【Translation】 After Princess Stories ~Shirayuki-hime Hen~


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After Princess Stories ~白雪姫編~

CV: Harada Yuuki (原田友貴)

Track 1: Beloved Snow White


My beloved Snow White, another new day has begun.

Aah…your sleeping face this morning is adorable again today. Unchanged from the moment I fell in love with you at first sight, please let it remain untainted for the rest of your life.


Somehow, my body’s gotten hot.

You still won’t awaken right? If you won’t wake up then…

I can’t wait. Sorry for not being able to protect you like I said I would. You’re, because you’re cute…
I’m already about to cum.


Oh Princess, I woke you up didn’t I? I’m right, aren’t I? Hehe…

In the middle of it? Then you should’ve called out when you awakene-no, that’s awkward in many other ways, right…?

But pretending to sleep despite noticing, Princess is being a bit mean.

Yeah yeah, I know. I’ll wipe it at once.


How beautiful.

Ah, no, it’s nothing. Princess, you’re lovely today too. Hmm? To be staring at me so intently, what’s wrong?

Oh? You weren’t asking for a kiss? Then…

Good morning, Princess.

It’s not a morning greeting, but well, I don’t care about the reason because I’m the only one reflected in those eyes that sparkle like gems.

And my eyes reflected in your eyes are reflecting you, my beloved Princess.


Say, can we continue this for a little longer?

Please allow me to taste you, today, Princess.


Hmm? Oh dear, it’s the maid who can’t read the mood.

Then let’s meet again later, Princess.


Good morning, Emily.

I’ll leave the Princess who’s wonderful enough to make me fall in love with her all over again today to you.


Track 2: Dozing


Hey, Edgar is she really in the depths of these forests? 100% certain?

Those are the forest’s dwarfs…

Their behavior’s strange. Let’s go.


For the rumored girl to have passed awayーー

I’m sorry, just a glance is fine, so can you please show me her figure?

This…? An untainted, fair girl. I never imagined that such a beautiful woman could exist. To not have met whilst you were still alive is frankly vexing, but at the same time, I’m happy.

……Because now you can’t belong to anyone.

In death, the beauty that mesmerizes me is more beautiful than any work of art.


I…want you.


Dwarfs, I ask of you, could you please hand her over to me? I simply cannot leave such a beautiful person in the woods like this.

If she’s in my castle, her eternal beauty can be preserved.

Thank you. I’ll send gifts later so go ahead and state your requests.


Hmm? This is the garden…?

I had a dream about the time we first met. As you sleep quietly in the glass coffin, my heart was stolen.

Even after I returned back to the castle, I remained your captive.

If that foolish squire didn’t move the coffin then you wouldn’t have been revived. I don’t want to think that it’s thanks to him, but it’s that miracle that you’ve been brought back to life.

Plus, right now, you’re within these arms.

I’d like you to stay by my side, both now and in the future.


I don’t need anything else but you. As long as you’re here, that’s more than enough.


I was extremely happy just now, if only this happiness can continue on forever……

Oh, it’s already noon. We ought to return to the castle, don’t we?

Now then, give me your hand, I want to sense you for a brief moment, Princess.


Track 3: Preferences of Dusk


If I pull out slowly like this, it squeezes down on me like it doesn’t want to let it go. I don’t mind.


Did you wake up? It squeezed really tightly the moment you woke up.

Huh? What exactly? Nightlife?

Sorry, but I’ll be going a bit faster.

Looks like Princess is feeling good as well. Can you hear the sounds? Your nectar is continuously flowing out.


I’m about to cum too, Princess lets climax together.

Inside’s fine, right?

I’m cumming. Cumming, I’m cumming


Why did I do it while you were sleeping? Look, we were in a rut in terms of our sex life so I thought a change would be…

Eh? Same thing as the day before yesterday?

Huh? Is that so? I guess you remember it well. But Princess, you’re lovely even when sleeping, so it can’t be helped.

Ah, do you feel disdain towards me…? I’m sorry for making you sleep with drugs, putting it in on my accordances and startling you, Princess. Sorry.

So please don’t hate me, okay?


Uh huh, I swear to god that I’ll never do it again. And so, is it okay for me to touch you once more, Princess?

Thank you!


Speaking of which, I believed that you’ll undoubtedly forgive me.

You’re too kind, you should be more suspicious of others.

Believing and believing and trusting them from the bottom of your heart, it’ll be painful to then be betrayed. In that case, it’ll be better if you trusted no one from the start.

