【Translation】 Kenryoku-sha no Junai to Shitsuji no Jouai ~Kanba Ryuuji~


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

権力者の純愛と執事の情愛 ~神庭隆司~

CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Track 1: Man who Takes / Garden


Oh, I’ve never noticed; this flower garden’s beautiful as ever.

It’s dangerous!

Can you stand? You seem unhurt, oh right, I should introduce myself first. I’m Kanba Ryuuji, the man who robbed you of everything.

Therefore the company and its subsidiaries owned by your father who passed away the other day, the 3 estates including this mansion, the legacy that only you should’ve inherited, I now possess all of it.


It’s unfortunate, but there’s a proper contract in place. But rest assured, the company and real estate were all I received, you’ll be able to inherit the amassed money and personal property without issue.

If you live a modest lifestyle, you should be able to attend university regardless.

Naturally, I’ll have you leave this place. Carry out whatever’s inside the mansion and arrange it here. I’ll cover the cost, this is the minimal mercy I…

You want me to let you live here? Are you serious?

Ho? You’ll do anything? I understand, go ahead. If you listen to any and all orders as my servant, then I’ll leave the mansion as is.

It’s your precious mansion and flower garden, right? Then how about you serve me amicably?


Having obtained everything, you’ll only aimlessly destroy your status as a student. Your sentiments areーー

If you’re going as far as to say that, I’ll give you room until evening. If you’re willing to obey me then greet me as a servant of this mansion. Depending on your attitude, I might offer you compassion and pay you back in the form of the rights to this mansion.

If you aren’t willing then go find a new place to live, young lady.


Track 2: Conditions and Allure / Master’s Room


What’s with that appearance?

I see. I thought you immediately ran.


Enough, I’ll carry the briefcase myself.

To purposefully wear a servant’s uniform to meet me, you’re quick to adapt. It’s good that you’ve gotten into form, but you may not last after.

…I indeed told you to greet me though.

By the way, what’s the situation with your butler?

Finishing other business? By not greeting me, I sure he wishes to imply that his Master is you until the bitter end. He’s different from the servants that bought out their resignations and left, it’s rather impressive.


What? He was ordered to? Ain’t it cute how you want to have me to yourself.

You’re a young lady who knows how to poke fun at others, aren’t you? It’s my room but I’m utilizing your father’s study. Once I return from my shower, prepare some alcohol for me to drink immediately.

The master of this mansion is me, I can use whatever facility I choose, no?

I was never unassuming from the start, I’m residing inside this mansion on a simple whim of mine. And the drink I want is whiskey, I don’t care about the brand name so choose whatever is appropriate.


What’s this? Were you expressly waiting for me?

No change of clothes was prepared so I had no choice but to leave with a towel wrapped around my waist. To be frank, I thought you did it out of spite.

This is my snide remark so take care as to prepare it from now on. And just how long do you intend to act like a little miss?

In any case, since you were waiting, there’s something for me to drink no?


Haa…hand it to me.

Listen, first, you place the ice into the glass. One about this size is fine. I drink on the rocks, double. Raise it to a little more than half the length of your finger starting from the bottom of the glass.

Come on, try pouring.

You may continue to attend university as long as you don’t shirk your duties as a servant.


Why are you thanking me?

You’ll work hard eh. In that case, it appears that you don’t remember how to prepare it at all. Don’t stop your hands and pour it quickly.

In the end, stir it lightly with the muddler.


It took quite some time before I was finally able to drink.

You don’t have to apologize. This is the brand that I enjoy drinking, albeit, by chance, I’ll give you a point for it.

The butler investigated it for you? Then you really don’t know anything, do you?

You do not differ from carefully grown flowers inside the greenhouse. You gave me your consent or did you already forget? …About the fact that you must listen to any and all orders.


This is my preferred taste, do you remember it now?

Was that your first kiss? Then remember this taste as well.


Was it so good that your knees gave out?

Spread your legs.

