【Translation】 PRISON ~Hikami Yousuke no Baai~


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PRISON ~氷上陽介の場合~

CV: Fukushima Jun (福島潤)

Track 1: Greatest and Worst Meeting


Prisoner #16, are you awake? I’m coming in.


Ah, there’s no need to be frightened. I don’t know how it is with the other prison guards, but I don’t have a hobby of tormenting prisoners for fun.

It’s true. I’m simply here to bring you this blanket.

Eh? Why…?

Do you not remember?

At the physical exam during the day, I asked whether I should bring you a blanket because you were shivering from the cold. And in doing so, you declined and said, “I cannot afford to be the only one with a warm blanket whilst everybody else is freezing amidst the cold.”

At that moment, I was impressed by how humble of a girl you were for a prisoner.

And although I’m saying this about myself; it’s rather unusual for a girl to decline a proposal of mine and so you caught my interest.


Plus when I passed by earlier and took a peek, weren’t you shivering from the cold again?

And so I brought it figuring that you might quietly accept it as long as nobody else is around.

That’s it, that’s all there is to my reason.


Well then, that’s it from me.


Ngah!? Ah…

I understand. I’ll listen to your story so calm down.

Also, you mustn’t do such things in front of any other prison guard beside me. If you suddenly rush up to them, they’d assume that you were attempting to assault them and would react with that in mind.

I’m glad you understood.

Now then, how about we sit down on that bed over there and talk? You can’t relax if we’re standing, no?



Now go ahead and talk.

Haha, so now you’re being hesitant. You’re a funny one.

Well…I guess it can’t be helped. Just about anyone would become confused after being confined in a place like this.

Come on, lift your face.

For the time being, there’s no need to hold back. I won’t report to the higher-ups no matter what you say.


Eh? There’s no way I’m like this towards everyone is there? This is an abuse of my authority.


Hmm, first of all, it’s already time for our shift change today. Afterwards, I’m simply going to return and rest.

Second is your black eyes and hair. Also, you somewhat resemble my pet dog when you shiver from the cold.

Oh, he died from old age and went to heaven the other day, though.

Haha. I’m saying your atmosphere is similar.

Thirdly, your eyes aren’t that of a liar. I’m rather curious as to how you ended up in a place like this.


Yes, I can tell. You aren’t lying.

I’m sensitive to those types of things due to my work. So could you please have peace of mind and talk to me?

Ah, but before that…we ought to warm you up. Your voice is quivering, ain’t it?

Here, put on this blanket and bring out your hands this way. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything questionable.

Uwah!!! Your hands are cold, they’re like ice.


Hmm, has it gotten a bit better? But they’re still cold so I guess I’ll continue holding them like this.

Oh speaking of which, I still haven’t introduced myself yet, right?

I’m Hikami Yousuke. The ‘You’ in Yousuke is written as the ‘You’ in Taiyou (sun). And you?

What a great name.

Hmm? Are you bothered by this uniform?

As you can see, I’m a prison guard here. Though I’m often told that I don’t seem like one.


Eh? Are you by any chance aware of my family, the Hikamis?

What a surprise, people generally aren’t too knowledgeable about us.

Yup, like you said I’m the second son of the Hikami family that operates this prison. It is a rule that all Hikami men must have experience in supervising this prison.

Right now, I guess you can say that I’m in a training period, functioning as my brother’s support.

Now then, how about you tell me about your family. To be well-acquainted with my household, you must’ve been a girl from an equally powerful family, no?


Eh!? That family name…

Could it be one that erected the largest industry group for precision equipment?

Ah, come to think of it it became news that the daughter of that household had murdered her parents. Since I only had a glance, I didn’t notice it was you.

W-wait, calm down!!! I know that you’re innocent so could you lower your voice?

If you cause a racket, the other prison guards will come.


I see. If you’ve been set up like you’ve said then this current situation is even more unbearable.

After all, this place is the sole prison approved domestically for the buying and selling of slaves. The prisoners are stripped of their human rights and would be sold as a slave if a buyer is present.

Ah! Sorry, I frightened you there, didn’t I?

It’s odd to tell you not to worry, but buyers don’t appear that readily. Slaves are extremely, extremely expensive. And to complete a purchase, they must go through the rigorous examination process set by the government.

Besides, I’ll cooperate with you so that you don’t catch anyone’s eye.

And so, lift your face. Don’t cry all by yourself.


It’s been difficult, hasn’t it?

Hehe, you really have no sense of wariness. If you cry whilst clinging onto me like this, I’ll want to embrace you.

Did I look like a sincere man to you? If so, then you’ve got no eyes for men.

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, it’s all to my liking. I’m not enough of a gentleman to pretend to be disinterested in such a woman.


Haha! Your ears are red. That honest side of you is to my liking as well.

Now then, let’s leave the sexual harassment at that and have a serious conversation.

