, they’re an excellent doctor. They were worried about you so they gave me some of their reserves.

Once you’re hit with this medicine, the feelings of fatigue will go poof, and all your symptoms will improve. Surely your cough will stop, and you’ll be freed from your suffering.

It’ll be fine, I bought it from a pharmacy.

Do you not believe me? Have I ever once lied to you? …It’s only a tiny prick of a needle.


You’re a child who doesn’t listen, aren’t you? I’m saying that there’s no need for you to go to a hospital. Or did you perhaps plan to seduce even the doctors this time?

Was I unsatisfactory? I intended to fully teach you in this one month, but you became more naughtier of a girl than I imagined. Don’t worry, I will pleasure you until you’re satisfied after this.

Come on, bring out your arm.

Bring it out.

Yup yup, you’re a good girl for being obedient.


The rubber band is for this. It’s a tool necessary to mark the veins, now squeeze your hands.

Okay, that’s done.

Let’s do it here. Stay still, it’ll be over in the blink of an eye.


There, it’s over. How do you feel?


I see. I’m glad, it’s evidence that the medicine has begun working. Though it has more of an immediate effect than I had imagined.

Hmm…did I mess up the dosage?


What’s wrong? There, there, you’re startled because it’s your first time, right? It’s okay because this is the proof that you’re getting better.

Besides, your cough has already stopped. See? There’s nothing to worry about.

Your eyes are dilating.

…This is the taste of tears.


I’m delighted, you’re quite assertive today. Like I promise, let’s do it until you’re satisfied. I’ll pour lots and lots of love inside you.

What’s wrong? To be drooling that much, how sloppy. Big brother will clean it up for you, okay?


Track 6: Rebirth


What are you doing?

To enter big brother’s room without permission, what a naughty girl. I went out to buy cigarettes for a bit, and along the way, I met Katouno.

Look, they’re the long-haired man that visited our house the other day. We were deep in our talks regarding work, I thought it was alright because you were sound asleep but… I was careless.

But I’m happy that you were searching for me, it almost reminds me of those days.


Hmm? These are…memoirs about me and you. It’s well written, right?

Yes, as you had said the characters in the story are modeled after us. He is me, and she is you.

Tricked? HahahaHAHAHAHAHA!

You’re saying such strange things, I’ve only spoken the truth, have I not? It’s not like the medicine is the cause of your worsening illness, if anything, it has made you improve in these past 2 weeks, has it not?

To tell you the truth, without that, you’d probably be suffering a lot more around now you know?


In us meeting, I want to leave behind proof of our love in this world. Don’t think that sounds splendid?

What are you…!?

Get a grip, like hell I’d stop. Discipline is important, after all.


It’s really hot.

Deep down, do you actually prefer to be treated roughly like this? It’s squeezing a lot more tightly than usual.

Hmm? Oh that reminds me, I still haven’t given you the medicine for the day. That’s why you were searching for me, right?

Here, I’ll give you a shot right now.

And once I do, this pain will soon turn into pleasure.


How do you feel?

I’m relieved, you’re back to your usual obedient self. I’m happy, it’s almost akin to the innocent eyes you had in those days.

Hey, call my name.

Hmm? Hehe, I guess so, you always used to call me big brother. Then go ahead, call me big brother time and time again.


That makes me happy.

How strange, somehow it feels like you’re mixed in with your past image.

What a cute voice, let big brother hear more of it. Look, I’ll thrust against this place lots, okay?


With this, our affection has finally been realized.


Track 7: Last Breath


Good morning. Though I say that, the sun’s setting at the moment.

Are you still in the midst of a dream?

Are you alright? Look, like I taught you earlier, take deep breaths slowly. That’s right, good girl.


Hmm? What is it?

Yes, you’ll die soon. Your body isn’t something that can be fixed with current day medicine.

It can’t be helped, this is fate. It’s okay, I’ll follow soon after because there’s no reason in me living in a world without you.

You’re asking that now?

……It’s because I love you more than anyone.


Say, can I ask one thing of you?

How exactly does it feel to be on the edge of death? How do you feel about the fact that you have no choice but to leave this world?

Fear? Sadness? Pain?

Hey, I want you to tell me so that I can finish the work I placed my entire being into. You can take your time, so tell me.


Mhm. Aah…don’t cry, let big brother hear more of it.

Mhm, mhm. I see, is that so?

Thank you.


Say, can you listen to my selfishness just one last time? I want to embrace you during the final moments, I wish to remember your warmth with these hands.

To me, it only looks like you’re nodding your head. It’s fine, right?

What about the medicine? Will you take it? …I guess you no longer need it.


The skin that is beautiful each time I look at it is stained red with the evening sunset glow, it’s so lovely that I can’t get tired of it even if I stare at it forever.

I’ll pleasure you more that I’ve ever had until now, okay?


Your nipples are sticking up, I’ll give them plenty of love like you wanted.

Hehe, does it feel good? You enjoy being licked like this right?

Somehow it feels like you’re more sensitive than usual. They say human beings can greatly sharpen their senses when near death. Is that why?

Look, this place is already……


Even though it was that tight in the beginning, it has been completely stretched out now and is swallowing up 2 of my fingers.

Can you hear it? …It’s overflowing so much that it’s almost as if you wet yourself.

I’ll lick it clean for you, okay?

Does it feel good? Your legs trembling.


Amazing, more is steadily spilling out. It’s sweet and incredibly delicious.

You’re about to cum right? Go ahead.


And I’ve already gotten this big. It’s because you had such cute responses, you know?

By simply rubbing against the entrance like this, it starts twitching greedily. What a naughty girl.


Open your mouth.


Hmm? What is it?

More, do you want more? I got it, big brother will do it plenty, okay?

Your body has gotten far warmer than the first time. This place feels like it’s about to melt.


I’m cumming.


Great, you properly felt good even without the medicine, didn’t you?

Doesn’t look like it’ll subside for me anytime soon.

Look, big brother will embrace you, okay? Let’s feel even more pleasure, okay?


Aah…it feels good, I feel like I’m about to lose my mind too.

I love you, I love you.

You, do you love me? Hehe, I guess you can no longer talk. But that’s fine, this body will answer for you.


I love you.

Though I guess, my voice can no longer reach you.


Track 8: A Certain Longing


It’s a quiet night, isn’t it? How strange, I wonder why my heart is this calm…? This is different from what I predicted.

I’m now alone again.

Even though I was finally able to be together with you, even though we were finally alone together, the time that was given to us was far too short.


Huh? Your ring?

I told you that it was inexcusable to remove it, did I not? Big brother will put it back on for you, okay?

Look, like I said, it’ll become the right size……

The ring has gotten a bit bigger?


Hehehe, I’m truly glad that I was able to make it in time.

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