【Translation】 Neko no iru Seikatsu ~Onii-san Shironeko・Yuki no Baai~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

猫のいる生活 ~お兄さんシロネコ・ユキの場合~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: A Rainy day’s Disheartening



Oh sorry, did I surprise you there? Don’t worry, I’m just here taking shelter from the rain for a bit so it’s not as if I’m trying to approach you.

Eh? You’re the owner of this house? Then that was very inconsiderate of me.

I was taking a stroll when it suddenly started pouring. And so I borrowed the front of your house for a short while.

However this rain, I thought it was simply a light shower but it’s gotten pretty bad.

Look, those peonies that went through the great trouble of blooming so beautifully are now falling one by one.


Hehe, I guess this isn’t the time to be worrying about peonies. Even then it won’t stop so I guess it’s about time for me to leave.

Yes…before it gets dark I ought to find a place to rest and afterward, I need to secure a meal.

So then, please excuse me.


Eh!? In your house? No, that’s…I can’t intrude on you with such a drenched body.

You also have a warm bath and towels?

Ah no, that’s not what I mean. Err, like I said, umm…….

Haha, you’re a strange fellow, aren’t you? Well then, I’ll take you at your word and help myself to lots of milk.


Haa…it really warms up the body, doesn’t it? Ah, thank you for the towel.

Do you live here alone?

Is that so? Then you mustn’t readily allow a beast inside your house.

I’m saying that you’re too careless. As a woman living by themselves, you ought to be more careful.


Eh? I don’t look like a dangerous animal?

Hehe, I guess you saw through me. To tell you the truth, I was originally a housecat so I’m still not quite used to living outside.

Name…? My previous owner called me Yuki. Right now it’s a bit dirtied, but in actuality, my fur’s pure white. And that person took a particular liking to it…

Ah! That startled me, was it thunder?

Master, it’s alright even if you don’t cling onto me so tightly since it doesn’t appear to be that nearby.


Are you scared of thunder? If that’s the case, let’s shut the curtains, okay?

However, I’m taking too long of a visit, even though I ought to leave soon…..

Huh!? Y-you, what are you saying?!! Like I said, I’m a weak housecat so there’s no way I’m fit to act as a guard dog. It’s unfortunate but I don’t have the power to protect you from lightning.

Besides, returning to such a comfortable place is too good for me.


R-Really? You have a temporary peace of mind by having me around?

If you say it with such a happy face it’ll worry me.

I’m a mere good for nothing furball. But despite that, if you say it’s okay for me to stay despite that then, I’ll be in your care for the time being, Master.


Track 2: Please let me sleep for a little longer


Mreow, ngh. Mreowww. H-Hmm? What is it, Master?

Please stop? Uh…I’m always bad with mornings. Nghh, mreow……please let me sleep for a little longer. Come on, Master too.

Master, please come a little closer this way.


It’s so warm and soft being inside your arms. It feels good.

Hmm? Hehe, what’s wrong? Your heart’s beating as a kitten’s. Look, it’s going ba bump, ba bump, ba bump, ba bump. How cute.

But this is bad, if it’s this noisy, we wouldn’t be able to sleep.


Yes, I’ve woken up. Good morning Master.

How about we get out of bed soon? As for breakfast, if you’d like, I could make us toasted tuna and cheese sandwiches.


Track 3: My Specialty Cooking


Listen, first we open the tuna can and get rid of the oil inside. And in exchange, we throw in some mayonnaise.

Let’s make sure to mix it all up, okay?

Hmm? Here Master, a sample. Say “ah.” …And now I’ll have a taste as well.


Mmm, it’s delicious. How about we shake on some black pepper?

Let’s slap a lot of it onto the bread, put cheese on top of it and then finish it off with another slice of bread. Afterwards, we place it onto the frying pan and squeeze it firmly with the spatula.

This is the most important point. Squish it tightly and flatten it.

Hehe, it’ll be crushed flat but this is fine. Next, we’ll grill both sides and then it’ll be complete.


It’s a nice feeling when the cheese’s all melted, no? That’s what my previous owner taught me.

Hmm? What is it? Look, it’s got a great scent, does it not?

Oh but, Master’s got an even greater scent. Why do you smell this good I wonder…

They say a dog attaches themselves to the person while a cat attaches themselves to the house. In that sense, I’m completely your dog, aren’t I?


Ah…the taste of tuna and mayonnaise.

