【Translation】 Oyasumi Kareshi 5 ~Kahogo na Kareshi to Sugosu Yoru~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

おやすみ彼氏 5 ~過保護な彼氏と過ごす夜~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Time Together


Welcome back, did the bath feel good?

I was organizing the photos I took recently. I have a break tomorrow, so I thought that I’d stay up a little late and fall asleep looking at your face.

Oh, if it’s about your bento box… Since it was in the sink, I washed it together with my own.

It was happenstance so don’t worry about it. More importantly, did you dry your hair properly?

If you don’t want to be treated like a child then at least dry your hair with the blow dryer. You’re always saying that it’ll be fine to let it dry naturally and then end up falling asleep as is.


Hehe. Sorry, sorry, it’s not like I don’t trust you. Come on, don’t make that face, and come over here.


Hmm, it’s nice and silky. You dried it properly. Good. Good.

I wasn’t trying to treat you like a child but if you hated it then I’m sorry.

Nope, did you forget that you caught a cold the last time you said the exact same thing? The fatigue from work has been accumulating lately so your health will fall apart right away if you take your mind off it.

It’s not a bother, I’d more than gladly take care of you.

You should know that I’m meddlesome, no? Just that I don’t wish to see you suffering from a cold. You can impose on me as much you’d like, but I’d be happy if you don’t worry me.


Hmm? What’s wrong?

I know you’re able to take care of yourself properly so please don’t pout. Though, that expression is cute.

You aren’t gonna turn this way? Hey, hello. Hehe, your cheeks are all squishy.


Oh, sorry, I was too nosey.

Let’s sleep separately today, it’s been a while so when we’re together I’m more troubled than necessary. When you’re tired you want to sleep alone quietly, right? I can fall asleep anywhere so I’m fine with the sofa.

Eh? What?

Is that so? Mhm, me too. Okay.


Squeeze. Aah…it feels like a long time since I last felt this sensation.

It can’t be helped, work has been busy for you, hasn’t it? You’ve been coming back on the last train every night after all…you’ve worked hard.

Hmm, then how about we have a little chat before we sleep? Can you please give me a bit of your time?


Hmm? About earlier? That was a picture of a stray cat in this neighborhood. There are a lot of cats around here right? Once I photographed the one cat I caught sight of… Before I knew it, there were a huge number of them.

There’s a fellow I often see these days, it’s a cat with shiny pitch black fur but if you pay attention, it’s really beautiful. I’d like you to meet them someday.

I think you’ll definitely take a liking to it. It finally let me touch it last time, but the smooth fur felt so good to the touch that I wanted to pet it forever.


Hehe, are you jealous of the cat?

It’s not a bad thing at all, rather you could say that I’m happy. Personally, if you were focusing on a cat too much I’d probably be jealous too.

Yup, even if I introduced them myself. I’m confident that I’m narrow-minded when it comes to you.

Don’t laugh.


There are lots of places I’d like to visit with you, I want to just go out on a trip once your job settles down.

Eh? Really!? Where do you want to go? I’ll drive you there.

I found an interesting shrine nearby so I wish to show that to you. And since we didn’t go last year, fireworks would be nice too. Oh, but, do you remember about that lake you wanted to see? This season might be just right for exploring, so if you like, I don’t mind staying overnight.

Ah, I guess so. Sorry, I was getting all excited on my own.

Haa…it didn’t go well it seems.

No, it’s nothing.


You’ve been busy with work recently right? You often arrive home on the last train so I was thinking that you haven’t been getting the proper rest. I wanted to thank you for working so hard like that but…it didn’t go well.

I’m fine. I get up at a fixed time and I cook because I want to.

I know, that’s why even if it’s excessive you can’t really say it. When I see you living life enjoying work no matter how tired you are, all I can do is watch over you.

Uh-huh, since we’re always together, I can tell.

I know that you’re strong but that’s exactly why I’m worried that you might be pushing yourself and end up wanting to do something for you. But if I’m too meddling like I was earlier, all it is is annoying.

Pleasing you is a difficult task, isn’t it?


Haa…I was trying to be more secret about it, but I guess I can’t hide it.

Really? Somehow I feel rewarded when you say that.


