【Translation】 PRISON ~Hikami Kyouji no Baai~


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PRISON ~氷上教示の場合~

CV: Kawahara Yoshihisa (川原慶久)

Track 1: The One who Teaches


Wake up Prisoner #16.


Oh my, it appears that you never slept as opposed to me waking you up. Your eyes are red like a sign of crying.

Well, it isn’t unreasonable. If a person like you who’s ignorant in the ways of the world is incarcerated in a prison like this, your mental state would collapse in about 3 days. I’ve seen that happen to countless people.

Hmm? Oh, of course I know about you. As the daughter of the prestigious family that erected the largest industry group for precision equipment, you’re the murderer who killed both her parents. That was quite the curious piece of news.

Even if you declare your innocence here, the sentence won’t be overturned, you know? That’s something you yourself know quite well, is it not?


Are you in despair? Do you now wish to die? If that’s the case, I’ll teach you the best way to kill your soul.

Haha, you won’t die until the criminal who murdered your parents is apprehended?

What an interesting reply. Things are becoming more and more fascinating today, it was worthwhile coming all the way to visit this place.


I’ll introduce myself. I’m Hikami Kyouji, the head of the Hikami Family that operates this prison and as its acting chief.

Ho? Did you hear rumors about me from other prisoners beforehand? What kind of rumor? Go ahead and say it.

Hahaha! The teachings of ice? What a satirical nickname.

Yes, it’s satirical. This is an icy prison that freezes both the heart and soul and as it’s chief, it’s a fitting name, is it not?

…And someday your heart will be engulfed by this prison and ice over.


Why do you think I’ve come to tease you? Unfortunately, I don’t have the free time for such boring play, I’ve come for something more interesting.

Yes, a fun, very fun, deal between only you and me.

What? It’s nothing difficult, the conditions are simple. Swear absolute obedience to me while you’re within the walls of this prison and in exchange, I’ll search for the true culprit that murdered your parents.


No, this contract doesn’t last your whole life. If the true perpetrator is found, naturally your innocence would be proven and once that happens, you’ll be free in the aftermath.

I don’t mind if you forget the contract with me, however, the moment you break the contract, you’ll become my slave for the rest of your life.

Regardless if it’s permissible, I have the funds and societal status to purchase a slave, so I’ll have no issues in buying you.

Now then, what do you plan to do? Do you plan to miserably die inside this dark prison without clearing your parent’s regrets? Or will you prove your own innocence by complying with this transaction?

Your paths are one of the two.


Oh? To question me at this point, you’re unexpectedly deliberate, more importantly, you’re tougher than you appear. As expected of someone who protected another prisoner during the daytime.

Hmm? Yes, I know, the prison guard that was attempting to harass them was my younger brother Eiki, after all. I was there watching your behavior and it intrigued me.

Warn Eiki? Haha, I went out of my way to do so, but it can’t be helped if he’s irreparable. And since it can’t be helped, I have to tidy up afterwards.

This place is recognized by the country as being more or less outside the rule of law, all the prisoners are stripped of their human rights, and in order to regain freedom, you either serve a decades-long sentence or be bought as a slave before that.

That psychological suffering is one of the matters that is overlooked by the country under the moniker of punishment.


Incidentally, what was your question?

Hmm, what’s this? So it was about that? It’ll be best if you don’t make light of the power of the Hikami family too much.

I can play my hand behind-the-scenes at any time. I can bury a single individual like you without any difficulty, so in a similar sense, I’m able to draw out the true culprit using methods separate from the police.

Yes, it’s true. If you agree to this contract, I promise to bring the real perpetrator before you without fail.


Haa…though I say that, this issue is far too simple. It’ll take a period to arrange the evidence but it won’t kill much time.

Ah, I was talking about myself. And so, what do you plan to do?


The contract’s set. Looks like I’ll be free from boredom for the next while.

Now then. Without delay, I’ll hand you the orders for today.

It’s not that frightening, if I take the short-cut and rob you of your virginity at the very start then this play will become boring. That’s why, you’ll console yourself with your own hand tonight while I observe your actions in detail.

Why are you flustered? All you’re doing is masturbating, no? Don’t tell you haven’t personally done so?


Hahahahaha! This is funny, you really were a young lady of pure culture. Such innocent women are rare in this day and age.

I can’t help but to look forward to educating you. I’m so excited to the point that I want to just skip the steps and just shove it inside you.

Oh don’t be scared, like I stated earlier, I won’t do it tonight.

However, it’s a different story if you say you won’t masturbate.


Ah…making that teary face and not knowing what to do, I can’t help but think that you desire to be ravaged.

Nope, it’s nothing. I merely said that I was astonished by your difficulties with it.

First off, remove that bothersome prison uniform.

What are you doing? That also includes underwear. Hurry up, at this rate it’ll take until morning.


You have a better body than I had imagined. The shape of your breasts, their size, and the springiness of your butt, all of it is to my liking.

The tips of your breast have an enticing color, if you pinch and squeeze them with your fingers, it’ll become an even better color. Show that state to me.

Yes, just like that. You’ll feel more pleasure if you occasionally run the tips of your nails along it.

Looks like the stimulus is lacking, that place of yours should’ve been stiffer.


Haa…are your hands only good for holding teacups? Don’t mess around, put more strength into your fingertips.

More! Pinch and stroke them more intensely.