I won’t go anywhere. I’ll forever stay by your side until you lose interest so please don’t make that face.


I’ll carry the salad so let’s go eat over there. Okay?


Track 4: Master’s taking a Nap


Huh? Master, are you taking a nap? Hehe, she is sleeping quite deeply.

What’s with that defenseless sleeping face? You won’t be able to survive in the outside world like that you know?

Just kidding, this place is much more comfortable than the outside.

This is just right, so please don’t wake up okay?


Ah, such cute ears…to the point that I want to actually eat them up.


Master, your body’s been trembling since earlier. Are you feeling it from your ears?

If you make such an expression then I’ll get worked up and be unable to stop as well. I’m already about to explode from merely rubbing it over your clothing like this.

I want you, Master.


I’m begging you, so don’t you think it’s about time for you to open your eyes?

I knew it, you’re a naughty person who pretends to sleep. Are you fine with continuing things as is?

Because you’d always take a shower before, so of course I’d notice.

But I guess so, it seems like you’re completely in heat. Take off your underwear and show that secret place of yours to me clearly.

That’s right, spread your legs and firmly pin down your own hips, okay?


Look, it’s wonderful. This place is rather lovely, isn’t it?

It’s too late to be embarrassed now, it’s all in plain sight after all. Huh? I’m merely looking and yet juices are overflowing from your insides.

Ah! It’ll drip down to your bottom, you know?

It can’t be helped right? If I don’t catch it with my tongue, the cushion will get all messy.


Your insides have gotten pulpy and soften up.

At this rate, how about I use my tongue like a piston and make you cum? Or would you rather be scraped someplace deeper?

What a cute request. Well then, I’ll thrust you with something bigger.


Turn over that way and place your hands on the wall.

No, not like that. If you don’t stick out your butt further I won’t be able to enter, you know?

Yup yup, good girl. Here I go.


Do you feel my shaft slowly entering inside you?

It’s big? You’re the one who made it that way, whenever I’m with you my heart races and I become unable to stop myself.

Yes, I lose my sense of mind and turn into nothing more than a male in heat.


Please accept my everything.

It’s good, very much so. Can you tell? Look, I’m hitting all the way inside. When I shake my hips while holding onto your back like this……no thoughts can pass through my mind.

Hmm? You too?

That’s good, then how about we let our minds go blank together?


You’re trembling so cutely…..

Hmm? Is it here? Does it feel good?

To squeeze down this tightly, are you about to cum? Go ahead, cum because of me and say “I’m cumming!” with a cute voice.


Master, you’re cute. So cute.

You came, didn’t you? Your insides are convulsing.

Yes, I enjoy having you quiver and cum inside my arms. Although you’re panting and I’d like you to rest, I’m already at my limit.

Please forgive me, okay?


I’m about to melt, Master’s insides are extremely hot.

Here I go.

Yes feel it, I’ll be cumming inside, okay?


Cumming, make to get a good feel of it deep inside.

Master, I’m cumming!


Did Master enjoy it as well?

Hehe, you really are cute aren’t you?

Ah…it spilled out. That’s quite the lewd sight, isn’t it? Master, can you remain that way for a little longer? Please stay like this for a little longer.

……Your body’s warm Master.


Track 5: Are we having Supper yet?


Master~ Hehe, isn’t it about time for dinner?

Eh? You still aren’t hungry yet?

That reminds me, you ate heaps of hotcakes earlier, didn’t you? I was thinking that you snacked quite often.

If you eat lots, it’ll be more comfortable when hugging you so I highly welcome it.


Hmph. To have eaten so much that you don’t have room for a proper meal isn’t praiseworthy you know?

But it can’t be helped if you say that you still don’t feel like eating just yet. So how about I help myself to some snacks?

Eh, for the time being that is.

And then we’ll be able to have a proper dinner together again afterwards. A meal isn’t delicious when eaten alone after all.


It’s not my imagination. After I started living together with you, food has been so, so delicious.

Have you noticed? I’ve gotten a bit fatter than when we first met.

Jeez, don’t laugh so hard. Because you eat things so deliciously, I just end up unintentionally overeating.

I guess you can call this a happy weight.


Snacks please, Master.

Look, there’s a small sachet of dried sardines over there.

Master, “ah.” Hey master, “ah.”


The dried sardines and Master’s fingers are both delicious.

Please give me more, Master.


Track 6: Shall we wash each other?