Yes, what is it? Let me hear what you have to say.



Track 2: Ordinary Happiness


Eh? You were lonely too?

That is true, we haven’t seen each other’s faces outside of mornings recently.

Eh? We’re still saying good morning and welcome home like usual, no?

I see. So such normal things are what make you happy. Haha, I wonder if it’s been conveyed that I cook whilst thinking about you.

I just make it along with my own, so it’s alright. Besides, lately, I’ve been having fun preparing bentos.


Oh, that? Hehe, I wanted to try making a character bento for once. Yours is a bear, mine’s a rabbit.

It’s not flipped, a rabbit is like you so it’s healing when I look at the bento during times we can’t meet.

Yup, the bear is me. Do you find it odd?

Haha, I’m glad that it pleases you.

……Oh, I guess this is what you call normal.

Ah, in saying that, I might be going around in circles a lot. Somehow it’s a bit embarrassing.


Eh? Really!? Then let’s take our time and rest tomorrow.

It’s fine, you don’t have to be in such a rush. We can go out at any time so take it slow during these long-awaited off-days.

Don’t worry, how about in exchange, you go out on an outing with me at your next break? And until then, I’ll think of a plan that would bring you enjoyment.

It’s only natural, no? I failed in alleviating things secretly so I intend to strive in all sorts of ways in order to rejuvenate you in a grand fashion.

Mhm, let’s try not to overdo each other, okay?


Well then, first, I guess I’ll prepare a deluxe platter tomorrow filled with everything you love.

Are you happy? …I’m glad.

Since it’s a rare chance, how about we sleep in late and have a late brunch? It’s fine to do so on the occasional day off, right? As a reward for working hard, forget about work and take the time to rest.

……Though it is a little bit unfortunate.

Eh? You heard me? Aah…how embarrassing. No, but you’re exhausted, right?


But it’s been a long time so I might not be able to be gentle-wait, that’s not it. …Are you really not pushing yourself? I’m starved for you so I have no confidence in my self-control and I don’t want to make you tired, afterwards.

You…aren’t you a little bit too sweet to me? Somehow I feel less able to match you year after year.

If it’s hard on you, please say it.

I’ll be as gradual and gentle as possible. Much more than usual. To the point that you’ll melt into mush.

Just kidding.


You’re laughing too much, even I’m self-aware that I’ve said something embarrassing.



Track 3: Lots More


Are you not cold?

I see. That’s a relief. Can you turn your back a little?

Yes, thank you.

Somehow it feels like a long time since we’ve kissed like this too, doesn’t it?

The one morning is a greeting, no? It’s been a while since we last took our time with it.


Since you just had a bath, there’s the nice scent of soap.

Aah…your scent is really strong here.


Oh sorry, it’s been a long time so…

This time I do it more slowly okay? What do you think? Are you okay with this level?

I’m sorry, my feelings of not wanting to hurt you are too strong. I don’t intend to hurt you but it’s more so about the burden on your body. I want to make sure it isn’t the slight bit hard on you.

Kuh! What are you doing? …Your feelings?


I won’t say that you’re unwilling, but you got dragged into it because I said that I wanted to do it.

Eh? That aspect?

Don’t say that part of me is no good. In other words, this means that you wanted to do it with me too?

You’re really too good at delighting me.

Mhm, I’ll do it. Let’s have plenty of kisses.


Is this place good too?

You know, this place will steadily become stiffer when I touch them. I like it because I can clearly tell that you’re pleased.

You’re cute when you’re embarrassed too.


Could you touch it?

There’s no way I wouldn’t be excited from touching your body.

Mhm, it feels really good.



Sorry, I don’t think I can last much longer. Can you do it with a bit more strength?


Ah, I dirtied your hand, didn’t I? I’m sorry, I’ll wipe it immediately.


Thank you, it felt really good. This time, can I do it? I want to pleasure you too.

Are you already a bit wet? Is it because I teased your breasts?

Wait, not yet, we’ll leave that for later.


You like this place, right? This softest part, right?

Look, you jolted.

Sorry, sorry, I wasn’t trying to tease you, but it’s either that I want to make you feel good or that I merely want to continue touching you.