What are you trying to do by pinning down your skirt? Don’t conceal it, spread your knees, and show it to me.

I told you that my orders are absolute, did I not?

……This is as far as it goes I suppose.

Leave before night ends.


What? Do you treasure this mansion that much?

That flower garden? I don’t know what memories you have attached to it, but to offer your charity over such a thing…

More, I’m telling you to spread it even more.

Don’t make me use my feet, masturbate as is. Do it in front of me, don’t ask me something so obvious. Tease under your underwear with your fingers.

…Do you really not understand?


Don’t clamp your knees together. I told you not to close them, did I not?

Haa…it’s difficult to get wet.

Rest assured, I’ll make sure your insides are lubricated.


Don’t cry out with such a nice voice, it’s resounding in the room so much to the point that I’ll get hard.

The inside of your womb is aching, no? Although you’re frightened, you’re rubbing your hips against me. Good, cum just like that.

Hah, was it so good that it brought you to tears?

And this place is now a bit wet.


I’ll end that there.

Don’t strain yourself too much, the one who’ll be in pain is you. Come on, look, it has slowly moistened all the way through.

Reverberating with such sounds, aren’t you unexpectedly talented at this?

It feels as if it’s about to swallow my fingers.


You even remember the length, why aren’t you excellent? How does it feel to be humiliated in your deceased father’s study?

Who said you could move?

It’ll become softer after this, for the sake of having sex with me, increase the number of fingers, and ready it yourself.

Yes, use this body and seduce me. If you’re able to satisfy me, I’ll return this mansion to you…not a bad deal, don’t you think?

Keep that in mind, you’ll simply be having sex with me for one night.


With merely that, all you’ll attain is a place to live in peace and bottomless pleasure.

Good girl, make sure to reply faster next time. Okay?


Take a rest on the sofa, and I’ll go rest in the bedroom.

Try your best to entertain me from now on.


Track 3: Involuntary Service / Corridor


Oh, you’re quick this morning. You’ve gotten better over these past 2 weeks.

What? You won’t entice me? Either way, you damaged the mood, I wouldn’t mind kicking you out of the mansion naked.

By sticking your butt out like that, are you planning to tease me? Despite exposing it to me countless times, it appears that you’ve still got shame left in you.

Hmph. If you’re going to play with your breasts, I’ll lend you a hand.


I’ll take the invitation.

You don’t actually hate it, right? Are you trying to stir me up?

Don’t hold back and let out your voice, it’ll be more arousing that way.

Looks like you’re already wet. By simply spreading it lightly, it becomes like this. My 2 fingers already entered smoothly.

Although you’re crying and apologizing, you sound happy.


If you’re about to cum then say it properly.


That was pretty intense. Now lick clean the fingers that were caressing you as practice.

……I wonder what your deceased father would think if he were to see your efforts.

It’s nothing, don’t try to sever it as you bite.


What do you think of your own father? …No, forget it.

Now wipe it.

What are you saying? You’ll use a handkerchief to wipe away the filth of course and I’ll be heading for the company.

Oh, I’ll give you a present for working hard next time, look forward to it.


Track 4: Sprout of Pleasure / Car


You finally came out. Your lectures were about to finish, so I came to pick you up.

I apologize, I wanted to see your surprised face. Was it a bother?

That’s a relief, now get on. I’m sure you’re exhausted so let’s hurry up and return. And on the way home, I’ll examine you.


It’s fine to feel satisfied but don’t dirty the seats.

Looks like you’ve taken a liking to the present I gave you, did you properly insert it since morning?

Hmph. You’re earnest. It’s difficult with just the vibration of the egg vibrator no? You can play with yourself however you like. That’s why I told you not to dirty it because I feel like listening to your moans as background music.

You’re soaking wet, shameful young lady.

You can cum whenever you like and as many times as you’d like, but stop your hands until we arrive at the mansion.


That’s once. I wonder how long you’d last until the second.

……Why do you treasure that much?


