【Translation】 Inwaku no Hakoniwa


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太), Suzuki Chihiro (鈴木千尋)

Track 1: Green Labyrinth


???: Love and murder are one and the same, Liliane.

???: Look, Liliane…your weakness, your sins, your life, and your blood are spreading. Before long, your breathing will cease, your heart will stop and your life will end.

???: Hahaha! Despite turning a blind eye to it for over ten years, why are you lamenting it now?

???: Because is that not so? In truth, you’ve noticed, yet you pretended not to see.

???: That’s why you’ll end up being killed by me this wayーー


Luciano: Were you by any chance dozing off here?

Luciano: Yup, yup, it’s best if you wake up quickly. In the eyes of your Father, snoozing outside is a disgraceful act unbefitting of a princess so he might be angered by it.

Luciano: Was it disappointing that I was the one who came to wake you?

Luciano: Nightmare? What kind of nightmare was it?

Luciano: I see, a dream where you’re stabbed and killed by someone? That certainly ain’t calming and I can confirm that you’re sweating.


Luciano: Hmm, particularly around your neck.

Luciano: If you say I’m mistaken, then how about I check? ……Seems like that the nightmare was rather frightening, you taste of fear.

Luciano: Haha, sorry. You’re cute when you’re flustered so I couldn’t help but poke fun at it.

Luciano: But even so, haa…it mustn’t be allowed. Even if it were for a mere instant, stealing the heart of my princess is grounds for a felony. Though it may be a bad dream, it is not something I’d forgive.


Luciano: How mean of you to laugh at my seriousness.

Luciano: Together we are the Golden Sage and the Silver Princess. Much like the ancient legend, jointly guiding our countries Aluxia and Nebraia, we rise up and repel all evil. It would be interesting if we actually had such powers though.

Luciano: Good grief, the limits to my ability are frustrating. If I had the power spoken of in legends, then I’d always be able to save you.

Luciano: When it comes to sad moments, in the end, we’re still human.

Luciano: Ah of course, even without strength I’ll come to rescue you. Even if we’re separated by continents, I’ll fly through the skies for the sake of you, whom I call a sister.


Luciano: No, there’s truth within that joke.

Luciano: As long as I have love, the distance across the span of Aluxia is no more than a stroll. If you’re worried about the journey, then use your influence as the Silver Princess to bring upon a rainbow.

Luciano: ……And I’ll cross that rainbow to come and see you.


Luciano: I suppose so. If your rainbow were to truly reach me, then I’d be unimaginably happy.

Luciano: Regardless if we marry, there’s the wall of country borders between us. For me who constantly wishes to be by your side, Nebraia is not a comfortable place to remain.

Luciano: It makes me want to complain.

Luciano: A king who’s satisfied with everything exists only in fairytales, it’s impossible to live the exact life you desire.

Luciano: Oh, but it isn’t entirely a downside. We’re bound by legends, however, we’re also supported by them. The reason we as mere people exist as royalty is because of the reverence from the citizens.

Luciano: Despite knowing that, I occasionally feel here’s doubt coming from an unknown existence. Do you not feel it as well?


Luciano: You’re strong aren’t you? Liliane, in the past, you were the exact same way.

Luciano: Haha, I wonder why is it that you believe I’m stronger?

Luciano: Mhm. Thanks, but……no, it’s nothing. Like you’ve said, I’m strong. There’s nothing right nor wrong about it, even if it’s a lie, as the national symbol of my country I have no choice but to say it.

Luciano: The only time the Golden Sage shall weaken is at the moment of death.

Luciano: No, the citizens probably wouldn’t even allow that. From the time we are born until the time we die, we must retain the spirit of a saint.


Luciano: It’s just a mere monologue of my causal thoughts.

Luciano: When you think deeply into the meaning like this, you’ll begin to worry and become unable to sleep at night no?

Luciano: That’s right, it’s a shame when I’m the only one who’s unable to sleep from thinking of you.

Luciano: Hmm? Oh, I’m not tired, being able to meet you like this heals me.

Luciano: I feel lonely, did you not want to see me?


Luciano: Hehe, thank you for worrying about me.

Luciano: I’m not tired, even if for argument’s sake I was tired, there’s no way I wouldn’t come today. I ought to discuss the details of the wedding ceremony that’s taking place in the upcoming month with his majesty after all.

Luciano: No, there’s value in me coming directly. I can’t leave an affair as serious as greeting the Silver Prince to anyone else since within this engagement lies the future of both nations.

Luciano: Because it is said that we’re being overwhelmed by the force of the country to the west.


Luciano: Looks like it’s windy again.

Luciano: This wind must also exist in Kinisis, wouldn’t it? I sincerely hope that they’d be swept away by the storm. That way, at the very least, Aluxia and Nebraia wouldn’t be absorbed.

Luciano: Sorry, I wasn’t trying to bring you unease.

Luciano: It’ll be alright, even if there is an ongoing scheme, they won’t attack immediately. Aluxia’s natural fortress of precipitous cliffs, its shield, cannot be readily conquered in a trifling amount of nights.

Luciano: Though…I don’t think that those wild mountain apes will give up that easily. People are greedier than you imagine.


Luciano: Heh, if you make too many of those expressions, you’ll be swallowed up by this green labyrinth. This garden will make indecisive people lose their way.

Luciano: Look…for example, sort of like when you were weeping your eyes out in the past. But well, you were wailing because you got lost, it was easy for me to find you though.

Luciano: How nostalgic, the face that was a complete mess from your tears and runny nose was cute as well.

Luciano: You really don’t have a sense of direction do you?

Luciano: Haha, sorry. However, if, if……even if we’re lost, as long as we have each other, we’ll undoubtedly find the exit. No matter what the era, I’ll walk with you in hand Liliane.


Luciano: Ah, as proof that today, I’d like to present you with this necklace.

Luciano: Like I thought, it suits you quite well. It’s a color that exudes your bravery. Oh, I wonder if that’s the reason why. When I discovered this ruby, I wanted to gift it to you no matter what.

Luciano: You see, this is a marker for when I need to find you.

Luciano: No matter where you are, I’ll follow this light and save you.


Luciano: Hehe, speaking of which, despite being a princess, you’re bad with handling expensive items since before no?

Luciano: Nope, you must not say words of gratitude to me. Because there’s a debt that I can never repay in my lifetime.

Luciano: No, it’s a debt.

Luciano: You cannot imagine just how grateful I was when you saved me from that beast. Each time I see that scar on your shoulder, it brings the memories of that back.

Luciano: The you who genuinely considers that scar a medal, is my pride and joy.


Luciano: Whenever you laugh happily, I become happy once more.

Luciano: I wanted to convey this happiness to my mother as well. Even though, had our mothers been alive, they would’ve surely been overjoyed……

Luciano: Hehe…you’re making awfully cute reactions today aren’t you?

Luciano: Hmm? No, that’s not it. Although you’re always cute, it’s even more unbearable than that, is what it means. But right now, I’d like you to not look at my face.


Luciano: Once we get married, I’ll remove this blindfold and kiss you.

Luciano: But right now it’s impossible because right now, I’m making an incredibly horrible face.


Luciano: I love you, Liliane. Both now and then, my one Queen is you.

Luciano: ーーAnd only you can save me.


Track 2: Fallen Castle


Maid: Please pardon my intrusion.

Maid: Princess, is it about time to extinguish the lights in your room? Yes, the other maids have gone ahead retired for the night as ordered.

Maid: Haha, of course I don’t mind. It’s an honor to be a consultant to the princess.

Maid: Now then, what troubles you?


Maid: The kingdom to the west? Are you perhaps referring to Kinisis?

Maid: If I’m not mistaken, recently that country has grown more threatening towards other nations. My cousin returned the other day just before the war of aggression had occurred in order to become a bride.

Maid: It’s become a truly frightening matter has it not? I wonder why Kinisis continues to annex foreign nations.

Maid: But well…since our country has Liliane the Silver Princess, I can rest assured.


Maid: Tsk tsk, such humility. It’s tranquil because the Princess, a symbol of peace is around.

Maid: Even without such concerns, things will be fine. Aluxia’s a sacred country surrounded by natural fortification, so I don’t believe we can be that easily attacked by Kinisis.

Maid: Once you get married to Lord Luciano who’s a similarly holy being, the people will feel increasingly secure and faith in the royal family will be bolstered.