This time, it’ll be this spot.

It’s been a long time so I ought to lick it plenty.


Does it feel good?

It’s overflowing from the inside. Is it fine for me to insert my fingers?

Hey, hehe, how lewd. I’ll insert a bit deeper.

Ah! Sorry, did that hurt!? If you hate it, say it and I’ll stop.


Eh? I see, then I’ll do it some more.

Your voice just now was cute. Was it this spot?

What a cute voice, I’d like to hear it some more but right now, I’ll be kissing you.


I wonder if it’s fine now? It’s gonna be difficult for me soon.

Is it okay if we do it from the back today?

Can you lift your butt a little more? …Yup, good girl. It’ll be easier on your body later this way since I want to burden your body as little as possible today. I’ll try and get it over with quickly, so bear with for a bit, okay?


I’m extremely happy just being like this with you.

Can you tell that my heart’s pounding? Today, I wonder if it’s because it’s been so long, but I feel more tense than usual.

Ah, sorry. Eh? What do you mean?

Jeez, even though I told you that I didn’t want to push you, please don’t say such cute things. I won’t be able to hold back, you know?

I’ll take it out in one go, so can you turn this way?


I’ll put it in like this.


I prefer doing it this way and seeing your face too.

Hey, I want to hold hands.

Thank you. By holding hands like this, it’s like my whole body is joined with you and it feels really good.

…I might end up going a bit more intensely.



Hehe, I really love that side of you.

Let’s cum together?




Nope, any more than this and you’ll be exhausted. Let’s continue this during a time where you’re less tired okay?

I’m reluctant about it, but in exchange, please allow me to kiss you lots.


Track 4: Before Saying Goodnight


I’m sorry, although I said that I’d be gentle, I might’ve been a little high-handed.

Really? But, haa…look, your shoulder’s exposed. You’ll catch a cold so come closer this way.

I know that I’m meddlesome, but I just can’t leave you alone. If it’s irritating then say it, I’ll try hard not to…umm, interfere too much.

Don’t laugh. Even with this, I’m resisting the inevitable urge to interfere.


That’s because there’s one certain person that can’t be left alone.

I’m joking, I get lonely but regardless, to me, the most painful moments are when you’re unwell. You can throw all sorts of hassles at me, just that, I’m worried that you might be overdoing yourself when I’m not around.

It can’t be helped right? To me, you’re more precious than anything else.

I can look after you more? Even now, I’ve been thoroughly told that I’m a worrywart and overprotective, I feel like any more than this and I’ll be hated.


Hmm…for example, a kiss when we leave and return or message each other during the day, ah, certainly we’re already doing that now.

Also, there’s entering the bath together and washing one another’s body, and drying our hair after bathing.

Oh, we go in together occasionally. Then, I want to fall asleep while holding each other.

Hmm? Huh? We’re already doing all of it, aren’t we?

What’s this, so this is just the usual.


Hmm? What’s wrong? Are you in the mood to be spoiled?

I wanted to hug you some more too. I’m really happy to be able to spoil you like this. All the more so when you’re easily embarrassed and not very honest.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!! Too much strength, I wanted to say I liked that dishonest part, oof.

That hurt. Even if you’re good at spoiling me, you don’t take well to being pampered.

Oh, but that part’s cute, though.


Umm, earlier I mentioned places that I’d like to visit, but there’s a place I definitely wish to bring you to someday.

There’s a botanical garden a slight distance away, right? There are awfully splendid trees there and the caretaker told me that it’s extremely beautiful when the flowers bloom.

Hmm? Not yet, because I want to go see them together with you. We’re still talking little ways into the future, but what do you think?

Thank you. And, umm, we can wait until then, but can we take a photo together? So that we don’t feel lonely during times we can’t often meet. Of course, being able to talk and see each other every day is most preferable, but that’s not possible, right?

That’s why I want to leave behind lots of regular photos, trips photos, and photos of us together. If possible I’d like you to carry around a photo of me too, just kidding.


Ah, huh? She fell asleep.

Thank you for working hard every day. Sleep soundly, okay?


Track 5: Umm…


Hehe, she fell asleep immediately.