We’ve arrived.

Good grief, can you stand? Come on, hold onto me.

What about the flower garden?

Ah, I visited there many times in the past. It hasn’t changed since then. So what if that’s the case? Did you expect me to offer more compassion as a familiar face?

Are you curious about my relationship with your father?

Looks like you’re pretty calm now, it’s unpleasant.


I don’t need an apology from your mouth. Wait, that’s right! If you want to fix my mood then give me fellatio.

You think you’ve got a say in this? Hurry up and get to it.

I told you that I’ll be using your mouth.


Did you think I’d react from you touching it with your lips? Open your mouth and swallow it.

Just like that. Suck the tip and stroke it with both your hands.

Take it in deeper.


Now, close your mouth tighter and lick it.

I’m almost… Crap, why’s your face-

Wait, don’t move. Jeez, your face’s a mess, a handkerchief isn’t going to be enough. Don’t remove your mouth without my permission, it’ll startle me, you know?

Though I guess it’s worse for you since it’s gotten all over your face.

I’ve wiped it completely, but are you alright?


……I guess that’s obvious.

Of course my head would hurt too, despite being subject to such horrible treatment until now, why is it that you haven’t changed?

Self-awareness? That’s…normally one would hate it if they’re forced to do things like this wouldn’t they? So as a condition of living in this mansion……

Oh right, it’s for the sake of recovering this precious mansion and flower garden. So regardless of what I do…and what kinds of memories do you have attached to it in the first place? Does it perhaps have something to do with your butler?

There’s no need to deny it so vehemently right? It’s quite admirable to offer up your body for the sake of a single man.


As expected, you resemble your father. Engulfing everything in lies and doing so without a lick of shame.


This time’s your turn. In the face of pleasure, your front will break.

In taking it out, your hips can’t stop shaking.

Come on, separate your knees properly. You came many times over, but that was because you had a vibrator inserted after all. You wanted it to be roughly churned, didn’t you?


Hmph. It’s like it’s sucking my fingers. This place that was thoroughly teased can’t get enough of stroked, can it?

Ah…it’s gotten messier. It’s unbearable, right?

Come on, wrap your arms around me.

Are you scared to tears? But it’ll be alright, just feel it as is, I’ll be watching. Come on, don’t hold back and just cum.


Hahaha! It was quite the squirt.

Don’t cry, don’t cry. Too much and so much will come out that it’ll be dripping wet. But even so, you tried hard not to dirty things.

Had it been that good?


What is it about the flower garden?

A promise with the man who was your first love? Why are you telling me this now?

Oh, haha…I see, from the start you two wereーー

Since it’s a rare chance, let me take a good look at that face. Ain’t it great? It’ll be immediately overwritten by the butler after this.


Track 5: Setting Sun / Master’s Room


Ah, it’s Mr. Saiyu, don’t make me say it repeatedly. That’s right, that’s a personal opinion, no?

Enough, if so then I-

I’ll call you again later.


It’s fine, I was going to cut short that conversation anyways. More importantly, are you okay? Have you not been burned?

I see. I’m sorry, but can you tidy it up? I’m a bit tired so I’ll be taking a short rest.


Oh, it’s you. Did something happen?

No, I was simply a little sleepy.

Bed? I won’t react if you seduce me now, you know?


You’re worried? Don’t concern yourself with me.

You really are a stubborn child. I get it, I get it, so get your hand off me. I’ll sleep like this so return back to your post.

Are you not going to obey my order?

You…any more than this is annoying. I’ll make you cry to the point that you can’t say anything.


I guess so, being touched by you has been a matter since the incident inside the car. It’s quite the gallant thing, you care more about my body than my words.

I see. With an emphasis on removing the burden on their master, that’s the mindset of a splendid servant.

Why are you willing to accept that level of humiliation from me? Is this mansion and flower garden that precious compared to your own dignity…!?


Why are you able to say it without faltering?