Maid: Eh? That Luciano appears to be troubled by something as well?


Maid: Umm…it may not be understandable to a normal person like me, but perhaps he’s considering what exactly he should do to make Princess happier?

Maid: Yes, it can’t be anything but that.

Maid: Haha, it’s a blessing to be of use to you on occasions. Now then, good night.


Maid: What was that!?

Guard: Please excuse my rudeness. I apologize for disturbing you in the middle of your rest Princess, we’re in a state of emergency right now so please forgive me.

Maid: What happened?

Guard: A group of enemy Kinisis soldiers have already landed and are rushing towards the first gate.

Maid: T-that’s impossible, how did nobody notice the enemy soldiers approaching?!!

Guard: That…no one knows why. The enemy soldiers appeared suddenly amidst the darkness and surrounded the castle in the blink of an eye. A tactic executed so well, it’s almost as if they were waiting inside from the very start.

Maid: No way, that’s…!?


Guard: Please hurry Princess, his Majesty’s waiting for you at the throne room.

Maid: Ugh…let’s go, Princess. Even if something were to happen along the way, everyone will protect you.


Guard: Your Majesty, I’ve brought Princess Liliane.


King of Aluxia: Liliane……

King of Aluxia: Escape Liliane! You remember the hidden passageway right?

King of Aluxia: No, I will not request reinforcements from Nebraia. Or rather, all I can do is buy you enough time.

King of Aluxia: Ah…it is true that Luciano, the King of Nebraia is your fiance. However, you cannot rely on him anymore. More importantly, ugh…they’ve gotten closer.


King of Aluxia: I’m sorry, Liliane, please forgive this useless father.

King of Aluxia: Don’t cry, you’ll surely be happy. Not as the Silver Princess, but as a woman.

King of Aluxia: No, a king mustn’t abandon his castle. I shall remain here.

King of Aluxia: However, you can’t. The Silver Princess mustn’t be killed regardless of the circumstance as you represent the hope of the people.


King of Aluxia: You there, I leave the Princess to you.

Guard: Yes, I gladly accept your order.

Guard: Let’s go, Princess, do not let his Majesty’s resolve go to waste.

King of Aluxia: Go Liliane, and NEVER LOOK BACK!!! ……And move onwards only towards the future.


Guard: Just a bit more Princess. If we proceed a little further, we should reach aboveground.

Guard: It’s strange to say it during a time like this, but I believe what his Majesty has said was true. The part regarding your happiness as a woman that is. The truth is, I became a palace guard because I admired you, Princess.

Guard: When I was young, my mother would often read me picture books about the Silver Princess and so I wanted to be of use to such a beautiful and goddess-like person someday.


Guard: Haha. Yes, before I entered the castle, I genuinely believed that you were a holy being. However, right now it’s different. I deeply apologize if you judge this to be lese majeste, but I finally understand now that Princess is just a regular human being.

Guard: Princess has always suffered from the heavy burden that the mantle of Silver Princess carries. I’m also aware that nevertheless, Princess kept standing firmly resolute for the sake of us citizens.

Guard: Not just me, all the servants at the castle recognize just how much your heart ached and how hard Princess worked for the sake of the people and that’s precisely why everyone loved you, Princess.

Guard: And so we can’t imagine you facing misfortune. Or rather, we don’t want to imagine it. You who labored away for the sake of us citizens until now have a right to be happy.


Guard: Umm…looks like we’re about to reach the exit soon.

Guard: The sun has risen. Now then, let’s go, Princess. Once you leave this place, it’s the beginning of a new life.


Leon: ……Once you leave this place, you’ll become my Empress.

Guard: W-why are you people…!? Only members of the Aluxia royal family should know of this place.

Leon: It’s the first time seeing you, oh beautiful Silver Princess. I’m the Emperor of Kinisis, Leon. I’ve journeyed from afar to come and pick you up.

Leon: We’ve finally met. I’ve long awaited this day.


Leon: Did you not hear anything about this…?

Leon: Haa…it looks like you’re confused so I’ll explain it to you once more. I’m the Emperor of Kinisis, Leon. I’ve come to take you as my wife.

Leon: I see, so you believe that I’m the one who brought ruin to your nation.

Leon: I guess so. If one’s waving my country’s flag like that, it’s only natural for you to think that.


Guard: You bastard, on top of using the foul means of a wild beast, you’d even attempt to lay hands on the Princess!? Hey, how about you say something…?!!

Leon: Hmph. If so, then what should I say?

Guard: Stop fucking around, I won’t let you lay a single finger on the Princess.

Guard: Argh…!?

Leon: To say that with that level of ability, my sides are hurting.

Guard: Princess, please run……


Leon: Now then Princess, whether this thing lives or dies depending solely on you. So what shall I do? Shall crush its entrail and kill it as is or shall I pierce it with a sword?

Leon: Haha, a wise judgment my Empress.

Leon: You’re my Empress no? Starting from this moment, you’ve become my wife. Unfortunately for you, even if you deny that designation, very soon that’ll be the case both in body and mind.


Leon: Hahaha! Is this the extent of your resistance? You can’t kill me by merely biting my lips. If you aren’t prepared to kill then quietly offer me everything……

Leon: Though even if you don’t, I intend to rob every last thing from you.

Leon: Don’t forget, you belong to me down to each singular drop of your blood. You’re mine now, Liliane.


Track 3: Unwakeable Nightmare


Leon: Have you finally awakened?

Leon: Looks like you’re still confused, I simply carried you here while you were still sleeping. I cannot tolerate the spoils of war that I went through the great trouble of obtaining to commit suicide after all.

Leon: Dream? Then perhaps you have died. They said you see the illusion of a wonderful dream the moment before one’s death. If you say that the happiness in becoming my wife is a lie then I suppose you’re already dead.

Leon: Enough with the word despicable. As you have said, I am a savage and arrogant king, therefore I have no intention of performing courtship.

Leon: You’re not loved by me, you’ve been plundered by me.


Leon: Are you trying to die via a kiss? You can still breathe no?

Leon: Hmph. Demon? Then I’ll pour the essence of this demon and dye the beautiful Silver Princess jet black. This is the day you become a demon’s bride as I deflower you while you scream and cry so go ahead and lament.


Leon: The tears of the beautiful you are the most inviting.

Leon: Silver Princess, do you hate me?

Leon: Good…hate me through and through. Hatred will become your driving force to live, thus, I’ll allow you to despise me. It’ll be troubling if you die before giving birth to my child, after all.

Leon: Don’t tremble like that, I’ll end up wanting to make you cry even more no?


Leon: Though you say you aren’t trembling, your voice and your body are clearly this fearful of me.

Leon: I thought that saying lips were sweet was a foolish expression, but your lips are sweeter than nectar. Surpassing any excellent wine, it is the taste of victory.

Leon: Oh? You’re attempting to bite off your tongue? Go ahead, try.

Leon: Your country Aluxia is already within my grasps. I assume you understand that whether or not the citizens who reside there lives or dies is dependent on your attitude.

Leon: Hmph. That’s right, good.


Leon: Think of it as an honor. From now on, your obligations aren’t that of the Silver Princess, but to entertain and be ravaged by me on the daily.

Leon: I see…so you prefer it when I suck it a bit more intensely.

Leon: Each and every part of your body has such a lovely color, I’ll want to hold it inside my mouth forever like a candy.


Leon: What a nice voice, it’s resounding through my hips. Let me hear more of that voice.

Leon: Ah…it’s your taste. You still haven’t been tainted by anyone, it has the fresh taste of a virgin. Just imagining the act of dyeing this flower with indecent colors is unbearable.


Leon: By resisting, you’ll merely injure your own body. It’s a bit difficult for a virgin to accept my thing after all.

Leon: I’ll carefully loosen it up until it completely softens.

Leon: Pfft. Did you believe that there are idiots who’d stop simply because you say so? If there exists a man who’d stop at this point then it’d be best their proof of manhood is cut off.

Leon: Fufu, it appears that this is the first time you’ve seen a man’s thing. If so, then take a good look. See? Because you were crying out so indecently, it has become like this.

Leon: I don’t think this fever can be released until it’s submerged inside you.


Leon: Don’t freight, a woman’s body is made so that it’s able to accept this and so I’m making preparations for that.