Don’t rest now, there are another 10 seconds left.


Aah…they’re now a nice color, looks like you enjoy it when they’re pinched a little strongly.

Hmm? You simply didn’t know the amount of strength you should exert? Pfft, did you think that type of lie would pass through me? With your chest already aching, even without me telling you to do so, you’d want to touch them, no?

You’re a slutty woman pretending to be ladylike.

If you’re going to say that I’m wrong, then why have you been fidgety the past while? Your lower half’s throbbing, no?

Enough with the excuses, if you don’t wish to hit with this whip, spread your legs at once.


Oh dear, even though I told you to self-masturbate, do you intend to have me help you? Spread your legs wider and spread that place open with your own hands.

This is troubling, I’m telling you to spread it open so I can see to the back of your wet vagina.

If you won’t do it then the contract’s void.

Oh? Fufu, good girl, stay like that for the time being.


Ho? It’s a little moist, did you get wet simply from fondling your breasts?

You didn’t take a wash in the shower tonight? I see, so right now you’re exposing the most embarrassing part of your body that couldn’t be clean before my eyes.

Speaking of which, there’s a bit of a scent. It’s one that tempts men, it is the smell of a woman.


Who told you that you’re allowed to close your legs? I told you to masturbate, you know?

Look, first creep your finger over there and start moving up and down. Slowly, as if you’re trying to tease yourself at the start.

Yes, just like that. Continue.

Your fingers are sliding quite nicely, I can see the fresh nectar that is spilling out.

It’s not a lie, it’s something I can clearly see. See? It seems like that engorged piece of flesh is trembling like it wants to be touched. Rub that place with a bit of pressure using the pads of your fingers.


Aah…it’s already sloppy, ain’t it? For the first time you’re masturbating, this is too lewd of a reaction. Not only that, the little entrance is twitching greedily as a man watches.

How sad, it’s dripping down onto the sheet, you know?

Do you desire more stimulation?

Don’t be hesitant, I don’t mind lending you the handle of this whip. Use this to stroke the entrance. If you press that fleshy bulb and this place at the same time, it feels good, no?


It has overflowed all at once again.

You’re not being honest, I’ll silent this lying mouth as punishment.

Hmm? Something about to come? Oh, you’re about to cum. Are you about to cum from masturbating for the first time and exposing that totally unclean filthy part of you to a man you just met?

In that case, how about we end it after you rub it a bit more?


I simply told you to masturbate, but I never told you to cum. Or do you want to take the initiative to do something that is beyond my orders?

Is that so? Then there’s no need for you to continue masturbating.

I’ve had enough fun tonight, it’s about time I return to the president’s office.

Oh I forgot to mention… I’ve had surveillance cameras installed inside this room during the break period. If you’re going to masturbate, you can’t forget about my ever watching gaze.


Hmm? I suppose so. Even when you have the urge to urinate, this camera will record it all.

Is it fun? Of course it’s fun, your bashful figure gets me the most excited.

Now then, have an indecent dream.


It’s been a week since then.

You’re quite diligent to be reading every single day. Studying during break time is something only you would do.

I was lying in ambush? Haha, that prediction is on the mark.

Well, don’t be so vigilant. I simply came to hand you a task since you had free time.

Yes, it’s true. Follow me.


Now then, I wonder where we should start off first.

What do I mean? I’m ordering you to clean.

Oh my, if you have the time to be making a befuddled face then go wet that cloth, clean everything in this room. I’ve been so busy lately, I didn’t quite have the time to go about it.

But even so, since the janitor was fired, it’s troubling.

Are you curious about why they were fired? Even if you don’t say it, your face shows everything.


It’s not a particularly serious reason, just that they were ogling me. It was a nuisance so I fired them.

Right now, you’re probably thinking that I seemed to be fine with anyone as long as they’re a woman are you not? Like I said, whatever you’re thinking shows on your face.

Unfortunately, I’m not concerned about women. Due to the Hikami name, so many will approach me to the point that I’ve been brushing them off and casting them away for ages. However, it’s not like I’m fine with anyone, I only desire those whom I acknowledge.

And so, there’s meaning in obtaining such things.

If you understand then hurry up and start cleaning, the break period will end before long.


Hmm? This is the first time I’ve had a prisoner clean this place but this is also the first time I’ve allowed a prisoner to enter this area to begin with.

Who knows, I wonder why? You might realize it once you finish cleaning.

But well…if you don’t want to, I’ll order you to do the same acts as the other day.

That’s good, polish every last corner.


Hmm, so this woman is longed after by that man. Not a bad direction.

Oh it’s you. I’ve reviewed the document I just received, in regards to this matter, I’ll entrust entirely to you-

Ah no, it’s nothing, don’t mind it. In any case, I leave this to you.


Come over here, report what you’ve done.

Ho? You broke china valued at several tens of millions of yen? If you did it for retaliation, on the contrary, I find it worthy of praise.

I’ll give you a whipping that matches that courage.


What? It readily came off when you held the porcelain’s handle? There’s no way that’s possible right? Don’t make such an awful lie.

I don’t care about your excuse, take off your clothes, come here and stick out your ass.

I’ll give you a punishment befitting of you.

Hahaha! Did you think I was going to hit you with the whip? Too bad, what suits you is to be humiliated by my hand in this manner.