That’s right. A very serious conversation. I’m a mere prison guard here so I am unable to lighten your sentence, however, I can believe in your innocence.

Mhm, at the very least you’ll have me who believes in your innocence so please don’t cry anymore tonight.

Ah. Sorry, I hugged you without thinking. I wonder if this is sexual harassment?

Hehe. That’s a relief.


Hmm? Did you say something just now?

Despite meeting in a place like this, you’re glad that you met me eh. I see, so you never had anyone who’d trust you to that extent.

Umm…me too.

Sorry, I’m going to say something that is out-of-line for a prison guard, so keep it a secret.

Err, I’m glad to have met you as well. We may have just met, but I thought it’d be great if I could become your support.


Eh? Kind? Me..?

I’ve said it earlier, but it’s not like I’m kind to everyone. This is an abuse of my authority, and giving the girl I’m interested in, special treatment.

Being a frivolous prison guard makes me a horrible man, no?

Haha, you’ve finally laughed. That smile suits you a lot more.

Smug? How mean. …Even though those are my true thoughts. Oh, but if you leave this room, it might be a good idea not to laugh too much.

Men whose hearts have been struck by your smile might come and attack you, after all.

So only laugh in front of me, okay?


You’re red again. How cute.

Haha! I played around too much, didn’t I? I won’t do it again tonight so will you forgive me?

Mhm, I won’t do it tonight.

Tonight, that is. I can’t be certain about tomorrow, though.

I’m joking, I’m joking.

Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow.


Are you okay? You didn’t eat much for dinner and it doesn’t seem like you’ve taken a shower either?

Is someplace feeling unwell? If that’s not it then why…?

I won’t know if you stay silent, if there’s an issue say it to me properly! If you don’t, I’ll be punished for being negligent in my supervision.

And so, think of it as being for my sake. Okay?


Eh? You were being terrorized in the shower room? By whom?

Oh, that woman eh.

I’m sorry for not noticing. I’ll make it so that you can enter there safely tomorrow. Or perhaps, are you still unable even with that?

To be trembling to this extent…

You poor thing, you must’ve had some pretty terrible things done to you.


……I wonder what I should do to that whore.


Oh, it’s nothing.

Come here, allow me to hold you in my arms.

It’s alright now, I won’t allow anyone else to touch you ever again. I’ll be here to protect you.

Why? I’ve said it earlier, but I’ve taken a genuine interest in you. Or do you still feel unsafe even with this?

I see, but well…I wouldn’t mind remaining in this state, though.


Your scent is somehow really sweet. And when I sniff it, it turns habitual.

Speaking of which, I’ve heard that liking one another’s scent implies good physical compatibility.

Say, do you like my scent?

That’s a relief, I didn’t know what I’d do if you said I stank. Then, that means our bodies might be pretty compatible.

Hehe, your ears are red again. You really are honest.


Ah! Sorry, your reactions are cute so I wound up poking fun at it.

But I’m glad you’re well enough to get angry. So are you in a mood to take a shower now?

Hmm…you still are brave enough? Well, it can’t be helped. I don’t mind it, but never washing ain’t good for your body.

…I’ll give you the courage to take shower.


It’s alright. I won’t do anything bad, I’ll simply be cleaning you up a little that’s all.

How exactly? Ehehe, like this……I’ll lick you clean.

First off, I’ll start around this area.

Ahaha…your voice is resounding through my hips, I’m about to cum by just hearing it. But could you suppress your voice a little? If another prison guard sees us, they’ll surely get angry.


Mhm, that’s right. Good girl.


Huh? You want me to stop?

But your place here stiffens and hardens each time I prod it with my tongue. It swelled up you know.

It’s true. How about we test it by stroking it with my tongue?

This way you should be able to better sense the change in your body than before.


I can’t get enough of your desperately suppressed voice. I’d want to tease you…no, that’s not it, I’d want to service you more.


Like I thought, this is your first time right?

I can tell. I want to try loosening up this tense and closed up place here~

Hey, is it okay? It’s fine, right?


Your insides are delicious, I’d want to lick you forever.


I wonder if I can insert a single finger soon.

Shh…I told you that I won’t do anything painful didn’t I? So relax your body.

Mhm, I promise. I won’t do anything painful, but I will do pleasurable things though. If I rub both the inside and outside whilst sucking on it like this…it feels good right?

Look, it immediately overflows.


I wonder where your most pleasurable spot is……

Here? Or perhaps here instead?

Hehe. Looks like it’s this spot.

How cute. If I lick as I scrape against this place inside you, your insides would tighten around me.

Amazing, it’s overflowing to the point that I can’t lick it all up anymore. You’re quite sensitive even though this is your first time.


It’s alright, it’s not scary. This is what you call an ‘orgasm’.

So don’t worry and let yourself go.