Leon: It’s overflowing from deep within you. Twitching and quivering, it’s tempting men.

Leon: Don’t look? Oh, it is because you don’t want me to know that this place here is leaking lewd nectar? What a lascivious woman, so obscene…it’s beautiful.

Leon: It’s a shame but no matter how you refuse and deny it, I’ll continue to defile you. After being violated by me each and every day, you’ll no longer feel shame from disgrace.

Leon: …You’ll surely become a filthy woman.


Leon: Burn that image of the moment when your purity is shattered by me into your eyes.

Leon: Don’t escape, the pain will be prolonged if I put it in gradually. Look, take a deep breath in and breathe out slowly.

Leon: Good girl, do it just like that.


Leon: Can you tell? I’ve entered all the way inside you. With this, you belong to me.

Leon: The pain won’t disappear even if you cry, your chastity won’t return and neither do I have the intention to stop.


Leon: Rest assured, the pain will vanish in time and you won’t be able to live without this.

Leon: No, it’ll happen. I’ll see to it that it will.


Leon: It’s tight. If this place is this cramped, childbirth will worry me.

Leon: Obviously, my child of course. Don’t worry, from now on I’ll take my time like this and carefully ply it so that you can give birth to countless.

Leon: Ah…I can’t get enough of this. Cry more Silver Princess, the more you cry, the more I’m aware that you’re mine.

Leon: Do you realize how long I’ve been wanting to embrace you? However, your body’s much more comfortable than I had imagined, it’s heating up and wrapping around me.


Leon: Liliane…Liliane, my one and only Empress.

Leon: It’ll be painful if I prolong it too long so it’s about time I release you. Yes, I’ll end it, I’ll pour everything inside you.

Leon: Haha, did you think you’d be able to escape with that level of resistance? Look, I’m about to cum so make sure to accept everything. Get pregnant with my child Liliane!


Leon: It’s the sperm I saved up for you, have a good taste of it.


Leon: Liliane…?

Leon: Hmph. I guess she lost consciousness, that just means I simply have to ravish her tomorrow. Sleep deeply my Empressーーbecause there’s no happiness for you outside of this miniature garden.


Track 4: Garden of Lies


Leon: So you were here.

Leon: Although it’s been 3 days since you’ve arrived at this castle, to adequately traverse the castle of the man you hate……you’re pretty well adjusted.

Leon: This garden? Oh, when I saw Aluxia’s garden as a child, I took a liking to it and thought to replicate it. And with a place like this, you’d be able to remember your home country no?

Leon: Like this waterfall, I’ve obtained all the treasures that Aluxia has to offer.


Leon: No, I haven’t obtained everything. There’s still one thing I haven’t obtained…

Leon: ……It’s your heart, Silver Princess.

Leon: Hah, before I request your heart I ought to present mine? The only woman who would demand something of me is you. But it’s fine because you’re my one and only Empress, I’ll allow any desire.


Leon: Hahaha. Yes, I’m an insolent king. But what about it? Did you think I’d seek safe-haven and be cured?

Leon: I know I know, I’ll listen to the rest of this lecture in the bedroom. I’ll have intense enough sex so that you forget your resistance.

Leon: I know I’m vulgar. A man who wouldn’t have sex with such an elegant lady deserves to have ‘that’ chopped off.

Leon: Enough, just come over here.


Leon: You…you’re eating properly right? As a vessel for my children, to lose weight without my permission is impertinent.

Leon: Hey, Liliane…? Liliane!?


Leon: There is! Oi, they’re a quack like I thought. Call on a different doctor. I don’t care if we’ve already gone through 3 people or however many else. Until my Empress is awake…call on as many people as necessary!!!

Leon: Ah…Liliane!?


Leon: Hmph. Looks like you’ve finally opened your eyes. To have a fever without my permission despite being a vessel, as expected, you’re an audacious woman.

Leon: Hmm? No, it’s not a grave illness. The doctors said that this was a fever due to the stress on your body and mind.

Leon: Don’t worry, I’ve called upon the best doctors in the nation so you’ll get better soon enough.

Leon: Haa…good grief, your will’s so strong that it ain’t amusing. Even though it’s okay to refer to me as Leon when you’re delirious from a fever.


Leon: ……Though the result of this is that you’ve laughed in front of me.


Leon: It’s nothing.

Leon: Liliane…? Are you really okay with being touched by your adversary?

Leon: I see, I guess so. You simply aren’t aware because you’re delirious from the fever. To me, this is also a dream-like happiness.

Leon: Liliane, I won’t love you.

Leon: And I’m not in love with you.


Leon: Hey, why are you out walking about? It’s still too early since your recovery.

Leon: It’s true that I’ve been off subjugating the pirates off to the west but…I see, knowing your enemy’s been injured, you came to assassinate them while they sleep.

Leon: Hmph, it’s a joke. The gallant you would never think of beheading someone whilst their guard’s down.

Leon: You’re heroic, no? Dying is something anyone can do at any time. To choose a life where one doesn’t know what awaits them is braver instead.

Leon: I’m not praising you, I’m simply stating the facts.


Leon: Arm? Oh, it’s nothing major, it’s merely been cut.

Leon: Hmph. Can princesses not handle blood?

Leon: I suppose so. There are people who dislike blood being spilled. However, for example, the people who’ve sliced my arm will murder others needlessly. That in and of itself shows that more people conceal their inhumanity than you think.

Leon: I thought you’ve learned not to display such kindness after being violated, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.


Leon: I have a gentle side to me as well? You’ve got quite the nerves to say that to your enemy.

Leon: Looks like you’re misunderstanding the situation. Citizens are my assets, and since it’s only natural to protect one’s property, it isn’t kindness. Besides, is there really any meaning to kindness inside this cruel miniature garden?

Leon: That’s right, this current world is a miniature garden a particular man aimed for. I’ve intercepted it, however, I cannot alter its nature by much.

Leon: In striving for a gentle world, in the end, it’s all self-satisfaction. Therefore, the people I sacrificed for my own self-fulfillment would be surely in grief and desire recompense wouldn’t they?


Leon: That aside, if your condition has improved then let’s go out for a bit. I’d like to calm the flame of war.

Leon: Scar? What is it about the scar being seen? There’s nothing shameful about the scar on your shoulder. Yes, I’ve heard the rumors. It’s a scar you received from protecting your fiance, the king of Nebraia no?

Leon: I see, then to you, this is a badge of honor.


Leon: Hmph. Like I thought, you’re brave. Even without the title of Silver Princess, all men would prostrate themselves in the face of such strong love.

Leon: W-why are you crying? That isn’t a lie.

Leon: Haa…don’t cry, you idiot. If you were to meet your fiance right now, would that make you happy?

Leon: Everything’s an illusion, eh. But is that really so?

Leon: In the near future, you might be facing the king of Nebraia as a governor.


Leon: It’s exactly what it means. In conquering the land, it’s difficult to control the citizens that supported the previous ruler. And in that case, then it’ll save me more trouble to have the figurehead appear, even as a mere puppet.

Leon: As a matter of fact, I’ve decided to go greet the Aluxian people in the coming days and I intend to have you come along with me.

Leon: A formal delegation is still ways ahead, but in accompanying me, it’ll be a provisional term for you this time. Eventually, I intend to restore Aluxia back to you, with you as its governor.


Leon: It’s not that surprising of a matter is it? It’s not unusual for the kings and queens of friendly nations to join hands via marriage and your fiance was no different.

Leon: Ah…I guess so. Separated by distance, there might be an opportunity for you to escape. However, if you give birth to a child, you’d do whatever it takes in order to protect them no?

Leon: You’re a woman who’s stronger when you have something to protect. Without a doubt, even if you come to know the contents of this miniature garden, you’ll continue to live on resiliently.


Leon: Hmph, what’s that? You’re making quite the disappointed face. If you’re freed from me, you’d be able to live peacefully wouldn’t you?

Leon: Like I said, I’ve told you from the start to me you’re nothing more than a tool. You’re not an existence to be loved.

Leon: Yes, I feel no love towards youーー


Track 5: Rescue


Guard: Princess…!!!

Guard: When I heard the news that you’ve returned to the Aluxian castle once more…I was thinking of presenting you with a direct apology for the events of that time. But to find someone inside this green labyrinth is difficult, isn’t it?

