【Translation】 Bungo-tachi no Cafune vol.1 Ayaori Takeo 


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

文豪達のカフネ 第一巻 綾織武郎

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋)

Track 1: Literary Master​s Fall From Trees Too


It’s okay, it’s okay, you don’t have to be scared.

Mhm, this big brother will save you so come here.

There, there, you’ve suffered misfortune too, haven’t you? Well…I’ve been having some unpleasant experiences as well since this morning.

Listen, early this morning a servant from my family suddenly turned up and then spent a long time speaking of my father’s gratitude. I wonder how long he’s planning to run a business that doesn’t turn a profit.

Haa…even though I told them countless times that I won’t be succeeding the family business.


But I guess I am loving of them. If I want to break the relationship with my family, I simply have to cut ties with them.

While accepting the circumstances I still wish for there to be a formal understanding.

Good grief, I’m helpless.

What’s this? Are you trying to comfort me? How cute.


You’re!? Eh, ah, no way. UWAHH!!!!

It hurts, ow ow.

Uh-huh, I’m alright. More importantly, how’s that kitten?

I see. How long have you been watching me? Then, you heard the entire conversation I had with the kitten?

Haa…this is the worst. Today’s really an unlucky day. Ouch.


I used my hands to break my fall so it’s probably twisted. I can move it, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my bones.

Thank you for worrying about me. My house’s nearby, so I’ll return and treat myself there.

It’s fine, this much I can-OW, it hurts…..

No, like I said, I really am fine.

Ah uh, w-wait a second you…?!! No, I realize that. Wait, my house isn’t that way, my house is down that road.


Track 2: World Seen in Blue


Ah, thank you. Err, umm…are you not scared of me?

You’re still in the early stages of entering into this philosophy. So well, I thought that you’ve heard the various rumors about me.

Hehe…well, I guess so.

Hmm? What is it?

Eh? Not at all, rather, it made me extremely happy.


You see I, in truth, wish to live more freely. But everyone in some way shape or form, place restrictions upon me. You might’ve already heard, but my household is of a daimyo family.

There’s a whole range of customs, and since I’m the future head, I was raised strictly. I wasn’t really allowed to say what I wanted to do or what I thought. If I were to open my mouth, I would be sent flying by my stern father.

My mother’s grandmother was a foreigner, but my father seemed to absolutely loathe that fact. That’s why…he might’ve hated me for having the same blue eyes as that grandmother.


Blue sky? To compliment me deliberately like that is somehow a bit embarrassing.

To be honest, I enjoy tree climbing or playing outside, and when it comes to sweets I prefer Japanese confectionery over Western. But it seemed like the people around me wanted me to remain a doll inside the mansion eating cake regardless.

Like you thought? The impression of standing on your own two feet is scary frankly, that’s why I prayed for God to save me. But as a result, over time, I no longer knew anymore.

If you were to say that people are sinners from the act of being born and that death is God’s blessing, then I’d prefer that in order to be free.


About that, there’s a lot of people who misunderstand. In believing in God that person’s saved, that’s why honestly, the thing about how you mustn’t commit suicide has nothing to do with it.

Yup, in that case, you’d think of quickly leaving for the boundless Eden.

I guess no one wishes to approach me anymore because I’m always thinking those thoughts.


Eh? You understand? What do you mean?

Uh huh, mhm…is that so? Living together with someone against your will, a woman opposing a marriage decided upon by her parents is impossible in this day and age, isn’t it?

There’s that, but that’s a rather horrible fiance.


Like me? Really!? Is that really what you think? …I’m happy.


I’m sorry as well, I got a bit too excited. But there wasn’t anyone who resonated with my ideas before so I was happy.

Our philosophy is idealism, no? So there’s an unspoken agreement to not make retroactive statements.

I know right? As long as we’re honest to oneself, we’d head towards our proper ideal self, but the idealist lot are mostly university juniors of the same year, so I can’t be the only one who leaves.


Yes, it’s truly a difficult world.

And so I’m genuinely happy that you could understand my thoughts. You’re the first one who accepted them without rebuking me like this.