Since it’s become a mess from my licking, so I didn’t exactly clean you up much. But you feel refreshed no?

Haha! What a shame. Were you truly only embarrassed by it?

Well, that’s that, that’s just how it is.

Hmm? Because if you don’t wish for me to do this, then you ought to shower no? Naturally, that’s my aim.

However, I warmly welcome this method of cleaning though. Call me anytime if you’d like to feel “refreshed”.


Eh? My thing is touching your thighs?

Oh, hehe. Any man would become this way after seeing your cute appearance so don’t worry about it.

Afterwards, I’ll take care of it myself whilst remembering the sight of you tonight.

Haha! It’s cute how you’re shaken by something like this. It really makes me want to eat you up.


Hmm? Why are you making such a brooding face?

It’s not a joke, but I don’t intend on forcing it upon you.

You’re quite earnest aren’t you? There’s no need to think about doing it for the other person just because you, yourself, have received it.

Nah, I really am not burdening myself. I’m honestly fine.



Uh, s-sorry.

How should I say it, look…this is a prison so normally there are boundaries right? And so there are moments where my body would move on flex when that vital part is suddenly touched.


Are you angry…?

Haa, thank god. I was in a place where I’d torture all the women in this prison if I had hated by you.

It’s a lie, I’m lying.

In any case, have you slightly recovered from the slump of being ill-treated?

Yup, then I have a peace of mind as well.


Rather than your forehead, I’d be happy if you’d one day allow me to kiss your lips instead.

Haha, I’ll know. I’ll be waiting.

And until then, I’ll kiss all the places besides your lips plenty of times over.


Good night, I’ll see you tomorrow.


Track 2: A Prison Smeared with Lust


Good morning, it’s time for breakfast.

Hmm…? What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?

Or are you perhaps a bit worn out from us doing it too roughly every single night since then?

That reminds me, yesterday marked a full month since we met and your body has become extremely lewd in this one month.

…To the point that one wouldn’t think you’re a still virgin.

And yesterday it was itching for me to hurry and penetrate you.


Haha, I’m glad that you appeared to have cheered up.

Now then, how about we proceed to the cafeteria? Go on, take my hand my dear princess.


Ah sorry, you were so cute last night that I couldn’t quite fall asleep even after I entered my futon. Various thoughts later, and it was already morning.

All sorts? Yup, all sorts of things.

I could explain it to you in detail right now but you’d get beet red so I’ll stop here. I can’t stand another man seeing your shy expression.

Hahaha. Okay okay, I’ll keep quiet and walk.

Oh, but allow me to say one last thing.

I want to hurry up and walk alongside you. It’s nice walking behind you whilst watching the nape of your neck, but I’d like to hold hands and walk.


What did I mean by that? It’s a secret.

Speaking of which, this morning’s menu is……

That door. Sorry, I can’t allow you to go alone so could you come together with me? And so that you aren’t in danger, please remain in the corner of the room.

You guys, are you off fighting again!? If you people don’t get it together, I’ll send off each one of you one by one to the reflection room!!!


Huh? Keep it together!!!

This is a lie right…? Hey! Someone call a doctor, HURRY!!!


Thank goodness, you’ve opened your eyes.

Ah, you mustn’t get up just yet. Please lie down for the time being.

Despite doing something so gallant, you don’t remember what you’ve done. You see, you protected me as I was about to get punched and had your head struck in my stead.

Luckily, it ended with just a minor concussion and a slight bump, however with one wrong step you would’ve been left with more than a simple injury.


Say, why did you do such a thing? Depending on your answer, don’t blame me for punishing you.

Eh? What…?

Did something out-of-line? OF COURSE YOU DID!?

The moment I saw you collapse, I felt like my vision grew completely dark. And with that, I’ve noticed that you’ve become my light.


No, it’s not an exaggerated expression. This is the truth.

At the start, I was only cognizant of the fact that I was curious about you. You were different from all the women I’ve meant so far. You were humble, you were pure, and with that being unusual; it caught my interest.

But I was mistaken……

You had saved me from the moment we first met.


You see, many things had occurred to me when I was young and it was difficult for me to trust women.

No matter who had shown affection, I felt only hatred.

…And during that period, I met you.

You were accused of a ridiculous crime, had no one to confide in, and was immensely hurt.

But even so, you smiled and said that you were happy I believed you. If I had been knocked down to that extent, I believe I would’ve never trusted a single person ever again.

That’s why, the strength of your heart was dazzling. Your attitude in life illuminated my dark and gloomy world.


In other words, umm……I’ve been charmed by your fortitude. I feel affection towards you as the opposite sex.

If you liked me back at least a little, I’d be happy.


Eh!? Just now, you were looking down out of fear right? That was a nod, right?

Do you really, do you really love me?

If so, then nod one more time.


I want to kiss you on your lips. Can I?

Sorry, I can’t endure it anymore. I’m kissing you.