Guard: I apologize, I ran here at full speed.

Guard: Thank god. You really, truly were alive and well. I believe you must’ve had many painful experiences, however, I’m glad that you still live Princess.

Guard: Even if you’re without power, we still love you, Princess.


Guard: Eh? Hehe, yes. As you can see, nothing has happened to me.

Guard: That’s…even I don’t know why I’ve been released. Several days following those events, I was suddenly set free and was informed that I’d be working again at the castle for a new master.

Guard: At first, everyone refused the request that came from Kinisis. There’s no way we’d listen to the words of the Emperor that destroyed our country. However, the Emperor of Kinisis lowered his head and told us that the new master of the castle was the Silver Princess and that he wished for us to once again work at the castle for her sake.

Guard: To think that his Majesty the Emperor would lower his head, I wouldn’t have imagined that even in my dreams.


Guard: It may be strange to hold such feelings towards an enemy, but that figure somehow resembled you, Princess Liliane.

Guard: Haha, sorry.

Guard: But nevertheless, I believe you two are similar. Despite being in a high position, you don’t put on airs and would treat both the lower-ranking aristocrats and commoners equally.

Guard: And that’s why I’m hesitant as to what I should or whether I should pass this onto you.


Guard: If we continue at this rate, there might be a possibility of you becoming a happy Princess. But I sense that when you see this, you’ll inevitably be forced to fight against an even crueler fate Princess.

Luciano: “You remember where our secret passage is right? I will be there waiting for you at that location without fail.”

Guard: Yes, this is a piece of Lord Luciano’s writing that had been entrusted to me by an emissary. I have not seen its contents so I cannot be certain, but if Princess believes so then Lord Luciano is surely waiting for you somewhere within this green labyrinth.


Guard: No, in my opinion, the chance of you returning alone is low. The emissary had said this, “Lord Luciano will be waiting until the Princess herself comes.”

Guard: Certainly, this might be a risky position for Lord Luciano. Do you intend to go meet with him?

Guard: Understood.

Guard: Well then, I shall do whatever’s necessary so that the ruler of Kinisis does not come search for you. Princess, you’ve done more than enough, that’s why from now on, please live the life your heart desires. Regardless of the path you choose, if it leads to the Princess’ happiness then we won’t mind.

Guard: And so I beg you, please be happy.


Guard: Take care, Princess. I shall pray for your safety.


Luciano: See? I told you didn’t I? …I’d follow that light and find you.

Luciano: I’m glad I gave those rubies to you, because of them, I found you while you were hiding.

Luciano: That’s right, I’m your fiance Luciano and more than anything, it’s great that you still remember. Now then, please take my hand, my dear Princess.

Luciano: Somehow, you’re looking surprised?


Luciano: No, I never intended to become burlier than before though?

Luciano: Oh…I see. You’ve become enough of a woman to realize that I’m robust. Did that place make you that aware of the differences between a man and a woman? Or perhaps, is there a man you want to make it obvious to?

Luciano: Oh well, I’ll hear the answer to that later.

Luciano: No matter the nature of your deeds, I still love you. That’s why there’s no need to feel apologetic regardless of the reply you give me.

Luciano: I want to save you because I love you. In other words, this is my ego.


Luciano: Now then, let’s go. If we don’t hurry up and leave then……

Luciano: Why are you hesitating? You’ll be ferried together with me to Nebraia and plan for the recapture of Aluxia. We cannot allow it to be under the rule of a barbarian, if you wish to take action, then my Nebraia will answer with all its strength.

Luciano: Haa…why do you believe that he isn’t a savage? Look at reality, he spearheaded armed troops into foreign nations because he wasn’t willing to listen to negotiations. They have no concept of dialogue.

Luciano: Eh? The Emperor of Kinisis informed you that he’ll make you the governor?


Luciano: However, that’s foolish talk. You’re the legitimate heir to the Aluxian throne and the ‘Silver Princess’ who carries the long-revered blood of old. For you to be a mere governor, is there truly any reason for you to fall to such a position…!?

Luciano: Besides, if you choose not to take a stance, blood will inevitably be spilled.

Luciano: The citizens that defended such legend will not allow such a willful switch of their monarch. In the eyes of the people, the Silver Princess is equivalent to a god. An irreplaceable existence.

Luciano: Therefore, once you fall from the position of god to governor, the citizens will feel anger towards Kinisis, grow violent, and attempt to return things back to what they believe is its rightful place.

Luciano: Sometimes, faith is more annoying than you think.


Luciano: He’s foolishly blind and too simple-minded.

Luciano: I respect you for trusting in the hearts of the people, however, merely believing isn’t the duty of a monarch. Liliane, in order to not guide him into the wrong path, the correct response and the correct judgment is necessary.

Luciano: For the sake of the people, please make the right decision. I cannot stand Aluxia, a friend to my kingdom to remain in a state of ruin.

Luciano: Now then, in order to fight under the mantle of Silver Princess, please take this hand.

Luciano: Come with me, Liliane.


Luciano Route: Honeymoon with Luciano


Luciano: Thank you, I’m happy that you decided to have a future with me.

Luciano: Well then, since you’ve decided, let’s immediately leave. After all, it’s dangerous here.

Luciano: We’ll always be together Liliane, I’ll never let go of you ever again.


Luciano: What a relief.

Luciano: Haha…it wasn’t the first thing that came out of my mouth, but to me, it wasn’t abrupt. I wasn’t concerned about whether you’d be there the moment I opened the door until I made it this far, so it’s been 10 years since I’ve rushed down that corridor.

Luciano: It’s not a lie. Even though a week has passed since you’ve arrived at the Nebraian castle, it was lonely not seeing your face at least once.

Luciano: I genuinely resent just how extremely restricted I am.


Luciano: Eh? You too?

Luciano: Hmm…? I see, so you were thinking about me that much during the times when we’re apart. Then I guess I should be grateful to my work because thanks to not meeting, you’re desiring me this passionately.

Luciano: That’s a horrible false accusation is it not? To purposefully not come and see you that is. There’s no way I would, right? You know I can’t help but think of you every moment of each second of every minute……

Luciano: What we couldn’t do at that time, a kiss the lips…is it okay if we do that now?


Luciano: Then, could you bring your lips onto mine? I’m cowardly so I’m incapable of doing it myself.

Luciano: Hmm? Is this your limit? I still haven’t touched you yet though.

Luciano: Of course I’d look, I ought to burn the moment you first kiss me into my eyes.

Luciano: I see all clearly, your embarrassed expression, your flushed cheeks, your trembling lips, and your slight teary eyes. Don’t avert your face. Turn this way and look into my eyes.

Luciano: If you take a peek then you’ll surely calm down and be able to kiss me. And I should know as well when I touch your chest the exact same way.


Luciano: It’s true. That’s why it’s this painful and desperate for your breath.

Luciano: Are you still frightened of this kind of kiss?

Luciano: I see, then until the fear subsides…is it still fine to think of me forever as a brother? However, if that gentle brother you speak of never existed from the start, what would you do?

Luciano: Of course, my feelings of wanting to be that way are genuine, but inside my head, I had thoughts about tainting you. Constantly.


Luciano: Whoa there, are you okay!?

Luciano: Eh? Your knees came out from under you? Have you eaten your meals properly? What about water?

Luciano: Ah…then it’s normal. Surely it’s just the uh fatigue from being captured showing itself now. However, you mustn’t be careless, don’t skip your meals and drinks okay? Inside there, I added things that would uh…help you regain strength.

Luciano: You’ll recover before you know it.


Luciano: Now then, I’ll bring you over to the table. Today, I had many of your favorite dishes prepared.

Luciano: Come on, don’t struggle, a princess should quietly allow themselves to be carried. Don’t worry, no one but you and I can enter this room so you don’t have to worry about being seen by someone else.

Luciano: Hmm…in other words, I’ll feed you just like this.

Luciano: All right Liliane, please open that cute mouth. And if you won’t open it no matter what, I’ll blindfold you, tie up your arms and legs and then feed you mouth-to-mouth. Do you want me to do that?

Luciano: Hehe, I’m glad you’re honest. Say “Ah.”


Luciano: Is it tasty?

Luciano: I see, that’s a relief. When we’re like this, I feel like I’ve become a parent bird. You’re the only one who knows nothing and can do nothing, it would’ve been nice if you had been a being with no choice but to cling to me.