You really were exhausted, weren’t you? I’m sorry for pushing you. Looks like I was too merry about finally being able to spend time with you.

I was happy when you told me that the bentos were delicious. Aah…if you were gonna be that happy, then I should’ve tried harder. Although, I realize that’s not what you meant when you said it…

Normal. Normal eh. That’s the most difficult part.


If you’ll make you happy, I’ll be happy to do it for you, any time.

After you thanked me for the meal, if you just say thank you and smile, that’s more than enough for me. It makes me extremely happy just to see your smile.

It was tough being unable to do anything to support you as you return home tired every day. Right now, I’m doing a variety of things for your sake, but that’s because I can’t stand to do nothing.

To you, this might just be needless care. Though if I were to say it next time, you might get angry and say that I’m overthinking things.


I’m scared that someday, you might not need me.

You’re letting me do it because I said I wanted, but in truth, you’re capable of anything, aren’t you? …So that’s why I end up thinking that far.

But I guess it’s obvious that I’m anxious about such things.

Haa…even though I was trying to spoil you, I was completely spoiled by you instead. It’s really unfair.

Ah, if only you couldn’t live without me.


I’ll see it that, someday, I become enough of a better man that you lean on me without reservations. When times are truly difficult, and you’re unable to persevere, if there’s something I can do, please don’t hesitate to depend on me.

Now then, I guess I should sleep soon. Tomorrow I got to wake up early and prepare your breakfast.

Good night.


Track 6: Next to Shun


Ngh, no, you can’t…Zzz, going there, is dangerous. Zzzz.


Secret Track


Okay, did you enjoy the meal?

In that case, I’m relieved. I ate a lot too so it was worth making.

Hmm? What is?

I just end up being fussy over these things, weren’t you a little happy when you found the pressed carrots?

It wasn’t a hassle at all, it was fun creating a floral pattern on the sunny-side-up egg on top of the Salisbury steak.


But when I said that I make anything you’d like because it’s your birthday, you replied that a just Salisbury steak with a sunny-side-up egg is fine.

That’s what I said, but…I meant that I was okay with doing something fancy, though.

You’re cute like a child so it’s fine, no?

I’m complimenting you, I’m complimenting you. So, what shall we do next?

Yup, is there something you’d like me to do? It’s the important day on which you are born, so I wish to do everything I can to celebrate it.


If it’s about the laundry we can finish it in the morning. I also vacuumed earlier when I had time on my hands, so don’t worry about it. Along the way, I also finished dinner preparations as I made lunch.

Haa…you were about nothing but housework just now, is there not more lover-esque things that you want? It’s fine to be thoroughly pampered, you know?

Have you thought of something?

Lap pillow!? Are you okay with just that? I’m happy, but you can be more selfish, you know?


Well then, I’ll lead the way to the soda.

Nope, like I said, everything I can do, I will do.


Okay, we’ve arrived. It’s a shame, but I wanted to princess-carry you a while longer.

I wanted to do more.

Next up is the lap pillow. Well then, this place is all yours.

Yup, go ahead. Is it comfortable to rest on?

Haha, it is a lap pillow after all. Bare with the hardness for the meantime, and in exchange, this pillow comes with options.

That’s right. Since we’re doing the lap pillow… There’s this, right? It’s a rare chance so I’ll clean your ears.


It’s fine, it’s fine, don’t refrain. First off, I’ll start here.

I’m putting it in, please tell me immediately if it hurts.

Hmm? Heh? Does it seem that way? Hmm…I might be happy. With this, the things I can do for you has increased by one again.

Hehe, I’m doing it because I want to so it’s not just free service that only pleases you.


What do you think? Does it feel nice?

On the contrary, it makes me happier that way, though.

Not at all, you can give me trouble at any time and I won’t mind. Those words from you are my satisfaction I guess.

Okay, okay, a bit more…

It’s out. Okay, I’m done. Sorry, was that ticklish? I did it out of habit.


Close to your ear? Ah, foo.

Were you that weak to your ears?

Heh, so they’ve become sensitive because you’re embarrassing? In that case, I thought of something that might please you even more.

What do you think?


When I put my tongue in here, does it not feel like I’m licking the inside of your head?