I’m really sorry, I was greedy right? But I’m so happy that I can’t resist it.


This is the first time I’ve experienced such a pleasurable kiss.

And look, my heart’s really pounding as well. You’re the same too right?

I can’t, my heart’s about to stop so allow me to take a deep breath.


I don’t want you to be troubled by it when you think back upon it later so I’ll say it now.

You were placed into prison based on a false charge and shivering from the cold, it was a situation where you were in a vulnerable emotional state.

I extended my hand to you and seduced you.

I took advantage of your weakness.

And upon that confession, I’d like to make a request.

You can berate me as much as you’d like later so please accept me and fall in love with me. Please give mercy to this idiot of a man who has eyes for no one but you.


The tips your breasts have gotten sensitive, haven’t they?

They’re hard from me pinching them through your clothes. Can I lick them directly today?

Mhm, understood.

Just a bit. I’ll be licking and biting them for just a bit.



Why am I this excited from licking your body? My body grows hot simply from me sucking on it like this.

It’s a pity that I can’t listen to it to my heart’s content. Even though your voice really stimulates my hips, if I suck on this place while rubbing the place below, you let out a particularly nice voice.


Huh? You’re already extremely wet before I even touched you today. It’s all slippery.

It’s true. You can tell no?

No rubbing? You’re weak to me stroking this puffed and swollen place, right?

If this place is no good, then where else would be good?

Oh, I got it. Is it your insides?

Hehe, it looks like your insides already remember the shape of my finger. It’s twitching happily right now.


I remember the places where you feel it as well.

Around this area, if I rub against the top, your insides would tighten.

Hey, I wonder if you could tell? Your insides are hot, sticky and it looks to be extremely pleasurable if I were to put it in.

Hey, is it no good?

Please allow me to enter inside you.


Where did you learn such a cute method of begging? It’ll make me concerned, wouldn’t it?

Yes, it’s bad.

The only person who should hear that voice and grant all your desire is me.


I’m putting it in okay?


Sorry, it hurts right? But it’s still only about half-way, if I leave it unfinished it’ll prolong the pain so I’ll do it all in one go.

It’s all in.


How about we stay like this for the time being?

It’s fine. Even in this type of situation, it’s plenty stimulating enough.


It feels so good. This is the first time I’ve ever felt this good.

……Each and every part of you is cute.

If you unknowingly squeeze down on me like this, my hips will start moving. See? You did it again.


You’ve gotten used to it, right? I’ll gradually start moving so please tell me if it hurts.


I love you.

I love you, I wish for you to become my one and only lover. Or rather, I’d like you to become my wife.


Sorry, my true thoughts came out.

Please pretend you didn’t hear that just now.

First of all, please become my lover.


You’re asking quite the strange question. I’m asking you, so of course it’s fine. As long you aren’t against it, I wish to become the first and last man to embrace you.

Really? There’s no taking back what you’ve said.

Well…not that I’d let you, though.


Although I’d really like to stay this way for a bit longer, it’ll be hard on you if we continue on for too long, so I’ll end it quickly today.

However, starting tomorrow, I’ll tease these depths more thoroughly so be prepared.




I’m happy that I’ve become your first man.

Thank you for giving me such a precious thing.


Ah, I’m sorry for dirtying your stomach. I’ll go grab something to wipe you with so wait just a moment.


Haha…I wonder if it’s because I’ve been holding back this whole time, but I came quite a lot.

You’re also cute when you’ve been tainted by me. I’ll leave a record of it in my memories.

Sorry sorry, it was a joke. I’ll wipe you up right now.

Mhm, with this it’s done. You’re clean.


Oh, it’s already this late. If only time could stop.

Say, is it okay if we lay down together for a short while?

Thank you.

I love you. Are you not going to say that you love me as well?

“Me too” eh.

I’m not particularly dissatisfied over it. Thank you.


Oh, with this we’re mutually in love so we ought to move forward with preparations.

Hmm? Preparations for me to claim you obviously.

There’s official paperwork I need to file in order to pass through the examination process and there’s also a whole load of formalities to be done.

Huh…? Why are you looking depressed?

Ah, the money. You don’t have to worry about it, I have funds individually and the portion I’m missing, I’ll work to pay it back.

But I probably would need to borrow a little from the Hikami family.

And so, although it’s a slight bother, could you come to greet them together with me?


Mhm, the Kouji who’s acting as the chief of this prison is the current Hikami head. Afterwards, there’s a younger brother called Eiki.

Parents? My parents have already passed away long ago.

Not at all. I don’t mind it, there wasn’t much attachment anyways.


Do you have people I need to greet?

Little brother…? Huh? That’s strange, when I examined your documents, you shouldn’t have had a brother.

Hmm? There’s a boy from a branch family whom you cherished like a brother.

What kind of boy?

A boy that’s honest like an angel? Wait, ain’t that just like you?