If you truly intend to share a life with me, then I want you to give up your heart to no one.

And you especially mustn’t trust my words.


Today I had a discussion regarding royal succession with my father. It appears that it’ll be announced during the Founding holiday next month.

I intend to accept, but first, I’d like to hear your opinion-immediate reply!?

Are you really okay with that? If I become king, our lives will change completely. This calm everyday life might disappear, you know?

If it’s now, I can still prepare other paths for you. And that’s why I want you to think about it carefully.


Though I say that, unfortunately, time is limited.

Fret, fret and fret. I wish for you to tell me your answer once you grasped it.


To tell you the truth, I wanted to enter inside you one more time but I’ll stop here. Plus, I was the one who willfully went through with it in the first place.

However, I’d like you to be prepared for next time. As an apology, I’ll spoil you rotten.

……So good night.


Track 4: Red Marks


Pardon me for intruding in the middle of your conversation. Are you perhaps the dwarfs from that time?

I thought that’d be the case.

No, I can’t thank you enough. The reason she’s able to live her life so full of energy like this, was because you gave her over to me without question. I’m grateful to you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.

I apologize for interrupting your talks but…Princess, it’s about time.


I’m sorry dwarfs, we’re heading to a ball so there are mountains of things for Princess to learn. I’d like you to give us a little bit of time.

Take this as an exception and come here another time.

Come on, stand up. The teacher’s waiting.


What’s wrong?

Huh? The dance practice following this is tomorrow? …Is that so?

Ah, then I did something inexcusable. I thought that I mustn’t allow you, Princess, to be angered so my body moved on its own.

Wait, what do you intend on doing by returning? Your world has already changed, you mustn’t be involved with guys like them ever again.

Why? You’re the one who chose the path of living with me. I don’t want you to regret the choice you’ve taken.

I was thinking of your wellbeing, or was that a bother?


……To turn back, unforgivable.


Princess, you mustn’t separate from me. You belong to me.

Because your skin’s pale, the marks are conspicuous. Was it ticklish? Then how about we continue in our room?

Your face’s red.

Aah…the marks on this spot can’t be hidden even after you let down your hair. If you want to go back to them despite that, I won’t stop you.


Hmm? What’s wrong Edgar? The gifts?

How persistent.

I understand, I’ll speak with them directly. See you later, Princess.


Edgar, review the castle’s security, never allow anyone whose identity is unknown inside.


Track 5: I don’t wish to lose you


Oh you seem well, Auntie. Yes, the two of us will visit the mansion next time.

Thank you very much, they’re extremely beautiful roses. They’re for Princess…? Ain’t that great. Huh? Is this a message card inside the bouquet?

Eh? P-Princess, what’s wrong?

Edgar, catch that man and strike them down!!!


What’s with this card? This name…so it’s that then.

Can you hear my voice?

Her consciousness is, damn, is the magic still not ready yet!? I’ll definitely save you.


Can you tell who I am?

Your complexion doesn’t look too poor. You had malicious magic cast upon you and ended up in an apparent state of death temporarily. Well…it wasn’t a strong spell so it was immediately dispelled but you continued to sleep for an entire day.

Are you alright now that you’ve woken up? Here, go ahead and place a cushion behind your back.

Eh? Umm…

There’s something I ought to speak with you about.


Before I met you, I had a potential fiancee in a marriage for political reasons. My engagement was decided upon for the sake of the family and for the sake of the country, but I wound up meeting you.

I immediately refused the engagement. The other side agreed as well, so I thought they had accepted it.

Since about a month ago, they had approached with threats of retaliation. Because I have you, naturally, I declined their talks.

But since they haven’t come to terms with it, we reached the state we are in today.


It’s my fault that you had to meet such fate. You should’ve left me, I can’t bear to cause the person I cherish to suffer.

Thinking about the possibility of losing you, I couldn’t stand the fact that I was alive. Why couldn’t I have been your substitute?!! Why can I only watch over you!? At that time, all I could do was watch.

You’re kind, too kind. Even though everything is my fault and you’ll face even more dangers from now on, despite that…

Despite that, would you still be willing to stay by my side?


I promise to love you all my life.

Until I die-no, even after I die, I’ll always love you.


That reminds me, I promised to spoil you the next time around, didn’t I?

Think of nothing and feel me with your whole body.


The sun’s rising, isn’t it? It’s changing the color of your pale skin. Are you fine not taking off your clothes?


Your chest’s heated too, I can tell through your clothes.

