【Translation】 Oyasumi Kareshi 5 ~Kahogo na Kareshi to Sugosu Yoru~ Animate Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Show Me Your Smile


Go ahead, come in.

You must be tired from the bit of walking to here from the station, right? But at least I was able to pick you up.

Really? In that case, it’s fine.

This is my flat, I apologize that there aren’t many interesting things here. Err, I cleaned it up in a rush so I’d be happy if you don’t look at it too closely.


Okay, what shall we do? I rented the movie that spoke about wanting to watch once before but ah…I’m used to it with the hustle and bustle of everyone in the circle, but as expected, it’s still nerve-wracking to be alone together with you.

Oh sorry! You don’t have to bring out the drinks, I’ll grab them right now.

No, I prepared them before I went to pick you up, it’ll be quick so wait just a moment.


Ah, feel free to use the hangers. Oh, it’s alright leaving mine as is, but thank you.

My coat? Don’t tell me…!?

WAIT!!! It’s fine, I’ll pick it up. Ah, uh, umm…that’s, haa…so you saw. That’s right, it’s a photo of you.

Aah sorry, I’ll explain it, please allow me to explain.

I’m glad you say that, but I want to explain myself properly.


Mhm, do you remember the time we went on a trip with members of our circle? That picture was the impetus that made me fall in love with you.

You know that I like taking photos right? During that period, I had already become somewhat of a photographer so I took a bunch of trip photos without much thought.

At first, it was by coincidence.

As I was sorting the pictures after the trip, I noticed that you were always smiling when photographed. Once I realized that I stopped and went back to check everything, but as expected, you really were always smiling.

Then, this photo was the clincher.


During this time, you had a crush on the chief, right?

Hehe, it was obvious. In this photo, you were looking at him. When I noticed, I was envious and at the same time, extremely jealous. Why wasn’t that gaze focused on me?

If I’m loved by you then that smile would be directed towards me and in thinking that, I couldn’t help but fall in love with you.


Yes, from the time I graduated. That’s why carrying this picture wasn’t actually something I started doing since we started dating. Even when this love was unrequited, I constantly…..

Sorry, it’s unpleasant, right? If you dislike it, I’ll throw it away immediately.


Haa…I couldn’t say it. Knowing that you had someone you liked, there’s no way I could say it.


Mhm, I always took them whenever I was appointed as the photographer during events.

Direction of your gaze? What do you mean?

If you notice that you’re being photographed then everyone would turn towards the camera no?

Speaking of which, if I remember correctly, it started from the middle of 2nd year. I noticed the number of photos where you were looking at the camera increased, I thought it was because I was constantly staring at them……

That means, you too…?


I’ve always wanted to see that smile, why didn’t I notice it sooner.

Umm, is it okay if I kiss you? In receiving those words from you, I thought that I ought to do it properly once more.


I’ve always liked you. And right now, I love you even more.

Please allow me to kiss you.


I’m happy just being able to date you like this, somehow it’s like a dream.

Mhm, I guess so. I want you to make me understand that this isn’t a dream, or is that no good?

Thank god, I didn’t know what I’d do if you refused.


Sorry, I don’t have enough self-control left to bring you over to the bed. I can’t endure even the slightest distance.

…I want to touch you forever.

I’m relieved that you’re feeling good from the kisses as well.


I’m sorry, I’m so happy that I just…but it isn’t just you, I’m at the limit too. Rather than a kiss, I’ve become like this simply from you saying that you love me.

Ah wait! If you touch me I cum immediately so let’s save that for next time, okay?

Today, I want to pleasure you.


It has gotten extremely hot.

I’ll spread it a bit okay? Are you sure? I haven’t loosened it up all the way?

Mhm, I want to hurry up and enter inside you too.


Could you lift your body, and sit on top of my lap like that? …Because I’d like to feel you in the closest way possible.

Let’s do it while holding onto each other, okay?

With this position, I can enter all the way. Is it hard on your body?

Then, I’m relieved.

I’m sorry, but I might be able to remain cautious.


Come closer. If only I could embrace you forever like this.

I love you, I love only you.


There’s one singular request I have.

From now on, please show me that smile by my side.

Thank you.

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