It’s true though, speaking from my perspective that is. But I see. A branch family, huh.


Hey, is that boy by any chanceーー

This is bad, give me a blanket.


Haa…that was close.

They’ll be angry to some extent if I’m found, but it’s worrisome when Mr. Fujita is around in the area.

It’s just a story about my zealous coworker so don’t mind it.


Speaking of which, what do you plan on doing during your spare time tomorrow?

Yup, you’d be in the library, right?

Me? I’ll be patrolling the west wing. I want to meet up with you as well, but you mustn’t come.

Hmm…look, there’s plenty of hot-blood fellows on the west wing and so you definitely mustn’t come.


Track 3: Point of Branching Fate


Eiki, are you finished with patrolling the west wing?

Okay! Let’s leave the rest to Mr. Fujita and the others and go in for our break.

Hmm? Eiki you look worn out today.

Haha, I see. It’s only natural to be in a daze after assisting our brother. After all, he has an immense workload.

That reminds me, you were great help with the aforementioned matter.

Oh it’s fine. It’s fine. I told her not to come near here so she hasn’t heard about it yet.


But even so, it took quite some time. As expected, they’re slow to sell if their character is bad.

However, thanks to you, that woman has finally been sold off. It’s all because you had found an excellent buyer.

Hmm? Of course they’re excellent, they’re a scummy sadistic man befitting of that woman.

I’m pretty sure every hole in her body has become ridiculous at this point.


AhahaHAHA! Cruel? Me?

What a bad reputation. I simply gave that useless slut a suitable position. Or rather they should be grateful to me.

Hmm? #16? Oh she’s different, she’s genuinely pure and cute. She’s my angel.

Yup yup, listen. The other day…


I’m sorry my work got prolonged today, are you already asleep?

Your eyes are red. Were you perhaps crying?

Distress? What are you distressed about?

Hey, don’t escape into the blanket and just tell me. If someone is bullying you again, then I’ll reprimand them for you.

Eh? There’s something you’d like to ask? Go on, ask me anything.


Prisoner #5?

Oh if it’s about the woman who tormented you in the shower, they’re now someone’s possession. Is there an issue regarding that?

Hmm…a rumor? What kind of rumor did you hear?

I give preferential referrals of women under my influence to buyers?

Haha, what’s with that? Ain’t thatーーobvious?


Those girls viewed me with indecent eyes and were people with insatiable desires. On the contrary, they’re more pitiful in a joyless prison no?

And that’s why I prioritized their introduction to a buyer.

It’s not exactly against the law, nor is it a violation of the policies within this prison. Was that what you were concerned about?

Hmm…? In any case, were you talking with the other girls today?

I thought it was unusual, and so what other rumors did you hear?


Eh? A rumor about a woman who’s useful to me? What do you mean…?

You’re wrong! I’m not trying to deceive you, I really don’t know.

What exactly did people blow into you……

W-Wait! Why are you licking me all of a sudden!?

I’ll sell off any woman that I’m unable to tolerate a blowjob from? No, that rumor is wrong. You’re just falling into the trap set by other prisoners.

I can tell…!!! The woman I refused the invitation of earlier is probably jealous of you.



S-s-sorry, I wasn’t intending to thrust you away like that.

I’m really sorry.

But I’m hurt by the fact that you don’t trust me. Why did you believe the words of someone other than me?

There’s no way I’d get off to someone being sold is there!?


Why has it turned out this way?

I did indeed reject your hand, but I don’t believe you’re worthless in the slightest.

Please believe me, I definitely won’t hand you over to any other man.


Hey, what are you so concerned about?

Is it by any chance about those women that have become slaves that I referred to earlier?

There’s no need for you to worry about such things. Surely, they’re all happy.

Mhm, all the buyers I’ve presented them to were kind people. It’s true. Yes, true in every sense of the word.


Why are you crying?

You came to the west wing during the day!? …And so you heard the conversation between me and Eiki?

I see. Then it’s only natural that you are unable to trust me even if I tell you to believe me.

ーーBecause I had lied.

Yes, as you have said, all the girls have been bought by horrible men.

However, for a loose woman who’d attempt to seduce a prison guard to live a good life; it’s a fitting outcome.


In particular, women who would bully you are the most unforgivable.

To be frank, I wanted to personally chop her into mincemeat. However, I didn’t wish to lose the authorization required to claim you.

Even with this, I’ve held back well enough.

Mhm, I held back and introduced them to a guy who’d show them a fate worse than death.


AhahaHAHA! Why are you crying? Ain’t this karma?

Those girls have committed homicide and were put into this prison, and even then, they refused to cease with their evil ways and harmed the beautiful you!!!

They should be GRATEFUL if anything.

“THANK YOU, for finding USE in such WORTHLESS FUCKING TRASH like us!!!”


How cruel of you to run.

