【Translation】 Ame no Ato Anata shika Aisenai


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

雨の痕 あなたしか愛せない

CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Time belonging to the Pair


Shh…here, we’ve arrived.

I’ll go open the door so wait just a moment.

Go on, come.


Pretty surprising to be out in the countryside, but I requested a caretaker so the interiors are completed cleaned. There’s plenty of food stocked up, and if you ever need anything, don’t worry, it’ll get delivered to the house immediately.

How about it? If you ever wish to go outside and take a walk about the area, be sure call me.

It’s easy to get lost around here and though it’s still autumn, it’s especially cold out during the mornings and nights.


Now then, come on in.

It’s a lovely villa right?  I haven’t been utilizing it for a while, but it’s useful this one time.

There’s nothing to worry about whilst living a life here.

I’ll take care of everything. You should be concerned only about yourself, and try to spend your days here in peace okay?

Well then, you’re hungry right?

I’ll go prepare something right away so please wait.


How was it?

I’m glad it seems to suit your taste. I don’t have a wide repertoire, but I don’t dislike cooking.

Rest assured, I intend to figure out your flavor preferences.

That tea over there is made from a blend of your favorite herbs too. And because you’ve said that your quality of sleep was poor…

It’s not good to be overly dependent on medication.

Let’s try and have you sleep as naturally as possible. And starting today, I’ll also be sleeping by your side for the whole night okay?


Are you okay? Your face’s pale.

It’s alright, calm down.

You’re mistaken, you haven’t done anything wrong. After all, the accident was due to the carelessness of the other side.

Mhm, I know that you don’t remember anything about that incident. And so for that very reason, it’s even more important for you to settle down.

Here…listen carefully.

It’s true that you were the one driving the car that night, but you yourself had made no mistakes. The accident was due to the truck that jumped out of the oncoming lane.

The truck driver suffered serious injuries, however, they survived as well. And miraculously, you escaped with mere scratches.


It’s true. I’m not lying.

Despite doing nothing wrong, why are you blaming yourself? If you can’t remember, then there’s no need to forcibly remember.

If it’s such a painful memory then it’s better off forgotten.

Now then, calm down and slowly take a deep breath.

Yes, just like that.


Have you settled downed? …That’s a relief.

Say, would you like another drink of tea?


Then, take a bath after you finish drinking and let’s go to sleep already. And since you’re tired from the long journey, I wouldn’t mind if you sleep until tomorrow noon.


Have you finished bathing?

Hmm? Oh, I was reading a book on business administration. I might be starting anew, but I believe it’s necessary in order to return to the beginning.


……Your hair has a nice scent.

Mhm. Of course mine has the same scent but, somehow I’m strongly attracted to the smell coming from you.

Say, do you remember how we met?

I was charmed by your scent when I called out to you that first time as well.

Thinking back on it now, to say “what a nice scent” inside a company elevator together with a woman I just meet; is like the act of a pervert.

When I discovered the fact that you were our company receptionist, I tried to get your attention but you wouldn’t pay attention to me at all in the beginning. And despite finally going on what I thought was our first date, you told me to hurry up and leave before it was even nighttime.

Good grief, you were so vigilant towards me all the time that I was beaten.


So…did you remember?

Pfft. How mean of you to call me a lustful man.

So there were such rumors circulating around. Hmm, well I mean…it wasn’t a completely groundless rumor, however, it wasn’t like I was particularly playing around and laying hands on whomever though.

I was earnestly dating, but simply never reached the stage of marriage.

But even so, it was because I was an heir. Although there came many talks of formal marriage interviews, I wasn’t all that attracted to any of them.

I want to marry her, I want to be with together this girl……the only time I thought this wholeheartedly, was towards you.

That’s why I invited you on dates time and time again, communicated my feelings, and when you finally gave a reply; I truly felt like I rose to heaven.


…But I’m glad that you’re slowly regaining your memories of me.

Look, until now your recollections of that period were vague no? Ah, is your head hurting?

Then it’s fine, you don’t have to force yourself to remember. What’s important isn’t your past. What’s important is this present and our future from now on.

Right now, I’m truly glad that you’re here and I’m truly glad that I didn’t lose you.