Luciano: Had been the case, then we would have always been together.


Luciano: Oh dear, spilling it is no good. Err…something to wipe. That said, it’s a bother so how about I lick it?

Luciano: Your breasts are so soft, it’s got a nice feel on the tongue. I can no longer tell what’s cream.

Luciano: Thank you for the meal. No, I’m fine, I don’t have much of an appetite this morning. Besides, if I’m going to taste you either way……then I prefer this instead.


Luciano: Hmm…? You’re sleepy already? Tch, I wonder if I messed up the dose.

Luciano: Ah no, I’m referring to the amount of food. You’re sleepy because you’ve eaten your fill, there’s nothing strange about it. If you’re sleepy then sleep. Doesn’t matter if you’ve just woken up, right now you require rest.

Luciano: Haha, you say odd things. It’s only natural for your consciousness to be hazy when you’re sleepy.

Luciano: By the way Liliane, I’m constantly thinking about how I could get you to love me as a man. Do you have any good ideas? Oh, I understand full well that you love me, however, I sense that it isn’t as a man yet.

Luciano: When we become husband and wife, I want to be loved by you as a man.


Luciano: Hmm, you’ve always liked me since you were young so you don’t know? I’m happy, but on the other hand, it’s a complicated feeling. Perhaps it might be impossible to change this relation from the past.

Luciano: Next time I’ll request something new.

Luciano: Hmm…? Are you no longer awake? It’s fine, take your time to rest. I’ll prepare you something interesting for you when you awaken.


Luciano: Good morning, have you slept well?

Luciano: Ah, it’s well made isn’t it? That’s a first-class collar I had ordered for you. Haha, what are you saying? The best sensation about it is the chains, without it, it’ll lose its meaning no?

Luciano: First of all, why’s there a need to remove it? If there’s anything you desire, I’ll have it sent over you see. Just stay in this room forever.

Luciano: There’s nothing for you to worry about, where you should go, what you should do, I’ll be there together with you for all of it.


Luciano: Having these thoughts ever so often is fine no? Look, since we were always childhood friends, I thought that maybe from your perspective the stimulation was lacking.

Luciano: Now then, come here. Your rightful seat is on top of my lap.

Luciano: Hmm? It’s like you’re confined…? What are you saying? This isn’t confinement. If you so desire, I’ll let you outside.

Luciano: But well, in exchange, I might be hated by you though.


Luciano: I’m joking, I’m joking.

Luciano: Hmm, do you wish to leave this room? I see, so you’re fine with not leaving?

Luciano: Heh, you’re an idiot, I won’t hate you even if you leave. Just that, I guess you’ll no longer need me. You’ll think that just a little. A little, just a little. Come on, hmm…say that you’d like to go outside.

Luciano: Oh? So you, yourself wish to be constrained by me. That’s fine, I’ll restrain you, I’ll always be watching over you so that you have a peace of mind.


Luciano: Listen carefully Liliane, as long as this chain exists, my heart is joined to yours.


Luciano: Good morning, looks like you’re almost accustomed to the life of being bound.

Luciano: Hehe, that’s wonderful Liliane. Me? Of course, I’m enjoying it as well. At the sight of you moving about in confusion at my every word, that is.

Luciano: Hmm? You’d like to go over to the window?

Luciano: You can’t, if you approach the window now, you’ll be seen by the palace guards. Because you’re so beautiful, you’ll charm the other men, therefore we ought to hide you.


Luciano: Now then, come onto my lap. My desire to kiss you is unbearable.

Luciano: I love you, Liliane.

Luciano: I love youーto the point of insanity.


Luciano: Hmm…I’m back. Have you been a good girl?

Luciano: I’ve been playing around too much since bringing you over to this castle. I had to go out and fulfill some of my duties as king.

Luciano: Sorry for leaving you alone all of a sudden, you must’ve been shocked to find me gone when you awoke right? Were you lonely? Anxious? Or perhaps, were you relieved?

Luciano: Eh? What did you say just now…? I wonder if my ears have grown dull, but just now it appears I’ve heard you say that you can’t live without me.

Luciano: Really? Do you truly love me as a man?


Luciano: Somehow, I’m so overjoyed right now it’s like a lie. To think the fulfillment of a years-long dream would be this, would be this-kukuhahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Luciano: Ah…finally the day has come, the day has come for where your eyes have been dyed with DESPAIR!!!

Luciano: You don’t understand what I mean? I constantly wanted to reveal it so much, it was unbearable. Yes, I’m referring to the truth.

Luciano: The one who invaded your country was……me.


Luciano: Nope, it’s not a joke nor a lie. Do you not believe me?

Luciano: That reminds me, I forgot. I tore something from your father the day I stormed the castle. Here, do you recognize this? It’s the silver hair that greatly resembles yours.

Luciano: Haha, haHAHA! How cruel of you to suddenly thrust me away. Until just a moment earlier, you proclaimed that you loved me that deeply.


Luciano: The reason I destroyed Aluxia? I wonder why? If I were to tell you the truth, if I were to tell you the truth, if I were to tell you the truth……it was unavoidable!!! In taking every opportunity as king to maintain the stability of people’s lives, the aristocrats came to needlessly demand the destruction of Aluxia.

Luciano: Those that came with the proposal, constantly pestering me as the Golden Sage to act right now, immediately and it was too much of a burden. That’s why in order to protect the pride I inherited from my father, with overwhelming sorrow I……


Luciano: Will you pity me?

Luciano: Thank you, like I thought you’re kind.


Luciano: So kind and STUPID…!!! AhahaHAHAHA!!!!!

Luciano: You really are pure, PURE STUPID that is. Not knowing to question the things that come out of someone’s mouth, I could avoid any confrontations over suspicion. The days where you’d believe each and every last word I say were wonderfully easy, weren’t they? It was truly so annoying, yet I loved it.

Luciano: Haha, are you still unable to comprehend the situation? To me, love and murder are one and the same Liliane.


Luciano: Go ahead, cry, and scream some more. Your tears will heal me.

Luciano: Looks like you don’t understand it at all. Now isn’t the moment you lost me, it happened far further into the past. The day your mother died was the day you lost me.

Luciano: What you see here right here is simply someone wearing the mask of the Golden Sage. A mere husk.

Luciano: That’s right, seems like you finally remembered.


Luciano: The day of the funeral, you did not know of my weakness. You forcibly pushed the expectations expected of the ‘Golden Sage’ onto me for your own convenience, just like the adults have.

Luciano: You were the only one I could share my pain with. On the same grounds of having lost someone, I had faith that my tears would be forgiven.

Luciano: However, even then you’d demand fortitude from me. “Because I have some as strong and righteous as you, I’m not worried even if my mother has passed away,” and in saying that, you used me.

Luciano: Despite the fact that in reality, I’m this powerless, unsightly, and pathetically immature of a man. No different from a foolish woman.


Luciano: You wanted to trust me? To say such words, do you still wish to not acknowledge it!? The man in front of you is LUCIANO!!! That kind and beautiful man has NEVER EXISTED…!!!

Luciano: Take a good look, the failure that continued to reject you is RIGHT HERE!!!


Luciano: Hate? No, I love you. And precisely because I love you, I decidedーーto take revenge on you.

Luciano: I set up this worthless stage for the sake of taking revenge on YOU!!! I swore in my heart to create a world with the sole purpose of hurting you.

Luciano: I wonder if you remember that as well? About the day you became lost within that labyrinth? That day it was my fault that you were lost in the first place. I purposefully chose a path that would confuse you.

Luciano: I wanted to see you wail and seek my salvation you see. Those days were the only times that you would yearn for me unconditionally. I didn’t need strength or wisdom, even remembering it now, there’s no other wonderful feeling that could match that.

Luciano: More more, I wish to drag you further into despair.


Luciano: However, the King of Aluxia heard your crying voice and came to search for you. When I saw your delighted expression, I was so disappointed and frustrated that I couldn’t sleep for 3 days straight.

Luciano: Then I made a revelation…as long as you had allies, it’ll never become my desired situation. As expected, to pull you deeper into despair, a miniature garden is necessary.

Luciano: I called upon the neighboring countries to destroy Aluxia together and proceeded with the preparations. It was perfect every step along the way. A bit more, looking forward day after day, do you realize how many times I was close to killing you in wanting to hasten it?