Mhm, sorry. I’ll be careful from now on.


Umm…if you aren’t opposed to the idea, can we talk again like this together? I want to know more about you and I’d like you to know about me.

Is that a no?

Really!? Thank god.

I’ve found enjoyment in the moment until we arrive upon a dark road.


Track 3: The Two Sexes of Crows


Oh? So you saved a crow? Certainly, that’s difficult.

As always, you’re a kind person.

Ah no, you see lately, I’ve made a lot of progress on my manuscript, that was so fun. Plus it has been exactly 1 month since I started being able to converse with you in this manner.


Say, do you believe in fate?

Mhm, I’m referring to when I fell from climbing a tree. If I wasn’t saving a kitten at that time, then we probably wouldn’t be having this intimate friendship.

Is that so? You see…I believe in fate.

I’ll say this frankly, I like you.


Are you alright!? You haven’t been burnt, right?

We’ll return to our conversation, but I’ve liked you ever since I first spoke to you about my family.

I was always by myself since I was a child, and no one would understand my true feelings so……I was always lonely. But you’re the only who understood me, accepting those empty thoughts and getting close with me like this.

Surely, this is unmistakably fate.


Do you hate me?

Then, in that case, leave your fiance and come to my place. You’re the one I love most in this world, no, even in that world, I’ll love you more than anyone else.


Sorry, I troubled you, didn’t I……

It’s not something you should apologize for, I won’t mind if you forget what I said just now.

Thank you.

I suppose so. Even though I should’ve known what position you stood on, for saying something perplexing, I’m sorry.


That is true, it’s hard to go on like this without anyone. Is it okay if I say one last selfish thing?

My feelings towards you are my true feelings without the slight hint of a lie. Please don’t deny this one thing.


Okay! Well then, let’s go for an outing.

It appears that they’re holding an autumn festival in the neighboring town, plus there’s a fair. It’s a rare chance so let’s go for a visit.

To tell you the truth, my father was strict towards me as a child so I never got to visit a fair. The accompaniments that could be heard from afar, the voice of people enjoying the festival and the smells that permeated from the stalls made me extremely envious.

Besides, if I’m always secluded inside the mansion then I wouldn’t have materials for my writing.


Say, what would you like to eat? Personally, I’d like some cotton candy, I just want to bite into that white and fluffy ball.

Hehe, you finally laughed.

Well then, let’s go.


Track 4: Autumn Rain


You’re earlier than usual.

I wonder if this is the autumn rains? It was clear during the day and then it suddenly started pouring, because of it, I was in a bind where I had to buy an umbrella on the way home.

Sorry for making you wait. Not to mention, I’m also this drenched.


What’s wrong!? What’s with the injury on your cheek?!!

You fell…? In any case, let’s quickly enter inside, at this rate you’ll catch a cold.

It’s alright now, you were cold, weren’t you?


Was the tea delicious?

Don’t worry about the clothes, my body’s small compared to other men, so I thought that the size would fit you even as a girl.

But the shirt’s big all the same, it’s like a one-piece.

Your face’s kind of red. Are you sure you don’t have a fever?

Is that so?


I wanted to give this to you. It’s still a bit early, but happy birthday; this is a present from me.

Do you remember when I inadvertently spilled everything to you a while earlier? This is a cat sash clip, I happened to find it when we went out the other day and I thought you’d take a liking to it…

Eh? Why are you crying all of a sudden…!? Were you perhaps wanting something different as your present?


Normally, you’d without a doubt remember the birthday of and anniversaries with the person you love. Wanting to see their joyous appearance and wanting to see them smile.

But well, the tears of joy exhausts the fortune of being born a man.


Jeez, between apology and gratitude, choose one.

Is anything else you want, or anything you’d like to do? Since it’s a rare chance, go ahead and say it.

Hmm? What is it?

Did you miss human touch?


I see, I wonder why is the air of solitude that cold?

You mustn’t remain in my arms any longer than this, you know? To be frank, this situation worked exactly how I had hoped.