Is it okay for me to kiss you?

It’s been a long time since we last kissed, hasn’t it? My heart’s pounding as though this was our first time. To think your lips were this soft……

Why you apologizing?

That’s not it, it’s not like I’ve never laid hands on you no? It’s just that I’ve become a little cowardly.

Your emotional wounds haven’t healed and to grab onto you and say I want to have sex isn’t exactly considerate. I don’t wish to think of your body as a goal.


I suppose so. We’re already betrothed, so your body’s hardly an aim. Hehe…

Then, it’s fine right?


Track 2: As though, this were the First


Hey, your tongue is so small and warm, it’s cute.


Hey, please tell me how and where do you want it.

I’m not teasing you. I wish to know what I should do to make you happy and feel good. After all, we haven’t done it in a long time right?

…That’s why I want to embrace you whilst confirming each thing one by one again.

Oh, sorry. It was a bit mean to say that it’s been a long time wasn’t it?

Would you like me to slowly lick your ears?



Your body’s quivering.

Looks like your ears are sensitive. The outsides of your ears, and the insides of your ears…I’ll lick all of it for you.

Then, how about the backs of your ears?


What a cute voice, it’s naughty.

And here too……

The sensitivity’s nice here as well. You really are sensitive aren’t you?

How lewd.


Such beautiful breasts. And also, they’re a size that fits nicely into my hands.

Is it ticklish? Then, I’ll touch your nipples too.

Does it feel good?

Cute. It is enough with only my fingers touching? Is there anything else you want?

Come on, say it properly.

Got it.


Ah, they’ve gotten hard. You’re feeling pleasure through my tongue.

This other breast is lovely as well.

Your sweet voice is resonating deep inside my head and it’s unbearably arousing.


Where do you want me to touch next?

Even if it’s embarrassing, I’d like to hear it coming from your mouth. So say it.

Hey, I’m begging you.

Are you not going to say it because it’s too embarrassing? How cute, it can’t be helped so I’ll forgive you.


Is this place the spot you wanted me to touch?

So I guessed right.

It’s already a mess, can you hear it? This sound is the sound of you being turned on by my fingers.

Since it’s been a long time, I ought to get it plenty lubricated.


Do you enjoy it when I lick this place?

How honest.

Amazing, you’re wet to the point that it’s dripping down onto the sheets.


Not here? Then, where?

A bit lower?

Hmm? Not here either?

That’s right, I’m teasing you. If you don’t wish for me to tease you then say it. Tell me where you’d want me to lick.

Hmm…? Oh, a bit more to the front?


So this place’s good.

Can I lick this place bare?

So this is your taste. Yes, I’ve remembered…this is my favorite taste.

Hmm? It feels good? Your hips are moving.


So you’re feeling it to that extent. I’m happy.

…I’ll lick you lots until you cum.

Hey, the movements of your hips are so indecent. Are you about to cum? Then cum.


Did you cum?


Say, what would you like me to do next?

Are you satisfied with just me tracing around the surface like this? Is there not something you’d like me to do more of?

Hey, tell me. Do you not want me to insert my thing?

……You really are cute.


So these are your insides. I’m so overjoyed, and it feels so good that it’s almost as though this were the first time I’m having sex with you.

Is it okay for me to move?

Does it not hurt? Are you alright?

Your insides so hot, I feel like I’m about to melt.


Hey, you like it when I grind up against this place no? See? Your reaction to this place is different.

Don’t squeeze so tight, it’ll feel too good.


Can I hold you as is?

Wrap your hands around the back of my neck. Would you mind it if I go a bit slowly? I want you to match your movements with mine.

That’s good.

Amazing, it’s as if it’s sucking up my member.


Where do you want me to cum? Where do I usually cum?

Communicate it to me properly.

Yes, inside right?



Just like this, I’ll cum inside……!!!


Your insides are moving as if it’s twisting. It felt really good.

Can you stand on your knees?

Ah, it’s dripping down onto your thighs. What a great sight. It truly is a wonderful sight.


Track 3: Turbidity of Impending Rain


Okay, here you go.