Yes, I investigated and found out that you lost your mother when you were young. So what about it?

You were comforted in the flower garden? And that person was your first love?

You’re doing it again to maintain a cheerful appearance, huh. You cherish such a verbal promise like a treasure?

I’m certain that you and that butler…


I remember that I have sudden business to attend so I’ll be leaving.

And please stop showing kindness towards me.


Track 6: Sudden Release / Entrance


This is the deed to this mansion, this time it’s the real thing. I’ll return this land to you, just sign it and apply your seal.

Your wish has been granted so you should rejoice, no?

I guess so, I’m strange, aren’t I? But to you, I’m a man who was continuously cruel to you so why do you care so much?

Are you sentimental because I was your first love like some old folk tale?


It’s unfortunate, but I’m not the prince from the memories you treasured. I’m an unsightly man who was deceived by your father and had everything stolen from them.

And that day, I was thrown out together with my young brother without a single word. So stealing everything back was my reason for living. But that man decided to die his own, even though I still haven’t taken anything from him yet…!!!

In the end, all that remained inside me was an indiffusible anger.

That’s why I, towards you……

To me, this place is nothing but irritating.

We’ll probably never again meet.


Track 7: Promise in the Flower Garden / Garden


I thought you went to university.

I’m not impressed, what do you think a student’s duty is? Let go of me, I’m tidying up so I can uproot from this place.

The flower garden? Jeez, I understand, this is the last time so I’ll listen to your selfishness.


And so, what are you planning to do by bringing me all the way to this place?

Ho? So you investigated the actual situation regarding your household. Yes, there’s no mistake, as soon as your father fell ill, the executives caused a worsening of the company’s performance.

I fired the incompetent executives ever since I took control. And in reforming the company with talented personnel, it’s performance recovered. So for the time being, the person at the company should be able to run it effectively.


Haa…it doesn’t matter why I return everything.

You’re persistent. Like I said, I’m saying that things have come to an end.

You really investigated matters thoroughly, didn’t you? Why are you apologizing? I…I was simply resentful of your father. If anything, to have gotten you mixed up in it…….


The reason I was avoiding you was that I was scared of touching you any further. No matter how much I hated and hated your father, the promise I made with you here at that time was more important than anything.

I was still a student and my parents had passed away in an accident. My family was only my younger brother. Your father lifted up my crying brother and said, “As orphans of a late friend, please think of me as your family from now on.”

Thinking back on it now, whether he was a priest or not, it was salvation for me.


Yes, I lived in this mansion for the time being. I believe it was for about 3 months.

I guess I greeted you too. You got along with my brother who was close to you in age, but I suppose you don’t remember since you were pretty young back then.

As my brother’s legal guardian, your father promised to watch over his care.

As long as I graduate university, I’ll be able to protect the company that my father left behind and raise my little brother too. That’s why I offered everything.

In the meantime, I intended to have him look after the affairs, but he took and took and then threw us out of the mansion. Do you understand that!? I was betrayed from right under me, he was kind to us only because of our inheritance. Not to mention, he betrayed our dead father…!!!

That’s why, that’s why I had planned to KILL HIM with MY OWN HANDS!!!


Well…that failed though because it made you cry.

Do you not remember? …About what we talked about in the flower garden that one time after I was driven out of the mansion.

At that time, as I sneaked into the mansion with the intent of murdering your father, I was discovered by you. In the face of the figure that looked up at me anxiously, something crossed my mind.

Your father valued you more than anything, so rather than simply laying hands on him, kidnapping you might cause him more suffering instead.


But as you cried, I was lonely over my brother’s sudden death because you said, “Please don’t disappear like Mommy.”

No matter how horrible of a man he is, I couldn’t just take your father from you.

And tears started flowing spontaneously.

I don’t know whether it was because I was thinking of my brother or it was the frustration of ultimately being able to do nothing. But in doing so, I startled you and you did your best to comfort me.


Yes, at that time, I made a promise to you that I’d come to see you again.