Nope, I’m still not done with the opposite side.


Hey, if you move around too much you’ll fall off the sofa.

What’s no good? If we continue like this, you’ll feel like having sex? It’s a special day so even if you cut loose a little, it’s fine.

Besides, it’ll make me happy if you’d accept my pampering a bit more honestly.

Come on, say your request.


Got it.

Your body trembles each time I lick your ears. How cute. Because don’t you think it’ll be sad if I only did one side?

It’s a bit heart-pounding lit place. I won’t take everything off, so can we stay as is?

Could you hold up the bottom of your shirt?


I’m sorry, did that hurt? I sucked it a bit too hard so it’s gotten a little red.

Somehow if you look at it this way, it’s like you’re begging me to touch you.

Uh-huh. Thanks to that I can clearly see these soft breasts, and these hardened nipples. Does it feel good when I knead them with my fingers?

Because it seemed like it hurt a little earlier, I’ll stroke them gently.


In not removing everything, it has the opposite effect of being lewd. It feels a little like we’re doing something indecent.

I wonder if it’s no longer enough for me to gently fondle these breasts?

It’s obvious. It’s cute how both your chest and face are beet red.

Hmm? Are you already a little wet? I can tell through your underwear.

Why are you apologizing? Of course, I’d be happy that you’re feeling good from my touch.


Say, would you get angry if I say that I want to do it as is without taking it off? Don’t remove your underwear and let’s go all the way like this.

If I shift it a little this way, I can insert my fingers or is that no good?

Because it looked like you wanted me to put them in. Amazing, I feel like your insides are hotter than usual.

I’ll be inserting another one, okay?


Hmm, it’s overflowing even if I don’t move my fingers. With this, it seems like I can enter soon. Naturally, I’ll loosen it up a bit more.

Your insides are twitching, are you about to cum?

It’s fine, go ahead and cum.

I see, in that case, let’s climax together.


It’s cramped so it might be easier to do it horizontally.

Err, okay I got it.

Like I thought, it’s a bit tight.


Because it’s different from usual, your insides are squeezing me really tightly.


Don’t squeeze so hard, I’ll cum immediately.


Are you about to cum?

Mhm, let’s cum together.


Sorry, did I not dirty your clothes?

In that case, how about I princess-carry you again and bring you there. I’ll wash clean every nook and cranny for you.

I enjoy it, if I can spoil you like this then I wouldn’t mind if every day was your birthday.

Return the favor? I wonder what kind of request I’d ask of you then. Of course, you intend to spoil me, right?

Stop, don’t say something so sad.


Umm, I might say something strange. Is even a little no good? I’ll grant a whole bunch of your requests, but…I end up wanting to do it, though. Did it not feel good?

Thank you.

You really are sweet to me.

Haa…but well, that’s something to look forward to later. Okay?


Why do you look surprised? I told you that I was going to carry you to the bath, did I not? This day is far from over, you know?

I’ll spoil you lots after this, so be prepared.

Happy Birthday.

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  1. luxicity

    I’m so happy this got translated! I’ve been Makino Hideki’s victim (lol haha) for a while now, and since I really dislike yandere or very questionable characters (which are almost ALWAYS his roles), this CD of his is one of my faves along with his Neko no Iru Seikatsu and Oujisama Hiroimashita. There was even a time during my darker moments last year wherein this was always the CD I play before going to bed because fluffy Makino is just so… ASDFGJJKLLLLJAHAB *insert intense screaming*
    Thanks for translating this by the way! Ever since I’ve found this blog of yours a few weeks ago, (I initially called this the Makino hidden gem blog), I think I’ve almost been here almost everyday hahahaha. Anyway, looking forward to your next ones! ❤️


    1. Criy

      I’m happy that you found this little blog I started just a couple months ago. (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
      I find his fluff voice really comforting (I first found him in the role of Esta in Koezaru wa Akai Hana) so it’s such a shame that he doesn’t get much vanilla roles. I can tolerate yandere/very questionable characters but I know not everyone can, though my interest in them is more so as a translator and less as a listener.
      Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the translations, the types of contents I do are mixed, but rest assured I’ll be back with more fluff in the near future.


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