But you seem free, how about you tease the nipples that you love?

Do it, it’s an order.


More, kneed it more indecently using your thumb and index finger.

That’s right, continue on just like that.

You’ve gotten wet as you play with that spot and if I lick that familiar area around the entrance like this, it starts overflowing.

Good grief, you’re so lewd despite being a maiden. Twitching and convulsing, it’s enticing men. It feels like a single finger could easily enter.


It really did enter, but it’s pretty cramped.

Seems like you truly never did comfort yourself before. When I think of the fact that I’m the first person to infringe upon this place of yours, I get unbearably excited.

Hmm? Here? This part is good it seems.

Like I had predicted, when I rub this area, it would squeeze down and become tighter as a result. When you’re squeezing down on my finger this hard, how’s it no good?

It’s wet, it’s twisting, and it’s stuffing its cheek deliciously is it not?


Oh? It’s dripping all the way down to the floor. Even though you went through the great effects of cleaning it, it’s now a mess.

How troubling, at this rate the punishment will never end.

What’s wrong? It’s been twitching quite a lot since earlier, don’t tell me that you’re about to cum from having your insides fingered?

I see, if you want to cum then try appealing to me by saying, “I want to cum!”

And in doing so, I’ll consider it.


Haha, so you wanted to cum that badly? Then, I shall prohibit you from cumming.

Hmm? What’s wrong? I gave an appropriate response according to the results of my consideration, you know? You’re happy, right?

Oh I see, in the week since you’ve arrived here, I always stopped while you were on the verge of cumming whenever you’re touched each day so it’s throbbing and throbbing so badly that you can’t help yourself, right?

How pitiful, because there’s a surveillance camera, you couldn’t console yourself, could you? Being brought to the limit every day, this is an indication that has certainly been rough, is it not?


What’s wrong? Your breathing is labored. Moreover, you’re making an expression akin to a sow in heat.

Like I said, each one of your thoughts shows on your face. Even now, you want me to put it inside so badly that it’s unbearable. I’ll alter this flushed part for you.

Really? Am I really mistaken?

Ho? In that case, how about we verify that? Lie down on that desk over there.

Don’t make me say it a second time.


If you’re going to say that you don’t want it inside until the bitter end, I’ll press the tip against it for a bit and check.


Amazing, just by rubbing the tip against the entrance, it’s twitching and convulsing as though it’s trying to swallow me inside.

What way does it say that you don’t want it?

Look, if you close up the entrance some more, you’ll be deflowered by me.

It’s so slippery that it’s close to entering even now. Do your best, if you concentrate your mind on it, you should be able to do it.

That’s right, concentrate your mind on it and feel me.


Hmm? It’s worse now that you’re focusing on it? So what’s worse? Say it.

I see, I see, this feels so that good that you’re unable to stop yourself. Good grief, you’re an impatient naughty girl. And naughty kids ought to be punished.

It’s truly a shame.


Come on, relax a bit more.

Even though you just lost your proof of virginity, it’s swallowing me up deliciously.

Is it painful? Since this is punishment, of course it’s painful. Repent more and accept my thing in its entirety.

What’s this? Rather than being reflective, when I push up this deep, it’s delighted instead ain’t it? Did you want my semen that badly?

If you’re against then loosen your insides some more, because right now it’s like you’re begging me to cum.


Amazing, it’s squeezing down on me so tightly.

If I leave such a lewd body alone, I can’t tell just what kind of man you might seduce. Looks I need to quickly educate your body to remember my thing.

This is the first time I’ve experienced such a pleasurable body.

I knew it, like I thought, you’re suitable as well.


Ah…don’t mind it. What you should be concerned about right now is what choice you’ll make.

Now then, I’ll give you a choice. Will you return back to everyone else with my cum on your face? Or should I ejaculate in your rear hole? Or I can cum inside you as is? Which one do you prefer?

By the way, I wouldn’t recommend having me stick it up your ass so suddenly. If I suddenly insert it without getting it accustomed, it’ll tear your anus and it might start bleeding heavily.

That pain is quite awful, you know?


Look, I’m cumming. I’ll cum in a bit.

Too bad, time’s up.


Since you wouldn’t respond, I ended up releasing a lot inside.

See? It’s quite the wonderful sound, it’s wet sounding. If I churn it up like this, I’ll get hard again.

That reminds me, what were you saying earlier?

Hmm? You wanted me to cum inside your ass? Hahaha! I’m sorry about that, try your best to say the entire thing next time. However, you came when I poured it inside, did you not?

It’s your first time, not only that, to cum from just your insides, you truly have quite the qualities.


Now then, the break period is about to end soon.

You can leave now. If you won’t leave, then would you like to be ravaged by me until morning?

Whoa! Ahaha, it’s the body of someone who has just lost their virginity. Don’t push yourself too much……because you’ll be working again tomorrow.


Track 2: Prison Demands Subordinance


Yes, it’s me. How was the aforementioned case?

Haha! I see, so it was unbelievably minor. Then, I’ll leave the aftermath to you.


It looks like the hands that were cleaning stopped just now, but it appears that you very much desire my punishment. Even though I’ve been pouring affection in you every day over this past month, you’re quite the greedy girl, aren’t you?

That’s not it?

Oh, the phone? Is there someone you wish to speak to?

Ho? A branch family’s child whom you cherished like a younger brother?