That’s right, these are my true thoughts, and this my real nature. I genuinely believe from the bottom of my heart that all women besides you should perish.

Like I said, I ain’t a kind man.

It’s a pain so I’m gentle enough to not be considered an obstacle by anyone. In truth, all I think about is getting back at those women.

But that’s the truth so it can’t be helped, right?


Each and every one of them would praise this face, saying that it’s beautiful and would come in droves pursuing the Hikami name.

……Even though I consider both this face and the Hikami name to be unsightly things I have no need for.

Huh? The fate of Prisoner #5 who had bullied you is as you’ve heard.

There’s a law preventing the killing of slaves, so she ain’t dead; however, her arms and legs might’ve been chopped off, though.

HAhaha! It’s a fate appropriate for a female pig.


You want me to save them? Prisoner #5?

It’s impossible. She has already been purchased and is now property. Unless she’s turned over, there’s nothing I can do.

You haven’t clung onto my clothes like this since the time we first met. At that time, you were begging for my helping hand, and yet why are you crying for another woman’s sake?

I’m a bit envious of her, I should’ve had her meet an even worse fate.


Why are you frightened of me?

I apologize for lying but, didn’t I say that you’re DIFFERENT from the other girls!?

Come on, come here. Please allow me to hold you.

Why are you attempting to flee? We’re in love with each other, right?


I understand, it appears that you’re in a state of confusion so I’ll be leaving for tonight.

Please take your time and rest.


Good morning, I’m sorry about yesterday.

Today, you have 2 major notices.

First off, I’ll start with the first piece of news, but…

A man who’d like to purchase you has appeared. He’s an extremely wealthy man who has passed both the country’s and the prison’s examination process.

Quite simply, he had fallen in love with you at first sight at the sight of you resting in the courtyard.

Here, he’s the man called Tsuji shown on these documents.


That’s right, he’s the relative of the Takatou who had previously bought Prisoner #5. Takatou’s a savage man, nevertheless, Tsuji’s known to have a mild personality.

All the prior slaves are alive and so you might get a chance to be happy as well.


Secondly, the approval for me to claim you has finally been passed down. On paper you’d be my slave, however, I intend to welcome you as my wife.

In the case where the permission is granted during the same period like this, the slave is offered the option to select their master.

In other words, between that aforementioned affluent man and me, which one of us would you choose?


Hey, you’d obviously choose me right? Why aren’t you replying immediately? Do you intend on being taken by another man besides me!?

Don’t just stay silent, SAY SOMETHING?!! CHOOSE ME…!!!


The night when we first joined our bodies, you said “me too” did you not!? Did it not imply that YOU LOVED ME?!!

Or perhaps, was I the only one that believed that we were in love?

I’m begging you so please answer me.

……Please say that you love me.


Happy End: Happiness of the Miniature Garden


Really? Are you really choosing me!?

This is the first time I’ve been this happy since the day I was born. I feel like I should be grateful for every little thing you’ve given me.

But before that, there’s something you’d like to ask…?

What is it my dear wife? If you so wish for it, I’ll tell you everything. 3 sizes, the amount of savings, and even the numbers for my life insurance.


Eh? The reason I dislike being touched?

Don’t apologize, I was thinking that I ought to discuss it with you at some point as well.

The reason I haven’t talked about it is thatーーeven the memories of it frightens me to this day.

No, it’s fine. I might react strangely in front of you again in the future, but at that moment in time, my true intentions aren’t to hurt you.


For all intents and purposes, it’s a simple tale.

The Hikami family has wealth, and it’s easy to gather resentment from the relatives of the criminals we house and so a weak child would naturally be targeted.

Me and my brother Eiki were kids abducted for ransom.

The one pulling the strings was the wet nurse who had been there since we were born and someone whom I wholeheartedly trusted.

And being unable to believe the truth of reality, she…

……Sexually abused me.


As she rode on top of me, I saw an existence that is more sinister than anything else in the world.

Even after being rescued by the police, I could not forget the scene from that time.

And from then on, I felt disgusted towards women who had shown any signs of affection towards me.

After becoming an adult, knowing that I mustn’t remain like this, I tried to overcome it. However, I wasn’t able to conceal it. Even if I became capable of touching the other person, I’m fearful of being touched regardless.

Or at least you should say, I used to be scared.


Oddly enough, I didn’t hate your touch.

There were times where I rejected you on reflex, though.


This is the secret I’ve been hiding.

Hehe, I’m sorry that it wasn’t anything important.

So you’d hug me like this even after hearing about my good-for-nothing past? I thought you’d get fed up with me after revealing it was all over such trivial matters.

Ow, ouch it hurts!!! Why are you angry?

Could it that you’re crying…?

You’re an idiot aren’t you? Why are you crying? You should just laugh at me for being a weak man.


No, I’m weak.

I’m a weak man who’s no longer able to survive without your love.