Right now you’re hurt and your senses are paralyzed by the cold, that’s why regardless of what it is, I could see it clearly. Once you’ve calmed down and have regained your composure, allow me to hear your feelings once more.

It’s not like I’m rejecting you so don’t cry.


You’re sly.

That’s… Obviously, I won’t let you go.


Track 5: Sky and Sea


Be careful not to fall off the sofa. Are you nervous? Don’t tell me that you believe this will end with just a kiss, right?

Say, when was the last time you did it with that fiance?

Of course, I’m curious about that. And so, when was it?

Pfft, was it so long ago that you can’t remember?

Is that so? So, did you not comfort yourself instead? Even if you don’t deny it so vehemently, did you not do it at least once?


I see.

But right now you just have to relax and leave your body to me. Oh, but you mustn’t fall asleep, if you fall asleep then I wouldn’t be able to see your reactions.

Haha, I’m glad for your honesty.

It’s alright, even if you’re about to fall asleep, I’ll make you feel so good that it’ll keep you awake.


Your tongue’s hot.

Since it’s just one shirt, I can touch you even without removing it. There are an awful lot of goosebumps, are you still cold?

Hmm? Looks like your body heat’s rising, so is it okay for me to think that you’re feeling good?

You won’t say? Then, let’s ask your body directly.


This place of yours has gotten harder than it was before, you know? If it didn’t feel good then this wouldn’t happen, right?

Say, between your ears and your breasts, which one did you prefer me teasing?

If you don’t quickly reply, I’ll never leave from this spot.


Hmm? What is it?

I am honored by your compliment. But more than your ears and more than your breasts, there’s a place that feels even better.

Are you surprised because it’s been a long time since this place’s been touched?

You truly are cute.


Relax, I’ll loosen it up a bit more.

Don’t hold back, please let me hear more of your voice.

It’s fine, there’s no one else inside this house, plus it’s raining heavily so your voice won’t leak outside.

In that case, turn this way.


Your voice, I’ll accept all of it.

For the time being, let’s try inserting a single finger.


Sorry, did that hurt? …That’s a relief. How is it? Are you okay?

Jeez, don’t look at me with those eyes, they’re way too cute. At that time you told me that my eyes were as beautiful as the blue sky, but right now your eyes have beauty almost akin to the late night sea.

A transparent jet black without any impurities, and despite that it shines brilliantly, I wish I could just drown in them.


I can’t be engulfed if you hide your face, you know? You can gasp into my chest, but since we have gone this far, I’d prefer you gasp for breath as we kiss.

That’s right, good girl.


Did you perhaps cum just now?

I’m happy that I was able to make you cum with my fingers. However, this isn’t the end yet, I’ll make you feel even more pleasure.

We’ve come this far, there’s no going back.


Good grief, I can’t match you.

It feels good, your insides are hot and moving vigorously. And how about you? Are you feeling it properly?

You’re willing to accept anything and everything of both my heart and body, aren’t you?


Your insides are wrapping around me, doesn’t seem like it’s willing to let me go.

Why didn’t I meet you sooner? Feeling this good, and being wrapped in kindness, it has never happened until now.

I’m so happy, I’m about to lose my mind.


I want to start over from before I even was born. Erasing this state, if I could forever remain by your side, then…

Do you think that as well?


I’m happy.

Hey, I don’t mind where it is, leave a mark on me. Please.

Uh-huh, it’s there. I’m glad.


I’m cumming. I’m sorry, I don’t think I have the composure for that……


Track 6: Intimate Talks


What’s wrong? You seem restless?

Haha, certainly a bed’s more comfortable to sleep on than a sofa. But I feel a bit lonely that the bed’s taking that much of your attention.

How cute. We’ve finally become one.


Hmm? Fortune slip? Oh, the one we took during the temple fair?

I guess so, God is truly watching over us.

To tell you the truth, it actually said terribly bad fortune. Since you’re in a bad situation, speaking to you honestly was difficult, so I lied, sorry.

Certainly, regardless of what punishment we’re hit with-ah, it was written on the fortune slip though.