I see, I’ll consider it.


Haa…your hand stopped again. As I had assumed, you want me to put it inside, it seems.

If not, then what?

You want me to remove the egg vibrator inside you? It’s not switched on so just ignore it. Now hurry up and continue cleaning.


Hmm? What are you looking at this tim-

Oh that picture? Is it that surprising? That’s merely a family photo no?

Kind looking parents eh. Certainly, those people kept good outward appearances. But in reality, they were stern parents who pushed their sons in a way that’s almost reminiscent of abuse.

Yes, as the future family head, they were especially strict with me. The phrase, “we’ll show you how it’s taught,” was like a favorite saying of theirs.


No, I don’t particularly resent them. Rather, I’m grateful. Thanks to them, I was able to receive a high-level education and seize control over everything.

And that’s why I’m thinking of fulfilling their will as repayment.

What? You didn’t know? My parents were despised by the close relatives of prisoners and were then murdered.


Don’t mind it, in this line of work, it’d be stranger if you didn’t attract resentment.

Something you’d like to ask? What then?

Ah, the reason we continue to manage this prison? I don’t mind discussing it, but it’ll be tiring if we continue to talk at this distance so come closer.

Closer. Now sit on my lap.

Did you not hear me?


As expected, the sensation of your butt’s the best. It relieves my fatigue.

Haha, don’t be so pouty, I’ll tell you in full. Now then, I wonder where I should start it from?

First thing would be that I guess…it would be when the laws were amended several decades ago and the death penalty was abolished.

Hmm? Ah, this matter doesn’t concern just me, it’s safe to say that this country and this prison share a common destiny. You were too young to actually experience it, but when the death penalty disappeared, this country shook.

Regardless of its pros or cons, there were many people who were out for the prisoners’ blood and the country was troubled.

Although we did not follow the global trends to outright ban it, if the situation were to continue, the citizen’s dissatisfaction would erupt.


Having said that, no one was willing to take on the initiative to produce something that would incur resentment. And so, the one who offered assistance at that time was the Hikami family head 3 generations ago; it was a task my ancestor undertook.

He said this, “If you’re concerned that the death penalty’s gone, then how about I create a place that grants suffering equal to death?”

Naturally, there were those who advocated against it from a humanitarian perspective, but public sentiments are a dreadful thing. The state of affairs was terrible at that time too and the Hikami family took the situation upon themselves. And that hasn’t changed even now.

In fact, you can even say that people anticipate the punishment this prison gives. The world needs a target for their discontentment, after all.


Without this prison, society would once again be shaken, no? And in destabilizing, there are other countries aiming to take advantage of that opportunity. Therefore, that is the one thing that must be prevented.

And so, us members of the Hikami family are burdened with a heavy responsibility.


Hmm? Have I ever wanted to escape from it…? From the heavy responsibility?

Haha, that has never even crossed my mind. Although there are cowardly and ugly aspects to it, I love this beautiful country so I don’t exactly wish for it to fall into ruin.

Of course, it also serves as a past-time and a profit generator.

Because I run this place, I was able to find the most talented personnel that is you.


Hmm? What you’re best qualified for?

You’re full of questions, aren’t you? How about you figure out the answer yourself occasionally? Well…if you’re even able to think that is.

How does it feel to have a vibrator inserted inside you for the whole day today? You were restless at the possibility of me pressing this switch, no?

Ho? So you were that anxious?

How pitiful…is that what you thought I’d say? As you make expressions that fans a man’s lust, I won’t let you say that you aren’t feeling it.


I know, I’ll take it out. Place your hands on the desk and stick out your butt.

You were uneasy, no? I’m saying that I’ll remove the cause for it. Or perhaps, you don’t want me to remove it because it’ll be discovered that you’re about to cum?

If that’s that case I don’t mind. Be quick.

Looks like you very much desire to be hit by this whip.

If I’m mistaken then hurry up and stick out your butt.


Oh, what’s this? It’s twitching and dripping nectar greedily, ain’t it? In what way are you not close to cumming?

You’re still denying it eh, even though it’s this soaking wet.

My two fingers entered all in one go you know? Would you like to try three?

Hmm? It’s painful when it’s too sudden? Oh are you saying that it’s painful because it wasn’t enough?

I’m so sorry for not noticing. The lewd you isn’t satisfied unless your insides are spread wider, your pleasurable spots stroked by the tips of my fingers, and be put into disarray, no?


Hahaha! No need to refrain yourself, ah…I’ll take this chance to harden the tips of your breasts, or at least that’s what I thought I’d do. They’re already plenty hard before I even touched them, all engorged and sticking up stiffly.

Do you notice the change in your own body? The entrance’s gotten narrower and is clenching down on my fingers. You’re at the edge of your limits, no?

Come on, say it honestly. If you say it, I’ll give you a reward.

Yes, a very big reward.


I see so you can’t bear it anyone. Then, I’ll take it out.

Oh? Why are you looking so disappointed? You wanted me to remove the vibrator and end things no? Rejoice, this is your reward.

What do you mean I always stop right before? That way of speaking almost implies that you want to climax from my fingers, does it not?

Oh, that’s not it? Did you want to be ravaged by my ‘that’?

Ho? If I’m wrong then how about you comfort yourself in front of that camera? If all you want to do is simply cum, then that should be enough.


Thank you for your hard work, you can leave for today.