Is there any place that’s itchy Master?

Then I’ll rinse off the shampoo. Come on, make sure to close your eyes properly.

Hmm…there’s no area left to wash right?


Okay, you’re clean.

Next up is treatment. Ah! W-wait a second what’s wrong? It’s dangerous if you struggle, you know?

You’ll wash me…?

Hehe, it’s fine I’m no longer a kitten. I can at the very least wash my own body. Eh? Like I said, no, it’s a no.

Hahahahha, it’s ticklish. Jeez, you’re quite the mischievous one aren’t you, Master?

Well then, how about we wash each other?


That’s right, rub each other’s body using the fingers drench in soap just like this.

What do you think? It feels good, right?

It’s extremely beautiful how all your curves are showing.

What’s wrong? Weren’t you going to wash my body? Look, your hands have stopped since earlier. Your body’s steadily becoming hotter and this place is already this swollen.


Do you prefer it when I hold your nipples inside my mouth and lick them like this?

Here too.

See? They’re slowly getting harder from my tongue. If you suppress your mind that much, it’ll be painful, you know?

If you let out such a voice, I’ll go into heat again, would I not?


Even though I want to be what you call a gentle older brother type cat in front of you……

Come on, touch it.

Yes, clench it more firmly and rub it. It’s gotten hard no? It’s still not quite there yet, but if I’m touched by you, it’ll become even bigger.


It’s good, it feels good.

That, that head, if you snare it with your fingers I…what’s up with you today? To go that far, ain’t that rare of you?

Such a lewd face. Plus you’re making these wet sounds.

Please swallow it deeper inside your mouth.


That’s good.

Tell me, why’s your mouth that obscene?

Umm…can I finish as is? Yes, that’s right, I’m about to cum. Master, I’m begging you, please allow me to cum. Master.


Master, it’s dripping down from the edges of your mouth. Please open up your mouth just like that and show me what I let out.

You’ve squeezed quite a lot out of me, didn’t you?

It was tough for you, wasn’t it? Come on, spit out the cum that’s inside your mouth and let’s rinse your mouth with the showerhead.


Next up is your turn then. Please spread your legs, Master.

This place has become all messy, hasn’t it? Shameless Master, were you turned on from licking me? Look, my fingers are entering inside you. See?

It’s extremely hot.

Ah, it’s this place, right? You like it when I continuously knock on this spot with the tips of my fingers don’t you?


Are you alright? Please make sure to hold onto me tightly so you don’t collapse.


Amazing, it’s steadily overflowing from deep within.

See? Master’s nipples are already sticking up, it’s cute.

Please look, Master, I’m erect again. I want you. I want to fill this place of yours with me, Master.

Please, Master?


Yes, stand on your knees just that and lower your hips on top of me.

Master…turn this way.


If you entwine your tongue around mine like that, I’ll feel dizzy. Despite cumming so much earlier, again I’m about to…

Is it good? More than fingers? Does this feel better than my fingers?

……I’m happy.

Desire me more, and look at only me.


To grind your hips against me that much, you’re quite indecent Master.

Can you hear the wet sounds each time we rub together?


I’m already about to cum again.

Accept it into your deepest nooks and crannies. Please accept all of my sperm into your body.




You came together with me, right? It’s squeezing down on me tightly. If only we could stay forever connected like this.

Just kidding. If we’re always this way, our body will get chilly. So please immerse yourself into the bath Master.


Whoa there. Before that, we ought to continue the treatment.

Please leave the hair care to me.

When we get out of the water, I’ll blow dry it for you. Okay?


Track 7: Haircare’s my job


Master, is it not too hot?

Hmm…let’s lower the wind settings.

Hehe, I saw it on television. This way the cuticles will close and your hair will become more glossy. Look, it’s now all silky.

As expected, this is what Master’s hair’s meant to be.


Huh? What’s wrong? Like I thought, we overdid in the bathroom, didn’t we?

I’ll go grab some water so please take your time Master.

Ah! Please let go of my hand, I’ll return soon enough. Good grief, it can’t be helped, can it?

Well then, how about we rest for a little while?


Master. Yes, rest your head on top of my arm.

Does your neck not hurt?

Hmm…your cheeks are a bit red. Are you actually okay?


After taking a bath, you smell of the scent of soap.

Yes, this is a nice scent but I’d like to mark you with my scent all the same. I want to make a complete mess of your insides like earlier.