And so somehow, please remain by my side forever.


I’m home. Sorry for being late.

Ah! What’s with that apron!? Is it newly bought?

No good? Of course it’s no good, it’s WAY too cute. There’s a nice scent too, you wouldn’t think that you were waiting for me to eat you.

Say, could I eat you first?

Later, we’d take a bath together and I’ll be gently washing your whole body, so allow me to feast on you one more time.


Huh? It’s on hold? Is this the way you should treat the husband that was about to die from not meeting for a whole day?

Since I was too lonely, I got irritated and was about to murder a scumbag.

Haha, I’m joking!

It’s true that I felt like I was about to die of loneliness, though.


And so, what has my cute wife been doing today?

Oh, some guests came? Who?

Eh!? The chief? You mean my brother? …And not as a joke?

Hmm? He’s curious about you eh. You met him in January, so why’s he interested in you now?

Ah. Sorry, was I making that frightening of a face?

But I’m restless, no? When I imagine my brother being dazzled by your cute appearance and then being unable to do anything… I end up wanting to confirm you are mine right here and now.


Hey, as expected, is it okay if I eat you before our meal? I’ve been holding it in the whole time so I’m already at my limit.

We did it in the morning?

Eh? Really? I’m far too in love with you so I forgot.

Since you make love to me every single day, ain’t there some slight misapprehension on your part? We didn’t do anything this morning.

Yup yup, us having sex twice in the kitchen is a mere dream.

And so, how about we do it?


It’s a bit cramp, but could you make do with that sofa over there?

I can’t wait any longer.

Oh, leave the apron as is. It’s a rare chance so let’s do it with the apron on.

Perverse? Yup, that’s right, I’m a pervert who gets turned on from you wearing an apron. Did you notice that just now?

But you’re also quite the pervert.

After all, the tips of these breasts are already hard from mere kisses.


Why can’t I pinch them? You enjoy it when I apply pressure there, don’t you?

Don’t be against it, let me rub them a bit longer because when I rub them your voice would instantly sweeten.

How lewd. They’re stiff to the point that I can see them through the apron.

Don’t make such a teary face.

It means you’re so indecent that it’s cute.


You truly are so cute that I’m always crazy for you.


Huh? Could it be that you aren’t wearing any panties?

Oh I see, when I left in the morning I told you to wait for me without any underwear on. You properly granted my request, I’m happy.

It’s steadily overflowing, were you unable to wait?

Hey, what kinds of feelings did you have as you spent your time without it on? Did you think back to when we had sex?

Just imagining it makes me unbearably excited.


Wait, if I think about it carefully. In other words, you weren’t wearing any underwear when my brother came to visit…

Ah! This the worst, my brother didn’t come knowing that was the case, right!?

No, this my older brother you’re referring to, he might’ve planted a wiretap. And knowing you had no panties on, he came for the sake of gazing at your cute butt.

Damn it, I can’t take it anymore!

I should’ve never asked for that request.


What kind of expression did you have in front of my brother? Don’t tell me you had this flushed face like you do now?

Hmm? That’s suspicious.

How about we ask your insides whether it’s true or not?

I can’t exactly know with just a single finger, let’s insert a second one.

Why is it so slippery that a second one entered without any resistance? Don’t tell me my brother put his fingers there, right?

No, instead of fingers, he might’ve inserted something more different.


Then why’s it twitching so much, I wonder?

You’re so wet that it’s dripping down onto the sofa. To be frank, I’m about to lose my mind from jealousy.

I can’t have a peace of mind until I immediately grind up against your most pleasurable spot.

Is it fine for me to do that? Please give me a sense of relief.

I know, I’ll do a careful investigation then.


It’s squeezing down on me so hard.

Did you want this that badly?

Uh-huh, I wanted you to that point that I wish I could have sex with you for the entire day. And being unable to do that is extremely unfortunate.


Hehe, I’m glad. It doesn’t appear that my brother has made his way inside.

Mhm. I can tell.

This place is sucking me up perfectly after all. Your insides would tighten and narrow as though it remembers my shape.

Especially when I pushed up against this place!


It’s clamping down on me so tightly.


Are you about to cum as well?

I’m about to cum too. Today, I’ll cum inside as-is, okay?


C-Cumming, I’m cumming.


You were so cute that my heart was about to stop.

Would you be sad if it were to stop?

Haha, I’m about to get hard again just by hearing that response.

Don’t worry, even if you lose consciousness, I’ll clean up your body. But before that, let’s take a break. If we were to start again right away, it feels like your heart might stop.

I, who has encountered your existence, am the happiest person in the world.

I’m so happy that I’m scared.


You too? If so, I’m overjoyed.

Are you no longer frightened by anything else?

That’s a relief. From now on, I’m there to protect you, after all.

And so, try your best not to go outside, okay? The outside world is filled with dangers and plenty of dreadful truths.