Lately, your expressions have softened. I wonder if you’re calmer now that you’ve gotten accustomed to living at the villa.

Haa…but even so, this morning’s breakfast was a failure. To think I’d burn something as simple as a fried egg, I must’ve grown rusty from not cooking in the past while.

Ah. Come on, you’ve just said the thing that most concerns me.

Well……I may be more scatterbrained than most people, but that it’s not that bad.


Eh? Haha. Jeez, why do you only remember those type of things?

No, was the look of me desperately searching for my cellphone whilst holding onto said cellphone that funny?

Sheesh, if so you should’ve told me earlier. So mean.

But it’s alright now. I’ve decided that if we do marry, I’d become more reliable than before.

Eh? It’s fine, I told you earlier to leave everything to me while we’re here no? This is a holiday to allow you to spend your time in peace after all.


Ah, hmm…of course there’s work but my father’s assistant has entrusted it to the secretary. It’s not that difficult of a job.

But thanks.

Then, I’ll leave it to you I guess. To tell you the truth, I’m not actually that good at cooking.

Ahh, I’ve been exposed. Are you surprised?

I wanted to look somewhat good in front of you so I put on the airs.

Although it’s not like I can’t cook at all, but whenever I show you something even a little bit fancy, I’d practice cooking the exact same dish time and time again the day before.

But I can’t do that once we’re married and I was constantly worrying about when to confess.


Are you disappointed?

Oh jeez, don’t laugh so much. But I’m relieved, it’s like a weight off my shoulders. Finally, I don’t have to hide it in front of you.

But don’t overdo yourself and just consult me.

I’ll leave the cooking to you, but could you leave the task of preparing your tea to me? I want to at least do that much.

Well then, would you like another cup of tea my lady?


That is the case, however it isn’t an issue. I’d like you to deal with this skillfully.

It’ll be fine. It’s a common story so there’s no need to be concerned. And on that note, those that would speak about it will be gone.

Oh that? That’s still sufficient.

Ah! Sorry, I’ll contact you later.


Say, were you curious?

You don’t have to apologize, it was a conversation regarding work so it’s content aren’t that important.

Just that, there are discussions that you mustn’t hear regardless. Therefore, I’d like you to not get too near to my study following today.


It’s fine, you don’t have to make that much of a remorseful face, it really wasn’t that important of a phone call.

In any case, what’s wrong? You had some business with me right?

Hmm? Hmm, there’s still some work left but…

Nothing…? I see, you must’ve gotten lonely didn’t you? But could you quietly wait for a while longer? Once I’m done with work, I’ll go over to the living room as well.

And then let’s drink some tea together okay?


Keep it together. Please keep it together!!!

Why did you go outside without saying a word to me!? I told you to call out for me whenever you wanted to go out did I not?

No, those weren’t sounds from a car accident. It appears that trees are being harvested nearby, so that’s what the sound was.

Don’t worry, no accidents happened.

It’s alright. It’s really alright. Calm down, you’re here right now. You’re inside the arms of none other than me.

I don’t want to see the appearance of you whom I love suffering ever again. It’s alright. It’ll be alright.

I love you. I love you, so please don’t worry about anything else.


I love you. I love you.

I’m right here. You have me, so it’ll be alright. It’ll be alright!


Have you settled down?

No, it’s fine, don’t apologize, I’m here for the sake of supporting you after all.

…So how about we return to the villa?

I’m already done with today’s work so I’ll prepare you some tea okay?


Track 4: I’ll make Amends.


Okay, here you go.

Were you tired of the reader? So that’s why you went for a walk outside earlier. And since I was working, you refrained from inviting me.

But there are DVDs, plus a heated swimming pool and a tennis court for you to use whenever you wish.

I see. It can’t be helped if you weren’t in the mood to.

Then, what about knitting…? You enjoy it right? It’ll gradually colder from now on, so could you knit me a sweater?


Okay, let’s start without delay. What color would be good for the yarn?

Hmm? Red?

I suppose so. I used to wear flashy colors, but recently I’ve toned down on my tastes quite a lot.

Oh, but I’m still wearing the red polo shirt you gave me before even now. It was quite talked about when I went to the business golf event prior to this too. I was told that it was rather fresh since there were people who’ve only seen me in a suit.