Everything you touch will disappear was what was written.


That’s right. Since I found the person of my destinies that is you, we can fight it head-on without question.

It’ll be alright, let’s overcome all the hardships together, as long as we don’t give up, we’ll surely be happy.

Tomorrow there’s a celebration at the publishing house so we won’t be able to be together, but what’s your schedule?

I see, then how about the day after tomorrow? He isn’t home either way, no?


A mistress’ house, eh. He’s a hopeless man, isn’t he?

On the day after tomorrow, I’ll wait for you at this house again.


The night’s still young, so let’s take our time.


Track 7: Thy Choice


Whoa! What’s with that appearance!? Did something happen…?!!

It’s alright now, so calm down and take a deep breath. To be this beaten-up, how awful. You can answer my questions with a nod or a shake of your head. Got it?

The reason you’re in this state is unmistakably due to his doing, right?


I see. It’s been painful, right? It’s been tough, right? Here there’s nothing that would harm you……

In any case, come here.


Where was it again? Ah, it’s there.

Oh, this is more or less for the sake of self-protection just in case something happens. I’ll settle it with a proper discussion so that this doesn’t have to be used.

It’s fine, you can wait right here so don’t worry.

I’ll be going then.


Haa, haa…I’m alright, but unfortunately, he wasn’t a man who I could reach with words. He might arrive at this house before long, that’s why we ought to run away quickly.

There’s a villa in Karuizawa owned by the Ayaori family. No one uses it normally, so let’s evacuate there temporarily.

You don’t have to think about anything, you just have to follow me.


Something’s not right? What is?

Oh this? I was slightly cut by glass when we met, so it’s not a serious injury.

“Choose thy love and love thy choice”


Now then, let’s hurry up and make preparations.


Track 8: Fallen Paradise


It’s a lovely evening sunset afterglow, isn’t it? It’s not something you can really witness in Tokyo, after all.

Come here.

With this, there’s no one who could come between us.


Are you still fatigued from the long trip? It’s best if you rest for today…

It’s alright, you haven’t done anything wrong. You haven’t done anything at all. I wilfully stuck my head far too deep into it so there’s no need for you to feel indebted.

Calm down, even if he comes here, I’ll protect you.

No one will come here, besides, if you dislike this place then we can simply move someplace else.

As long as you’re by my side, it’ll be alright. Okay?


There, there. There, there.


Wait here for a moment.

Hello? Oh hello, it’s been a while, so long that I’ve already forgotten the voice of my father.

What I’m perpetrating you say? HahahaHAHAHA! It’s too late to say that now, after having used me as a puppet since I was a child… Either way, what you’re actually concerned about is the Ayaori household’s honor.

You’re truly good-for-nothing, you can just pretend that I’m dead.

And that’s all.


Sorry, I made you wait, didn’t I?

Hmm? Why are you making that face? Ah, earlier you said that you had no place to call your own, did you not?

Looks like I’m the same now.


Let’s go to Eden together.

I’ve been convinced since the day I met you that, the only woman I’d remain married to for the rest of my life is none other than this person. And so I constantly waited with my hand beckoning so that you’ll choose me on your own accord.

Haha! There’s nothing strange about it. A woman who is unable to part from an audacious man and a miserable man understood by no one met each other by fate.

I love you, and you love me right? And that’s why you escaped from your fiance’s violence, took my hand and came this far, right?


We are the sole existences that complement each other.

You accepted my long-cherished desire​ and freed me from solitude. Therefore, I wish to free you as well.

Do you know what words are spoken from the point of view of liberty?

That’s right, it also means that you’ll be blessed with salvation during times of suffering. And so, the society and people that constrains you and whatever weighs you down will no longer exist.

So don’t you think you should just that accept freedom?


Oh, of course. Calicos, Torties, Tabbies and Orange Tabbies, there are a lot of cats waiting for us in Eden.

I see, then let’s buy cats together in Eden.

Blue eyes are nice, but ones with black eyes like yours are fine too. I’m really starting to look forward to it.