Luciano: And yet that man, the Emperor of Kinisis was in my way everywhere I went.

Luciano: If it weren’t for that man, you would’ve been redder than that ruby and I would’ve seen your heart. Ah…that’s right, like red wine.

Luciano: In truth, it would’ve been redder and more beautiful, wouldn’t it?

Luciano: My beloved Liliane, your heart is my treasure. It exists for the purpose of being crushed by my hands someday and that mark is proof of it.


Luciano: You don’t want to die? I guess so, just about anyone’s scared of death.

Luciano: Well well, this is the final scene of this worthless stage. By you loving me, the last of the ingredients have been gathered.

Luciano: Having driven you into a corner, I’ll give a choice. On one side is a door that spares your life, on the other side is a door that leads to despair.

Luciano: Here, this is the key to those doors.


Luciano: You don’t see anything but a sword? Oh, because it is a sword.

Luciano: With this, you’ll be able to make a choice. Whether you plunge this sword through me thus ending my life or whether you’ll be forever captive to me. You want to live right? Then there’s no need to waver.

Luciano: Kill me without hesitation.

Luciano: Losing your country, losing your father, and killing the man you love with your own hands. Go on and live within pitch-black despair.


Luciano: Now then Liliane, kill me.


Ending 1: Blood-lust from Some Point


Luciano: You won’t kill me? From your perspective, I’m your enemy, do you understand that!? Now hurry up and kill me. Kill me…!!!


Luciano: What a shame, I didn’t realize you were this foolish. Looks like I need to remind you again.

Luciano: Since you wouldn’t kill me, this was inevitable. Were you not aware?

Luciano: From now on, you’ll be raped by me and be impregnated with my child. To give birth to the child of the enemy who destroyed your country is repulsive don’t you think?

Luciano: Haha! Press down, my heart is right here. If you’re going to cut my arm then cut deeper, there’s no meaning to it unless you slice down to the bone.


Luciano: Hmm? Why are you apologizing? You’re doing the righteous thing, cutting down your hated adversary is only natural.

Luciano: Ah…why are you crying? You’re the one who chose this path no? You may desire to save me from madness, but that’s impossible. It’s already flowing through my blood and has become part of me. That’s why I told you to kill me.

Luciano: Until now, I believed that I was the most foolish and unsightly person on earth, but you, who isn’t able to kill me, is even more unsalvageable.

Luciano: You truly are an idiot and that’s why you wound up being loved by me.


Luciano: I wonder when I’d be murdered by you? Until then, I’ll take my time and taste your sorrow.


Luciano: For this place to become this wet from a slight touch, you’re hopelessly lewd aren’t you? Or perhaps you’ve become sensitive from being teased the whole time whilst you were bound by chains?

Luciano: You can hear the obscene sounds it’s making right?

Luciano: After being thoroughly trained by the man you hate, the entrance is already twitching. Lies? You’re still denying it despite being this wet? By simply stimulating this swollen part, your juices would start flowing endlessly no?

Luciano: On that note, the deeper spots are probably more starved aren’t they?


Luciano: The folds deep within are wrapping around my fingers. I look forward to checking the conditions inside.

Luciano: Then hot and sloppy flesh’s tight, and without mistake, it’s coiling around me.

Luciano: Hmm? Were you imagining it? Your insides squeezed down even more and are swallowing up my fingers deliciously. Good grief, I’d love to show this indecent appearance of yours to the Aluxian people.


Luciano: Heh, if you think I’d stop by looking hurt then you’ve got the wrong idea. I’m not that amiable of a man and I’ll remind you of that.


Luciano: Haha! It loosened up quite nicely. The interiors that were so hard and stiff at first has now completely molded into my shape. Can you not tell? If I were to pull out slowly like this, it’ll suck me up like it’s chasing after it.

Luciano: This place of yours is also foolish, lewd, and cute.

Luciano: You’re cute, aren’t you? You’re cute, you’re so cute that I want to kill you.


Luciano: I’ll press up against the furthest spots insides you, I’ll dye you with my colors down corners of your womb. You’ll be impregnated with my child countless times and be raped by me countless times.

Luciano: But there’s no need to worry, I’ll continue to make you suffer like this even if your heart breaks.

Luciano: ……Because it looks like you prefer punishment over salvation.

Luciano: You’re happy right? We’ll fall together into madness, shatter, and murder each other.


Luciano: I love you, Liliane.

Luciano: I’ll forever await the day you kill me.


Ending 2: Aftermath of Revenge


Luciano: Argh! Ah…yes, that’s good. In my last moment, I’ll tell you something even worse.

Luciano: What do you think lies beyond despair?

Luciano: It’s hope. A person who has known nothing but despair, as long as they continue to live, they’ll one day find hope.

Luciano: It’s the worst development don’t you think? You’re forced to continue living in such a worthless world. Surely, you’ll find happiness in a place where my madness can’t reach you.

Luciano: You’ll be happy, be……happy.


Leon: I apologize for my lateness in collecting you. Due to him stringing traps all around, it took time for me to pin down your location.

Leon: You’ve come to learn of everything, haven’t you?

Leon: It’s strange isn’t it? Even though you’ve killed someone you loved, your eyes are as tranquil as a lake’s surface.


Leon: You resented him, no?

Leon: I guess so, it’s possible that he wished for you to put an end to the madness that he himself was powerless against.

Leon: And so, what do you plan to do now?

Leon: Although it was to protect you, it is not words that I, someone who had robbed you of your body should say. If you choose to return to my side, I’ll welcome it. But even if you choose a different path, I’ll continue to support you.

Leon: Haha, you’re going to take a shot a living for the time being? …That response is very much like you.


Leon: Well then, call on me anytime if you ever require my aid. I’ll rush to you immediately no matter where you are.


Leon: Hmm? The reason I had you begrudge me for the sake of saving you?

Leon: Hmph. Right now, to you, it’s unnecessary. Pay no heed to it, move onwards towards the future, surely, that was his true desire.

Leon: Don’t make such an expression. The outcomes of revenge aren’t limited to just darkness.

Leon: Yes, and so goodbye. Please be happy Liliane.


Leon Route: Truth about Leon


Luciano: So you won’t come with me no matter what……

Luciano: No, there’s no need to apologize. I don’t mind as long as you are happy. But at the very least, please allow me to hug you one last time. With that, I’ll forfeit everything.

Luciano: Thank you. Now I can finallyーーdrag you into despair.


Emissary: That took a surprising amount of time.

Luciano: Good grief, my cute queen is so headstrong it’s troubling.

Emissary: During the night we overthrew the castle, she had the initiative you wouldn’t expect of a princess.

Luciano: Aah…I never thought she would abandon the castle. Based on her deposition, I imagined she would have remained with her father. Choosing that method of escape was beyond my calculations.

Emissary: However, if we wanted to seal her movements then the better option would’ve been to leave the king alive.

Luciano: Haha! That man tried to keep me a distance away from her you know? He deserved a certain death without the slightest hint of mercy. He was a man that even if killed, hasn’t been killed enough.

Luciano: Because of him I was forced to take a detour. I really should’ve made him suffer more before I pierced him through the heart.


Luciano: Oh, have you opened your eyes? The ship is about to arrive soon so could you wait for a little bit longer?

Luciano: The ship to ferry us back to Nebraia of course. In truth, we should’ve set off already but that pesky Emperor got in the way you see.

Luciano: I see, so you heard my conversation earlier.

Luciano: That’s a bit unplanned, but it can’t be helped. I simply have to put an end to it earlier today. The sideshow is designed to plunge you into despair, after all.


Luciano: You mustn’t do that, by acting this way your dress will get dirtied no? Your late father that I murdered would cry in shame over it you know ahahAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Luciano: Oh that’s right, if it’s dirtied then I simply need to get you a new dress. A crimson dress that almost appears to be stained with your blood. If you wear it, then you’ll become my bride.

Luciano: Hah, despite turning a blind eye to it for over ten years, why are you lamenting it now?

Luciano: Because is that not so? In truth, you were aware of the darkness in your vicinity, yet you intentionally pretended not to see. Because if you believe that I’m a kind and gentle brother then there’s nothing to be fearful of right?