The gentle you will be hurt once your father’s true nature is brought before your eye. That’s why, at that moment, I thought that I’d save you. A bit more and everything would have returned to their rightful place.

And yet, he went ahead and died. Even though I finally obtained the lands and the fortune…

In the end, I wasn’t able to do anything toward that man.

But incidentally, I was worried about what might happen to you and rushed to investigate.

Although it wasn’t made public yet, the company holds a mass debt and the mansion was about to be mortgaged. And in parting with even the servants, I got involved immediately.


To be honest, I wanted you to abandon what your father left behind and live a quiet life.

You’ll be targeted simply for your surplus wealth. If you’re willing, I’ll support you as your guardian. And in doing so, the promise from that time will be fulfilled. That’s why I returned here for the first time in about 10 years.

However, you were laughing at the side of that butler.

In becoming a person without a single relative. I was embarrassed at myself for crying over the anxieties and letting my imagination run wild. Surely, you must’ve forgotten me.

Yet I’ve come to realize that, on the contrary, the butler was the only one there filling the loneliness in the many months and years until now.


Aah…surely the two of you would’ve continued to live modestly like this. The hatred of having everything stolen, the grief, you’d live happily without knowing a thing.

That would’ve been the best path and yet, in my jealousy, I wanted you to have a taste of at least the pain of being robbed.

Yes, that’s why just short of confiscating your fortune, I wanted to take whatever’s precious, whatever it may be from you. Even though I should’ve been wanting to protect you and wishing for your happiness, as I continued to touch you, my desires became uncontrollable.

Not only that, whenever I imagine how you’d go over to that man to be comforted each time I hurt you, my anger would only increase.

And so, you really might break.


That’s why, although you probably won’t forgive me even if I apologize, please allow me to manage the company until it’s stable. Once I determine there to be no problem, I’ll hand it back to you immediately.

If there’s something else you wish to do, a partial transfer of shares is fine.

As your legal guardian, please allow me to offer you the support so that you can be happy beyond this point.


Yes, I’ll wait until you reach an answer.

I plan to reside in a hotel for the next while, once you’ve decided on your answer, please come meet me.

If you don’t wish to see my face, go ahead and throw it away.


Thank you and I’m truly sorry.


Track 8: A Powerful Man’s Pure Love / Suite Room


……So you came.


Is that so?

W-why are you squeezing my hand?

Why am I saying that now? Wait. Please wait. Did you already vaguely recognize who I was when we reunited?

Hey, then that means you were willing to give up your body in order to confirm that.

What did you say just now? That’s…isn’t it almost like a confession of love?

For me to respond now, that’s, no, in the first place to reply as your guardian and such……


Good grief, to fall in love with such a twisted man, you must have quite the strange tastes.

ーーI love you too.

It’s truly almost like a dream to be able to embrace you again.

You say some rather cute things. My heart was pounding unbearably hard since earlier too.


Show me your face.

More, a bit more.

We haven’t kissed since the first time we’ve touched.


It’s not enough at all.

Looks like your knees gave out. I suppose it’s completely my fault. No, after hurting you so thoroughly, I don’t have the right to be loved by you.

Are you okay with this?

Really? I’ll really make you mine then.


Whatever you actually hate… Please punch and stop me. Since you’re the other person, I can’t help but be aroused.

Besides, I want to overwrite you.

Yes, I’m jealous. That butler has touched you completely, no? So I want to be even gentler.

Please go all the way with me.


I’ve been hugged by you once more. Seems like you’re good at soothing me.

It’s an adorable one-piece but more, I want to feel you more.


You like it when you’re restricted no?

Look, it’s gorgeous.

As always, it gets hard easily. That reminds me, I haven’t made love to them with my mouth before.

What a nice response, you got a melted expression.


Lift your hips.

Just like that. You can let it down now. Now pry your knees open as-is. That’s right.

Do it to the right side and left too.