As expected, you’re cuter when you smile like that.


Your body’s beautiful each time I see it, to me you’re the ideal woman. Your skin’s so smooth that I want to stroke it forever.

Your body, your lips, no matter which places on your body I lick, it’s sweet.


I let you leave a mark on me last time so this is the return favor.

Your heartbeat never fails to calm me.

Hehe, do you want me to touch the place below? Why are you sulking now? Come on, be more honest.


Spread your legs properly. You’re a good girl, right?

Well done.

Amazing, it’s overflowing constantly. What a cute reaction.


If you were gonna be this delighted, then I should’ve done it the other day. And your moans have steadily become lewder.

How does it feel when I press this place with my fingers while I lick you?

It’s good? Then I’ll do it plenty.


You came didn’t you? How cute.

Were you feeling it so much that you’ve started crying? You might get angry, but I’m a bit excited by your teary face.

Ouch, I’m sorry. So is it okay if I put it in?


Since you just came, your insides are really tight.

We’ve gone through all this trouble, so let’s do it countless times today. Allow me to taste your everything until the end of the very last moment.


It feels good.

Hey, tell me where all your pleasurable spots are. First off, how this? Hehe, looks like I was wrong.

Then how about here? Ah, this place feels good, right?

All right, I’ll grind up against it plenty.


Yes, desire me more.

Say, could you turn back a little? That’s right. Okay.

I want to try doing it once whilst holding onto one another. With this position, I can adhere to you closer and be joined with you deeper than before, can you tell?


Hey, open your eyes properly and look this way.

Those moist jet black eyes are reflecting me. How about you? Are my eyes reflecting you?

Thank god. Let’s kiss.


Try to match your movements with mine, and by doing so, you’ll feel even better.

Yes, I feel extremely good too.


I came a lot inside you, but it doesn’t look like it has subsided yet.

I’ll lift your leg, okay?

Does it not hurt? …I’ll start moving then.


This position also lets me reach deep inside you, so it’s good, right? And I can clearly see the place where we are joined.

It’s been made a mess by both you and me. Look, you can clearly hear the sounds, right?


Your legs are really beautiful.


Hmm? What is it?

There’s no greater happiness than being wanted by you. Let’s kiss lots, okay?


I love you, from the bottom of my heart and more than anyone else.




Are you sleepy from the exhaustion?

Go ahead, sleep soundly.


Track 9: Adopted Cat


Is your body okay? …Because I think I might’ve gone a bit too rough.

I see, that’s a relief.


Hey, take a look, the moon has disappeared ahead of us.

The day it all began the moon was present, it was a moon of departure setting off. Don’t you think this is perfect for our new beginning?


The color of your eyes has a wonderful feel to them now, the jet black filled with doubt when we first met was nice, butーーthe jet black reminiscent of the darkness of a deep abyss like now is truly beautiful.


If it’s with you, I can go anywhere, that’s just how I love you.

Thank you for choosing me.

I haven’t done the things you’ve said, the one who came to the side of love and hate is you yourself.

Now then, let’s go together. Always.

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  1. jingucci

    Ugh he’s too sweet for his own good. I felt that Yamanaka Masahiro was the perfect VA for this guy overall because no one else can pull off innocent tones like him but at the same time voice some pretty badass guys. Volumes 2 and 3 were also amazing (I personally have some sort of distaste for volume 2 than 3 for obvious reasons) and I felt that it escalated quickly after volume 1. That aside, I hope you enjoy or enjoyed rest of the series because I don’t think anyone will be the same after listening to the CDs or reading your translations of them.


    1. Criy

      That said, he is still manipulative towards her near the end, it is fair to say that he coerced her into committing suicide with him. And in the end, prior to the act of hanging, there appears to be an implication that the mc has mixed feelings in regards to the situation, but ultimately she has come too far to turn back.
      Plus it wouldn’t be strange if he in fact murdered the fiancée (given his unusual reaction and peculiar insistence on dying immediately after the event) because he has been shown and proven to have lied to her on a prior occasion.


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