Luciano: If you don’t wish to acknowledge it then stop thinking so deeply. There’s no other reason as to why I’ve brought you misfortune.

Luciano: You don’t know?

Luciano: Because I love you of course. And precisely because I love you, I had no choice but to do it.


Luciano: The other reason? Even if there is one, it’s trivial. So even if you heard it, you wouldn’t understand.

Luciano: No, you wouldn’t understand. Having loved the Emperor, it’s not something you could comprehend. That’s why you’ll end up being killed by me this way.


Luciano: Haha! Good, just like that. Try your hardest to run, because I’ll catch you immediately either way.


Luciano: Liliane~ Hehe, I wonder where you are Liliane~?

Luciano: Oh I see, you’re playing hide and seek in that garden. I’m quite good at that so I’ll find you right away.

Luciano: Are you here? Or are you perhaps over there?

Luciano: Like I thought, you must’ve gone that way. Just kidding, there’s no way I wouldn’t find you right?


Luciano: HahaHAHAHA! Run, run, cry out some more…!!!

Luciano: Hehe, that’s a dead end. Look, don’t worry, I won’t kill you. Uh-huh, do you not see? You can only turn back no?

Luciano: Come this way, Liliane.

Luciano: I told you to come here did I not!? I’m begging you please don’t go, I love you, Liliane.


Luciano: No way. Do you intend to choose death to show a display to that man?

Luciano: Unforgivable, unforgivable, UNFORGIVABLE!!! You belong to me, you belong to only me, that misguided choice is…

Leon: No, it’s a fine choice. If so, I’ll gladly accept that life.


Leon: What’s with those legs? Were you preparing to jump into my arms, my Empress?

Luciano: How did you know we were here?

Leon: It’s troubling how you underestimate me, Sage. I may have been late that night, but I have no intention of losing the information warfare either. The ship you arranged…ah, it’s probably been sunk in that exact area no?

Luciano: Getting in my way, each and every you damn disgusting mountain ape. Go drown to death in the ocean!

Leon: Are you aware? Monkeys can swim, you know? Oh but before that…


Leon: Come, Liliane, I’ll protect you from all adversities…!!!


Leon: I’m sorry for being late, I’ll finish it quickly so please wait for me.

Leon: Don’t die? Hmph, that’s a needless concern. A demon cannot be killed by a human.


Leon: AAUGH!

Luciano: Don’t you dare bark you mountain ape!!!

Leon: Now who’s the one who had their bride taken by a mountain ape? Oh, if I remember correctly, you made quite the idiotic expression.

Luciano: YOU BASTARD…!!!

Leon: You’re rather capable aren’t you Sage? I thought you were just a big-headed deviant, but I guess I must correct my perception.

Luciano: Kuh. Same to you, I thought a stupid mountain ape could pose no challenge to me, but it appears that you at least have the intelligence to swing around a sword.


Leon: Sorry, but can we end things soon? I’d like to return back to the castle as soon as possible because I ought to warm the cold body of my Empress.

Luciano: Ngh! Then there’s no need to worry, I warmed her body plenty enough earlier. Surely the child that’ll be born will have GOLDEN hair!

Leon: I do not care.

Luciano: What!?

Leon: Regardless of the color of their hair, a child of my Empress is also my child. I will not allow you to shake my emotions towards my Empress. It does not matter who she’s slept with, it’s fine as long as in the end the shoulder she relies on is mine.


Luciano: Geh…

Leon: In truth, you had such thoughts too no? Had the legend been so heavy as to drive you insane?

Luciano: What could you POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND ABOUT ME?!! Nothing, NOTHING AT ALL!!! Even though YOU KNOW NOTHING…!!!

Leon: Like hell I understand the feelings of wanting to HURT the WOMAN YOU LOVE!!!

Leon: It’s checkmate, Sage. Please take your death honorably.


Leon: Liliane? What do you mean don’t kill him?

Leon: Nevertheless, he invaded your country and murdered your father. But even so you…?

Leon: I understand, do as you like.

Leon: Don’t make that expression, I won’t forsake you no matter what happens. Well…I am somewhat jealous though.

Leon: Go Liliane.


Luciano: Don’t come near me. I’d rather die than be pitied by you.

Luciano: HahahaHAHAHAHA! Return? Return for what? Do you intend to kill me with your own hands?

Luciano: You don’t have the right to kill me? Do you even need THE RIGHT to KILL AN ENEMY!? It’s fine to just kill me OUT of HATRED IS IT NOT?!!

Luciano: Hmph. Since when did you become such a hypocrite?

Luciano: However, in order to continue being a saint, you must pass judgment upon false saints. If you don’t, you’ll be accused by the citizens as well for not disposing of a traitor.

Luciano: Even if a revolt does not occur, you’ll become an assassination target for a portion of the radical population. To live as a saint then is……


Luciano: Eh? Are you sane? If you’re seriously saying that you don’t mind, then I can call you nothing but foolish.

Luciano: You truly are foolish.

Luciano: Even though you hate me to that extent, are you saying that you still love me as a brother? In the end, to carry those sins together……

Luciano: Those sins, together. Together, together eh.


Luciano: Haha! Carry the sins together you say? This miniature designed to make you suffer belongs to only me. It is not something that could be shared, so don’t willfully steal it from me.

Luciano: My love for you is nothing more than a lie to bring you anguish. The emotion I held for you inside this heart is hatred so that’s why-hate me, resent me, lament the fact that those 18 years of your life have been nothing more than a WASTE…!!!

Leon: Move aside Liliane!!!

Luciano: Argh!

Luciano: Despise me. This sin belongs to only me, I won’t hand a single speck of it to you, Liliane.


Leon: Are you injured?

Leon: I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to grant your wish. But perhaps, I might’ve granted the wish of the Nebraian King.

Leon: …No, it’s nothing.


Ending 3: Honeymoon with Leon


Leon: I never imagined we would take a stroll in the garden with such feelings.

Leon: Hmph. What a bully, you asked because you knew, right?

Leon: That’s right, the Kinisis garden was a gift to you. So that you wouldn’t feel lonely after becoming my Empress, I had a replicate of your garden in Aluxia built.

Leon: Why? It’ll take a bit of a long time to explain the reason, are you fine with that?

Leon: Understood, however, where should I start off first? If we unravel it from the basics, then it’ll become a story beginning from the moment I was born.


Leon: My mother was the official consort of the former emperor but my father was profligate. He wasn’t satisfied with just my mother, so he slept with many concubines. With my mother having been married off for political reasons, although the solution was clear cut, she was probably lonely all the same.

Leon: Her favorite phrase she’d often say was, “Love is just a vanity that exists for the purpose of leaving behind children.” She’d say it time and time again, almost like a curse……

Leon: As I continued hearing those words from my mother’s mouth…once I came to understand the world around me, I believed that to be the case.

Leon: No one loves you from the bottom of their heart, after all, love is nothing more than an illusion. Thus I give up.


Leon: But when you were little, I got invited to a banquet held in celebration of your birthday, and Iーーended up witnessing it.

Leon: You offered up your body to shield your fiance, the then Prince of Nebraia.

Leon: That’s right, I was also invited that day. That was the turning point where something changed inside my heart. Seeing your passion, I desired to be loved by someone as intensely and as strongly as that.

Leon: And if possible, I wanted the princess with the firm heart.


Leon: However, you already had a fiance whom you loved to that point that you didn’t mind offering up your body to them.

Leon: That’s why I decided to silence my desires and pray for your happiness. Never to touch, and to be satisfied by merely watching from afar.


Leon: Yes, I was watching you. Whenever I would hear news of you attending a ball at a foreign destination, I’d pretend to be a noble from another nation and sneak in.

Leon: Although you’re beautiful right now as well, the sight of you dancing away happily was adorable. There were countless numbers of people who would kneel down at your feet and offer to be your dance partner.

Leon: Thus the days of me finding fulfillment in watching you continued.

Leon: However, one day, a secret notice from another country was brought to my attention.


Leon: You’re aware that I annexed the southern island nation right? …It had stemmed from that country.

Leon: The country’s minister said, “We cannot put up with a king who thinks nothing of their citizens,” and revealed the secret back-dealings that the king had been setting into motion together with Nebraia. And that was how I……came to know of Luciano’s madness.