What’s wrong? Did you not hear me say that you can leave?

No, even if you leave now, I won’t punish you. I’m the one giving you permission in the first place, so it’d be strange if I were to give you punishment, no?

Hahaha! You’re so scared that you can’t move, eh. I don’t particularly mind, however, if you stay in one spot like that, I’ll forcibly shove my thing in and cum inside. I saved up quite a lot tonight, so you might just get pregnant this time.

You’re making a face as if you want that to happen.

Rest assured, even if I don’t do it now, I’ll pour it inside you again tomorrow.


If you fear me then hurry up and leave, I’ll give you an extension of 10 seconds.

10, 9, 8…


It is often said that each sigh will take happiness away from you, in which case, happiness has been taken from you a total of 17 times today.

Hah, I’m talking about how you’re sighing.

I don’t appreciate how you’re indulging in deep thoughts while work’s not complete.

It’s already practically done? Looks like you don’t grasp the situation, there’s still one place that isn’t clean.

You still don’t understand? …Are the insides that I tainted with my cum in the morning clean? I poured in quite a lot so it became rather messy, no?


Oh speaking of which, I came inside the back hole once too, didn’t I? How was it afterwards? Feeling wet each time you walked, you recollected how you were ravaged by me, no?

It’s a lie that you didn’t recall it.

Lately, your ass has gotten sensitive as well and would loosen up immediately. Particularly, when I push up against the front as your butt is teased with a toy, you’d cum in the blink of an eye and your naughty insides would beg for my semen.


Hahaha! After being fucked like that, you’re still this flustered? No matter how long it’s been, you’re still innocent like a maiden.

……There’s truly a need for me to ravish you.

Now then, hurry up and show it to me. If it’s clean, you’re free to leave for today.


I can’t tell if all you do is strip. Turn your butt towards me and spread it open yourself.

What’s wrong? Did you not hear my order?

Haa…you truly are a naughty child. That place of yours is twitching and leaking out my cum just from being seen.

Huh? You were suddenly unable to use the showers?

That’s unfortunate, however, the fact that you didn’t clean everything inside this room like I had instructed is undeniable.


Now then, how should I punish you today?

I didn’t let you cum during the day so it’s inevitable you want to cum so badly, no?

My my, you’re now able to say such obscene words without blinking an eye. For you who’s like that, this whip is more than enough isn’t it?

Hahaha! Don’t tell you’re turned on from being whipped.

If you’re going to deny it then it shouldn’t be an issue if I hit this risque place right?


You don’t want it? Try telling me why you’re against it then.

Hah, are you about to cum from me lashing a place like this with a whip? Good grief, I’ve never seen a woman who’s as dirty as you.

No, who taught you it was okay to say that? Endure it.


Good girl, you did well to endure it.

Come on, come here. I’ll give you plenty of praise. I’ll give you a special pleasure for being a good girl.


Did you cum merely from having my fingers inserted?

No, I won’t allow you to clap your knees together. Feel my fingers as is.


To squirt this much, you must’ve held back quite a lot, didn’t you? There’s no more need to resist, go ahead and cum some more.

Ah, what’s wrong?

You’re about to wet yourself? I don’t mind, let it out whenever you’d like.

Haha, what a nice expression.


I told you not to hold back, didn’t I?

It’s coming out, it’s pouring. Look, the floor’s all wet.

Don’t cry, if you cry like that, I’ll want to bully you even more.


You truly are cute, there’s no other adorable being in this world that I love teasing besides you.

Oh uh, oops, I unintentionally let out my true thoughts.

Why are you surprised? Ah…I did say that you were dirty, but have I ever called you unsightly? I find you beautiful, each time I embrace you. Divulging in me and becoming more indecent, I want to see that beautiful version of you.


I couldn’t hear that clearly.

It’s almost like a confession of love? Hahaha! Sorry, you made such a foolish statement that I wound up laughing.

Good grief, how frustrating.

You should realize how busy I am from being with me every single day. Did you think I would spare time from my occupied schedule to purposefully have sex with a woman I didn’t like?

In stating that you are willing to sacrifice even your own body in order to avenge your parents, that nobleness pieced my heart.


Now then, what do you plan to do? If you so desire, I’ll make love to the deepest parts inside you again tonight.

Good answer.

Hey, don’t be so impatient. The night’s still young after all.


Track 3: Point of Branching Fate


Prisoner #16, I’m entering.

Hey! I told you that you can’t just hug me until I say it’s okay, didn’t I? Haa…since when did you become just an impatient child?

Haha, so it’s my fault. In that case, it can’t be helped. I’ll take responsibility and punish you again today.


So where do you want me to cum today? In your ass? In your mouth? I’ll unload it wherever you desire.

Hmm? Neither of those?

Then tell me where you want me to cum with your mouth.

I see, so you want me to press up deep inside you and creampie you that way.


You poor thing, you’ve been completely dominated by me, haven’t you? You no longer have the option of loving anyone besides me.

I want to have sex with you right now, but tonight, there’s something I’d like to discuss together with you. I’ve prepared a present for you.

Don’t look so disappointed, once this matter is dealt with, I’ll dominate every nook and cranny of your body like you desired.

Now then, listen, tonight’s present would surely delight you as well.


Before I give you this present, there’s one thing I’d like to ask you.