Sorry, did my nails hurt? Because it was a cute voice, I wanted to hear more of it but your nipples are hard. I thought you preferred it when I rubbed them with my fingers, but is being scratched better?


You don’t know? Then I’ll grasp it however I like.

Come on, if you close your legs I won’t be able to touch that place. Although I know it’s embarrassing, I told you to feel me with your entire body, did I not?

And that place is hot and wet, it’s slippery even over the cloth.

Can you tell? The sounds are wet, and the place is nice and sticky.


Amazing, it’s so wet even though I haven’t even put it in yet. How lewd.

No? But I wonder if you’d be convinced if you move your hip? Look, that place is reacting to my fingers and twitching.

Well then, I’ll answer your expectations.


Could it be that you were waiting? It’s clenching down extremely tightly around my fingers.

You like the shallow spots, don’t you?

Huh? Go ahead and lose your mind. Cry out more, fall apart more, show it to me time and time again.

Are you about to cum? It’s fine, cum, I’ll tease your clitoris too.


Don’t avert your face, look me in the eyes properly.

Uh-huh, it’s extremely cute.

You tried hard, didn’t you?

Aah…your scent’s gotten stronger. I’d like you to rest, but I want you so badly that I can’t help myself.

Please let me inside of you. It’s fine, no?


When I enter slowly, you can clearly tell as your narrower parts are spread open by me.

It’s all in. Your insides are hot too, but I wonder if it’s used to me. It’s wrapping around me despite being so soft…it feels good.

You truly have such cute responses. Did you feel it from being kissed?

It tightened, though. In that case, let’s do it some more.


If you stir me up with such a melted expression…

You don’t have to hold back either, let out your voice. Your insides have gotten tighter as if it doesn’t want to let me go.

I can’t, I’m gonna go faster.

Heh? Kiss? Then let’s do it.


Are you about to cum again? Me too, let’s climax together so please hold on for a bit longer.

Eh? You’re awfully assertive today, then let’s cum as we kiss.


Huh? Are you tired? Or are you perhaps thirsty?

If it’s water…ah, you’re already exhausted. Hehe, your eyelids look heavy. I’ll bring you some water before you fall asleep Princess.

Please wait for me a while longer okay?


Track 6: Even so I……


When I look at you whilst you’re sleeping, I remember the time we first met. You were so beautiful inside that glass coffin to the point that one wouldn’t think that you’re of this world.

I remember feeling an indescribable exhilaration at that time. Despite not experiencing it with any other woman, I felt it just that one time.


I’m sorry, there’s just a bit more to go.

Your insides squeezed down, you know? Are you already about to cum? Me too.



Did I wake you up?

The effect is weaker than before. I guess I have no choice but to consider changing the composition.

Hey, hey, you mustn’t move. I didn’t tie you tightly, but it may leave marks on your wrist.

It’s alright, I won’t do anything scary. There was just something I wanted to test, “What would happen if I replicate the situation from that time?”

Yes, it’s the same as when we first met. I wanted to see you asleep inside a coffin again, so I lightly tied both your hands.


Umm…I guess so. Uh-huh, it’s fine now since I know the results. Then let’s untie thisーーis that what you thought I’d say?

A varied situation like this fun every so often right?

Your insides are really wrapping around me.

Haha, I’ve recovered. Was that a pleasurable spot? Then I’ll hit it some more.


That’s a wonderful voice, isn’t it? It sounds more pleasurable than before.

Am I wrong? Then I’ll pretend that’s the case.

Nope, I won’t let you cum alone. I’ve still got ways to go so endure it for a bit longer.

What’s wrong? Is the spot deep inside you in anguish? Quickly? Quickly what? I want you to put it into words.

Move? How exactly?

It’s embarrassing? If you won’t say it, then I’ll stay motionless inside you like this.


Jeez, you’re so…

You’re caught, what’s so good about it? I’m especially violating you ever so slowly like this.

Was I mean? Is this punishment…? Your insides feel so good that staying motionless is frankly painful. I thought that I’d make you feel even better, but I’m at my limit.

Hold me tight.

Are you about to cum? Then let’s both-I’m about to cum too.


I wonder why that is? I felt that it was different from the usual, but how was it for you?

Aah. Did you lose consciousness?

As always, I’m sorry. And also, thank you.


I understand now. Surely if I was as excited as I was at that time, then you’d probably never smile again. But I’m in love with everything about you, so I’ll wait for that time to come.

The moment your eyes will never again openーーthat is the time I await.

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