Hehe, it’s a joke.

How cute of you Master.


Track 8: I won’t let you go outside


Huh? Where exactly are you going, Master?

Going outside at a time like this? It’s already late into the night. If you wish to buy something, how about you do it tomorrow?

If you need to go no matter what, I’ll come along with you.

Eh? Why? It’s dangerous alone, is it not?

Haa…what’s wrong? You’re quite obstinate today, is shopping really your goal? Because isn’t it strange to have an outing this late?


Don’t tell me you intend to leave me and go somewhere else?

I can’t allow such a thing.

Do kittens that desire to go out need a collar? Or should they be tied to the bed as is?


What a nice appearance Master.

If you’re against it then you ought to refuse me for real. If you twist your body so halfheartedly, it’ll only look like you’re inviting me.

See? With just the hem, your defenseless navel’s in plain sight.


Look, Master, I’m already like this from your scent. Now hold it inside your mouth and lick it. Okay?

You mustn’t sink your teeth into it.

It’s warm. Yes, just your tongue just like that. There.

Licking the tip so insistently, you’re quite lewd aren’t you, Master?


Woah, your saliva’s overflowing. It’ll get tiring if it’s tucked inside your mouth forever, wouldn’t it?

Well then, it’s about time to put in the strenuous effort.


Fufu, is it painful to have me use your mouth like this Master? Come on, pucker up your mouth some more and suck it, we can’t stay like that forever you know?

How nice.

Hey, open up your eyes properly and look at me.

That look gives me shudders, those tears, all of it belongs to me. Please narrow your lips just like that, okay?


I’m cumming.



Please don’t spill any of it, swallow all of it as is.

Yes, all of it. Train your throat and gulp it down. Looking at me with those eyes is no use, come on, hurry up.

……You did well.


There’s my scent coming off of you.

It’s troubling, it’s been a long time since I’ve had these feelings. Can you tell? Look, even after letting out so much, it still hasn’t subsided at all.

Master, like I thought…this place is soaked, isn’t it?

Despite being treated that horribly, you’d still get wet, eh.


It’s fine even if you don’t hide it, I’ll insert the thing you want into this hole.


Master, master……

It’s in all the way, we’re connected deeply, you know? I’ll untie your arms so can you please wrap them around my back?


Are you angry at me?

Just kidding, it’s a bit unfair of me to ask while we’re in this position.

I’m scared that you’d suddenly disappear like smoke like my previous owner. I’m begging you, just this one time is fine, but please hold me tightly.


Yes, it feels good.


Master, I only have you. Only you so……

Not at all, I’m happy, almost too happy.

Are you worrying about me? You’re kind, aren’t you? You really are too kind, it’s because you’re like that, that you’re being taken advantage of by someone like me.

If you’re truly saying that you’d stay by my side forever then…

That’s right, please get pregnant from my sperm.


Like I said, a person like you is…if you say something like that, I won’t be able to stop.

I no longer know anymore, the one who’s losing their mind is me instead.


I’m cumming inside, I’ll pour it into the deepest parts inside you, okay?


I love you.


Master…you can’t, please kiss me some more.

Your insides have become quite the amazing sight just now. It’s completely filled with me.

Look, it’s making wonderful sounds whenever I move just a little.


What a shame, I pulled out.

But the cum that’s inside your belly, please save it here, okay?


Master’s body is completely drenched in sweat, isn’t it? How about we go take a shower together?

It’s fine is it not? There are times where I don’t want to be separated for even a moment, particularly tonight.

Obsession? No, this feeling is what you call attachment?

I don’t know. And because I don’t know, I want you to please teach me. Okay?


Track 9: Good night, Master


Master, Master, Master…? Please come a bit closer this way.

Yup, come on, use my arm as a pillow.

Your long eyelashes, your small nose, your velvety cheeks, and your cute ears.


Hmm? What I’m doing…? I’m keeping a record of everything inside me.

I know, I know you won’t leave me and I won’t leave your side either. We’ll always be together.


Now then, we should rest soon.

Come on, please close your eyes.

Good night, Master.


ーーWas that what you thought I’d say?


No, Master, not yet.

I won’t let you rest, Master. Please feel more, even more of me.

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  1. Del

    Thank you for the translation! It’s kinda endearing how possessive he is tbh lol but it’s overall a sweet cd. Will you also translate one of the tokutens, if ever? Thank you again! ❤


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