Will you be willing to trust me regardless of what happens henceforth? Answer with either yes or no.

There’s no going back on those words, I won’t forgive you if you take back what you just said.

Is that so? Understood.


It’s here. Beyond this door is a present for you.

Now open the door and take a careful look.

What’s wrong? Is there something you dislike about my present?

Hahaha! That’s right, take a good look, there are many parts that are swollen but this is a person you know quite well, is it not? This is the man from a branch family whom you once called your brother.


Why I captured him? You’re asking quite the odd question, this the deal before you and me is it not?

That’s right, he is the true perpetrator that murdered your parents.

Well…I personally knew from the moment I reviewed the documents but, assembling the evidence took longer than expected because that man had paid people off and had items disposed of.

Ho? Despite all that I’ve said, you still wish to hear the truth from that man’s mouth.


It’s a shame but, the words that man spewed were so filthy that his tongue was punished a little prior. He probably won’t be able to speak for the next while.

Treat him? Were you not searching for the real culprit in order to retaliate against the adversary of your parents? Why’s there a need to save someone who caused your fall? Moreover, he confessed, you know?

Everything was synchronized so that he could secretly obtain you once you become a slave.

It’s true. He realized that you didn’t see him as a man, additionally, you were about to be married off in a marriage of convenience. That’s why he attempted to bring you down to the status of a slave before you could get married.

After having you purchased by an acquaintance that seemingly has no relation to him, the plan was to use the loophole in the prison’s surveillance to make you his property.


There’s also a massive fortune to be inherited so it’s two birds with one stone. Although he’s part of a branch family, in a situation where there is no heir, under the law he’ll become its successor.

Just that he miscalculated that the inspections here, or rather my inspections were more rigid than he had imagined.

He must’ve been growing impatient because he easily fell for the bait I prepared.

Once I told him that was a possibility of obtaining you, he joyously popped up with a large sum of money in hand.


It’s not a lie, the proof of that is written here.

However, you had promised me that you would trust me regardless of what happens. In that case, there should be no need for you to view this evidenceーーif you truly put absolute faith in me, that is.


Now then, I’ll give you another decision today.

Will you believe me even without these official papers? Or will you believe him instead? These are your options.

Oh, by the way, if you choose him, I’ll view that as a betrayal towards me. In other words, you might be able to save your so-called younger brother, however, you’ll become my slave.


Why are you making that expression? That’s exactly what we agreed upon at the very beginning no?

So let’s hear your reply.


Happy End: Prison


So you trust me more than that man? Then there’s no need for you to view this evidence, even if that decision might be a result of my brainwashing?

Regardless of the reason, as long as you have feelings of love towards me, that is the absolute truth? You surprise me time and time again, with your unusual stubbornness and strength.

And so, this is my final order to you.

……Become my wife from today onwards.


That’s a good answer, tonight, I’ll spoil you to the point that you want me to stop so be prepared.


What? You’re still concerned about that man?

Haa…it can’t be helped. If you’re going as far as to say that, I’ll send him to an appropriate location after he receives medical treatment.

Yes, I’m serious. However, he’s a man who has committed such crimes, so you better expect that he won’t be going off to a regular prison. He has a relatively pretty face, so let’s toss in a place where he can work even as a man. He won’t need his male functions, so on that note, how about we chop that off?


Hahaha! I’m joking. That’s right, it’s a joke.

Now then, let’s go. There are many things we ought to do in order to prepare for our wedding in the near future.

There’s no need to worry about such a man any further.


You’re slow, walk faster.

No, we’ll lose the ceremonial hall. I forcibly opened up a slot at this popular church that was filled reservations.

Like I said, I won’t wait, I’ll carry you there.

I don’t care about the looks from other people, do you realize just how much I was looking forward to this moment?

That’s not it, it was from the time we first talked. I decided from that moment onwards that I was going to make you my wife.

A high enough education to speak to me as an equal, a kind heart towards others, a noble soul and more than anything, a cute personality that is fun to tease. Everything is perfect, there’s no one more suitable to be my wife than you.


Haha, that’s right, you’ve been successfully caught in a trap. I never had the intention of letting you go from the start.

I love you.


Haa…you’re reading the newspaper again? No matter how many times you read it, what is written won’t change.

That scum from the branch family whom you once called your brother has been sent to a place befitting of him. He’ll probably never see the outside world ever again.

I want to sigh too, you know?

Hah? Why that is? Even though we were finally able to spend time as a married couple without anyone else present during this long-awaited holiday, my wife is sighing over another man, so of course it’s not fun.

Looks like there’s a need for re-education.


Whoa! Nope, I won’t let you escape. As punishment for thinking about a man other than me, allow me to embrace you here.


I’m glad I bought a spacious table, there’s plenty of room even when I push you down on it. With this, it’ll be fine even if I go somewhat rough.

To be considering the times I would attack you when I chose it, that’s…well, that sort of happened.

It can’t be helped right? When having a new wife that’s far too cute, it’s inevitable that the husband would feel uneasy. If I don’t hold you like this, I’ll feel anxious. Especially when Eiki has been coming to see you lately.


You’re mistaken if you believed that you could hide it from me, the security cameras installed inside this mansion are always standing watch…no I mean, watching over you.

That aside, you didn’t remove that, right?

Hmm? Show it to me.