Leon: I immediately offered an alliance to defend Aluxia, but the mutual trust between Aluxia and Nebraia was strong. Because my father was militaristic, I was believed to have been planning some kind of scheme.

Leon: In that situation, I requested an engagement. However, no one would lend me an ear.


Leon: And while I was in a panic, the previous king of Nebraia was bedridden from illness, and thus the prince Luciano came into political power.

Leon: He immediately started moving to destroy Aluxia and I realized that there was nothing more I could do. I wavered between either overthrowing Luciano or conspiring to annex your country with him.

Leon: Of course I’d hesitate. After all, you would’ve protected Luciano even if it took your life. If I were to take his life, you would’ve been hurt deeply.

Leon: That’s why I considered somehow reforming Luciano in one way or another. Planting an information network, anticipating every location he would visit, and outright absorbing any country that tried to take his hand.

Leon: I had faith that one day he would undoubtedly abandon his madness and regain his once pure love for you.


Leon: As we continued to repeat events over and over like that, before I knew it, I became a figure that had been unintentionally intercepting his miniature garden.

Leon: Haha, I guess so. Thinking back on it now, I had been so desperate that I no longer knew what was the most correct choice so there’s no way that the King of Aluxia would’ve trusted such a man.

Leon: But finally, things shifted into my favor. The King of Nebraia having realized his impending death wrote a letter to his old friend the King of Aluxia on the true nature of his son.


Leon: No, though he may be the King of Nebraia, he might not have wished to acknowledge the fact that his own son was a madman. Regardless if he’s King, he’s also a father. Although he carries some blame, I don’t feel the need to condemn him.

Leon: Haha, the one who’s kind isn’t me……

Leon: It’s your Father.

Leon: The King of Aluxia realizing what I’ve said was true, put out a word for me immediately. He apologized and sent a reply to my proposal for marriage. He told me, “I cannot allow neither my daughter nor my country to suffer. In order for you to escape with my daughter as soon as possible, I want you to come to collect her on a safe night.”

Leon: That’s right, the one who revealed the secret passageway to me was none other than your Father, the King of Aluxia.


Leon: The King of Aluxia and I proceeded with our plans in secret, but the person who lost the war in information next was me. He successfully turned the tables on our plan, with Nebraia donning the guise of an army of Kinisis soldiers……and you know the rest.


Leon: The reason I never called out to you at any of the balls? There’s only one reason for that you know?

Leon: ……It’s because you seemed happy.

Leon: I could not allow myself to taint that happiness. Besides, I’ve already received happiness from you.

Leon: Each I’m betrayed on the battlefield or politically, I begin to question the love of the people. However, as long as you live, I have the peace of mind that love does certainly exist. You were always there backing my heart.


Leon: That’s right, I love you. And precisely because I loved you, I chose not to reveal the truth.

Leon: Losing your father, losing your country, and on top of that, to rob you of the joyous memories of the person you love…I couldn’t tolerate it. If I had to rob you of everything then, I’d rather be hated.

Leon: And so as the cruel and insolence king that brought ruin your country Iーー


Leon: This is the reason for everything.

Leon: I know no apology will clear up your heart, but I’m sorry. For being utterly unable to protect your country and to have hurt you as well, please go ahead and resent me for the rest of my life.

Leon: ……But regardless, please don’t die.

Leon: For the sake of all the other people who treasure you, that is the one path I hope you never choose. Though this request might also be for my own convenience.


Leon: Liliane? Did you just call me Leon just now?

Leon: Despite what I’ve done, do you still intend to call my name?

Leon: Liliane, you idiot. Because you called my name with such a cute voice, you ended up being caught by me. I’m sure you don’t realize just how much I love you right?

Leon: How much, you say? What do you intend to do after I say it? Even though you know I can’t help but to carry it out with more than just my mouth…

Leon: Like I said, please don’t ask! Or perhaps, is that an indication that you want me to take action?


Leon: It’s fine is it not? As punishment for driving me crazy, I’ll carry you like this to our bed.


Leon: I wanted to touch you like this ever since the moment I first laid eyes on you.

Leon: These cherry blossom colored fingertips, these supple arms, and this slender neck. Whenever I’d kissed them, it’d become so painful that I was close to tears. Thinking about it now, I guess you could call it my first love.

Leon: Don’t laugh. I know it’s not like me. But that’s just how love is, isn’t it?

Leon: To betray your perception of who you think I am for believing in that brings disorder to my heart, makes me want to offer you everything.


Leon: You truly are…everything about you is cute. I feel satisfied by simply removing your dress like this.

Leon: Hmm? What’s wrong with saying the truth? Since I’m finally allowed to say my true thoughts, please allow me to say them.

Leon: For example, the tip of these breasts…would stiffen right away when I hold them inside my mouth like this as though they desire my caress. So lewd and so cute, it makes me want to enter inside you at once.


Leon: Even though you say it’s fine, I’m against it. Since our feelings have finally been communicated to one another, I’d like to be gentle.

Leon: And this place has become quite sensitive as well. If I prod this entrance, your juices would already start overflowing.

Leon: Did you want me to touch you that badly?

Leon: Good grief, you’re quite the naughty princess.


Leon: There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If you’re only indecent in front of me, on the contrary, that’s quite a joyous thing. Only I’m able to see this expression of yours.

Leon: Ah…I’m looking.

Leon: Whenever I push up deep inside, you would bite down on your lips and attempt to bear the pleasure. And that reaction would stir me up once more.


Leon: Don’t hide your face, rather than doing something so unnecessary…touch me. Your hands exist more so to touch me with.

Leon: What do you think? Can you tell that my heart’s racing as fast as yours?

Leon: Why’s it unexpected? There’s no way I’d be able to retain my composure when embracing the woman I love right? You realize that I’m about to lose my mind from simply the sensation of tracing your insides no?


Leon: Each time I do this, you’d get wet immediately don’t you?

Leon: Look, it’s already dripped down all the way to my wrists, and your little entrance’s twitching as though it hasn’t had enough.

Leon: It looks tough with just one, how about I insert a second one?

Leon: Ah…it’s no use, it still doesn’t appear to be enough. I wonder how many I have to increase it by to satisfy this place?


Leon: Hmph. Your hips are moving you know? Do you desire something thicker?

Leon: Then use your mouth to tell me what exactly it is you want. As long as you so desire, I’ll give you anything.


Leon: …This is bad.

Leon: Ah no. What, did you hear me say it? If I have to be honest, this is more intense than I had imagined. I ought to be careful not to break you in an act of recklessness.

Leon: To laugh at a man’s innocence, you’re quite the outrageous fellow aren’t you?

Leon: But well…from now on I’ll make it so that you can’t afford to laugh so be prepared.


Leon: Sorry, I’m more excited than usual so it might be a bit painful until you’re used to it.

Leon: Don’t say that you don’t mind with that face. I’ll get aroused again and become unable to listen to restraint you know?

Leon: Listen, when it’s painful, then say it’s painful.

Leon: I understand. Well then, I shall indulge in you without refrain.


Leon: Come on, don’t squeeze down so tightly! Even though I planned to take my time to taste you tonight, with this…I won’t be able to last long you know?

Leon: Aah…it’s squeezing down.

Leon: Despite being so hot and messy, if I move just a little, it’ll swallow me up entirely and tighten around me.

Leon: Do you enjoy this that much?

Leon: Come on say it, you enjoy being hollowed out by my member and just can’t get enough of it no?


Leon: Good girl, I’ll give you a reward for saying it properly and scape against insides some more.

Leon: You like this place right? For your insides to be twisting that much, are you already about to cum?

Leon: Go on, cum whenever you want. I’ll make you cum as much time as you’d like.


Leon: Me too Liliane. I love you.

Leon: I love you more than anyone else in this world so please remain with my arms for the rest of your life.

Leon: Please stay by my side forever……


Leon: Looks like you came.

Leon: Because you squeeze down too tightly, I was almost drawn in by it.

Leon: No, you mustn’t. I’ve decided to enjoy you for longer and deeper today and so, make you get a good taste of me.

Leon: I know, you’re sensitive from cumming so much right? I can clearly tell. Too bad but because I enjoy being gentle to refined women, I love teasing them.


Leon: I love you.

Leon: For the sake of preserving that love for you, I’ll commit the great sin of changing this world.

Leon: This miniature garden, all of it exists for you.

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