Eh? The score that time…?

Err, I wasn’t feeling well and it was disastrous so I don’t want to say much about it. Ah! I did win an award though.


How do you know?

Yes, it was a booby prize. However, winning isn’t good entertainment for the guests so could you pretend I lost on purpose?

Hahaha! Wait, why are we talking about this?

Oh, that’s right! We were discussing the color of the sweater, right? I guess a calm color would be nice this time around. Like navy blue or grey.


I’m looking forward to the sweater.

Are you planning to knit it whilst you’re here?

I’m happy but, that might be difficult you know? Because I think I’d immediately get into your way just like this.

Ah, hey! Nope, I won’t let you escape. No is no. I caught you once so you belong to me.

C’mon don’t struggle.


Do you like me? Then, do you love me…?

That’s…more than anyone else?

Just me?

I have the exact same feelings as you.


When I heard the news that you were in an accident, I genuinely believed my heart would stop.

Once I arrived at the hospital, although your physical injuries weren’t severe; due to the psychogenic amnesia, you weren’t able to remember even me at first.

To be frank, it was quite a shock but I tried to view it in a positive light.

After all, I’ll be able to create new memories with you again.

Places you’ve already gone to and things you’ve already done would feel new again. And we could even discuss our impressions on books and movies again.

See? It’s wonderful right?


Naturally, it’s best if you slowly remembered everything about us but I don’t mind our present state at all.

…Because if you’ve completely forgotten me, I have the confidence to make you fall in love with me all over again.

Huh? You won’t laugh?

Hah, it’s true. Jeez, I was trying to make you laugh though.

I give up. Haha.

I love you. I’ll fill in all the gaps that have opened in your memories once more.


I love you.


Track 5: Beyond the Memories


Good morning. Are you awake?

Here, a herb tea to wake you up.

There’s unfortunate rain today. I hate rainy days.


Let’s rest for the whole day today.

Understood. I’ll hold you in my arms the entire time.

It’s alright, there will come a day where you can’t scared of the rain. I’ll heal you in time so don’t worry.


I’m sorry for having you pick me up in such bad weather. Either way, I think it’ll be best if you switched driver’s seat with me.

Nah, I slept quite a while on the plane. Plus I’m not that tired so it’s fine.

Well…I didn’t think the driver would be sick and take a break right on the day when public transportation was suspended due to the storm.

It was a miracle that the plane was even able to land.

Thank you, you’ve saved me quite the trouble by coming here to pick me up.


Hmm? Then I’ll take you at your words and sleep a little.



Hey, who’s name were you calling just now?

Yuuya? Who’s that?

What are you saying? My name’s Asahi.

I see, did you remember?

How unfortunate. Hey…do you know who I am?

No, I’m not Yuuya. That’s the name of my younger twin brother andーーof your fiancee.


That day you had traveled to the airport by car to pick up Yuuya who had just returned from a business trip.

Yes, it was a stormy day just like today.

A truck slipped off the oncoming lane. And since it was a car with a left-hand driver’s seat, Yuuya who been seated on the passenger seat was killed instantly, whilst you had miraculously escaped with mere scratches.

However, whether it’s because you believed Yuuya’s death was your own fault but your memories in relation to Yuuya both of and before the incident grew vague.

And if so, I thought it’ll surely be fine for me who has the same exact face to replace him as your fiancee.


I’ve always, always, always, always thought “why”?

Even though the one who first called out to you after being charmed by your scent was me, even though the one you fell in love with first was me and yet at some point, Yuuya started inviting you on dates and then made you his.

He came to me boastfully and said after that inviting her out 10 times, she’s finally said okay.

It’s been like this until now, any person I’d fall in love with would unmistakably be stolen by Yuuya. He’d like the exact same things in an almost harassing manner and knowing my methods, he’d frantically snatch them away from me.

……Including even you.


Why? Why!? WHY?!!

Why did you prefer such a FRIVOLOUS and IRRESPONSIBLE GUY?!! Despite me loving you more and yet, why!?

Why won’t you understand!?



But, you already mine. I won’t hand you over to anyone.