That’s a relief, this chastity belt attached with toys has protected you again today. You tried your best to hold out, didn’t you? I’ll unlock it right now so stay still.


Aah…it’s already in this state. Your body has steadily become lewder.

Don’t tell me that while I was away you were shaking your hips and having fun by yourself. Your insides are already a complete mess.

Come on, don’t avoid it, answer it properly. Spit out whether you came from something that isn’t me.

Hmm? What did you say? Louder, say it in a voice that would resound throughout the garden.


Hahaha! I see, so you make sure to resist orgasming. I’m proud of you, I ought to reward a good girl that could keep her discipline.

I’ll give you whatever you desire, so what is it that you want?

Yes, what a coincidence, I just so happen to be thinking of that as well. I want to enter inside you right now and make a mess out of you.


You’re tight as well today. Even though I’ve been having sex with you every day like this, why your body this good? Moreover, you’re gradually becoming cuter and more beautiful.

Jeez, it’s hard-to-forgive. Even though it’s more than enough for me to be the only one looking at you because you’re too cute, uncalled for pests will come to approach you.

It’ll be nice if you could quickly be impregnated with my child and become unable to leave the mansion.


Hmm? What was that? Even if you’re pregnant you’ll go for walks?

Are you an idiot? There’s no way a bride of the Hikami could take such risks.

Rejected, I definitely will not allow that. You should just stay inside this mansion forever. I’ll buy whatever you want, and if you so desire, I can expand the grounds of this mansion, so please remain where my eyes can reach.


Crap, because it’s been a few days, I can’t last any longer so I’ll cum once.

In exchange, for the 2nd and 3rd time, I’ll carefully torment you until your throat goes hoarse. And for the 4th time, I’ll moderate it a little.


I’ll feel like I cum a lot today.

Are you happy?

Not enough, say that you’re happy some more and say that you love me some more.


My beloved bride, it’s unfortunate, but…there’s no escape for you.

More than that prison and more than anywhere else, I’ll continue to restrain you. Your future belongs entirely to me, and my world belongs to you.


Bad End: My Beloved Slave


Ho? So you’ll believe them instead? However, are you fine with that? If you choose him, you’ll become my slave, you know?

I see.

Haa…apparently my teachings have failed. Look, this is the reality that you denied.


It’s too late for you to be crying now, at this point in time, you’ve become my slave. And for the crime of doubting your master, I’ll make you pay with that body.

Quiet, there’s no more need for your comment.


It hurts? Did you think you had the right to complain? Such foreplay is unnecessary for a slave so hurry up and spread your legs.

If you don’t do as I say, I’ll butcher that man and drown him in the ocean.

That’s right, because you’re my slave, do as I say. Your eyes should only reflect me, your ears should only hear my voice, and what you should feel is only the pleasure I gave.


Hahaha! How does it feel to be fucked in front of the man whom you called a brother?

You made that choice even though it meant abandoning me, so it must feel miserable, right?

You discarded me, did you not? Whilst saying that you loved me, instead of believing me, you chose that man instead. It’s a horrible act of betrayal, it’s not a matter I can forgive.


Aah…that’s good. Your insides are all slippery, you really are lewd.

If I grind up against the good spots like this, you’ll get wet even without foreplay. By squeezing this tightly, I feel like I’ll cum a lot of again today.

Hahaha! Now you’re going to resist? I’ve already poured my cum inside you countless times, so give up and get pregnant with my child and allow your mind and body to be bound by me.


Once you’ve given birth to one, the 2nd will come soon after. I will not give you time to rest and will continue to ravage you.

You belong to me, and I’ll teach your body that fact.


Cumming, I’m cumming.

I’ll press up deep inside you and creampie you that way like you wanted.


You came from the sensation of being creampie-ed again, didn’t you? Despite your current situation, your body’s honest.

Well…I guess you could say this is the result of my education.

It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to dominate the heart that was most vital.


Now then, let’s go to a place that befits you.

Even if you don’t tremble that much, it’ll be alright. You’re the only one person I’d keep alive and never kill, however, I can’t make any guarantees about that man.

My beloved slave, starting from today, I’ll slowly kill your heart. And in doing so, somedayーyou’ll belong only to me.

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  1. Aly

    I don’t know why, but I have the feeling Kyouji planned all the situation with MC’s brother. For me, her brother was innocent and Kyouji, in his dominance and yanderism, planned all that just to have MC’s completely for his own, knowing her brother at some point will help her.


  2. PunBun

    Thank you so much for translating this!!! I’ve been interested in the Prison Series for a while and I can’t tell you how excited I was when I found out you did translations for them!! I got hooked on Kyouji’s vol because of his voice but I was actually surprised with how they handled his endings. For a yandere cd, his volume seems a bit softer compared to Eiki and Yousuke’s bad endings *cough* aside from conditioning the MC *cough.* Then again as someone whose been listening to cds from Dusk recently (gotta love Makino amirite?) a lot yan cds seem softer in comparison lol.


    1. Criy

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed them.
      Prison isn’t the most yan-esque series (in current standards) to begin with, so it’s not much of a surprise. The interactions fall a bit more on the dubcon side rather the very blatant noncon that Dusk works tend to often feature. And when it comes to this volume, one can arguably say that Yousuke is probably more closer to the typical yan than Kyouji actually is.