Even with your stocking on, it’s obvious that you’re wet. It hasn’t been touched in the past while after all.

Has it gotten a bit cramped?

Deeper…I’ve now inserted 2 fingers.


Is it the first time this place has been licked?

Spread your knees just like that, it’ll be easier that way.

This place feels good, doesn’t it? It’s truly a voice that I can’t get enough of. Like stuffing its cheek. Looks like I can insert one more.

It’s going in.


It’s overflowing sloppily each time I churn it.

Did you cum? Although you should’ve been taught to properly say it…


Sweat’s soaking even your hair too.

I’ll strip as well, I’ll do it for both of us and put that in right after.

If you stare at it so much, I won’t be able to feel calm. Your face is completely red, you know?

Now your turn. Bra and this too.


You can put down your legs now. How beautiful, I want to just stare at it.

Yes, I am at the edge of my limits too.

Crap, there’s no condoms. As expected, going any further than this is…


No, you’re a student, if the unlikely happens then-please don’t encourage me. If you cling onto me and beg me like that……

Today’s safe right? I’ll trust you on that.

Good grief, my sense of reason is weak from being hampered by you.


Don’t rush it, it doesn’t open up as easily as your mouth. Let’s do it slowly okay?


Is it painful? I wanted to get it accustomed starting from the entrance but…

Thank you, please allow me to do it more carefully next time. Once the tip enters, it’ll be a bit easier on you.

If you squeeze down like that, it’ll enter all the way on its own.


Are you okay? Is your stomach filled?

I can’t get enough of that. I want to start moving, but are you alright enough for it?

Yes, it’ll be so good that it’s incomparable with what you’ve experienced before.


Don’t tense up, it’ll slowly become a bad habit.


That…I’m sorry, I wanted to take it more slowly, but I can’t stop. It feels so good for me that I’m longer able to listen to restraint.

Kiss? It’ll start hurting, you know?

You realize that there’s no way I can refuse your request, right?


Are you feeling that good from me ravenously​ grinding the deepest parts inside you?

Me too, it’s great for me too.

It’s no use, at this rate I’ll cum inside you.

I understand. I’ll kiss you.


Not yet……


I’ll wipe it from your stomach right away.

Sorry for being a disgrace for my age. Oh. Your inside felt so good that frankly, my excitement hasn’t subsided yet.

Yes, it’s alright now.

Pfft. What a cute way of coaxing.


It’s warm. Even though I love you this much, I’m always…

In exchange let’s create plenty of fun memories so please allow me to forever remain by your side.

I love you too.

I’ll treasure you so let’s become happy together.

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  1. Kborenai

    Nice translation! …this series tho. Ryuji gets angry because the heroine’s father died, but already had a man by her side. Apparently she wasn’t miserable enough for him. Aoi gets angry possibly because his oujo-sama is being used by the man he knew to be her first love and some other issue I know nothing about. The poor heroine gets stuck between two idiots irrationally injecting their reasonable anger at her. Just kidding. Although I couldn’t understand what Aoi was confronted with, there are some nasty issues floating round them.

    Side track; I love the music in these CDs.


    1. Criy

      Haha… Ryuuji is just redirecting the anger that he had towards her father at her since he off and died and Ryuuji never really came to terms to /moved on from the events that happened in the past. I’m not sure what exactly happens with Aoi since I haven’t listened to it, but I can’t imagine it’s necessarily all that great of a time for the mc.


      1. Kborenai

        Ryuji’s issues were reasonable, as I said, but it was irrational for him to direct it towards the heroine. She didn’t need more to her already kaput inheritance lmfao. But…what do I know? Despite my misgivings, I can still see normal people acting like this. Ah well as they say, mistakes make for great stories.


      2. Criy

        When it comes things like anger it doesn’t just go poof, it’s bound to end up somewhere if unsettled and unfortunately, it tends to explode on someone close to the person even if they aren’t to blame. Irrational, yes, but also fairly typical.

        Liked by 1 person

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