There’s no longer anything that could get in my way. I can now monopolize you.

It’s not particularly an issue at all. The talk of a decreased brother’s fiancee marrying one of their siblings is common no? And so, everything would’ve worked out as long as you never regain your memories of Yuuya.

It appears that the drug dosage wasn’t high enough. Starting tomorrow, I ought to increase the amount I mix into your tea by a bit more.


Hey, you can no longer tell the difference anymore no?

Where does the memories of the real Yuuya begin and where does the memories I fabricated regarding you and me end?

Who’s the one good at cooking? Which one of us was the first to call out to you and invite you on a date? Who’s the one that liked red? Who’s the one that received the polo shirt?

You can no longer grasp who’s who right?

And yet, it’s laughable how Yuuya’s habits during sex is the only thing you remember clearly. HahahaHAHAHAHA!!!


You don’t need to worry about anything.

After marriage, you can just live wrapped in love, without the need to think, inside this birdcage I prepared.

Why are you trying to escape?

Even though our faces are the same, and yet, why do you still choose Yuuya? Aren’t I enough?

Love me, have eyes for only me, think about only me and EXIST solely for my sake!!!


Track 6: What I should do.


You can’t run anymore if I tie you to the bed.

Why are you now resisting? Since coming here, you’ve already had sex with me countless times and had overflowing amounts of sperm poured inside you.

I clearly remember what I should do to please you.

Though, when I think about how Yuuya’s the one who taught you this, I grow hateful enough to kill.


Don’t look so frightened. I hate it, but my love for you is greater.

I can’t see anyone else but you. You’re the only I love.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I LOVE you. I LOVE you. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.


I’ll remember all your reactions to each place.


So you hate it so much as to bite my tongue?

But it’s okay, don’t worry. Soon enough, it’ll make you love it enough that you can’t do it with anyone else but me.

Look, you like it when I lick your nipples like this right? Licking it with my tongue, sucking it with my lips and even biting it with my teeth……you enjoy all of it right?


Are you feeling it more in this place today?

You may not notice it yourself, but your responses to the left or the right are different depending on the day.

See? Reaching around your navel, you also like the insides of your thighs right? But expected, the place you love the most is……

Yes, you love this place don’t you?

I know everything about you. I know you better than anyone else in the world, and even you yourself.


After all, I’ve been only looking at you. Always, and only you.


What? You’re still against it? Even though you were feeling pleasure just a while earlier?

That’s enough, quiet down and stop resisting.

JUST QUIET THE FUCK DOWN!!! I’ll make you feel good soon enough.


Your insides truly feel the best.

Hey, my member feels good right? After all, you’d always cum countless times from it. You’ve forgotten Yuuya’s shape already right?

I can’t, I’m already about to cum today.

Cumming, I’m cumming. I’ll release everything inside of you!


Amazing, it won’t stop. It’s still coming out.

It’s no use, it still hasn’t subsided yet.

Let’s continue as is okay?


Hey…look, the white semen I released got pushed out and overflowed.

Amazing, what a nice sight.

How wonderful, it’s the best feeling. I’ll cum inside you lots and lots to the point that you’d completely forget about Yuuya.


Hey, can you hear it? Can you hear the sounds of me and you mixing together?

It’s a splendid sound right?

I’m about to cum again, I feel like I could do it numerous times today.


Cumming, I’m cumming okay?


Even though it’s the second time, I still came lots. Hahaha!


Before we do it a third time, how about I have you drink some medicine?

It’ll be alright, it’s not some scary medicine. You’ll forget anything that’s unpleasant, it’s a wonderful and happy thing; it’s a medicine that’ll make you think only about me.

Your fiancee was me from the very beginning, please don’t forget that okay?


Track 7: A Calm Sky


Okay, here you go.

It’s great that the storm has passed isn’t it?

Once you finishing that, let’s go take a walk outside today. Ah, though in say that, it’s probably muddy so just a short while in the villa garden.

You don’t particularly have to be in a rush to drink.

Jeez…how cute.


Say, do you like me? Then, do you love me…?

I’m happy.

I too, love you to the point that I can’t think about anything but youーーfor the rest of my life.

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