In a figurative sense of course.

There’s no need for you to think about the outside, as long as you remain here, you’d be happy.


Hmm? It’d be nice if they were happy? Who?

Oh, that aforementioned brother? Then leave that to me from now on, it’s a shame but it’s inevitable.

Look, you’re still considered a criminal, so they can’t easily associate with you.

Well…there’s no need for him to approach you either.


It’s nothing.

Say, how about we start up again soon? No?


Looks like your insides are saying yes.

It’s a majority vote so you lose.

Yes, I’m sly. That’s why, I’ll forever cover your eyes, keeping you captive and never letting you go.


Bad End: What is Gained and What is Lost


W-Why? Why won’t you choose me!?

You’re wrong, my love for you isn’t a lie…!!! The reason I rejected your touch isn’t that I hate you.

It’s the truth, it’s not a lie!

It’s true that I’ve lied a lot throughout my life until now, BUT MY LOVE TOWARDS YOU IS REAL!!!

Please believe in my one sole truth……

I love you. I’m begging you, please don’t go.


What are Brother’s forces doing in a place like this?

You people, I’m still talking to her so GET OUT!!!

This is on my brother’s orders!? LET GO OF ME, she still hasn’t DECIDED YET?!! That statement earlier is surely out of indecisiveness, THE TWO OF US ARE IN LOVE!!!



Argh! Ah, ugh…

I’m begging you, I’m begging you. Please tell my brother that if she’s going to be sold to just kill me.

She is the LIGHT that I’ve finally found. If I’m going to lose that LIGHT then I’D RATHER BE DEAD!!!


No, you’re going to take her then KILL ME…!!! JUST KILL MEEEEE!!!!!


Hello? It’s been a while hasn’t it? 3 years and 13 days have passed since you’ve been picked by Tsuji’s estate.

Haha, did I surprise you by coming so suddenly?

Have you been well? I see. That’s a relief.

Me? I’ve been well.

I was depressed from being rejected by you that one time, but I’ve always believed that we’d one day reunite and so I waited.


Oh, are you thirsty?

Wait just a moment, I’ll grab some water for you. Don’t mind it.


Okay, here you go.

Wait, you’re unable to drink it this way right? I’ll feed it to you mouth-to-mouth so just wait.


Your lips are just as soft as those days, they’re still beautiful.

No, it’s not a lie. You’re beautiful, you’re more beautiful than anyone else in this world.

ーーEven if you’ve lost all your arms and legs.

It appears that Tsuji had the same tastes as that Takatou, the slave that had been bought after you had the same surgery performed unto them as well.

Mhm, that’s right. Since he’s purchased his next toy, Tsuji came to consult me and told me, “Could you please pick up the old toy?”


Why did I come to scornfully laugh at you…? I’m not a person with that much free time on my hands you know?

You see, I came to greet my adorable wife.

If you’re going to say that you aren’t worthy, then I’m the one who isn’t worthy. After you had been taken by Tsuji, perceiving it as a betrayal, I quit pursuing my investigation.

If, at that time, I had continued my investigation into Tsuji’s character, I might’ve been able to protect your arms and legs……

I lament that to this day. This is the truth without the slightest hint of falsehood.


And so you can scornfully laugh at the foolish me who couldn’t protect the one person they loved.

Are you crying?

Don’t cry, there’s nothing scary anymore.

Mhm…I won’t hurt you. I swear to be your manservant until the day I die. That’s right, you’re my master, my princess.


Somehow please allow this foolish manservant who has eyes for only you, to have the honor of kissing you.

Thank you.

Both now and then, the only one who could grant me such joy is you.


Now then, let’s go, my dear wife.

From now onーーwe’ll always be together.

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  1. Kborenai

    I feel bad for saying this, but that moment on the bad end right before Yuusuke gets gutpunched – wasn’t Fukishima almost laughing? I was nearly reeling on the floor because it really sounded like the seiyuu was holding it in.


      1. Kborenai

        For the sake of my sanity, I’ll believe you *laughs*. They really are professionals though, can’t help but admire them for taking on embarrassing stuff like R18 with finesse.


  2. Berri

    Congrats on getting this tl completed! I don’t think mister Yousuke is as bad of a guy as he thinks he is. Now I’m wondering if that angel of a lad that MC was thinking of was actually Fujita.
    Speaking of which, both of these characters definitely have their charms, and their stories were such a delight to follow. If Yousuke is the nicest Hikami bro though, I shudder to think of the other two…


    1. Criy

      Thanks as always.
      The angel of a lad isn’t Fujita, it’s her cousin. …And to put it bluntly, let’s just say that he certainly isn’t an angel or rather far from it. (・・ )
      The other two Hikami aren’t that bad per say either.
      But hey, that’s subjective so you’ll find out for certain when I get around to those 2 volumes at some point. ^_^


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