      1. PunBun

        I agree! Comparing the two volumes Yousuke seems to be more of the type that acts sweet on the outside while hiding his true nature like a typical yan. Kyouji on the other hand seems like the kind of person to quietly manipulate things until he gets his way. The one big difference that I noticed however is how they deal with rejection from the MC. Yousuke still inevitably loved MC and treated her well even after getting rejected and all the uhhh…other things that happened to her. Where as Kyouji took her rejection as a straight up betrayal. In terms of the Bad Ends, Yousuke’s actually seems more of a bittersweet ending since he still loves the MC despite everything meanwhile Kyouji”s ultimately feels like the MC is stuck in an eternal hatefucc situation because of her rejection.


      2. Criy

        Though I wouldn’t say Kyouji’s methods were subtle to say the least, he’s very open about demanding control over others. He did statement if she ever went back on her word, he will not forgive her. After all, Kyouji’s very much a man of his word for better or for worse.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. PunBun

        That’s true, he did openly admit that in the first track. The fact that he hints at planning everything from the start is what gave me a general impression of him. Tbh the fact that he stuck to his word with what he promised MC and that small bit in the “good end” where he wanted MC to have his child and just stay in his mansion forever kind of reminded me of Touji from Dusk a little since Touji promised to only have Hikaru and essentially kept the MC under lock down. (Not that Kyouji necessarily resorted to that in the good end but yeah) I know they’re two different charas from different creators that have widely different premises and personalities but since they have similar names and are both some of my fav cds I guess I can’t help but find similarities ><


  3. Kborenai

    Stockholm syndrome in its natural habitat, Christ, and Kyouji perfectly knew what he was doing. Compared to Eiki’s volume, which also had a rape turns to love kind of plot, this made some bit more sense because the heroine was conditioned to “love” Kyouji. I thought he was just this BDSM edgelord, but dang, this guy is yandere AF.

    Also, that step brother guy got what he deserved. Poor MC, she must’ve been shocked. Kyouji made things worse by making her choose right then and there, right when MC felt that she had nothing left. Imo, the ‘good end’ was MC’s way of escaping that horrid reality. Kyouji set the stage — it wasn’t love, it was indoctrination. I just hope the mansion confinement part doesn’t push through. It would make even the most mundane of walks even more boring. Tsk. On the other hand, the bad end made sense because that’s how I understood the character of Kyouji. He NEVER takes no for an answer. Even if he did love the heroine, it doesn’t detract from the fact that he will use force and authority to get what he wants. He isn’t a yandere because of love, he is one because he acts that way.

    Anyway, that was long rant. Thanks for the translation~


    1. Criy

      You’re welcome, this took me a while to get to, but it was very much worth translating.
      His name Kyouji itself is a reflection of that, it means teachings and in this case, very much reflects his indoctrination style of actions. This volume and as well as other volumes are clear in implying that the reason she clings onto said man is because of the situation she was put in because at that point, what is there to lose, she’s been sentenced to the equivalent of death and it gave her a thread to hang on by.
      Only the 3rd vol is wholesome, while the rest are a varying degree of questionable and yan (although not as blatantly obvious compared to the writer’s other works). This is why I enjoy having bad endings since what is often more telling of a chara’s personality is when things don’t go their way.


      1. Kborenai

        In this series, the raep ends made so much sense because these people are B.A.D. (Except Fujita of course, he’s just in the wrong profession..poor guy) I’m curious, is this writer also behind Operetta Tre’s other works?


      2. Criy

        Though only Kyouji had an actual rape ending, the others didn’t.
        The writer wrote Prison and Yoi no hate, while Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshita no ka was produced/directed but not written by her. She also wrote all the works under Operetta/Operetta Due with the exception of the initial vol. of Soko wa Yume no Fuchi which she only wrote the original draft for.
        Interesting note, she also wrote Dusk’s debut work for Setuka (since the two are in fact friends).


      3. Kborenai

        Called it. Setsuka’s initial works really did derivative from Operetta, but we have to appreciate how they both had unique style. Man, these people are goals lmfao (ancestors, do not judge me).


      4. Kborenai

        Also, my bad. I was supposed to mean ‘rape’ in general. All Hikami volumes had it. Eiki and Kyouji, no question. Yousuke took advantage of MC’s distress in track1/2 and it doesn’t matter if she allowed it, because she was in a lesser position and under a state of duress. You can also not it rape, but it is still definitely messed up.


      5. Criy

        But yes, that is very much the case, they feature very skewed power relationships in which case lines can be quite blurred. Consent is not necessarily black and white in all situations.

        Setuka did view Operetta’s writer as a bit of a mentor, ofc she has gotten into her own unique place in terms of story writing as she gains more experience as she writes. Plus she had a distinct way of wording which is still fairly important, the same story with slightly altered wording can result in very different experiences after all.


      6. Criy

        Unfortunately, translations can only capture so much. ~(>_<~)
        There's are subtle nuances that exist only in the Japanese language, things like the gravity of something as simple as 愛してる simply can't be properly expressed in English.


      7. Criy

        However, behaviors making sense has less to do with abject evil, but the nature of their experiences/personality. Yousuke and Eiki’s actions followed a certain logic due to the reality of the repeated rape inflicted upon them as children which warped their perception in 2 constrasting and perhaps almost extreme ways and most certainly severely impairs any ability to establish healthy relationships with women in general for the rest of their lives.


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